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    Storm by pionear

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    Storm Character FAQ
    Date: 5/06/2011
    Version 1.10
    FAQ Version History:
    4/20/2011 - Version 1.01: First Draft
    5/05/2011 - Version 1.02: Corrected some info/formatting, 
    Corrected some spelling/grammar errors
    6/05/2011 - Version 1.10: Added some more info/sources
    A. BIO
    ***DISCLAIMER*** and  ***COPYRIGHT INFO***
    All Characters (Marvel and Capcom) are properties/trademarks of their 
    respective companies. This "MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3  STORM FAQ" is copyrighted, 
    as of April 2011  by the author, K.Wynn, under international copyright law. 
    If you wish to reproduce, distribute, or display this FAQ or use any part 
    of it for any reason, permission given by the author (me), is required.
    In other words, if you wanna use this FAQ for non-profit purposes, just PM 
    or email me (scroll to the bottom) to ask.  9 times outta 10 I will probably 
    say yes.  
    If you wanna use this FAQ or any of my 'personal' info for profit or 
    commerical use, again, PM or EMAIL me.  We can discuss it.
    A. BIO
    Real Name: Ororo Iqadi T'Challa, née Munroe
    Birthplace: New York City, NY, USA (but lived in Kenya, Africa as a young lady)
    Height: 5ft. 11in.
    Weight: 127lbs.
    Powers: A mutant, Storm has the psionic ability to manipulate weather 
    patterns over limited areas.  This usually consists of her using Wind, 
    Hail/Ice and Lighting as her main tools.
    - Marvel Comics:  Storm was one of the first Black/African/African American 
    Female Characters in Comic Book history.  She made her debut in 
    'Giant Size X-Men #1' back in 1975.  She is often known by her distinguishing 
    all White Hair and Blue Eyes (Which turn White/Pupilless when using her 
    powers) and she still continues to be one of the more popular comic 
    characters today.
    - Capcom Fighting Games:  Storm first appeared in Capcom's 
    'X-Men: Children of the Atom' in 1994.  It was a Fighting game made on 
    Capcom's 'CPS-2' arcade board.  To put it simply, it was basically a 
    'Street Fighter' game with X-Men characters and villians.  This game is 
    considered the 'Genesis' of all the other Capcom/Marvel crossover fighting 
    games.  Here's a list of all the Capcom Fighting games she appeared in:
    - X-Men: Children of the Atom (1994)
    - X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (1996)
    - Marvel Vs. Capcom (An Assist Character, 1998)
    - Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (2000)
    - Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (2011)
    In this section, I will post all of Storm's Normal, Special and Hyper Moves.  
    And when applicable, I will give you a short description of the move, 
    as well as some personal tips and my personal comments/thoughts on the move 
    in question.  These will be known/marked as '***A-Ninja Notes***'!
    In the future, I will add whatever 'special' properties that each move may 
    have.  I need to test them all!  Also, I will add Frame data.
    And this is a Character Specific Guide!  So I’m assuming you already know the 
    Basics of MvC3 (General Moves, Dashing, etc.)  If you need to look up on the 
    'Basics' of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, go to this link:
    And throughout the guide I use 'Fighting' game shorthand terms
    (ex: OTG means ‘On The Ground’) to describe many of the moves...so if you 
    need to look up any terminology, just go to this link here:
    OK?  Now let's get it started!
    L = Light Attack
    M = Medium Attack
    H = Hard Attack
    A1 = Assist 1
    A2 = Assist 2
    START = Pause/Options
    SELECT = Taunt
    This is the main button layout for MvC3.  And depending on whether you’re 
    playing on the PS3 or Xbox 360, you can configure these buttons to whatever 
    you like on your controller in the Options menu.
