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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Little Nightmares - FAQ/Walkthrough

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    Current Version: Ver 1.1 - Jul. 9, 2017


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    My purpose for this guide is to help you complete Little Nightmares with a 100% game experience via a step-by-step walkthrough. This means it'll lead you through the story and point out all Nomes and Statues, while also covering any information on missable trophies/achievement. I do my best to make these walkthroughs with as few spoilers as possible, so they have limited in-game event descriptions and are designed to guide you, not play the game for you.

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    The adventure of Six's journey through the Maw is pretty basic, but can be confusing due to the lack of a tutorial or tutorial prompts within the game during your first run. The following will cover the basics of gameplay to help you learn how to navigate Six's world properly and safely.


    While walking around is all well and good, Six will find herself in multiple instances where she encounters an obstacle that she can't seem to get past. This is where running, jumping, and climbing over objects becomes a major part of the game.

    The first thing that Six is going to need to learn is how to jump over and climb objects, as these are the most basic action in the game. To jump, press / when you're near an object and Six should automatically grab the ledge and climb over it. In some cases, objects may be too high for Six and she won't grab onto the edge. In these cases, jump toward a ledge you wish to climb and hold / to grab onto the edge and then pull yourself up.

    Now, let's assume Six finds herself spotted by an enemy with nowhere to hide. By holding down /, Six can sprint away from the enemy until she finds a hiding spot or manages to get away, but be warned that sprinting is not always the best option.

    The Lighter

    From the beginning, you'll notice that the Maw is a dark, dank, place with very little light. Most heavily lit areas mean that inhabitants of the Maw are nearby, which is a bad sign for Six. Luckily for Six, she starts the game with a lighter that she can use to light dark areas or ignite light sources, such as lanterns and candle. Simply press / to pull out Six's lighter to illuminate the area around her, but be warned that she can now hold objects with the lighter on.

    Throwing Objects

    While the majority of Little Nightmares revolves around traversing environments and avoiding the inhabitants of the Maw, it's also a puzzle game. In many cases, Six will need to distract enemies or push buttons by grabbing light objects (/), such as toys or shoes, and then throw them (/). Keep this in mind when you feel like you've hit a dead end or can't seem to find a safe way past an enemy.


    There are two types of collectibles in Little Nightmares: Nome and Statue.

    Nomes are little gnome-like children that are skittish of everything in the Maw and will run away from Six when she first spots them, only to be found in other locations. Nomes can be hugged to gain their trust, at which point they will follow Six for a while, and "collect" them towards your trophy/achievement.

    Statues, are geisha statues that resemble the Maw's owner and can be smashed by picking them up and throwing them. If you manage to smash all 10 statues in the game, you'll unlock the Geisha Mask for Six and will also unlock a trophy/achievement.

    Video Walkthrough

    Note that I will be doing a whole Video Playthrough of this, identical to the text here, which you can watch here:

    • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVBHCZXojrJfj_ohHolRSO-AL432UMTJM


    Chapter 1: The Prison

    After selecting a New Game and watching the opening sequence, you'll awake on a trunk in a dank corner of an unknown place known as The Maw.

    When you gain control, move right down the dark corridor, holding / to run, and ignite your lighter with / to allow you to see in the dark. Keep heading right until you hit a dead end with a lantern and then approach it to illuminate the area and make progress on the "Light Up Your Life" trophy/achievement. To the right of the lantern, grab onto the hatch by holding / and move away to open the door and then hold / to crawl through the vent.

    After exiting the other side of the vent, follow the path right up a staircase to a small alcove with a Statue [01/10] and pick it up by holding / and then press / to throw it and break it.

    Continue right and crawl under the boarded up doorway to enter a bedroom and then climb on the box next to the bed to reach the mattress. Make sure to jump up and down on the mattress multiple times to unlock the Trophy/Achievement: Highly Sprung and then jump toward the opening on the right and hold / to grab onto the ledge an pull up.

    In the next room, grab onto the chair beneath the hung man and push or pull it to the doorway and then climb up and use it to grab onto the doorknob.

    Follow the dark corridor right until you come across a fridge and open it, which will cause a little guy to run right, and then continue right and crawl through the small passage to find another lantern next to a Nome [01/13]. To unlock the trophy/achievement "Little Lost Things", you'll need to find all 13 Nomes in the game and give them a hug by approaching them and pressing /. You can now backtrack through the passage to the fridge and climb up the shelves to a new level, running right while you avoid the slugs and jump across the gaps.

