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    FAQ/Walkthrough by redapocalypse04

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    |                                Resistance 3                                 |
    |                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
    |                       Contact: pbreedlove89@yahoo.com                       |
    |                                Version: 1.00                                |
                               ||                     ||
                               ||  Table of Contents  ||
                               ||                     ||
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    I. Walkthrough_____________________________________________________________[W0]
       Chapter 1_______________________________________________________________[W1]
       Chapter 2_______________________________________________________________[W2]
       Chapter 3_______________________________________________________________[W3]
       Chapter 4_______________________________________________________________[W4]
       Chapter 5_______________________________________________________________[W5]
       Chapter 6_______________________________________________________________[W6]
       Chapter 7_______________________________________________________________[W7]
       Chapter 8_______________________________________________________________[W8]
       Chapter 9_______________________________________________________________[W9]
       Chapter 10_____________________________________________________________[W10]
       Chapter 11_____________________________________________________________[W11]
       Chapter 12_____________________________________________________________[W12]
       Chapter 13_____________________________________________________________[W13]
       Chapter 14_____________________________________________________________[W14]
       Chapter 15_____________________________________________________________[W15]
       Chapter 16_____________________________________________________________[W16]
       Chapter 17_____________________________________________________________[W17]
       Chapter 18_____________________________________________________________[W18]
       Chapter 19_____________________________________________________________[W19]
       Chapter 20_____________________________________________________________[W20]
    II. Journals_______________________________________________________________[J0]
        Chapter 1______________________________________________________________[J1]
        Chapter 2______________________________________________________________[J2]
        Chapter 5______________________________________________________________[J3]
        Chapter 6______________________________________________________________[J4]
        Chapter 7______________________________________________________________[J5]
        Chapter 8______________________________________________________________[J6]
        Chapter 9______________________________________________________________[J7]
        Chapter 10_____________________________________________________________[J8]
        Chapter 11_____________________________________________________________[J9]
        Chapter 12____________________________________________________________[J10]
        Chapter 15____________________________________________________________[J11]
        Chapter 16____________________________________________________________[J12]
        Chapter 17____________________________________________________________[J13]
        Chapter 18____________________________________________________________[J14]
        Chapter 19____________________________________________________________[J15]
    III. Technical___________________________________________________________[TEC1]
                                  ||               ||
                                  ||  Walkthrough  ||                          [W0]
                                  ||               ||
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 1 |                             [W1]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    Use the Left Thumbstick to move and the Right Thumbstick to look. Head over to
    the table in the middle of the room. You should see a piece of paper on it, 
    shining. This is the first JOURNAL that you can pick up. Now go towards the 
    waypoint on your screen. You'll move through tunnels and automatically converse
    with other characters. Once you enter a room where you see a woman sweeping 
    the floor, look to her right. There's a bed with another JOURNAL on it.
    Soon you reach the firing range. Walk up to Dale to pick up the Bullseye, then
    head to the range. The game walks you through everything you need to know 
    about firing it, including secondary fire. Pressing R2 tags an enemy. Now, 
    when you fire, your bullets will home in on the tagged foe. After you melee 
    the dummy, you'll be asked to switch to your Magnum and shoot the target 
    ahead. The secondary fire on this weapon causes all previous rounds fired to 
    After the grenade tutorial, head into the next room. You'll need to follow the
    guy around for a while. This introduces you to some basic movement commands 
    like sprinting and crouching. After entering the bowling alley, you'll finally
    be put outside with Hybrids (the basic enemy). Use the truck here as cover 
    and take them all down. A Stalker will then pop up behind you.
    Stalkers are four-legged mechs that also happen to be shielded. They have 
    machine guns that can take your health down fast, and they can also shoot a 
    volley of rockets into the sky that come down onto the battlefield. In short, 
    try to maintain your distance. Use an EMP grenade to take the shield out 
    temporarily, then hit it with as many bullets as you can. You'll probably need
    more ammo, which you can find in the back of the truck you first used for 
    cover after exiting the bowling alley. There may also be weapons on the dead 
    Hybrids scattered around. Once the Stalker goes down, the chapter ends.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 2 |                             [W2]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    In the second room you move into, look on the table next to the man writhing 
    in pain. There's a JOURNAL here. As you move through the underground, keep an 
    eye out for a classroom type area on the left, complete with a chalkboard. 
    There's another JOURNAL on the desk in there. Keep moving through the house 
    and you'll soon reach a man who gives you Shrapnel Grenades. Enter the next 
    room, which has an entire wall blown out, and a dropship will start dumping
    Hybrids on the ground in front of you. This room you're in has some Magnum 
    ammo, but not much cover.
    After taking out the Hybrids, move into the next house via the garage. You'll
    encounter Tommy Dean. Before you follow him, head upstairs and look on the 
    bed for an audio JOURNAL. Now follow Tommy out of the door. There are a bunch 
    of Hybrids wandering around in the next field and in front of the house up 
    the hill. Take them all down and move to the cutscene to end this chapter.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 3 |                             [W3]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    Simply follow Tommy Dean until you radio Susan and tell her that you're both
    safe. When Tommy leads you out the back, get ready to face a few Hybrids and a
    new enemy: the Steelhead. These guys carry Auger rifles, which can shoot 
    through other objects. Also, everytime a shot passes through something, it 
    gets stronger, so take this guy out quick. Make sure you pick his Auger up 
    too. The secondary fire allows you to deploy a shield that blocks everything
    except other Auger rounds.
    When Tommy notes that there's another Hybrid on the other side of the wall, 
    scope in while looking at the exit door of the barn you're in. You can see the
    guy on the other side. Shoot through the door with the Auger to put him down 
    before he even knows you're there. There are some more Hybrids around the 
    bridge ahead of you. Move closer to them and engage. You can shoot them through
    the rocks with the Auger rifle, or you can lay down a shield with the secondary
    fire and shoot through it. Move under the bridge after they're all dead.
