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"El shaddai is what it is"

El shaddai Ascension of the Metatron. You know something, this game was a huge thing at E3 and even this year it made a pretty big fuss. But this is doomed to poor sales due to 1. its obscurity, and 2, the demo wasn't that great. Now I am not gonna go out and say the demo is drastically different then the full game, because its not. But there are things that they could have done in the demo that made the appeal a lot more...crowd pleasing? (hopefully you get what I am trying to say)

From what I read on the boards, a lot of people do not like the approach this game has taken in terms of combat, but I think that its great (albeit a bit repetitive later on) For one, it helps to go into this game without trying to compare it to anything (especially bayonetta, which I did play and still to this day is on of my favorite games) So now without further ado, my opinion/review for the game.

Graphics: The visual flair, and the overall variety in the layout of the stages are amazing, unlike anything most of us have seen in a video game this generation. Although the character models are a little rough around the edges. (not bad, just compared to the environments a little bland)

Sound: The soundtrack is great, just great. It really captivates you in the abstract area's throughout the game. (expect a large variety, just like the level design.)

Game play: Now this is the big one. You have your basic controls, analog for running, x for jumping, and the big one, square and only square for attacking. Now I think this is what draws a lot of controversy into the discussion of this game. It does not have the depth of games like bayonetta, god of war, and devil may cry, so comparing it (let alone to games like that) will have you going into this game with high expectations combat wise. This game was clearly made to appeal to someone looking for something new and different, and over time I am sure this game will find its crowd. There is platforming which is made great in the environments that you traverse through, but that aside, its pretty simple stuff. (can be unforgiving at times, but check points a plenty so don't sweat it) Fixed camera which works (most of the time, a few platforming segments that become a tad frustrating due to it sometimes, but not too often) No heads up display, health is displayed via armor breaking and the same goes for your enemies. Three main weapons with a simplistic rock paper scissors type of style to it. large gauntlets called the veil, which are high in defense and attack, but low in agility. A missle like things called gale, which are fast projectiles, but all around weak. And a well rounded sword called the arch, which is...well an arch shaped sword. There is some extra variety in the combat however, after about chapter 4, you get something called boost and over boost, which is a fancy way of saying special abilities for each of your weapons. But the great thing about the combat is how in depth the one button combat can be.

Story: All around good, but leaves a lot of potholes (open for a sequel which is great for me and anyone else that likes this game) Wont say much for those who care but without spoiling anything, pretty much what you have heard elsewhere on the internet. Something loosely based around the old testament called the book of Enoch. And no! This is not a religious game. You can play it regardless of your beliefs.

Longevity: Unless you loved it the first time and want more of a challenge, nothing really worth going back for here. (unless you are just utterly addicted.) There are alternative costumes, and a leader board, and for those achievement whores, a pretty easy game to platinum if you want to put in the time.

Verdict: I loved it, and am glad I bought it. It is what it is...different and will no doubt become hated/ unappreciated by a lot of people due to the other games out there that offer so much more to what we are used to. My opinion? Don't go by the demo, at the very least rent it if your skeptical. But for me, I loved it. Give it a shot, make your own judgement.

Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 9/10
Game play: 8/10
Story: 9/10
Longevity: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/16/11

Game Release: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron (JP, 04/28/11)

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