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    Sidequest Guide by WeekendRisktaker

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    ======================  Ni no Kuni  =============================
    ================ Wrath of the White Witch =======================
    ==================== Quest List & FAQ ===========================
    by WeekendRisktaker
    This FAQ was written for the users on the Ni no Kuni board on
    GameFAQs, many of whom are enjoying this wonderful game without
    the slightest idea of what all that weird moon-language really 
    means.  It is meant to be a stopgap until Ni no Kuni gets its
    English release, at which time it will probably be overshadowed
    by something more in-depth and better written.
    Any translated material found within this FAQ is unofficial, and
    mostly done to my own quirky standards. Not all translated names
    will match 100% to their Japanese counterparts, and a few are
    completely different just because I couldn't make it sound good
    through straight translation.
    If you need a specific quest, search for #number of the quest.
    For the Mirant Quests, search for #M1, #M2, etc.
    As of right now, this FAQ does not include any DLC material.
    I also left out the rewards information for the non-hunting quests.
    I might add it in at a later date.
    Quests 1 - 40  The Heart Quests
    In each of these quests, someone is missing a piece of their heart, 
    which was stolen by Jabo.  These quests tend to become available 
    in spurts, and almost always after a major plot sequence featuring
    a particular type of heart (e.g. the King of Goronell and the 
    Enthusiastic Heart).
    Hearts can be found easily. Certain people throughout the game
    possess enough of a surplus in one Heart type that it is 
    possible to split a bit off with the spell Heart Piece (ハート
    ピース)and then share it with the spell Heart Cure (ハートキュア). 
    They show up as glowing dots on the Town Map, so they tend to stand out.
    I'm using my own names for the Hearts. Some of them are easy to
    translate into English, others (especially がまんの心) are pretty
    やる気の心 	Enthusiastic Heart
    がまんの心 	Temperate Heart
    やさしさの心	Kindly Heart
    勇気の心	Courageous Heart
    信じる心	Trusting Heart
    自信の心	Confident Heart
    愛の心		Loving Heart
    夢の心		Dreaming Heart
    #1  なんでも後回し		Everything Can Wait...
    Location: Goronell	Required: Enthusiastic Heart
    #2  怠けたがり主婦		The Lazy Couple
    Location: Goronell	Required: Enthusiastic Heart
    #3  スパイス名人		The Master of Spices
    Location: Babanacia	Required: Enthusiastic Heart
    #4  絵本を返して!		Return That Book!
    Location: Babanacia 	Required:  Kindly Heart
    #5  修業の旅へ			On a Journey of Discovery
    Location: Babanacia 	Required:  Courageous Heart
    #6  漁師の苦悩			A Fisherman's Troubles
    Location: Bikkini 	Required:  Courageous Heart
    #7  もっと水着を		More Swimsuits, Please
    Location: Bikkini 	Required:  Temperate Heart
    #8  無口な料理人		The Quiet Chef
    Location: Dohton-Mori 	Required:  Kindly Heart
    #9  ボクの嵐			My Storm
    Location: Dohton-Mori 	Required:  Temperate Heart
    #10 妹のために			For My Little Sister
    Location: Bolg Empire 	Required:  Kindly Heart
    #11 想いよ届け			A Thoughtful Delivery
    Location: Bolg Empire 	Required:  Courageous Heart
    After receiving the Teleport Spell
    #12 止まらない居眠り		Officer Sleepyhead
    Location: Bolg Empire 	Required:  Temperate Heart
    After receiving the Teleport Spell
    #13 疑いぶかい門番		Officer Overkill
    Location: Bolg Empire 	Required:  Trusting Heart
    After receiving the Teleport Spell
    #14 進まない研究		Research at an Impasse
    Location: Bolg Empire 	Required:  Trusting Heart
    After receiving the Teleport Spell
    #15 学校へ行こう		Let's Go to School
    Location: Goronell 	Required:  Enthusiastic Heart
    After receiving the Teleport Spell
    #16 引退宣言 			I Can't Do This Anymore
    Location: Goronell 	Required:  Courageous Heart
    After receiving the Teleport Spell
    #17 悩ましき日々  		Days of Distress
    Location: Babanacia 	Required:  Trusting Heart
    After receiving the Teleport Spell
    #18 さらば故郷よ		Farewell, Home
    Location: Bikkini 	Required:  Trusting Heart
    After receiving the Teleport Spell
    #19 友達と遊ぼう		Let's Play with Friends
    Location: Goronell 	Required:  Kindly Heart
    Once on the Mage Stones plot quest
    #20 寒がりな男			Can't Stand the Cold
    Location: Samura 	Required:  Temperate Heart
    Once on the Mage Stones plot quest
    #21 しっぽ相撲チャンピオン	The Tail Wrestling Champion
    Location: Goronell 	Required:  Confident Heart
    Once on the Mage Stones plot quest
    #22 画家のスランプ		An Artistic Slump
    Location: Babanacia 	Required:  Confident Heart
    After the Ice Caves
    #23 笑いの才能			A Gift for Laughs
    Location: Dohton-Mori 	Required:  Confident Heart
    Once on the Mage Stones plot quest
    #24 行き詰る研究		Stuck Research
    Location: Bolg Empire 	Required:  Confident Heart
    Once on the Mage Stones plot quest
    #25 愛しのババナ		My Beloved Babanas
    Location: Babanacia 	Required:  Loving Heart
    After completing the Gradion
    #26 僕を捨てないで!		Don't Throw Me Away!
    Location: Bikkini 	Required:  Loving Heart
    After completing the Gradion
    #27 ペットとの絆		Puppy Love
    Location: Bolg Empire 	Required:  Loving Heart
    After completing the Gradion
    #28 雪より冷たい		Colder than Snow
    Location: Samura 	Required:  Loving Heart
    After completing the Gradion
    #29 歌手への憧れ		Aspire to Sing
    Location: Babanacia 	Required:  Dreaming Heart
    After completing the Tripartite Flute
    #30 理想の漁師			The Perfect Fisherman
    Location: Bikkini 	Required:  Dreaming Heart
    After completing the Tripartite Flute
    #31 終わらない研究		Unfinished Research
    Location: Bolg Empire 	Required:  Dreaming Heart
    After completing the Tripartite Flute
    #32 少年の夢			A Boy's Dreams
    Location: Reka	 	Required:  Dreaming Heart
    After completing the Tripartite Flute
    Quests 33 to 40 all feature the same husband/wife duo. They
    appear in each town in the game in turn, often blocking chests
    or pots with items until they finally leave. Since they are a
    series, they must be done in order.