    When you enter the outpost, be sure to pick up the Hedgehog (mine) on the 
    table. Once you're outside, you'll face more Hybrids and at least one 
    Steelhead. Take them all down and a dropship dumps a few more in. Toss a 
    grenade or the Hedgehog into the middle of that group to take them all out at 
    once. There are more Hybrids to fight when you get onto the catwalk. Move into
    the next building and open the "door" when Tommy Dean stops. You come out 
    behind several Hybrids. Switch to your Bullseye if you haven't done so 
    already to take these guys down. This ends the chapter.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 4 |                             [W4]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    Follow the other guys for a bit. One of them eventually hands you the 
    Marksman rifle. It fires powerful three-round bursts, but doesn't have a lot
    of ammo. The secondary fire throws down a small turret that is great for 
    softening up enemies and covering flanking routes. The next area will be 
    filled up with Hybrids. Most of them come from straight ahead of you, but 
    some will also wind up to your right, in front of and inside that large 
    building. Dropships will shoot at you if you stay out in the open, so take 
    cover when you see one approaching. A dropship will soon put some enemies on
    the left side of the entrance to the area, and they'll filter into the 
    building to your left as well, so keep your eyes open.
    Eventually Longlegs jump in. They don't take a lot of damage, but they are 
    constantly jumping all over the place, usually onto the roofs of buildings. 
    Like their journal entry says, tagging them with the Bullseye is a great way 
    of taking them down, no matter where they might jump to. You'll soon have to 
    fall back, so go the way you came, dealing with any Longlegs that might drop
    in. You wind up in another area filled with Longlegs and Hybrids. Dropships 
    come in and deliver more Hybrids, Longlegs, and a Steelhead. There's a ladder
    to climb in the middle of the area. It leads to a roof with health and 
    Marksman ammo, but little cover.
    Once the area has been cleared, a Brawler comes in. Not only is this thing 
    huge, but it's fast, and you're not safe anywhere. It'll come charging at you
    at first, so run away from it. Most of this will consist of you running around
    the building in the middle while he chases you. When he stops, he'll either
    cause the ground around him to catch on fire, or he'll litter the area with 
    grenades. Either way, don't be near him when this happens. Also, don't think 
    you can climb onto the middle building and take potshots, because he actually
    jumps up there early on. You need to fire as many rounds into the glowing 
    shoulder pieces as possible. When they blow, you'll need to shoot his glowing
    forearms. When you blow those up, shoot the glowing pieces that appear on his
    abdomen. This finally puts the beast down. Head towards the church to end 
    this chapter.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 5 |                             [W5]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    Walk straight ahead and grab the JOURNAL at the front of the boat. Now go 
    towards the back of the boat. You'll find another JOURNAL on some crates 
    back here. Also, note the large ammo container on the boat and the medical 
    area in the little room. You're going to need to use both of these, since 
    you're stuck on the boat. Shortly after passing the group of Leapers, Malikov
    gives you the Rossmore, a shotgun. The secondary fire on this thing shoots out
    a concussion grenade. Use it on the brightly colored blast roots to the left
    of the boat.
    Soon the boat gets stuck against some ice. Shoot the ice to clear out. After
    this you encounter Grims. From a distance they can throw rocks and debris, 
    but they'll also try to jump and swim onto your boat. The Rossmore can take 
    care of them pretty quickly, however. You'll have to fight these guys off 
    for a while as the boat manuevers around flooded city streets. After breaking
    through some more ice, however, you'll be free of them.
    Now you've got a new enemy to deal with: Shock Drones. They fly around and 
    shoot you with a beam of electricity. You may want to switch to a ranged 
    weapon to take these guys out. Luckily, you can see them coming a mile away 
    because of all the electricity surrounding them. When the boat is under the 
    bridge and it collapses, the Goliath overhead will notice you and send more 
    Shock Drones your way. It also launches rockets that destroy the back end of
    the boat, so stay away from there.
    Malikov will now try to outrun the Goliath. It sometimes shoots salvos of 
    rockets, which you can't do anything about. There will also be Longlegs all 
    over the place, including on your boat. Make note of the blast roots laying 
    around, and use those to your advantage to deal with groups of enemies. A few
    more Shock Drones come in near the end of this chapter.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 6 |                             [W6]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    Keep moving forward and you'll have to enter a maze of trains. After passing 
    through a train car, you should turn left and then you'll pass by a train car
    on your left with some pulsating black things stuck to the floor and ceiling.
    Keep going straight, onto the hay, and then onto the platform. There's a hole
    in the fence on this small platform that leads into a train car. You'll find a
    JOURNAL in here. Now go back to that hay you just climbed up and use it to get
    through the next train car. Your waypoint should update and lead you to a 
    ladder that lets you get on top of a train car. Up here, look around and you 
    will spot a weapon on top of another train car. Go to it and you'll find a 
    JOURNAL laying next to the weapon.
    While journeying through the maze of trains, keep your eyes open for Leapers.
    Sometimes, they'll attack you, sometimes they'll just run away. They do seem
    to become distinctly hostile when you get on top of the trains. Use the train
    tops to make your way over to the other side of the gate, where you can open
    the way for Malikov. Hop on the elevator and it automatically heads up. At 
    the top, stock up on supplies, then go up the ladder. You'll see a VTOL fly 
    by. Look on the bed in this room for another JOURNAL. Also, pick up the 
    carabiner on the shelf in here.
    Head to the window and look up at the line. You can use it as a zipline with 
    the carabiner. When you land, drop into the hole and look on the shelf for 
    a JOURNAL. Now open the garage door and crouch to get into the next area. You
    will pick up the Atomizer on your way, which fire a continuous beam of 
    electricity that is great for fighting off the Grims you're about to face.
    It also has a secondary function that throws down a vortex. This vortex grabs
    enemies, sucks them in, and disintegrates them.