    (Note: All Motions/Moves are listed if the player is facing to the Right)
    UP = Up
    DOWN = Down
    BACK = Left on the Pad/Joystick ('Right' if facing to the Left)
    FORWARD = Right on the Pad/Joystick ('Left' if facing to the Right)
    QCF (Quarter Circle Forward) - Down, Down Forward, Forward
    QCB (Quarter Circle Back) - Down, Down Back, Back
    HCF (Half Circle Forward) - Back, Down Back, Down, Down Forward, Forward
    HCB (Half Circle Back) - Forward, Down Forward, Down, Down Back, Back
    DP (Dragon Punch Motion) - Forward,Down, Down Forward
     L:  Black/Gold Trim(Default) 
     M:  White/Gold Trim
     H:  Red/Gold Trim
     A1: Black/Gold Trim/Red Cape
    *****A-Ninja Notes******:  I wasn’t too crazy about Storm’s new look for 
    MvC3 at first...But it started to grow on me after a while.  But I still 
    would’ve preferred if Capcom used some elements of the Storm characters 
    with the Shorter Hair Style (like in the X-Men 3 movie, not the Mohawk).  
    But we will get DLC, so I hope we will see Storm in more ‘Badass, Sexier’ 
    Defense/Health: 850,000
    Power Level: 54,000
    *****A-Ninja Notes******: Storm have rather low health and her power isn’t 
    the best, either.  So you gotta keep an eye on her life meter and rely on 
    combos to maximize her damage output.
    - ALPHA: Whirlwind (M)
    Type: Shot
    Direction: Front
    Crossover/Team Hyper: HailStorm
    Damage: 102,300
    - BETA: Double Typhoon (M)
    Type: Shot
    Direction: Upward
    Crossover/Team Hyper: HailStorm
    Damage: 140,300
    - GAMMA: Lightning Attack 
    Type: Direct
    Direction: Tilt Up
    Crossover/Team Hyper: Lighting Storm
    Damage: 60,000
    *****A-Ninja Notes****** - Personally, I would just stick with the 
    'Whirlwind' assist...It's the M version, which comes out a bit faster than H, 
    and it pushes opponents back.  Plus you get the 'HailStorm' Hyper for your 
    Crossover/Team Hyper move!
    - Press Forward or Back and 'H' Attack Button
    Storm’s main throw consist of her grabbing her opponent and shocking 
    them with a burst of electricity.  You can OTG her throw into Elemental Rage.
    - Float:
    Hold  joystick ‘UP’ while in the air
    Storm will 'float' down towards the ground instead of normally falling down 
    after a Jump/Super Jump/Flight.  You can also perform many of Storm's 
    overhead attacks using this move.
    - Air Dash:
    Any Direction +  any 2 Attack Buttons in the air
    Storm can Dash in 8 directions...you can cancel in and out of many of her 
    normals and specials with her Air Dash.  I will post more Air Dash Properties 
    in the future.
    - Taunt:
    Press 'SELECT' Button
    Storm taunts her opponent with some electricity.
    - Standing:
    L - Storm does a kick that looks like it hits low, but it don't   
    Damage: 33,000 
    M - Storm does a 'chop' motion that brings on a small whirlwind   
    Damage: 55,000
    H - Storm shoots out Lighting from her hands directly forward   
    Damage: 70,000
    Special/Exchange - Storm's Launcher, she high kicks a large whirlwind
    Damage: 80,000
    - Crouching:
    L - Storm does a quick kick with a little wind behind it
     Damage: 30,000
    M - Storm does a punch to the ground with a small bolt of lighting
     Damage: 53,000
    H - Storm does a kick with a larger whirlwind behind it
     Damage: 67,000
    - Jumping: 
    (Note: Most of Storm's Air Normal Attacks can be canceled with an 'Air Dash')
    L - Storm does a forward kick 
    (Pressing ‘L’ executes another similar kick) 
    Damage: 35,000
    M - Storm does a flip kick but with some wind behind it 
    (Again, pressing ‘M’ executes another flip kick with some wind behind it)
     Damage: 53,000
    H - Storm does a forward chop with a whirlwind in front of it
     Damage: 68,000
    S - Storm's combo finisher, shoots out lighting downward, knocks opponent 
    back to the ground for an OTG
     Damage: 75,000
    (Note: All of Storm's Specials can be performed in the Air)
    - Whirlwind:
    QCF and any Attack Button
    Storm's main projectile.  She will shoot out several Whirlwinds directly in 
    front of her towards her opponent. 