    #33 無気力な夫			The Listless Hubby
    Location: Babanacia 	Required:  Enthusiastic Heart
    #34 毒したな妻			The Sharp-tongued Wife
    Location: Bikkini	Required:  Kindly Heart
    #35 おびえる夫			The Timid Hubby
    Location: Dohton-Mori 	Required:  Courageous Heart
    #36 食べすぎな妻		The Indulgent Wife
    Location: Bolg Empire 	Required:  Temperate Heart
    #37 人間不信の夫		The Mistrustful Hubby
    Location: Samura 	Required:  Trusting Heart
    #38 踏み出せない妻		The Introverted Wife
    Location: Reka 		Required:  Confident Heart
    #39 冷たい夫			The Cold Hubby
    Location: Goronell 	Required:  Loving Heart
    #40 虚ろ妻			The Empty Wife
    Location: Goronell 	Required:  Dreaming Heart
    And they lived happily ever after...
    This also concludes the Hearts Quests.
    The rest of the quests are a little more varied and involved.
    Some may have prerequisites, while others may have to be done
    in tandem.  Unless specified otherwise, these quests become
    available as soon as you reach the town where they are located
    (or the closest town to its location).
    #41 どこに隠した?		Now Where Did It Go...
    Location: Goronell
    A young cat-person has misplaced something. Look for it in
    a pot in the cul-de-sac on the west side of Goronell's main
    plaza (where the big statue is).
    #42 生活に彩りを		A Life More Colorful
    Location: Goronell
    Go out of town and find two Spring Waters and two Highland
    Flowers. Both can be won from enemies in the area, but it's
    easier to gather them from the sparkling spots on the map just
    east of town. One is by the lake east and north of Goronell, 
    the other is up the slope of the mountain due east of town.
    #43 痛いの痛いの飛んでいけ	Little Boys Lost
    Location: Goronell
    A woman's three sons are all missing, and her motherly intuition
    is telling her they must be hurt. They are. Find them and use
    the Heal spell to fix their boo-boos so they can go home to
    Boy 1: go up the stairs near the Quest Shop to the upper area
    Boy 2: look inside the Equipment Shop
    Boy 3: find him on the way to the Sage's Tomb (to the right of
    the castle entrance)
    #44 森で暮らす人々		The People of the Forests
    Location: Basiluna Meadows (woods)
    Talk to the forest guardians in the woods north-east of Goronell.
    They are having a problem with Bridrills. Five groups of errant
    Buridrills will now pop up on the map outside of the woods.
    Defeat all five groups and then talk to the quest-giver.
    #45 愛情たっぷり弁当		A Boxed Lunch Full of Love
    Location: Babanacia
    Deliver a boxed lunch (made with lots of love!) to a man in Moelle
    Forest. He should show up as a blue dot on the level map.
    #46 砂漠の暴れん坊		The Desert Bullies
    Location: Babanacia
    10 groups of Kottsuhei (Skulldiers) are running loose in the
    Nielde Desert.  Search and destroy.  They're weak against wind
    attacks, so Maru's Seba is useful here. Talk to the quest-giver
    when you're done.
    #47 道草トリオ			The Goodfeathers 
    Location: Babanacia
    A young boy is looking for his three pet pigeons, who have all
    flown the coop.  Unlike other pigeons in town, they won't fly off
    when you approach.
    Pigeon 1: With the flock near the Milk Fountain
    Pigeon 2: With the flock in front of the inn
    Pigeon 3: Sunning itself in the window of the Item Shop
    Talk to the pigeons with the Talker spell. Return to the boy once
    you have found them all.
    #48 砂漠のオアシスカレー	Desert Curry
    Location: Babanacia
    Prerequisite: Quest #3, The Master of Spices
    The curry chef is looking for the best ingredients he can
    Talk to the Spice Master (from Quest #3) 
    You'll need some Turmeric Root and three Kahrai seeds.
    The Turmeric must be won from Quest #88 (a Hunt Quest), while the
    three seeds can be found along the route to Mt. Dekarock. If you 
    haven't made it to that point in the story yet, you can't finish
    this quest just yet.
    #49 新作水着の材料		The Newest Fashion
    Location: Bikkini
    A young fashion designer needs some Colorful Leaves to make new
    swimwear. To get them, you have to take out three Nattchi
    (cactus-like guys in the desert) with ice spells. Take the
    resulting quest items back to the quest-giver.
    #50 アオガニの楽園		Blue Crab Heaven
    Location: Bikkini
    Use the Talker spell to communicate with the blue crab in town. He
    will ask you to find a friend of his whom he hasn't seen recently.
    The crab is safe and sound on the Sours Islands, to the east of
    Bikkini.  Find him at the far end of these sandy atolls, talk to 
    him with the Talker spell, and then take his message back to the 
    first crab in Bikkini.
    #51 相方のハリセン		Fans for Fandom
    Location: Dohton-Mori
    A fairy in Dohton-Mori wants to help cheer his friend on as he 
    strives to be a good stand-up comedian. For that, he needs some
    folded-paper fans (harisen) that are a traditional prop for this
    sort of comedy routine.
    Take out 3 of the batty enemies (Pigoul) on the fairy island after
    blinding them first with Sand Throw or Gyro's Smoke Shot, and you
    will get the necessary items.
    #52 飛び込んだのは。。。	A Sigh of Relief
    Location: Dohton-Mori
    A fairy in Dohton-Mori wants ingredients for some cold remedy. 
    Some backtracking may be necessary.
    The grocery list includes:
    よくなり草 (Feelgood Grass): can be found on the ground in 
    Goronell, but can also be won off of Gaurios (lionish sheep) and
    Sleepies (funny bird-things) in the Goronell area.
    きれいな湧き水 (Spring Water): from the same gathering spot NE of
    シャキールの葉 (Shakeel Leaf): Gyro can steal these from Pigouls
    (bat-like Imajinn) on the fairy island. It is also possible to
    find some on the ground in an area a little to the east of Bikkini
    (on the mainland)
    Return all of these to the quest-giver for a reward.
