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    FAQ/Walkthrough by threetimes

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/23/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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        (_____,/' (___,/'  (___,/(__/'       /'    /(__(________(___,/(__
                                                           /     /'
                             W A L K T H R O U G H / F A Q
                                Written by threetimes
    Platform:  PS3                                      Submission: March 19th 2012
    Developer: ThatGameCompany                          Version   : 1.1
    Release  : 2012                                     Updated   : March 23rd 2012
    TABLE OF CONTENTS ...................................................... SEARCH
    To find a section of the guide select the Edit option on your toolbar and then
    Find and type the code. Or use Ctrl +F, (it's the Apple button for Macs +F)
    to bring up a box where you can type in the code.
       I. Controls .......................................................... *CONT
      II. Game Features ..................................................... *FEAT
    III. THE WALKTHROUGH .................................................... *WALK
         1. Prologue (Hub) .................................................. *WK01
         2. Broken Bridge ................................................... *WK02
         3. Desert .......................................................... *WK03
         4. Sunken City ..................................................... *WK04
         5. Water Caves ..................................................... *WK06
         6. Sand Temple ..................................................... *WK06
         7. Snow ............................................................ *WK07
     IV. Trophies ........................................................... *TROP
      V. Credits, Legal, Contact ............................................ *CRED
    Journey is the third game of a trilogy contracted to Sony by ThatGameCompany.
    It follows on from Flow and Flower with the same themes of seemingly
    unrestricted movement and lack of any kind of battles or risk of death.
    I. CONTROLS ..............................................................*CONT
    Circle          - Chime (make musical notes) and attract cloth fragments.
                      Chiming or "chirping" is the only way to communicate with
                      other players.
                    - Use to light up a single stone or a few standing close
    Circle and Hold - Use to light up a cloth and to activate stones close to a
                      wall painting or end of stage rock all at once.
                    - Use when close to cloth fragments to attract them,
                      allowing you to fly higher and for longer.
    X               - Press and hold to jump and fly.
    Select          - Sit down (Meditate). View options after pressing Start.
                    - Continue game.
    Start           - Choose to begin a new journey. Go to online selection and
    Square          - After pressing Start use to go online or leave.
    Left Stick      - Move.
    Right Stick     - Move camera.
    II. GAME FEATURES .......................................................*CONT
    The game is automatically saved and you'll see the "saving" message at the top
    right of the screen when completing a chapter. You have to enter the door to
    the next stage to get that saving message.
    If you stop playing for a few minutes the screen changes, leaving your current
    location. Use the controller again to move and you'll be back to where you
    left it. Your character will be sitting on the ground, and if you're playing
    online other players might think that you are meditating.
    2. THE HUB
    From left to right, the buildings house:
    - The Desert
    - Sunken City (sand surfing)
    - Water Caves
    - Broken Bridge (middle building)
    - Sand Temple
    - Snow
    - Symbols Store and Transcending Spot (for White Robes)
    3. THE SCARF
    Your only "equipment" is a scarf that gets longer and longer the more glowing
    symbols you pick up. The length of scarf determines your flying power. No
    scarf and you cannot fly, as at the start of the game. This scarf is decorated
    with the symbols and they are used up as you fly. You can replenish them by
    walking close to scarf or cloth fragments, and you can completely fill up the
    scarf by pressing Circle and hold, while close to fragments. They will gather
    around you and give you an extra boost of power. Press X and hold it, to fly
    Your robe has a border pattern and a new layer is added with each playthrough.
    The top pattern is of small plus shapes and that is the maximum alteration. To
    change into to a White Robe you must have found all glowing symbols and
    obtained the Trophy *Transcendence*. From the Hub, fly over to the area with
    the stones that show all glowing symbols. There will be white cloths waving in
    a circle. Stand inside the cloths to change the colour to white. If you want to
    change back, step inside the red cloths to change them back to white and your
    robe to red.
    You do NOT have to play online if you don't want to, but four trophies are
    online dependent and you would miss out a key aspect of the game. The online
    experience is unique, as all other players appear in your game dressed in
    exactly the same red robes as you (or white if they have "transcended") and you
    do not know who they are until the very end when a "Companions Met" list
    You'll see other figures appear and disappear as you play and it's up to you if
    you wish to travel with a companion, or not. You only travel with one at a
    time, and your only form of communication is to press Circle to sound a note,
    or chime. Although some people have experimented with drawing in the sand or
    snow, I never had a clue what they meant when they did this until someone
    drew a heart at the end. I got that, thank you. ^_^
    Sometimes it takes a while before anyone else appears, but often you'll see
    that they have by seeing a gentle white light appear at the edge of the screen,
    even before you actually spot them.
    Staying close together, companions can chime to refill the scarf of the other,
    and generate more flying power for each other.
    You can join or leave the online game at any time. Press Start and then Square
    to sign in and you'll carry on from wherever you are in the game. To exit
    online play, press Start and Square and cancel the online terms of agreement
    when given the option to do so.
    At the end of each chapter you can check the number of shining symbols found.
    They are in the shape of small light stones at the base of the large triangular
    stone. If any are missing these are still dark. After completing the game for
    the first time you can go directly to the Chapter Select option. At the Hub,
    move to the far right of the large buildings to find rows of these shining
    stones. The rows relate to each chapter, and again, any that are missing will
    be dark.
