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    Level 300 Item Guide by wongEXE

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/10/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         Disgaea 4 - Level 300 Item Guide -
         - by WongEXE
         Version 1.00
         Last Updated: 2011.10.10
    Note: This guide will contain minimal spoilers such as
          certain post-game battles. Nothing else will be
          mentioned that will be deemed spoiler worthy. If this
          bothers you in any bit, I strongly suggest you do not
          use this guide until you've finished up all the post-
          game material.
    Table of Contents.
     1.0 Introduction
       1.A. - Version History
       1.B. - Frequently Asked Questions
     2.0 Understanding Item World
       2.A. - Item World Leveling Basics
         2.A.1. - Clearing Floors
         2.A.2. - Split Paths
         2.A.3. - Mystery Gates
         2.A.4. - Level Spheres
         2.A.5. - Event Areas
         2.A.6. - Pirate Encounters
         2.A.7. - Reverse Pirating
       2.B. - Item Stat Maximimzation Techniques
         2.B.1. - Killing and Double-Killing Item World Bosses
         2.B.2. - Item World Senate Bills
         2.B.3. - Equipped Innocent Boosting
     3.0 Item World Strategies
       3.A. - Ideal Item World Team
         3.A.1. - Damage Dealer
         3.A.2. - Caster
         3.A.3. - Healer
         3.A.4. - Geo Changer
         3.A.5. - Runner
         3.A.6. - Thrower
         3.A.7. - Receiver
         3.A.8. - Stealer
         3.A.9. - Other
       3.B. - Item World Floor Climb Strategies
         3.B.1. - Quick Clearing Floors
         3.B.2. - Quick Clearing Bosses
         3.B.3. - Dealing with Event Areas
         3.B.4. - The Level Sphere Quota
         3.B.5. - When to Use Mr. Gency
       3.C. - Item World Reverse Pirating Strategies
         3.C.1. - Building the Right Pirate Ship
         3.C.2. - Monster Bouncing
         3.C.3. - Subduing vs Capturing Innocents
     4.0 The Level 300 Runthrough
       4.A. - Level 300 Preparation
       4.B. - The Climb to Level 300
       4.C. - Closing Level 300
     5.0 Rank 40 Equipment
       5.A. - Obtaining R40 Equipment
       5.B. - Recommended R40 Order
       5.C. - The Item Stat Formula
       5.D. - Finalized Item Stats
     6.0 Legal Stuff
       6.A. - Credits
    Part 1.0. Introduction
    Hi, I'm Wong. I like Disgaea 4. I've completed all of the
    rank 40 items to level 300, so in general, I have a pretty
    good idea of what I'm talking about. However, if you find
    any errors or have any critique on some of the strategies
    I've listed, feel free to shoot me a PM.
    This guide is made under the assumption that you understand
    the fundamental basics of Disgaea (ie. making characters,
    throwing characters, and how battles work in general). I
    will also assume that if you're trying to level an item to
    level 300, you will most likely be in Post-Game (but not
    necessarily in LoC), and have enough resources to keep you
    supplied for your runs through Item World.
    This guide will also assume that you have the patience to
    reload your game multiple times to get the needed conditions
    to reach level 300 on your items. There isn't a 100% 
    guaranteed way of leveling your items to 300 either. A lot
    of what is needed to be done is based on luck. This guide
    exists to help minimize the amount of luck needed and to
    prevent you from going insane trying to make a perfect level
    300 item.
    With that out of the way, I do not enjoy private messages
    complaining about how unfortunate you are in reaching 300 on
    your items. You can use Twitter for that.
    Part 1.A. - Version History
    2011.10.04 - Version 1.00
    - Created guide.
    Part 1.B. - Frequently Asked Questions
    If you have any questions regarding leveling an item to 300,
    just send me a message on GameFAQs and I'll do my best to
    answer it. I won't answer any questions that have been
    covered here or in this guide.
    Q: Question?
    A: Answer.
    Q: Can I use Dual-Stat Innocents to boost my items during
       the leveling phase?
    A: No, you can't. Only single stat Innocents work when
       boosting your items during the leveling phase.
    Q: Where do I find Enforcers?
    A: I've found that 7-3: Busted Mythology to be a great place
       to find them early on. The Deaths there all possess
       Sophia's Mirror, which randomly contain Enforcers on
       them. Walk your characters over to them, select the
       stealing hand item, and over over the item to see if
       there are any Enforcers on them. Mount Ordeal 1 is also
       another place to find them, but I don't quite like the
       layout of that map as much as I do for 7-3.
    Q: Does it matter if I level my item in the normal Item
       World or the Land of Carnage Item World?
    A: No, it doesn't. However, if you go through the normal
       Item World, you will not encounter items greater than
       Rank 34 (unless you have a Thief with Lucky Finger break-
       ing treasure chests). Only in the Land of Carnage Item
       World will you find Rank 35+ items.
    Part 2.0. Understanding Item World
    Item World has been a part of all the Disgaea series. It
    consists of randomized floor layouts, which contain random
    enemies, which contain random items, etc. Throughout all of
    the games, the Item World went through numerous changes, but
    its basics still remain the same.
    Part 2.A. - Item World Leveling Basics
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 2.A.1. - Clearing Floors
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    There are two ways to clear floors in the Item World. The
    first way is the way you're all used to, and that's to smash
    every enemy's face in. The second way is to enter the red
    circular gate located randomly on the floor. The gate either
    has a Gate Keeper (random class/monster) standing on it or
    doesn't. If it does, you'll have to defeat it or push it out
    of the way to move onto it. You cannot pick up and throw
    Gate Keepers.
    Entering gates do not grant you any goodies from the Bonus
    Gauge. In order to acquire the items from the Bonus Gauge,
    you'll have to clear the floor of all its enemies.
    Items have a limited number of floors on them. Normal items
    have a maximum of 30 floors. Rare items have a maximum of
    60 floors. Legendary items go all the way to 100 floors.
    Now, what role does clearing a floor in leveling items?
    Each floor cleared levels an item up by +1. By simply
    heading to Floor 100 on a legendary item will level it to
    100. Easy, huh?
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 2.A.2. - Split Paths
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    New to Disgaea 4 are the split paths. Every 5 floors, you
    are presented with a choice of going down either the Item
    Growth Path (marked with a sword over it) or the Innocent
    Boost Path (marked with a smiley face over it). There is no
    gate split on the last floor of any item. This means, for
    normal items, no gate split on the 30th floor. On rares,
    no gate split on the 60th, and no split on the 100th of any
    The Innocent Boost Path allows for innocent subduing to
    provide better bonuses and even allows for innocents to
    suddenly appear on an item. However, considering this guide
    is for leveling items, this isn't the path we're looking
    The Item Growth Path adds bonus levels by just simply
    entering it. That's just great and what we're looking for.
    Early on, the Item Growth gates only provide +1 bonus to your
    item for each one entered. After subsequent entries, they'll
    eventually add up to +3.
      Entered     Earliest     Bonus
         1          F05          +1
         2          F10          +1
         3          F15          +1
         4          F20          +1
         5          F25          +1
         6          F30          +1
         7          F35          +1
         8          F40          +1
         9          F45          +1
        10          F50          +1
        11          F55          +2
        12          F60          +2
        13          F65          +2
        14          F70          +2
        15          F75          +2
        16          F80          +2
        17          F85          +2
        18          F90          +3
        19          F95          +3
        20         F100         n/a
    There is actually no split path to select from at floor 100
    (you're done with the item by then). So with all the
    bonuses tallied up, you're guaranteed +30 levels from going
    down the Item Growth Path alone.
    Knowing that, I strongly believe it's better to stay down
    the Item Growth Path when leveling an item. Straying off of
    it reduces the chances of acquiring other tools that help
    you level up your item. Also, +30 free levels is nothing
    to shrug off either, especially considering how the later
    bonuses are dependent on the number of gates you've entered
    on your journey through the item.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 2.A.3. - Mystery Gates
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Now and then upon entering a new floor, the screen will
    scroll on its own, make a "DING" sound, and point you at
    a green-coloured gate with a "?" mark over it. This is the
    Mystery Gate. Entering the Mystery Gate does not clear the
    floor nor will it let you ascend to the next floor. However,
    it will take you into a random room with goodies. The actual
    content of the rooms vary.
    What role do Mystery Gates play in leveling items? There are
    two roles actually. One is that some Mystery Rooms provide
    an opportunity to level up the item. The other is that it
    resets the layout of the floor you were currently on.
    That said, what Mystery Rooms boost item level? Only two,
    The first one is the Ambush Room. This room is relatively
    rare and mostly appears on the Item Growth route. Though it
    can appear in the other two routes, it's far less likely.
    Ambush Rooms will contain 7 giant monsters of any type.
    Your performance in the battle determines two possible
      Defeat all 7 Enemies within 2 turns:  +5 levels gained.
      Unable to defeat them within 2 turns: +2 levels gained.
    While they generally aren't too tough, if you can't beat
    them, just send one unit out at a time to stall for the
    two turns to be over.
    The second room that helps your item level is the Fortune
    Teller Room. Talking to Zour, the Fortune Teller, will grant
    you one of four fortunes.
      Super Great Luck - +5 levels to your item.
      Pretty Good Luck - +3 levels to your item.
      Pretty Bad Luck  - -3 levels from your item.
      Terrible Luck    - -5 levels from your item.
    If the Fortune Teller gives you bad luck or terrible luck,
    talk to him a few times to provoke him into fighting you.
    Beating him up will return some levels to you. How much
    seems to be random since in some cases, I've had only +2
    levels return to me while in other cases, +3.
    That said, I generally avoid talking to the Fortune Teller
    if I've been doing great on a floor. The bad fortunes will
    often result in a negative net level gain, which isn't
    worthwhile to you, considering the number of reloads you'll
    be doing.
