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    Walkthrough by redapocalypse04

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/10/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |                                 Killzone 3                                  |
    |                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
    |                       Contact: pbreedlove89@yahoo.com                       |
    |                                Version: 1.00                                |
                               ||                     ||
                               ||  Table of Contents  ||
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    I. walkthrough
      Chapter 1___________________________[W1]
        Stahl Arms Compound_______________[W1.1]
        Factory Sub-Section B_____________[W1.2]
        Lithreich Labs____________________[W1.3]
      Chapter 2___________________________[W2]
        Escaping Visari's Palace__________[W2.1]
        Rooftop Showdown__________________[W2.2]
        Dead End__________________________[W2.3]
        Bilgarsk Museum___________________[W2.4]
        Broken Highway____________________[W2.5]
      Chapter 3___________________________[W3]
        Senlin Beach______________________[W3.1]
        Salach District___________________[W3.2]
        Ground Zero_______________________[W3.3]
      Chapter 4___________________________[W4]
        Jungle Valley_____________________[W4.1]
        Behind the Vale___________________[W4.2]
        Cruiser Wreckage__________________[W4.3]
        Kaznan Deep_______________________[W4.4]
        ISA Camp Siege____________________[W4.5]
      Chapter 5___________________________[W5]
        Frozen Shores_____________________[W5.1]
        Akmir Rig_________________________[W5.3]
        Nilfrost Rig______________________[W5.4]
        Providence Bay____________________[W5.5]
        Providence Station________________[W5.6]
      Chapter 6___________________________[W6]
        Stahl Arms East Block_____________[W6.1]
        Ward 5____________________________[W6.2]
        Assembly Line #17_________________[W6.3]
        Sharp Pursuit_____________________[W6.4]
      Chapter 7___________________________[W7]
        Scrapyard Perimeter_______________[W7.1]
        Fenced In_________________________[W7.2]
        Blind Yards_______________________[W7.3]
        Mobile Factory____________________[W7.4]
        Belly of the Beast________________[W7.5]
      Chapter 8___________________________[W8]
        Freight Elevator__________________[W8.3]
        Ashen Skies_______________________[W8.4]
      Chapter 9___________________________[W9]
        Outer Tunnels_____________________[W9.1]
        Power Vacuum______________________[W9.2]
        Inner Sanctum_____________________[W9.3]
        Fleet Battle______________________[W9.4]
    II. Technical_________________________[TECH]
                                  ||               ||
                                  ||  Walkthrough  ||
                                  ||               ||
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                             | ========================== |
                             |                            |
                             | Chapter 1: A New Beginning |                    [W1]
                             |                            |
                             | ========================== |
    |Stahl Arms Compound|                                                    [W1.1]
    In the beginning, there was a tutorial. Obviously. You take control of a 
    Helghast soldier. Use this time to get acquainted with the thumbstick 
    controls. Move to the left booth and you'll be allowed through the booth.
    After watching the prisoner transport unload its cargo, move forward. You can 
    press up on the D-Pad to bring up a waypoint at your objective. Do this and 
    it'll point you to some kind of interface. Press circle to use it.
    |Factory Sub-Section B|                                                  [W1.2]
    Follow your Helghast buddy down to the weapons training area. What follows is a
    pretty basic weapons tutorial. You'll get a handle on firing assault rifles 
    and pistols, along with using the cover and zoom functions. After that's done,
    follow the other Helghast guy for a while.
    |Lithreich Labs|                                                         [W1.3]
    Just follow your Helghast buddy to the cutscene. It turns out neither of you 
    are Helghast, what a surprise! This ends the chapter.
                           | ============================ |
                           |                              |
                           | Chapter 2: Evacuation Orders |                    [W2]
                           |                              |
                           | ============================ |
    |Escaping Visari's Palace|                                               [W2.1]
    At the beginning here, just follow Rico down the debris. You can push and 
    hold in the left thumbstick to sprint. You'll soon come to two enemies that 
    are facing away from you. After Rico takes the first one down, move around 
    the debris and press L1 to do a brutal melee kill. When you link back up with
    some ISA forces, you'll have to deal with a few Helghast to your right. Move 
    up the steps after they're dead and take out the other Helghast on your 
    left. There are more this time. You can hit R2 to toss out a grenade, which 
    is good for taking out enemies behind cover.