    In the next room, pull the lever above the box to open the door on the right and then jump across the gap and enter the room on the other side. While this area seems like a dead end, you can actually grab onto one of the boards to the right and pull it off to continue.

    As you head into the next room, the floor will collapse beneath your feet and drop you into a tar-like substance. Don't stand around for too long, as there are a number of slugs in this area, and quickly make your way right while avoiding the slugs to push down the wooden door. Jump across the gap and light the lantern nearby before climbing up the wooden planks on the right to reach the next level and then carefully cross the beam on the left. Head up some stairs and follow the wooden walkway toward the screen until it ends and then jump right and continue up some more stairs. You can now follow the walkway the long way around until you reach a lever, rotate it to open a nearby doorway, and then let go and hop across the gap to pass beneath the door before it closes.

    On the other side of the doorway, open the hatch on the back wall to release a Nome and then follow it through a hole on the right wall. As you head right, the camera will give you a glimpse of one of the prison wardens, though you'll simply need to climb the makeshift rope on the right to continue.

    After dropping into a bathroom, light the lantern in the corner before pushing open the door to the rest of the bathroom area and then close the door to spot a lever. You'll need to pull the box of toilet paper beneath the lever to reach it, cutting power to the area, and then squeeze through the bars on the right into a play room. Keep running right and squeeze through another set of bars before the power returns, electrifying the bars, and then continue right past a number of prison cells.

    As you enter the next room, with more prison cells and a large eye, take cover behind the pillar and boxes to the left of the children that have been turned to stone. You'll need to avoid the gaze of the eye as you cross to the other side of the room to avoid being turned to stone yourself. While this might sound difficult, you can simply run to the back of the room, near the cell doors, and cross to the right and then run forward and right when the eye is looking away.

    After passing the eye, climb atop the single metal box and light the lantern to your left and then climb up the metal mesh to the upper floor. Ignore the upper level for now and follow the stack of boxes to the right and then drop off the right side to land on a different stack of boxes. You should be now be able to crawl through the mesh box on the right wall to find a hidden storage room with another lantern and a Nome [02/13].

    Return to the previous room and drop to the floor and then climb the boxes again to the second floor. Head left over the eye and enter an open cell on the other side of the area with some finger paintings and then grab the Statue [02/10] in the front right corner and smash it. Backtrack to the right and exit the prison ward into a bedroom and then immediately hide under the bed on the right and wait for a warden to enter and leave to the left. Once it's clear, head right into a closet and climb the mesh boxes and then jump onto the shelves to enter another vent.

    After crawling through a vent and dropping into an adjacent room, you'll begin to experience an uncontrollable hunger. Keep heading right as you crouch in pain multiple times and then grab and eat the food that the NPC throws through the bars. With your hunger under control, climb the boxes to the right and crawl through the gap in the metal bars.

    Continue right through a shower room to a walkway with some electrified bars on the other side and then climb the box near the doorway. Follow the path into the background and climb the mesh boxes or jump to the back wall and then climb the mesh boxes on the left. When you can no longer climb up, press / to back jump onto the solid boxes and then climb the remaining mesh boxes to higher area with a lantern.

    Approach the boxes attached to a chain and jump to them when it swings close and then carefully grab onto the chain and climb up. At the top, back jump onto a ledge and climb the mesh boxes to the right and then pull the lever on the back wall to raise the chain. Once the boxes are at the top, move the lever on the floor to the right to bring the boxes closer. You'll now need to move the switch to the left and quickly make a running jump to the boxes before they move too far away. If done correctly, you can ride them to the other side of the room and climb the chain to reach a new section of the area.

    To reach the power lever, pull the bottom left drawer on the file cabinet all the way out and climb on it and then pull the next drawer out half way. This will allow you to climb up and jump sideways to the top of the file cabinets and then jump and grab the lever to shut off the power. With the power out, squeeze through the bars and light the lantern on the left side of the room and then free the Nome from his cage. You can now squeeze back through the bars to find the Nome [03/13] to the left of the file cabinets and hug him.

    Return to the area where you released the Nome and push the box attached to a rope into the hole in the floor, which will raise a noose, and then jump onto the noose and ride it down to the level below. You can now run right through the shower room, which is now infested with slugs, and cross the walkway to squeeze through the un-powered bars.

