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"I Can't Believe It's Not COD mom!"

Now that it's almost the end of the year and all of the games for this year have been released its time you questioned has my game been awesome? Bioshock 2, God of War 3, Red Dead Redemption, Starcraft 2 are amazing games and the game to top it all off is Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. You may ask yourself why is COD Black Ops not on the list well its because that game is a waste of money your better off with MW2 since lets face it, the game is regurgitated and will probably be the last war COD can exploit unless they exploit the Korean War which by then I would have lost respect for the game for good. Now that I've stopped hating lets talk about the legen wait for it.... dary game that in just one year since AC2 has been created has struck fear to the Templar name that game is AC Brotherhood.( If you don't want to read everything just go to the bottom OK or just take it like a man and read it through)

Basically if you haven't watched the Youtube trailers/guides or played any of the AC prequels the series revolves around a guy named Desmond Miles(A Bartender). Desmond was abducted by Abstergo Industries (The Bad Guys) in 2012. Now these guys want Desmond because of the ancestral memories he holds which they view with a machine called the Animus. Turns out this ordinary bartender has very important ancestors who had a major influence in their times. In AC1 you go through the memories of Altair Ibn-La'Ahad a Syrian Assassin from the 3rd Crusade(1189-1192) after repeating several tedious assassinations you eventually kill your teacher who was like a father to you and receive the Apple Of Eden which is like a deadly weapon or source of knowledge that the Templars and Assassin's are currently fighting over. In AC2 you deal with Ezio Auditore an awesome Templar kicking, womanizing assassin in the Italian Renaissance. After killing almost every person who killed your father and brothers you go to Rome and kill the worlds dirtiest pope Rodrigo Borgia or Pope Alexander IV after you spare his pathetic life you go within the Vault and find out that Desmond is supposed to find mysterious temples that are supposed to save the world from the supposed events of 2012 however you have to get out your hideout in the modern world because Abstergo found you and your gang you met in the early part of AC2 and go to another hideout . Moving on to AC Brotherhood, you immediately start from the vault with Ezio and get out before other Templars arrive to make things unpleasant. It starts off kind of slow like AC2 but you have weapons instead of fist just as Ezio is about to relax and have fun if you know what I mean... a cannonball smashes your room and you find out that your maxed out villa is ruined by an assault by guess who: The bloody annoying Borgia. As you fight you way through a hopeless battle you see your uncle Mario get killed by Cesare Borgia the main antagonist of this game and takes the Apple from AC1 away from you. Now as the leader of the Assassin Order you head out to Rome the center of Borgia corruption Ezio realizes that he cannot do this alone so you get help from some old and new friends so you can destroy the Borgia and depending on the point of view get revenge. This game has some umm ... memorable events that are a crowd pleaser for AC fans and will not dissapoint. 10/10

The graphics are the same as AC2 but for first time players the graphics would be breathtaking to say the least. Although you only get to see 2 places in the Animus(Yeah your going to get back in that machine so back you go!) Monteriggioni and more importantly Rome which is 3 times larger than the AC2 Florence map. And in the real world you see Monteriggioni and it is clean except for some issues but otherwise perfect. 9/10

The most impressive improvement lies in the combat. While you are still able to counter your way through groups of Papal Guards and horseman, you now have the option to perform combos more fluidly thanks to new additions like kicking (breaks your opponent's defense) and chain killing. The animations are really impressive; with each weapon having its own set of different animations it's very entertaining to explore them all. Each has its own speed and feel. Combat is finally enjoyable, but unlike other Assassin Creed titles, Brotherhood seems to encourage being stealthy the most part. In retrospect this is kiddy version of the Metal Gear series with a similar mission that involves a machine gun but you'll find out when you get the $70 masterpiece.

Every mission has a “Sync” percentage. To acquire 100 percent on these daring missions, you have a set task to perform, such as “infiltrate the castle undetected” or “do not take any damage.” These can be fun because they will require you to explore Ezio's capabilities and your own strategy, though some of these are very difficult. In addition Ubisoft has created V.R missions that you can try in the animus. So the hardcore crowd will always have a challenge and they will be rewarded, while casual players can still complete the game. However novice players will have some difficulty finishing the game since some of the full sync requirements are harder than expected.


Plenty of blood-gushing, flesh skewering kills with a hint of steel, with some good but not noteworthy music since in my opinion seems all to similar but is good overall. The voice acting is perfection since the voice are not your stereotypical Italian voices even if you are mostly hearing dead people or people who are afraid. 8/10

Replay Value
What more can I say you can pretty much play the whole game again and see if you can get the full sync requirements. If you're done with that there is the rebuilding of Rome which by the way wastes a lot more money which is a good thing since if you played AC2 by the end of the game you probably had at least 100,000 florins on you. There is also feather and flag collecting, quests to complete to earn weapons and
upgrades, capes and skins to collect, plenty of side missions and events to accomplish. By the end of this you will see Rome from rags to riches and a Rome will be much healthier and livelier like in Florence in AC2. Finally for us PS3 players we get the Coppernicus DLC which adds about an hour of extra gameplay Bonus!

When I heard that Ubisoft would be making a multiplayer I laughed for a long time and said that it would never happen but after a year of hard work, the company managed to pull it off. Seeing this mode made me want to play over and over again.The mode includes the Call of Duty-type leveling system, making getting to the next level very addicting. Players who are starting off will defiantly feel like a noob and get a crappy average, however. The match making is not that great, there were times being level 50 would play a game with level 30 opponents who had a vaster array of skills than I did. In addition to the negative area it will take awhile to find a match it took me at least 5 to 10 minutes. The Multiplayer component is defiantly focused on the abilities and perks you have equipped which is unique and are good and bad for you. For example take the hidden gun ability although you may kill a person from a distance you will get less points if you are near the person since the gun would make too much noise and will lower your score you earn.

There are 4 modes so far: Wanted, Alliance, Manhunt, and Advanced wanted.
Wanted has you going for a specific targets whose face is displayed at the top right of your screen. It's not that easy. Somewhere, in the crowded streets is a stalker tracking you every move; that's what it feels like as you have a purser coming for you and a target to assassinate. A compass helps guide you in direction to your target, but there are often times your target will be running around like an idiot, so you won't need it. Advanced Wanted's compass is less precise, meaning the same game only more difficult.

Alliance is a lot like Wanted except you now have a partner. You have to work together to kill your targets and avoid a team of pursuers out for your blood. The most impressive of these modes is Manhunt; it pits teams of 3-4 against each other. There are two rounds where both teams will alternate killing each other and hiding. This mode is more psychological than the other ones because it has a more intense focus on coordination and careful observation. The multiplayer also does not allow you to instantly get your abilities back until some time passes so you got to improvise with what you have until you get your abilities back and another thing is is that although this is the multiplayer mode it retains the story mode essentials: Killing silently, Free Running and Improvising. Basically if you prefer COD and never played this game I am almost certain you will die more since if you just run and kill you enemies you will die faster which I personally take advantage of all the time.

So next time you get Black Ops throw it out, it tastes rotten like KFC and get AC Brotherhood which tastes like Popeye's the superior brand. For all gamers I would recommend this and list it as an essential game for any PS3 collection.

Overall (For those who are too lazy to read)
Improved Combat
Lots of new content
Great animations
Thrilling Sound track
Loads of unlockables
Great multiplayer
Great missions
Lots of Variety
More Bang for your Buck
with DLC's

Story feels shortly than AC2
Couple Bugs here and there
Multiplayer game findings may take awhile



Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/11

Game Release: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (US, 11/16/10)

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