    As you go up the next set of steps, look for a weapon refill container to your 
    left. Also, the enemies you've just killed should've dropped a missile 
    launcher that you can pick up. You won't have to drop anything else for it, 
    since it takes up a heavy weapons slot. You will have to drop your revolver, 
    however, if you want to pick up the shotgun pistol, which should be laying in 
    the same area. Move forward to trigger a cutscene.
    |Rooftop Showdown|                                                       [W2.2]
    Move down the stairs and open the door. There is a soldier here with his 
    back turned to you. Use a brutal melee on him, and be prepared to take out 
    a few more just over the pile of rubble to your left. There's a weapon 
    container here, too. When you reach the courtyard area with the tree in the 
    middle, you'll need to deal with several more troopers. There may be some 
    hiding in the close-enclosed areas on the sides of the courtyard. You can 
    make good use of grenades here.
    |Dead End|                                                               [W2.3]
    Outside, look to the right for a weapon container. Head down to the large 
    courtyard and start taking out enemies there. Watch out for a turret on the 
    right side. Don't stay here for too long, because the enemies will just keep 
    coming. You need to go up the stairs and use the wheel on the right side 
    to open the gate. Grab the wheel by holding both L1 and R1, then rotate the 
    controller left to turn the wheel. Keep doing this until the gate is raised.
    Head through the gate yourself. You'll come to a hole in the ground with 
    ominous green shit flying out of it. Head into the broken wall to your left. 
    Let Rico boost you up when you get to the low wall.
    |Bilgarsk Museum|                                                        [W2.4]
    You'll come to a turret. Mount it and take out the numerous Helghast running 
    to the right. There are also some troops on the second level of the 
    building in front of you. After they're all gone, you can press triangle to 
    pull the gatling gun off and use it, but it takes up your heavy weapons 
    slot, so you'll drop the missile launcher if you have it. However, the gatling
    gun will prove a lot more useful when you go through the next door.
    In here, stay back and wait for enemies to populate the room. They'll cover 
    the balcony too, and you don't want them firing down on you. Use the turret 
    to help clear the room. There are more as you move around to the left. As you
    are about to leave this area, check a room to the left of the exit for some 
    grenades. There are a few more enemies to take out when you get up to the 
    On the roof, you'll have plenty of Helghast soldiers to deal with. There is 
    a weapon container directly ahead of you as you exit the door that leads to
    the roof. If you have the gatling gun, pull it back out to chew these 
    bad guys up. Once most of them are gone, a drop ship will come and start 
    shooting at you, use whatever heavy weapon is available to knock it out of 
    the sky. More soldiers will pour in after this. When they're dead, move to the 
    door with the highlighted area on it. You'll need to press circle to place a 
    bomb here. Hold R1 once it's down and rotate the controller left, then right 
    to arm it. Press circle again and press R1 when you're a good distance away 
    to blow the door. Right after you arm it, enemies will start coming over the 
    wall to your right. When you blow the door, more enemies will come in through
    the new hole. Take them all down and move forward.
    |Broken Highway|                                                         [W2.5]
    Keep moving. When you encounter doors that look like they've been shot to hell,
    you can shoot or melee them to bust through. After the cutscene, let the ISA 
    mech take down the Helghast machine, then move forward. There will be a 
    gunship above you, along with enemies in a building to your right and on the 
    bridge ahead of you. There are explosive barrels on the bridge that you can 
    use, and the building on your right is weak. If you shoot out the supports on 
    the same level as the soldiers, piece of the roof above them will fall on 
    Move on down the highway. There will be a hell of a lot more enemies to take 
    out this time, both on the highway and in the building to your left. There 
    is also an RPG trooper in that building, so try to take him out quickly. After
    a bit, another gunship will drop in. Luckily, there's a weapon container here,
    so use your heavy weapons to make short work of everything. Take out the 
    straggling Helghast as you reach the end of the bridge to finish the 
                              | ======================= |
                              |                         |
                              | Chapter 3: Pyrrhus Evac |                      [W3]
                              |                         |
                              | ======================= |
    |Senlin Beach|                                                           [W3.1]
    You'll be in the gunner seat here. Use L1 to fire cannon shots and R1 to fire
    the machine gun. The tanks plows through this area pretty quickly, so you need
    to be on your guard. Helghast will be all over the place. When you eventually 
    get out onto the large beach area, immediately face left. There will be a 
    load of soldiers and two gunships pummelling the hell out of you.