    Top row    - Hub
    Second row - Broken Bridge
    Third row  - Desert (second tile from left is the symbol found at the top of
                 the tower at the end)
    Fourth row - Sunken City
    Top row  - Sand Temple
    Second   - Water Caves
    To check up on missing Ancient Glyphs enter the opening of each building at the
    Hub and look at the side walls. If the glyphs have been found the paintings
    will appear on the wall. The wall painting for the Hub area is found on a
    section of broken wall at the left of the building at the far left.
    This is available after completing the game for the first time. Press Start to
    get the options for:
    Triangle: Chapter Select
    X       : Camera default
    Start   : Resume
    Press triangle and current progress in that chapter will be lost. You have the
    option to agree or not. Agree and you can Continue to arrive back at the Hub.
    Pick up at least two Symbols here again, and fly over to a building entrance to
    enter the circle and re-play a chapter.
                    III.   W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H  ................. *WALK
    CHAPTER 1 - PROLOGUE (HUB) .............................................. *WK01
    Symbol: 3
    Glyph : 1
    Trophy: None
    -- SYMBOL 1 --
    Start the game and make your way to the top of the sand dune, in the direction
    of the sun and distant mountain. Slide down the far side and keep walking
    towards the building in the distance. Climb up the side, just by moving
    forwards, and you'll get the first [SYMBOL]. Each shining symbol adds a section
    to your scarf, allowing you to remain in the air for longer. Press and hold X
    to fly up as instructed.
    -- ANCIENT GLYPH 1 --
    Walk on to the next structure where more scarf sections will attract themselves
    to you and enable you to fly a little. From here, make your way to the next
    outcrop and the next. There are a number of large buildings down to your left,
    but leave these for now and carry on walking to the building on this higher
    ground. Go inside to find stones flanking a blank wall. Press and hold Circle
    to illuminate the four small standing stones and create a picture on the wall.
    This is the first [ANCIENT GLYPH].
    -- SYMBOL 2 --
    Leave the building by the other exit and walk down the slope to a vast
    amphitheatre that has a platform in the centre, surrounded with huge buildings.
    Climb up this central platform (the broken steps are more or less in front of
    you if you came by this route.)  Press and hold Circle again, to give light to
    the four cloths and this releases lots of scarf sections. Press and hold Circle
    again while close to these and they will all congregate around you, lighting up
    your robe and scarf and allowing you to fly high. Fly down to the stone
    platform with a shining [SYMBOL] on it, just off to the right side of the
    platform. This adds another section to your scarf.
    -- SYMBOL 3 --
    From that platform, press X to fly back to the central area and land on the
    outer ledge (or walk over the broken wall to reach the ledge). Walk left until
    you find another glowing [SYMBOL]. Fly back up to the platform (or walk) and
    press and hold Circle again to fill up your scarf and robe and fly high across
    the gap to the building directly ahead. You'll see six standing stones and a
    stone triangle. At the base of it are three lighted symbols. This indicates
    that you found all three shining symbols to find in this area. Press and hold
    Circle to light up the stones and create a meditation circle. Sit inside it to
    finish this chapter and open the door. Go through.
    This area is the "hub" for access to all areas once you have finished the game
    for the first time. This makes it simple to return to any chapter to find
    missing collectibles or complete specific trophies. You can fly across to the
    right side of the large buildings where there are two sections of stones that
    show all the symbols you've collected so far. The top left row will have three
    shining stones, indicating that you found all symbols for this chapter.
    CHAPTER 2 - BROKEN BRIDGE ............................................... *WK02
    Symbol: 3
    Glyph : 1
    Trophy: Threshold (Bronze). Cross the broken bridge without completely
            rebuilding it.
    TROPHY ALERT! If you want to get the crossing the bridge trophy, don't activate
    the cloth close to the first section of the bridge, but just the two in the
    The task is to mend the bridge by illuminating the long sections of cloth you
    can see waving in the breeze. The nearest one is in front of the first section
    of the bridge in front of you, with two more on large sandy mounds to the left
    and right of the bridge. Use the smaller piece of cloth to create scarf
    fragments that help you to fly from place to place rather than have to walk
    -- SYMBOL 4 --
    Fly off to the left and walk towards two rough circles of sand that have no
    cloths  on them. On the far side of these you'll find the first [SYMBOL]. From
    here, walk and fly towards the large mound at the left of the bridge. Walk up
    the lower section and press and hold Circle on the small cloth. This creates
    scarf fragments. Press and hold Circle again to get the boost to fly up to the
    top of the mound. Do the same on the two sections of cloth and they create part
    of the bridge.
    -- SYMBOL 5 --
    Standing on top the mound look ahead with the bridge to your right and you
    should be able to spot something shining in the distance, behind a stream of
    sand. Fly over to the low sandy mound behind which you can see a single strand
    of cloth. Walk up to the outer rock face and between two sand streams to obtain
    the second [SYMBOL].
