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    FAQ/Walkthrough by thecrobar

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    -----------------Ascension of the Metatron-----------------------
    Use control+F to navigate.
    1. Introduction..........................(1TI)
    2. Controls..............................(2CT)
    3. Gameplay..............................(3GP)
    4. Main Guide............................(4GD)
       Chapter 01............................(11Z)
       Chapter 02............................(22Z)
       Chapter 03............................(33Z)
       Chapter 04............................(44Z)
       Chapter 05............................(55Z)
       Chapter 06............................(66Z)
       Chapter 07............................(77Z)
       Chapter 08............................(88Z)
       Chapter 09............................(99Z)
       Chapter 10............................(00Z)
       Chapter 11............................(XIZ)
    5. Closing/Contact.......................(5CC)
    Hello, and welcome to my guide for El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. The
    purpose of this guide is to provide a  general guidelines guide for how to play
    the game along with some tips to get through the game's main campaign. The 
    guideis organized in to five sections: you're in the introduction, the controls
    section lists the game?s controls, and The Gameplay section provides tips for
    generalcombat and how stuff works, and the Campaign guide details the main path
    through the game. The introduction and the closing section have contact
    information as well as some other information about the guide. This guide does
    not currently contain information on the locations of optional content though I
    do plan to include them in a future update. If you have any questions, you can
    contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com
    2. Controls...(2CT)
    Standard controls- can be customized and changed.
    L Bumper.........Purify/Steal Weapon
    R Bumper.........Guard 
    Back/Select......Game Menu
    3. Gameplay...(3GP)
    El Shaddai is an action game, similar to Devil May Cry or God of War. The thing
    that makes El Shaddai different from other action games is that all the combat
    makes use of only one button: there are no light or heavy attacks, just proper
    button timing. Each of the game's three weapons has its own rhythm and move
    set, and each is wildly different. As a rule, the fast you press the attack
    button the faster the attacks will be. They will also be weaker and easier for
    enemies to block. Varying your attack speed can allow you to break the guards
    of enemies and dodge behind them to strike. 
    Purification is a key part of combat in El Shaddai. As you fight enemies, their
    evil taint will wear off on your weapons. Over time your pristine white
    implements of death will turn black and red with corruption, greatly reducing
    the damage you deal to enemies. When this happens, you need to purify your
    weapon. Pressing the left bumper will purge the weapon of its evil taint and
    restore it to prime condition, but it will also force you to sit still and
    leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks. Learning the timing for when to purify
    is an important part of learning how to fight in El Shaddai. 
    Acquiring Weapons
    There are three ways to acquire weapons in El Shaddai. The first, and most
    common, is to steal them from enemies. After an enemy has been beaten enough,
    they will be rendered unconscious and a light will appear around them. Approach
    them and press the purify button to steal their weapon and gain it for
    yourself. Whatever weapon you're currently using will be abandoned, so make
    sure it's something you actually want. You can also pick up weapons from orbs,
    of which there are two kinds. Colored weapon orbs appear during boss fights,
    and shattering them will give you a weapon of the appropriate color. Normal
    orbs are found randomly throughout the game. Press purify near them to pick the
    current weapon- they rotate between all three options.
    The following section details the weapons, and general strategies for how you
    should use each one. The color refers to the color of weapon orb, and the
    strong/weak notations refer to how they stack up against other weapons. These
    weaknesses aren't set in stone, but more so a general guide.
    The Arch
    Color: Blue
    Strong Against: Veil 
    Weak Against: Gale
    The Arch is the first weapon you come across, and is the most user friendly.
    The arch is a close range weapon with a good deal of speed and a good amount of
    power behind it. The main strength of the arch is its ability to juggle enemies
    and the fast movement speed of its attacks. It's easy to button mash with the
    Arch, but it's best played as a very mobile weapon used to dodge around enemy
    attacks and juggle them one at a time until they're dead. If you wait a moment
    between arch strikes, you can leap over and dodge around enemies to attack them
    from behind. When using the arch you should constantly be shifting between
    different states: fast strikes, air juggles, dodging behind enemies and
    slashing them, etc. The only real problem with the arch is that it needs to
    focus on one enemy at a time- it doesn't have a wide enough arc to damage
    multiple enemies at once unless  they're right next to each other, and the dash
    move is fairly weak. You need to make sure to keep an eye out for other enemies
    as long as you're using the arch, as intervention from another foe can really
    mess up your combos. You'll want to be especially wary of enemies using the
    Gale- they're faster than you and have a lot more range. 