    #53 モエールの危機		A Forest in Jeopardy
    Location: Moelle Forest
    Prerequisite: Arrive at Dohton-mori
    The quest-giver is a fairy who is standing near where the local
    boss appeared previously. He wants you to defeat the Gangtoshishi
    (strong, 3rd-tier boar-like enemies) who are rampaging through the
    forest. There are five of them, accompanied by Tosshishi (the
    2nd-tier boar-types).  Both Imajinn types are weak against fire.
    After beating all five groups, return to the fairy to find him
    about to get thrashed by an even stronger boar, the Bosstoshishi.
    This is the other 3rd-tier form, and it's strong against fire
    (but weak against water).  Time to save the day!
    #54 ボーグに咲く花		Flowers for Bolg
    Location: Bolg Empire
    A woman just wants her flowers to bloom, but conditions under the
    Empire's dome just aren't good for it.  
    Use the spell "Mach Growth" (マッハ栽培) on the flowerpot. It won't
    quite work. Then bring a サンサン (solar disc enemy from the
    desert) to finish the job properly.
    #55 新薬開発			Medical Necessity
    Location: Bolg Empire
    Prerequisite: Quest #10, "For My Sister"
    The boy from Quest #10 needs a special mushroom for a medicine to
    help his sister.  
    You can find it in the forest on the coast to the west of Bolg.
    It's one of those forests where you can enter and talk to the
    forest guardian folk. One will trade you the mushroom for a 
    Bunny Cake (バー二ケーキ) which can be stolen from several enemies 
    on the fairy island.
    #56 やっかいな海賊船		Unpleasant Pirates
    Location: Bolg Empire
    Prerequisite: Quest #55
    The boy from the previous quests needs one more item for his sis,
    but pirate ships have been delaying the cargo run from Bikkini.
    Teleport back to Bikkini, rest up, and take the boat out for a bit
    of pirate-trawling.  There are four ships en route between Bikkini
    and Bolg. Most are crewed by DeadCrew, but the fourth one should
    also have a DeadCaptain.
    #57 飛行艇の修理		Busted Lifeboats
    Location: Heburuchi's Hideout
    One of Heburuchi's crewmen is trying to fix a busted part for one
    of their flying lifeboats, but it's just too beat up. This one 
    needs an expert...
    Use the Gate spell to go back to Hotroit and get Claude to fix it
    for you.  Return the now-pristine parts to the crewman.
    #58 空賊のお守り		A Sky Pirate's Charm
    Location: Heburuchi's Hideout
    One of Heburuchi's crewmen is trying to mend his lucky charm, but
    he needs Wind-Cutting Feather (風きりばね). If you don't have
    one already, you can get one from the Birdners in the area around
    the hideout, or from Sabannyers off-shore.
    #59 1人でも大丈夫?		Okay Alone?
    Location: Small cave east of Samura
    In a little cave on the coast east of Samura there is the ghost of
    a small girl.  Use Spiritalk to communicate with her. She wants to
    move on, but she's worried that her Imajinn friend won't be able
    to get by without her. Make sure you have an empty party slot when
    you talk with her to get a Pyonkichi (3rd-tier Imajinn). Keep it
    in your active party and return to the girl once it has gained 10
    more levels. She'll be happy and will let you keep the Pyonkichi
    with her blessing.
    #60 ビッキニのビキニ		Bikinis from Bikkini
    Location: Samura
    Even though it's absolutely frigid there, one young lady in Samura
    would really like a stylish bikini. When you go to talk to the
    fashion lady in Bikkini, you'll find out that the last of those 3
    bikinis she made (in Quest #49) was stolen by a seagull not long
    before. It was flying west...
    Take the ship to Sangon Island, due west from Bikkini, and find
    the gull on the promontory of the island.  Use Talker to ask him
    for the bikini. He just wanted it for nesting material, so it's
    all the same for him.
    Pass it on to the girl in Samura next time you see her.
    #61 迷子をさがして		Missing Child Alert
    Location: Samura
    Prerequisite: Finish the Ice Caves plot event
    There's a boy lost in the Ice Caves. Talk to the kid at the
    entrance, then head in.  Up in the northwest corner of the cave
    (should be visible as a blue dot on the map), you will find the
    boy being menaced by a GigaWater and three Blue Alabbins.  They are
    all weak against fire, so torch 'em.
    #62 夢で見た花			Dream Flower
    Location: Reka
    A girl in Reka Village keeps seeing a beautiful flower in her
    dreams. It's not like anything she has ever seen before. Shizuku
    figures that she's getting visions from her soul-double in Ichi no
    Kuni (Hotroit).  Use the Gate spell to go there. Near Oliver's 
    house there will be a little girl and a wilted flower.  Use the
    Turn Back Time spell to restore the flower, talk to the girl to
    get her permission, then take the flower back to Reka.
    #63 腰痛の特効薬		My Aching Back!
    Location: Reka
    The old man by the Quest Shop is experiencing back problems, and
    he would like a special medicinal pack from Samura.  Talk to a
    snow man in Samura about it (the Powder Snow Pack), and he'll do
    it on request if you can get him the ingredients. 
    To get the ingredients, you have to defeat a Gachi-Gachidon 
    (found west of town) with a fire attack. Easiest done by buying
    a Burning Sword (バーニングソード)in Samura and putting it on a 
    strong attacker. You need 5 of them.
    #64 グルメなルパカ		The L'Paca Gourmet
    Location: Reka
    Use Talker to communicate with the l'paca near the front gates.
    He's heard of a lot of interesting foods, but never had a chance
    to try any. He wants you to get some regional delicacies for him.
    Odds are you might have most of these just from random enemy
    1 each of:
    Babanas (Babanacia)
    Firefly Shrimp (Bikkini)
    Black Truffle (Bolg)
    Snow Radish (Samura)
    Bon appetit!
    #65 犯人を追え!		Thieftaker
    Location: Goronell
    Prerequisite: Finish the "Ashes Fall on Goronell" plot events.
    A monster has stolen a macguffin from one of Goronell's citizens.
    You have to follow the footprints on the world map outside the 
    city.  They aren't always obvious from one angle, so be sure to
    rotate the field camera from time to time.  Each time you check
    a set of prints, you'll be given a new direction (generally north
    or west) to search for new prints.  There ARE two false trails,
    however, so watch out.
    The true trail leads to the far west end of the kingdom. You 
    will have to use the Bridge Builder spell to open the way across
    the valley (if you haven't done so already). 