    After going up the stairs you'll be in a large room filled with Grims. Make 
    your way to the next set of stairs and head up. You should notice a Grim coming
    out of one of the pods here. If you shoot the pod before the Grim emerges, the
    Grim will instantly be killed. If you head to the waypoint, you see that the
    catwalk needs to be lowered, so head across the other catwalk and drop into 
    the office. The controls to lower the catwalk are right here. In the next room
    you'll find a JOURNAL. Bust open the boards blocking the door and head back up
    to the catwalk.
    Once you head upstairs, prepare to deal with a ton of Grims. When you get near
    the exit, look for a broken catwalk. You can jump across to the other side, 
    where you'll find some ammo and a JOURNAL. Head back across and leave this 
    area. You will drop into another room. Open the "door" and you'll wind up in a
    larger room. Keep an eye out for a JOURNAL on a shelf in here. Now find a 
    ladder and climb up it. In this room, look up on the wall above you for a 
    bullseye. Shoot it and the next ladder will come down.
    The next room you find yourself in has a Deadeye in it. This sniper rifle is 
    very powerful. The secondary function allows you to charge up an incredibly 
    powerful shot that destroys almost any enemy it hits. There is also a JOURNAL
    in here, on a shelf by the window. If you look out of the window, you'll see
    Grims on the other buildings. You can use them as target practice. Drop into 
    the hole when you're ready and shoot the next bullseye to lower a platform into
    the other building.
    After going upstairs twice in this building, a bunch of Leapers start hatching.
    Deal with them and keep an eye out for a room to your left. There's a JOURNAL
    in there, on the couch. Keep going until you have to open another "door". 
    This ends the chapter.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 7 |                             [W7]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    There will be Hybrids and Steelheads in the adjacent building, and Longlegs 
    will be flying all over, so put the Deadeye to good use. Use the zipline to 
    get into the building and clear it out. A dropship will unload a few more 
    troops at one point, so be ready for that. Once the area is clear, move down
    to the other humans by the VTOL. Another dropship puts some troops down, but
    your main concern will be the Ravager that also comes into the area. Ravagers
    are larger than normal troops and wield an Atomizer. They can also throw up an
    Auger shield, so you might want to pull your own Auger out. He will try to 
    run straight for you, so keep your distance. The Atomizer doesn't have great 
    range. Use grenades to soften him up and/or take him down. Once he's out, mop
    up the other baddies.
    You now need to move into the bar. Stock up on weapons and ammo. Enemies will 
    first come from the South. They will try to bust in through the door, so start
    taking them out as soon as possible. A Ravager will be with them. After that 
    group is down, another one comes from the West and tries to bust down the 
    other door. This group includes two Ravagers. Once they're all down, follow
    the soldiers out of the bar and into the underground. Keep following them 
    until you move through a room with weapons in it. Shortly after this, a side 
    path branches off to the left that leads to another room with a JOURNAL in it.
    You'll soon head upstairs into a large lobby-type area. You will have to fight
    a Brawler in here, along with a few Hybrids. Just keep shooting the weak spots
    on him and head upstairs. The Brawler will follow you everywhere, so stay on
    the move. The side rooms upstairs contain health and ammo, but don't think that
    they'll protect you. The Brawler will destroy the walls in here and the 
    pillars outside as well. You will not be safe until it's dead, so try to 
    ignore the Hybrids and just lay into the boss. Luckily you do have the help of
    your fellow soldiers. Once he's down, mop up the other enemies and drop into
    the hole. The chapter ends after you climb up the next ladder.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 8 |                             [W8]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    Release the drone and destroy it. A dropship soon comes in, and your allies 
    take it down. You'll now have to fight off some Hybrids and Shield Drones.
    Shield Drones will shield an enemy, so take them out first. More dropships 
    start pouring in, however, and the enemies will filter into the buildings on
    both sides of the street. Keep an eye on your flank at all times. Eventually
    you will have to pick up the core, which has been dropped on the right side of
    the street.
    You'll now be tasked with following Charlie to the safehouse. It's a long trip,
    and you're completely defenseless while carrying the core, so let Charlie do 
    all the heavy lifting. There won't actually be much that endangers you until
    the very end, where a feral Widowmaker coats an entire area in some kind of 
    poison. You'll have to sprint down the awnings and catwalks, losing health the
    entire time, before you make it into the safehouse. Once you are in here, the
    core is automatically placed on the pool table. Look on a container at the foot
    of one of the beds in here for a JOURNAL. When Charlie tells you to, use the 
    ammo container to stock up and then open the door. You'll find Molotovs on the
    other side. Head upstairs and open the next door to end this chapter.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 9 |                             [W9]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    You will now have to protect Charlie as he carries the core. First, deal with
    the Shock Drones. Then wipe out the numerous Longlegs out here. You'll both
    move into the next building, where there are more Longlegs. Take out the 
    highest ones first so they can't shoot down on Charlie. Before you head up the
    closest set of stairs, go into the other room and use the far set of stairs.
    There is a JOURNAL laying on the ground right at the top of them. Now go up
    the other set of stairs and protect Charlie. Shock Drones come back into 
    play, but you won't have to do this for long before you reach the gondola.
    Unfortunately, once you jump out of the Gondola, you will have to kill the 
    Widowmaker. It likes to coat everything in toxic spit all the time, so watch
    where you're walking. Shoot the two red spots on the top of its head. Once 
    those go, it will back up and sit on one of the buildings. The next two weak 
    points will be on the sides of its back. Leapers will also come out to play 
    around this time. You can use the catwalk to move into the other buildings. 
    If you keep going, you'll enter a basement area that circles back up onto the
    part where you first jumped down. Take the two sides out and make sure you
    stay away from the outer walls, since the Widowmaker can hit and destroy them.
    Its final weak point is a sack-type thing that hangs down from its stomach. 