    The Gale
    Color: Green
    Strong Against: Arch
    Weak Against: Veil
    The Gale is a long range weapon, giving you the ability to attack enemies from
    a safe distance. It's also a difficult weapon to master. The Gale is the
    weakest of the three weapons, and the most dependent on the placing of enemies
    on the battlefield. This is going to be your main concern when using it: the
    weak attacks will not stagger most enemies, and the more powerful attacks need
    distance in order to set up. While that might sound a bit intimidating, when
    used well the Gale is probably the best weapon in the game. The ability of the
    Gale is dependent on your skill of reading the battlefield and realizing what
    needs to happen- it's a rapid fire weapon that can deal a lot of damage, but it
    needs a lot of set up to work properly.
    The Veil
    Color: Yellow
    Strong Against: Gale
    Weak Against: Arch 
    The Veil is the third and final weapon of the game. It's a slow and powerful
    weapon compared to the other two, and doesn't need to hit very many times in
    order to deal a lot of damage. It's also a remarkable defensive weapon: the
    Veil can guard against almost every attack in the game, including boss attacks
    that would break either of the other two weapons. But the Veil makes up for
    that by being a very slow weapon- it has a long start up time for swings, and
    the time between attacks can leave you open. Using the Veil is all about
    opportunity. It might be instinct to jump in and start bashing heads, but the
    true strength of the Veil lies in waiting for your enemies to move first and
    then unleashing a string of attacks on them once they're helpless.
    Hyper Mode
    A universal ability granted to you during the climax of chapter 04, this lets
    you enter a state in which you are invincible and deal more damage. At any time
    during hyper mode you can press both guard and purify in order to unleash a
    hyper attack. These attacks vary by each weapon, but are all extremely
    powerful. However, using them will instantly end hyper mode. You should try and
    get 15-20 seconds out of hyper mode before using one of these attacks to end
    it. If you can, try to save hyper mode for fights against bosses and other
    tough battles.
    Collectible items
    There are several collectible items throughout the game. Below details them:
    Red orbs: increases the level of hyper mode you have
    Hearts: Increase health
    Freemen: give you bits of story information
    Ishtar Shards: unlock a secret if you collect them all
    4. Campaign Guide...(4GD)
    00. The Journey Begins
    This is the tutorial chapter. As such, there's really nothing to worry about.
    Just follow Lucifel's directions and learn the controls of the game. 
    01. At World's End...(11Z)
    This is the first ￾greal￾h level, but it's still largely a tutorial on the 
    game's mechanics. Break the locks on each hand, then fight the minor enemies
    that spawn and try to get a handle on how the arch works. Experiment with 
    taking brief pauses during your swing and then resume attacking to see the 
    different combo possibilities. Once the platform you're on lands, head 
    forward and deal with a couple groups of similarly weak enemies before 
    heading on to the new area. 
    After killing some more enemies, you'll be prompted to purify your weapon.
    Purification is very important, and ti will keep your weapon in top shape.
    Always make sure to carry a glowing blue weapon- anything else means decreased
    damage and effectiveness. Head through this are to find Lucifel, who will act
    as a save point throughout your journey. Beyond him is a forked path- take the
    right path and jump down to the lower area and cross it, heading into a cave
    under a waterfall. 
    From here you'll be transported to a side scrolling section with some enemies.
    You don't actually have to kill anything, but it's a great time to get some
    combos down and work on using the arch a bit. Past this portion you'll run into
    your first watcher fight. These battles are not truly mandatory- you don't
    actually need to win them to continue, and it's going to be pretty challenging
    the first few times. Azazel only has two attacks- a ball of insects that slowly
    tracks you across the arena, and a charge attack. Dodge the charge attack, then
    retaliate with a combo to damage him. 
    Past him you'll find the first of the ￾gfree men￾h, a group of people that will
    deliver you notes throughout the game whenever you find them. Grab his note
    then continue forward for a tutorial on stealing weapons from enemies. This is
    an important factor in battle, and it grants you a purified weapon without
    having the actually purify anything. You're also invincible during the
    animation for the attack, another nice bonus. Anyway, grab the item then
    continue forward into the next area. This area is just a long path with a few
    weak enemies (which you don't even need to fight). Get to the end of the path
    to complete the chapter.
    02. The Tower...(22Z)
    This level is broken up into several floors. On the first floor, head forward
    and take out the weak enemies. At the circular platform you'll run into a few
    arch using foes. Defeat them and continue down the path. Activate the switch,
    then kill the enemies that appear in front of the lower platforms. Jump up and
    take the portal to the next floor. 
    Take the right path and deal with the basic enemies, then circle around past
    lucifel and hit the switch. This will lower the platforms on the left fork of
    the path by the entrance. Move back and jump up to the next level, then take
    out the enemies that spawn on the circular platform. Jump up to the elevator
    and transport to the next area. 
