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    Trish by Sigfriedsfriend

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/24/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    MM      M    AA    RRRRR   V           V  EEEEEEE  L
    M M    MM   A  A   R    R   V         V   E        L
    M  M  M M  A    A  R    R    V       V    E        L
    M   MM  M  AAAAAA  RRRRR      V     V     EEEE     L
    M       M  A    A  R   R       V   V      E        L
    M       M  A    A  R    R       V V       E        L
    M       M  A    A  R     R       VV       EEEEEEE  LLLLLLL
                  V       V  SSSSSSSS
                   V     V   S
                    V   V     SSSSS
                     V V           SS
                      V      SSSSSSS
    C        A  A  P    P C       O     O M M    MM           3
    C       A    A PPPPPP C       O     O M  M  M M           3
    C       AAAAAA P      C       O     O M   MM  M        3333
    C       A    A P      C       O     O M       M           3
    C       A    A P      C       O     O M       M           3
    CCCCCCC A    A P      CCCCCCC OOOOOOO M       M     3333333
    Marvel Vs Capcom: Trish Guide
    Written By: Darin Dye     <gamemaster53539@yahoo.com>
    Completed On: 4/24/2011
    Version History
     1.0 - All fields filled out
                               LEGAL STUFF
    This game was created by Capcom and the other affiliated parties. All 
    rights to the game go through them.
    This guide was created by me. As such, all rights to guide are mine. Further
    usage of this guide is easy, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll tell you if you
    can use this guide or not (e-mail is above). 
    1.0) Background
       1.1) Game Profile
       1.2) Extended Profile
       1.3) Alternate Costumes
       1.4) In-Game Dialogue
       1.5) Titles
    2.0) Movelist
       2.1) Assist Attacks
       2.2) Basic Attacks
       2.3) Skills
       2.4) Hyper Combos
    3.0) Strategies
       3.1) Team Hyper Combos
       3.2) Solo Battle
    4.0) Mission
    5.0) Contact Information
    Button Layout:::
    Square = Light Attack (L)
    Triangle = Medium Attack (M)
    Circle = Heavy Attack (H)
    X = Special Attack (S)
       (Atk) = means hit any attack button (L), (M), or (H)
       (Atk Atk) = means his any 2 attack buttons (L+M), (M+H), (L+H), etc
    R1 = Partner 2 (P2)
    L1 = Partner 1 (P1)
    Select = Taunt
    NOTE: Directional inputs are as follows
    789 \    7 = up and away ,  8 = up , 9 = up and forward
    456  >   4 = back , 5 = none , 6 = forward
    123 /    1 = down and away , 2 = down , 3 = down and forward
    1.0) Background
      This is section of the guide is completely worthless, but may be 
    entertaining if you are looking to learn about who the character is. In the
    following sections I provide the little snapshot the game gives him and info
    I know about him based on the games I've played.
    1.1) Game Profile
    (This came from the game, unless otherwise noted, so credit goes to the
    makers of the game for this section.)
    Real Name: Trish
    Occupation: Devil Hunter
       Excellent at fighting with guns and swords. She also wields lightning-
    based powers.
       She uses the great sword Sparda, once wielded by the legendary devil
    knight of the same name. She also has dual guns, Luce & Ombra.
       Originally created by a demon in order to lure Dante into a trap, she
    worked side by side with him and fell to his charms and betrayed the demon
    world. Now she works together with Dante as a partner in his business.
    First Appearance: Devil May Cry (2001)
    Intelligence      |  5/7   
    Strength          |  4/7 
    Speed             |  5/7     
    Stamina           |  4/7   
    Energy Projection |  3/7      
    Fighting Ability  |  5/7    
    1.2) Extended Profile
    This part is all coming off my recollection of the character from the 
    original stories he is apart of. Careful, there will be spoilers.
    Trish was created by the ruler of the demon world, Mundus, in an effort to
    place a spy in Dante's ranks. Shaped in the image of Dante's mother, who
    was killed in a demon attack and the motivational spark for Dante to make a
    living killing demons, Trish was painfully welcomed in Dante's life.
