Help with Royal Jelly Boss?

  1. Im level 24 ... Whats the best level to be and whats a good strategy for him? Cuz I cant beat him

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    kennysea - 4 years ago

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  1. I was about the same level when I fought him the other day. Here's what I did:

    Oliver using Mite (with War Cry and his aoe skill). Esther with her Drongo and a healer (lagoon naiad). Swaine with Thumbleur, or however you spell that guy, a monolith and that story-line sprout fairy from before Al Mamoon. Ester and Swain set to Do What You Like...because that's what they do anyways.

    Save in the exit room before going down the slide. Fight normally until he busts out his adds. Conserve MP with Oliver to heal and execute "the plan" after the adds pop. Make sure to defend when needed. If Esther and Swaine are dying you can try setting their AI to defense.

    Once the adds pop, set Esther and Swaine to defense, then switch to Mite and use War Cry and then his aoe attack. It will take a few times of doing this, but the adds will die, leaving only the boss.

    I suggest bringing a few Phoenix Feathers to revive dumb and dumber if they die to or before the adds. They're not great, but they do add damage to take down the jelly faster.

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  1. Go kill some Toko familiar over at Ugly Duck Island and you get like 2k exp for each one you kill. When i faced the royal jelly i was about level 40-50.

    User Info: UnrealCrisis

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  2. No way... The one in mama fairy? 30-40? Overkill.

    IIRC he's weak to fire. I find that the best strategy for me right now is to basically let Oliver die/Esther run out of mana while I play as swaine. This tricks the Esther AI into pulling out my badass balloon with humorously high def/mdef (do you have a tank-type creature?) and the enemy AI into focusing on her, since she will pretty much always have lower HP than Swaine. Give Swaine a caster pet with low-cost fire spells, heal with items, and you're good to go.

    Seriously, the balloon takes like 4 damage, even from ultimate attacks.

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  3. If you happen to have some Angulas in your Bottomless Bag you can pick up a Sea Breeze Cloak in the Fairy shop and alchemize a Breezy Cloak. With that equipped "Bolt from the Blue" won't do as much damage.

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  4. This was a hard fight for me at level 26. Esther and Swaine died so i had to grind him out with Oliver. The Toko idea is nice, but I think the toko island is too hand until your 30. Here is how to win ANY boss fight.

    * When you block a skill/attack you get a chance at a GOLDEN glim. this lets you do a super attack.
    * Forget you allies, the AI is crap.
    * Just stick with Oliver (I didn't even use his familiars because olivers super attack was stronger)
    * circle around him and don't attack
    * Be ready to defend so when he does one of his 2 skills your can block it
    * get the golden glim if its there and blast him. You will need to hit him with this about 8-10 times. Its a LONG fight.

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  5. i was about level 20-22 when i fought this boss had a few issues but its not so bad. oliver had mite 2nd form with the flame sword, esther had primarly heals but also had Boggly-Boo 2nd form with the cone fire spell cant remember named hot stuff i believe. armed with the sword that gave magic damage. i buffed his magic attack and used the spell constantly when he spawns the baby jellys it hit around 100-120 damage on them taking them out in 2 hits after that its just heal constantly and be aggresive

    User Info: AbyssWalk3r

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  6. firstly, make sure you have an absolute butt ton of provisions--for HP and MP, phoenix feathers if you can manage. I wouldn't worry too much about keeping your allies alive--they might help you, but it's better to just heal them from time to time so the jellies have someone else to beat the snot out of. and make sure you update your familiars' equipment frequently, spending money in this game is no big deal and it saves you from losing it later, should you wipe out.

    I would say to hold out until at least level 30 (or way higher) until you do this fight, it was a really tough one and it took me a good 20 minutes to do it!

    Defend against Bolt from the Blue!! That will chip off soooo much HP every time it effectively hits you. The Baby maker attack won't do anything, and you should set to All Defense for the Bolt and for See Stars, if anyone's close to it--See Stars isn't too much of a threat though. For general strategy, I'd say the best thing to do is go hard with physical attacks from your familiars. This boss is weak against fire moves, so use Fireball from Oliver, and definitely use his Golden Glim move if you get the chance. Unfortunately, the baby jellies are hard to ignore, so if you have an attack like Earsplitter that damages all enemies, use the crap out of it.

    As for familiars, this is a good time to load up with new ones--boss levels are great for EXP grinding! I'm in agreement with whoever said to grab a Monolith--they're those stone slabs with bird legs, from the Bayous (Castaway Cove area). They end up having some of the best defense in the game. There aren't a lot of other good familiars lying around that early in the game, just make sure you're feeding everyone lots of treats for attack and defense namely.

    that ended up being a lot of general advice but good luck! Crazy Jelly was my least favorite boss fight, other from....*shudders*

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