    Move forward and hit the switch to lower some platforms. Do the same on the
    next level and hop up. Head left at the fork for a freeman, and then continue
    forward. You'll have a battle with some basic enemies on the circular platform,
    then have to hop up some more stairs for the third elevator. 
    Hop up the platforms and head forward to find Lucifel. Take the left path to
    find a freeman, then the right path to find a sort of miniboss: Goldsarge and
    Silversarge. These enemies use long range attacks, and are out of your reach
    for now. Ignore the containers flowing in the air and run through the area,
    jumping to avoid their attacks. Take the elevator up again at the end of the
    After another Lucifel conversation, you'll have to to take on both Goldsarge
    and Silversarge. They're mobile, but pretty weak. At long range they like to
    stay safe and toss off just a couple projectiles at a time. Wait for them to
    send one out, then close the distance and deliver a combo. They have a nasty
    little rocket dash move that can take off a good chunk of your if it hits, so
    jump up the air and float down if they start to fly around the arena. Halfway
    through the fight you can steal a Gale from them, the second weapon in the
    game. The Gale is weaker than the Arch, but allows you to strike at a much
    greater range. Take out the Other Sarge, then head up the elevator. 
    Head forward past Lucifel and use your Gale to take out the enemies on the
    platform. Your first instinct might be to button mash, but that will soon prove
    useless. Proper use of the Gale means that you can stand still- start trying to
    mix between quick strikes using taps of the attack button and medium length
    holds between hits. With a little work you can even mix the charge attack into
    the mix, which does a ton of damage. Take the elevator after the fight to go up
    a floor. 
    Take the left path. Double jump across the gap, then use the Gale's dash
    ability to reach the other side. Circle around to the opposite path and make
    your way through the enemies and the rotating platforms. Hit a switch to
    activate the stationary platform, then look off to the right. There's a
    platform out to the side with a special area on it. Double jump from the
    rotating platform, then use a dash to access it. Enter the portal to find a
    2.5D platforming sequence. There are several of these throughout the game, and
    completing them all gets you an awesome bonus at the end. Grab the crystal at
    the start, then hop up the platforms to avoid the darkness seeping up from
    below. Reach the top to exit the area back to the rotating platform section.
    Make your way to the elevator and head up once more.
    Press forward through a few more simple floors and you will eventually come to
    an arena where you face Watcher Sariel. Sariel is focused more on long range
    than the other watchers. He has three different ranged attacks: a slow moving
    projectile, a beam that appears underneath you, and a beam he fires from his
    hands. He also makes use of the typical watcher attacks- a charge and some
    physical combos. This is a pretty hard fight to win, so don't be afraid to lose
    here. After the fight is done- whether you win or not- head to the next chapter
    through the eye.
    03. The Mercy of Ezekiel...(33Z)
    Head forward to encounter a new enemy. These ghosts will paralyze you if they
    touch you. It's annoying, but as long as there aren't any other enemies around
    it's not that big of a deal. They're best taken out with a Gale, as approaching
    them makes it easier for them to hit you. Battle through the two fights, then
    head up the stairs. Up top there will be another fight, this time with some
    enemies using arches. At about this time in the game, enemies are going to
    start getting harder. You really need to get to work on learning your combos
    with the various weapons, otherwise things could get ugly. 
    Take care of the enemies, then jump across the platforms that rise from below.
    Fight the Gale using foes, then hop over to Lucifel. Beyond him is a fight with
    Watcher Azazel. The watchers don't change their attacks when you fight them
    again, so try and learn how he moves more this time around. Continue past him
    to the other side of the gap. Instead of going forward, jump up to the pathway
    above the tunnel to find a freeman. Continue forward and head up the stairs at
    the end of the path for the next area. You'll have to fight a few arch using
    enemies along the way- all the more time to get used to your weapons. 
    Next up is a 2D section, introducing weapon orbs. You'll need to hop along the
    top of the pink waves/clouds to move across the level. Along the way you can
    find a freeman in the middle of the path. On the other side you'll counter a
    large enemy that wields the third and final holy weapon. This weapon is the
    Veil, a combination Shield/gauntlet that is very powerful (and slow). The enemy
    using it is soon to become common. These brutes will only ever use the veil,
    but their size serves them well: they're big and hard to stagger. Your best bet
    for taking them down is to get them caught in a series of Gale attacks, or to
    use some clever counter blows and power strikes with the veil/arch. Once you
    have a Veil in hand, bash through the large sphere nearby and keep going. 
    Head down the path beyond that to try out your new gauntlets. The Veil is a
    slow and defense oriented weapon. Unlike the Gale and the Arch, the Veil's
    block can absorb just about any attack that can hit it short of boss moves.
