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How Does PS4 Game Sharing Work? 2
PS4 Internet Speeds TOO SLOW? 2
What hard drives is compatible with the ps4? 3
The update file cannot be used. (CE-34788-0)? 1
Does every new PS4 come with a 30 day free trial of PS+? 3
What's new and recent activity won't load or display? 2
apparently my Address i live at is invalid (E-82000050)? 2
Useing Facebook on my ps4? 1
No friend notifications? 5
How do i connect the PS4 to a mobile Hotspot (verizon)? 3
Recent Questions Answers
Blank screen after update? 1
Should I buy Uncharted 4 or Horizon Zero Dawn? 3
A bit worried about the PS4 lifespan.. help? 2
External Hard Drives on PS4 wth disc games? 1
Why can't I download the last bit of the Black Ops 3 update? 1
Why does the game keep telling me, "Make sure your disc ios not damaged or ditry?" 0
Is a slight frame rate drop normal? 2
Hard drive help? 1
Something weird is happening while downloading eso, may anyone help? 0
Good RPG with good character customization. ? 0
Unresolved Questions Answers
Confused about DLC and CusA codes? 1
Chat audio cable to PC -> Headset? [PS4 and PC] 1
Why dies the PS4 taking ages to load next screen to setup account set up? 1
Not enough storage space? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (you cannot access online content.)? 2
Can a Digital Game bought with 1 Account be played Online with a different one? 1
"What's New", "Recent Activity" and "Playstation Plus" won't load, how to fix it? 1
Should I get Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain or Dragon age Inquisition? 2
The Update file cannont be used? 1
PS4 audio still ONLY running through HDMI after the settings were changed to optical? 1

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