    ‘L’will shoot out 3, and only go about 2/3 of the screen
    Damage: 67,700
    ‘M’ will shoot out 5, and will go almost the entire screen
    Damage: 110,300
    ‘H’ will shoot out 7, and will go all the way across the screen
    Damage: 130,000
    Also, this move will push back any blocking opponents...and L will come out 
    the fastest, while H will take a bit longer.  And it will cancel out many 
    other projectiles in MvC3, so in an update I will post which character 
    projectiles it matches up to.
    - Double Typhoon:
     QCB and any Attack Button
    Storm will call for a column of Whirlwinds that rises about half way up to 
    the top of the screen. 
     ‘L’ will appear almost directly in front of Storm
     Damage: 140,300
     ‘M’ will appear about 1/2 screen away from Storm
     Damage: 140,300
     ‘H’ will appear almost on the other side of the screen from Storm
     Damage: 140,300
    This move takes awhile to start up, so be careful using it.  It also hits 
    OTG and after you throw (Air) opponents as well.  I’m still experimenting with 
    this move, so I’ll post more info later.
    - Lighting Sphere: (air only)
     DP and any Attack Button
    Storm will shoot out a Small Ball of Electricity towards her opponent in 
    various directions, depending on the button pressed.
    ‘L’- will shoot a ball at a 45 degree angle downward
    Damage: 110,000
    ‘M’-  will shoot out a ball directly in front of Storm
    Damage: 110,000
    ‘H’ - will shoot a ball at 45 degree angle upward
    Damage: 110,000
    This is a decent move to shoot downward at opponents. I don't really 
    see any other uses for it outside of that.
    ******A-Ninja Notes*****UPDATE(4/25/11): I did some practicing with this 
    move, and like I've said above, it's really a good move to use as a 
    downward projectile at opponents...It also provides a longer 'hitstun' 
    when it hits. I'm still messing around with this move, so I willprovide more 
    details in another update/version of this FAQ.
    - Lighting Attack: 
    Any Direction + Any Attack Button + Special/Exchange Button
    Damage: 80,000
    Storm gathers a burst of electricity and flies/thrust her way towards the 
    opponent or any where else she desires...You can do this move up to 3 times 
    in succession, in 8 different directions.
    - Flight
    QCB and 'S' Button
    Frame Data: 99 Frames
    Storm files around for almost 3 seconds before landing...You can move in any 
    direction, and you can cancel out of Flight at any time.  
    - Lighting Storm 
    (1 Level of Hyper Meter; can be performed in the air)
    QCF + any 2 Attack Buttons
    Damage: 289,000
    Storm gathers a vast amount of Electricity and unleash it in a Sphere of 
    Lighting that surrounds and encases her...This move can combo off of many of 
    Storm's Normal and Special moves...Also, it range is kinda limited 
    (maybe just 2/3 of the screen), so always make sure you're in close proximity 
    of your opponent when you pull this off.
    ******A-Ninja Notes*****UPDATE(5/3/11): Actually, the range on this Hyper is 
    REALLY limited moreso than I thought...eventhough I also noticed that  
    Lightning Storm also shoots out a few 'Lightning Spheres' type objects in 8 
    (I think) directions, the actual Range of the Electric Field that surrounds 
    Storm is very limited...I mean, even if an opponent is within/inside the 
    edges of it, they still won't get hit!!!  So if you gonna use this move 
    outside of combos, please make sure you're damn near right next to them 
    (or less than a medium size character away).  
    - HailStorm (1 Level of Hyper Meter)
    QCB + any 2 Attack Buttons
    Damage: 282,900
    Storm moves to the back of the screen (of where she is at that moment) and 
    call forth Giant Hail/Ice Shards to attack her opponent (she screams out 
    'Ice Storm', but the official name of the move is called 'HailStorm'... why?  
    Beats the hell outta me...).  This is her Bread and Butter Hyper, it does 
    good damage and it can OTG alot of opponents.  It does crazy damage to 
    assist characters, and it's probably the best chipping Hyper in the game.