    After leading him to a stray island in the middle of nowhere (the trap) Dante
    finds himself under attack by bloodthristy puppets and evil devils. In one
    instance Trish almost succeeds in defeating Dante by cheap shotting him
    while he is already under attack from the final fight with a boss called
    Nightmare. Having foiled her plans, she defects to Dante's team and together
    they destroy Mundus and flee the crumbling island.
    Later, in Devil May Cry 4, Trish makes several minor appearances to advance
    the plot. After regifting the sword Sparda to the enemies to lure them out
    of hiding and spring their traps, she sits back and watches Dante rip apart
    legions of enemies before saving the world once again.
    The sword Sparda, which was given to her by Dante after the debocle in the
    first game, is a demonic weapon with power beyond comprehension. The weapon
    holds the power of Sparda, Dante's father, and was used to seal away the
    demon world from the human world. The sword was split into three pieces: a
    greatsword named Force Edge, and a pendant split in half with each piece
    going to a twin son from Sparda. 
       In Devil May Cry 3, Vergil seeks to unite the pieces and collect his 
       father's long lost powers, but Dante foils him. Defeated, Vergil exhiles
       himself in the demon realm with his pendant held firmly in his possession.
       Later, in Devil May Cry 1, Vergil faces off with Dante one last time as
       a mind-controlled drone under the demon king, Mundus. After a long series
       of duels, Dante finally kills Vergil and uses the pieces to reforge 
       the sword of Sparda to defeat Mundus once and for all time.
    1.3) Alternate Costumes
    Costume 1 (X): Standard
      - The way Trish looked in Devil May Cry
    Costume 2 (Tri): Red with White Hair
      - A tribute to Dante
    Costume 3 (Sqr): All blue with Blonde Hair
      - An all blue color scheme that's hard not to like. The aura radiating
       from the sword Sparda is also blue.
    Costume 4 (R1): All White with White Hair
      - A tribute to Storm perhaps.
    1.4) In-Game Dialogue
    This section contains notable dialogue the character says during battle. 
    Things like him shouting a character's name is omitted unless he refers to
    the character in a special way. Also, sayings directed at him by characters 
    that are unique are also written down. If I'm missing any please let me know,
    but make sure it's not like: Dante while swapping mid-battle "Trish!"
       "Be a lamb, go gentle on me."
       "So... are you here to escort me?"
       "Be gentle, will you?"
    to Dante - "I'll try not to leave visible marks."
    to Thor - "So you're the God of Thunder, really?"
    to Wesker - "What kind of magic trick are you gonna show me?"
       "[Fyew] Oh my."
       "I think I worked up a sweat there."
       "What happened to all your vigor?"
    to Dante - "Do I fight too dirty, Dante?"
    to Thor - "You have similar powers, but you don't know me."
    to Wesker - "What's so fun about taking over the universe?"
    End-Level Dialogue Box:
       "All those people to fight one lady? At least you didn't underestimate
       "It's always fun to have someone around to fight who's not a demon."
       "If you thought that was rough, try fighting me when I'm not in a good
       "Yeah, I'm actually a demonspawn from hell. But I'm really not such a
        bad girl when you get to know me."
    to Morrigan - "I don't care if you're a queen, princess, or court jester:
       you still lost, and that's gotta hurt!"
    to Akuma - "As a former demon myself, I gotta ask you. Is this really the 
        life you want for yourself?"
    to Phoenix - "Gloria? Who are you talking about? Never heard of the girl."
    to Dante - "Now we know who wears the pants in the relationship."
    Taunt: Yawns or "I'm already bored."
    Round Harvest Activation: "This is gonna hurt!"
    Maximum Voltage Activation: "[laughter] too much stimulation for you?"
    Maximum Voltage in air: "[Laugh] Bye bye!"
    Duet Pain Activation: "Well... let's dance"
    Hyper combo in a series:
       2nd: "Now it's my turn"
       3rd: "Aren't we all having fun?"
    1.5) Titles
    Moody           - Clear Arcade mode with Trish on any difficulty
    [Unknown]       - Clear Arcade mode with Trish on Very Hard
    Safe Driver     - Complete 5 missions with Trish
    Seize the Day   - Complete 10 missions with Trish
    Numb All Over   - Use Trish 30 times
    2.0) Movelist
      In this section I provide a list of his attacks and explain what they do
    and how they perform. This can give insight as to how useful moves are and
    different strategies they can be applied to. 