    When you first get on the highway, APCs will come from the right, along with 
    some soldiers. The rest of the highway part will be you running away from 
    those APCs, which have turrets on them. They'll also damage you if they get 
    on your ass, so keep hitting them with cannon shots. When you get off the 
    highway, you'll have to deal with tanks, which take roughly the same amount
    of damage, but deal out a lot more. After the first two, watch out for sandbag
    emplacements as well as more tanks.
    |Salach District|                                                        [W3.2]
    Climb up the flight of stairs and bust through the doors. You'll eventually
    come across a manned turret. Kill the enemy and take control of it to clear
    the street below. Move on. You'll start coming across snipers next. They have
    a pretty obvious red laser sight attached to their guns, so they shouldn't 
    take you by surprise. You can also pick up one of their snipers when you 
    come across it. It occupies the heavy weapon slot.
    After the cutscene, you'll need to take out two gunners. One is on the ground
    next to the arc cannon, the other is above the ground to the right of the 
    building in front of you. After they're dead, clean up any Helghast on the 
    street and prepare for snipers to start popping out of the windows of the 
    building in front of you. Eventually, snipers will occupy the building to your 
    left, as well as the building to your far right. If you go up the stairs and 
    then down another set of stairs you'll find a weapon container. Take out 
    several snipers and Rico will give you the go ahead to mop up the rest of the 
    ground troops.
    |Ground Zero|                                                            [W3.3]
    You'll be inside of a mech for this one. L1 fires rockets and R1 fires the 
    machine gun. Follow Rico and you'll enter an area with soldiers, arc cannons, 
    and even tanks that all need to be taken out. Drop down into the trench and 
    hit the bridge. Remember press up on the D-Pad if you need directions. After 
    you come out of the trench, you'll have to deal with RPG troops and turrets 
    in the two buildings ahead of you. Do NOT get cocky. Just because you are in a 
    mech doesn't mean these guys can't tear you up. Zoom in and pick them off. Go
    to the left of the left-most building and start picking off the heavier turrets
    and tanks on the other side. There's a lot of heavy munitions over here, so 
    don't just run out or you'll get chewed to pieces.
    After the cutscene, you'll be out of the mech. Look on top of the trench for 
    a flamethrower-toting Helghast that's torching your troops. Fight your way 
    through this trench, which is filled with bad guys. There will be a couple 
    more flamethrowers above you to take out when you get to an open area. You 
    should eventually make it to an open area with a few soldiers. Further on in 
    the trench, an APC comes in with some troops. Take out the enemies, and don't
    worry about the APC, it won't do anything to you. Walk right past it and up 
    the stairs to end the chapter.
                             | ======================== |
                             |                          |
                             | Chapter 4: Six Months On |                      [W4]
                             |                          |
                             | ======================== |
    |Jungle Valley|                                                          [W4.1]
    As you move through this stage, you'll need to watch out for some hostile 
    plant life. The orange cactus looking things explode when you shoot them, 
    which can be used against other enemies. You'll encounter Helghan spiders at 
    one point, but they are easy to take out. After the cutscene, use L1 to 
    silently kill the soldier on the right. Next, zoom in and take out the 
    soldier on the ledge above you with a headshot. You don't have to do this 
    stealthily, but it saves you the trouble of fighting a ton of bad guys.
    To hide from enemies, you can enter a dark place, or you can hold down L2 to 
    crouch while in tall grass. Follow Kowalski's lead. While crouching in the 
    grass, an enemy comes towards you. Headshot him. Move into the dark tunnel on 
    the right. Two more enemies will come around. Wait until they're both by the 
    orange cactus thing, called a burster, and then shoot it.
    After Kowalski boosts you up, you'll come across a lot of soldiers. Wait until
    the mech thing moves away and start taking them out silently. When you need 
    to take out the two patrolling enemies, wait until they are by a burster. Same
    goes for the two enemies beneath the bridge that holds one more enemy. Just 
    be patient and careful.
    |Behind the Vale|                                                        [W4.2]
    You're still in the stealth portion of the level, but you'll no longer have 
    Kowalski around to show you where to go. Wait until the first two Helghast 
    split up, then take them both down. If you let the other one go, it's no 
    big deal. He'll be standing at the edge of the cave you're about to enter, so 
    you can knife him easily. There are 4 soldiers that you'll need to take out 
    when you exit the cave. One patrols directly in front of you, one is on the 
    platform above him, one is on the left side in the middle, just staring off 
    into space, and one is at the entrance to the next cave you'll need to enter.
    They are all easily dispatched with headshots.
    After you exit the slightly longer cave system, you'll come across two 
    more enemies. Circle around to the left and crouch in the high grass. Use it 
    to get next to the guard on the ground and knife him when the other isn't 
    looking. Headshot the upper guard. There's another enemy in the next small 
    cave that you need to go through. You can headshot him from where you're at.