    It covers almost the entire screen (except at the top of Super Jump height) 
    and it will still continue after a DHC (Delayed Hyper Combo).  
    But it's a little slow on start-up, so make sure Storm is out of harms way 
    or have an assist out there to cover her.
    - Elemental Rage (1 Level of Hyper Meter)
    DP + any 2 Attack Buttons
    Damage: 262,900
    This is Storm's OTG Hyper.  Storm freezes her opponents, and call upon 
    Whirlwinds to attack her opponents encased in Ice.  It also works after any 
    throws.  But it does less damage than HailStorm, and many use this Hyper
    after a Ground Bounce OTG from an Air Combo.  You can also adjust the 
    range of the Hyper using the Attack Buttons.
    'L' (also the default position) - Comes out right in front of Storm
    'M' - Comes out almost a full screen away from Storm
    'H' - Comes out a full screen (almost off screen!) away from Storm...
    Why they even put it that far is beyond me
    *****A-Ninja Notes******: I personally don't use this Hyper much, but I will 
    continue to experiment with it.  Just stick to the 'HailStorm' for now!
    UPDATE(5/09/11): Been using this move for a bit...It's probably her fastest 
    Hyper that comes out on start-up, and you can follow up with several DHC 
    hypers from team characters.  So if you need an alternative for 'HailStorm' 
    for some OTG's, use this.  I still gonna test out any invicibility frames 
    this move has against other opponents specials/hypers.  
    In this section, I will post some Storm combos (Normal, Hyper, Snapback, 
    X-Factor and Assist Based).  I'm still learning her, so I will post more in 
    the future.  Also, if you have a combo that's any good, submit it to me by 
    either PM or email (YouTube/Video links are welcome as well), and I will 
    post it here in a future update and I will also give you credit for it.  
    And later on, I will post more Strategy and Tips for using her.
    Normal Combos:
    Combo 1: Enhanced Jump Cancel Air Dash Loop: (submitted by Nozzile)
    Standing 'M', Crouching 'H', Jump Cancel Up-Forward, Jumping 'M', Jumping 'M', 
    Jumping 'H', Standing 'M', Crouching 'H', Jump Cancel Up-Forward, Jumping 'H', 
    Jumping 'S', Air Dash Forward, Jumping 'H', Standing 'M', 'S', 
    Super Jump Cancel Up-Forward, Jumping 'M', Jumping 'M', Jumping 'H', Jumping 'S'
    Damage: 365,300 
    Combo submitted by Nozzle, one of Storm’s standard Loop combos that are 
    gaining popularity with her.  This is a Normal Damage combo that works 
    pretty much anywhere on the screen.  Nice combo to build some meter with.  
    Also, if you do have Hyper meter, you can OTG at the end with Hail Storm 
    or Elemental Rage for more Damage.
    Hyper Combos:
    Combo 1:
    Crouching ‘L’, Crouching ‘M’, Crouching ‘H’, Jump Cancel Up-Forward, 
    Air ‘M’, Air ‘M’, Air ‘H’, Standing ‘S’, Super Jump Cancel Up-Forward, 
    Air ‘M’, Air ‘M’, Air ‘H’, Air Lightning Attack Forward, 
    Air Lightning Attack Up-Forward, Air Lightning Attack Up-Forward, 
    Air Lightning Storm.
    Damage: 352,200
    Probably Storm's basic Bread and Butter (BnB) Air Combo into Lighting Storm. 
    Shouldn't be too hard to pull off...
    Combo 2:
    (Credit goes to Trag13)
    Damage: 573,900
    Pretty cool Combo into her HailStorm Super...The Air Dashing might be a 
    little tough, but if you practice it, you should be able to do it.
    Combo 3:
    Press Foward or Back and Hard attack Button, cancel into Elemental Rage
    Damage: 307,300
    Throw your opponent, and then cancel into Elemental Rage for an OTG Hyper 
    combo.  It’s that simple!
    Snapback Combos:
    Coming Soon!