    Take this out to finally bring the Widowmaker down. This fight really isn't as
    tough as it looks.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 10 |                           [W10]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    You'll drop into an area filled with Hybrid Snipers. They can cloak, but it's
    not a complete invisibility. They still have blue patches all over them. Their
    rifles also have a pretty obvious laser sight that goes on forever. To top it 
    off, you can see them clearly if you're looking through an Auger scope, so 
    this section really won't be that tough. When you reach some houses, however, 
    a dropship will start circling overhead looking for you. If it sees you, it'll
    sometimes fire shots towards you. Still, this is easily avoided.
    You'll eventually enter a mine. Head up the small ladder and you'll find a 
    JOURNAL on the floor next to a dead body. Loot the area for ammo and health, 
    then use the large white door. You'll quickly come across Hybrids and Shield 
    Drones. Take them out and hug the right wall as you ascend. Before long, 
    you'll come across a JOURNAL on some wooden beams on the right. If you look 
    down where you acquired that journal, you should see minecart tracks. Follow
    them up to the top of the hill. You can't help but see another JOURNAL sitting
    on a box here.
    After leaving the mine you'll be in another area with a few snipers, a few 
    Hybrids, and a dropship that likes to be a nuisance. Fight your way into the 
    next mine. This mine is really just a big room with some buildings and a couple
    of Shield Drones. A dropship outside of the mine puts down a Ravager and some
    Hybrids, who promptly come your way. Kill them and move towards the large 
    bridge outside. There's a sign just before the bridge, to the left, that says
    "Tunnel Ahead". You'll find a JOURNAL beneath that sign.
    Once on the bridge, a bunch of Hybrids attack you. However, the dropship 
    rockets the middle of the bridge, killing all of them and causing it to 
    collapse. Drop onto the collapsed part and move forward, using the overturned
    train car to get back up on the other side. Up here you'll find a new weapon:
    the Wildfire. It's a rocket launcher that can lock-on to targets if stay 
    zoomed in on the target. It has a secondary fire that allows you to coat an 
    area in a barrage of explosions, but that isn't really useful here. The 
    dropship takes several hits to bring down, and it'll start unloading troops 
    at the beginning of the bridge after a while. It's also fast, and there's a 
    lot of stuff that gets in the way, like the bridge supports, so it can be 
    difficult to get a lock. It will also hit the bridge with rockets from time 
    to time, destroying parts of it. There is an upper and lower section of the 
    bridge, and both sections have health and rocket ammo. Once you bring down the
    dropship, the chapter ends.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 11 |                           [W11]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    After following the woman through the building and going back outside, head 
    up the ladder. You'll be introduced to Leeches. They are Hybrids that will 
    try to rush you and explode. If you take them down, they'll grow a huge sac 
    that explodes when shot, so use them to wipe out nearby enemies. Kill all the
    Grims and Leeches you see, then drop down and move forward. When you turn 
    right, explore the house to your right for ammo and health. Keep going forward
    and you'll run into a bunch of Grims and Leeches. There are two houses here 
    that you can enter, and they both lead through a bunch of other houses, and 
    then into the Southern-most house, so you can circle through if you like, 
    defeating enemies and picking up health and ammo.
    When you're done, go through the Southern-most house and drop into the hole 
    in the floor. There's a bunch of ammo here. Climb the next ladder and look on
    a table in the room here for a JOURNAL. Now head through the "door". Take 
    care of the Leapers and Grims out here and head into the church. There are a 
    bunch of Grims inside. After you take them out and the tentacle has had its
    way with the floor, use the ladder. Up here you'll deal with Leapers. There's
    also a JOURNAL on the floor up here next to a big hole.
    You'll soon leave the church and wind up in another part of time. Once again, 
    there are multiple ways to get to the end, and they're all filled with ammo, 
    health, and bad guys. At the end, you'll open a wooden door leading to the 
    power station. This next room is filled to the brim with Leapers and Leaper 
    eggs, so quickly make your way to the back wall and use the wooden door to get
    to the next room. Go through another door and you'll be outside, where you 
    find the Cryogun. It's basically a freeze ray, but the secondary function 
    shoots out a concussive blast that shatters frozen enemies. The secondary 
    fire needs to recharge after each use, but has infinite uses, making this a 
    fairly useful weapon. Freeze all of the enemies attacking Jonathan and 
    destroy them.
    Follow Jonathan into a large room. He pulls the switch, but nothing happens. 
    You'll have to protect him as he fixes the fuses. First he heads upstairs. 
    This is a fairly easy place to defend, since you can just behind the fuse box
    and hit whatever comes your way. Next he goes downstairs, to a more open fuse
    box on the ground floor. After a bit, you'll be holding off Grims and Leeches.
    Once he finally gets it up and running, enter the elevator to end this 
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 12 |                           [W12]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    Open the white metal door and look inside for a box with acetylane tanks. Grab
    one of them and drop it next to the locked wooden door. Back away and shoot it.
    The explosion will take out the door. Move through the tunnel until you reach
    another area. You will once again need to use a tank to blow the wooden door, 
    though there are a few Grims around here this time. The next room you enter 
    is larger. Go to open the white metal door and the "Satan" will bust through. 
    Shoot it in the eyes for a bit and it backs off.
    Move through the huge hole and lift the beams when you're prompted. Shortly 
    after this, the Satan will pop out. Head into a smaller tunnel to escape. 
    Keep going until you have to lift more beams out of the way. Shortly after, 
    the Satan appears ahead, so divert left into a smaller tunnel with a metal 
    door. In the next room, look underneath the stairs for a passage that leads to
    a JOURNAL. Now head upstairs and enter the next large room.
    The Satan busts through the wall. Blind it with fire, and when it's blinded, 
    grab an acetylane tank from the left side of the room and toss it in the 
    creature's mouth. Shoot the tank and Satan will run away. Now head out and 
    into the small tunnels. When you get to a flooded room you'll have to deal with
    a few Grims. After this you go up and then drop down into a large tunnel. 