    I've mentioned earlier that the other purpose of the Mystery
    Rooms is to reset the floor you're on. This is particularly
    important because if you do not find Level Spheres (to be
    explained in the next section), reseting the floor will give
    you another chance to do so.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 2.A.4. - Level Spheres
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Level Spheres pop up here and there as you progress through
    the Item World. The deeper you go and the more Item Growth
    Gates you enter, the more often Level Spheres will show up.
    So how do you make a Level Sphere grant you levels? Well,
    first things first, do not read its description. It lies.
    What you have to do is to send a human character over to
    it, lift it up, and clear the floor by either killing all
    of the enemies on the floor or by entering the red gate to
    the next floor. Entering a Mystery Gate does not count.
    Level Spheres will grant you levels based on their colours:
      Green Level Sphere:   +5 levels gained
      Yellow Level Sphere: +10 levels gained
      Red Level Sphere:    +15 levels gained
    Green Level Spheres are the most common in the main Item
    World. Yellow and Red Spheres are very uncommon. In fact,
    I've only seen one Yellow Sphere in the main Item World out
    of all the level 300 items I've made and zero Red Spheres
    in the main Item World.
    Level Spheres can appear in 3 ways:
    1) They spawn naturally. When they spawn naturally, the
       screen will shift over and "DING" at you.
    2) They spawn due to the Item Growth Route. In this case, the
       screen will shift over, a Level Sphere will "poof" out of
       nowhere, and a message will be displayed on the top of
       the screen saying it spawned due to the Item Growth Route.
    3) They spawn from using Event Areas. Event Areas are little
       purple columns that you must move over a certain number
       of units to trigger. More will be explained about this in
       the next section.
    Now, it seems like there's no difference between 1 and 2,
    but there is. Both 1 and 2 can occur at the same time,
    meaning that two level spheres may spawn on one floor. Just
    pick them up like normal and you'll get +10 levels total.
    I've never ever seen a case where I've had two spheres spawn
    and then another spawn from an Event Area (which leads me to
    believe it's not possible) so the most at any given time is
    most likely two.
    When confronted between a choice of lifting a Level Sphere
    or entering a Mystery Gate, the choice should be obvious,
    take the Level Sphere. The Mystery Gate at most gives +5
    levels so why waste the chance to nab what's in front of
    you? The only time the Mystery Gate is worth it is if you
    manage to nab +5 levels in the Mystery Room and then a Level
    Sphere pops out of nowhere as you exit. However, the chances
    of that happening are rare. Just be safe and go with the
    Level Sphere.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 2.A.5. - Event Areas
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    As you progress deeper into the Item World, you'll come
    across a tall purple column. When you over your cursor over
    it, you'll notice in the upper corner of your screen a
    window appearing saying "Units: 0/6" or something like that.
    What does this mean?
    As long as you get the required amount of units to stand
    within the area of that purple column, an event will happen.
    These units can be humans, monsters, random decorations you
    can lift or throw onto it, and even enemies lifted or thrown
    onto it.
    So what happens when the requirement is met? Three things
    can happen.
    1) The event area spawns a treasure chest of any rarity
       (common, rare, legendary).
    2) The event area spawns a Mystery Gate. Will not happen if
       there is already a Mystery Gate on the floor.
    3) The event area spawns a Level Sphere. Will not happen if
       there is already a Level Sphere on the floor.
    Now, since we're leveling items, we'll hope it pops a level
    sphere. However, Event Areas are also a nice way to try for
    a "floor reset" if no Level Spheres pop up upon entering
    that floor. Just cross your fingers and hope a Mystery Gate
    And since spawned Level Sphere block out the appearance of
    another Level Sphere appearing from the Event Area, you can
    just go ahead and skip it when that does happen.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 2.A.6. - Pirate Encounters
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Whenever you end turn on a floor, there's a chance the floor
    will be attacked by Pirates. Pirates first appear at the end
    of the first or second turn. However, if one appears, there
    is another chance a second set of pirates will appear on the
    following turn (making it possible for pirates to appear at
    the end of a third turn).
    Defeating Pirates do not add levels to your item. However,
    they do play a very important part in leveling your item to
    300. Defeating any set of Pirates will unlock the Create a
    Pirate Crew bill under the Cam-Pain HQ.
    By passing this bill, you're able to create and assemble
    your own Pirate Ship. Having a Pirate Ship grants you access
    to Reverse Pirating, which is essential to getting the last
    levels of a level 300 Item.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 2.A.7. - Reverse Pirating
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Upon passive the bill to create your own pirate crew, the
    Reverse Pirating option is unlocked under the Item Worlder's
    list of choices. For every 20 floors you complete in an
    item, you may reverse pirate that floor. This means in a
    completed item of 100 floors, there are 5 floors you may
    reverse pirate. As long as you have a ship ready, you may
    set sail to any of these floors in any order.
    Now, what does Reverse Pirating do for leveling an item to
    300? Unlike climbing through the item's 100 floors, the
    level spheres that appear here are always either yellow or
    red, meaning there's a +10 level gain or +15 level gain.
    This is how you'll be acquiring the last 50 to 75 levels of
    your item.
    The other thing that's different about Reverse Pirating is
    that to gain levels from the Level Spheres, the Level
    Spheres must be on your ship before it takes off or before
    you clear the floor of enemies. Picking it up before your
    ship takes off or before the enemies are defeated doesn't
    work since any characters not on the ship will die (and
    drop the Level Sphere).
    And with that said, it's time to talk about the various
    techniques with item maximization when leveling an item.
    Part 2.B. - Item Stat Maximization Techniques
    Leveling an item to 300 isn't enough to give it the best
    possible stats. While it'll certainly contribute a lot to
    the stats, it certainly doesn't maximize it all by itself.
    There exists a few techniques to maximization your items.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 2.B.1. - Killing and Double-Killing Item World Bosses
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Every 10 floors, you'll encounter a boss that stands at the
    very center of the map (the screen pans over to it upon
    reaching the floor so you'll know who it is). Defeating this
    boss will result in the boosting the item's overall stats
    via a multiplier. The type of boss it is will yield a
    different multiplier to the base stats of the item.
      Floor   Boss          Multiplier
      -F10    Item General  +0.1
      -F20    Item General  +0.1
      -F30    Item King     +0.2
      -F40    Item General  +0.1
      -F50    Item General  +0.1
      -F60    Item King     +0.2
      -F70    Item General  +0.1
      -F80    Item General  +0.1
      -F90    Item King     +0.2
      -F100   Item God      +0.3
    **Credits to Scy046 from the Disgaea 4 GameFAQs forum for
    multiplier information.**
    However, there exists a technique since the Disgaea 2 days
    called "double-killing" the item world bosses. Upon reaching
    the 10th floor of a group of levels, kill the boss once. Use
    a Mr. Gency to leave the item, re-enter it, and kill the
    boss a second time. The maximum times you can kill each boss
    and get bonuses are limited to two.
    However, you cannot reach the 10th floor, Gency out without
    killing the boss, enter the item again, kill the boss, Gency
    out, re-enter, and kill the boss again. It doesn't count
    that way. The only way to make the first time count is to
    kill the boss from entering the 10th floor naturally (from
    the 9th floor).
    When you are Reverse Pirating, there are item world bosses
    there, too, and they, too, provide multipliers. But since
    you cannot Gency out while Reverse Pirating, you may only
    kill them once.
      Floor   Boss          Multiplier
      -RP100  Item God      +0.3
      -RP80   Item King     +0.2
      -RP60   Item King     +0.2
      -RP40   Item General  +0.1
      -RP20   Item General  +0.1
    There are a total of 14 Item Generals, 8 Item Kings, and 3
    Item Gods if you double-kill the bosses. This gives a
    maximum multiplier of +3.9. The usage of this multiplier
    will be explained in detail at a later section.
    Killing bosses also serves another purpose and that's to
    boost the effective multiplier on some bills you may pass
    within the Item World Senate.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 2.B.2. - Item World Senate Bills
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Upon clearing every 10 floors, there is a chance you may
    enter the Innocent Town. And by entering the Innocent Town,
    there is a chance you'll encounter a Mushroom NPC that will
    allow you to pass bills for the item. Of these bills, there
    exists some that may further increase the stat modifier of
    the item in question.
    There are two bill types regarding item boosts. They are
    "A Little More *STAT* Growth" and "More *STAT* Growth". And
    depending on the number of bills passed and bosses killed, 
    the multiplier applied to the item's stats increases yet
    CBP represents the number of Current Bills Passed. Passing
    a "Little More" bill increases CBP by 1. Passing "More" will
    increase CPB by 2.
      Boss-Type  Multiplier
      -General   +0.01 * CBP
      -King      +0.02 * CBP
      -God       +0.02 * CBP
    **Credits to Scy046 from the Disgaea 4 GameFAQs forum for
    multiplier information.**
    This bonus maxes out at +3.74. The usage of this multiplier
    will be explained in detail at a later section.
    Now, the number of times you can pass a bill varies depend-
    ing if you stick with the Item Growth Path. The minimum
    number of times you can pass bills is 3. The maximum is 6.
    However, when you can pass the bills after 3 will depend on
    how tightly you are sticking to the Item Growth Path.
      Bill No.   Earliest to Pass
        1          F10
        2          F20
        3          F30
        4          F40
        5          F50
        6          F70
    It's highly recommended that you pass bills as earliest as
    possible to acquire the best growth for your items. That
    said, if you enter an Innocent Town and do not find the
    Cam-Pain HQ Mushroom, quit and reload your save file, and
    repeat until you do so.
    You will not be able to enter the Cam-Pain HQ at Floor 60,
    so there is no need to reload at that point.
    This leaves one more possible way to boost your item's stats
    as you climb through Item World.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 2.B.3. - Equipped Innocent Boosting
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    By loading up your items with stat-boosting Innocents, your
    item will gain a boost in that respective stat every time
    you kill an Item World boss. The boosts are as follows:
       Boss-Type   Bonus
       -General    +3 to respective stat per Innocent
       -King       +6 to respective stat per Innocent
       -God        +9 to respective stat per Innocent
    This bonus, however, caps at 894. Credits to Scy046 from
    the Disgaea 4 GameFAQs forum for explaining the stat boost.
