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Reviewed: 03/11/11

Horrible, nuff said

I'm a huge fan of Sonic Adventure. I have it for the Dreamcast and played it religiously. Once I tried to revisit my classic gaming world but couldn't due to my Dreamcast short circuiting. I saw that downloading Sonic Adventure was only 10$ on the Playstation Network, but for the sake of 10$, I should have done anything I could have with that money.

What's Good: What's good is that you get to relive the Sonic Adventure title. This is almost the same game as we played on the Dreamcast. There aren't many noticeable difference since this is a port of the original. I recommend you to purchase this download if you want a nostalgia trip or wish to reminisce through this golden launch title.

What's Bad: A lot. Too much.

The camera angle glitches have gotten worse. I have no been able to pan around certain angle on MANY occasions. What was frustrating then has become unplayable now. I have do blind jump out of spots I can't see and just hope for the best because this game has worse accommodations than the Dreamcast version (lol if you thought that version was bad...)

The controls are the worst controls I've ever experienced for a Playstation title. I use the D-pad rather than the analog stick. On the Dreamcast, everywhere I went was smooth and my character was always running fast. On the PS3 version, I need to focus to be able to run. If I come close to a wall I come to a complete stop, this includes not even touching the wall... I come to a complete stop. With the analog it's the same predicament. Although I use the same techniques as the Dreamcast counterpart, this version is so sensitive that any interruption from holding up with result in you not running and not able to do things like Amy's power-jump or Sonic's plain old incredible speed.

Then come things that I wasn't prepared for...the bottom line is, this game is too sensitive for you to be able to relive the past. I jump and hit invisible walls that were never present. I can't maintain my speed over microscopic changes in texture, as in there's the smaller of changes in platform altitude and I come to a screeching halt because I can't go over them nor can I press jump in time (I've tried on multiple occasions and always get denied a last-minute jump)

I would give this game the same ratings as anyone else would give the Sega Dreamcast version with a few notes:
Graphics and Gameplay are the same considering it's a port.
Deduct 2.0-3.0 points for Control because it has dramatically diminished in quality and overall playability.
Re-playability: Deduct another 2.0-3.0 points. All you want to do is either beat the game or get to Super Sonic or get all the emblems and then you never want to play this again. It is too dreadful to pick up for fun.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Sonic Adventure (US, 09/21/10)

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