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"A short but awesome experience."

I usually don't give download exclusive games the chance they deserve if they aren't a sequel to a series that I already know about. Some games are supposed to be creative and change the way we look on games, other are proof that a game doesn't have need a big budget and a huge cast in order to be entertaining. So it's a bit strange that I've downloaded a couple of games that have been praised and doesn't take to much time to finish, but I haven't even tried them. One expection is Journey, since this game often named when people talk about the best exclusive Playstation 3.

Many modern game begins with a long cut-scene explaining the world the game takes place in, and tries to make us like the main character. In Journey we see a bright light on a mountain, a couple of tombstones in a desert and then we get to control our silent character. Many player will first think it's strange that you can only walk at the beginning and hopes that the game will evolve later, but after a while you realize that Journey isn't about action, solving puzzles or watching animated movies, it's about having a journey.

The Journey will take you to a desert, an underground tunnel and other beautiful areas. Your goal is never to defeat an enemy, just to get further in the game and closer to the top of the mountain that you saw in the beginning.

Our hero comes with a magic scarf that has the power to allow him or her to jump once, after that jump you have to find a place where you can restore it's power. The scarf gets longer and longer the further you get in the game but can be damaged if an enemy hits the player. It is however not possible to die in this game.

The multiplayer option is one of the most unique features in the game. There is no way to see who you meet to say when you are going to meet someone, they just seem to appear randomly. The only way to communicate with another player is to use the simple sound that you can shout at any time. And somehow this little nice sound can still say a lot. For example if you are about to head into a trap, the other player usually goes crazy with this sound as a way to warn you.

Even if it's possible to beat the whole game alone, it always makes me happy when I meet another player. If you fall behind, most players will actually wait for you since most people agree that the game is a different experience if you have a complete stranger to experience it with, even if the journey is a always the same.

The first time I played through this game I felt that this game deserved all the praise it gets. It manages to tell a story about a wanderer who has to reach the top of a mountain. But the second time I played through the game I realized that there aren't any different paths to take. I searched and tried to fall down in holes and walk over hills, but nope the game had nothing new to offer. Which is a darn shame.

The magic the first playthrough had can never be replayed, since all the game is about is to see what lies beyond the next screen. It would have been really awesome if you could take different paths and make your journey different each time.

Don't get me wrong I loved the first two hours it took to beat the game. It was a very unique experience, it's just that I did replay the game two more times and now I doubt I will play it one more time. Thatgamecompany have made an unique game that I recommend everyone to try, but I'm not as sold as what seems to be the popular opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/03/13

Game Release: Journey (EU, 03/14/12)

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