    Head left and keep going to the end. There is health and ammo here, along with
    a JOURNAL.
    Move forward and Satan will bust through the large wooden doors ahead of you.
    Quickly enter the side tunnel, which simply leads back into the large tunnel.
    Satan will try to get into the side tunnel, at which point you run down the 
    large tunnel and enter the next side tunnel. He spots you and the process 
    repeats. Keep doing this until you climb some stairs and hop into a minecart.
    At this point, you'll have to shoot it in the eyes to keep it at bay as you 
    travel down the mine tracks. This goes on for about a minute before you're 
    dumped out of the cart. Now you have to blind the creature and toss an 
    acetylane tank into its mouth. Shoot the tank, then back into the elevator 
    with all the weapons in front of it. Satan will shove his way into the room.
    When it comes to the elevator, blind it again, and toss another tank into its
    mouth. Shoot the tank to finally take that thing down.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 13 |                           [W13]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    You're stuck on a moving train here. Move forward to collect the M5A2 Carbine.
    Its secondary fire is an underbarrel grenade launcher. You'll now have to 
    fight off Wardens, who are just humans that enjoy killing other people. They
    follow alongside the train in jeeps. If you can take out the driver, the 
    vehicle will crash. There's a first aid box at the front of the train and an 
    ammo box near the back. After you exit the tunnel, the Wardens will start 
    driving on the left side of the train, though most of them tend to crash 
    regardless of whether or not you shoot them.
    Eventually some heavily armored vehicles come from the right and start 
    unloading Wardens onto your train. Take them out, but stay near the back. You
    will have to unhook the caboose from the train pretty soon. After you do this,
    people start jumping into your train from above. Fortunately, the train offers
    very little cover, so if you stay near the front, you can just mow them all 
    down. They'll go back to driving alongside you, and eventually they'll start
    boarding you again, after you first spot the herd of Widowmakers. You'll need
    to keep disconnecting train cars from time to time. Shortly after unhooking 
    every train car but the first one, a Widowmaker derails you and ends the 
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 14 |                           [W14]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    You're tossed into a pit and given a Sledgehammer. You'll need to fight off a
    bunch of Grims and eventually some Leeches too. Just let the Leeches get 
    close, then back away. You can get outside of the explosion radius in time.
    Eventually other humans start coming in. There's a spot in the middle of the 
    arena where you can get next to some broken stairs and hold up. Just swing at 
    them before they swing at you and you should be fine. Half of the time they 
    catch on fire because of the crowd constantly tossing molotovs into the 
    arena. Defeat all the humans to finish this short chapter.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 15 |                           [W15]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    You are immediately given the Mutator, which is your only weapon right now.
    You can pelt people with small shots, or you can charge it up to instantly 
    kill whoever it hits. Also, the dead person grows a sac, much like the Leeches
    do when they are downed. Shooting that sac creates an explosion. Use this 
    weapon on anyone that isn't inside a cell. Go upstairs and enter the door 
    after killing the guy that opens it. You'll pick up some ammo for the Mutator's
    secondary function, which releases a cloud of gas that incapacitates enemies
    for a short time. Keep going, past the next set of stairs into the third cell
    on the left side. This leads into an area behind the walls, where you can get
    into a closed cell with a JOURNAL in it. Now head over to the other side of 
    the cell block and through the door. You'll come right up to the drone you 
    need to disable.
    Once it's done, drop down and head through the newly opened doors. Kill the 
    single Warden and follow your new friend. You'll eventually wind up in the 
    showers area. Hug the left wall here and you'll enter a doorway. Jump over the
    pipes in this next room and look on the floor for a JOURNAL. Now head back 
    into the showers and clear it out. The next room has even more Wardens, and 
    they like to throw molotovs. Fortunately, this is also where you start picking
    up more weapons. Climb the ladder and before long you'll be at the second 
    Disable it and keep moving. Open the door when the lines around it start 
    sparking. The guy tells you that you can sneak through here, which is 
    entirely possible. There's a hole in the wall on the right side that lets you 
    move behind the walls for more stealth. Enter the open door on the ground floor
    and continue on. Head up the next set of stairs, then turn left and turn 
    left again. There's a JOURNAL in one of these cells that's pretty obvious.
    Take out everyone in here and disable the drone. The doors ahead will open up.
    Go through the open door and enter the first room on your left. There's a 
    JOURNAL in here on a desk. Also, check the room on the right if you didn't 
    grab a Deadeye off of one of the Wardens. You will need it. The next room is 
    the arena area, and the floors will start filling up with snipers. Start taking
    them down and Shield Drones show up. Finish the rest of the snipers off while
    they're distracted with the drones, then move on. In the next hallway, look 
    on the right side for a hole that's got boards in front of it. Bust these 
    boards and enter the hole to find a JOURNAL.
    In the cafeteria, kill the several Wardens and move to the drone. It's a trap,
    and you'll now have to hold off a lot of enemies for a couple minutes while 
    the door is being opened. There's a side room where you can find more ammo and
    health. Stay out of the lines of sight of the doorways, and remember to use
    area of effect weapons (grenades, molotovs, mutator, marksman turret). Once 
    the door is opened, head through and drop into the hole to end this chapter.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 16 |                           [W16]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    Pick up the Sledgehammer in the corner of the room and remove the boards in 
    front of the door. You will move through a watery sewer area for a while.
    There will be a few Leapers around, but when you reach a large room, you'll
    start facing Grims and Leeches. Eventually you climb a ladder and pick up a 
    Cryogun. Just after this there's a very hard to miss JOURNAL laying on the 
    ground. You'll soon drop back down again and wind up in an arena type area, 
    which quickly fills up with Grims and Leeches. There's a little bit of health
    and ammo in the middle, but use it wisely, because there are a lot of enemies
    to deal with. After a while Leapers come in as well, but this signals the end
    of the horde of enemies.