    Button Layout:::
    Square = Light Attack (L)
    Triangle = Medium Attack (M)
    Circle = Heavy Attack (H)
    X = Special Attack (S)
       (Atk) = means hit any attack button (L), (M), or (H)
       (Atk Atk) = means his any 2 attack buttons (L+M), (M+H), (L+H), etc
    R1 = Partner 2 (P2)
    L1 = Partner 1 (P1)
    Select = Taunt
    NOTE: Directional inputs are as follows
    789 \    7 = up and away ,  8 = up , 9 = up and forward
    456  >   4 = back , 5 = none , 6 = forward
    123 /    1 = down and away , 2 = down , 3 = down and forward
    2.1) Assist Attacks
    Alpha Type: Trick "Hopscotch"
      - Places a trap on the floor that fires a vertical bolt of lightning if
       an enemy passes over it.
    Beta Type: Trick "Peekaboo"
      - Places a nearly invisible rune in the air. If an enemy touches it s/he is
       held in place for a moment.
    Gamma Type: Low Voltage
      - Fires a volley of 3 horizontal lightning blasts
    2.2) Basic Attacks
    (L) - backhand (repeatable)
    (M) - kick
    (H) - overhead slash (without sword: uppercut kick, no air transition)
    (S) - uppercut slash (without sword: uppercut kick, air transition)
    (2+L) - foot kick (repeatable)
    (2+M) - advancing low kick
    (2+H) - foot slash (without sword: leg sweep, trips)
    (air L) - diagonal kick
    (air L, air L) - diagonal kick
    (air M) - high kick
    (air M, air M) - high kick
    (air H) - overhead slash
    (air 2+H) - diagonal foot dive
    (air S) - reverse overhead kick
    Front Throw - Mounts and shoots enemy in the head with a handgun
    Air Throw - Kicks enemy into the floor
    Taunt - Yawn motion
    2.3) Skills
    Low Voltage (236+atk) in air OK
     (L) - Fires a single thunder bolt, very fast
     (M) - Fires a pair of thunder bolts, slower
     (H) - Fires three thunder bolts, slowest
    Trick "Hopscotch" (214+L) in air OK
     - Places a trap on the floor that fires a vertical shot when passed over.
    Trick "Peekaboo" (214+M) in air OK
     - Places a trap in the air that binds enemies who touch it
    Round Trip (214+H) in air OK
     - Hurls her sword, which acts like a boomerang. Number of hits depends on
       where you are relative to the enemy.
       Switch Sign (during Round Trip 623+atk) in air OK
         (L) - Don't know
         (M) - Causes sword to return faster
         (H) - Causes sword to almost stop in place
    Air Raid (214+S) in air OK
     - Allows Trish to temporarily move in all directions.
    2.4) Hyper Combos
    Round Harvest (214+atk atk)
     - Trish throws her sword in an "activated" state. For a set period of time
       the sword sticks to the enemy and eviscerates them. Roughly 24 hits.
    Maximum voltage (236+atk atk) in air OK
     - Trish creates a large rune and rapidly fires vollies of bolts across the
       screen. Roughly 30 hits.
    Duet Pain (623+atk atk) consumes 3 gauges
     - Trish goes for a lifting slash. If it hits a cinematic goes off showing
      her shoot the enemy higher into the air before Sparda spikes the helpless
      enemy to the floor before erupting in a fountain of demonic energy. 18 hits
    3.0) Strategies
      In this section I will cover what combos I have developed that
    makes her a formidable character. The first sub-section covers specific 
    combos I have performed that are either very flashy or incredibly devastating
    or useful. The second section is meant to set up basic combos with her when
    she is the only character you have left.
    3.1) Team Hyper Combos
    Trish has terrific variety in her 3 hyper combos and all three can be used if
    the price is right...
    Ryu (Shinku Tatsu...) --> Maximum Voltage/Round Harvest/Duet Pain
    Spencer (Bionic Lancer) --> Round Harvest
    Amaterasu (Okami Shuffle) --> Maximum Voltage
     NOTE: Midway through the lightning sequence call in Trish. A thunderbolt
         will spike the enemy into Trish's attack.