    There are a bunch of troops and mechs outside of the cave. Don't bother 
    shooting any of them. Just use the rows of tall grass to move through the 
    area, and remember to stay crouched. Use a burster to take out most of the 
    Helghan spiders in the next area.
    |Cruiser Wreckage|                                                       [W4.3]
    There are 4 Helghast in the area. Knife the one in front of you, and headshot
    the other three from the dark tunnel to your left. One of them is pretty far
    out, and they all move around, so be patient. Once you've killed them all, 
    move forward. There's no need for stealth anymore. There's a weapon container
    and a heavy machine gun in the middle. Keep going until you trigger the 
    After the cutscene, you'll be in a firefight with a few soldiers who will 
    try to flank to your right and a mech. There are assault rifles and smgs in a 
    gun rack near you, as well as a weapon container and another heavy machine gun.
    You'll need that heavy machine gun. If you lay into the mech, you'll destroy it
    pretty quickly. After they're down another mech drops in, so pummel it with 
    bullets, restock, and move forward.
    |Kaznan Deep|                                                            [W4.4]
    Head back to the entrance to this area. It's gone, but you can go up that 
    dark tunnel and you'll find a new entrance at the top if you go left. There are
    enemies in this tunnel. When you drop out into the next clearing, be prepared
    to take on more bad guys, including one with a flamethrower that rushes you, 
    and two RPG troopers in the back. You can pick up that flamethrower if you'd
    prefer it over the machine gun. There are more enemies in the next clearing, 
    including another flamethrower guy. Also note that for obvious reasons, 
    flamethrowers aren't very effective against flamethrowing enemies.
    You'll encounter more enemies a bit further on. There are some machine guns 
    on the ledge here, by the piece of cover, if you decided you don't like the 
    flamethrower. After you take these guys out, move forward and more soldiers
    will come out of the next cave. When you go through the cave and come out on 
    the other side, there will be more baddies to greet you. Included this time are
    two of the Predator-esque guys with the blades coming from their arms. They 
    run fast but can only melee and are quick to take down.
    You'll finally link back up with ISA forces as they fight more Helghast. Follow
    them and keep your eyes open. Enemies will come out of caves and will be on 
    upper levels as you move on. The enemies die down as you get closer to the 
    ISA base camp.
    |ISA Camp Siege|                                                         [W4.5]
    This is just a matter of staying alive for about 2 minutes while a million
    Helghast soldiers and mechs swarm you. Grab a heavy machine gun whenever 
    possible so you can lay into everything. Just keep falling back as the 
    positions get overwhelmed and try to stay in the middle.
                             | ======================== |
                             |                          |
                             | Chapter 5: Icy Incursion |                      [W5]
                             |                          |
                             | ======================== |
    |Frozen Shores|                                                          [W5.1]
    You'll be placed into a turret. Your ship will fly around a few platforms in 
    the frozen water. You'll have to take out normal soldiers, AA turrets, RPG
    troopers, and even dropships towards the end. However, this part is still 
    pretty short and somewhat easy.
    |Shipwreck|                                                              [W5.2]
    After you crash you'll find a minigun you can tote around with you. There are
    several Helghast between you and the tanker you need to board. Some of them 
    might have rifles that do heavier damage, so watch out. There are multiple 
    enemies on the tanker itself, along with a weapon container in the first 
    room you come across. Make your way to the top and then drop back down into 
    the middle of the tanker.
    In this area you'll be trapped with three jetpacking soldiers and two RPG 
    troopers at the far end, above you. The enemies with jetpacks aren't really
    that difficult to take down, if you can keep your reticule on them. After the
    you climb up and trigger the cutscene, you'll need to use the jetpack you've
    acquired to jump across the icebergs below you. Hold L1 to use the jetpack 
    and press X to give yourself a boost in mid-air. You can't keep it active for 
    more than a couple of seconds at a time. Once you're inside the busted ship, 
    you'll need to get across a large gap. Make use of that speed boost. When 
    you get to the boarded up door, press R1 to fire your machine gun and blow 
    the boards out of the way.
    |Akmir Rig|                                                              [W5.3]
    Jetpack over to the rig, then up onto the main platform. There are multiple
    soldiers here. You'll need to make your way up to the AA gun in the middle, 
    about two floors above you. There are more soldiers guarding the gun. Something
    to note here: The jetpack isn't something you have to wear. It takes up the 
    heavy weapons slot, so you can switch at any time to another weapon or throw
    a grenade if you prefer to do things that way. You can then go back to 
    jetpacking whenever you feel like it. Anyway, get to the room just below the 
    AA gun and plant a D-charge in there.