    The real thief is a Majin Igni (weakness: water).
    #66 理想のモデル		The Perfect Model
    Location: Babanacia
    Prerequisite: Finish the "Ashes Fall on Babanacia" plot events
    Babanacia's resident artist (remember him?) is in search of the 
    perfect model. 
    From Moya, head north to Gambul Island. There's a guardian forest
    on the island. One of the residents there is willing to give
    modeling a try, and she even fits the idiosyncratic desires of
    the artist.
    #67 カレー屋繁盛記		Curry to Go!
    Location: Babanacia
    Prerequisite: Finish the "Ashes Fall on Babanacia" plot events
    The curry chef asks you to deliver curry to five different people.
    Return to him after each delivery to get the next part of the 
    1 - The Master of Spices in front of the Babanacia Quest Shop
    2 - Person on a boat in Bikkini
    3 - Shopkeeper in the Bolg Black Market
    4 - Coin dealer in the Casino
    5 - Forest guardian in a small forest far to the west of Goronell
    #68 会心の目覚め		Wake Up, Already!
    Location: Bolg Empire
    Prerequisite: Finish the "Ashes Fall on Bolg" plot events
    There's a guy in town who just can't stay awake. He even falls
    asleep on his feet sometimes. Give the poor narcoleptic an alarm
    clock and a cappucino (both can be found in stores) and then 
    bring him an Imajinn that knows Wake Up.
    #69 妖精探索大作戦!		The Big Reunion
    Location: Moelle Forest
    Prerequisite: Complete the main game
    The fairy in Moelle Forest wants to get all of his buddies back
    now that the forest's darker forces have been quelled. Talk to him
    to get a hint about the location of one of these errant fairies.
    After you find it, you'll automatically return to Moelle. Talk to
    the main fairy again learn the next hint. Repeat until all four
    are found.
    Fairy 1: "Near a big skull..." Teleport to Heburuchi's Hideout, 
    head due south. The fairy is near one of the barricades on the
    slope, on the hideout's side. He's kind of small and easy to miss
    if you aren't really looking.
    Fairy 2: "Cold, wet, frogs...?"  This one is in Narklehat Ruins,
    a.k.a. the Frog Prince's Palace. The fairy is easily visible as
    a blue dot on the dungeon map.
    Fairy 3: "In a weird place... never seen anything like it... big,
    scary metal things running around"  Use Gate to go to Hotroit. The
    fairy is at Mark's garage.
    Fairy 4: "Dark, and with a pale, skinny guy?" The cave in the
    mountains east of Bolg. There's a skeleton mining the area, and
    the fairy is keeping him company.
    Fairy 5: "Cold, with lots of trees..." Go to Koharu Island, south
    and a little east of Samura.  There is a guardians forest in the
    middle of the island. The fairy is talking to the guardian girl
    #70 海賊王の宝
    Location: Bikkini
    Prerequisite: Complete the main game
    There's a boy in Bikkini who has gotten his hands on a treasure
    map. He asks you to help him track the locations down. 
    After talking to the boy, interview all the other people in
    Bikkini who are marked with blue dots on the map. After that, look
    for the marker stones:
    Nansho Island (mid-sized island SE of Bolg)
    Treil Coast (east of Nackelhart Ruins, aka the Serpent dungeon)
    Oldi Mountains, north trail (short flight from Reka)
    Outori Island (mid-sized island NNE of Goromell)
    Sangon Island (island due west of Bikkini)
    Kochi-kochi Island (SW of the snow continent)
    Harbess Coast (south of Heburuchi's Hideout, south of the
    Each of these will bear a short inscription from the pirates, and
    two Astram symbols. The first symbol is part of a message, the 
    second is a number. Use the second symbols to put the first
    symbols in the right order. Talk to the boy in Bikkini after
    you've checked all these spots. Translate the symbols, put them 
    in order, and input the correct word.
    Heburuchi the 3rd
    After this, go and talk to Heburuchi on his airship to learn more
    about his ancestor. Finally, go to the island in the far NE corner
    of the map and check the marker there. It's not readable, so use
    the spell Turn Back Time to return it to its previous state.Read
    it, then go back to Bikkini to talk to the boy and conclude the
    Quests 71 - 75 are all done for the Imajinn Professor, and all
    but one of them involve catching Imajinn.  It is recommended that
    you read ahead a bit and catch a few in advance, if possible.
    #71 砂漠のイマージン		Imajinn of the Sands
    Location: Babanacia
    Neroli, the Imajinn Professor, wants your help to study the local
    Imajinn more thoroughly.  
    こどもアラッビン - small thing in a turban
    みじゅくババナン - a giant walking bunch of bananas. Hard to miss.
    Make sure they are in your main party and not in the Manhole, then
    talk to Neroli again for the reward.
    #72 機会のイマージン		Heavy Metal Imajinn
    Location: Bolg Empire
    This time, Neroli wants to study the mechanical Imajinn that are
    common to this continent. 
    ゼンダイン	A top-heavy robot that is common near Bolg
    ポンポンメカ	A small robot found most often E of Bolg
    つちハグルン	A thing on a cogwheel that can be found SW of Bolg
    		but is easiest found on the fairy island.
    Make sure they are in your main party and not in the Manhole, then
    talk to Neroli again for the reward.
    #73 雪山のイマージン		Winter Wonder-jinn
    Location: Samura
    Neroli wants to know more about the Imajinn of the ice. These are
    second-tier Imajinn, so you have the option of levelling up an
    Imajinn until it can evolve, or just catch one at the right stage.
    ステルラ	It looks like a frog on a white flower, common S
    		of Samura
    ジョーオ	Found in the Ice Caves. Its 1st-tier form is found
    		around Samura
    となりのユウマ	All four members of the Yuuma family can be found
    		in the Ice Cave.  Just catch them all and sort it
     		out later.
    Make sure they are in your main party and not in the Manhole, then
    talk to Neroli again for the reward.
    #74 更なるイマージン		Even More Imajinn!
    Location: Reka
    This quest calls for 3rd-tier Imajinn. If you've already got the
    base monsters, then hopefully you've leveled them some. Otherwise,
    you're liable to be in for a bit of level grinding here. None of
    them can be caught in the wild, it seems.