    It's charging ability is a guarded rush, which further works to increase
    defense. Using the Veil takes less practice than the Gale, but if you use it
    improperly it can leave you wide open. The best thing to do is to keep a heavy
    defensive layer up and only attack when you have a clear opening. 
    After killing the enemies, head forward into the 2D section. In here you have
    to destroy some stalactites and jump across a few moving platforms- all fairly
    typical challenges. Past this is another arena style fight against a few mixed
    enemies where you can try out your Veil some more. Continue on out onto another
    walkway style area. Advance forward a ways and you will eventually encounter
    Watcher Seriel. After the fight with Seriel, jump another gap in the pathway
    and then hop up on the roof of the tunnel like you did before. Up here you'll
    find another passage into the darkness and the second bone of Ishtar.
    Continue forward along the path, which you should now be pretty familiar with.
    At the end you'll meet a small girl, Nanna. To safely get through the final
    area, only jump on the same platforms that she does. Follow her up the path at
    the end and into a cutscene. This will drop you out into a tunnel. Jump through
    the center of the flaming walls to pass unharmed. At the end of the tunnel take
    the exit to fight a boss. Well, two bosses...
    Foola and Woola
    These armored pigs really only have one attack: charging. Like with most video
    game bosses that charge at you, you will need to get them to run into
    something. In this instance it's each other. Stand in the middle of the arena
    and wait for the two pigs to begin charging. Dodge out of the way at the last
    second and they'll hit each other and get stunned, allowing you a few seconds
    to hit them. The pigs are weak to the arch, which can be found in the blue
    weapon orbs that are in this area. Break them open for a new weapon if you need
    one. All you really need to do is repeat this over and over again- two don't
    really change during the fight, making this a pretty easy battle. After you
    win, it's on to chapter 04. 
    04. Sariel's Deception...(44Z)
    This chapter is a bit different compared to the others. Almost the entire
    chapter is made up of 2d platforming segments. After each segment you'll come
    back to this main area again and have to fight a decently sized group of
    enemies. Head onto the central platform, then into the little swirly thing for
    the first platforming section. In the first section, things are pretty simple-
    just some falling blocks and some of Sariel's Beloved (those enemies that
    paralyze you and make platforming difficult. Keep advancing towards the right
    and watch out for some of the random Nephilim that could trip you up. At the
    end of the path you'll be eaten and then have an encounter with Watcher Sariel.
    Any health you take away gets knocked off the boss fight at the end of the
    level, so smash away. After he's dead you'll need to fight another group of
    enemies in the main area, then have access to a second portal to a 2D section.
    This portion is a little more complex, forcing you to jump between very small
    platforms that dip down when you step on them. This section also presents one
    of the game's only real puzzles: about halfway through there's a large rotating
    structure. Strike one of the little nodes and the whole thing will rotate
    clockwise by 90 degrees. You'll need to position the sphere so that you can hit
    the switch next to the open gap when the gap is facing upwards. Work backwards
    from there (there's about ten ways to do this) and you'll figure it out.)
    Beyond that point you can find a freeman in a section where Nephilim are
    pushing blocks around, and beyond that is the exit to the 2D portion across a
    few more gaps. Once back in the main area you'll need to fight some enemies,
    then take on Ezekiel before the next section of the game.
    The final 2D section in this world offers little surprise, but the most
    difficult platforming of the three areas. Grab a Gale when you start and use it
    to take out the many phantoms that will spawn in this level. The only real
    gimmick this time around is that you'll have to ride on balloons pulled by the
    Nephilim a few times in order to clear some vertical spaces. When you hear
    Gabriel mention that you should search the area, look around to the right for a
    freeman. Continue up and the the left to find the exit. This time you have to
    jump directly into its mouth. Once back at the central area, defeat the last
    group of enemies. Before you gather any of the items, head back to the starting
    point of the level (towards the camera) to find the third darkness portal. Once
    you have the third bone of Ishtar, head up the stairs for a boss fight
    This time you're fighting Sariel for real- no illusions, and you need to
    actually win. He uses the same attacks as before, only with some slightly
    modified moves once his health gets lower (tossing out three bats instead of
    two, fast physical moves), but it's pretty much the same battle as earlier.
    He's weak the Veil, and the strong weapon can absolutely crush him. Grab one
    from an item orb and guard against his attacks, then counter with a barrage of
    strikes. Continue hitting him when he's down- his knockback attack upon
    standing up doesn't do any damage, but he will take damage as long as he's on
    the ground. This fight shouldn't take too long, but Sariel is only the first
    phase. Damage him enough and you get 
    Nether Sariel
    Nether Sariel transforms into a giant bat. In this form he only has a few
    attacks in his arsenal. He will summon up a cloud of bats from down below you,
    up to five times in a row. This can be avoided if you just keep running away.
