How to unlock terry funk?

  1. In reys rtrm how to unlock terry funk

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  2. Clarification Request::
    Dude where to meat jericho and los quistadors

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  3. Clarification Request::
    Can u tell me where to meat jericho pls reply somewone common

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  1. Week 3:Edge (Top Locker Room),Jericho (CarPark) -Submission Match
    Week 4:Edge And Christian (Bottom Locker Room) -6 Man Tag Find the Object
    Week 6:R-Truth And Mike Knox ( Near Trainer's Room) -Singles Match
    Week 9/Elimantion Chamber:Randy Orton ( Top Locker Room) -Singles Match
    Week 10:The Hurricane ( Bottom Locker Room) - Steel Cage Match
    Wrestlemania:Terry Funk (Green Room) -Extreme Rules

    Hope I Helped!

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  1. You have to do all of the challenge matches in Rey Mysterio's RTWM and then talk to him in the Green Room at WrestleMania. There will be one more challenge match slot by the time you are at WrestleMania. Sadly, I don't know where the challenge matches are in Rey's RTWM. You can also unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin by doing Christian's RTWM and completing all of the challenge matches. You can also unlock The Rock the same way in the VS. Undertaker RTWM.

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  2. Rey Mysterio

    Week 3 (Submission Match): Jericho

    Week 4 (6 Man Tag): Los Conquistadors

    Week 6 (Singles Match): R Truth

    Week 9 (Singles Match): Bourne vs. Orton
    (talk to Orton in top locker room at Smackdown to set this up)

    Week 10 (Cage): Hurricane
    (talk to him in the lower locker room to set this up before teaming up with RVD)

    WrestleMania (Extreme Rules): Terry Funk (find him in the Green Room)

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  3. Or if you did the "Evil" Rey Mysterio path, the only changes would be Week 9 and Week 10 from dgnr83's post.

    Week 9 (Singles Match): Mysterio vs Orton
    (Same place)
    Week 10 (Cage): Hurricane
    You need to go straight to your locker room, which is the "lower locker room" before You go to Teddy Long's Office.

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  4. Is easy:) terry funk is easy to beat

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  5. Thx UASK :D

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