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    Walkthrough by horror_spooky

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    From PS4 architect Mark Cerny comes Knack, a combination brawler/platformer 
    that hopes to recapture the magic of past Sony platforming mascots such as 
    Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot.
    Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
    Copyright 2013
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    2. Walkthrough
       Chapter 1
       Chapter 2
       Chapter 3
       Chapter 4
       Chapter 5
       Chapter 6
       Chapter 7
       Chapter 8
       Chapter 9
       Chapter 10
       Chapter 11
       Chapter 12
       Chapter 13
    3. Collection
    4. Conclusion
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The hostile goblins have become more powerful thanks to their access to 
    advanced weaponry. It's up to Knack and a group of expeditionists to find out 
    how the goblins have obtained this newfound power and put a stop to the 
    goblin threat.
    LS - Move
    RS - Dodge
    Triangle - Change Parts/Stealth Knack
    Square - Attack/Pick Up/Throw
    O - Power Up/Super Move
    X - Jump/Double Jump
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    2. Walkthrough
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                                   CHAPTER 1
    CHAPTER 1-1
    His Greatest Invention
    This first section will go through all the basics when it comes to playing 
    as Knack. Complete the platforming challenges throughout the stage by dodging 
    the wheels of fire, avoiding the green laser balls, moving across the 
    electrified platforms fast enough so that they cannot shock you, and more.
    There will be various robotic enemies to contend with along the way. These 
    include the blue enemies that will occasionally whirl spikes at Knack. To 
    defeat these enemies, wait for them to retract their spikes, and then attack. 
    It should only take a single punch to get rid of them.
    Later on pink robots will be thrown in the mix as well. These robots shoot a 
    couple of green laser balls. Avoid the lasers and then attack them when they 
    Armored guards show up later and are a little tougher to defeat. The game will 
    go into slow motion when they go for attacks, giving you a chance to dodge 
    by moving the right stick in any direction.
    As you move through this little obstacle course, collect the relics to build 
    Knack's size. The relics can be found in breakable glass tubes and by 
    defeating enemies.
    Enemies guarded by holographic shields will be up next, though they will be 
    the same enemies that you've encountered throughout the rest of this section. 
    A lever in the room can be hit to disable their shields. After that, just use 
    the same strategies with them as outlined above.
    Sun Stones will be introduced shortly. Reserve up to three Sun Crystals by 
    smashing them. Press O to power up, and then O again to emit a shockwave to 
    destroy a group of enemies. You'll also learn how to create a tornado of 
    Knack's relics by pressing O to power up with the Sun Stone and then pressing 
    Square. Use that attack on enemies to try it out for yourself.
    CHAPTER 1-2
    Viktor's Challenge
    Viktor is reluctant to let Knack go on the expedition until he has proven 
    himself against the security robots. These robots are considerably more 
    dangerous than the small fry robots encountered in the previous level.
    The small ones have a bat that they can use to smack Knack. Avoid their 
    attempts at melee and then hit them with a homing attack. To perform a 
    homing attack, jump with X and then press square (the attack button) in mid-
    air to land the move. Knack will use the homing attack on whatever enemy you 
    are pointing the left stick towards.
    Crumbling platforms will be need to be platformed across. It's easy to just 
    jump over them though, so don't stress about that too much. Keep an eye out 
    in the level for cracked walls so that you can smash through them and 
    gather the collectibles inside the chests hidden behind them.
    Smash the boxes in the level as much as possible. These will yield relics 
    which will heal Knack. These security robots will be able to kill you with 
    just a couple of attacks, so it's prudent to smash as many boxes as possible 
    to ensure that Knack is in tip-top shape.
    You'll reach a section with enemies across a gap throwing boxes at Knack. 
    Smash the Sun Stones here and absorb their power. It's time for Knack's long-
    range projectile attack. Press O to power up and then follow that up with 
    Triangle (after the enemies are highlighted in blue) to shoot them with the 
    projectile of relics. This is the last Super Move to learn for now.
    Even stronger security robots are revealed when you reach the parking lot. 
    Wait for them to throw all of the green cars and keep using the right stick to 
    avoid the cars. Then engage the enemies. They will punch, then back up quickly 
    if they miss. If you are fast enough, you can hit them as they pull their 
    arm back for the punch, or chase after them when they back up and take them 
    out that way. The homing attack is also an effective strategy. Try to either 
    hit them both simultaneously or try to get one alone, though, to even the 
    odds a bit.