    His second attack is a dive bomb where he sweeps across the arena, and his
    third attack is swoop in close and deliver a series of devastatingly powerful
    kicks. If you're using a veil- ans you should be, that's still his weakness-
    you can block all but the bat attack. 
    Your first point of business in this fight is get your ass kicked. Yep, you
    need to lose. This triggers the introduction of Uriel. Uriel is sort of like
    your hyper mode in this game- deal enough damage and purify enough weapons, and
    Uriel will show up to help you. He will add on to the ends of your attacks with
    firey punches and kicks that do a lot of extra damage. Activate hyper mode and
    go to town on Sariel. Once around 20 seconds have passed, press both bumpers in
    to perform a super move and deal a lot of extra damage. This super move is
    unique to each weapon, and completely drains your hyper mode. The trick is to
    use it when you only have a few seconds of hyper mode left, which is something
    you'll need to work on the timing for in the next couple of levels.
    Anyway, back Sariel. After you've knocked off a third of his health he'll start
    using an electrical barrier along the edges of the field. This barrier damages
    on contact, but other than that it's pretty mundane. Hound Sariel across the
    battlefield with your veil, and unleash the fury of heaven upon him whenever
    you get a charged saved up. He'll go down soon enough.
    05. The Tragedy of Baraqel...(55Z)
    This chapter is based around the Fire Nephilim you see in the background. It's
    the boss of the level, and it will make your life hell as long as its alive. It
    will rain down meteors on you and destroy the path. Head forward for a gang of
    three enemies and steal a Gale or an Arch for the upcoming platforming
    challenge. Hop across the platforms as they get destroyed under and kill the
    enemies as they spawn in your path. You'll eventually move to higher ground,
    where you'll run into Lucifel. Head forward across the crumbling bridges, and
    be careful about where you stop. Many of the platforms here fall away once you
    put weight on them. 
    A bit down the path you'll run into a fight with Watcher Ezekiel. This could be
    hard depending on your weapon, but it's not like you have to win. Anyway, jump
    the gap after her. Scale up to the third level of the structure, then take the
    looping path around to the right side to find another portal into the darkness.
    These are going to start getting pretty hard, so feel free to skip them for now
    and come back later when you're more prepared. Either way, hop up to the top of
    the structure and head forth into the next area.
    Take care of the enemies that spawn on the circular platform, then take the
    lift to a 2d area. This time around you'll have to contend with moving
    platforms, spikes, and lots of falling platforms. An arch works wonders here,
    and will save you a lot of trouble. At the top of the area you'll come out to
    another circular platform with a Watcher Azazel fight. Watcher fights are now
    rather easy thanks to hyper mode. One use of hyper is typically enough to take
    off around 75% of a Watcher's health on normal mode, so it's a great time to
    use it. 
    After the fight with Azazel take the lift up again for another platforming
    sequence. This is harder than the last, but uses all of the same elements.
    There are a few extra items towards the end behind breakable walls, but they're
    not worth going through the trouble of bringing along a veil through all the
    jumping. You'll come out to a curved platform. Follow it around and take out
    the enemies, then save at Lucifel if necessary. The elevator beyond him leads
    to a boss fight with
    Fire Nephilim
    The Fire Nephilim is a massive boss, and most of his attacks are based around
    that. His primary move is to slam his arms into the stage, which can easily be
    avoided. He will also sweep his arms across the platform in a high-low pattern,
    forcing you to dodge above/below them. He also has a few projectile moves: a
    series of fireballs from his mouth that explode on contact with the ground, and
    a laser attack from his eyes that does quite a bit of damage. For this fight
    you're going to want the Gale. It lets you constantly attack the boss, even
    when he's not on the stage. Your primary chances to attack are when he slams
    his arms down and misses you, and when he takes enough damage and falls over
    onto the stage. Hit his arms with a charged Gale combo to do the most damage,
    and pepper his body with constant shots from the Gale. When his head bows down
    onto the platform, hit it with your overdrive attack to deal the most damage
    possible before he gets back up. This boss is big, but he's a bit of a push
    06. Azazel's Zeal...(66Z)
    This level is a lot different- you ride a motorcycle in future land. How's that
    for a change of pace? The motorcycle controls similarly to Enoch in the main
    game, with the corresponding buttons performing similar actions. The weapons in
    this level are the same, but slightly modified for mobile combat- the Veil is a
    one hit kill, the Arch needs to do a couple hits, and the Gale is long range.
