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"This Game is Twisted Fun"

While most fans of the game will be eager to jump straight into the multiplayer frenzy, its best to first learn all of the skills in the game's impressive single player mode, which allows players to experience the story from different perspectives. You will have the option of playing as many memorable characters including Sweet Tooth, Dollface, and Mr. Grimm as you participate in challenging boss battles that you certainly won't forget any time soon.

After learning the ropes, one might find the confidence to take on the real world in the game's impressive multiplayer. This is where metal meets fire and chaos erupts at every street corner. You can spend all of your time perfecting your strategy but regardless of how good you are, Twisted Metal offers a fun experience for everyone thanks to its well balanced gameplay.

Standard deathmatch and team deathmatch along with a slew of other fun modes entice you to participate in the slaying and carnage of your opponents. This is where Twisted Metal truly opens up and prompts tons of fun moments, laughter, and, occasionally, the inevitable cursing at the enemy who just did you in.

Long-time fans of Twisted Metal will feel right at home with the selection of vehicles and characters which include the main mascot, Sweet Tooth, along with other key players like Axel, Darkside, and more. The maps this time around are massive and offer plenty of space to showcase the brutal clashing of metal and flesh. Level designs offer plenty of variety and tons of destruction.

Dealing damage to your opponents can also be full of variety, since the game offers a number of different ways to inflict pain on your enemy including rockets, bombs, mines, shotguns, and, yes, even sniper rifles. To top this off, each vehicle has its own special weapon that packs a serious punch.

With a solid foundation in gameplay, the graphics just add icing to the cake. Vehicles look stunning and bring old memories of our favorite rides into high definition for the first time. Environments all have a unique atmosphere with great lighting effects, clean textures, and destructible geometry and it all runs at a steady, smooth framerate.

Twisted Metal will bring back good memories of the original for previous fans and also attract first timers to the series, who will appreciate the fun, frenetic car combat the series has to offer. Simply put, Twisted Metal not only brings back the series in a refreshing way, but also reminds the gaming industry of the winning formula that makes games great. This is Twisted Metal at its best!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/20/12

Game Release: Twisted Metal (US, 02/14/12)

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