    After the cutscene, jump off of the platform and do multiple thrusts to get 
    down to the iceberg far below you safely. Hop around until you reach an 
    iceberg with a couple of Helghast on it. Kill them and a few jetpacking 
    enemies will show up, along with a dropship that dumps more regular bad guys 
    on you. There's a weapon container in the tunnel to your right as you first 
    land on this iceberg. When you get to the end, shoot the two electric nodes 
    on the next rig to lower a platform that you can jump onto.
    |Nilfrost Rig|                                                           [W5.4]
    There are enemies scattered around up here. Fortunately, there are also 
    plenty of explosive barrels scattered around. Use them. When you get to the 
    stairs leading down, be careful. There are more enemies on those stairs as 
    you descend and further down on the catwalk. There are more enemies on the 
    platform below you where you need to plant the first D-charge. Take them out, 
    but make sure they're all dead when you get down there. Plant the charge and 
    two jetpacking soldiers will come in for you. Jump around some more until you 
    get to the second point. Plant the charge and take out the lone jetpacker. 
    You now have 4 minutes to get off of the rig. Go through the gate and hop onto
    the stairs. Now turn around and look on the corner wall on the left. There is 
    an alcove in the wall you can jump to. You'll need to keep jumping up this 
    shaft, to alcoves, platforms, and eventually some stairs. There are enemies 
    in here too.
    Once you're on the platform, you'll come to a room with some enemies and some
    crates. Look up and you should see a big hole in the ceiling. Fly up, take 
    out more enemies and a jetpacker, and make your way to the platform 
    extending out to trigger the cutscene.
    |Providence Bay|                                                         [W5.5]
    At the start, follow Rico. You'll need to keep on the move because the volleys
    of missiles from the turret will come straight for you. When you head up the 
    stairs, be prepared for multiple enemies. There are more up the next set of 
    stairs and inside the bunker. When you get to the stairs that lead to the 
    top of the bunker, you'll find one Helghast and a weapon container. Climb the 
    stairs but don't exit onto the roof yet. There are two soldiers up here, plus
    a sniper on the crane/rig thing out ahead of you.
    Once they're all down, take control of the missile turret. You can fire three
    seperate volleys before you have to reload. If you press in the right 
    thumbstick, you'll enter artillery mode. This fires all three volleys straight
    down on top of a target instantly. You'll need to deal with a dropship, 
    soldiers on the ground, bunkers with guns in them, and a tank. Once they're 
    down, make your way to the other side of the bay. Keep running, because the 
    other missile turret will still be firing at you. Get to the top of that 
    bunker, destroying all the Helghast in your way, and use the turret to take 
    out whatever's left down below, including a tank that shows up.
    |Providence Station|                                                     [W5.6]
    Once you get back down to the ground and enter the big doors, you'll trigger a
    cutscene. After that cutscene, there will be a tank for you to take out. If 
    you don't have one of the missile turrets on you, there are some on a gun rack
    in here. There's also a weapon container. Take out the tank and other enemies 
    and move up the hill. You'll find another weapon container here along with 
    another tank and more bad guys.
    When you reach the station, you'll have to deal with a swarm of enemies 
    guarding the place. Take them out, and be sure to check that small building
    to your right before you enter the actual complex. Once you're inside, 
    clear out whatever enemies might be left on both floors and move towards the 
    checkpoint to end this chapter.
                        | ================================== |
                        |                                    |
                        | Chapter 6: Stahl Arms Infiltration |                 [W6]
                        |                                    |
                        | ================================== |
    |Stahl Arms East Block|                                                  [W6.1]
    You're back at the beginning of the game. Just follow Rico around for a while. 
    You won't have to do the weapons training, obviously. You should finally come
    to a door that's blocked by three guards. At this point, you'll need to make 
    a diversion, so head back and go into the middle area. There's a valve in here
    that you can turn. This triggers a cutscene. After that, there's more walking
    around, and then another long cutscene.
    |Ward 5|                                                                 [W6.2]
    You'll have to take down several enemies in a couple of waves. Fortunately, 
    you now have the arc cannon. If you just shoot it, it stuns an enemy. The 
    second shot will kill them. You can hold down R1 to charge it up, however, 
    and then shoot it at an enemy. It has a bigger radius that way and it makes 
    them explode. There's a weapon container here, so go nuts with it. After 
    they're dead, make your way into the next room. There are a lot of bad guys 
    in here, and one of them has an arc cannon. Use your own to thin the crowd.