    So, which Innocents boost which stats?
       Stat   Innocent
       -HP    -Dietician
       -SP    -Master
       -ATK   -Gladiator
       -DEF   -Sentry
       -INT   -Tutor
       -RES   -Physician
       -HIT   -Marksman
       -SPD   -Coach
    Note that I did not include any Dual-Stat Innocents. This is
    because Dual-Stat Innocents do NOT provide a boost to your
    item when killing bosses. Therefore, it's best to stick them
    onto your item after you've finished leveling it.
    So what do we do to make the most out of this?
    We load up the item with Innocents before we start climbing
    through it. Since the levels of the Innocents do not matter,
    it's a good idea to grab a bunch of low level Innocents and
    fill up the item before we start. This can be accomplished
    through two ways:
    1) Entering other items with those respective Innocents and
       subdue them. The icons next to those Innocents will then
       change from Red to Yellow and you'll be able to transfer
       them to the item we want to stick them on.
    2) Using Enforcers. Enforcers are a special type of Innocent
       that is always transferrable. When an Enforcer exists on
       an item, any unsubdued Innocent can be transferred (with
       the exception of the green-coloured Unique Innocents).
       Whenever an Enforcer transfers an Innocent, the Enforcer
       will go down 1 level. When it reaches 0, the Enforcer is
       gone. Enforcers are probably your best way of moving the
       needed Innocents onto an item if you do not have any
       already subdued Innocents to load onto the item.
    And so, the general strategy is this:
    1) Load up your item with 6 of the desired Single-Stat
       Innocents through whatever means.
    2) Reach Floor 30, kill the Item King (this increases the
       population of the item to 7).
    3) Use a Mr. Gency to exit the item and load up another
       Single-Stat Innocent onto the item.
    4) Enter Floor 30 again, kill the Item King (this increases
       the population of the item to 8, the max).
    5) Clear the floor, exit the item and load up the 8th and
       last Single-Stat Innocent onto the item.
    And after that, you're set to receive the maximum bonus you
    can gain from equipped Innocent boosting.
    Part 3.0. Item World Strategies
    When it comes to Item World, there are many different ways
    to tackle it. The strategies I'll share with you are only
    ways that I personally recommend, not ways that I'll force
    you to follow and condemn you for not listening to my word.
    It's up to you whether or not you wish to follow them. I'll
    be providing strategies on how to setup your team, how to
    approach the climb through Floors 1 to 100, and how to
    approach Reverse Pirating.
    Part 3.A. - Ideal Item World Team
    Before I begin, I would like to say that this team may or
    may not take a lot of time to create and assemble. It is
    entirely up to you on whether or not you wish to create this
    team or if you wish to use your own characters. If you do
    wish to create these characters, they will greatly speed up
    the runs you'll be having.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.A.1. - Damage Dealer
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The Damage Dealer is your powerhouse for Item Worlding. The
    Damage Dealer exists to take out strong and beefy enemies
    and/or to take out the bosses every 10 floors. It's ideal
    for your Damage Dealer to be able to 1-hit kill its targets
    to raise the efficiency of the run.
    Most people use Valvatorez for this (which isn't surprising
    since he IS the main character and deals a lot of damage to
    begin with). However, I use a Lady Samurai to get this job
    done. The Lady Samurai deals 30% bonus damage to single-
    targets. This in itself makes her prime for boss-killing.
    So, what did I do to make her?
    1) Create Tier 4+ Bouncer. This way, the character can learn
       Big Bang, making the whole leveling process much easier.
    2) Reincarnate the character to a Tier 4+ Warrior to learn
       the Axe skills. Learning the Tier 6 Axe Skill will give
       the character early access to an S-Rank damage single
       target skill, perfect for the Lady Samurai. Boost the
       Axe skills to whatever levels you see fit.
    3) Finally reincarnate the character to the Lady Samurai.
       Teach her Cleanse Evil, too, which will further boost her
       damage against monster-types by 25%.
    This is an easy three Reincarnation process. Whether or not
    you want to run this character through Chara World is up to
    you. Personally, I ran it through Chara World just to nab
    the extra movement and throwing range boosts.
    If you by chance happen to have the Tier 8 Sword Skill, I
    would recommend using a Sword instead considering that skill
    is also an S-Rank damage single target skill, but with much
    better range.
    What should you equip on your damage dealer? Well, your best
    Axe weapon would certainly help (or Sword if you're using
    the Tier 8 Sword Skill). After that, any items that boost
    ATK would do fine. It's not necessary to have movement items
    on this character.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.A.2. - Caster
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Casters will fulfill the role Damage Dealers are unable to
    do, and that is to launch long-ranged attacks or area of
    effect (AoE) attacks.
    Why are these attacks necessary? Well, Item World tends to
    have huge clusters of enemies. This makes navigation a bit
    troublesome (especially if you need some leg room to pick
    up a Level Sphere). The Caster's range is also necessary to
    snipe out troublesome Geoblocks, hit treasure chests from
    far away, or some added power to take out Gate Keepers.
    So what are we looking for on Casters? Two things really.
    They are boosted magic spells and movement range items. Why
    both of these?
    Boosted magic will increase its casting range and area of
    effect. While boosted magic costs more SP to cast, it's a
    good idea to boost the lowest level magic as much as you
    possibly can. This helps the Caster fulfill the two things
    it's good for, long-ranged attacking and AoE.
    Movement items are almost a necessity on most Casters. This
    is because Casters tend to be a bit pokey and have terrible
    default movement range. 3 pairs of shoes will do nicely on
    most casters. The movement is necessary for casters to have
    as much coverage of the map as possible.
    So, which units do well in fulfilling the Caster role? There
    is a number of them.
    1) Witches - I would say that Witches do better than their
       male counterparts when it comes to Item World. The reason
       for this is due to their innate Evility, which causes
       their spells to cost only half their amount. In the Item
       World, being able to last longer matters a lot more than
       dealing heavy damage for Casters.
    2) Ghosts - Ghosts are monster-types that make great Casters
       due to their innate Evility. Their Evility lets them
       restore 10% of their MaxSP every turn, which helps a ton
       in Item World runs. For the very same reason as picking
       Witches over their male counterparts, Ghosts have that
       long-lasting ability needed in the Item World.
    3) Death - The Death monster makes for an interesting Caster
       because it is also a flying-type. By being a flying-type,
       Deaths can move through enemies. This becomes extremely
       handy, especially as many Item World floors are extremely
       clustered, making all of the movement range boosts you
       have mean for nothing. I personally use a Death as my
       Caster. The other bonus that comes with using the Death
       monster as your caster is that any damage it deals will
       also deal half of it as SP damage to the target. Wow!
    4) Succubus - While I'm hesistant on having the Succubus
       here as a potential Caster, I do recognize that it has
       the same useful qualities the Death does for being a
       flying-type. Although her INT does not match up to the
       Death's, she also doubles as a Healer, too, which is
       another recommended character I would suggest making.
       Knowing that, it's not a bad idea to have a Succubus
       fulfill both roles while having another unit dedicated to
       the Caster role.
    So, how did I go about making this unit?
    1) Create Tier 4+ Bouncer. This way, the character can learn
       Big Bang, making the whole leveling process much easier.
    2) Reincarnate the character into a Red Skull/Witch and have
       it learn all of the Fire spells up to Tera Fire.
    3) Reincarnate the character into a Green Skull/Witch and
       have it learn all of the Wind spells up to Tera Wind.
    4) Reincarnate the character into a Blue Skull/Witch and
       have it learn all of the Ice spells up to Tera Ice.
    5) Reincarnate the character into a Star Witch (not Skull)
       and have it learn all of the Star spells up to Tera Star.
       At the same time, have it learn the Enlarge Evility,
       which increases magic range by +1.
    6) Finally reincarnate the character to any of the four
       recommendations listed above.
    This is a pretty long process as it involves reincarnating
    many different times. In between those reincarnations, I
    would recommend you take this character through Chara World
    a few times to boost its movement range a bit. Boosting its
    throw range is optional but unnecessary. And if you happen
    to have Raspberyl unlocked, inheriting her Law by Range
    Evility is nice, too.
    Now, when it comes to boosting skills, I recommend boosting
    the most basic version of each element to +9 if possible.
    The Tera versions should be boosted to whatever level it can
    possibly go to. Unequip everything in between.
    What should you equip on this character? Well, your best INT
    weapon possible (staff for humanoids and grey monster weapon
    for monsters obviously). Three movement items would aid the
    character in having more potential range, too. For Evilities
    equip Enlarge (from the Star Witch) or Law by Range (if you
    have inherited it from Raspberyl). It's up to you on which
    to pick since Law by Range increases SP costs (which may or
    may not be something you want). If you're using a monster as
    your Caster, considering equipping both Evilities as high
    damage is not the main concern of your Caster.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.A.3. - Healer
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    While healing becomes nearly obsolete in Post-Game Disgaea,
    it somewhat becomes a necessity in Disgaea 4's Item World
    due to the massive amounts of Ally Move Damage geo effects
    you'll encounter. 
    And although I call them Healers, I tend to have them
    fulfill other roles, too. These roles include buffs or
    serving as secondary Casters. Buffs become necessary in
    boosting a Damage Dealer's output and serving as secondary
    Casters can help clear the map of unwanted enemies (or
    reaching multiple chests).
    So what classes make good Healers?
    1) Healers - While this may seem obvious, I would actually
       recommend against using Healers to fulfill the... Healer
       role. This is primarily because there are better options
       out there.
    2) Professors - Professors have unique buffs that increase
       movement range, throwing range, jumping height, etc. This
       allows them to be a multi-functional character as you do
       not always need healing.