    -- ANCIENT GLYPH  2--
    Walk back to the bridge and look between the left pillars to see some sand
    cascading down the outer wall of the area. Fly between the pillars and over to
    the rock wall where a wider section of sand is falling. Go under this sand
    curtain to find a hidden [ANCIENT GLYPH]. Light it up by pressing Circle and
    -- SYMBOL 6 --
    Climb up the nearly mound and activate the cloth to create fragments. Press and
    hold Circle and fly up to the ledge above the sand to find a [SYMBOL]. From
    here, fly and walk over to the large mound with the single cloth moving from
    the top of it. Climb up, use the fragments to reach the top and light it up to
    create another section of the bridge.
    Return to the lowest point of the bridge and activate the cloth there to repair
    the first section of the bridge OR try for the trophy. To do that, ignore the
    cloth and press and hold Circle on the nearby cloth fragments, and you should
    be able to fly up to the bridge by pressing and holding X. When you reach the
    far side of the bridge the trophy *Threshold* will appear.
    After crossing the bridge press and hold Circle to light up all the stones. If
    any are missed, just do it again, or check them out individually. A white
    circle will appear. Move into the circle to complete this chapter. After the
    scene, walk forwards to enter the next area.
    CHAPTER 3 - DESERT ...................................................... *WK03
    Symbol: 4
    Glyph : 2
    Trophy: Mirage (Bronze). Find the hidden desert flower.
    Trophy: Explore (Bronze). Discover all Cloth Creatures in the desert.
    Finding all the Cloth Creatures can be challenging because one sand dune looks
    a bit like the next. Follow these directions to get them all and track down the
    The task is to release cloth creatures from various locations and keep heading
    towards the mountain to find a huge city. Use the mountain to orientate
    yourself, and watch for small markings (stones in the sand) to help guide you.
    The cloth creatures will help you out, but they might not lead you to all the
    things you need to find. When close to a cloth creature, press Circle to gain
    flying power from them. There are many possible routes through the desert but
    it's not as large you might think. If you go too far off route, winds will
    force you back.
    Walk and fly straight ahead, over the first dune and down to the far side
    You'll see a metal cage type fragment on top of a sand dune with a cloth waving
    in the wind. Use Circle on the cloth and this releases the [CLOTH CREATURE 1].
    The creature will aid you if you let it, showing you the direction to go next
    and giving you a free ride for short distance.
    For now, ignore it, and walk down to the low wall you can see. Turn right, and
    walk up the dune, and then up the next one, heading to the east from the
    distant mountain. You'll see what looks like some pillars in the distance. Make
    your way towards them. (The cloth creature will see where you're going and
    join you eventually.)
    -- SYMBOL 7 --
    At the pillars release the [CLOTH CREATURE 2] trapped at the left side of the
    structure. Look up and you'll see a glowing symbol on top the nearest left
    pillar. Fly up to it by pressing and holding X and claim the [SYMBOL].
    Turn to face the sand dune behind the metal where the creature was trapped and
    climb up, keeping to the lower left of the ridge. On the far side of the ridge
    you'll spot two tiny rocks in the sand. Follow this direction and up the far
    ridge. Just on the other side you should spot a tiny something at the bottom,
    in the V shape made by ridges coming together. This is the hidden desert
    flower. Keep circling around it until you see the *MIRAGE* trophy pop up.
    Climb the large ridge behind the flower (to the west of the mountain) and on
    the far side you'll spot another metal structure with a cloth. (The two
    creatures will be flying around it.) Slide down and release [CLOTH CREATURE 3].
    In fact, four of them will be released.
    -- ANCIENT GLYPH 3 --
    They will probably lift you up and fly you over the next ridge. But if not,
    walk in the direction of the tail of metal structure that's halfway up a ridge,
    and cross a second ridge and you'll see a ruined section of wall on the far
    side. This wall has an [ANCIENT GLYPH] on the inner side. Press and hold Circle
    to light it up.
    -- SYMBOL 8 --
    Turn your back to the glyph and fly towards the mountain, over the first ridge.
    You'll see three tiny stones in a line on the side of the next dune. Follow
    them up that dune and over the next dune. If you can fly high enough you'll see
    part of a building just over to the right. Fly down the this half circular
    building and you'll see a shooting white light. Use the scarf fragments it
    creates (press and hold Circle) to fly up to the highest ledge where you'll
    pick up the next [SYMBOL]. (If you climb the ridge heading towards the mountain
    you'll see a huge city in the distance, but there are more things to find
    Go west from here, keeping the mountain to your right, and the cloth creatures
    will show you the way. You'll arrive at a valley with a largish building in the
    centre. (You might be able to fly directly to the roof of the tower from the
    top of the dune if the cloth creatures have boosted your power.) Fly up to the
    smaller building to release another [CLOTH CREATURE 4] from the metal cage.
    -- SYMBOL 9 --
    Stop on the broken section of road facing the large building and press and hold
    Circle to fly up to the perimeter ledge. Walk left to find more cloth fragments
    and do the same again to fly up to the roof. Here you'll find the third
    -- ANCIENT GLYPH 4 --
    From here, turn your back to the mountain and fly over the small ridge and then
    up to the top of the next one. Look right to see another metal cage with a
    cloth and a section of wall. Illuminate the wall to see the [ANCIENT GLYPH].
    Release the [CLOTH CREATURE 5].