    Continue right until you reach another room with an eye on lookout and use the same tactic as before - run toward the back of the area and pass under the eye. On the other side of the room, make sure the eye is looking all the way left before making a run for the doorway or you'll be caught when it looks right. You can now head down the steps and run across the walkway as it opens, jumping the gap, and then climb onto the box on the other side. Wait for the walkway to open up enough that the box moves close to the nearby ledge and then jump to solid ground and continue right to complete this chapter.

    Chapter 2: The Lair

    After entering the lair, head up the stairs to the right and enter the first bulkhead to find an office. Approach the desk, causing a Nome to run off to the right, and climb onto the desk to light a lantern and then move the chair onto the orange tile with a black smudge. This should hold down the pressure plate beneath the tile, opening the door to the right.

    Enter the room and run behind the machine to scare the Nome and then follow it back through the office and up the stairs. On the next landing, check the far left side of the area to find the Nome [04/13] and give it a hug and then continue up the stairs and use the crate to crawl into an open window.

    In the bedroom, climb onto the toilet in the back of the room and then up onto the back lid to reach the sink. From here, jump slightly forward and to the right to grab onto the cabinet drawers and then climb to the top. You can now perform a running jump to grab onto the shelf to your left, where you can break the Statue [03/10], and then drop off the right side of the cabinet to reach the key on the desk.

    Grab the key and pass through the hidden door on the right side of the room, toss it onto the step, and then climb up and unlock the lock. In the next room, grab the monkey and approach the elevator button and then toss the monkey upward to activate the lift. You can now carry the monkey into the elevator and use it to push the button on the inside and ride the elevator down.

    As you exit the elevator and head left, Six will once again be overcome with hunger. Keep heading left, lighting the lantern on the other side of the pipe, and then continue into the next room and eat the meat inside the cage.

    After the scene, run back and forth in the cage to escape and then squeeze through the door to the left to light a lantern. Return to the previous room and grab the small mesh cage with another child inside and then pull it beneath the lever to the right. You'll need to grab onto the lever to open the door and then swing back and forth, allowing you to release yourself closer to the door to make it through before it shuts behind you. When the door closes, climb the metal gate over the door to the level above and back jump to solid ground and then light the candle by the tub.

    Crawl through the vent and drop into the butcher's area and then quietly sneak behind him and hide inside the metal cage on the right. The butcher will hear the wooden floor creaking, so stay hidden until he moves away, and then climb over the cage, drop off the other side, and crawl through the opening by the door. Make sure the butcher remains in the previous room before grabbing the lever and then place it in the post and turn it, making a dash for the trap door.

    Pass through the vents until you drop into a section with a lantern and a piece of luggage and then climb the ladder in the back right corner and shimmy towards the Nome, who runs off. Follow the Nome [05/13] into an adjacent room and give it a hug and then drop down the hole to the right to return to the vents and exit to the right.

    This room is filled with shoes with a monster lurking in the depths of its shoey swamp. To cross this area, get a running jump into the shoes and wade through to another piece of luggage and climb on it. You'll need to do this three times to reach the door on the opposite side of the room to continue to the next area.

    The next room is empty, but when you head up the steps and into the hall the butcher will drop down behind you. Make a sprint to the right and slide under the pipe and then continue to the elevator and hide inside the box in the back right corner. The butcher won't be able to find you inside this box, so wait for him to enter the elevator and press the button to return upstairs and then wait for him to exit.

    Follow the butcher into the next room and push the box of alphabet blocks left and then walk toward the monkey to drop beneath the floorboards. You can now head right to a larger area beneath the floorboard to find a Statue [04/10] in the back left corner of the area.

    Backtrack to the left and look for a ladder on one of the posts, which leads up to an area with another monkey, and then grab the monkey and toss it off to the left. This will draw the butcher out of the last room and allow you to sneak through the hole on the right and climb the dresser handles, but make sure you remain on the carpet to avoid creating any creaking from the floorboards. At the top of the cabinet, push another box of alphabet blocks out of the way to enter more vents and then follow them right.

    Don't worry about the butcher when you drop into the next room, as he's headed away, and push through the door. This will cause a grandfather clock to fall over and chime loudly, drawing the attention of the butcher, so quickly run a bit to the right and crouch on the carpet to remain undetected. Once the butcher appears, grab one of his shoes and approach the button for the door, but wait for a chime before tossing it.

    Dash through the adjacent hallway and push through the door to enter the library and then crawl under the table on the right side of the room to spot a Nome. Follow the Nome [06/13] behind the left-most stack of books and give him a hug and then return to the right and climb onto the table and up the bookshelves to continue.