    3) Alraune - The Alraune monsters possess a nice passive of
       recovering adjacent allies with 20% of their MaxHP at the
       end of each turn. This saves SP and 20% is a whole lot
       considering the length of an Item World trip. They also
       have a plethora of buffs (in fact, we'll be learning them
       from the Alraune) and they also learn Wind Magic, which
       allows them to double as secondary Casters.
    4) Succubus - The Succubus, as mentioned in the Caster
       section, is a flying-type monster. This allows her to get
       into position really well when it comes to healing or
       casting. The Succubus naturally learns Heal magic (up to
       Giga Heal) and learns Fire magic (up to Giga Fire). Thus,
       a Succubus is wonderful to have as your healer due to all
       the utility she can provide.
    So how are we going about to make this unit?
    1) Create Tier 4+ Bouncer. This way, the character can learn
       Big Bang, making the whole leveling process much easier.
    2) Reincarnate the character into a Skull/Witch of the
       desired element type. Learn all the spells up to Tera.
       There is no need to learn all the elements, but you may
       do so if you wish.
    3) Reincarnate the character into a Healer and learn all of
       the Heal spells up to Tera Heal.
    4) Reincarnate the character into an Alraune and learn both
       Braveheart and Magic Boost. Learn the other buffs if you
       wish, but I don't consider them as necessary. Also, pick
       up the Relaxation and Prevention Evilities. Relaxation
       reduces the SP cost of adjacent allies by 50%. Prevention
       prevents adjacent allies from being affected by status
       ailments. Both are very useful.
    5) Finally reincarnate the character into whatever you want
       (or just leave it as the Alraune if you decide to use an
    The Healer shouldn't take as much work as it did to make a
    Caster (although it could take more). Between reincarnations
    you may want to throw the character into Chara World a bit
    to raise her movement range especially if you're having the
    Healer double as a secondary Caster.
    So what skills should we boost? Healing spells should only
    be moderately boosted. You don't want Healers to run out of
    SP too quickly. The same goes for its offensive spells. For
    buffs, I would recommend you max them out (especially for
    Professors). Max out Espoir, too. Both buffs and Espoir are
    relatively cheap in SP cost so it doesn't matter if you max
    them out.
    What should you equip on the Healers? A staff if the Healer
    is a humanoid and an INT Monster Weapon if the Healer is a
    monster (obviously). However, outfit the Healer with three
    pairs of shoes to increase her movement. What Evility you
    should equip on her depends on what you feel is necessary. I
    personally equipped the Healer with Relaxation to reduce SP
    costs of the dedicated Casters.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.A.4. - Geo Changer
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Onmyo Monks are Disgaea 4's geo changer class. For us, they
    will serve as a geo change, but also as secondary Caster,
    too, as they also learn Star spells.
    Why is it necessary to have a geo changer in Item World?
    Well, for one, some floors become extremely difficult to
    clear if it's filled with Invincible and Mighty Enemy geo
    effects. A geo changer will swap out the geo effects for an
    entirely random new one. Though the new effects can screw
    you over, it's not too likely they will.
    So how do we build this Onmyo Monk?
    1) Create Tier 4+ Bouncer. This way, the character can learn
       Big Bang, making the whole leveling process much easier.
    2) Reincarnate into a Star Skull/Witch. Learn Star spells up
       to Tera Star.
    3) Reincarnate into the Onmyo Monk.
    This is a relatively easy reincarnation process. Taking the
    Onmyo Monk through Chara World isn't necessary either (as
    Geo Change can be used from anywhere) but helpful if you do
    wish to have him serve as a secondary Caster. Raise movement
    range if you do.
    Equip the Onmyo Monk with a staff. Outfit him with movement
    items if you wish to have him serve as a secondary Caster.
    The Evility you equip on him doesn't matter but an increased
    magic range Evility would certainly be nice if you're going
    to use him as a secondary Caster.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.A.5. - Runner
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Runners have been a staple in Item World teams since Disgaea
    1. In fact, it's been an accepted practice to even have two
    runners on your team. However, this isn't necessary in
    Disgaea 4, which I'll explain later.
    More often than not, the ideal runner of choice is the
    Masked Hero. This is due to him being a flying-type and the
    inherent 6 movement range he has. With a fist weapon, the
    Masked Hero can move enemies, including the Gate Keeper, out
    of the way. The Masked Hero can also run through a pack of
    enemies to reach a Level Sphere.
    Another contender as a runner is the Mothman. However, the
    Mothman lacks the utility that Fist skills provide and
    therefore, it is suggested you use a Masked Hero instead.
    So, how are we going about to make this Masked Hero?
    1) Make a Tier 4+ Bouncer. Have the Bouncer learn ALL of the
       Fist skills he can as the Masked Hero will be using them
       all eventually.
    2) Reincarnate into a Masked Hero. Learn the Chicken Heart
       Evility for +3 movement range.
    I also recommend that you take the Masked Hero through Chara
    World to increase his movement range. With Chicken Heart, he
    will have a base of 11 movement range. With movement items,
    the Masked Hero can cover a whole lot of ground. Do note
    that movement range caps at 31.
    Equipping your Masked Hero should be easy. A fist for a
    weapon and three movement items will do the trick. You
    may also want to keep around three sets of Angel's Shoes
    in case there are some highly elevated areas you'll need
    your Masked Hero to jump up to.
    Earlier, I mentioned it's no longer necessary to have two
    runners. Why is this? Well, this has to do with an Evil
    Symbol called the Nether Express. Place the Masked Hero on
    it and it will have the ability to "Create Station". What
    this does is it creates a "warp" point for your units out of
    the base panel. Simply run your Masked Hero to the gate area
    and plop a station. Then warp in your units and take out the
    Gate Keeper and move on. It's even better than having two
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.A.6. - Thrower
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    It's a good idea to have a bunch of characters with a throw
    range of 6 or more. They can be whatever they want to be and
    any level works, too. It doesn't matter. Their purpose is
    to throw stuff around, be it allies, enemies, or Level
    Spheres even.
    This means that as long as you push some of your characters
    through Chara World, they're able to be a decent Thrower. If
    you do not wish to take characters through Chara World, you
    may create a group of Heavy Knights, which come with an 
    innate throw range of 6.
    If you have a Professor as your Healer, using her Throw buff
    will also allow you to make up for not going through Chara
    World to boost Throw.
    Throwing range caps at 9. It cannot go any higher than that.
    Thus, any attempts to buff it to go past 9 would just be a
    wasted action.
    I usually recommend a group of at least 3 or 4 Throwers as
    that seems to be the magic number.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.A.7. - Receiver
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    You may have noticed that monsters have a "throw" stat, too.
    Whenever a character throws an object onto a monster, the
    monster will "receive" it and bounce it forward as many
    panels as its throw stat. The direction it bounces is based
    on the direction the monster is facing at the time the
    monster receives the object.
    The best part about Receivers is, unlike throwing an object
    to a humanoid, this takes up no action at all. This means
    you can move a monster into position to receive a throw,
    throw the object and bounce it to the desired location, and
    then cancel the monster. It will still have an action to
    perform! Talk about a freebie.
    Though you won't be using Receivers as much through the
    Item World climb, you will be using them plenty during
    Reverse Pirating. Monsters facilitate the last 50 to 75
    levels of an item greatly due to their bouncing.
    I usually find a group of 3-4 monsters as my receivers to be
    optimal. If those monsters are flying-types, even better! Be
    sure to equip these monsters with movement items so they can
    position themselves for the ideal bounce path.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.A.8. - Stealer
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Although stealing items isn't a necessary part of leveling
    an item at all, there are many opportunities you don't want
    to miss out on at all when it comes to rare and legendary
    items that pop up all over the place. Making a Thief will
    help satiate your hunger for these shiny new items.
    How do I recommend you build the Thief?
    1) Create it as a Tier 4+ Bouncer. Teach it all of the fist
       skills as we'll be using a fist for the Thief's weapon.
    2) Simply reincarnate it as a Thief. Be sure to level it
       lots as the success rate of stealing an item depends on
       the Thief's level.
    I recommend equipping the Thief with a fist rather than a
    gun. This is because fists have incredible utility in the
    Item World. Equipping the Thief with three movement items
    would also be ideal.
    I also recommend that when you create your Thief, boost her
    Create Box and Create Barrel skill to max. That way, she
    has more range to utilize these skills.
    For her Evility, I would suggest Lucky Finger as that makes
    the contents of whatever treasure chest she breaks increase
    its rank by 1. If done in the Land of Carnage Item World,
    expect to find lots of high ranked items.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.A.9. - Other
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Although these units aren't necessary nor are they part of
    an ideal Item World team, they certainly deserve enough
    recognition to be mentioned.
    1) Wood Golems - Wood Golems have massive amounts of HP.
       They also have a passive that lets them regenerate 10%
       of their MaxHP per turn. This makes them great as baiting
       and stalling units. When coupled with the Battle Suit's
       Damage Cut (nulls damage if under 10% of MaxHP) and the
       Heavy Knight's Advanced Guard (reduce damage by 80% when
       defending), a Wood Golem can practically last forever if
       it has high HP. Use it to stall when waiting for a group
       of pirates to appear.
    2) Ninjas - Although they aren't as good as their older
       Disgaea counterparts, Ninjas still make wonderful dodge
       tanks. Equip them with the Lady Samurai's Mind's Eye
       evility to nullify any accuracy bonuses when the Ninja is
       attacked from the side. Then pump up his SPD. Watch all
       the misses. Like the Wood Golem, the Ninja is great for
       baiting and stalling.
    3) Gunners - If you're climbing higher floors in the Land of
       Carnage Item World, you may have notice that it is harder
       to hit enemies due to their abnormally high SPD. Combo
       your attacks with Gunners using their Assist Evility.
       This causes whatever ally is attacking after the Gunner
       to have 100% accuracy on their next attack. Of course,
       you can have your other characters inherit this Evility,
       but why waste it when you can use a Gunner specifically
       for it?