    X-Factor Combos:
    Coming Soon!
    Assist Based Combos:
    Coming Soon!
    To sum things up, Storm is definitely one of the most versatile characters in 
    the game playstyle wise.  You can play zone/keepaway with her or you can 
    switch up to rushdown.  She also has a simplified movelist, so you can focus 
    on just a few moves in order to beat your opponent.  Here is a list of her 
    Pro’s and Con’s so far:
    - Good Speed
    - Simple Moveset
    - Can played as a Rushdown or Keepaway/Zoning character
    - HailStorm Hyper does crazy chip/assist damage 
    - Has an 8 Way Air-Dash, Float move and Flight mode
    - All of her Hypers are only Lv. 1 and can be comboed into one way or another
    - Her 'Float' move causes easy overhead attacks
    - She's a Hottie! (my personal thoughts! :D )
    - While fast, there are other characters faster than her
    - While her moveset is simple, at the same time her limited attacks can make 
    her predictable.
    - Low Defense/Health (850,000), so you will have to watch her Life Meter
    - Start up times on certain Specials/Hypers takes awhile, so she could be 
    knocked out before they even come out
    - Air Comboing with her is a tad tricky
    - No real good Anti-Air moves
    Storm works well with a lot of the MvC3 cast.  Usually, you would put her 
    either 2nd or 3rd on your team.  I will post a few here now, and more as I 
    play the game with different teammates.  And as usual, if you know/play with 
    any good teams with Storm on there, you can submit them to me 
    (I prefer a vid of them in action; but you can still send me a team and I 
    will try them out), and I will give you credit if they are effective.
    -Team 1: My (A-Ninja11) Main MvC3 Team: 3 The Hard Way!
    Dante (On point, or 1st)/ Storm (2nd)/ Iron Man (Anchor, or 3rd)
    *****A-Ninja Notes******  This is my main MvC3 team at the moment.  
    You have a good all-around guy in Dante, a Rushdown/Speed character with a 
    good Hyper to DHC into with Storm, and another decent Rushdown/Keepaway/Zone 
    character in Iron Man with his Tri-Dashes and Unibeams.  Their health 
    combined is not too bad, which averages out to about 900,000,
    which is just a little under average for the game.
    -Team 2: Team MSS
    *****A-Ninja Notes******  Hey, the original God-Tier MvC2 team works well in 
    MvC3 too!  Magneto and Storm have very good projectiles, with Magneto’s being 
    the fastest, and with Storm’s being able to push back opponents and snuffing 
    outsome opponents projectiles as well.  Sentinel can be the Anchor 
    (eventhough his Health was lowered in the patch) just in case you need to 
    X-Factor with him left.  All of them have Flight mode as well, Sentinel can 
    Double Jump while Magneto and Storm have their 8-Way Air Dashes.  Again, 
    their Health isn't the best team-wise (esp. with the Sentinel patch; so 
    now it averages out to just under 869,000), so be careful on the defensive 
    -Team 3: Team Hottie!
    *****A-Ninja Notes******  XD, my personal ‘A-Ninja’ MvC3 All-Chick/Hottie 
    team!  But all jokes aside, this is a very good Rushdown/Zoning team as well.  
    You have a pure rushdown character in X-23, and two characters in Storm and 
    Trish who can do a little rushdown with their 8-Way Air Dashing and Zoning 
    with their projectiles.  And just like the latter team, Health is probably 
    one of the main Negatives of this team.  All are under 850,000 
    (which averages out to less than 842,000), so make sure you keep them outta 
    Power/High damage characters hits and combos.  
    - Thanks to Capcom for making Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 after 10 long years!  
    With the exception of not including Strider Hiryu (yet), this game is 
    virtually lived up to everything I was expecting and it delivered!  
    Please don’t wait another 10 years for Marvel Vs. Capcom 4!
    - Thanks to Brady Games Official Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Strategy Guide.
    It gave me most of the info for this FAQ with its in-depth Game/Character 
    - Thanks to the Guys at EventHubs (www.eventhubs.com) for hosting my first 
    MvC3 Storm FAQ. 