    Head through the door when you get the chance and look on the ground in front
    of you for a JOURNAL. Now shoot the blast roots to your left to topple the 
    tank and use it to get up to the next area. Once outside, you'll see the 
    Wardens fighting Chimera. Drop into the hole in the floor and pick up the 
    Wildfire, then either kill everyone, or better yet, run through them all. 
    Before you get too far, go to the garage in the Northwest corner of the area
    and climb the ladder inside. Head East once you're up here and you'll find a 
    JOURNAL on a box just before you enter the next garage. Keep moving to the 
    main building at the Northeast end of the area, and watch for snipers and 
    rocket launching enemies on the catwalks above you. Once you enter the 
    elevator, you'll be taken straight up to the drone and to Mick Cutler. This 
    boss fight is automated, and all you have to do is jam on X most of the time.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 17 |                           [W17]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    Move forward and drop down onto the first step. Look to your left for a 
    Deadeye and a JOURNAL on the ground. Explore the area for ammo and use the 
    zipline. To open the next door, shoot the glowing things on either side of it.
    On the other side, head right into the house and you'll find a JOURNAL on a 
    cabinet. Take the enemies ahead out from a distance, starting with the 
    Wildfire Hybrid. There are more enemies on the right side of this installation,
    including Sniper Hybrids. Take them all down and open one of the two doors.
    A lot more enemies will come flooding out towards you, including Steelheads.
    Move inside and a Ravager also comes in. Once the place has been cleared out,
    you will have to hold off a horde of enemies being delivered via dropship.
    This horde includes two Ravagers.
    After taking them all down, move on and drop into the hole. Open the conduit
    panel on the pipe-type thing and then shoot it to open the next door. Keep
    going and you'll drop onto some subway tracks. Go across them into the next 
    open door and you'll find a room with health, ammo, and a JOURNAL. Head down
    the subway tunnel now and you'll come across a few Ravagers fighting some 
    Grims and Leeches. Take them all down and move on. The next tunnel section has
    you fight off a bunch of Grims, Leeches, and Leapers.
    After you exit the subway, you'll see a ton of Chimera fighting a Widowmaker.
    Do NOT shoot the Chimera. They will completely ignore you as long as you don't
    shoot them, and they can help keep the Widowmaker distracted while you take it
    down. Once you do that, climb up the sign that has fallen on it and up onto a 
    catwalk. Open the "door" to end this chapter.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 18 |                           [W18]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    Leave the room. Turn right and head down the hallway if you need Magnum ammo.
    Otherwise, go downstairs. There's a JOURNAL next to the dead soldier on the 
    stairs. When you go to leave the building, a few Hybrids come inside. Take 
    them out and move to the crashed C-130. Open the door. There's some ammo in 
    here. Move to the back and it'll open up. Outside, there are Hybrids, Shield
    Drones, and Sniper Longlegs. Take them down from the plane, then drop down.
    A dropship unloads some Hybrids, and the buildings ahead of you become 
    populated with Hybrids and Wildfire Hybrids. Take them all out and move into
    those buildings. There will be Hybrids floating around, and more Hybrids 
    and Sniper Longlegs start coming your way. Once they're all down, cross the 
    C-130 wing into the next building.
    Drop into the building and then drop down again. Enter the nearest room and 
    find the kitchen. There's ammo, health, and a JOURNAL in here. Drop on top of
    the elevator. After it falls for a bit, open the doors and enter the next 
    building. You'll come up right behind a Sniper Hybrid. There are others in the
    area as well. Take them all out and drop down. Enter the right-most roundish
    building ahead and destroy all of the glowing power cores inside. Now enter 
    the other roundish building and use the controls at the top to shut the shield
    gate down. Sniper Longlegs will be roaming around at this point, and Sniper 
    Hybrids and Wildfire Hybrids will come through the now open shield gate.
    Once they're all dead, move through the large building. There are a couple of
    Steelheads in here. After taking them down, open the conduit panel and destroy
    it to open the next door. Once you're back outside, drop down and go left, 
    towards the nearest crashed VTOL. You'll find a JOURNAL inside. Now move 
    forward and deal with the Hybrids and the Stalker. Once they're down, move 
    forward again, but be prepared to immediately fall back, because a lot of 
    troops come towards you, and most of them are Steelheads. When you wipe them
    out, scavenge everything in this area and head to the next one. You'll 
    immediately have to fight off some Shock Drones and another Stalker.
    After this, move to the middle building. You will have to deal with multiple
    Stalkers now, along with Shock Drones. Also, rockets constantly bombard the
    top of this little building you're in, so you have to work fast, or the 
    rockets will start bombarding you. There should be enough or almost enough 
    Wildfire ammo in here to get the job done. Once both Stalkers are down, mop
    up the other Shock Drones and whatever Hybrids might've come in, and run 
    forward into the barrage of mortars and rockets. Once you get knocked down, 
    the chapter is over.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 19 |                           [W19]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    Drop down and move through this next room. You'll soon face several Hybrids 
    and a couple of Steelheads, but Charlie meets up with you around this point 
    as well. In the next room, shoot the glowing things on the walls to open the 
    next door. Follow Charlie into a building and take out the two enemies at the 
    top. Deal with everyone else in the room, including Sniper Longlegs, and 
    then leave. The next area has you fighting some Hybrids and two Ravagers. 
    Once you take them down, you'll move into a larger area with Hybrids and 
    Sniper Longlegs. Near the end of this area, there's a Wildfire Hybrid. Once 
    they're all gone, two Ravagers come out. Take them down and use the controls
    in front of the shield door to shut it off.
    There's some kind of fan blade thing going on in front of you now, so shoot the
    two glowing things where the shield door was before to stop it. After this, 
    you and Charlie split up. While heading down the right path, keep an eye out
    for the final JOURNAL on the right wall. Ride one of the containers up to the
    top of the area. The next room has Shield Drones, and the room after that has
    plenty of Hybrids and some Steelheads. Keep going, into another room with 
    Hybrids and Longlegs. A Ravager also comes out when you get far enough. Get up
    onto the catwalks in the first part of the room and follow them to the next 
    area. Be careful though; as you're leaving, a Wildfire Hybrid comes out of the
    door in front of you.