    While not necessary, having the Item World Radar evil 
    symbol filled with units will increase the chances of you
    encountering various Item World events. More importantly,
    it will increase the chances of entering an Innocent Town
    every 10 floors. You may want to consider expanding the
    Item World Radar evil symbol to its max of 6.
    Part 3.B. - Item World Floor Climb Strategies
    The Floor Climb, as I call it, is the climb downward from
    Floor 1 to Floor 100. While there aren't too many strategies
    needed for this, there are certainly a few techniques you
    can use to make your runs more efficient.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.B.1. - Quick Clearing Floors
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    When you're running through and not waiting for pirates to
    show up, you'll want to clear floors as quickly as possible.
    A 1 turn clear is optimal in this regard. If you have the
    Item World team that I've suggested, this should be a lot
    easier for you.
    1) At the start of each floor, pull out your Runner. If it
       is able to reach the desired gate in one movement (red
       gate or Mystery Gate), go for it. If not...
    2) Send out your Thrower and have it stand adjacent to the
       Base Panel. Take out your Runner. Have the Thrower pick
       up the Runner and throw the Runner towards the direction
       of the desired Gate. If there isn't enough room to move
       out your Thrower because the Base Panel is surrounded...
    3) Send out your Caster. Clear the area around the Base
       Panel using AoE spells. Once cleared, move the Caster out
       of the way and proceed with the Thrower. When the Runner
       reaches the target gate and if there is a Gate Keeper...
    4) Have the Runner plop down a Station. Use the Station as
       a rally to move out your Damage Dealer and have it kill
       off the Gate Keeper. Then send out another unit to run
       through the desired gate.
    Note that this strategy is what I used on my first runs
    through the Item World. Until I started getting better items
    on all my characters, this is probably what saved the most
    time. Nowadays, I just send my high movement range Caster to
    take out the Gate Keeper, and have my maxed movement Runner
    run straight through the gate.
    This strategy applies only to non-boss floors. And in the
    case of Mystery Gates, they do not have a Gate Keeper so you
    can just usually have the Runner go straight into them.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.B.2. - Quick Clearing Bosses
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Every 10 floors is a boss floor. While they're generally not
    too tough, the floors are huge! Clearing every boss floor of
    all enemies nets you a Mr. Gency as a bonus. This is an item
    that's hard to pass up on. However, it's not always worth it
    since the majority of the time, you'll be reseting these
    floors if you do not find an Innocent Town or do not find
    the Cam-Pain HQ Mushroom.
    So, what's the best course of action?
    1) Send out your Runner. Head towards where the boss is. If
       you can create a station up there (sometimes it won't
       allow you to due to height), do so. If not, pick up the
       boss using the Runner and throw it downwards towards (but
       not into) your Base Panel.
    2) Send out your Damage Dealer. Have it burst the boss. Once
       the boss is dead...
    3) Either end turn or using creative throwing to reach the
       Item Growth Gate.
    Now, which floors do I clear and which floors do I just kill
    the boss and run to the gate?
       Floor   Action
       -F10    -Kill boss and run to the gate.
       -F20    -Kill boss and run to the gate.
       -F30    -Kill boss and run to the gate.
       -F40    -Kill boss and run to the gate.
       -F50    -Kill boss and run to the gate.
       -F60    -Clear floor of all enemies.
       -F70    -Kill boss and run to the gate.
       -F80    -Clear floor of all enemies.
       -F90    -Clear floor of all enemies.
       -F100   -Clear floor of all enemies.
    Why do I clear the enemies on floors 60, 80, 90, and 100?
    That's because the Cam-Pain HQ Mushroom does not appear on
    those floors (provided you pass your bills as early as can
    be). Thus, visiting the Innocent Town is not needed. And
    since Mr. Gency as a bonus for clearing these floors are
    very nice to have, take the time to clear them and earn one.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.B.3. - Dealing with Event Areas
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Event Areas are explained earlier in section 2.A.5. I find
    them to be pretty annoying, personally. However, they often
    spawn Level Spheres or Mystery Gates, both of which are
    helpful in aiding our trip to level 300.
    So, how do I approach them?
    1) Hover your cursor over the Event Area to see how many
       units are required to stand on top of it.
    2) Move your flying-type units over to it. If it's too high
       and you cannot reach...
    3) Have your Runner move toward its general direction. Plop
       down a Station. Bring out your Thief and have it use the
       Station. Move the Thief closer to the Event Area and use
       her Create Box skill to give you a stepping stone.
    4) If you can move your characters on top of the Event Area,
       that's great. However, if it's too far away, bring out
       your Thrower. Stack the required amount of units on top
       of your Thrower and throw them onto the Event Area.
    Remember, you can have your units that are already standing
    on top of the Event Area to pick up surrounding enemies,
    Geoblocks, or doodads to count towards the unit requirement.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.B.4. - The Level Sphere Quota
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The main idea behind the Floor Climb is to reach at least
    level 250 on the item before you finish floor 100. Thus, it
    isn't a bad idea at all to set a quota for every 10 floors.
    This serves as to ensure you're making good progress and to
    prevent you from going insane when clearing floor 100 with
    219 levels (and thus, stuck with a level 299 item at best).
    Now, keep in mind that you do NOT need to follow this. This
    quota enforcing is mostly to keep you on track. After a
    while, I stopped using the quota system myself as I became
    more confident in my Item World leveling (and knew where to
    make up for it). But, for those who are new to it and would
    like to have a nice safety net, I highly recommend doing it.
    So, how many points are we going to look at? Well, before we
    do that, let's see how many points we get naturally.
      Floor Set    Growth Gate Bonus  Total Levels
      -F01 to 10   +2                 12
      -F11 to 10   +2                 24
      -F21 to 10   +2                 36
      -F31 to 10   +2                 48
      -F41 to 10   +2                 60
      -F51 to 10   +4                 74
      -F61 to 10   +4                 88
      -F71 to 10   +4                 102
      -F81 to 10   +5                 117
      -F91 to 10   +3                 130
    Remember, Growth Gates give a higher bonus upon entering
    them more often. There is no choice of gates to enter on
    Floor 100 so no bonuses will be acquired there.
    Looking at this, we will reach 130 levels on an item if we
    simply enter every Item Growth Gate we encounter. That will
    leave us will only 120 levels left to acquire. Not bad. That
    said, I strongly recommend you do not stray away from the
    Item Growth path, no matter what your Item World Radar
    predicts you'll encounter.
    So, what are the quotas for each floor set? I tend to start
    lightly and go a bit more heavy the deeper I climb. Reason
    behind this is because Level Spheres appear more frequent
    the deeper you go. They're not as common early on. There are
    three sets of recommended quota marks to meet. They are as
    #1 Quota Set: This is the one I personally use. It's light
    on the first fifty floors and seems to ease in with the
    growing frequency of Level Spheres as you climb.
      Floor Set     GGB   Quota   Target Level
      -F01 to 10    +2    +0      12
      -F11 to 20    +2    +0      24
      -F21 to 30    +2    +10     46
      -F31 to 40    +2    +10     68
      -F41 to 50    +2    +10     90
      -F51 to 60    +4    +15     119
      -F61 to 70    +4    +15     148
      -F71 to 80    +4    +20     182
      -F81 to 90    +5    +20     217
      -F91 to 100   +3    +20     250
      GGB - Growth Gate Bonus
    #2 Quota Set: This one's pretty popular on the Disgaea 4
    forum board. It's a tad bit more harsh on floors 41 to 50
    but less harsh on floors 71 to 80.
      Floor Set     GGB   Quota   Target Level
      -F01 to 10    +2    +0      12
      -F11 to 20    +2    +0      24
      -F21 to 30    +2    +10     46
      -F31 to 40    +2    +10     68
      -F41 to 50    +2    +15     95
      -F51 to 60    +4    +15     124
      -F61 to 70    +4    +15     153
      -F71 to 80    +4    +15     182
      -F81 to 90    +5    +20     217
      -F91 to 100   +3    +20     250
      GGB - Growth Gate Bonus
    #3 Quota Set: Considering floors 21 to 30 are probably the
    troublesome floors, it's not a bad idea to opt out of it
    and make up for it later. This one becomes a lot harder to
    follow, but require you to collect any spheres at all for
    the first 30 floors.
      Floor Set     GGB   Quota   Target Level
      -F01 to 10    +2    +0      12
      -F11 to 20    +2    +0      24
      -F21 to 30    +2    +0      36
      -F31 to 40    +2    +10     58
      -F41 to 50    +2    +15     85
      -F51 to 60    +4    +15     114
      -F61 to 70    +4    +20     148
      -F71 to 80    +4    +20     182
      -F81 to 90    +5    +20     217
      -F91 to 100   +3    +20     250
      GGB - Growth Gate Bonus
    Have a sheet of paper near you and write down one of these
    quota sets to follow. Mark your progress as you go down and
    make sure you reach your target level at the end of every
    10 floors.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.B.5. - When to Use Mr. Gency
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    If you're following the quota system, I suggest you bring a
    plethora of Mr. Gencies with you. I generally use a pack of
    15 to 20 for every level 300 I make. You may use more. You
    may use less. It all depends on your luck in finding Level
    Spheres, Fortune Tellers, and Ambush Rooms.
    Provided that you're going to double-kill your bosses, you
    should have at least 10 Mr. Gencies with you. I recommend
    bringing an additional 5 to 8 just to be safe.
    So, using the quota system, just when do we Gency out? Well,
    provided that every Level Sphere you find is Green and that
    no more than 1 Level Sphere will spawn (as 2 spawning on a
    single floor is rare), every floor will be worth 5 points.
    For every 5 or less points we're missing from the quota,
    that's 1 floor earlier from the 10th floor we'll be using
    Mr. Gency to leave at. Here's the breakdown:
      Missing Quota     Gency Out at
      -Missing 01-05    -FX9
      -Missing 06-10    -FX8
      -Missing 11-15    -FX7
      -Missing 16-20    -FX6
      -Missing 21-25    -FX5
    Now, there's an exception to all of this. If you didn't grab
    ANY Level Spheres at all from the time you've entered the
    current Floor Set, just reload. It'll save you a Gency and
    will save your sanity.
