What's it like to play offline?

  1. I'm completely uninterested in the game, but am thinking about purchasing it for my car-crazy nephew, he'll get a kick out of it. Thing is, his PS3 is entirely offline, so, I'm just wondering, how does the game play sans an Internet connection?

    Aside from the single-player campaign, are there other offline modes with CPU opponents? And if so, are they worthwhile enough to warrant a purchase?

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    _Spamicide_ - 5 years ago
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    Thanks for that. Just to clarify, what exactly do Endurance Mode and Practice Mode entail?

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  1. If he has a friend(s) he can play with I think the answer is yes. The game has a split screen mode where up to four players can play at the same time. This gives the game huge replayability and it really is fun to play with friends.

    If he doesn't have friends to play with then I'd say no. The story mode can be completed in under 5 -6 hours, and while there are three difficulty levels he could play through there is nothing new other than ramped up difficulty. He could play through the endurance and practice modes I suppose but really I think the majority of the value of this game comes from playing with friends or playing online.

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  1. Its a short game and not worth the money to buy it for single player alone. The meat of the game is the online play, so It would be a waste from him.

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