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Reviewed: 06/06/11

Fun, but lacking

WWE All Stars review (PS3)

If you're a fan of wrestling you probably are or once were a fan of the WWE. If you're a fan of the WWE then you probably know of the Smackdown vs. RAW series. Every year one of these games comes out and its usually more of the same old stuff with some new features added, some old features taken away, an updated roster, and improved graphics. This year however, THQ decided to give us something new in the form of WWE All Stars. This game is drastically different from Smackdown vs. RAW series. Is that a good thing though? Lets break it down shall we....

Graphics/Presentation – 8

Right off the bat anyone who sees this game should be able to tell that this is NOT Smackdown vs. RAW. THQ decided to give all the wrestlers a “larger than life” look, so to speak. People often compare the look of the wrestlers in this game to action figures and its easy to see why. All the wrestlers look far more muscular than they are in real life and all their moves look really exaggerated. Personally I love this look and feel its a breath of fresh air to see a wrestling game made like this. While I feel this look will appeal strongly to casual gamers and children, fans of the Smackdown vs. RAW series may be turned off by this. Really it comes down to your preference.

Gameplay – 7.5

This game has a rather simple play style, but it really works. The grappling system allows you to do quick or powerful grapple moves. You can do quick or powerful strikes and attack from the top rope or while running. Also each wrestler has their own signature moves that can be done by pressing a two or three button combination in the correct situation and a finishing move. One feature that I personally love in this game is that some moves bounce your opponents into the air, allowing you to do juggle combos. This is something you'd never see in a more realistic game.

Winning matches is also really simple. All the wrestlers have life bars that deplete as moves are done to them. When your opponent is weakened you can try to pin then and mash buttons to make it harder for them to get you off them. You can also win matches by doing your finishing move when your opponent has very low health.

Overall this game is very easy to pick up and play and really I can't imagine anyone having too much trouble learning it. Its great for casual gamers and young children, but again, fans of the Smackdown vs. RAW series may be turned off by the simplicity,

Game Modes/Content – 5

Heres where I feel this game may disappoint some people. Theirs not too many match types available in this game. You can play normal matches, tag team matches, “extreme rules” matches (which allow you to use weapons), cage matches, handicap matches (which allows you to have two wrestlers against one) and elimination matches. Thats it. Matches can have two, three, or four people involved in them.

In terms of single player modes, theirs the Exhibition mode (which lets you make any match you want), the “Path Of Champions” mode (which is basically an arcade mode that matches you play through 9 matches to get to the boss), and the “Fantasy Warfare” mode (which lets to play specific matches pitting current WWE Superstars against WWE Legends and allows you to unlock characters). While the modes are fun to play through, I really wish THQ offered some more choices here.

The “Create-A-Superstar” mode also makes an appearance in this game. While its not quite as robust as it is in the before mention Smackdown vs. RAW series, its still pretty good. People have been able to create their favorite wrestlers using this mode and make then look really good. My main problem with this mode is that you have to give your created wrestler the move-sets of one of the characters already in the game and one of the finishers of one of the characters already in the game. I wish they would've at least let you choose your own signature moves. People coming to this game from the Smackdown vs. RAW series will definitely be disappointed by the Create a Superstar mode.

In terms of unlockables, this game actually has a surprising amount to offer. There's 10 characters to unlock, hidden arenas to wrestle in, and hidden costumes for all the wrestlers. Unlocking everyone can get pretty tedious after a while, but if you don't feel like doing work you could always just use the convenient “unlock everything” code and save yourself the trouble.

Online, you can play ranked or player matches against people. All the before mention match types are available for you to play Really, if you don't plan to play this game with friends, then playing online is the way to go because playing by yourself you'll most likely get bored quickly.

Overall Score – 7

Overall, I think this game is fun, but pretty lacking. The graphics and gameplay are really solid, but the lack of stuff to do is this game may be a deal breaker for some. If you're looking for a game thats just fun to play with friends then this is for you, although I don't think its really worth $60. If you can find it for $40 or less and you KNOW you'll play with friends or online then I'd say pick it up. If you're looking for something with some depth though then you might be better off buying something else.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: WWE All Stars (US, 03/29/11)

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