    Now, I know some other people tend to Gency out the moment
    they grab a Level Sphere and do not find one on the next
    floor. I do not recommend doing this since you never know
    when you'll find the next Level Sphere (unless you're at
    Floor X9). By following the method I mentioned earlier, you
    will not only save yourself more Gencies, you'll also clear
    the floor set much faster.
    Part 3.C. - Item World Reverse Pirating Strategies
    Remember, to be able to Reverse Pirate, you must have
    encountered pirates beforehand and to have passed the bill
    to enable creating your own pirate ship. There's a couple of
    strategies involved when it comes Reverse Pirating.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.C.1. - Building the Right Pirate Ship
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    When you fight and defeat pirates, you'll earn pirate ship
    parts. These parts allow you to modify your ship in ways to
    alter your ship's performance. However, Reverse Pirating
    only uses one stat compared to online. This stat is...
    Stay Turns. This is the number of turns your ship will stay
    on the Reverse Pirating floor before it sets sail. You do
    not want this number to be 0. In fact, you want this number
    to be 1 or more. Or even as high as possible.
    The total crew members, turn appearance, etc. do not matter
    for Reverse Pirating.
    However, what you may want to look into is something that
    isn't listed in the stats. You want a ship body with lots of
    room so that you can throw whatever goodies onto the ship
    with ease. Consider removing the ship's mast if it takes up
    too much room (or makes things difficult to load onto your
    ship). After all, you want to optimize your ship for Reverse
    Pirating as much as possible, so it doesn't hurt to remove
    things that hinder it.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.C.2. - Monster Bouncing
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    The correct in-game term is called "receiving", but I can't
    help but to call it "Monster Bouncing" for a more literal
    sense of the technique.
    Monster Bouncing allows you to minimize the amount of total
    actions done to set up a throw chain. This is because when
    a humanoid lifts and throws an object, it will count as a
    completed action for them. However, when a monster receives
    and bounces off an item, it does not. Therefore, monsters
    can receive and bounce off items indefinitely until they
    perform an action.
    So, how does a monster perform a Monster Bounce? First, a
    humanoid character would have to lift up an object (in the
    case of Reverse Pirating, most likely a Level Sphere) and
    throw that object onto the monster. The object will bounce
    off of the monster into the direction the monster is facing
    and fly forward the amount of panels equal to the monster's
    "throw" range.
    By positioning monsters carefully, monsters can bounce off
    items from one to another. After that, the monsters can then
    cancel their movement and perform an action elsewhere if
    A few things limit how far an object can fly though. They
    are as follows:
    1) Allies and Objects. Allies and objects cannot land onto
    an enemy panel. If the panel they were supposed to land on
    has an enemy on it, they will land short on the next free
    panel. Level Spheres are counted as objects so they cannot
    land on enemy panels. Chests are counted as objects and
    cannot land on enemy panels. Furthermore, chests and Level
    Spheres will obstruct each other.
    2) Gaps. If there is a gap where the bounced object, ally,
    or enemy is supposed to land, they will fall short on the
    next free panel.
    3) Height. If there is an extremely high wall in the way,
    the bounced object, ally, or enemy will land short on the
    next free panel. How high a monster can bounce is relative
    to its "throw" value.
    So, what's the usual strategy with Monster Bounce chains?
    It's quite simple once you try it out for yourself, but to
    understand the concept of it, here's how a typical Monster
    Bounce chain would look like.
        T - Thrower
        M - Monster
        E - Enemy
        S - Ship
        L - Level Sphere
    From the diagram above the Thrower picks up the Level Sphere
    and the Receivers (Monsters) get into position. Change the
    direction they face with Square+Direction and they will 
    bounce any object they receive into that direction. The 1st
    Receiver receives the thrown item fine from the Thrower.
    That Receiver would have bounced the item a little further,
    but because an enemy is in the position it would have landed
    the item falls short one panel. Thus, the 2nd Receiver is
    positioned adjacent to that enemy and bounces it to the 3rd.
    The 3rd then bounces it over the enemies in a line because
    it has a higher "throw" value. The Level Sphere then lands
    safely on the ship.
    If it's confusing, it's better to go ahead and try it first.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    Part 3.C.3. - Subduing vs Capturing Innocents
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    While claiming Innocents aren't a necessary part of level-
    ing your items, they're certainly a nice bonus. When you
    subdue an Innocent during Reverse Pirating, they're gained
    normally. If you manage to throw and bounce an Innocent all
    the way over and onto your ship, the Innocent's level will
    be doubled. Note that the level of the Innocent has no
    bearing with the level of the Innocent's level while you
    are capturing it.
    So, which is better? I tend to find that subduing Innocents
    is far more effective and efficient than throwing them all
    the way over to your ship. The bonus levels gained aren't
    worth it all that much, especially if you're duping your
    items (and thus, duping your Innocents with it).
    However, if you're not duping, you may want to consider
    throwing Innocents onto your ship depending on their type.
    Innocents like Statisticians, Guardians, Fencers, etc. are
    great to have a boost in level for. However, other Innocents
    such as random Gladiators, Sentries, etc. and other stuff
    you can find just about anywhere aren't worth it.
    Provided you're considering capturing Innocents as you are
    securing the Level Sphere for the floor, if you're stuck
    between a choice of the Level Sphere and the Innocents,
    just go for the Level Sphere. You'll have plenty of chances
    to Reverse Pirate later on, but you'll never be able to go
    back and claim levels that you couldn't make up.
    Part 4.0. The Level 300 Runthrough
    Alrighty, this is probably the chunk you're all looking for.
    While I'm not going to place down the number of levels you
    should be gaining each set, there are recommended level
    quotas I believe you should meet if you're relatively new to
    leveling items to 300. View section 3.B.4. for quota sets.
    Part 4.A. - Level 300 Preparation
    First things first, before we do a level 300 Item World run,
    we'll need to make sure we have everything we need.
    1) Your Item World team is readied up. Make sure they have
       the gear they need for efficient Item World climbing, the
       right Evilities, and even the right skill sets. Make sure
       they are in the right Evil Symbols in the Cam-Pain HQ,
       and make sure to have your Item World Radar filled.
    2) Make sure you have enough Mr. Gencies. While you can stop
       at any time to go and farm more, I recommend getting at
       least 10 to 15 before starting.
    3) Get some stealing hands! Nothing sucks more than doing an
       Item World run, come across some legendary rank 39 items
       and not being able to steal them from the enemy.
    4) Snacks and drinks. A full run to level 300 could last any
       where from 1 and a half hours to 3 hours. This is due to
       all the reseting needed. Gotta keep yourself refreshed
       and powered up so you don't make stupid mistakes.
    5) A piece of paper and pencil. While not necessary, you'll
       be doing a lot of reseting so sometimes your memory gets
       mixed up. Write down notes to keep yourself in line.
    Now that we have everything, let's get started on the climb.
    Part 4.B. - The Climb to Level 300
    I'll be keeping things brief considering you'll be looking
    over this section a lot. Most of the notes here will be
    repeated for each section, too.
    Before Entering
    Load up your item with all the desired single-stat boosting
    Innocents. Remember, dual-stat innocents do not work. Save.
    Floors 1 to 10
      Go down Item Growth Gate on F5.
      Defeat Item General upon arrival at F10.
      Use Mr. Gency and save the game.
      Re-enter at F10, defeat Item General again.
      Select Item Growth Gate at F10.
      Reset until enter Innocent Town with Cam-Pain Mushroom.
      Pass the desired bill. 1st bill done.
      Save game.
    Floors 11 to 20
      Go down Item Growth Gate on F15.
      Defeat Item General upon arrival at F20.
      Use Mr. Gency and save the game.
      Re-enter at F20, defeat Item General again.
      Select Item Growth Gate at F20.
      Reset until enter Innocent Town with Cam-Pain Mushroom.
      Pass the desired bill. 2nd bill done.
      Save game.
    Floors 21 to 30
      Go down Item Growth Gate on F25.
      Defeat Item King upon arrival at F30.
      Use Mr. Gency and save the game.
      Load the 7th single-stat boosting Innocent.
      Re-enter at F30, defeat Item King again.
      Select Item Growth Gate at F30.
      Reset until enter Innocent Town with Cam-Pain Mushroom.
      Pass the desired bill. 3rd bill done.
      Load the 8th single-stat boosting Innocent.
      Save game.
    Floors 31 to 40
      Go down Item Growth Gate on F35.
      Defeat Item General upon arrival at F40.
      Use Mr. Gency and save the game.
      Re-enter at F40, defeat Item General again.
      Select Item Growth Gate at F40.
      Reset until enter Innocent Town with Cam-Pain Mushroom.
      Pass the desired bill. 4th bill done.
      Save game.
    Floors 41 to 50
      Go down Item Growth Gate on F45.
      Defeat Item General upon arrival at F50.
      Use Mr. Gency and save the game.
      Re-enter at F50, defeat Item General again.
      Select Item Growth Gate at F50.
      Reset until enter Innocent Town with Cam-Pain Mushroom.
      Pass the desired bill. 5th bill done.
      Save game.
    Floors 51 to 60
      Go down Item Growth Gate on F55.
      Defeat Item King upon arrival at F60.
      Use Mr. Gency and save the game.
      Re-enter at F60, defeat Item King again.
      Select Item Growth Gate at F60.
      There are no bills needed to be passed.
      Save game.
    Floors 61 to 70
      Go down Item Growth Gate on F65.
      Defeat Item General upon arrival at F70.
      Use Mr. Gency and save the game.
      Re-enter at F70, defeat Item General again.
      Select Item Growth Gate at F70.
      Reset until enter Innocent Town with Cam-Pain Mushroom.
      Pass the desired bill. 6th and final bill done.
      Save game.
