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    Treasure Location Guide by Zafro

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    Sorcery Treasure Chest Locations
    Created May 28, 2012
    By Zafro
    This is a cut and dry guide to help you locate the treasure chests throughout
    the game. I marked these down as I played them and tried to make the
    descriptions make sense to someone playing along. So long as you follow it as
    you play you should be fine. Might not be a bad idea to save every now and then
    in case you accidentally run ahead. Aside from the location, I marked what was
    in each chest so you know you got the right one, in the event the description is
    a bit vague for you.
    1. On the upper floor of the tower, in the last open door before you can jump
    down -- gold
    2. Outside, before you open the gate to leave, form a circle with the stone
    pillars and a chest appears -- gold
    3. During first encounter with restless dead, there's a chest just to the left
    of the path -- ornate dagger
    4. Following previous encounter, door opens and more dead approach. Move the two
    pillars and the chest is right there -- rotworm ichor, gold
    5. This large chest is required, you can't miss it -- grave dust, sigil fragment
    6. After the sigil door, run to the little orange dots floating around, called
    wisps, follow them to a chest -- gold
    7. Grab the shield nexus, then run back and to the left -- gold tooth, gold
    8. Now bash the cracked wall in the previous room, archers appear above, deal
    with them then bash the next cracked wall -- bronze ring, gold
    9. Jump down to next room, mend stairs to the left and go down the hallway --
    rotworm ichor, gold
    10. After the large uphill battle there will be wisps for you to follow --
    11. Open door after fighting off first bunch of restless dead with shields.
    Follow wisps in next area -- grave dust, gold
    12. After fighting Keymaster, go back to the chest where he appeared -- bone
    statuette, gold
    13. Open the door, go down the hallway and turn right when it opens up -- silver
    mirror, gold
    14. Before crossing the bridge, turn around -- ebony snuffbox, gold
    15. Mend the bridge, chest is right there -- gold
    16. Destroy the fire fruit and follow the path it reveals to mend some stairs --
    ancient coin, gold
    17. Go back down to the open area and open the door to the right. Kill bogeys,
    chest is in the back corner -- brimstone, gold
    18. Go back to the open area and fight off bogeys. Go through the path they
    cleared and mend the wall. Go right around the ice -- bloodberry, gold
    19. After ice shaman, go up stairs and turn right. You'll be able to see this as
    you're fighting in that room -- silver locket, gold
    20. After meeting the alchemist destroy the fire fruit and go where bogeys bust
    through crates -- gold
    21. Open the door, chest is hard to miss -- perfect pearl, gold
    22. Open the key door, again, chest is nearly impossible to miss -- brimstone,
    23. After destroying the fire fruit and mending a wall, fight a bunch of bogeys,
    head to the right afterwards and bash a cracked wall -- rare cheese, gold
    24. Mend the stairs, the chest is hard to miss -- bloodberry, gold
    25. After fighting the ice troll, get the large chest as you leave --
    potion bottle
    The Endless Stair
    26. After opening the large door, head right up a small set of stairs -- glass
    eye, gold
    27. After going through the first portal door, there's a large chest -- potion
    28. Go right to activate the portal and then enter -- brimstone, gold
    29. After cutscene showing bogeys down below, bash the cracked wall just ahead
    -- gold
    30. After mending the sigil, enter the portal and immediately look right -- jade
    figurine, gold
    31. Enter the next portal and look to Finn's left, it's obvious -- stuffed owl,
    32. Clear away the debris and enter the portal, but before proceeding burn away
    vines covering chest -- bloodbery, gold
    33. Come to a stream, look left before walking down to the ice -- silver comb,
    34. After the alchemist, fight bogeys, enter a portal, fight more then pick up a
    gem. Before using the gem, turn around and look to the left slightly downhill --
    35. After returning to Lochbarrow, mend a rope then become a rat. Hard to miss
    large chest -- faerie honey, grave dust
    36. After dodging sludge as a rat look left -- stone idol, gold
    37. After returning to the Endless Stair enter portal to the left -- box of
    peppercorns, gold
    38. Mend stairs, there's a hard to miss large chest -- potion bottle
    39. After the alchemist, look left before crossing the bridge -- gold
    candlestick, gold
    40. After being thrown off the cliff, hard to miss large chest -- potion bottle
    41. In the first wind room, go right, through the three wind tunnels -- oracle
    bones, gold
    42. Before becoming a rat and leaving wind room, use firestorm to burn vines
    around chest -- giant opal, gold
    43. After fighting first shadow stalkers, bash cracked wall in that same room --
    brimstone, gold
    44. Before grabbing wind nexus, run forward and bash the cracked wall -- goblet
    of hate, gold
    45. After being blown away, turn around and move pillar -- obsidian blade, gold
    46. After fighting the first bomb bogeys, go into the room next to the waterfall
    -- faerie honey, gold
    47. After fighting up the waterfalls, bash the cracked wall --jeweled reliquary,