    Light the candle on the top of the bookcase before jumping to the piano and then run back and forth along the keys to unlock the Trophy/Achievement: Six's Song. Jump from the piano to the bookcase on the left wall and climb up, being careful when you reach the top to avoid creating noise, and then follow the butcher into the adjacent library.

    Head toward the camera enough to spot a pile of books and climb them and then follow the shelf and climb up to a horizontal shelf with blocks and a monkey. Be careful about touching the blocks, you can actually toss one down to the floor to distract the butcher, and then jump to the shelf on the upper right and light the candle. Return to the shelf below and follow it to the left, avoiding the objects meant to alert the butcher, and then drop to the floor on the left side of the bookshelves.

    Climb the stack of books next to the door and enter the opening and then grab the handle and place it near the door. You can now activate the television to draw the butcher into the room, leaving the door open, and make your way back into the library. Make sure to light the candle on the bottom shelf of the central bookcase before exiting the other side of the library and then use the lever to raise the piano and jump across the gap.

    Pass through the gap and drop onto the mine cart tracks and then pull the cart away from the wall in order to get behind it. Push the cart right until it blocks the steam and jump to the other side of the tracks and then pull/push it all the way right and climb up to reach the door handle.

    Make sure to hold onto the handle until the door completely opens, or you'll fall to your death, and then cross to the vent on the other side of the walkway. Slowly pass through the vent, lighting a lantern near the screen, until the butcher reaches inside in search of you and then wait for him to run his hand along the pipe above you before running through. Keep running when you drop out of the vents, as the butcher will be on your heels, and slide under the door and then climb the metal cages in the back right corner.

    Your objective is to pull the supports off the metal cage holding the door open, but you'll also need to avoid the butcher's hands. Wait for the butcher's right hand to investigate the suitcase closest to the screen and his left to leave the cage and then jump toward the cage and quickly grab and pull off one of the supports. Return to the metal cages in the corner and wait for him to once again remove his hands from the cage and then jump down and take out the second support to complete the level.

    Chapter 3: The Kitchen

    After waking in the vent, turn on your lighter and climb the ladder nearby and then run right and use the wrapped body to grab one of the hooks as it passes.

    Once you're dropped into the room with even more bodies, continue right and become overwhelm with hunger and then attack the rat stuck in a trap in the next room. With your hunger under control, climb the metal containers on the right to another room and then climb another set of containers with a lid leaning against them to push the lid right and create a path forward. Pass over the last set of containers, but don't exit to the right just yet. Instead, walk toward the screen and left to find a hidden ventilation shaft entrance that leads to a Statue [05/10] and then climb up the ladder on the right.

    Pass through the double doors and move the cart to the window on the right and then climb onto the cart and drop into the pantry. If you want to get the missable trophy/achievement in the kitchen, you'll need to toss three ingredients into the cooking pot while avoiding the cook.

    Start by grabbing a carrot from the pantry and heading right into the room with the cook and then crouch and pass under the table he's working at. There's a chance that the cook will be alerted when you pass under the table and try and grab you, at which point you'll want to run through a hole on the right to enter the main kitchen area and hide in the right corner of the first cooking station.

    The cook will follow you into the main cooking area, but provided you stay under the small table with a ladle you'll be safe from being spotted or grabbed. Wait for the cook to go about his routine and when he moves to the back of the room, walk to the pot on the stove in the back of the room and toss the carrot in the stew. Return to the safe area beneath the small table and wait for the cook to move once again and then grab the fish head beneath the larger table on the right and return to the safe spot.

    The cook should now move to the right side of the room and grab some spices, turning his back to the stew, so run forward and toss the fish head into the stew. Quickly run all the way toward the screen and hide by a crate with some wine bottle and a piece of cheese, or return to the safe spot if you're spotted. You'll now need to wait for the cook to turn his back once again to hop up and grab the cheese and return to the safe spot and then wait for a clear opportunity to toss in the cheese to complete the stew for the Trophy/Achievement: Kitchen Hand.

    With your work done in the kitchen, make sure the cook is looking away and then head under the large table and up the stairs on the right to a locked door. Climb the white cabinet at the back of the room and jump to the rafters and then follow them to the other side and climb the mesh cages to pass into the upstairs area.

    Make sure to climb on the toilets to reach the shelf with a candle, which you should light, before exiting the bathroom and then head all the way left into the cook's bedroom. Avoid the music box on the floor, as it will wake the cook sleeping, and jump onto the shelf above the radiator and then grab onto the key and swing back and forth until it's free. Quickly hide under the bed, as the noise from the fall will wake the cook, and wait for him to leave the room and then grab the key.

