Stuck on side quest? (spoilers maybe)

  1. I am in the movie theatre and i have all three film reels on one reel now but i still need to find the bulb to view the reels. Please help.

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    Jdod1 - 5 years ago
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    Thanks i'll check there

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    Jdod1 - 5 years ago
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    Thanks but i beat the game and started again on easy puzzle difficulty to do some side quests and on seas the bulb is in the theatre, but thanks a lot!

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    Jdod1 - 5 years ago
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    This is off topic but has anyone got the secret ending yet?

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    Jdod1 - 5 years ago

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  1. In the easy puzzle difficulty, the bulb is located in the theater with you, in the poster storage room in the back of the theater, on the ground. In the normal and hard puzzle difficulties, the bulb os located in the hardware store east of St. Maria's Monastery. Enter the store and collect the Replacement Bulb from behind the register.

    There are 2 shops in that general area. There's a clothing shop and a hardware store. The hardware store is the one that doesn't have signs posted on the windows outside.

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  1. I found a replacement bulb that says in its description that it is used for movie projectors, somewhere outside the radio building, right after I beat that part, in one of the adjacent buildings, sorry I can't remember specifically where it is, only that is somewhere between there and the hospital

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  2. When you look At your map, the theater is near the top left and st. Maria's is on the far left. Look around there, you will see the cemetery, and a set of buildings above it. The bulb is in the first set of buildings, just look for the door with a light over it. Hope that helped, good luck! (it's a really interesting side quest)

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  3. I think depending what difficulty your in the bulb is in different places. I'm on hard and i found it at the art dealers place. It's the ? mark by the cemetary inside a cash register.

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  4. Yes i actualy did get a secret ending when i finished the game.WARNING THERE IS A SPOILER ABOUT THE ENDING IN THIS POST TO BE SPICIFIC IT IS ABOUT THE END OF THE GAME . BE WARNED >>>>>>>> I got the Reversal Ending in which It goes back to the beginning where Murphy was supposed to be transfered and was in the cell and was picked up by the guard. In this ending it was Murphy who was the guard and the prisoner is Cunningham. You get this ending by dying at the end where you chase down Cunningham as the Boogeyman. You just need to stand still and let her shoot you until you die. This might take a while on normal mode and easy mode since she deals almost nothing on easy mode to your health. On normal mode like i think 3 shots per 2% of ur Hp? i could be wrong. However, on hard mode it will be a lot easier to die specialy if you let her open the gates for the enemies to spawn and help her kill you. Trust me i know this because this is how i got this ending unintentionaly.... >>> Off topic but a good relief on this next sentence>>> once you get the Reversal Ending as i have explained you can load back the game to the last part where you are the Boogeyman and simply Get Cunningham to her weakend state and choose to Spare her first and get the good ending or one of the good ending then you can reload back again and Kill Cunningham to see the Bad ending before you start a new game to get the rest of the ending. Remember there are 6 endings 4 of the normal ones and 2 special ones. The 4 main ones consist of 2 good ones which are type A and B based on the achievements that you can find in the Cheats tabs section of this faqs. and C and D for the Bad Endings. A ofcourse being the highest possible good ending and D is the worst bad ending. as i mentioned above you can get 1 godd ending follwed by 1 bad ending before you start a new game to get the once you missed. The 2 other special endings are ofcourse special which is a certain action would only trigger it aside from the actual "Special Points " trigger that you need to get in order to get the normal endings. The special points i mentioned would be explained on other posts or if anyone asked. First is the Reversal ending in which i explained on top and the last one i forget the name but in order to get it u nid to finish the game atleast once first. then im sure you came across a barrel with freaking candles on top of it and keep trying to use your lighter to light it but it wont light at all but you are so sure that it should be lit based on your gamer instincts. YES!!!! You are ryt about that but not on your first run through it will all be lit once you finish the game at least once on your second run through the candles will be lit automaticaly and you nid a shovel to shove the item under neath the thingy to get the treasure and u nid to shovel every single treasure in the game total of 10 to get the last secret ending.

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