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    Wesker by Sigfriedsfriend

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    MM      M    AA    RRRRR   V           V  EEEEEEE  L
    M M    MM   A  A   R    R   V         V   E        L
    M  M  M M  A    A  R    R    V       V    E        L
    M   MM  M  AAAAAA  RRRRR      V     V     EEEE     L
    M       M  A    A  R   R       V   V      E        L
    M       M  A    A  R    R       V V       E        L
    M       M  A    A  R     R       VV       EEEEEEE  LLLLLLL
                  V       V  SSSSSSSS
                   V     V   S
                    V   V     SSSSS
                     V V           SS
                      V      SSSSSSS
    C        A  A  P    P C       O     O M M    MM           3
    C       A    A PPPPPP C       O     O M  M  M M           3
    C       AAAAAA P      C       O     O M   MM  M        3333
    C       A    A P      C       O     O M       M           3
    C       A    A P      C       O     O M       M           3
    CCCCCCC A    A P      CCCCCCC OOOOOOO M       M     3333333
    Marvel Vs Capcom: Wesker Guide
    Written By: Darin Dye     <gamemaster53539@yahoo.com>
    Completed On: 2/24/2011
    Version History
     1.0 - All fields filled out
     1.1 - Completed all 10 of wesker's missions = title update.
     1.2 [Done on 2/26/2011]
         - Updated profile (removed believes on what his stats should be)
     1.3 [Done on 3/1/2011]
         - Updated profile again
         - In-game Dialogue section updated
     1.4 [Done on 3/5/2011]
         - added content to dialogue section
                               LEGAL STUFF
    This game was created by Capcom and the other affiliated parties. All 
    rights to the game go through them.
    This guide was created by me. As such, all rights to guide are mine. Further
    usage of this guide is easy, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll tell you if you
    can use this guide or not (e-mail is above). 
    1.0) Background
       1.1) Game Profile
       1.2) Extended Profile
       1.3) Alternate Costumes
       1.4) In-Game Dialogue
       1.5) Titles
    2.0) Movelist
       2.1) Assist Attacks
       2.2) Basic Attacks
       2.3) Skills
       2.4) Hyper Combos
    3.0) Strategies
       3.1) Team Hyper Combos
       3.2) Solo Battle
    4.0) Mission
    5.0) Contact Information
    Button Layout:::
    Square = Light Attack (L)
    Triangle = Medium Attack (M)
    Circle = Heavy Attack (H)
    X = Special Attack (S)
       (Atk) = means hit any attack button (L), (M), or (H)
       (Atk Atk) = means his any 2 attack buttons (L+M), (M+H), (L+H), etc
    R1 = Partner 2 (P2)
    L1 = Partner 1 (P1)
    Select = Taunt
    NOTE: Directional inputs are as follows
    789 \    7 = up and away ,  8 = up , 9 = up and forward
    456  >   4 = back , 5 = none , 6 = forward
    123 /    1 = down and away , 2 = down , 3 = down and forward
    1.0) Background
      This is section of the guide is completely worthless, but may be 
    entertaining if you are looking to learn about who the character is. In the
    following sections I provide the little snapshot the game gives him and info
    I know about him based on the games I've played.
    1.1) Game Profile
    (This came from the game, unless otherwise noted, so credit goes to the
    makers of the game for this section.)
    Real Name: Albert Wesker
    Occupation: Former S.T.A.R.S. Captain
       Having infected himself with a special virus, he gained several 
    superhuman abilities, including being able to dodge bullets. In addition to
    his skills with firearms, he is also very knowledgeable about
       Uses many firearms.
       A very calculating and dangerous individual, he will do anything to 
    further his own gains. Having perfected the Uroboros virus, he plans to
    infect the global population with it, leaving only the chosen ones such as
    himself to create a new world.
    First Appearance: Resident Evil (1996)
    Intelligence      |  7/7    
    Strength          |  6/7     
    Speed             |  6/7     
    Stamina           |  5/7     
    Energy Projection |  1/7      
    Fighting Ability  |  6/7       
    1.2) Extended Profile
    This part is all coming off my recollection of the character from the 
    original stories he is apart of. Careful, there will be spoilers.
    Back in the original game Albert Wesker was the leader of an elite unit of
    military enforcement known as S.T.A.R.S. that was sent in to investigate
    a series of murders in a mansion near Racoon City. Immediately, if not 
    shortly, after arriving on the scene the team is ambushed by zombie dogs and
    forced to barracade themselves in the mansion. From here the team splits up
    to investigate.