    After the next cutscene, Narville will go elsewhere. Head into the first door 
    on your right for a weapon container. This room has a lot of enemies in it. 
    After you take them out, move forward and check the balcony behind you. There 
    are enemies up here. Move towards Rico as soon as possible. He's standing 
    behind some solid cover along with some weapons and a weapon container. Also,
    more enemies will start flooding in from the door you came in, so you'll 
    need to put some distance between you and them. Among those enemies is a guy 
    with an arc cannon. Your own arc cannon is the best bet when facing these guys,
    as they take a lot of punishment.
    |Assembly Line #17|                                                      [W6.3]
    Go down the stairs and stock up on arc cannon ammo if you need it, because 
    the door closes behind you when you step out. This next area is filled with 
    enemies and there's little cover. You'll need to watch for bad guys on the 
    structure in front of you, as well as some that try to flank to your left. 
    A few jetpacking Helghast also come in at one point, so you'll need to be on 
    your guard. When they're down, move up that structure. There's a weapon 
    container on the second floor. At the top you'll have to deal with more 
    enemies on the next structure. There are multiple electric nodes that you can 
    shoot to take out the bad guys.
    When the elevator comes up, take out the lone soldier and ride it to the 
    bottom. Down here you'll have to deal with more enemies, including an RPG 
    trooper up top and an arc cannon trooper on the bottom. When you next encounter
    enemies, you'll meet back up with Narville and some prisoners. Clear out the 
    room and move outside. There are plenty more baddies all over the place, so 
    stay in cover and pick them off. There are two jetpacks to your left as you 
    go outside, if you'd like to stay mobile. When all of the other enemies are 
    down, you'll need to take out a flying mech. It zips around pretty quickly, but 
    stops to fire it's machine gun and rockets at you. Use this moment to hit it 
    with either the arc cannon if you still have it, or a missile launcher that you
    can pick up from the building at the bottom of the ramp. It shouldn't take 
    too long to destroy, just stay away from the missiles it fires.
    |Sharp Pursuit|                                                          [W6.4]
    You'll be stuck inside of an Ice Saw. It's a vehicle that saws through ice. 
    It'll automatically move forward, so all you have to do is steer and shoot. 
    Press R1 to fire the machine guns and L1 to fire homing missiles. You'll need
    to lay down on both to take out all of the ground vehicles that harass you 
    as you're driving along. Eventually, you'll also have to deal with dropships.
    Just stay alive for a couple of minutes and the chapter will end.
                           | ============================= |
                           |                               |
                           | Chapter 7: Scrapyard Shortcut |                   [W7]
                           |                               |
                           | ============================= |
    |Scrapyard Perimeter|                                                    [W7.1]
    The beginning of this is just a lot of walking around. After Rico blows the 
    barrels, you'll cross some bridges. Just after these, when you're in the 
    trench like area, keep an eye on the left side for a gun rack facing away 
    from you. There's a bolt gun here. You can also grab it when you head back 
    this way after the cutscene.
    When you reach the bridges, be prepared to take on several sentry bots and 
    foot soldiers. There's a weapon container here, so go wild with the bolt gun.
    As you continue on you'll have to deal with more soldiers and another 
    sentry bot. Don't neglect the various explosive barrels. When you get to the 
    gate, eliminate the enemies above it and put a D-charge on it. There will be 
    more enemies on the other side.
    |Fenced In|                                                              [W7.2]
    After the cutscene you'll be up against a load of enemies, including snipers
    and sentry bots. There's a weapon container and a sniper rifle a few feet 
    ahead of you. You can use the sniper or the bolt gun, but since you've got a 
    weapon container right there, why not let loose with the bolt gun? After you've
    taken everyone down, climb up the crane. There's another weapon container 
    here, along with another bolt gun and sniper rifle.
    After Rico messes with the controls, you'll have to deal with multiple waves
    of enemies being dropped off by dropships. You will also have to deal with a 
    wave that comes from the left and starts climbing the ladders up to your 
    position. After another wave of enemies, a dropship will start dumping enemies
    right in front of you. You can kill a lot of them before they even leave the 
    ship. Finally, you'll have to deal with a couple of sentry bots.