    48. Open the door, there's a hard to miss large chest -- potion bottle
    49. In the open area fighting lots of bogeys, there will be a large chest in
    plain sight -- troll sweat, rotworm ichor
    50. In the temple of fire, burn vines around chest on left -- gold
    51. In the temple of fire, burn vines around chest on right -- burial urn, gold
    52. After the temple, go to the right, burn some vines, and complete the wind
    song. A chest appears -- troll sweat, gold
    53. After fighting trolls, there's a hard to miss large chest by the door --
    potion bottle
    54. Just to the right of the chest are some stairs to mend -- gold
    55. Before becoming a bird, look right of the stairs -- lump of ambergris, gold
    The Faerie Forest
    56. Upon entering the forest, there's a hard to miss large chest -- potion
    57. After talking to Primus, follow some wisps which will open a mushroom path
    -- crystal skull, gold
    58. Encounter first jump mushroom, use it then go down and burn vines covering
    chest -- gold
    59. After first sylph encounter, go through fallen tree to see a large chest --
    potion bottle
    60. At first wanderer, kill the first wave of spiders then go to the right
    behind a fallen tree and  burn vines covering the chest -- gold tongs, gold
    61. Right of the alchemist -- cryptic tome, gold
    62. After fighting spiders and sylphs on a winding pathway, move a stone pillar
    to create a bridge to a chest across the gap -- enormous ruby, gold
    63. After becoming a rat, head left -- magic parrot, gold
    64. After second wanderer, burn the vines to the left, drop down, and freeze the
    water -- troll sweat, gold
    65. Jump up after freeing third wanderer, hard to miss large chest -- onyx
    mushroom, bloodberry
    66. After becoming a bird, bash cracked wall on the right -- grave dust, gold
    67. While climbing the spiral staircase, move stone pillar on the right to
    create a bridge. This is easily overlooked -- azure shard, gold
    68. After getting lightning nexus, large chest straight ahead -- potion bottle
    69. Head left through fallen tree, then left toward the water. Chest is near a
    jump mushroom -- faerie flute, gold
    70. After the alchemist, fight a bunch of sylphs, then move some trees out of
    the way. Head right and play the wind song, a chest appears -- faerie honey,
    71. Pass through a fallen tree and burn vines on the right -- gold
    72. After freeing fourth wanderer, hard to miss large chest -- potion bottle
    73. After fighting sylphs with Primus in the background, head left at the
    junction and burn vines -- pickled oddity, gold
    74. After blowing away the web, head right before going down through fallen tree
    -- onyx mushroom, gold
    75. After the sylph ambush, where you first encounter the green ones, head right
    down the hill -- phoenix egg, gold
    76. Fight more sylphs, turn left at the next junction -- immortal toad, gold
    77. After crossing the tree bridge, hard to miss large chest -- starlight
    essence, rotworm ichor
    78. To the left before fighting Primus -- gold
    79. Right of the alchemist, hard to miss large chest -- potion bottle
    80. Head down the path next to the alchemist and move a pillar to create a
    bridge -- rune of luck, gold
    81. After becoming a rat, head right -- gold
    82. Start down hallway, then move away some pillars on the left -- gold ingot,
    83. After getting faerie armor, go through the door, there's a hard to miss
    large chest -- potion bottle
    84. Pull down tree on the left and go through it -- onyx mushroom, gold
    85. After fighting a bunch of sylphs, blow away webs and burn vines to find a
    large chest -- potion bottle
    86. Move pillars then burn vines ahead. Use wind to summon wisps and follow them
    -- truesilver chime, gold
    87. Fight uphill then go right, blow away webs around elemental then zap him --
    scrying glass, gold
    88. Blow away web before heading to the alchemist, then freeze the water --
    starlight essence, gold
    The Slumbering Palace
    89. After first room of enemies, hard to miss large chest -- potion bottle
    90. Treasure room: below left, play wind song -- jewel of chaos, gold
    91. Treasure room: below center, hit slow glass and step on plates --
    prismatic orb, gold
    92. Treasure room: below right, light the braziers -- dragon sceptre, gold
    93. Treasure room: above center, hard to miss large chest -- starlight essence,
    faerie honey
    94. Treasure room: above center, slight right, shoot slow glass and open before
    chest disappears -- gold
    95. Treasure room: above center, slight left, shoot slow glass and open before
    chest disappears -- mask of doom, gold
    96. Treasure room: above left, stand on plate, shoot orb -- flawless diamond,
    97. Treasure room: above right, stand on plate, shoot orb -- gold
    98. Treasure room: chest appears in whirlwind below center, go get it -- onyx
    mushroom, gold
    99. Before going up the stairs, hard to miss large chest -- starlight essence,
    troll sweat
    100. After climbing the stairs, another hard to miss large chest. Also happens
    to be the final chest in the game -- potion bottle
    And that's it it. Every chest and treasure in the game is yours. Hopefully this
    simple guide helped you get those elusive trophies. Any questions or comments
    feel free to contact me as below:
    e-mail: zafro_2002@hotmail.com
    PSN: Zafro
    Copyright 2012 Quentin Dean

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