    You eventually meet up with Charlie again and enter a room with snipers and 
    Shield Drones. Take them all out and move to the main door. You'll now have
    to head to the left and right and deal with all the enemies on both sides. 
    Each side has a control to shut off its respective shield. After shutting off
    the last shield, two Ravagers, a Wildfire Hybrid, and a couple of Shield 
    Drones will come your way. Take them out and destroy the glowing things on 
    the sides of the door to open it up. Ride the elevator to the top to end this
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 20 |                           [W20]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    Collect all the health and ammo you can, then enter the door. Blow the 
    conduit panel in here and you'll enter the final room. It begins to fill up 
    with Hybrids. There are two glowing things on either side of the central 
    structure, by the floor, that you need to blow up. After you do this, a 
    Brawler enters the room. Deal with him and the other enemies, then blow up a 
    glowing thing on each of the four supports that go from the central structure
    to the side paths. This lowers shields on the sides of the central structure 
    covering up more glowing conduits. Shoot all six of those and you'll blow it 
    to hell. Now exit through the bottom floor. The next part has you moving 
    automatically, but sometimes you'll pull out your revolver. It has infinite
    shots, so just let loose on whatever happens to be in front of you. Finally, 
    put some rounds into the Brawler and you'll finish the game.
                                   ||            ||
                                   ||  Journals  ||                            [J0]
                                   ||            ||
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 1 |                             [J1]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    1. At the very beginning of the game. Move forward, to the table in the 
       middle of the room. The "Feral vs. Military" Journal is on the table.
    2. Shortly after the last Journal, you'll enter a room where a woman is 
       sweeping. Look on the bed to the right of her for the "Postcard from Bogota"
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 2 |                             [J2]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    1. In the second room you enter at the beginning of the mission. You should see
       a man writhing in pain on a bed being treated by somebody. The "Bite 
       Protocol" Journal is on a small table next to him.
    2. Shortly after the first Journal. Keep an eye out on the left side of the 
       area for a classroom-type area, with a few chairs, a desk, and a chalkboard.
       The "Note to John Harper" Journal is on the desk.
    3. After you kill the Hybrids that come down from the dropship, you'll enter a
       house via the garage and meet up with Tommy Dean. Head upstairs in here and
       look on the bed for the "Leaper Bite" Journal.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 5 |                             [J3]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    1. As soon as the chapter starts, move forward to the front of the boat and 
       you'll find the "Change in Strategy" Journal.
    2. Also on the boat at the start of the chapter. Go towards the back and look
       on some crates for the "Ice Blocks" Journal.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 6 |                             [J4]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    1. At the beginning, you'll enter a maze of train cars. After passing through
       a car with some hay and decomposing horses inside, you'll pass by another
       train car on your left with some pulsating black things stuck to the 
       floor and ceiling. Keep going straight, past this car, onto the hay and the
       platform ahead. There is a hole in the fence here that leads to another 
       train car, where you'll find the "Staying Warm" Journal.
    2. Just after getting the first Journal, go back to the hay that you climbed 
       up and use it to get through the adjacent train car. Head down the steps 
       and then up the other steps, making your way over to a ladder that lets 
       you get on top of a train car. Up here, you should be able to see a weapon
       on top of another train car. Go to it and you'll find the "A Tragic Paradox"
       Journal laying next to the weapon.
    3. After you take the elevator up and climb the next ladder, you will see a 
       VTOL fly by. Look on the bed in this room for the "VTOL Manual" Journal.
    4. Just after you get the last Journal, you'll pick up a carabiner on a desk 
       and use it to zipline down. You will then drop into a hole. After dropping
       down, look for the "Gotta Get Out" Journal on a shelf.
    5. You will need to lower a catwalk by dropping into an office and using the
       controls inside. After doing this, move into the next room. The 
       "Quarantine" Journal is on the middle table in here.
    6. After lowering the catwalk and using it to head upstairs and fight some
       Grims. Near the exit you'll find a broken catwalk. You can jump across it
       to get to the other side. Here you'll find ammo and the "Safety Violation"
    7. Just after getting the last Journal, you'll enter some kind of collapsed 
       smokestack and then drop into another room. Open the "door" in here and 
       enter the next room. The "It's Just Me Now" Journal is in this room, on a 
    8. After you shoot the bullseye to lower the ladder and climb up, you'll be in
       a room with the Deadeye sniper rifle. The "Girl's Best Friend" Journal is 
       in here as well, on a shelf by the window.
    9. After shooting the bullseye to lower the platform and entering the next 
       building. You will go upstairs twice and fight off a bunch of Leapers. On 
       this floor, keep an eye out for a room to your left. The "Letter to Santa"
       Journal is in there, on the couch.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 7 |                             [J5]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    1. After you defend the pub from a couple waves of enemies, you will leave it
       and go underground. After moving through a room with weapons in it, keep
       an eye out on your left for a side path that leads to another room with the
       "Tunguska" Journal in it. You'll know you're at the side path when you see
       the word "exit" written on the wall to your right.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 8 |                             [J6]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    1. After you carry the core to the safehouse and set it on the pool table, 
       look for a container at the foot of one of the beds in the same room. The 
       "Hale Vaccine" Journal is on the container.
                                     | ========= |
                                     |           |
                                     | Chapter 9 |                             [J7]
                                     |           |
                                     | ========= |
    1. Near the beginning. After you move into the first building, you'll deal with
       some Longlegs and Charlie will move up the nearest set of stairs. Before 
       following him, look for a different set of stairs in the other room. The 
       "Mass Exodus" Journal is laying on the ground right at the top of those 
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 10 |                            [J8]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    1. After you move through the sniper-infested area and enter a mine, use the
       short ladder. The "Just a Little Nap" Journal is up here, laying on the 
       floor next to a dead body.