    Shortly thereafter, range-based security robots will show up. These guys will 
    shoot green laser balls as well as laser beams. The beams are only for when 
    you're up close, though. Get in close to them and then run around (the 
    opposite direction of the beam), and use a homing attack on their back to 
    knock them down. Then it's just a matter of laying in with the attacks until 
    they have been destroyed.d
                                   CHAPTER 2
    CHAPTER 2-1
    The Adventure Begins
    You're small Knack now, so you're much more vulnerable. Beef yourself up a 
    bit by approaching the red ruins. Getting near them will cause relics to 
    fall out and go to Knack.
    This level is filled with new enemies, the first of which will be the beetles 
    of two distinct flavors. The regular beetles have a typical charging attack. 
    Jump over them, and then quickly punch them to take them out. The other kind 
    of beetle is a bit more dangerous.
    These beetles flash red and suicide rush Knack. Perform a double jump as soon 
    as they get close to avoid the explosion radius. If you punch these guys as 
    soon as they crawl out of the hole, you can take them out without worrying 
    about being damaged by the explosion.
    In addition, there is a bird that shows up numerous times throughout the stage.
    The bird send mini-tornadoes at Knack. Avoid these and use a homing attack to 
    most effectively take out this enemy.
    Goblin traps will also be introduced. These traps fire arrows all around the 
    post where the traps are set up. To avoid taking damage from these, get in as 
    close to the trap as possible so the arrows just sail over Knack's head.
    Small blue goblins are up next, though they are very easily defeated. One 
    punch will do. Don't try jumping over them because they will very quickly 
    swing their weapon behind themselves if Knack is behind them. Blue goblins 
    with bows and arrows are also around, and they have the added benefit of a 
    helmet on their head.
    To get rid of these guys, you either have to do two homing attacks (one to 
    get rid of the helmet, one to kill the goblin) or land a punch. They fire 
    arrows fairly quickly, but do take breaks to taunt. The closer you are to 
    them, the more likely they will taunt and leave themselves wide open to an 
    As you scale the mountain, watch out for boulders that the goblins roll down 
    the hill. Also keep an eye out for sections of the cliffwall that are cracked, 
    once again indicating that the section can be knocked away for hidden goodies 
    on the side, which in this level mostly consists of Sun Stones.
    The end of the level comes once you've reached and entered the mines.
    CHAPTER 2-2
    Old Crag Mine
    Inside the mine, be prepared for more new enemy types. There is a flying 
    beetle that shoots green laser balls and takes two hits to defeat. There is 
    a larger goblin with a club. This guy can be tough. He'll swing his club 
    in a circle, and then after his flurry of attacks, he backs up far so it 
    gets hard to hit him. Three hits required for small Knack to take him out, 
    and these can be homing attacks.
    The mine itself doesn't have many secrets to watch out for, just a lot of 
    enemy encounters. When you get to goblin traps, my advice from earlier to 
    run into poles that hold them up won't work here because Knack is slightly 
    bigger than before. To avoid the arrows this time, you're just going to 
    have to jump.
    Speaking of arrows, the bigger goblins will also be equipped with bows in 
    this level. They have two different possible attacks with their bows. They can 
    fire three arrows at once or one single arrow that has an extra powerful kick 
    to it. When the arrows are coming at Knack when Knack is in the air, the game
    will slow down to give you a chance to use the right stick to avoid the arrow 
    fire. Be careful using this near gaps, or else Knack may fly off the edge and 
    Oh, and speaking of dying, this level is where the game starts to get more 
    challenging. This is due to the fact that Knack can easily fall off the edges, 
    the enemies are more aggressive, and Knack is small for the bulk of this 
    level. There is one particularly tough spot when you have to fight five armored
    goblins simultaneously and they are all equipped with swords.
    They will swing their sword twice, then retreat. The trick is to hit them as 
    soon as they're done swinging, and hopefully hit multiple of them at once. 
    Of course, Special Moves are also super handy at this part. If you don't 
    have enough Sun Stone juice built up, remember that you can break the crystals,
    die, then respawn and retain the amount of Sun Stone you had collected before 
    death. So you should never really be that stuck in the game as you can just 
    keep building up your supply until you can unleash havoc upon the goblins.
    When there is one out of these five goblins left, two more will join the fray 
    and conveniently open the path to continue. The rest of the level is more of 
    the same, for the most part. You will become much larger as Knack which will 
    allow you to mow through most of the enemies.
    At one point, there is a generator encountered that needs powered up. To power 
    up the generator, approach it and press Triangle. This generator powers two 
    switches. One switch is near the door that is closest to the generator and 
    marks the exit from the room. The other switch can be found if you backtrack a 
    bit and can be hit to open a door that contains a chest that in turn contains 
    a part necessary to build one of Knack's gadgets.
    CHAPTER 2-3
    An Unexpected Encounter
    As you push a bit deeper into the mines, there will be an encounter with one 
    of Viktor's security robots! This is a large one that will attempt to grab 
    Knack. If Knack is grabbed, mash on the X button to escape and then proceed to 
    destroy the robot.