    Leaving Chris Redfield and Jill behind, Wesker is not seen again for some
    time. Near the end of the game it is revealed that Wesker was secretly in
    on the infection caused by the Umbrella company and, shortly before Chris and
    Jill attempt to stop him, a biological weapon known as the tyrant escapes
    from its chamber and impales Wesker through the chest. The 7-8 foot tall
    Tyrant hurls Wesker's lifeless body to the corner of the room before turning
    its attention on Chris and Jill, who end up killing it with the assistance
    of a multi-chambered rocket launcher.
    Unbeknownst to them, Wesker survived. Awakening to find himself not quite
    human yet not a mindless zombie, Wesker's hidden plan had succeeded. Having
    a colleague inject him with a special serum beforehand, Wesker was able to
    cleverly get killed by the Tyrant and have the T-Virus it infected him with
    reanimate him later. After this he goes into hiding and does not reenter the
    front lines, so to speak, until Resident Evil 5 (he is behind the scenes 
    until then).
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    In Code Veronica, Chris discovers Wesker is still alive and has gained the
    supernatural powers he currently possesses. [Thanks Oomaroo]
    - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    In Resident Evil 5 we rejoin Chris Redfield, who is searching the T-Virus
    infected Africa for Jill. As it were, some time in between RE 1 and 5 the 
    pair had tracked down Wesker and attempted to arrest him... but they were 
    powerless against his supernatural strength. Dodging volley after volley of
    gunfire, Wesker takes both of them down without a single scratch. Just before
    he finishes off Chris, Jill tackles him from behind and they fall through a 
    window together and are never seen from again.
    After months of trying to track her down, Chris finds a lead that Jill may
    be in Africa. After numerous encounters with the infected inhabitants and
    their leaders, Chris discovers a hidden facility where Jill was being held.
    There he finds a database and a industrial-sized elevator that navigates a
    large shaft full of experimental containment tanks. When he finds Jill's
    cell, he is welcomed by an empty tank. Jill is gone...
    Deeper inside the facility Wesker reveals himself to Chris, with a masked
    fiend at his side. After 5 minutes of play, Wesker leaves his fiend to
    finish Chris off (Wesker has somewhere he needs to be...). It is here that
    the masked man is in fact Jill (but with blonde hair?) with a spider-like
    device on her chest that is controlling her mind. After an arduous battle,
    Chris removes the device and Jill gradually returns to normal.
    Splitting up with Jill shortly after, Chris continues his pursuit of Wesker.
    Chris catches up to Wesker in a hanger holding what looks like stealth
    bomber and a cache of cruise missiles. If Wesker gets away, the world will
    be infected with a special strain of the T-Virus Wesker has had cooked up.
    After learning that Wesker must take a special vaccine to keep his powers
    under control, Chris ends up overdosing him in hopes of stopping him. This
    only works a little bit and Wesker nearly gets away. Inside the cargo hold
    of the bomber Chris distracts Wesker enough so he could open the doors and
    suck him out of the plane. Just after succeeding in ejecting Wesker, the
    plane crashes into the mouth of a volcano.
    Coming back to consciousness near feet away from the lava, Chris awakens to
    find that Wesker is perfectly fine. Enraged at Chris's luck, Wesker 
    punctures a tank containing his Uroboros virus and absorbs the "creature" if
    you will. Endowed with even more power Wesker pushes Chris deeper and deeper
    into the volcano before being knocked into the lava as Chris escapes in a
    helicopter requisitioned by Jill. This was a very unfortunate and dumb way
    to eliminate one of the coolest antagonists in history.
    - - - - - - - - - 
    Wesker also makes an appearance in the resident evil movies, but the way he
    is portrayed is almost infuriating (they didn't give him his accent, he
    looks like a poser, and he doesn't act like he's invincible). The only thing
    they got right about him in the movies is his speed, his glasses, glowing
    eyes, and hair.
    1.3) Alternate Costumes
    Costume 1 (X): Standard
      - This is how he appears throughout Resident Evil 5.
    Costume 2 (Tri): White with Blonde Hair
      - An inverted color look from his normal costume. Maybe a holy version?
    Costume 3 (Sqr): Dark Red/Brown with Brown Hair
      - A more normal look (thus uninteresting) as if he were Joe Nobody.
    Costume 4 (R1): Sky Blue with White Hair
      - Fans of Devil May Cry will recognize this in a heartbeat: Vergil. Dante's
       identicle twin brother.