    2. Just after the previous journal, you open a large white door and fight 
       some Hybrids and Shield Drones. In that area, hug the right wall. You'll 
       find the "Cooling Towers" Journal on some wooden logs to your right.
    3. In the exact same area as the previous journal. When you acquire the 
       previous journal, look down and you should see minecart tracks. Follow them
       up the hill and you can't help but see the "Journey to Hanover" Journal 
       sitting on a box up here. It's at the part where the tracks curve to the 
    4. After entering the second mine, you'll fight off a Ravager and some other
       enemies. Once outside of the mine, you'll move towards a large bridge. 
       There is a sign that says "Tunnel Ahead" just before the bridge begins, on
       the left side. The "God's Will" Journal is underneath this sign.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 11 |                            [J9]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    1. In the town area near the beginning, you'll be fighting through hordes of 
       Grims and Leeches. There are two houses you can enter here that lead through
       a bunch of different houses. They both end up taking you into the 
       Southern-most house, where you go up some stairs, then drop into a hole in
       the floor. Climb the ladder after you do this and you'll see the "Satan" 
       Journal on a table right by you.
    2. After you get the last Journal, you'll enter a church. In here, after you
       climb the ladder, look for the "Pure Chimera" Journal on the floor next to 
       a large hole.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 12 |                           [J10]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    1. You'll be moving through the mine, and the Satan creature will occasionally
       pop out and chase you. At one point, after you lift some beams for the 
       second time, the Satan will appear ahead of you and you have to go left, 
       into a small tunnel. Open the metal door and you'll be in a room with 
       stairs. Under the stairs there's an opening to a small tunnel, and at the 
       end you'll find the "Desperation" Journal.
    2. The second time you have to shoot the Satan creature in the eyes, you'll
       also have to throw an acetylane tank into its mouth and blow it up. You will
       then need to hunt it down. This leads you through a mostly flooded room with
       a few Grims. After fighting them, you go up and then drop down into a large
       tunnel. Go left, to the end of this tunnel, to find the "Who's Boss" 
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 15 |                           [J11]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    1. After going up the first set of stairs, you'll move through a room with 
       Mutator secondary ammo and then you'll come to another set of stairs in 
       the next cell block. Ignore those stairs and enter the third cell on the 
       left side. From here you enter an area behind the walls and this takes you
       to a closed cell with the "Letter to Mom #1" Journal in it.
    2. After dealing with the first drone, you wind up in the showers area. Hug
       the left wall in here and you'll enter a doorway on the wall. Jump over 
       some pipes and look on the ground for the "Letter to Mom #2" Journal.
    3. You will enter Cell Block B after disabling the second drone. After you 
       move through the open door on ground floor, you'll be in another area of 
       Cell Block B. Head upstairs, then turn left and examine one of the cells 
       in the Northeast area. The "Letter to Mom #3" Journal is laying obviously
       on the floor.
    4. After disabling the drone in Cell Block B, move through the newly opened 
       door just ahead of you and enter the first room on your left. The "Letter 
       to Mom #4" Journal is in here on a desk.
    5. After you deal with all of the snipers in the arena area, you'll head 
       towards the cafeteria. In that first hallway after leaving the arena, look
       on the right wall for a hole that's boarded up. Destroy the boards and 
       enter the hole to find the "Letter to Mom #5" Journal.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 16 |                           [J12]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    1. After you climb a ladder and pick up the Cryogun, look for the "Letter to
       Mom #6" Journal laying on the ground just ahead. It's very hard to miss.
    2. After getting the previous journal, you'll drop into an arena type area 
       where you have to fight off a bunch of Grims, Leeches, and Leapers. After
       doing that, open the metal door and look on the ground in front of you for
       the "Can You Hear Them" Journal.
    3. Just after you get the previous journal, you'll be in the motorpool, where
       Wardens and Chimera are fighting each other. Enter the garage in the 
       Northwest corner and climb the ladder. Once up there, go East and you'll 
       find the "Letter to Mom #7" Journal on a box just before you enter the next
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 17 |                           [J13]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    1. At the very beginning you will move forward and drop down once. Look to 
       your left and you'll see a Deadeye on the ground right next to you. The
       "They Are Coming" Journal is also there. This is before you use the zipline.
    2. After you open the first door by shooting the glowing things on either side
       of it, move through it and go right into the house. The "Six Bullets"
       Journal is in here, on a cabinet.
    3. You will drop into a hole and open a conduit panel. Shoot the glowing 
       thing inside to open the next door and you come to some subway tracks. Move
       across them into the open doorway and you'll enter a room with health, 
       ammo, and the "Bad Idea" Journal laying next to a dead soldier.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 18 |                           [J14]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    1. At the very beginning of the chapter, you go down some stairs. The "Particle
       Smashing" Journal is next to the dead soldier on the stairs.
    2. After moving through the C-130, you'll deal with a lot of enemies. Once 
       they're dead, you move across the broken off wing of the C-130 into another
       building. Once inside, drop down and enter the kitchen. You'll find the 
       "Bloodbath" Journal on the counter.
    3. After opening the shield gate and moving into the building behind it, 
       you will have to open a conduit panel to open a door. Keep going and when
       you leave the building, go to your left, to the nearest crashed VTOL 
       helicopter. The "Fall Back" Journal is inside.
                                     | ========== |
                                     |            |
                                     | Chapter 19 |                           [J15]
                                     |            |
                                     | ========== |
    1. You'll have to turn off a shield door and shortly after that you and 
       Charlie split up. As you're walking down the right path, keep an eye out on
       the right side for the "Gray Tech" Journal.
                                   ||             ||
                                   ||  Technical  ||                         [TEC1]
                                   ||             ||
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