How do I solve cluster5?

  1. I make it up to the point where i have to find the correct coordinates and then punch in a code... but for some reason i cant figure out how this code wheel works since there is blank spots on it... If anyone knows how to solve it or knows the answer, your help would be greatly appreciated...

    User Info: Sephiros1987

    Sephiros1987 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Whenever you align the code wheel according to the coordinates found, and the symbol corresponding to the password number is blank, you need to look across the wheel to the symbol exactly opposite the password number. (e.g. when 3 turns up blank, look at the symbol associated with 8) Then, find the symbol (out of all possible) which closely resembles the one associated opposite (with 8 in my example) but has lines added or subtracted.

    Full Solution: the second character has you align the crossed boxes with 5, making 3 blank. Then, looking across to 8, you see three slashes ( /// ) so, cycle through the symbols until you find the one which most closely resembles that. In this case, it's four slashes ( //// ) so THAT is the symbol the puzzle wants.

    The full code is: half semi circle, four slashes, two boxes WITHOUT crosses, two boxes WITH crosses.

    You'll notice that when hovering over the section of picture which gives the correct coordinates, there is depicted an electrical current implying going across, and there are two abstergo logos, one missing a line. This was intended to point you the correct way. Personally I think that such a hint is a little too abstract, which is why cases of confusion like yours occur.

    User Info: Capsizedmind

    Capsizedmind - 6 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Ok, if you look at the code wheel, the two symbols across from each other are the same with an addition or something taken away, so for the symbol across from the 2 boxes with XXs thru them is the 2 empty boxes and the symbol across from /// is ////, since the numbers change everytime cant give you more than that

    User Info: NYServel

    NYServel - 6 years ago 0 0

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