    Fly towards the distant mountain until you see the city. Make your way to the
    left bridge and cross over to the building. (If you end up on the ground, just
    walk around to find the stairs.) Climb up a short distance and a cloth creature
    will give you lift past the broken section. After this you'll see and hear some
    cloth creatures banging against the mesh. Press and hold Circle to release
    [CLOTH CREATURE 6] from their captivity. There are two of them and one will
    lift you up to the roof.
    -- SYMBOL 10 --
    Follow the bridge across the chasm to reach another tower with crashing
    machinery. Climb the stairs, heading to the right and at the end of the ledge a
    cloth creature will fly you up to the roof. (If you have enough flying power,
    just fly over to the left of the wall, directly to the cloth creature waiting
    for you.) Don't climb the stairs just yet, but walk around to the left and
    you'll find a [SYMBOL] under the overhanging stone.
    Finally, walk up the central stairs and light up the stones. You should see all
    four symbols lit up below the central stone. Enter the glowing circle to end
    the stage. Walk down the steps again and a cloth creature will pick you up and
    carry you to a new location.
    If you fall off the tower after climbing up, a nearby cloth creature will
    simply lift you all the way back up.
    CHAPTER 4 - SUNKEN CITY ................................................. *WK04
    Symbol: 3
    Glyph : 2
    Trophy: Adventure (Bronze). Pass through 15 gates while surfing through the
            sunken city.
    Nailing enough gates isn't that easy on the first attempt so the best plan is
    to go for the symbols and then come back to complete the trophy. It's difficult
    to get both symbols and the gate trophy on one run! The gates are situated on
    two stages of the chapter. For the first surfing stage stay to the left, and
    on the second stage go down the middle and then, right.
    -- SYMBOL 11 --
    You're surfing down a sandy track and cannot stop, although you can slow down a
    little by pressing back on the left stick. You'll see three gates in the middle
    of the area, with some to the left and right, and a large tower in the middle.
    Stay roughly in the middle, but a little to the left to pass by the tower (you
    can go through the gates as well) and you'll see a section of arched wall
    ahead. Veer over to this and there's a path to the right of the wall. Follow
    that path and pick up the [SYMBOL] at the end, as you leap off and carry on
    You'll continue surfing, and go through a tunnel. At the end of this tunnel you
    will slow down a bit. In fact you can stop at the edge, before leaping off
    through a sand curtain into a new area.
    -- SYMBOL 12 --
    As you leap, move right, and you'll see something shining on top of a high
    ledge. Press X to fly so you don't fall down too fast, and guide yourself down
    onto this narrow ledge to pick up the [SYMBOL]. If you miss it (easy to do when
    you're not sure of the location), simply continue with the next section of this
    guide and you'll soon be able to jump and fly up to it. You'll release lots of
    cloth fragments and can stand under this ledge, press and hold Circle and fly
    up to it.
    -- ANCIENT GLYPH 5 --
    From the arrival point, cross over to the far side of the surrounding walls,
    there are two cloths waving in the wind on the route. Press Circle on them both
    to release two cloth creatures. Keep going and you'll see some cloth fragments
    floating around. Turn up the screen and you'll see a ledge. Press and hold
    Circle and fly up to this ledge which takes you into a covered alcove. Walk
    forwards and light up the [ANCIENT GLYPH].
    From here, fly over to the left, (heading towards the sun) to find two more
    trapped cloths. Release these cloth creatures and that's all you have to do.
    After a short scene lots of fragments will be flying around below the lighted
    archway. Use these to reach the symbol on the ledge if you haven't already got
    it, and to reach the open archway.
    -- SYMBOL 13 --
    This one is much harder to get. As you slide down the river you'll see a tower
    again. Go through or past three arches in the middle section of the sand and
    head to the left of the tower, staying close to it. Then go right (the second
    tower will be at your left shoulder) towards the river of sand. You will see a
    small bridge over the river and some rocks on this side. Two cloth creatures
    are circling around a pointed rock on your side of the bridge. Aim for them and
    they will lift you up and over the river.
    The jump takes you to a narrow opening between the rock cliffs. You can see a
    faint glow in the distance and will carry on moving until you reach the
    [SYMBOL] at the end of this cleft.
    If you miss this one, there's nothing you can do, and you'll have to do the
    whole stage again, although it won't take more than a few minutes to reach this
    Keep going (you don't have much choice) down and you'll end up moving from
    right to left inside a kind of tunnel. At the end you'll come to rest, and all
    you need to do is turn up and move off the ledge for more downhill racing!
    -- ANCIENT GLYPH 6 --
    At the end of all the surfing you'll land in an underground area with a pale
    blue light beckoning you towards the stone triangle end and the next stage. But
    turn to your left, moving past a large pillar to find a wall and a small
    colonnade of pillars behind it. Circle and hold and reveal an [ANCIENT GLYPH].
    Head over to the blue light and illuminate the stones. Step into the lit circle
    to end the stage. Go through the open door to enter the next location.
    CHAPTER 5 - WATER CAVES ................................................. *WK05
    Symbol: 4
    Glyph : 1
    Trophy: Trials (Bronze). Sneak through the underground passage without tearing
            your scarf.