    ドラキュン	Can be evolved from ヒュン (Ghost Valley) or 
    		マミュン (Dark Castle)
    		Predominantly red in color
    テッカッチー	Can be evolved from アッチー (path to Dekarock) or
    		アッチッチー (Mt. Dekarock)
    		Wears a cast-iron facemask
    ブラーバン	Can be evolved from ソロッパ (hills N of Bikkini,
    		Temple of Spirits tutorial), or トロッパ (Lake of
    		the Dead)
    		Not the one that you can find in the White Palace.
    Make sure they are in your main party and not in the Manhole, then
    talk to Neroli again for the reward.
    #75 伝説のイマージン		Legendary Imajinn
    Location: Babanacia
    Prerequisite: Finish the main game.
    This time around is different.  Neroli wants you to defeat three
    Legendary-type (i.e. mini-boss) Imajinn while he spectates. 
    After each victory talk to him (he'll be standing nearby on the
    worldmap) to hear where the next target is. These monsters will not
    appear until you talk to him.
    #1 Oxydon	Located on Koharu Island, south-by-southeast from
    		Samura.  Weak against fire, strong against darkness.
    #2 Golden Golem	Located on the Temple Hills, north and a little
    		east of Bikkini. Weak against wind, strong against
    		physical attacks
    #3 Gengan	Located on Nansho Island.  No weaknesses, but it is
    		strong against wind attacks.
    Quests 76 - 78 all involve the game's alchemy synthesis system.
    If possible, try to get as many ingredient items as possible in
    #76 合成の名人			The Famed Alchemist
    Location: Bikkini
    Prerequisite: Get the alchemy pot
    A little girl wants you to make something she saw in a picture book.
    You have to synthesize a Flame Dagger and show it to her.
    石のナイフ - Stone Knife, can be bought in Babanacia
    炎のプリズム - Fire Prism, can be won off of サンサン in the desert
    or アッチー near Mt. Dekarock.
    You need to put one of each in the pot.
    #77 合成の達人			The Master Alchemist
    Location: the guardian forest on the Treil Coast, just east of
    A young guardian man wants you to create a Brave Spear, a symbol of
    his people.
    黒ハガネ&こくよう石 - Black steel and obsidian. Both can be found
    on the ground around Bolg and the Ghost Valley
    ヒスイ玉  - Jade egg.  Can be found on a promontory on the island
    east of Bolg, on the cliffs just outside the Temple of the Spirits
    (requires air-travel capability) and a few other spots on the map.
    You need to put two of each in the pot.
    #78 合成の超人			The Supreme Alchemist
    Location: Cave in the Temple Hills, a bit north of Bikkini, up on 
    the cliff (requires air-travel capability)
    Prerequisite: Completing the main story.
    The guy in the cave is a famous alchemist, and he wants to test you
    with this assignment.  He wants you to make an axe called the 
    Battle God's Masakari.
    First, you need to make a Demon's Masakari:
    グレートアックス  Great Axe.  Buy it in Reka
    闇のつばさ        Dark Wing. Can be got off of various, but best 
    		  stolen off of ジェントルー in the White Palace 
    		  (looks like an owl)
    記憶のヒゲ 	  Memorial Moustache. Can be got off of various, but
    best stolen off of ジャームス (jazz piano duck thing) in the White
    1 Great Axe, 2 Dark Wings, and 3 Memorial Moustaches to make it.
    If you plan ahead, you can steal one from the boss of Quest #122,
    Now here comes the hard part. In order to make the Battle God's 
    Masakari, you need the weapon above as well as five Scrolls of Truth
    and five Rainbow Fossils.  These things are RARE, and will take 
    forever and a day to get. Here are the monsters that drop them:
    Scroll of Truth:
    アギドラン	Golden Agidoran in the Ice Caves
    ゴブヒン	Golden Gobuhin in the Lake of the Dead. Fairly
    		common, and probably your best bet. The Japanese
    		FAQs report a decent level of success.
    ジャームス	Golden Jams in the Ghost Valley. Not a common thing
    		to encounter, and only seems to show up with lower-
    		level creatures.  Scrolls are a rare item on them,
    		and technically should be stealable, but with a 
    		REALLY low success rate. Also carries Tears of the
    Rainbow Fossil:
    ネルドラン	Golden Neldran in the Ice Caves. Reportedly the best
    ゴブヒンチーフ	Golden Gobuhin Chief at the Lake of the Dead. Also
    		carries Tears of the Earth.
    My Japanese source apparently raised a party from level 65 to 99 in
    the process of getting 5 of each of these.  If you do, then you 
    deserve congratulations.  This is really hard.
    Alternately, it's possible to win some of these materials off the
    Master of the World (ultimate boss in Quest #131, repeatable), but
    that isn't exactly easy either.
    Quests 79 to 85 all involve the same traveling gentleman who has
    the worst luck when it comes to holding onto his travel journal.
    He is always dropping it in secluded spots, and it's up to you to
    find the damn thing over and over again.  Each quest is required for
    the next one to appear.
    #79 旅人の手記(平原)		Journal in the Grass
    Location: Goronell
    Find it NW of Goronell, on a little island in the middle of a river.
    Two trees will be growing there.
    #80 旅人の手記(火山)		Journal in the Heat
    Location: Babanacia
    It's on the path to Mt. Dekarock, by one of the few trees to survive
    in that desolate landscape.
    #81 旅人の手記(孤島)		Journal in the Isles
    Location: Dohton-mori
    Travel around the edge of the island until you get to the Blue Crab
    Cave.  Search around near the red treasure chest. It should be right
    beside it.
    #82 旅人の手記(坑道)		Journal in the Depths
    Location: Bolg Empire
    Additional Prerequisite: Learning the Teleport spell
    The notebook is at one of the mine entrances to the SW of Bolg.
    #83 旅人の手記(雪原)		Journal in the Snows
    Location: Samura
    Additional Prerequisite: Finishing the Ice Caves events
    Go west of Samura to the guardians forest on the coast.  Talk to one
    of the people in there to get the notebook.
    #84 旅人の手記(幻の大地)	Journal in the Mists
    Location:  Bikkini
    Additional Prerequisite: Finishing the event at the Place of Memory
    On the far NW end of Moya, you will find the image of a skull carved
    into the ground.  Search around a large rock nearby.
    #85 旅人の手記(世界の中心)	Journal in the ????
