What is the best strategy for Legacy Mode?

  1. Legacy Mode is giving me fits! Any hints on the most proficient way to use XP points?

    User Info: rocknroll_kd

    rocknroll_kd - 6 years ago


  1. I've played through several Legacy careers and found what I believe to be the best path to take. My first Legacy career I would spend XP on every single stat, making sure that each column was even. Even though that did work out for me, I realized what a mistake it was after my second and third play through. I also didn't realize you could change the height and weight on the first playthrough, so I had a heavyweight that was only 5' 10". Needless to say I had to fight on the inside and most fighters were taller then me, so any fighter that threw a few jabs and ran turned into being a pain in the ass.

    When you fight you might tend to play with a certain style, for example you may tend to get in close to throw devastating uppercuts, or maybe you went with a taller boxer and prefer the jab. But either way you most likely will tend to throw a specific punch. I personally feel comfortable throwing left jabs and uppercuts over anything else. Thats just based on how I hold the controller and which way the right analog stick feels right to throw those punches. So you need to figure out what punches you throw the most and build on that. I already explained how I built my first legacy fighter, my second fighter had more specific capabilities and I concentrated on a narrow field of punches.

    My second fighter was a welterweight, I set him up at 5' 10" and a thick muscular build. This was solely for moving up in weight classes. The one thing I noticed right away was how much easier my fights were, all because I focused on specific stats. I didn't put anything towards blocking or weaving until a dozen or so fights in. I put all of my points towards my left uppercut and the jab and straight to the head. You want to make sure you use your fighters build to his advantage as well, if you have a taller fighter then use the jab, and if you build up the jab stats you will notice a huge benefit to using it. With Fight Night people love to throw the huge haymakers, but when you pepper your competition with tons of jabs, it will quickly have an affect on them.

    After I build on stats from a few fights, I have my jab to the head and left uppercut built up to almost max, and I usually come in and throw a ton of jabs followed by a quick uppercut. 98% of my fights I win with a first round K.O. , the rest come in round 2 or 3. If you have a taller fighter, use the jab, and don't stand right next to the opponent if you have a taller fighter, keep some space so your jabs just reach him, not just to have the tactical advantage, but your jabs have more power when your just hitting your target at the end of the snap. The same idea works for inside fighters, your shorter and your punches have more affect when closer in, so use the specific advantages of your fighter. After I have around 12 or so fights, I start putting some points to blocking and weaving and combinations. The reason I wait awhile to do this, is the early fights are a lot easier then the later ones, so I don't really have to worry about the defensive aspect of the fight.

    Let me know if this works for you or even what type of fighter you built.

    User Info: KarB0MB

    KarB0MB - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. I am 65 and 0. Using Andre Bishop heavyweight,pro setting with One tko.left and right hook,left and right body,left and right uppercut upper and lower body all maxed out. Diamond chin..with patience and training guaranteed knockouts, flash ko. If you want tko's after training go to settings and click yes on three knockdowns(repeat) after last training b4 your next fight.you tko's if opponant goes down 3 times

    User Info: oaktr333

    oaktr333 - 5 years ago 0 0
  3. I chose a counter puncher to start with. 5 10' ...69 reach. record 62-0-1 57 ko.

    User Info: ankle24breaker

    ankle24breaker - 5 years ago 0 0

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