    Exit the bedroom and drop the key near the steps to the elevator and then return to the bathroom and hug the Nome [07/13] that now appears in the corner. You can now return to the stairs and grab the key and then pull the lever next to the elevator to return to the kitchen with the key.

    Upon returning to the kitchen, you'll notice a Nome running left into the pantry. Drop the key in the hall and enter the pantry to spot a jumping jar and then toss it to release the Nome [08/13]. Quickly hug the Nome to "collect" it and then hide beneath the shelves with the ingredients, as the breaking of the jar has drawn the attention of one of the cooks. You can now wait for the cook to leave before returning to the hall with the elevator and then grab the key and carefully make your way through the kitchen to the locked door.

    Unlock the door and climb onto the table with the cleaver and then crawl through the hole into a sausage making room. There's nothing to do here right now, but if you look under the table you'll find another Nome [09/13] that you can hug before climbing into the dumbwaiter to travel up to the freezer.

    Your objective in this room is to find two pieces of meat in the room and move them onto the trap door in the floor, which already has one piece of meat on it. The first piece of meat is in the corner of the table beneath the dumbwaiter, so pull it away from the wall and then push it to the floor and the move it over the trap door. The second piece is a bit harder to spot, as it hangs from one of the hooks on the ceiling. Climb the shelves on the left wall to reach the top of the cabinet and then swing from the first hook to the meat and grab on to pull it down, placing it over the trap door.

    Before leaving the freezer, check the right side of the room to spot a hatch that you can climb through and then light another lantern and make sure to smash the Statue [06/10] in the corner. Return downstairs via the dumbwaiter and pull the lever hanging from the ceiling to release the meat, dropping them into the sausage machine, and then turn the lever on the machine to create 3 sausage links. You can now jump and grab the links to swing to the hole on the right side of the room and then pass through the vents to another freezer area.

    Exit the freezer to find another locked door, which you'll need to find the key for, and pull the lever near the elevator and then quickly return to the freezer and hide in crates, as the cook will come down with the elevator. Wait for the cook to check the box above your location and walk deeper into the freezer and then make your way to the elevator to head upstairs.

    The cook will be hot on your heels, as he heard the elevator, so jump up into the hole on the right side of the hall and wait for the cook to return and open the door across the hall. Follow the cook into the butchering room and immediately jump onto the table on the right side of the area and then climb the barrels on the table to reach a shelf with another candle. Getting down without alerting the cook is pretty difficult, so take your time, and then drop to the floor and crawl under the table behind the cook to spot a hole on the left side of the room.

    The key you want to grab is on the butcher table directly in front of the cook, so you'll need to distract him. Enter the back room and approach the machine with the wrapped corpses and push the white button, activating the machine, and then rush back through the hole and quickly make your way to the key on the table. You can now rush to the elevator and ride it down to unlock the door and then hide in container, since the cook will follow you downstairs.

    Wait for the cook to check the room and exit through the door on the right and then climb up and pull down the hatch and crawl inside to drop into the garbage. Make sure to check the bottom left corner for a Statue [07/10] that you can smash and then climb the right wall to reach the vent leading into another part of the kitchen.

    Crawl right through the vent until you spot the two cooks washing dishes and then climb up and rush right, sliding beneath another table to hide from the cooks. Wait for the cooks to go back to their routine before crouching and continuing right into a side room and then make sure to avoid the broken dish on the floor, as this will cause noise. Provided the cooks don't hear you, climb onto the table and push the lever on the back wall to the right and then quickly drop to the floor and hide under the tables.

    Once again, wait for the cooks to return to their routine and crawl back toward the vent you entered and drop back down. From here you can watch the two cooks fairly easily and wait for them both to turn away from the central table and then make a dash for the table, climb up, and climb the pile of dishes to grab onto one of the hooks as it passes.

    Ride the hook through the kitchen, past the room where you switched the lever, and into a new area where one of the cooks is waiting to grab you. Drop off the hook as it passes over the two containers full of dishes, before reaching the cook, and then run right and slide under the table to avoid the cook coming through the door on the left. Keep running, as both cooks will be hot on your heels, and climb the wooden crate to another container full of dishes and grab one of the hooks to escape the level.

    Chapter 4: The Guest Area

    As soon as you drop into the level, crawl left through the small hole and light another lantern and then hug the Nome [10/13] nearby. You can now return through to the start and follow the pipe, climb the ladder to reach the outside of the Maw, climb the chain of the anchor to eventually return inside, and then carefully cross the beam, as the guests enter the Maw below.