    Location: Goronell
    Additional Prerequisite: Finish the main story
    This last time, he's dropped it in the forest known as the Heart of
    the World.  If you haven't activated Quest #131, this is the same
    place where you can do that. Look around the red mushroom by the
    The quests after this point are all Hunt Quests.  The player can
    sign up for these at the Quest Store, and must go back to the 
    store to reap the rewards.  For the most part, the target monsters
    will show up as blue dots on the local maps, but not on the main
    world map.
    Regular enemies that appear in hunts may drop items or have items 
    to steal.  Legendary monsters (mini-boss types) do not.
    #86 野菜どろぼう		The Veggie Thief
    Monster name:		Gaurias
    Monster location:	Southeast of Goronell
    Weakness:		Weak against water, Strong against fire
    Reward:			Rusty Sword, 50 gold, 2 stamps
    #87 街道のいたずらっこ		Highway Bullies
    Monster name:		Grumpy
    Monster location:	West of Goronell
    Weakness:		Weak against water, Strong against fire
    Reward:			Bitter Ice x4, 80 gold, 2 stamps
    #88 幻の根を求めて		For the Root!
    Monster name:		Debole
    Monster location:	East of Moelle Forest (Babanacia entrance)
    Weakness:		Weak against fire, Strong against wind
    Reward:			Mild Choco x5, 200 gold, 2 stamps
    This quest also gets you the Turmeric Root, which you need for the
    first curry quest.
    #89 砂漠の決闘			Fighting on the Sands
    Monster name:		Kottsu-shogun (Skull General)
    Monster location:	Northeast from Babanacia
    Weakness:		Strong against physical attacks
    Reward:			Bone Shield, 200 gold, 2 stamps
    #90 俊足の逃走犯		Fleet-footed Fugitive
    Monster name:		Fan Loo
    Monster location:	East from Babanacia
    Weakness:		Weak against wind
    Reward:			Fire Robe, 300 gold, 3 stamps
    #91 ならず者の要求		Rogue's Request
    Monster name:		Neogobuhin
    Monster location:	Head north and east from Bikkini, across a
    			point where you need to use Bridge Builder
    			to pass.
    Weakness:		Nothing, one way or the other
    Reward:			Fish Burger x4, 400 gold, 3 stamps
    #92 マグマの母			Magma's Mama
    Monster name:		Magmama
    Monster location:	Near the broken robot on Mt. Dekarock
    Weakness:		Weak against water, strong against fire
    Reward:			Fire Mark, 600 gold, 5 stamps
    #93 強欲な盗賊団		Greedy Gangsters
    Monster name:		Nyaigar, with three flunkies
    Monster location:	In the Sours Island chain, east of Bikkini
    Weakness:		All weak against water
    Reward:			Toxicutter Jewel, 600 gold, 3 stamps
    #94 ハラペコ海獣		The Very Hungry Sea Monster
    Monster name:		Hoerun
    Monster location:	In the waters near Bikkini and Sours Islands
    			Must be approached in the ship
    Weakness:		Weak against wind, Strong against water
    Reward:			Monsterfish Horn, 800 gold, 5 stamps
    #95 調査隊の苦難		Research and Tribulations
    Monster name:		Golemun
    Monster location:	On the Treil Coast, east of Bikkini, far NE
    Weakness:		Weak against wind, strong against physical
    Reward:			Holy Knife, 800 gold, 5 stamps
    #96 オールドマシーン		The Old Machine
    Monster name:		Steamun and PomPom Meka
    Monster location:	On the bridge over the gorge S of Bolg
    Weakness:		S: Weak against wind, strong against physical
    			P: Strong against wind
    Reward:			Windswept Jewel, 900 gold, 4 stamps
    #97 岸壁の暴れん坊		Rumble on the Sea Cliffs
    Monster name:		Majin Aqua
    Monster location:	Nansho Island, south of Bolg, by the cliffs
    Weakness:		Weak against fire, strong against wind
    Reward:			Lightning Spear, 1000 gold, 5 stamps
    #98 鼻つまみ者			The Utter Bore	
    Monster name:		Asbeston
    Monster location:	On the way to Ghost Valley
    Weakness:		Weak agaisnt wind, strong against water and
    Reward:			Dark Poison Horn, 1200 gold, 5 stamps
    #99 マグマの奥様		Magma's Mistress
    Monster name:		Magmadam
    Monster location:	Middle area of Mt. Dekarock
    Weakness:		Weak against water, Strong against fire
    Reward:			Hotfoot Jewel, 1200 gold, 5 stamps
    #100 ロンリーローリング		Lonely Rolling
    Monster name:		Fuugan
    Monster location:	West of Heburuchi's Hideout, by the falls
    Weakness:		Strong against water
    Reward:			Wake-Up Cappucino x3, 1500 gold, 6 stamps
    #101 湖水マーキング		Lake Markings
    Monster name:		Hoerunblow
    Monster location:	Around Tasukare Island, west of Mt. Dekarock
    			Must be approached in the boat
    Weakness:		Weak against wind, strong against water
    Reward:			Noble Frock, 1500 gold, 6 stamps
    #102 炎の巨人			Giant of Flames
    Monster name:		GigaFire
    Monster location:	En route to Mt. Dekarock
    Weakness:		Weak against water, strong against fire
    Reward:			Iron Mail, 1500 gold, 6 stamps
    #103 幻惑の魔物			Monster of Illusions
    Monster name:		Felmiran, Fal x2
    Monster location:	In the valley below Reka Village
    Weakness:		Fal is weak against darkness
    			Both are strong against light
    Reward:			Guardian's Toga, 1500 gold, 4 stamps
    #104 逃げる大捜査線		Finistere
    Monster name:		Majin Maree
    Monster location:	Harbess Coast, south of Heburuchi's Hideout
    			Air-travel required
    Weakness:		Weak against fire, strong against water
    Reward:			Heavy Mail, 2000 gold, 6 stamps
    #105 孤島の危機			Islands of Pollution
    Monster name:		Duston
    Monster location:	Ohtori Island, NE of Goronell
    Weakness:		Weak against wind, strong against water and
    Reward:			Warrior's Brooch, 2000 gold, 6 stamps
    #106 氷結一家			The House of Ice
    Monster name:		Yuuma's Papa, 2 Yuuma
    Monster location:	Tomin Island, NE of Samura
    Weakness:		Both weak against fire, strong against water
    Reward:			Snowball Jewel, 1500 gold, 4 stamps
    #107 氷の巨人			Giant of Frost
    Monster name:		GigaIce
    Monster location:	Northwest of Samura
    Weakness:		Weak against fire, strong against water
    Reward:			Bubble Jewel, 2500 gold, 8 stamps
    #108 王国の危機			Kingdom in Crisis
    Monster name:		Largan
    Monster location:	Northwest of Goronell
    Weakness:		Strong against fire
    Reward:			Devil's Fang, 2500 gold, 8 stamps
    #109 マグマの貴婦人		Magma's Lady
    Monster name:		Magmanaise
