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"A different and unique experience"

Story: Journey is a very interesting game; it feels like one of those crazy dreams where you are flying around in the middle of nowhere. The story is that you are a lone robed figure in a desert, journeying towards a mountain with a bright light. The story is not particularly deep; rather, it is meant to be viewed by the player and perceived by you. The game is extremely artistic, and be examined in many different ways. It leaves a lot to think about, and you will be left with an extremely powerful experience. Whether or not the player can be left with an impact from Journey's experience depends on their perception, though. 8.8/10

Gameplay: Journey's gameplay is rather simple. You move around with the control stick, and when you get a scarf by collecting symbols, you are able to jump. The more symbols you get, the longer your scarf extends and the longer you can jump; eventually fly. By interacting with other scarf objects, you can refill your depleted scarf and jump higher. While the gameplay is simple, it is fun and intuitive. The controls work great. Sometimes, a game doesn't need to be predominantly complex; rather, simple and fun is what Journey brings. 9/10

Sound/Music: The soundtrack is absolutely excellent, with each track fitting the area and fitting the emotion of the area. The music can go everywhere from creepy in the underground, to adventurous while skating on the sand, to beautiful while climbing the mountain. Each and every track adds to the spectacular nature of this already artistic game, and adds a completely new layer of depth. There are no voices in the game, but there are sound effects. The sound effects all sound great and befitting to the object they represent. 10/10

Graphics: Journey looks absolutely glorious, with each area having a vast amount of care and attention to detail. The world is immense, leaving you feeling small with a sense of isolation. Every level looks beautiful, especially the way the sun reflects off of the sand. While it undoubtedly is not the best looking PS3 game, it still looks gorgeous and adds even more intensity to an already stunning game. 9.5/10

Replay Value: Unfortunately, the game doesn't have too much replay value. It is a fairly short game, about 2-4 hours long depending on how you play. You can go and get an alternate, ultimate costume and collect the rest of the glyphs and symbols, but this only adds an hour or two. There are trophies, which can add some more replay value; online play is also included, but highly optional. Overall, the max you can get out of this game is about 10 hours. However, it's still worth the entire time you play. 5/10

Overall: Journey is an absolutely jaw-dropping experience. It is a refreshing breath of air in a game market that is running amok with mediocre and poor titles. Journey's story, graphics, music, and gameplay are all absolutely stunning, leaving with a magical experience that won't be forgotten. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long, but what is there is absolutely amazing and should be a requirement for anyone who appreciates a unique experience. 8.8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/08/13

Game Release: Journey (US, 03/13/12)

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