Other Shrunken Head?

  1. So i got 1 shrunken head but i cant find the second one, i found one at the west side of antico district (southern district at the map), can anyone give me the place of the second shrunken head?

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    MaSuMe964 - 6 years ago

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  1. Yep in the lair, The sixth day, look at the big cross the chest is in a tunnel to the right.

    User Info: Sneaky_Assassin

    Sneaky_Assassin - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. Turns out youhave to complete the memory to get the head

    User Info: Harvester99

    Harvester99 - 6 years ago 0 1
  2. There are 2 chest locations on the world map itself. one is located on the edge of a cliff, which is located almost directly west of the Barracks, head towards the large black cliff line and north a little. The 2nd is located is in another chest, which unfortunately is located in the final Borgia area you have to destroy, which is also a closed memory area, but you will unlock is soon enough. It is inside the Lair of Romulus, located in that area near the tower you have to destroy, that Romulus lair is called "The 6th Day" and it is hidden just behind the cross. The final one's you can obtain from any of the 4 shop types.

    Once you have completed all the shop quests up until you get the one that needs 2 Heads, then just select one shop, for me I choose the Tailor shop just to the west on the small island where the Assassin Guild is, when you keep investing into the same store type, once you hit 1000000 gold invested, you get one as a reward. You can get 3 more through doing the same thing for the other 3 shop types.

    basically if you keep investing into a single store, the more you invest in it, the higher you end up paying per investment, so if you had to pay 3500 to invest in the tailor near assassins guild, then the next time you invest in the same tailor shop, you will need to pay a higher cost, such as 3900 or 4000. So just choose 1 main shop, not the same shop type in all different area of the map, just the exact same shop, keep investing into it and the more you will have to pay to invest each time, making you able to claim the final 1000000 gold invested reward faster. I have already invested over 1 mill into Tailor near Assassin Guild, now am doing Blacksmith. if you keep your game playing when you finish, like when your having dinner and do not worry so much about collecting from the bank, but just stay at the same store and invest every 20 minutes, you wouldn't believe how much all that time you have to do other things while at home when you are not playing, keeping the game active, you will hit 1 mill invested in a matter of several days. If I recall correctly, it took me around 6 days to hit the 1 mill mark using the same tailor all the time.

    I hope this helps :) here is the website link to the youtube video to show you the 2 main map locations to find the heads in the chests.


    User Info: alison22000

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