    Monster location:	Mt. Dekarock, peak
    Weakness:		Weak against water, strong against fire
    Reward:			Heat Ray Jewel, 2500 gold, 8 stamps
    #110 どくどく散布		Cough Cough, Wheeze Wheeze
    Monster name:		Smogun
    Monster location:	Hatenko Island, east of Bolg
    Weakness:		Weak against wind, strong against water and
    Reward:			Dark Call Jewel, 3000 gold, 8 stamps
    #111 調査隊の危機		Research in Crisis
    Monster name:		Stone Golem
    Monster location:	In front of the Place of Memory in Moya
    Weakness:		Weak against wind, strong against physical
    Reward:			Cat King's Claw, 3000 gold, 8 stamps
    #112 凍土の覇者			Champion of the Tundra
    Monster name:		Majin Kaeru
    Monster location:	Nemuria Island, southwest of Samura
    Weakness:		Weak against fire, strong against wind
    Reward:			Shout Jewel, 3000 gold, 8 stamps
    #113 海の王者			King of the Seas
    Monster name:		Hoerun King
    Monster location:	Yadorika Island, southwest of Moya
    			Must be approached in the ship
    Weakness:		Weak against wind, strong against water
    Reward:			Dragon God Horn, 4000 gold, 10 stamps
    #114 来る災厄!			The Coming Catastrophe
    Monster name:		Shengan
    Monster location:	On the trail leading to the cave east of Bolg
    Weakness:		Strong against wind
    Reward:			Heavenly Breeze Jewel, 4000 gold, 10 stamps
    Post-game quest
    #115 伝説との遭遇		A Legendary Encounter
    Monster name:		Machine Golem
    Monster location:	On the tiny island west of the fairy island
    			Air-travel required
    Weakness:		Weak against wind, strong against physical
    Reward:			Stargazer, 4000 gold, 10 stamps
    Post-game quest
    For Hunt Quests 116 to 130, you must first activate Quest 131. The
    World Guide will tell you about focal points of dangerous energy
    scattered throughout the world, and a few quests will become 
    available. Defeat those, talk to the World Guide, and another
    round of quests will appear. Repeat until all are finished.
    Note that, unlike most Hunt Quest monsters, all of these guys have
    items that Gyro can steal.  Take advantage of this.
    #116 静かなる守り人		The Quiet Guardian
    Monster name:		Nushi (Forest Guardian)
    Monster location:	Northern Woods 
    Weakness:		Weak against fire, strong against wind
    Reward:			MageBeast Fang, 2500 gold
    Can steal:		Greater Star Drop
    #117 カラ回る首領		The Boss of the Dumps
    Monster name:		Chubert the 17th
    Monster location:	At the end of the sewers
    Weakness:		Weak against fire
    Reward:			Star Tunic, 2500 gold
    Can Steal:		Dragonlance
    #118 穏やかなる戦士		The Calm Warrior
    Monster name:		Horntauros
    Monster location:	Moelle Forest, near the fairy
    Weakness:		Weak against wind
    Reward:			Mirror Shield, 2750 gold
    Can Steal:		Mirror Shield (again)
    #119 勇ましき偶像		The Idol of Manliness
    Monster name:		Baragos
    Monster location:	Temple of the Spirits (behind the throne)
    Weakness:		Weak against water, strong against fire
    Reward:			Shine Edge, 3000 gold
    Can Steal:		Holy Warrior Helm
    #120 耐え忍ぶ巨人		The Enduring Giant
    Monster name:		Magmadran
    Monster location:	Mt. Dekarock, peak
    Weakness:		Weak against water, strong against fire
    Reward:			Beast King Claw, 3250 gold
    Can Steal:		Greater Sun Drop
    #121 大地を夢見る魔物		The One That Dreams of Land
    Monster name:		Kuragale
    Monster location:	Okanyama Nursery
    Weakness:		Weak against fire, strong against water
    Reward:			Glorious, 3500 gold
    Can Steal:		Tear of the Earth
    #122 暴走する機兵		The Rampaging Machine
    Monster name:		Ibericog XX
    Monster location:	Bolg Palace
    Weakness:		Weak against wind, strong against physical
    Reward:			Gigant Mail, 3750 gold
    Can Steal:		Demon's Masakari, also drops Emperor Parts
    #123 狂乱の信仰者		The Disciple of Violence
    Monster name:		Boron
    Monster location:	End of the Ghost Valley
    Weakness:		Weak against light, strong against fire and
    Reward:			Celebrity Mantle, 4000 gold
    Can Steal:		Dead Man's Shroud
    #124 偉大なる竜王		The King of Dragons
    Monster name:		Sekiryuu
    Monster location:	Just outside Heburuchi's Hideout
    Weakness:		Weak against water and wind
    			Strong against fire
    			Can be poisoned by Gyro when Dragon Aura is
    			not in effect
    Reward:			Ogre Axe, 4250 gold
    Can Steal:		Light Wing
    #125 才走る軍師			The Clever Tactician
    Monster name:		Pharoajah
    Monster location:	Narklehat Ruins
    Weakness:		Weak against light and fire
    			Strong against wind
    			The Heavyweight spell stuns him
    Reward:			Crystal Robe, 4500 gold
    Can Steal:		Greater Moon Drop
    #126 夢追いし海賊		The Dream Chaser
    Monster name:		Skull Baron
    Monster location:	Brakka Island, far NE corner of the map
    Weakness:		Weak against fire and light
    			Strong against physical
    Reward:			Mind Eater, 4750 gold
    Can Steal:		Seed of Conflict
    #127 主待つ氷狼			The Wolf Who Waits
    Monster name:		Angleik
    Monster location:	Ice Caves
    Weakness:		Weak against fire, strong against water
    Reward:			Dragon God's Claw, 5000 gold
    Can Steal:		high-level claw weapon (can't make out the
    			kanji on the screen)
    #128 邪なる良心			The Tainted Heart
    Monster name:		Boodei
    Monster location:	Lake of the Dead
    Weakness:		Weak against light, strong against darkness
    Reward:			Sacred Armor, 5500 gold
    Can Steal:		Greater Star Drop
    #129 蛮勇なる魔剣士		The Knight of Darkness
    Monster name:		Evil Knight
    Monster location:	Dark Castle
    Weakness:		Weak against light, strong against darkness
    Reward:			Stargazer, 6000 gold
    Can Steal:		unknown
    #130 世界を慈しむ女王		The Queen of the World
    Monster name:		Elder Duke
    Monster location:	Place of Memories
    Weakness:		Weak/strong against nothing in particular
    Reward:			Sacred Beast Fang, 7000 gold
    Can Steal:		unknown
    #131 世界の案内人 		The World Guide
    Location: The Heart of the World
    Prerequisite: Finishing the main story
    This is the most convoluted quest in the game, mainly because in
    order to complete it you must do the preceding 15 quests, stopping
    to talk to the World Guide every few quests.