    |Blind Yards|                                                            [W7.3]
    You'll have to fight up a hill littered with enemies. Some of them are 
    packing LMGs, so don't stray out of cover for too long. There's a weapon 
    container at the bottom of the hill. At the top, go left and you'll have to 
    face off against a heavy trooper wielding a gatling gun. He's a very heavy 
    trooper, to be honest, and this functions as a boss fight, complete with 
    infinitely spawning lesser enemies. There's another weapon container near 
    the beginning here. The trick to this is to shoot the heavy in the head. This 
    will make him turn around and bend over. At this point, shoot the orange 
    tanks on his back. He takes quite a bit of damage. Alternatively, you can just
    lay into him with the bolt gun, if you've got it. Rico will hit him in the head
    from time to time, so he's bound to turn around at some point. A well placed
    bolt will do some damage to him.
    |Mobile Factory|                                                         [W7.4]
    This place is filled with enemies. In the first room, after you defeat the 
    soldiers, sentry bots will fire at you from the windows. Take them down. Once 
    you reach an outside area, prepare to deal with more sentry bots and a lot of 
    Helghast, including some with shotguns and RPGs. Once you cross over to the 
    side they came from, you should see a room with a weapon container in it. At 
    this point you'll have to deal with jetpacking enemies. After you take them 
    down, you might notice some people off in the distance. Don't shoot them, 
    they're friendly ISA forces. After you go around a couple of corners, you 
    will be on a catwalk. At the other end, there's a guy with a missile launcher 
    pointed right at you, so take him down quickly.
    At the next set of stairs, do not rush forward. There are enemies up here 
    that are hard to see, including one with an RPG. Also, two jetpackers come out 
    of nowhere while you're fighting them, so stay alert.
    |Belly of the Beast|                                                     [W7.5]
    After you go up the stairs you'll have to deal with several Helghast and two 
    turrets. Once you've cleared them out, hop onto the two turrets facing the 
    opposite way and deal with the jetpacking soldiers. Most of them come from a 
    platform above you, and if you don't deal with them quickly they will put 
    you down for good. After they're gone, mop up the foot soldiers and the RPG
    troops on the platforms ahead.
    Once you get to the end you'll have to deal with two AA guns below you. There
    are plenty of missile launchers here to make the job easy, along with a weapon
    container. Blow them away and head down the ramp, taking out more enemies as 
    you go. You'll soon head back below deck to blow open a door to the main 
    control room. Inside you'll find several Helghast, so toss in a couple of 
    grenades to soften them up first.
                             | ======================== |
                             |                          |
                             | Chapter 8: The Reckoning |                      [W8]
                             |                          |
                             | ======================== |
    |Trenches|                                                               [W8.1]
    Run down to the battlefield. You'll need to fight your way up this hill 
    that's littered with bad guys. There are snipers here too, so watch yourself.
    Also note that you'll start with a pistol and a heavy machine gun, but no 
    assault rifle, so if you want one you're going to need to pick it up off the 
    ground. You don't actually have to cover a lot of distance here, you just need
    to take out a lot of enemies. Watch out for grenades and make your way to the 
    After this you'll be going through some trenches filled with enemies while 
    explosions and all manner of hell go off around you. A few of the bad guys 
    here carry flamethrowers and shotguns, so stay on your guard.
    |MAWLR|                                                                  [W8.2]
    You'll now have to deal with that huge four-legged thing above you. Follow 
    the trooper and grab a WASP cannon. Use it to take down the turrets on the 
    MAWLR's knees. Your main targets are the cooling vents near the top. They are 
    bright red and will be exposed after the main gun that looks like something 
    from Ghostbusters turns off. Hit them with an artillery volley. Everytime 
    you do this, the mech will start firing on your position. Also, more turrets
    will pop up on it, and eventually you'll have to deal with foot soldiers 
    dropping in on your location. After the third vent has been destroyed, an APC
    drops off more troops. Take them down and the MAWLR will fire it's main gun 
    at the bunkers you're hiding in, so get the hell out of there. Hit the final
    vent after the gun shuts off.
    |Freight Elevator|                                                       [W8.3]
    When you get to the open area, you'll have to take down a lot of enemies. 
    They're all foot soldiers, at least, but there are two heavy turrets at the 
    far end. Your best bet is to pick up a rifle near the first weapon container 
    and get closer, then try to score some headshots. There's also a gatling gun 
    laying next to another weapon container on a platform in the middle. It's 
    pretty obvious. Don't forget to look high, as there are more enemies on a 
    platform above the rest. You'll actually need to get on this platform, and as 
    you climb the stairs to get up there, watch out for more enemies.
    |Ashen Skies|                                                            [W8.4]
    You'll be in a turret, flying around the MAWLR as all manner of AA guns and 
    missile launchers pop up on top of it and try to annihilate you. After taking
    out several of them, you'll fly over to the main cannon. There are two cooling
    vents to take out here, along with more AA guns. Once they're down, you'll have
    to take out a bunch of electric nodes that form a ring around the joint where
    the cannon/arm connects to the main body. After you do that, you will then 
    need to pummel the hell out of the bridge of the MAWLR. Every single thing that
    makes your cursor turn red must be destroyed to finally end this machine.
