(!!!SPOILERS!!!!) Epilogue question and Plot Question?

  1. Question 1: is the radio and the preacher in hell the epilogue 1 and 2 or do I have to beat the end game again for an additional video?
    (T.T) (wanted to know the music for the game and watched the credits and thought because I got a trophy that it counted so i skipped it)

    Question 2: so on the radio it talked about there being "no protesters" im guessing their the ones in hell since the preacher also protested and is in? and the ons that are running around are those that followed verses resisted? At first I thought that they were previous contestants that died...then people that died during the battles...then there were like a million.... other thoughts?

    User Info: Zarahail

    Zarahail - 5 years ago

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  1. I always considered it this way, Calypso is Belial, the lord of lies, and he makes promises to people to compete and punishes them for eternity for choosing to kill and murder other people to have their personal wish fulfilled. The "Asylum in Hell" that they show is just all of the people who have lost their souls over their greed. so it would include every known and unknown contestant, providing a near limitless supply of DLC materials should they choose to pursue that path.

    As for the first question, just beat it again real quick and this time sit through and be patient and you will get both epilogues, i dont think you have to start from a new save either, you should be able to just load and clear uot the carnival.

    User Info: HomelessPirate

    HomelessPirate - 5 years ago 1 0

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