    The requirements for this trophy refer to the final stage of this chapter where
    you have to avoid getting damaged by large serpent like monsters. This is
    surprisingly easy to do. See the section "Trophy Stage Starts" on how to manage
    Move forwards, following the light until you spot a cloth creature. Just after
    this you'll see some fragments swirling around near a broken wall. Use them to
    fill up your scarf if you need to. Carry on and pass through a covered passage
    where there are more fragments. After this there is another covered passage
    with fragments, and at the far side of this, to the left, you'll see a half
    broken passage, tipped up, looking like a train wreck. Turn the camera and
    you'll spot a light shining inside.
    -- SYMBOL 14 --
    To reach it, fly up onto the carriage that it's propped onto and walk inside to
    find the first [SYMBOL]. Continue to a kind of ridge and on the far side you'll
    see fronds waving in the water and structures forming paths. Stand still for a
    moment and you can spot another shining spot twinkling over at the right.
    -- SYMBOL 15 --
    Jump over to the fronds growing out of the building at the left of the area.
    Use Circle to help you "climb" up and reach the higher structure. Move to the
    crossroads and turn right. Walk off the higher path, letting yourself float
    down to the bridge and walk forwards to obtain the second [SYMBOL] hiding
    inside one of the square pipes. Leave the enclosed space and fly over to the
    wide ledge and the opening to the next area.
    -- SYMBOL 16 --
    In here you'll find longer fronds and floating jellyfish. Look up high and
    that's your destination. Use the fronds to reach the first two jellyfish, and
    then more of them to reach the third. You need to turn around to help you move
    up the fourth and highest jellyfish to reach the [SYMBOL] at the top of it. If
    you miss it, just try again. It's easier to see the target from the ledge at
    the far doorway, so move there and go back if you have difficulty with this.
    Pass through the door to the next, rather tricky area.
    Move through a narrow passage into a wider area with fearsome stone statues to
    the left and right. You'll see a faint pulse of light in the distance where the
    friendly cloth creature is showing you the route but go slow, keeping close to
    the left and hide behind the wall. Suddenly a serpent will break free and start
    swimming around. If it sees you it will crash into you and you'll lose part of
    your scarf, as well as lose your sense of direction!
    Hug the wall until it's out of sight and continue going towards the left where
    a passage opens. (You're safe in here.) It's narrow and you'll see a stone
    statue at the far end, and a light shining on the ground. The passage turns to
    the right, and then up towards the wider area again.
    -- ANCIENT GLYPH 7 --
    You'll see a patch of colour that's a collection of scarf fragments but do not
    try to reach these as the monster will crash into them. After it's gone, move
    out and keep hugging the left wall until you can turn to the left. You'll find
    an [ANCIENT GLYPH] on the left side of the wall.
    Continue on, listening and watching for the sound of the serpent/dragon thing
    and avoiding its spotlight. Keep out of the main path, and stay to the left
    side. You'll reach a kind of open gateway. Edge through here and keep going to
    the next open gateway. (There is a lighted train carriage type structure
    crossing the main path.) Keep going past this and hide behind the thick walls
    at the next gateway to avoid the monster. Once you're here, it's not far to go
    and the serpents will be patrolling down the central path so it's easy to avoid
    -- SYMBOL 17 --
    Look down the area and you'll see a small section of pillars at the left side
    of the main path. Walk behind here (you can get to it from the left edge) to
    acquire another [SYMBOL]. From here, it's just a short distance to the next
    gateway and this is narrower and you cannot see beyond it. But stay off the
    main path until you reach it.
    Go through and you'll see two serpents who look like they are going to catch
    you, but they won't. You'll slide down the final section to the safety of the
    familiar triangular stone and its surrounding stones. Light up the stones and
    pass through the door to reach the next area.
    CHAPTER 6 - SAND TEMPLE ................................................. *WK06
    Symbol: 4
    Glyph : 1
    Trophy: Ancestors (Bronze). Find a mysterious creature hidden in the temple.
    There's no need to think about the trophy until you reach the very top of the
    temple. See the final section of this chapter for details.
    There appear to be many glyphs in this place, but they are not part of the
    collection. When activated they allow access to the next layer of the temple.
    -- SYMBOL 18 --
    Move to the left towards the lights you see. Use Circle to light up this first
    glyph and that has the effect of creating a kind of misty sandy sea which allow
    you to fly within it with no effort. Move towards the tower and fly up to find
    the first [SYMBOL] on a little ledge just above the level of the soupy sea.
    It's opposite the first metal platform that has lots of cloth fragments
    floating above it.
    Fly up to here and press Circle and hold to be able to fly to next platform.
    Keep doing this, platform by platform until you see the next alcove with
    another glyph. Use the fragments to fly across to the lights and press Circle
    to illuminate the second glyph. This fills up the sandy sea again.
    Fly through the sea and up towards three jellyfish. Use these to reach the
    central tower and land inside it. Walk across the platform to the far side and
    fly up more jellyfish to reach the lights on the far side.
    -- SYMBOL 19 --
    Before you activate this glyph, look down to the left where you'll see a light
    shining behind a grid. Fly over here to access the entrance to a small hallway.
    It's to the right side of the wall. You can wait until you've made the glyph
    shine as it's easier to swim/fly back up after doing that.