    The World Guide can be found in a wood that is impossible to reach
    by air. To get there, head due south from Goronell and a little 
    west, towards Moelle Forest. Explore the forested area that abuts
    the mountains (but east of the actual entrance to Moelle) to find
    a cavelike passageway. You can follow this all the way into the
    southern part of the Mid Continent (near the Temple of Spirits)
    and ultimately to the Guide's Wood.  He's the bunny-headed gentle-
    man standing next to the big gate.  Once you've stopped all of
    the "rips in the seams of reality" (as he seems to call them), the
    gate will open, and you can face the ultimate boss of the game--
    the Master of the World.
    Good luck.
    ===================== Mirant the Ghost Boy ====================
    In the DS version, Mirant's challenges were all proper sidequests,
    but in the PS3 version you have to go and find them on your own.
    He appears in various towns throughout the game. You first meet him
    at the large grave marker to the east of of Goronell Castle in 
    Goronell. You need to use the Spiritalk spell every time you meet 
    him in order to communicate.
    Quest #M1: Babanacia, near the Milk Fountain
    This question involves the story of the "The Lion King" It's the 
    first chapter of the Stories section of Magic Master (p. 266 in the
    print version)
    precis: The young prince Tamaro doesn't believe he can be a good 
    king, so he runs away from home. He comes upon a lion and gets eaten. 
    From inside the lion's stomach, he tells the great cat that he is now 
    the king. The new lion king moves into the castle and becomes a good 
    ruler. But not long after, the kingdom is attacked by two dragons,  
    the Dragon of the West (にしのりゅう) and the Dragon of the East 
    Using the same logic (?) as before, Tamaro directs the Lion to get 
    himself eaten by the Dragon of the West, who is the greater of the 
    two. They then inform the dragon that IT is now the king. As such, 
    it must go defeat the other dragon.
    Hey, it's a fairy tale. It doesn't need to make much sense.
    The question: Tamaro, Lion King, Nishi no Ryuu, Higashi no Ryuu, which
    one is the biggest?
    The answer: The Dragon of the West. にしのりゅう.
    Quest #M2: Bikkini Town, on one of the bridges.
    This question involves the Astram language in the back of the book. 
    Look at p. 13 in the book, where there is a picture of a magician. 
    You need to transcribe the Astram symbols into Japanese. Ignore the 
    bit coming out of his mouth, that's just a bit of graffiti. The right 
    message is sewn into his robe.
    The answer: さいこうきゅう (the highest level of ability)
    Quest #M3: Douton-mori (Fairy town), in the clearing before you 
    get to Big Mamma. This time, he's talking about hamburgers.
    I'm not sure how to phrase the question in English, but the answer is 
    "the freshest of ingredients": i.e. crispy lettuce (パリパリレタス)
    Quest #M4: Bolg Empire, near the front of the city, overlooking 
    the great avenue. The question: In the middle of Magic Master (PS3 
    version p212-3, print version p216-7) is a two-page spread showing the 
    Great War. How many mechanical Imajinns are pictured therein? The chapter
    on mechanical Imajinn starts on p. 202 in the PS3 version, or p. 206 
    in the print version.
    The answer: There are five mechanical Imajinn pictured therein. The 
    answer is 5. Just the number. Nothing else special about it.
    Quest #M5: Samura Town, in the Elder's House
    The question: Has to do with flowers found in the region.
    The answer: Magic Master p. 139. Which item looks most like a flower? 
    Ice Flower. Answer is "アイスフラワー" Don't forget the dash at the end.
    Quest #M6: Reka Town, inside the Quest Shop
    The question: In the section of Magic Master called "Various Regions and 
    Realms" various Astram symbols are used. But there is one that 
    is only used once. What does it designate?
    The answer: All the maps use Astram numerals to denote the major
    areas. Most maps use only four or five of them, but the map of 
    the southern Mid Continent has six. #6 is Mt. Decarock. Type in 
    Quest #M7: Goronell Town, same place as before, after the Ashes event.
    The question is written on the tombstone. It's written in Astram, and is
    annoying to figure out. Let's skip to the answer.
    Take the first two runes, Gate and Imajinn. Take the black lines in their 
    stroke orders (as viewable in the book), and combine them. 
    Which spell do you get?
    The answer: Rune # 45, Summons. Type in "しょうかん"
    Quest #M8:  The Place of Memories in Moya
    Only happens after finishing the main story
    The question:  There are twelve evil men in the forms of beasts. 
    One of them may be found in Magic Master, or his raiment at least.  
    If you look on p. 118 of the in-game Magic Master (or p.103 of the 
    print edition), you will find a piece of clothing that looks just 
    like what Shazarl was wearing as the Elder Duke of the Ox. 
    It is called まどうしのほうい, and that is the answer.
    ============================ Credits ====================================
    First to Level-5 and Studio Ghibli, for making this game
    Then to Bandai-Namco, for its plans to bring it to the US
    Next to Dragon Quest 7 on the GameFAQs boards, for providing some info
    on Mirant
    Last to  MelanieUK, Eddysugihartono, and Megami84 at GameFAQS, for
    asking so many questions about these quests that I finally got tired
    of answering them all and decided to make this guide instead.

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