    1.4) In-Game Dialogue
    This section contains notable dialogue the character says during battle. 
    Things like him shouting a character's name is omitted unless he refers to
    the character in a special way. Also, sayings directed at him by characters 
    that are unique are also written down. If I'm missing any please let me know,
    but make sure it's not like: Dr Doom while swapping mid-battle "Wesker!"
       "I don't have time for interferences."
       "This world will soon be mine."
       "Learn your place."
       "Three against three..."
       "Let's see how good you really are."
    to Chris - "It's time... to close the book on us."
    from Chris - "I found Wesker. I'm bringing him in."
    to Amaterasu and Thor - "I am the only God."
       "This world shall be mine."
       "You'll make a nice test subject."
       "I told you, I was the only worthy one."
       "A new world order is at hand."
       "I expected better from you."
    to Chris - "I will not be held back by such insects."
    to Amaterasu and Thor - "I am the only God."
    End-Level Dialogue Box:
       "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a world to saturate..."
       "A new age will begin, and it will require a new god."
       "Oh my, new test subjects? Thank you for volunteering."
       "Everything is going to plan, I will be a god."
       "No, I don't need a partner, but I do need a couple of lapdogs. 
        Interested in auditioning?"
    To Chris - "Don't worry, Chris. You can die in peace knowing the world has a
               new god to watch over it."
    To Dr. Doom - "There's only room on this planet for one true mastermind."
        [Thanks Nara Pinandito]
    Taunt: "Submit" or "Please, try harder."
       NOTE: If you activated his hyper combo Phantom Dance he will put his
         glasses back on instead of shrugging.
    Phantom Dance Activation - "Mortal...????"
    Rhino Charge Activation - "You don't stand a chance!"
    Lost In Nightmare Activation - [Evil Growl]
    HC activation in series:
       Middle - "You will not survive..."
       Last - "Good bye..."
    1.5) Titles
    Bad to the Bone       - Clear Arcade mode with Wesker on any difficulty
    [Unknown]             - Clear Arcade mode with Wesker on Very Hard
    Secret Maneuvers      - Complete 5 missions with Wesker
    Uroboros              - Complete 10 missions with Wesker
    Original Squad Leader - Use Wesker 30 times
    2.0) Movelist
      In this section I provide a list of his attacks and explain what they do
    and how they perform. This can give insight as to how useful moves are and
    different strategies they can be applied to. 
    Button Layout:::
    Square = Light Attack (L)
    Triangle = Medium Attack (M)
    Circle = Heavy Attack (H)
    X = Special Attack (S)
       (Atk) = means hit any attack button (L), (M), or (H)
       (Atk Atk) = means his any 2 attack buttons (L+M), (M+H), (L+H), etc
    R1 = Partner 2 (P2)
    L1 = Partner 1 (P1)
    Select = Taunt
    NOTE: Directional inputs are as follows
    789 \    7 = up and away ,  8 = up , 9 = up and forward
    456  >   4 = back , 5 = none , 6 = forward
    123 /    1 = down and away , 2 = down , 3 = down and forward
    2.1) Assist Attacks
    Alpha Type: Ghost Butterfly
     - Appears next to player and shoves enemy into the wall. Enemy will bounce
       off the wall.
    Beta Type: Samurai Edge (Lower Shot)
     - Appears next to player and shoots the ground in front of him. Can pop
       floored enemies off the ground for continued comboing.
    Gamma Type: Jaguar Kick
     - Appears next to player before blurring across the screen. Drags the enemy
       away and knees him off the ground slightly.
    2.2) Basic Attacks
    (L) - Basic punch
    (M) - Roundhouse punch
    (H) - Spinning Kick (2 hits)
    (S) - Uppercut (transition to air)
    (2+L) - basic crouching kick
    (2+M) - basic crouching punch
    (2+H) - basic trip
    (6+H) - Fires pistol horizontally
    (3+H) - Fires pistol at floor (pops up downed enemies)
      NOTE: When Wesker fires his pistol, inputting an attack button causes
            Wesker to auto-use the corresponding Phantom Move
    Front Grab - holding the enemy by the throat he throws him to the ground and
                windfall kicks him.
    Away Grab - holding the enemy by the through he throws him behind him and
                windfall kicks him.
    Front Air Grab - spins the enemy with his feet before kicking him away
    Away Air Grab - spins the enemy with his feet before kicking him straight
                    into the ground.