    -- ANCIENT GLYPH 8 --
    -- SYMBOL 20 --
    This next glyph and symbol had me foxed for a long time, but if you're paying
    attention it's not at all awkward to find. When you activate the glyph you'll
    find yourself looking out towards the tower as things change, and a huge cloth
    creature emerges from its lair. This is directly across the sandy sea just to
    the right of the middle building and in a section of the outer wall.
    Starting out on this ledge, fly and swim directly in the straight line towards
    the spot where the creature emerged. You'll be inside a round building with the
    [ANCIENT GLYPH] in the middle of it. Light up the glyph and turn around to face
    the door. Swim over to the pillar just to the right side of the opening and
    you'll spot something shining behind it. Go through the second cloth banner to
    obtain this [SYMBOL].
    -- SYMBOL 21 --
    Return to the main area and ride the huge serpent's back through the sea as it
    rises up. This allows you to fly across to the central platform to find another
    [SYMBOL] just sitting in the middle. Ride the back of the serpent as it dips
    and dives and rises up again, allowing you to fly across to the side alcove and
    activate the next glyph. Look left as this happens and you'll see a platform
    with a ribbon bridge stretching out from it.
    Simply swim and fly through the sea to reach that platform. It's on a level
    with the surface and really easy to reach. Follow the ribbon bridges as they
    slowly form, taking you a platform close to the final glyph. Fragments will
    appear to aid you in flying across the gap to it.
    After activating the last glyph all you have to do is move forwards, through
    the sandy sea to reach some steps leading up to the roof of the temple. BUT
    Step off into the water and let yourself sink down. It's easiest just to do
    nothing and let it happen. Stay close to the central building and when you
    reach the second level, just above the ground floor, you can enter the building
    and you'll find a golden creature swimming around. Touch it and you'll get the
    trophy. Don't leave until you see it pop up. Swim back up to the top. (I found
    it easiest to swim around the building, pushing the left stick up all the
    Turn on all the lights, including the six on the stairs, to end this stage.
    Cross the bridge and enter the door.
    CHAPTER 7 - SNOW MOUNTAIN ............................................... *WK07
    Symbol: None
    Glyph : 2
    Trophy: History (Bronze). Uncover all 10 ancient glyphs.
            Rebirth (Bronze). Finish the game and return to the beginning.
            Crossing (Bronze). See the Trophy Section for details. (SPOILERS!)
    Move forwards through the snow and you'll see some small clumps of frosted
    cloth growing like grass. You can use Circle near these to warm them up and
    generate a little flying power, but they freeze up again fast and most of the
    time you'll just have to walk.
    Reach the large rock and you'll hear and see that fearsome flying serpent
    again. Stay out of its way or it will crash into you, sending you tumbling and
    trashing your scarf. Any energy you have will soon dissipate anyway. Move on to
    where you see a large sized gravestone. Stand behind this and wait until the
    wind stops blowing and move on to the next sheltering upright stone. This is
    the only way to travel through this area. Don't try to rush as you'll be swept
    back by the fierce winds. When you reach the last stone, pass through a narrow
    cleft in the rocks to reach a new area.
    This place has smaller stones and no gales. Look to the left and you'll see a
    cloth creature sheltering inside a small cube. Press Circle to warm it up and
    it will leave the shelter, but not for long. Move on, keeping close to the left
    wall, and you'll come to a path leading upwards. Follow this to reach an open
    shelter at the left.
    -- ANCIENT GLYPH 9 --
    Go inside and press Circle to light the lamp you find. This releases some cloth
    fragments. Press Circle and hold to gather them around you, enabling you to fly
    up above the lamp. You'll find a ledge here with an ANCIENT GLYPH. Light it up!
    (Even if you have no scarf left, Circle will still work!)
    Move off again, to cross the broken bridge over the chasm, When you reach the
    break, there are some fronds growing out of it. Use these (press Circle) to
    generate enough power to bend the frozen cloth down to you can jump onto it.
    (Press X.) If you fall off this bridge you'll be back at the very start of the
    whole snow area and have to go through it all again, so... don't fall off!
    (Also, the cloth fragments will have disappeared by the time you return to the
    lamp and you cannot light it a second time.)
    After crossing the bridge you'll enter a new and dangerous area. It's blowing a
    gale, visibility is low so you cannot see that far ahead, and what's worse, the
    serpent is flying around and will catch you with its light. Do your best to
    move when it's heading away from you. If you have sheltered under a cube it
    will pass over you without detecting your position. However, edge just a tiny
    bit out of the shelter and it will target you.
    -- ANCIENT GLYPH 10 --
    Keep over to the left of the area and after passing a few of the cube things
    you'll see a single larger gravestone standing at the top of a gentle slope.
    Walk over here, and past the stone, to find a cave. (It's also a welcome
    respite from the exposed landscape.) Light up the ANCIENT GLYPH you find and
    that should be the last of them, and you'll get the History trophy for finding
    them all.
    There is nothing left to find, but the journey continues...
    Fly off the ledge at the far side of the cave. This next area is horrid and I
    always get caught by the monster, but keep going, staying more to the right as
    the exit is up ahead in the wall. This time the serpent has a wider range with
    its light although again, you can shelter from it. Move from one shelter to the
    next, but wait quite a while inside the first one until you see the serpent's
    light pass over you. At the second shelter, wait again, and then move up and to
    the right to reach the gateway. Go through and you're free of the monster.