    Attcking really doesn't matter all that much during the main stage here, so
    choose whatever feels right. (You can always change along the path.)
    The main obstacle while riding the bike is to avoid hitting things and being
    hit yourself. Killing enemies kind of takes a back seat, at least at first.
    About halfway through the level you'll be accosted by a large transforming
    mecha like beast. You'll need to fight him in three stages. The first two are
    no different from the basic enemies, just a couple different attacks and a
    little beefier. For the third form you'll need to attack enemies in the tunnel
    so that they get knocked  into the boss and stun him, leaving enough time for
    you to attack. Finally, after beating the three forms, the ride will end. The
    level isn't over yet though: now you need to take out the boss on foot.
    The way the game sets this fight up makes it seem pretty difficult. Battorile
    has three forms, and each form is weak to a specific weapon. The game tells you
    to switch between each weapon, but that's a bit daft. Grab a Gale, and use it
    throughout the entire fight. Using the spaced out combo attack by slowly
    pressing the attack button absolutely shreds this boss to pieces. He has three
    forms total: a slow walking tank like version that fires missiles, a wheeled
    version that occasionally fires missiles but mostly just likes to try and punch
    you, and a four wheeled version that spins around on the ground and launches
    missiles. I'd like to be able to say that there's some secret strategy to
    winning, but the same thing works for the whole boss: keep out of range and
    tear him apart with the Gale
    07. The Cry of Armaros
    You'll soon see the little girl from earlier hopping across some platforms.
    Follow her for a fight with Azazel, then head up the ramp to the next area.
    This area is a sidescrolling portion of sorts, and your first battle is against
    a group of brawler type enemies and their cronies. Steal a Gale and they
    shouldn't pose a threat. Past that group you'll find a Freemen, and past him a
    short fight with Ezekiel. 
    Head forward after that to find a 2D platforming sequence. This sequence is
    simple, but introduces a new element- sliding down the waterfalls. Your goal is
    the lower right corner of the map, a passage that will take you to a new 3D
    area. If you can stay at the top of the level you'll find a lot of orbs, but
    otherwise nothing notable. At the bottom of the area you'll come out to a sort
    of wide lake (aren't we under the ocean?). You need to jump across the
    platforms to get to the other side- Enoch might be God's chosen, but that
    doesn't mean he can swim. On the opposite side you'll fight a large group of
    enemies. Try to end up with a Gale at the end of the fight, it will make the
    next area easier. Head through the nearby door and down the hall to run into
    this chapter's boss fight:
    Armaros has two phases. The first phase has you fighting his back up dancers.
    These dancers will spawn endlessly, but they have no weapons and and pretty
    weak. Just don't let them get close and overwhelm you. Armaros will by gyrating
    around in the foreground the entire time trying to obscure your view. He's
    invincible here, but he won't attack you in any way. 
    After you've survived the dancing ensemble, Armaros will challenge you in a
    traditional watcher style fight. He has two main forms of attack: short combo
    where he punches you a few times before spinning, and a move where he spins
    around and shoots explosive water globes. Both are easier to avoid, and you'll
    get the chance to grab a new weapon shortly after the fight starts. The veil
    can defend against his physical attacks and provides a good counter, so I'd go
    with that. After you've dealt enough damage, there will be a cutscene leading
    into the next chapter.
    08. Belial's Temptation...(88Z)
    Now for something completely different. In this chapter you'll play as Armaros
    who is trying to rescue Enoch who is trying to rescue Nanna. Combat has a
    lesser focus here- it's more about the platforming. Armaros controls similarly
    to Enoch, with a few different combos in place of Enoch's typical abilities. A
    new enemy type makes its lack of face known after the chapter starts. These
    bird-like enemies are most harmless, and exist mostly to screw up your
    platforming in the middle of jumps. Take them out when it's convenient to, but
    otherwise ignore them.
    Head across the rocks and descend down the stone spiral. You'll need to do some
    sliding and avoid some birds, but nothing too out of the ordinary. The next
    area is more of a platforming gauntlet. It's very straightforward, but you need
    to place your jumps carefully. The round objects in the stage will explode if
    you stand next to them for too long, but none of the objects function in any
    way that should be surprising. Towards the end of the area you'll have to hop
    along some slanted platforms- always make sure you hit as high up on the next
    one as you can. Past that is a series of destructible platforms sectiond off by
    large spinning blades. Time your first jump correctly, then rush through the
    rest of the jumps to time the whole thing right.
