What is the best strategy for AXEL and REAPER?

  1. Please provide me SEPARATE STRATEGY'S,Thanks in advance.

    User Info: Lone_Wolf_23

    Lone_Wolf_23 - 5 years ago


  1. As for Axel, I can't help you because I haven't downloaded him yet. Reaper however requires you to be fast on your feet in large battles as his low armor can become a problem. He has a nice special in the chainsaw which can be set on fire for more damage by popping a wheelie (left stick down) before throwing. Do keep in mind however that the chainsaw has no homing capability so you would have to line the enemy up in front of you for it to hit. The best way to do this is to fire a freeze attack. (control pad up) before unloading with the chainsaw. Reaper's second special, the RPG is a lock-on homing rocket. It has three "stages" of lock-on that do increased damage when fired from each "stage". The drawback to this however is that while in aiming mode, Reaper is a sitting duck and open to attack, so plan accordingly.

    User Info: sandman9900

    sandman9900 - 5 years ago 0 0

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