    Walk up a narrow path and you'll eventually reach a castle wall with tall cloth
    fronds reaching up to a high ledge. Use the shorter ones to create enough
    flying energy to jump onto the low platform closest to the tall fronds. Press
    and hold Circle to defrost the fronds and then, press and hold X to move up
    onto the ledge. Do the same again to reach the upper ledge. Walk between the
    pillars to find a narrow path and walk up to reach an archway.
    As you move under the walls the wind starts to blow again. This next section is
    tricky as you'll be blown back if you get caught by the wind. Move slowly up
    the path alongside the high wall and shelter behind stones and rubble as best
    you can. When you reach the stairs, wait until the wind stops and there's
    enough time to climb up and shelter again, behind the rocks at the top of the
    After that it's not as simple as you can get blown off the path. If that
    happens, you have to climb up the long cloth fronds you can see below and that
    will take you directly to the ledge where the exit lies. To avoid that, wait
    until you can see the wind has just about stopped and there's enough time to
    walk quickly to reach the frozen cloth. Once there, the wind stops. Press and
    hold Circle to light up the single ribbon and walk over it to reach the exit at
    the left.
    You will see the light shining out of the mountain in the distance and all you
    have to do is to walk towards that. Keep going, pressing forwards on the left
    Go with the flow....
                            IV.  T R O P H I E S  ........................... *TROP
    These are listed in the order in which they appear on the PS3 trophy list.
    There are 14 trophies in total, 4 of which are only available through online
    play. 11 trophies are Bronze, 2 Silver and 1 Gold.
    You can get both the Crossing and Companion trophies at the same time.
    Threshold (Bronze)
    Cross the broken bridge without completely rebuilding it.
    See CHAPTER 2
    This could be done on your first game, but it's easy enough to return to this
    stage later. Avoid the first cloth at the start of the bridge, until the rest
    of the bridge has been "built". The trick is not to release this cloth or
    you'll trigger another section of the cloth bridge. Instead, use Circle and
    hold on the nearby cloth fragments to attain a boost and press and hold X to
    fly up and onto the bridge.
    You should try and acquire all the glowing symbols available to you first:
    that's the two at the Hub (with a third if you can be bothered to walk to where
    the game began, assuming you're going for this trophy on a later game) and the
    three in the Broken Bridge area.
    If you want to show off, once you have the White Robe you can cross bridge
    without activating any of the cloths.
    Mirage (Bronze)
    Find the hidden desert flower.
    See CHAPTER 3 for details of where to find the flower.
    Explore (Bronze)
    Discover all cloth creatures in the desert.
    See CHAPTER 3 for details of where to find them all.
    Adventure (Bronze)
    Pass through 15 gates while surfing through the sunken city.
    You can get this on the first run through, but it might not trigger, even if
    are sure you passed through more than 15 gates! On the first section go left,
    On the second section go down the middle (3 gates) and then veer right and pass
    through the rest. It's really quite easy.
    Trials (Bronze)
    Sneak through the underground passage without tearing your scarf.
    See CHAPTER 5 for more details.
    This just means staying out of danger from the patrolling serpents in the
    passage. They can smash through the smaller pillars if their light shines on
    you. Avoid this by keeping high up on the left side of the passage and don't go
    through the arches until you're sure the coast is clear.
    Ancestors (Bronze)
    Find a mysterious creature hidden in the temple.
    See CHAPTER 6.
    After reaching the top of the temple, but before activating the stones to end
    the stage, dive down to the second level of the tower to find a golden scorpion
    like creature swimming around inside the tower.
    History (Bronze)
    Uncover all 10 ancient glyphs.
    See all chapters! Find all ten glyphs. This isn't difficult if you know where
    to look. There are two that are easy to miss: the very first one in the Hub
    area, and the hidden one in the Sand Temple. Check the side walls of the
    buildings to each area in the Hub location, to see if you have missed any.
    Hub: 1
    Broken Bridge: 1
    Desert: 2
    Sunken City: 2
    Water Caves: 1
    Sand Temple: 1
    Snow: 2
    Crossing (Bronze) [ONLINE TROPHY]
    Reach the summit with a companion and return to the beginning.
    This trophy only requires you to reach the summit with someone and stay with
    them to the very end. That means playing through the Snow chapter with them,
    and staying together through the ending of that chapter and on to the final
    This can be quite tricky if you lose your companion on the final flight after
    the snowfields. Wait for them just before or at the summit, but before entering
    the narrow lighted doorway, and hope they turn up! Keep chiming so they know
    you're waiting for them. You can even fly off the last ledge and view the world
    laid out below you and if you can find track them down, if you lost them in the
    Take it slowly, chiming all the time to mark your position and hope your
    companion does the same. I've lost countless people on that final stage and so
    it's worth taking extra care.
    A few more pointers about this final chapter. At the end of the snow chapter,
    there is a long pause before anything happens. Keep playing and don't leave the
    game here! When you emerge into the light, right at the very start, the idea is
    to go upwards, but some players go down instead and this is a crucial point at
    which you might miss seeing them altogether. Check they have reached the bridge
    section and if not, dive down to see if you can find them.