    Eventually you will find Nanna. From there you have to move up a large tower of
    blades. The timing is a little strict for some of the higher blades- it's best
    to jump when they're about a quarter of a rotation away from you. At the top of
    that you'll jump down to a large spiked sphere. There are a few small fights
    here with the most basic of enemies that shouldn't be a problem for Armaros to
    fight unarmed. After each fight you'll need to hit an orb and move across the
    sphere tot he next one. After three fights, you'll hop off to another
    platforming area. This one lets you choose your path, but all of them are about
    the same in terms of difficulty- simple combat one way, simple platforming the
    other way. At the end of the path jump down into the vortex for a boss fight.
    Dark Enoch:
    Dark Enoch has a lot of health, but is a bit of a pushover. He has four basic
    attacks, and he'll change which ones he likes to use based off of how the horns
    on his helmet are positioned. The first, and most common attack, is a series of
    basic punches and kicks. This is easily avoidable, but Enoch will change it up
    a bit throughout the fit and add more attacks. You best chance to attack is to
    hit him after this attack. Enoch also makes use of two projectile attacks. In
    the first he sends out a shockwave of purple energy, and in the second he
    summons several spikes of darkness that blast out after a moment. The shockwave
    is easy to avoid by loving to the side, but to avoid the dark spikes you'll
    need to be in the air when they shoot out. Watch for Enoch to move his arm,
    then jump. Land next to him after they shoot and attack him. His final attack
    is a bull charge using his his horns. This is his most dangerous attack, and if
    he hits you with it once he can do it repeatedly for a lot of damage. Jump and
    hover in the air to avoid it. 
    In addition to the above abilities, Enoch will also summon fireballs throughout
    the fight. These are more of an annoyance than a threat, but they can send you
    off balance while you're in the air. As for fighting Enoch, he's actually
    pretty simple. Just think of him like another watcher fight, only in a more
    defensive game. Use the same hit and run tactics on the Enoch as you would the
    watcher. You don't have weapons, so it's going to take a while to chip away at
    his health. He'll get a little more frantic with his movements as his health
    gets lower, but you can always avoid his moves by jumping on the air.
    After Dark Enoch is defeated, it's on the next chapter.
    09. Enoch's Indecision...(99Z)
    This chapter is mostly just dialogue. In fact, there's nothing new at all- all
    of the fights in the chapter are just retreads of previous fights in the game
    with minor differences. There's three that might give you trouble- Watcher
    Sariel, Watcher Amaros, and Dark Enoch. Both of the watchers fight exactly as
    they did in the previous chapters, only you'll be fighing them unarmed. Same
    strategy as before, just play slightly more on the defensive side of things.
    Dark Enoch is the opposite- he's actually EASIER this time around, as you get
    access to weapons. He's weak to Gale at first, but his weakness will change as
    the fight goes on. Even so, just about any weapon will be enough to beat the
    crap out of him
    After that fight is done there's some more cut scenes, but the chapter is over 
    10. The Grave of Arakiel
    Finally, back to a normal chapter. (Well, at least as normal as El Shaddai
    gets...) Head up the stairacse made of cubes, then take care of the new enemies
    at the top. Steal an arch along the way, then create a path by stepping on the
    nearby square switch. Head across the path of 2.5D area and head right. Just
    ignore the enemies here, you don't need to kill them. 
    The next portion of the level is a puzzle. Each of the large blocks has a
    glowing plate embedded into it. These plates move to the blocks nearest to them
    (so stepping on the northern side of block would get you a platform that would
    get you to the block north of the one you're on). You need to approach the back
    platform from the right side- the other paths are dead ends. Take the platform
    north, then north again, then east, then north, then east, then north, then
    west twice. You should end up at the final platform. Take the springboard
    platforms up to the next level. The timing for these can be a bit tricky- you
    want to jump just before the platform is at its lowest point. Head up the the
    gaps in the platforms, timing your jumps to make it through the rotating tiles.
    At the very top you'll fight a group of enemies, then need to hit a switch to
    raise a staircase.
    Take the staircase up and watch the scene play out in the background. Get all
    the way to the top, then strike the two stones on either side of the shrine for
    an elevator to the next area. Continue up even more staircases to find Boola,
    Ezekiel's third pig. Grab an Arch and get to fighting her the same way you
    fought the two pigs early on. Get to crash into the wall and stun herself, then
    go to town. 
    After the fight you'll need to jump across some blocks. Use the switches to
    align the blocks in a pattern you can jump across, then move ahead. On the
    opposite you'll need to quickly jump up some weird falling blocks to access
    another switch. Align the blocks correctly, then time your jumps between the
    pendulums. In the next section you'll need to do the same thing, only alter the
    path of the blocks in the middle of the jumping section. Past that you'll find
    an area leading up to the next level. Up here you have an option: you can jump
    across the swinging blocks using careful timing, or head to the left and take
    out a few enemies so you can access a switch that raises some blocks and makes
    the jumping much easier. 