    [Beam Supers] --> Maximum Voltage
    [Combo Supers] --> Duet Pain
    NOTE: "Beam Supers" are any horizontally oriented specials that hit numerous
       times like Proton Cannon, Phoenix Rage, Million Dollars, etc etc etc
    NOTE: "Combo Supers" are any auto-combo attacks coming from characters like
        Felicia, X-23, Spider Man, etc etc etc
    3.2) Solo Battle
    Trish is a monster of timing hazards, but she can unleash some rediculously
    fancy combos in the right hands.
    L, M, 2+H, 214+M, Maximum Voltage/Duet Pain
    L, M, 2+H, 236+L, Duet Pain
    L, M, H, S, air M, air M, air 2+H, air 236+L, air Maximum Voltage
    L, M, 2+H, S, air M, air 2+H, air 214+L, air M, air H, H, S, air M, air M,
       air S
    air dash, air H, air 2+H, M, H, S, air M, air M, air 2+H,
       air 236+L, air Maximum Voltage
    Corner Only
    L, M, 2+H, S, air M, air 2+H, air 214+L, air Maximum Voltage
    L, M, 2+H, 236+L, x-factor, H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S, P1 or P2,
       Duet Pain
    L, M, H, S, pause, air M, air M, jump, air M, air H, air S, p1 or p2,
       236+H, Maximum Voltage, x-factor, Maximum Voltage/Duet Pain
    4.0) Missions
    In this section we tackle the missions (or at least the ones I can do).
    Most missions are straight forward, but for some characters beating a mission
    requires rediculously perfect timing and if I have completed them this 
    section will be useful to those who are stumped.
    Ones I've Completed: 1-10
    Ones I have not completed: N/A
    Mission 1 - Attack using low voltage
     Solution: 236+H
    Mission 2 - Attack using Trick "peekaboo"
     Solution: 214+M
    Mission 3 - Chain together two special moves
     Solution: 214+H, 236+L
    Mission 4 - Perform a combo using a cancel
     Solution: L, M, H, 236+L
    Mission 5 - Perform a combo using a hyper combo cancel
     Solution: 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, 214+M, 236+atk atk
    Mission 6 - Perform an air combo
     Solution: L, M, 2+H, S, air M, air M, air H, air S
    Mission 7 - Perform a combo using a double-jump
     Solution: 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, S, air M, air M, jump, air M, air H, air 236+L
             air 236+atk atk
     Strategy: This mission is rediculous until you discover the subtle trick:
            pause a moment before jumping into the air after S. If you
            immediately pursue the double jump to air M will always miss. Then
            the next trick is to cancel into Maximum Voltage just as the shot
            from 236+L goes off. Also, pulling off the last segment is much
            easier if you are about a body length away when you start.
    Mission 8 - Perform a crossover assist combo (corner only)
     Solution: air H, L, M, P2, 2+H, M, H, S, air M, air M, air H, air 236+L,
               air 236+atk atk
     Strategy: The idea is simple, the maneuvering is insane. You need to trip
              the enemy, have Dante juggle, and finish the combo. Practice and
              patience is the only way to beat this. Note that you want to start
              hitting Storm before Dante finishes his assist.
    Mission 9 - Perform a combo using an air throw (corner only)
     Solution: air Front Throw, P2, L, M, H, S, air M, air M, jump, air M, air H,
               air S, P1, 623+atk atk
     Strategy: Catch Storm at the top of her jump and start mashing P2 to call
            in Dante as soon as possible. From there follow up with the standard
            combo into a paused pursuit before taking to the air so the double
            jump doesn't fail, then spike her onto the ground, have wesker pick
            her up into your ultimate.
    Mission 10 - Perform a special combo
     Solution: air H, 2+L, 2+M, 2+H, S, air M, air 2+H, air 214+L, air M, air H,
              H, S, air H, air 236+L, air 236+atk atk 
     Strategy: The idea is to take storm into the air, lay a trap underneath her
              that pops her up ever so slightly so you can hit with air M and
              air H on the way down and land with enough time to continue and
              finish the combo. Canceling from air 2+H to air 214+L at the
              moment of impact is key. Also, you need to immediately pursue into
              the air and attack so Storm can't reach the max height in order
              for the follow ups to connect reliably. 
    5.0) Contact Information
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Below is my contact info.
    Name: Darin
    Email: gamemaster53539@yahoo.com

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