What is the best strategy for Twisted metal?

  1. does anyone have good cheats for Twisted metal??

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  1. This is a tough question to answer because so much depends on the car you pick and your playing style. I would say here are some good tips in general:
    - Keep moving! Don't stop (unless you are sniping from a secure position) and don't get clumped up with other cars. You are an easy target for big damage when you are stopped/slowed.
    - Pick up all the weapons you can. Learn the icons by heart and know when is the right time/situation to use them for maximum damage. Learn which missles have more homing so you have an idea of just how far you can stretch them. Keep in mind more homing equals less damage so if you have a straight shot on someone...go for the hard hitting power missle over a high homing missle.
    - Learn to use the special weapons and alternates properly. Many vehicles have specials that level up twice and I think it is Death Warrant that has an alternate that goes three levels. A lot of people overlook this stuff.
    - Remember that you have shields, freeze, and mines on your directional pad. The freeze is particularly powerful if followed up with a special attack. Mr. Grimm can kill just about anyone with a freeze/charged up chainsaw combo. The shield can be huge if you are racing to some health with someone on your tail and you are almost to the health pickup.
    - Find a car or two you like and really practice up with them. Learn the ins and outs of what they can do. This game is a lot like a fighting game in the sense that you can set up big damage combos if you practice and learn how to set them up.
    - Don't forget you have turbo reverse. Pulling a 180 into a turbo reverse and unloading missles on a guy who was following you can take them by surprise.

    Anyhow, that should get you started until someone comes out with a full FAQs.

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  1. I herd on david jaffe twitter there is no cheats this time

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  2. Stock up on Fire and Homing Missiles to go along with your Special - You don't have to jump straight into the fray, load up then unleash hell on the nearest opponent with the lowest health - Don't just continue following them until your Special builds back up, that will just end up getting you killed - Remind, pushing down on the D-Pad with Homing and Fire Missiles will launch them backwards, right on the D-Pad gives a short amount of time shield

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  3. Stock up on mostly missiles and special weapons. Then take everyone out 1 by 1. Soon you will beat the campaign.
    NOTE: Freezing enemies is also a good strategy. Ramming is also good in certain vehicles. (like Outlaw)

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