    - Thanks to the Marvel Wikia (http://marvel.wikia.com/Main_Page) for info on 
    Storm's Background. 
    - Thanks to trag13 for letting me host his Storm combo vids...visit his page 
    (at http://www.youtube.com/user/trag13) to check out more of his MvC3 vids!  
    - Thanks to SRK (www.shoryuken.com) for a small bit of info. 
    - Thanks to GameFaqs (And board user Samurai Lloyd) for some info and pics.
    - Thanks to any other Gaming Site that hosts this FAQ (with my permission,
    of course).
    - And last but not least, Thanks to any and everyone who checks out, reads, 
    and learn how to master Storm in MvC3 from this FAQ!
    My name is K.Wynn, but go by ‘pionear’ (old ‘Net name) and ‘A-Ninja11’ 
    (kinda new Gamer name).  I’ve been playing Video Games virtually my whole 
    entire life.  Of all the Genres, Fighting Game is No. 3 on my list of 
    favorites. No. 1 would go to Action/Action Adventure Games 
    (Devil May Cry series, God of War series, Shinobi series and other Ninja 
    Games, etc), and No. 2 would go to RPG/Action RPG/MMO’s (Final Fantasy series,
    Phantasy Star series, Zelda series, etc).  
    The first Arcade One on One Fighting Game I recall playing was ‘Karate Champ’ 
    at a local 7/11 convenience store.  It was fun, but rather limited.  Then, 
    'Street Fighter' came out.  Again, it was a fun game, but limited in the sense 
    that you could only chose one ‘Fighter’ (Ryu, of course) to play as in 1p 
    mode.  Then, in 1990 while I was on a field trip in New Orleans, I finally 
    played Street Fighter II at an arcade there.  I immediately fell in luv with 
    the game!  Ever since then, Fighting Games (Mortal Kombat, Samurai Showdown,
    Tekken, etc) became one of my favorite pastimes to play (and beat!) other 
    gamers against.
    Of all the Fighting Games, I think the ‘Street Fighter’ Series is probably my 
    favorite one.  The Marvel/Capcom Crossover series probably falls at No. 3 as 
    well (No. 2 is Tekken).  I still remember the day when I saw X-Men Vs. Street 
    Fighter at the arcade, and I knew that the match was like Peanut Butter and 
    Jelly!  And then it was inevitable that Marvel Vs. Capcom would happen;  
    And again, to my surprise they put in the Badass, legendary Ninja 
    Strider Hiryu!  Then when Marvel vs. Capcom 2 came along, with the all 
    of the main characters to ever appear in a Marvel/Capcom crossover game 
    (along with some new faces), it became an instant classic.
    Now, with the Fighting Game Genre enjoying a somewhat new renaissance 
    (mainly because of the success of Street Fighter 4), more Fighting Game 
    titles are getting Sequels and Updates.  And with Tourney’s becoming a major 
    event scene, you will see more people looking for Guides and 
    Advice/Tips/Videos to look for any kind of edge or improve their skills in 
    the gameplay department.  I’m more of an older (Video Game wise, over 30) 
    vet on the scene and I haven’t been in any Tourneys since Soul Calibur II 
    (back in 2003), but I’m considering entering some for MvC3 
    to see if I still ‘got it’, ;). 
    As far as the Storm FAQ, I don’t claim to be the ‘uber’ expert of Storm in 
    MvC3. I’m pretty much just a fan of the Comic character; again, currently 
    she's probably No. 3 on my list (Whassup with everything being No.3? :D, 
    but she’s behind Iron Man and Spidey) and she was a favorite of mine in the 
    Marvel/Capcom crossover games.  The game is relatively new, so many people 
    are learning new things about the character every day.  And if you have 
    anything to add just lemme me know and we can analyze it. 
    So to sum things up, if you wanna reach or contact me, you can reach me thru 
    any of the following:
    -  Contact me here via PM 
    -  Visit my Official YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ANinja11 or
    -  Send me an email at 11aninja11@gmail.com
    Thanks for reading and I hope this guide help makes you a better Storm player.  

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