• Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

    "Fear is the mind-killer"Complete 'Habby 9000' on NormalBronze
    "He who controls the spice…"Complete 'Habby 9000' on MasterBronze
    "My name is a killing word"Complete 'Habby 9000' on AdvancedBronze
    1.34 parsecsComplete 'Alpha Centauri' on MasterBronze
    100/100 SecretsFind 100 secretsBronze
    25 Advanced StarsEarn 25 stars on AdvancedBronze
    25 Master StarsEarn 25 stars on MasterBronze
    25 Normal StarsEarn 25 stars on NormalBronze
    25/100 SecretsFind 25 secretsBronze
    4.37 light-yearsComplete 'Alpha Centauri' on AdvancedBronze
    50 Advanced StarsEarn 50 stars on AdvancedBronze
    50 Master StarsEarn 50 stars on MasterBronze
    50 Normal StarsEarn 50 stars on NormalBronze
    50/100 SecretsFind 50 secretsBronze
    70 Advanced StarsEarn 70 stars on AdvancedBronze
    70 Master StarsEarn 70 stars on MasterBronze
    70 Normals StarsEarn 70 stars on NormalBronze
    75 Advanced StarsEarn 75 stars on AdvancedBronze
    75 Master StarsEarn 75 stars on MasterBronze
    75 Normal StarsEarn 75 stars on NormalBronze
    All 225 StarsEarn all 225 stars across all modesGold
    AlphaComplete 'The Edge of Tomorrow' on AdvancedBronze
    AvengedComplete 'Revenge' on MasterBronze
    Beherrscht SequenzComplete 'Sequenz' on MasterBronze
    BlindingComplete 'Pure Sunlight' on AdvancedBronze
    BrightnessComplete 'Pure Sunlight' on NormalBronze
    CalamariDefeat the thing from the deepBronze
    Can you hear me now?Complete 'Kein Signal' on NormalBronze
    CrazyComplete 'Get ' on NormalBronze
    Epic sicknessComplete 'Ill Still' on MasterBronze
    Ernest RutherfordComplete 'Split the Atom' on MasterBronze
    Erweiterte SequenzComplete 'Sequenz' on AdvancedBronze
    Free energyComplete 'Split the Atom' on AdvancedBronze
    Full barsComplete 'Kein Signal' on MasterBronze
    Gaigan?Complete 'Some Kind of Monster' on MasterBronze
    Get Jaimie Mantzel on the phoneDefeat the big metal spiderBronze
    Getting crazyComplete 'Get Crazy' on AdvancedBronze
    Ghidora?Complete 'Some Kind of Monster' on AdvancedBronze
    Gojira?Complete 'Some Kind of Monster' on NormalBronze
    Gone fissionComplete 'Split the Atom' on NormalBronze
    Got crazyComplete 'Get Crazy' on MasterBronze
    Haploteuthis feroxComplete 'Stigma' on NormalBronze
    How about now?Complete 'Kein Signal' on AdvancedBronze
    Iller stillComplete 'Ill Still' on AdvancedBronze
    Kicked itComplete 'Bass Cannon' on AdvancedBronze
    Kicking itComplete 'Bass Cannon' on NormalBronze
    KrakenComplete 'Stigma' on AdvancedBronze
    Let it kick itComplete 'Bass Cannon' on MasterBronze
    MimicComplete 'The Edge of Tomorrow' on NormalBronze
    Mission accomplishedComplete 'Katy on a Mission' on AdvancedBronze
    Mission impossibleComplete 'Katy on a Mission' on MasterBronze
    Mission statementComplete 'Katy on a Mission' on NormalBronze
    No brakesComplete 'I Can't Stop' on NormalBronze
    OmegaComplete 'The Edge of Tomorrow' on MasterBronze
    Out of the way!Complete 'I Can't Stop' on AdvancedBronze
    Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagnComplete 'Stigma' on MasterBronze
    Platinum TrophyComplete all other trophiesPlatinum
    Proxima CentauriComplete 'Alpha Centauri' on NormalBronze
    Sequenz abgeschlossenComplete 'Sequenz' on NormalBronze
    Shai-Hulud?Defeat the sand wormBronze
    Still illComplete 'Ill Still' on NormalBronze
    Unfiltered electromagnetic radiationComplete 'Pure Sunlight' on MasterBronze
    VendettaComplete 'Revenge' on NormalBronze
    VengefulComplete 'Revenge' on AdvancedBronze
    You can stop nowComplete 'I Can't Stop' on MasterBronze

    Contributed By: Mookiethebold.

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