How do I beat mean juggernauts dm?

  1. In dollfaces lil story? No matter what vehicle i am im torn apart by all the excess enemies no matter how aggressive i am .... im always getting shot and theres only 2 health containers tht take 4ever to respawn if at all

    User Info: kennysea

    kennysea - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Ok man ill try talon again ...

    User Info: kennysea

    kennysea - 5 years ago


  1. I suggest using talon an go after the juggs right from the start it also helps to grab them mega gun bullets since talon can kinda lock in with them a little an can do mass damage

    User Info: CFHdimebag666

    CFHdimebag666 - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. Try using darkside and get a little ways in front of them then use the alternate special to drop mines. Doing this causes a lot of damage.

    User Info: torque_

    torque_ - 5 years ago 0 0
  3. Although this seems like a pain, they only go in a pre determined pattern and go the same way all the time. Get a lot of power ups and camp it out and be sure to use your shield when you spam their grill. If you beat them on normal difficulty, use the unlocked< Warning* Spoiler*>: Juggernaut (Later Level in the Story) to beat them on Twisted Difficulty. Juggernaut has a bunch of energy to burn, I think like 4 shields worth. Hope that helps. :3

    User Info: chrisjuar101

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  4. I used Talon for all Jugg missions. The chopper special eats up Juggs for breakfast.

    User Info: Jakelin71

    Jakelin71 - 5 years ago 0 0
  5. I'd recommend any of these five vehicles:
    Talon: Acquire megaguns and any other weapons you can without taking too much enemy fire. Once stocked, hover over the elevated area of the map and unload as many Tri-Gun mags as you can into one of the Mean Juggernauts. Keep an eye out for enemy projectiles while your firing. If it's still alive after you've used up all of your Tri-Gun ammo, lock on with any missiles or any other projectile you have and open fire. At this point the Mean Juggernaut should be down, in which case you should restock and repeat on the second one. If it's still not down, make sure you have enough energy to use your shields and fly behind the Mean Juggernaut and unload you megaguns into it's trailer until you or it are dead. If you can't kill it by this point, I salute you for staying alive this long and you need to retreat, restock and try again.
    Juggernaut: Stock up on weapons if you want in the opposite direction of the Mean Juggernaut's path, this is best done in the town. When you meet one, hold down the sidearm button, activate your absorption shield, and turbo-ram it in the grill. Once it's stopped from your ram, continue firing mega guns, pin it against a wall if you can, unload every weapon you have into the Mean Juggernaut, and use the shield whenever you start taking damage. This should guarantee a very quick death for the mean Juggernaut. Once done, restock and repeat for the second Mean Juggernaut.
    Sweet Tooth: Stock up and use Sweetbot to fly to one of the Mean Juggs. Unload all of your megaguns and any spare Sweetbot heads into the Jugg. Once you're out of megaguns or low on turbo, retreat and restock. Or, you can fly over to the elevated are of the map and camp up there while firing all of your missiles and Laughing Ghosts at the Jugg. Once out of ammo, restock and repeat either process.
    Darkside: Stock up and then drive in front of one of the Mean Juggs with your back turned to it. Once in position, drop semi mines and rear-fire as many weapons as you can into it's grill. Make sure to shield yourself while doing this and to retreat when you start losing health. Once you've retreated, restock and repeat until it's dead. Do this for both Juggernauts, but only one at time of course.
    Junkyard Dog: Stock up and drive behind one of the Juggs. Now, unload all of your weapons into it's trailer, and retreat when you run out of ammo or get low on health. You can also try dropping an explosive taxi (single player only) in the Mean Juggernaut's path. Restock and repeat on the same Jugg until it dies, then repeat on the second.
    When you have a second player, try these vehicle combinations:
    Dual Juggernauts: Each of you go after a different Mean Jugg.
    Dual Talons: Both of you focus on the same Juggernaut.
    Dual Sweet Tooths: One of you use the camping strategy while the other uses the Sweetbot. Trade strategies for the second Jugg.
    Dual Darksides: One of you use the semi-mine-to-the-grill strategy I mentioned while the other follows the Jugg and uses the Tri-Gun instead of semi mines.
    Dual Junkyard Dogs: Both players will attack and retreat at the same time. When attacking, each of you will have to make sure to heal each other.
    JYD w/ other: One player will be attacking the Jugg and drawing it's attention while the player with JYD will be healing the attacking player and attacking the Jugg without drawing too much attention.
    Juggernaut w/ other: The player without Juggernaut will stock up and wait for the other player to pin down a Mean Jugg. Once the Juggernaut player has pinned down a Jugg, both players will immediately attack it with everything they got. Or, if you're both land vehicles, one of you can enter Juggernaut's trailer to use his turrets. I would recommend the Tri-Gun turret for fighting the Mean Juggernauts.

    Remember that you may have to try several times regardless of what strategy you use, and that you can always go to YouTube and look up strategies if none of these worked.

    User Info: Cyberslam8

    Cyberslam8 - 5 years ago 0 0

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