    Taunt (after Phantom Dance) - Puts his sunglasses on
    Taunt (with sunglasses on) - Openly shrugs
    2.3) Skills
    Cobra Strike (236 + L)
      - Wesker palm strikes the enemy to the end of the screen. Long down
       duration to allow downed attacks if enemy is in the corner.
    Ghost Butterfly (236 + M)
      - Wesker blasts the enemy with his forearms, blowing them off the wall
       behind them. Great for extending combos.
       Phantom Move (During Ghost Butterfly, Atk)
          - Wesker can follow up by teleporting after the hit lands. (H) is the
           typical input for this move to extend the combo.
    Jaguar Dash (236 + H)
      - Wesker dashes at great speed across the screen. Depending on how far
       away you are this move hits 5 times and puts you behind the enemy.
       Jaguar Kick (During Jaguar Dash, H)
         - As Wesker slams through the enemy he knees him, popping the target
          into the air briefly.    
          Cobra Strike (During Jaguar Kick, 236+L)
            - Wesker follows up the knee with a Cobra Strike. Same rules apply,
             if the enemy is cornered you have the potential to pick them up with
             special attacks and continue comboing.
    Mustang Kick (63214 + Atk) *Grapple
      (L or M) - Wesker kicks the enemy to the edge of the screen
      (H) - Wesker kicks the enemy to the edge of the screen, bouncing the enemy
             off the wall.
    Phantom Move (623 + atk)
      (L) - Wesker teleports a set distance in the enemy's direction
      (M) - Wesker teleports away from the enemy
      (H) - Wesker teleports above the enemy and towards him a set distance
    Tiger Uppercut (421 + atk) *Counter
      - Parries an attack by warping behind and uppercutting the enemy 
        (transition to air). 
    2.4) Hyper Combos
    Phantom Dance (236 + atk atk)
      - Wesker removes his glasses, exposing his glowing eyes before zipping
       across the screen numerous times at REALLY high speeds. Despite the
       potential of this move to do horrifying things, if the enemy is not in the
       dead center of the screen roughly half of the attacks will miss. Wesker,
       however, has little trouble moving his prey into this range if done
       properly (hits roughly 15 times)
    Rhino Charge (214 + atk atk) *Counter
      - After capturing a physical attack, Wesker impales the enemy with his
       right hand. This deals considerable damage and leaves the enemy open to
       comboing (if you hit him/her before s/he hits the ground, which is easy).
    Lost In Nightmares (623 + atk atk) consumes 3 HC gauges
      - After unleashing his pent up fury with a two-sided palm strike Wesker
       enters a cinematic where he repeatedly warps around his target and 
       unleashes a series of devastating hits, ending with him throwing a cruise
       missile down on his helpless foe.
       (12 hits)
    3.0) Strategies
      In this section I will cover what combos I have developed that
    makes him a formidable character. The first sub-section covers specific 
    combos I have performed that are either very flashy or incredibly devastating
    or useful. The second section is meant to set up basic combos with him when
    he is the only character you have left.
    3.1) Team Hyper Combos
    Wesker has 3 hyper combos, none of which are incredibly useful to be chained
    into or out of. This makes him a hard character to use as a team player.
    Below is a compilation of chains that "work."
    Wesker (Rhino Charge) --> Lost In Nightmares
      - After capturing the enemy's attack and stunning him/her with Rhino 
       Charge, quickly perform a short ground combo into Lost In Nightmares.
       Does A LOT OF DAMAGE.
    Wesker (Rhino Charge) --> Ryu (Shinku Tat...) --> Haggar (Rapid Fire Fist)
        --> X-Factor --> (Gaint Haggar Press) --> Wesker (Phantom Dance)
      - This is a long combo, but impossible to escape and easy to input (with
       an exception maybe being getting through Haggar's part).
    Super Skrull (Inferno) --> Phantom Dance
      - Do this if you can put the enemy near mid-screen when Wesker comes in.
    Deadpool (Cuttin' Time) --> Phantom Dance
      - Great to do in the middle of the stage. Cancel on the last cut but be
       careful what input you do or you may accidentally activate a senseless
       Rhino Charge.
    Felicia (Dancing Flash) --> Lost In Nightmares
    Viewtiful Joe (Mach Speed) --> Lost In Nightmares
    Chun Li (Kikosho or Hoyokusen) --> Lost in Nightmares
    Haggar (Rapid Fire Fist) --> Lost In Nightmares
      - For felicia, joe, and chun li make sure to cancel before the last few
        hits to keep the enemy from going too high into the air. As for Haggar
        time the cancel right off the last hit, the enemy will bounce off the
        floor into Wesker's attack.
