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Anyone actually won the Passiflora Gwent tournament? 5
I cant find "Hjalmar" in the quest The lord of Undvik? 1
What does this icon mean when using Witcher Sense? 3
Where can I find a master craftsmen? 3
I cant have triss stay??? 3
Where is Zoltan? Old Pals gwent quest 3
Do merchants ever refill their gold? 5
Where can I find my allies on Kaer Morhen? 1
Where can I find the item known as Dark Steel Plate? 1
Is the crossbow good for anything? 5
Recent Questions Answers
Are there any super rare items in the witcher 3 that are a must haves? 0
Why is there a prohibition sign when i try to fast travel? 0
Where do I find this key? 0
What is the last update 1.32 about? Ps4 0
Are there any hidden quests in the witcher 3? 0
What are the one time items throughout the whole game? 0
Maxium level that is attainable? 1
Will a glitched quest prevent me getting 100%? 0
The ending was spoiled for me, am I screwed? 0
Stucked on istle of mists? 0
Unresolved Questions Answers
Where are the characters after story completion? (Triss, Yen, Ciri etc) 2
The Lord Of Undvik Quest bug any fix? 1
In Wolf's Clothing: Possible bug? 1
Gwent card: toad found in the Base version? 1
How many map regions besides novigrad and skellige? 1
Bug with Blood and wine? 0
Why won't Roach's stamina regenerate? 2
What was Ciri's encounter with the White Frost about? 1
Characters after end of main story? 2
How many days till merchant refill their money? 1

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