    Either way, once you get to the other side you'll have to deal with one last
    jumping puzzle. Cross the gap on the moving chains of blocks, making sure to
    always stay on the middle block. It seems imposing, but once you have the right
    pace down it isn't bad. On the other side climb up the jump platforms, then
    head forward to encounter the boss.
    You've fought Ezekiel plenty of times before in watcher battles, and she isn't
    any different here. She has four main attacks: a long range lightening strike,
    a close range cloud of lightening, a tracking jump attack, and a couple
    variations of hand to hand combos. Ezekiel is weak to the Gale, and this fight
    should be pretty fast given how used to fighting these guys you should be by
    now. Once Ezekiel goes down, she'll transform into a second form: Nether
    Nether Ezekiel is an octopus-like beast. There are two distinct phases that the
    boss will alternate between throughout the fight. In the first she sits in the
    middle of the arena and uses various elemental moves to attack and defend:
    fireballs that strike from above, electricity columns that move around the
    arena, and ice blocks to prevent her from getting hit. She can also strike you
    with a sort of tail slap if you get too close to her. After damaging her enough
    she will split her body in two, and her upper half will fly around the level .
    During this phase she only has two attacks: slamming her upper body into the
    ground on top of you, and swinging her tail at you. 
    This battle is a war of attrition. This boss has a lot of health, but her
    attacks really don't do too much damage and are pretty easy to avoid. Your best
    chances to damage her are during the electricity attack and during the ice
    barrier attack. You can attack during the fireball move and the split section
    portion of the fight, but you'll need to be dodging just as much as attacking.
    Keep hammering away at her and dodging out of the way when she winds up for one
    of her physical attacks and you'll come out on top.
    11. Semyaza'a Dream...(XIZ)
    Ah, the final chapter. Hop u the platforms and save as needed. There is not a
    lot of content in this chapter, save for the boss fights...
    This the final showdown with Azazel. It would be more climactic if you haven't
    been fighting this guy the entire game, but whatever. You should be pretty
    familiar with this form by now, so use whatever you feel the most comfortable
    with and let him have it. After you take him down, he'll move to his second
    Nether Azazel
    This giant insect only has two attacks, but that's all he needs. He will
    teleport around the arena at will, appearing only for a brief second before
    running away. If he appears close you he'll try and kick you (and will often
    teleport circles around you whilst trying to land one). If he teleports further
    away from you, he'll shoot some very fast fireballs in your direction. The
    speed of his fireballs, teleport, and kick will all increase as the fight goes
    You're going to want a Gale for this battle. Don't bother trying to attack up
    close. Azazel's Sparta kick does too much damage to contend with, and he moves
    to fast to retaliate easily. The Gale can be used to dash away from his attacks
    and to  float in the air and attack him while he casts his fireballs at you.
    Towards the end of the fight you really need to get defensive, as he gets very
    fast. Focus on charging up hyper mode and damaging him with that, and the rest
    of the time focus on staying alive. 
    After you take down Azazel there will be a cutscene leading in to...
    Dark Armaros
    The final battle of the game, Dark Armaros. Armaros has the ability to dive
    through the surface of the arena you're in. When he's underneath, he'll try to
    jump out and land on top of you, Avoid that, and he'll stand up and begin
    firing some projectile attacks out of his arms. There's a red laser beam and a
    series of exploding orbs, both of which are pretty easy to dodge. This is where
    you can get the most damage in on him, but finding out HOW to damage him is a
    bit of challenge. He is only weak to one weapon at a time, and the other two
    will be useless. It's going to take some trail and error to find out which one
    will damage him.
    After he's taken some Damage, Armaros will go back underneath the stage. He'll
    pop up out of your range and begin to charge a massive laser. This is your cue
    to get defensive: wait for the beam to sweep across the level and jump over it.
    It's not too hard to avoid, but it's basically a one hit kill if it connects.
    After this Armaros will attempt to fire beams of energy from underneath you.
    Just keep running and you should avoid them. After this phase he'll jump out of
    the water again, and you'll need to repeat the process of finding his weakness
    and damaging him again.
    Repeat this once for each weapon type, and you've defeated Armaros.
    5. Closing...(6CL)
    This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As such,
    I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain or profit off
    of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you see fit as long as it
    comes within those confines: you may print it, make a hat out of the pages, or
    create some pleasant origami. I don't care as long as I maintain ownership of
    this guide. Do not distribute it without my permission, but if you would like
    it on your website feel free to contact me at wcrobars@hotmail.com and I will
    more than likely allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you
    for reading it.
    This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats.

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