    Floors 71 to 80
      Go down Item Growth Gate on F75.
      Defeat Item General upon arrival at F80.
      Use Mr. Gency and save the game.
      Re-enter at F80, defeat Item General again.
      Select Item Growth Gate at F80.
      There are no bills needed to be passed.
      Being above level 180 would be safe here.
      Save game.
    Floors 81 to 90
      Go down Item Growth Gate on F85.
      Defeat Item General upon arrival at F90.
      Use Mr. Gency and save the game.
      Re-enter at F90, defeat Item General again.
      Select Item Growth Gate at F90.
      There are no bills needed to be passed.
      Being above level 200 would be safe here.
      Save game.
    Floors 91 to 100
      Go down Item Growth Gate on F95.
      Defeat Item God or Item God 2 upon arrival at F100.
      Use Mr. Gency and save the game.
      Re-enter at F100, defeat Item General again.
      Being above level 225 (recommended 250) would be safe.
      Save game.
    Reverse Pirating F100
      Reset for Red Level Sphere if needed.
      Grab and throw Level Sphere to ship.
      Defeat Item God.
      Grab any desired treasure chests.
      Clean up enemies or wait until ship leaves.
      Save game.
    Reverse Pirating F80
      Reset for Red Level Sphere if needed.
      Grab and throw Level Sphere to ship.
      Defeat Item King.
      Grab any desired treasure chests.
      Clean up enemies or wait until ship leaves.
      Save game.
    Reverse Pirating F60
      Reset for Red Level Sphere if needed.
      Grab and throw Level Sphere to ship.
      Defeat Item King.
      Grab any desired treasure chests.
      Clean up enemies or wait until ship leaves.
      Save game.
    Reverse Pirating F40
      Reset for Red Level Sphere if needed.
      Grab and throw Level Sphere to ship.
      Defeat Item General.
      Grab any desired treasure chests.
      Clean up enemies or wait until ship leaves.
      Save game.
    Reverse Pirating F20
      Reset for Red Level Sphere if needed.
      Grab and throw Level Sphere to ship.
      Defeat Item General.
      Grab any desired treasure chests.
      Clean up enemies or wait until ship leaves.
      Save game.
    And you're done! Hooray and congrats on making your item to
    level 300.
    Part 4.C. - Closing Level 300
    Since your item is now level 300, you may want to swap out
    the Innocents used to boost your item. Depending on your
    item, you'll want to outfit it with different Innocents to
    maximize its potential.
    Dual-stat Innocents provide a boost to two stats at once.
    These are great for replacing your single stat innocents
    as they not only providing the same potential value for
    one stat, but they also provide it for another.
      Dual-Stats   Innocent Name    Cap
      -ATK/HP      Muscleman        19998
      -ATK/INT     Hard Worker      19998
      -ATK/HIT     Pugilist         19998
      -ATK/SPD     Sprinter         19998
      -INT/SP      Nerd             19998
      -DEF/RES     Patientt         19998
      -HIT/SPD     Sniper*          19998
    *Note: Snipers can only be acquired via subduing Mystery
    You may also want to consider getting equipment specialist
    Innocents. A single pack of 500 equipment specialists can
    boost your weapon or armour by +500%. Remember, you only
    need one set of 500.
      Type         Innocent Name    Cap
      -Armour      Guardian         500
      -Fist        Fist Fighter     500
      -Sword       Fencer           500
      -Spear       Lancer           500
      -Bow         Eros             500
      -Gun         Deadeye          500
      -Axe         Lumberjack       500
      -Staff       Cane Man         500
      -Monster     Monster Hunter   500
    If you're not interested in using stat boosting Innocents,
    you may want to consider equipping some element resistance
    boosters. These cap out at 100.
      Element      Innocent Name    Cap
      -Fire        Firefighter      100
      -Wind        Aeronaut         100
      -Ice         Cryophile        100
    And finally, there are anti-ailment Innocents which I find
    to be extremely helpful. These cap out at 100.
      Prevents     Innocent Name    Cap
      -Poison      Pharmacist       100
      -Sleep       Coffee Maker     100
      -Paralysis   Medicine Man     100
      -Forget      Psychologist     100
      -Deprave     Social Worker    100
    If you're interested in applying status effects through
    attacking, consider these Innocents, too. They cap at 100.
      Allocates    Innocent Name    Cap
      -Poison      Alchemist        100
      -Sleep       Hypnotist        100
      -Paralysis   Witch Doctor     100
      -Forget      Amnesiac         100
      -Deprave     Gangster         100
    Having a pack of Professionals is also extremely useful.
    A pack of 100 will guarantee a critical hit as long as
    the attack doesn't nick. There are other effects, too,
    such as boosting Magichange and Fusions.
      Effect       Innocent Name    Cap
      -Critical%   Professional     100
      -Magichange  Magichange Lover  25
      -Fusion      Fusion Lover      25
    And now that you've loaded up your desired Innocents, your
    level 300 item is finally complete! Hooray!
    Part 5.0. Rank 40 Equipment
    Like in any Disgaea game, rank 40 is the highest rank equip-
    ment you can get in the game. They're the end-goal of our
    trips through the Item World. This section will deal with
    how to obtain R40 equipment, how to maximize them, and what
    bills to pass and when.
    Part 5.A. - Obtaining R40 Equipment
    The majority of R40 equipment is gained through reach floor
    100 of Item World in a R39 equipment. The Item God on that
    floor will be carrying the R40 equipment as you enter. You
    will need a Thief of high enough level to steal it from the
    Item God.
    Note that the best way of doing this is to use a Mr. Gency
    to leave at floor 99 of the R39 item. This is because if you
    Gency out at floor 100 and return, the Item God will possess
    a different item (not the desired R40 target item).
    So, which R39's yield R40's?
      Type           R39 Item               R40 Item
      -Fist          -Ultimus               -Cosmo Infinity
      -Sword         -Yoshitsuna            -Baal Sword
      -Spear         -Holy ray              -Drill Emperor
      -Bow           -Lovely Cupid          -Divinity
      -Gun           -Demiurge              -Absolute
      -Axe           -Apocalypse            -Deicide Axe
      -Staff         -Archangel's Staff     -Genesis Wand
      -Monster ATK   -Satan Force           -Crowbar
      -Monster INT   -Article 38: D-Lord    -Demon Law: Digest
      -Treasure      -Arcadia               -Trapezohedron
      -Armour        -Super Alloy Mechsuit  -Ultimate Barrier
    * Note that there are no R40's for shoes, belts, glasses,
      orbs, muscles, and weights.
    So, where do we acquire these R39 items? The majority of
    them can only be found in Item World from Land of Carnage.
    Whenever you enter a new floor while wandering through the
    Item World in Land of Carnage, check every enemy through the
    Character List and see if they have any notable legendary
    items. This doesn't take more than a half minute per floor
    to see if there's something worth stealing so it's
    definitely worth your time.
    The other way of obtaining legendaries to kill off all the
    enemies of a floor except for the Gate Keeper. Then take out
    your Onmyo Monk and keep using Bonus Change until you get
    the desired item in your receivable bonuses. However, I find
    this method to be time consuming and that it's better to
    wander the various floors of the Item World.
    The last way is the old fashion way of doing it since the
    first Disgaea. To get a legendary R39, go into a legendary
    R38 and Gency out at the 99th floor. Keep entering and
    reloading until you come across an Item God with a legendary
    R39. And to get a legendary R38 would be to go to the 99th
    floor of a legendary R37 and so on... This method is not as
    efficient as the other two, since legendary R39's appear
    quite often on trips through the Item World.
    Now, there are some post-game battles where you can acquire
    R39's and even R40's. Just keep reloading those battles
    until you find them as legendary.
      Item                Battle
      -R39 Satan Force    -Pringer X: First Battle (one chance)
      -R40 Prinny Suit    -Pringer X: First Battle (one chance)
      -R39 Yoshitsuna     -Zetta Post-Game Battle (one chance)
      -R40 Makai Wars     -Zetta Post-Game Battle (one chance)
      -R40 Crowbar        -Pringer X: Roar (multiple chances)
      -R40 Makai Wars     -Pringer X: Roar (multiple chances)
      -R39 Super Mechsuit -Pringer X: Roar (multiple chances)
      -R39 Arcadia        -Pringer X: Roar (multiple chances)
    Personally, I don't recommend reloading for a legendary
    Satan Force at all since the Pringer X: Roar battle yields
    the R40 version (the Crowbar). The time spent there would be
    wasted. Likewise, I would say that reloading for a legendary
    Yoshitsuna is a waste of time, too, since there are so many
    of them appearing in Land of Carnage Item World. I would
    definitely recommending setting your sight on a legendary
    Arcadia though.
    But why do this for the Arcadia when the repeat battles with
    the Pringer X: Poison can yield them? That's because the
    repeat battles contain 8 Pringer X: Poisons, which may be
    a little tough to handle compared to just 1 (which is the
    first battle). And nabbing a legendary Arcadia leads way to
    a Trapezohedron, which is easily the key to easier Land of
    Carnage Item World runs, to which, I believe there is an
    efficient order to going through with them.
    Part 5.B. - Recommended R40 Order
    The reason why I recommend a particular order in securing
    R40's and leveling them 300 is because of them speeding up
    future Item World runs.
    So, how do I recommend doing things?
    1) Trapezohedron. By creating a level 300 Trapezohedron, you
       grant your characters enormous amounts of power. If you
       pass movement bills on the Trapezohedron, it grants
       immense map control, too. If you decide to dupe this, you
       can expect your characters to steamroll Item World.
    2) Cosmo Infinity. Why the first first? Well, the VIP unit
       of Item World runs is the Runner. The Masked Hero, which
       is usually the Runner, is best equipped with a fist to
       move, to blow up Gate Keepers, etc. Giving the Masked
       Hero this weapon will also increase its movement by +2.