                              | ======================= |
                              |                         |
                              | Chapter 9: Interception |                      [W9]
                              |                         |
                              | ======================= |
    |Outer Tunnels|                                                          [W9.1]
    After you go through the door, prepare to deal with a load of enemies on 
    both levels. Your first order of business should be taking out a bunch of 
    robotic spiders that explode when you shoot them or when they get near you. 
    After that, make your way up top and clear this area out. They'll send the 
    melee guys your way, so hold back until you know it's safe. There's a weapon
    container up here. After you clear this room you'll be on a curved walkway. 
    The next area has plenty of bad guys, and a few of them are toting machine 
    guns. Be careful because these guys will put you down before you even know 
    what's going on. As you move forward, take it slow. There will be some 
    enemies at the far end that like to stay hidden until they get a clear line 
    of sight.
    |Power Vacuum|                                                           [W9.2]
    After the cutscene, clear the room of the mechanical spiders. There might be 
    more crawling around as you climb the stairs. When you get to the long tunnel,
    something will crash into it and the gravity will diminish drastically. You'll
    have to take out a lot of enemies in here, including an RPG trooper at the 
    very back. There is a weapon container on the bottom floor on the left near 
    the beginning, and one up top on the right towards the middle. If you go 
    jumping around, be careful, because you'll jump high enough to be hit by the 
    things moving on tracks above you. Also keep an eye out for that grenade sound.
    Thrown grenades won't land, they'll just keep flying in the air, so they 
    could be right above you and you won't even know it. There are also a few 
    sentry bots to take care of in here.
    After you restore gravity, grab the missile launcher off the gun rack near 
    you. It'll help you make short work of the heavy gatling gun trooper you're 
    about to face. The large doors will open and you'll have to deal with a few 
    RPG troopers. After they're dead, one of the elevators will drop off normal 
    troops, and another elevator will drop off sentry bots and the heavy guy.
    |Inner Sanctum|                                                          [W9.3]
    After you exit the elevator, hit the weapon container, then take care of the 
    mechanical spiders. Follow Rico and Narville across the wreckage to the next
    door. Just before you get there you'll have to deal with a few enemies.
    After the cutscene, there will be a few enemies on the upper platform, and 
    the gravity will once again be dismal. Head down to the cover below and take
    the enemies out from down there. Be wary of a sniper at the far end on the 
    bottom floor. Once you get back up top, you'll find a weapon container on the 
    right and an arc cannon in a gun rack on the left. There are more enemies ahead
    that'll rush at you, plus an RPG trooper and a sniper. Further on, more 
    Helghast will come into play, including melee soldiers and a guy with an arc 
    |Fleet Battle|                                                           [W9.4]
    You'll be in the gunner seat in a space fighter. The first part of this just 
    involves you flying around taking out other fighters. Keep an ear out for 
    that beeping sound, it lets you know that your health is low. It's kind of 
    hard to accurately gauge how much damage you've taken just by watching the 
    shots hit you. Just keep on firing at the enemies. R1 shoots the machine gun 
    and L1 shoots homing missiles.
    After the cutscene, take out the two fighters and then concentrate your fire
    on the main cruiser. When you see a red target appear over something, make sure
    you shoot only at that. Your missiles take time to recharge and your machine 
    guns overheat pretty quickly, and there's plenty of shit on this cruiser 
    shooting back at you to end this trip in a hurry. After you've circled around
    it once, you'll be facing the warp core. Hit the three sections of it and 
    you'll start flying around the cruiser again, taking out turrets. Once you've
    circled around one full time to the other side, hit the three targets on 
    that side of the warp core to trigger a cutscene.
    But it's not over yet. You'll be flying down towards Stahl's cruiser as it 
    enters the Helghan atmosphere. It'll be firing missiles at you that you need
    to destroy. When you get close enough, press circle when prompted to launch 
    a nuke. This triggers the final cutscene and ends the game.
                                   ||             ||
                                   ||  Technical  ||                         [TECH]
                                   ||             ||
    Any website may use this guide, as long as it is kept intact and proper credit 
    is given. Contact me at pbreedlove89@yahoo.com if you have any
    questions about the guide or the game.

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