Where can ai find all the Alchemy recipes?

  1. Seems like there are some NPCs than give you some recipes when you talk to them.
    The first is woman selling from a boat in the very city you get to use alchemy. And you get some others from quest.

    So... where is the rest, what NPCs leave you recipes when you talk to them?

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    Leu-kun - 4 years ago

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  1. Theres one set given to you by one of the sky pirates. Theres a tomte fishing in yule that gives you a set. Someone in hamelin gives you another set and i know hes on the right side of the town. In addition to the guard theres a little boy talking to someone on some stairs in perdida. That should be all of them if your in post game.

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  1. You get most of the recipes from doing errands.

    I remember a guard in Perdida giving one as well as one of the "pigs" in Hamelin by just talking to them

    Also in postgame (after you finish the game) The guy in the cave close to castaway cove (the guy who gives you the last alchemy quest) will give you the recipe for a harp and a gun if you have the "heart of muse" and I believe the "cad's clasp". You must finish his alchemy quest first then talk to him afterwards with those items in your inventory. The heart of muse if a prize in the solloseum and I do not remember where the other is,

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  2. You can get a set of recipes from a grey-haired gentleman w/ a mustache (He's wearing purple robes) outside of Swift Solutions in Hamelin. He's off to the left of the shop, talking to two other NPC's.

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  3. I was looking for this myself, and I found the answer in noz3ro's walkthrough(the largest file size, not sure if it's nessessarily the best) But using that and my own experiences, what I found was...

    A fat lady on a small boat near the large ship in Castaway Cove gives you some
    A man in a purple robe outside Swift Solutions in Hamlin gives you some
    A pirate(not Kublai) wandering around the airship in Skull Mountain gives you some
    A young Tomte fishing left of the Elder's House in Yule gives you some

    And... While there are more I don't want to spoiler myself so that's what I've seen and read up 'till now. Try searching Formula in the FAQs to find more spots.

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