    3.2) Solo Battle
    Wesker as a solo-fighter is amazing; with his ability to warp to just about
    anywhere he wants, whenever he wants, combined with his above average
    strength a basic combo can cause considerable damage. Below is a basic
    compilation of combos he can do alone.
    L, M, H (2 hits), 236+M into H, air H, S, air L, air M, air H, air S, 3+H
    6+H into atk, ...
    236+H into H, 2+M, 2+H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S or air 236+atk atk
    Cornered Opponents
    ...S, air M, air M, air H, air S, P1 or P2, 3+H, S...
    L, M, H, 236+L, P1 or P2, 3+H, S...
    NOTE: The timing of P1 or P2 is as such: as the ally jumps in have Wesker
         shoot the downed enemy with 3+H so that the allies delayed attack hits
         him just as your bullet pops the enemy up. On the last hit of the
         assist press S to initiate an aerial combo. Also note that some assist
         attacks extend the time the enemy is unable to recover, so you can
         take a breather as s/he falls into better range for you S attack.
    NOTE: P1 or P2 should be moves like the following to juggle a popped enemy
       Tron (Gamma: Bandit Boulder)
       Chris (Beta: gunfire)
       Iron Man (Alpha: unibeam)
       Dr. Doom (Alpha: plasma beam)
       Sentinel (Gamma: Rocket Punch)
       Zero (Gamma: Shippuga)
       Magneto (Beta: Hyper Gravitron)
       Dante (Beta: Crystal or Gamma: Weasel Shot)
    4.0) Missions
    In this section we tackle the missions (or at least the ones I can do).
    Most missions are straight forward, but for some characters beating a mission
    requires rediculously perfect timing and if I have completed them this 
    section will be useful to those who are stumped.
    Ones I've Completed: 1-10
    Ones I have not completed: N/A
    Mission 1 - Attack using Cobra Strike
      Solution: 236+L
    Mission 2 - Attack using Tiger Uppercut
      Solution: 421+L
    Mission 3 - Chain a special move to a unique move
      Solution: 63214+H, 6+H
      Strategy: Time the shot (i.e. you don't simply input the combo blindly)
    Mission 4 - Perform a combo using a cancel
      Solution: 2+L, 2+M, H, 236+M
    Mission 5 - Perform an air combo
      Solution: 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S
    Mission 6 - Perform a combo using Tiger Uppercut
      Solution: 421+L, air M, air M, air H, air 236+atk atk
      Strategy: It's an odd attack, but when you capture the enemy's attack 
          Wesker will automatically warp behind him and perform his S attack. 
          You need to jump and perform the combo, canceling into Phantom Dance
          in the air.
    Mission 7 - Perform a combo with a wall bounce (mid-screen only)
      Solution: 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, 236+M into H, air H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S
      Strategy: The only hard part is getting the rest of the combo after the
             phantom movement. Just keep mashing H as you come out of it to land
             the air hit and then quickly start hitting S until you pop them up.
    Mission 8 - Perform a combo with a crossover assist
      Solution: 2+L, 2+M, P1, 2+H, 623+L, H, S, air M, air H, air S
      Strategy: In order to complete this mission you must press 2+M and P1 at
               the same time, then delay inputting 2+H very briefly to let 
               Chris's attack land so you can warp behind the enemy and finish
               the combo.
    Mission 9 - Perform a combo using X-factor... (corner only)
      Solution: Air S, 2+M, 2+H, 236+L, X-factor, 2+M, 2+H, 236+L, P2, 3+H, S
              air M, air M, air H, air 236+atk atk
      Strategy: As you're about to land from a jump press S and follow up with
               2+M, 2+H, 236+L. The INSTANT cobra strike hits X-factor and do
               it again. When the 2nd cobra strike lands start mashing P2 and 
               when you see Tron jump in do 3+H to pop the enemy into her attack.
               After Tron throws the boulder into Storm, let her fall enough so
               you can S into your air combo (Storm will hit the ground before
               the combo streak is cut off). 
    Mission 10 - Perform a special combo (corner only)
      Solution: Air S, 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, 236+L, P1, 3+H, 236+H into H, 2+M, 2+H, S
              air M, air M, air H, air 236+atk atk
      Strategy: After cobra strike, help Chris juggle the enemy by shooting him
               off the floor. Continuing the combo out of 236+H into H is crap
               so time it right and finish the combo with the easy finisher.
    5.0) Contact Information
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Below is my contact info.
    Name: Darin
    Email: gamemaster53539@yahoo.com

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