    After loading up the new area, pull one of the wooden planks off the barricade to continue and then navigate across the pipe and climb up the side of the guest area entrance. Inside, jump across the light fixtures hanging from the ceiling to reach the opposite balcony and then squeeze through the doors to the dining area.

    Pass through the dining area until one of the guests spots you, knocking over his table and crawling in pursuit of a new snack - you, and then run right and jump up the ledge into a new room and quickly climb the stool to the stack of dishes and swing from the hanging lantern on the right to escape the room.

    As you run right in the next area with more dining guests, look for the Nome that runs right under a stool into a hidden passage and then move the stool to follow him. Make sure to light the lantern inside, if you haven't gotten the Trophy/Achievement: Light Up Your Life, and then hug the Nome [11/13] before returning to the room with the dining guests.

    In order to proceed, you'll need to climb the stool near the bar and climb up onto the table and then run left along the counter while avoiding the greedy hands of the guests. If you've already lit enough sources for the "Light Up Your Life" trophy/achievement, ignore the candle to the left of the first guest on the opposite side of the table and try and stay in the center of the table as you make your way left. Feel free to jump often, as this can help avoid being grabbed on occasion, and then climb the crates on the left side of the counter and jump to the decorative wooden lattice and climb up.

    You'll need to back jump off the lattice to the hanging tray and again to solid ground to continue and then climb over the railing in the back of the area via the short stool. Run left, as more greedy guests will fall off their tables in an attempt to grab you as a yummy morsel, and then run up the ramp and jump to another lantern to swing to a nearby window.

    Continue left until the guest at the end of the long table spots you, falling off the table and pursuing you, and then backtrack to the window you entered. Wait for the guest to slam into the shelf you ran under and climb the boxes to pass over him and then keep running left to slide into a small hole and escape.

    When you drop into the hallway near the elevator, run toward the screen and left into the bathroom to hide from the cook and then wait for him to leave. The door slamming behind the cook will drop a metal can, which you can throw at the mirror in the bathroom to reveal a hidden path. Climb the back wall and squeeze through the bars and then follow the pipes all the way right and drop down onto a box near a Statue [08/10].

    Take the elevator upstairs and enter the rooms on the left to find a sleeping guest and a Nome [12/13] and then return to the hall and run all the way forward to find another lantern.

    Continue right, into what seems to be an empty hallway, and a number of gluttonous guests will exit their rooms in pursuit of you. Run right through the halls, hopping over a high ledge and running under a table, and then turn the corner and run toward the camera. Keep heading right and climb over the second dresser that falls and jump to the stool and then climb onto the table and run right, jumping to the lantern to swing to safety.

    When you continue through the doors, you'll be overcome with hunger once again. Head right into a room with another Nome, who offers you a sausage, and then go to grab the sausage to "hug" the final Nome [13/13] for the Trophy/Achievement: Little Lost Things. You can now climb up the box in the corner and pass through the window and then climb the ladder to spot the Maw's owner, but don't follow her. Instead, head left to find another Statue [09/10] in the corner by a barrel before returning toward the elevator and using a nearby can to push the button and exit the level.

    Chapter 5: The Lady's Quarters

    This is the shortest level in the game, simply head right up the staircase to the lady's boudoir and then sneak behind her to enter her bedroom. Check out the painting of Six on the wall to the left before climbing onto the night stand and then push the pot with the eye to the floor to find a key. This will cause the lady to disappear from the adjacent room and allow you to smash the final Statue [10/10] from her makeup stand.

    Return to the landing on the stairs and unlock the door and then run right, as the lady will be right on your heels, and slide under the cabinets. Continue until your reach a large room room a number of geisha mannequins and then head right to a boarded up doorway and remove the lowest plank. You can now grab the mirror from the table in the back of the room and return to the previous area and approach the lady.

    The final boss "fight" is pretty simple, but can be difficult if your reflexes suck. The objective is to stand in the lit areas that appear in the room and wait for the lady to approach from a random direction in the darkness and then face her with the mirror. Each time she'll be warded off and you'll be knocked over, so pick up the mirror again and then move to the next spotlight. Note that she'll get faster each round and you'll have less time to face her once she appears, but she will often continue to appear from that same direction if you die and have to redo the fight.

    The spotlights shine in the following locations: left, right, center back, and center front.

    Once you have defeated the lady, approach her and eat her to absorb her power and then just walk out of the level.