    After the crossing the bridge you'll come to another "easy to lose companion"
    point. You go right, and slalom down a snowy river, passing under a rocky arch.
    Keep chiming during this section. You can wait for your companion at the end of
    river, before going upwards again.
    After more climbing you'll end up moving forwards into a very bright light.
    This blinds you for a few seconds and after moving up into the clear you might
    get a bit disorientated. Once again, it's easy to lose track of a companion at
    this point. Try waiting for them before ascending all the waterfalls. You can
    stop on any flat surface.
    If you have any difficulty moving upwards, you'll just sink down into water,
    similar to that in the sand temple, which regenerates your scarf. You cannot
    mess up! However, you may well take a different route from your companion.
    Eventually you'll reach a high arch with sunbeams shining upwards to the
    summit. Wait here and chime. A companion did this for me and I had been
    searching around for quite a while until I found them there. Oh the joy!
    Fly up through the beams to the summit and you're home dry. Walk forwards into
    the bright light (you'll lose your scarf now). Simply wait through the credits
    until the trophy appears.
    Rebirth (Bronze)
    Finish the game and return to the beginning.
    Finish the game and wait for the credits to finish and the sun to rise again.
    Companion (Silver) [ONLINE TROPHY]
    Finish the game with the same partner for the majority of the journey and
    return to the beginning.
    This is the most difficult trophy to obtain as you cannot predict your
    companions' behaviour. It means playing through the game from start to finish
    and hoping that someone else is doing more or less the same. At the end of the
    game, wait through the credits.
    While playing with a companion, try to stay close to them, chiming to show your
    position if you lose sight of them. Also, wait for each other at the end of a
    chapter so you enter the meditation circle more or less together. It's much
    easier to do if you are not seeking out the glyphs and all the symbols, or
    trying for other trophies as well.
    Even if you lose a companion and finish the game with a different partner, you
    can still get this trophy, as it relates to the "majority" of the journey.
    However, it is by no means guaranteed.
    This can be accomplished by starting a new game and selecting a later chapter
    from the "Hub". Wait at the entrance of the area until someone turns up and
    carry on with your companion.
    I can confirm that it is possible to get this trophy by selecting a later
    chapter from the Hub after starting a New Game. However, you need to make sure
    that you have played for long enough with the one companion. After starting at
    the Water Caves (chapter 5) and continuing with one companion to the end, this
    trophy appeared. Other players have obtained the trophy by starting at the Snow
    chapter, but this isn't as reliable a method: at least, it didn't work for me!
    Reflection (Bronze) [ONLINE TROPHY]
    Sit and meditate with another player for more than 20 seconds.
    This is very easy to do. Sit and wait at the entrance to an area and when
    someone turns up hope that they have the sense to see what you're trying to do
    and sit down with you. It's best just to be quiet and still and most people
    will catch on to what you want if you don't move.
    Wonder (Silver) [ONLINE TROPHY]
    Meet 10 or more unique travelers.
    Another easy one to achieve. You could do this over several games but if you
    play just one game and take your time, searching around for collectibles and
    not powering through, (and maybe not attempting to play through with just one
    companion), there's a good chance you'll get this trophy by the end. It will
    pop up as soon as you have met that 10th companion, although you might not even
    be aware that anyone else was there.
    Return (Bronze)
    Start the journey again after a week long break.
    You can "cheat" and move on your PS3 clock to get this quickly, or just wait it
    Transcendence (Gold)
    Collect all unique glowing symbols across one or more journeys.
    See CHAPTERS 1-6. There are no glowing symbols in the Snow area.
    There are 21 glowing symbols in total. Check the lighted stones at the base of
    the triangular stone when you finish a chapter to see if any are dark. If they
    are, that means you've missed a symbol. You can also check on missing symbols
    after completing the game and revisiting the Hub. Here you'll find all these
    shining stones lined up in rows: they are at the area to the far right of the
    central platform.
    Hub: 3
    Broken Bridge: 3
    Desert: 4
    Sunken City: 3
    Water Caves: 4
    Sand Temple: 4
    Snow: 0
    Once you've obtained all symbols and gained the trophy, return to the Hub and
    you'll see a white light shining over to the right of the area: where all the
    stones are lined up. Fly across and enter the light. This transforms your red
    robe and scarf to white. With this robe you have a longer scarf and you
    generate flying power allowing you to skim through places very quickly. If you
    don't want to use the white robe, simply enter the circle again and you'll
    revert back to the red.
    After getting the final shining symbol you must complete that chapter to get
    the "saving" message to unlock the White robe. Thanks to obliviondoll who
    pointed this out.
           XIII.  C R E D I T S ,  L E G A L  B I T ,  C O N T A C T ..........*CLC
    Added some more details about the Companion and Crossing trophy.
    Thank you to ThatGameCompany for continuing to make games that flow.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for the message boards and hosting this FAQ.
    Thanks to the posters on the Journey board for helping me find a couple of
    missing symbols and especially to JimmyHACK for the videos!
    Thanks to obliviondoll for additional helpful points on chapter select and
    Thanks to redalert2881 and matoda for confirmation about the Companion and
    Crossing trophies.
    Thanks to Klezzon, a loyal companion on my journey.
    And thanks to Saikyo Mog: still travelling onwards. ;)
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