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3D ArtistDerek Bradley
3D ArtistMike Clephane
3D ArtistAaron Hunwick
3D ArtistIvan Khmel
3D ArtistDavid McGrath
3D ArtistChris Nirenberg
3D ArtistAndrew Stairs
3D ArtistTom van de Wijdeven
Activision Publishing - Director of ProductionTim May
Activision Publishing - Director of TechnologyChris Arends
Activision Publishing - Director, Quality AssuranceChristopher D. Wilson
Activision Publishing - Director, Quality AssuranceJason Wong
Activision Publishing - Executive Vice President & General ManagerDave Oxford
Activision Publishing - Functional QA Team ManagerJustin Westplate
Activision Publishing - General Counsel & VP Business AffairsJay Komas
Activision Publishing - Head of MarketingDavid Pokress
Activision Publishing - Manager, QA PMOJeremy Shortell
Activision Publishing - Online ManagerDean Fingerholz
Activision Publishing - Senior Manager Functional QAJason Lembcke
Activision Publishing - Senior Manager TRG and Online QAChad Schilling
Activision Publishing - Senior ProducerDeborah Haight
Activision Publishing - Senior Vice President, StudiosPatrick Kelly
Activision Publishing - TRG ManagerSteve Myers
Additional ArtIvan Kenny-Sumiga
Additional ArtLeighton Milne
Additional CastingRene Vellieux
Additional Level DesignBen Crouch
Additional Visual Effects and CinematicsDavid Alve
AnimatorSimon Dasan
AnimatorStephen Fleet
AnimatorAri Panzer
Art DirectorPeter Freer
Assistant ProducerShannon Feldwick
Business Development ExecutiveJos Ruffell
Casting and Voice DirectionMargaret Tang - Womb Music
Chief Financial OfficerLance Burgess
Chief Strategy OfficerBob Wallace
Cinematics Contractor - Karactaz AnimationDylan Coburn
Cinematics Contractor - Karactaz AnimationWaiton Fong
Cinematics Contractor - Karactaz AnimationEuan Frizzell
Cinematics Contractor - Karactaz AnimationGreg Harman
Cinematics Contractor - Karactaz AnimationBrett Johansen
Cinematics Contractor - Karactaz AnimationCaroline Ting
Cinematics Contractor - Karactaz AnimationEdwina Ting
Cinematics Contractor - Karactaz AnimationSven Trotter
Cinematics Contractor - Karactaz AnimationChris Williamson
Concept ArtistRuben Alvarez
Concept ArtistJames Ellis
Concept ArtistNeil Reed
Concept ArtistTom Robinson
Creative DirectorStuart Middleton
Editorial and PostRik Schaffer - Womb Music
Executive ProducerAndy Satterthwaite
Game DesignerRobert MacBride
Graphics ProgrammerOwen Angell
Graphics ProgrammerRobert Cannell
Graphics ProgrammerBryce van Dyk
Graphics ProgrammerRob Green
Graphics ProgrammerTobias Köppen
Graphics ProgrammerRamon Steenson
Human Resources ManagerBrett Ross
Infrastructure DirectorTyrone McAuley
IT SupportElliot Gardner
Lead Animation ProgrammerCharles Baker
Lead AnimatorMark Cuthbert
Lead ArtistDale Pugh
Lead ArtistDuncan Withers
Lead Concept ArtistJoel Timpson
Lead Game DesignerChris Cervantes
Lead Graphics ProgrammerKester Maddock
Lead ProgrammerMatthes Bender
Lead ProgrammerJoe O’Sullivan
Lead Technical ArtistKeir Rice
Lead UI DesignerGrant Robinson
Lead UI ProgrammerDale Smith
Lead Visual Effects and Cinematics ArtistMichael Cosner
Legal CounselDavid S. Rosenbaum
Level DesignerDaizong Gong
Level DesignerDan Smart
Level DesignerBryan Sparksman
Licensed MusicDe Wolfe Music
Managing DirectorMario Wynands
Marketing and Communications ManagerSean Kauppinen
Original Music ScoreSam Trevethick
Outside Contractor - Additional Audio DesignGreg Hill - Soundwave Concepts
Outside Contractor - Art Director (Concept Art House)Scott Chou
Outside Contractor - Future ElementsDwayne Vance
Outside Contractor - ProgrammerTony Albrecht
Outside Contractor - ProgrammerSecond Intention
Outside Contractor - ProgrammerOverbyte
Outside Contractor - ProgrammerWill Vale
Outside Contractor - Senior Artist (Concept Art House)Ken Chou
Outside Contractor - Virtual MechanixJames De Colling
Outside Contractor - Virtual MechanixNeal Harvey
Outside Contractor - Virtual MechanixChris Wise
Outside Contractor - WriterLucy O'Brien
Outside Contractor - WriterColin Rowsell
ProducerJim Simmons
ProgrammerMark Barrett
ProgrammerPeter Beagle
ProgrammerPeter Beagle
ProgrammerGlen Corby
ProgrammerAndrew Pahuru
Senior 3D ArtistBen Crouch
Senior 3D ArtistAdrian Denne
Senior 3D ArtistPetr Pechar
Senior 3D ArtistShane Warild
Senior AnimatorReagan Morris
Senior Graphics ProgrammerAlan Chambers
Senior ProgrammerJeremy Burgess
Senior ProgrammerCameron Hart
Senior Technical ArtistJon Thorsen
Senior UI ArtistNathan Rattray
Systems AdministratorNic Scott
Technical ArtistJuliann Lum
Technical ArtistDamon Smith
Technical DirectorStu Sharpe
Texture ArtistSarah Dixey
Texture ArtistAndrew Leck
Texture ArtistAnthony Lee
Texture ArtistStephen Schulze
UI ArtistDan Adams
UI ProgrammerAndrew O'Neil
UI ProgrammerSungkono Surya Tjahyono
UI ProgrammerTyler (Kyung Jean) Yang
Voice Actor - AnnouncerMichael McConnahie
Voice Actor - BedlamSam Regal
Voice Actor - BrockKyle Hebert
Voice Actor - JacksonMitch Urban
Voice Actor - KelleyKaren Strassman
Voice Actor - NatalyaCindy Robinson
Voice Actor - NazarKyle Hebert
Voice Actor - ReggieChris Smith
Voice Actor - SuperstarAndre Ware


Data and credits for this game contributed by ShannonSidhe, Mookiethebold, and Doumah.

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