       With three +6 movement Trapezohedrons, +3 from Chicken
       Heart, and +2 from Chara World, your Masked Hero will
       reach the maximum movement cap of 31 movement. Wonderful!
    3) Genesis Wand or Demon Law: Digest. Depending on what your
       Casters are, the Genesis Wand or Demon Law: Digest will
       be the next item of focus. Having high powered magic with
       long range can remove clusters of unwanted enemies rather
       easily and can even allow the Casters to function as
       secondary Damage Dealers. If you max out the Demon Law:
       Digest, they will also serve as weapons for your ATK-base
       monsters (since they reach the same maxed out ATK as the
       Crowbar would).
    4) Baal Sword or Deicide Axe. Depending on what weapon your
       Damage Dealer is using for its S-Rank damage skill, you
       should consider getting a Baal Sword or Deicide Axe. Both
       of these weapon categories will yield enough damage to
       effectively kill Land of Carnage Item World bosses in one
       hit even with maxed out Stronger Enemy Bills.
    5) Everything else. The other weapons just aren't as helpful
       in Item World as the ones listed above. However, for the
       sake of maximizing all of your weapons (if you're into
       that), you may as well do them.
    The order at which I did it was as follows:
    -  1. Trapezohedron
    -  2. Cosmo Infinity
    -  3. Demon Law: Digest
    -  4. Deicide Axe
    -  5. Baal Sword
    -  6. Genesis Wand
    -  7. Crowbar
    -  8. Drill Emperor
    -  9. Absolute
    - 10. Divinity
    I didn't bother leveling the Ultimate Barrier (R40 Armour)
    because the Trapezohedron trumps it in every way except for
    defense, which hardly counts for anything when everything
    gets killed immediately.
    Part 5.C. - The Item Stat Formula
    This section is written by Scy046, from the forums, as he
    does a great job of explaining this himself.
    Now, here's the formula we'll be using to calculate
    everything out:
    B = Base Stat; this is basically the value for the Common
    version of the item, even if no Common version exists.
    R = Rarity Multiplier; 1.0 for Common, 1.25 for Rare, and
    1.5 for Legendary
    s = Dependent variable:
    B > 0, then s = 1.
    B = 0 && TBP >0, then s = 1.
    B = 0 && TBP = 0, then s = 0.
    B < 0, then s = -1
    C = Boss Counter, max is +3.9.
    Generals = +0.1
    Kings = +0.2
    Gods = +0.3
    There's 14 Generals, 8 Kings, and 3 Gods (1.4 + 1.6 + 0.9),
    if you're curious how this maths out.
    N = Bill modifier on Boss Kills. Maxes out at +3.74
    Generals = +0.01 * CBP
    Kings = +0.02 * CBP
    Gods = +0.02 * CBP
    Due to the cap (I'll get to it later) on the part of the
    formula they're at, the only truly relevant N values are the
    one we'll be using for Bows and Guns (Floors 10/30 and Floors
    20/40). I'll use N = .15 for certain weapons but I'll
    explain the why on that later.
    CBP = Current Bills Passed; 1 per Slight More Stat Bill and 2
    per More Stat Bill. Remember, this is Current so it only
    increments when you pass the Bill and is not retroactive.
    I = Innocent Stat Boost; caps out at 894.
    General = +3 per Innocent per Kill.
    King = +6 per Innocent per Kill.
    God = +9 per Innocent per Kill.
    TBP = Total Bills Passed; basically the same as CBP (+1 per
    Slightly More Stat Bill, +2 per More Stat Bill) except this
    multiplier is retroactive. If you pass 3 Bills at on Floors
    10/20/30 or 70/80/90, this will always give the same multiplier.
    The most common TBP value we'll be using is for passing 3
    More Stat bills. This comes out to TBP = 6.
    L = Level of the Item.
    Now, I want to point out something important here. The first
    bracketed term:
    [B * (R + s * (C + N)) + I]
    This is capped to 99,999. Many of the weapons (all but two)
    will hit this cap without any of their respective Innocents
    in the item through the leveling process (that "I" variable).
    In addition, the value of "N" becomes irrelevant for some
    of the weapons as well; because of that, the Floors you pass
    the bills on for these Weapons is irrelevant:
    Axe, Sword, Spear, Red Monster Weapon, Grey Monster Weapon
    (ATK or INT), Fist (ATK or SPD), Staff.
    Grey Monster Weapon, Fist, and Staff don't cap without bills,
    however; but, the extra multiplier they need is really small
    (N = .15) and you will be passing 1x Bill so the timing of
    the bills isn't important for these weapons in the process I
    outline. However, it's still a good habit to always pass
    stat bills as early as possible.
    Part 5.D. - Finalized Item Stats
    These stats are directly taken from my game with the items
    at level 300. Their bills and floors they're passed on, and
    the Innocents equipped on the leveling process will be
    listed, too.
    Innocents: None during leveling process.
     HP: 1,020,900
     SP: 510,600
     MV: 6
    ATK: 510,600
    DEF: 510,600
    INT: 510,600
    RES: 510,600
    HIT: 510,600
    SPD: 510,600
    F10 Bill: +1 Movement
    F20 Bill: +1 Movement
    F30 Bill: +1 Movement
    F40 Bill: +1 Movement
    F50 Bill: +1 Movement
    F70 Bill: +1 Movement
    Cosmo Infinity
    Innocents: None during leveling process.
     HP: 567,300
     SP: 227,100
     MV: 2
    ATK: 2,730,272
    DEF: 113,700
    INT: 113,700
    RES: 203,320
    HIT: 227,100
    SPD: 2,730,272
    F10 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F20 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F30 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F40 Bill: More SPD Boost
    F50 Bill: More SPD Boost
    F70 Bill: More SPD Boost
    Baal Sword
    Innocents: None during leveling process.
     HP: 0
     SP: 227,100
     MV: 4
    ATK: 2,730,272
    DEF: 227,100
    INT: 907,500
    RES: 0
    HIT: 227,100
    SPD: 227,100
    F10 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F20 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F30 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F40 Bill: +1 Movement
    F50 Bill: +1 Movement
    F70 Bill: +1 Movement
    Drill Emperor
    Innocents: None during leveling process.
     HP: 334,200
     SP: 222,900
     MV: 4
    ATK: 2,730,272
    DEF: 501,150
    INT: 133,860
    RES: 267,420
    HIT: 222,900
    SPD: 200,640
    F10 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F20 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F30 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F40 Bill: +1 Movement
    F50 Bill: +1 Movement
    F70 Bill: +1 Movement
    Innocents: Gladiators during leveling process.
     HP: 181,740
     SP: 102,360
     MV: 1
    ATK: 2,685,637
    DEF: 136,380
    INT: 91,020
    RES: 227,100
    HIT: 2,698,086
    SPD: 170,400
    F10 Bill: More HIT Boost
    F20 Bill: More HIT Boost
    F30 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F40 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F50 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F70 Bill: More HIT Boost
    Innocents: Marksman during leveling process.
     HP: 113,700
     SP: 136,380
     MV: 1
    ATK: 0
    DEF: 113,700
    INT: 91,020
    RES: 159,060
    HIT: 2,685,637
    SPD: 2,698,086
    F10 Bill: More SPD Boost
    F20 Bill: More SPD Boost
    F30 Bill: More HIT Boost
    F40 Bill: More HIT Boost
    F50 Bill: More HIT Boost
    F70 Bill: More SPD Boost
    Deicide Axe
    Innocents: None during leveling process.
     HP: 227,100
     SP: 91,020
     MV: 4
    ATK: 2,730,272
    DEF: 136,380
    INT: 57,000
    RES: 91,020
    HIT: 57,000
    SPD: 226,500
    F10 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F20 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F30 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F40 Bill: +1 Movement
    F50 Bill: +1 Movement
    F70 Bill: +1 Movement
    Genesis Wand
    Innocents: None during leveling process.
     HP: 91,020
     SP: 136,380
     MV: 4
    ATK: 1,020,900
    DEF: 57,000
    INT: 2,730,272
    RES: 204,420
    HIT: 159,060
    SPD: 113,700
    F10 Bill: More INT Boost
    F20 Bill: More INT Boost
    F30 Bill: More INT Boost
    F40 Bill: +1 Movement
    F50 Bill: +1 Movement
    F70 Bill: +1 Movement
    Innocents: None during leveling process.
     HP: 181,740
     SP: 91,020
     MV: 4
    ATK: 2,730,272
    DEF: 113,700
    INT: 68,340
    RES: 102,360
    HIT: 1,020,900
    SPD: 113,700
    F10 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F20 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F30 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F40 Bill: +1 Movement
    F50 Bill: +1 Movement
    F70 Bill: +1 Movement
    Demon Law: Digest
    Innocents: None during leveling process.
     HP: 91,020
     SP: 136,380
     MV: 1
    ATK: 2,730,272
    DEF: 68,340
    INT: 2,730,272
    RES: 227,100
    HIT: 159,060
    SPD: 91,020
    F10 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F20 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F30 Bill: More ATK Boost
    F40 Bill: More INT Boost
    F50 Bill: More INT Boost
    F70 Bill: More INT Boost
    These values are subject to vary depending on whether or not
    you double-kill Item World bosses, passing different bills
    and passing them on differing floors, and whether or not
    they have reached level 300.
    Part 6.0. Legal Stuff
    And that concludes the Level 300 Item Guide! Time for all
    the legal stuff.
    This FAQ/Guide/Walkthrough is to be used only for personal
    use. All trademarks and copyrights contained within this
    document belong to their respective trademark and copyright
    holders. This guide may be redistributed as long as no
    profit is to be made through sharing this guide.
    Part 6.A. - Credits
    - Thanks for stealing my soul again with another Disgaea.
    - Thanks for hosting this document.
    - Minor corrections regarding the FAQ.
    - Providing the item stat formula and the wonderful
      explanation that goes with it.
    GameFAQs Board Members
    - Thanks for providing insight on various aspects of the
      item world including what they believe to be desirable
      Quota sets.
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