what are the challenges to unlock terry funk in reys rtwm?A

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    adianu1997 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There it is, every single challenge:

    1)in week 3 go to the locker room and talk to edge, he will send u looking for jericho, go to the parking lot and talk to y2j, he'll challenge u at wwe superstars in a submission match.
    2)in week 4 find edge and christian in a locker room, complete a small "quest" for them, you'll fight a 6men tag with them against legacy at wwe superstars (you'll also unlock their conquistadores attire in the process)
    3)on week 6 find r-truth and knox outside the doctor's room bragging about how great they are, talk to them and defeat truth in single match at wwe superstars.
    4)on week 9 (weither u forgave swaggy on week 8 or not) talk with orton in the locker room (the one on top, on your map), if u forgave swagger you will be wrestling orton on raw after this week is over, if you didn't forgive him you'll be wrestling as evan bourne vs randy orton on raw.
    5)on week 10 talk with hurricane in the locker room (if u did NOT forgive swaggy, u must do this before going to teddy's office)

    Finally, at wrestlemania, go to the green room before your match, u'll find therry funk there. talk to him to immediately start a match that you must obviously win :)

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Other Answers

  1. All you have to do is go to the green room at WrestleMania XVI and beat him in an extreme rules match and he'll be unlocked

    User Info: AspharEchidna

    AspharEchidna - 6 years ago 0 1
  2. Yes, but to have him appear in the green room at wm you must complete the challenges like in christian's rtwm and undertaker rtwm as far as i know. problem is i still haven't find the challenges, the only one i found is on week 4, just talk to edge and christian in their lockerroom and find their conquistadore suit in the green room, still searching for the other four

    User Info: dark_raziel

    dark_raziel - 6 years ago 0 0

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