    It will be replaced by more robots; some like it, and some similar to the 
    bat-wielding robots in the first chapter, albeit armed with blue laser nets 
    instead of bats this time. Defeat all these enemies and then move with the 
    Doctor and Viktor through the mine some more.
    Viktor's robots will be doing battle with the goblins. Sometimes the robots 
    will be successful in defeating the goblins, but other times you'll have to 
    step in and take them out. A new goblin type is encountered here that throws 
    bombs, so be ready to avoid those. These goblins are typically the ones that 
    will be destroying the robots as well, so if you want the robots to do your 
    dirty work for you, focus on the bomb guys first.
    A new hazard is also introduced in this level. It is in the form of slippery 
    ice-covered ground. This is familiar platforming territory. The ice will be 
    hard to maneuver on, obviously, and it will also mean that getting in close 
    to enemies will be tougher.
    A couple of doors will be encountered in the mine that can be opened with 
    nearby levels. Don't be conservative with the Special Moves here, as there are 
    large Sun Stones all over the place.
    At the end of the level, Knack and the Doctor arrive at an elevator. Power up 
    the elevator by pressing Triangle, which will unfortunately also revert Knack 
    to his small size. Then get on the elevator with the Doctor.
    CHAPTER 2-4
    Over the Lake
    Returning in this level are our bird friends! But they have new tricks up 
    their sleeves. This time they will fly higher and also have a charge attack 
    that has been added to their arsenal. Homing attacks are still the best way to 
    deal with them.
    As you make your way across the platforms, move to the purple crystals to make 
    Knack continue. Save some Sun Stone juice so that you can use the projectile 
    attack on the two goblins with arrows that are on the cliff.
    Moving up the cliff, there will be a crevice. Note it and then continue until 
    you reach the goblin by the boulder. The goblin will kick the boulder down the 
    slope, so retreat to the crevice. After the boulder passes, take out the goblin
    with a series of attacks. Since you're small, all enemies will take more hits 
    to take out, remember.
                                   CHAPTER 3
    CHAPTER 3-1
    Another Way In
    At this point, Knack should have a little size to him, so defeating the enemies
    should be a bit easier. In these areas, there's once again new enemies 
    introduced. The first one that will be encountered are blue goblins that 
    throw boomerangs. Boomerangs operate as expected, and these guys aren't much of
    a threat.
    The other new enemy is encountered fairly late in the level. He is a large 
    blue goblin with tribal markings and a huge hammer. The trick to dealing with 
    him is to dodge his hammer strike and then immediately attack after his hammer 
    hits the ground.
    The hardest part about this level will be dealing with the various new hazards 
    and goblin traps that are set up. First, there will be a set of three totem 
    poles. Spikes pop out of these and they spin out quickly. Wait for the spikes 
    to retract, then immediately make a break for it. As you near the third pole, 
    the spikes will start to come back out, so double jump and dash forward to the 
    next area to avoid taking damage.
    The next trap will be buttons on the ground that cause a volley of arrows to 
    fly at Knack. Just jump over these. Next will be five totem poles going down a 
    hill. For this, hug the left side of the cliff to avoid the spikes on the 
    first totem pole. You can move between the first and second ones, and then 
    when the spikes retract, make a break for it.
    Just beyond that trap is yet another trap. On the ground will be some thick 
    grass. Avoid this as if you step on it, Knack will fall into a spike pit and 
    die. It is possible to get Knack out of the pit as he is falling in if you are 
    quick enough on the jump button that is.
    CHAPTER 3-2
    Abominable Knack
    Now imbued with ice powers, Knack has extra health and is far more formidable. 
    You are definitely not impervious to damage, so don't get too cocky. Keep 
    building up Knack's ice armor by smashing the blue chunks of ice that are all 
    over the place.
    Once again, two new enemy types to worry about. One looks like the blue 
    hammer goblin, except he has a bazooka that shoots bombs. The other is one of 
    the yellow goblins, albeit with a staff that has two blades on either end. 
    It operates similarly to the hammer guy, except they are also capable of 
    swinging their weapon in a regular attack, making them that much more dangerous
    and tricky.
    Fight your way out of the caves and then to the goblin gates. There are three 
    locks on the gates, and the ice will only last on Knack for a minute when he 
    is exposed to the sun. Make sure Knack is at full ice armor, then run out of 
    the cave.
    There are three paths to take. One to the left, one straight-ahead, and one to 
    the right. You can choose whichever one you want. There will be some small 
    enemies to defeat to make the gates come down, and then a large goblin with 
    armor and a big shield. To defeat these ones, wait for him to swing, then 
    dodge to the left. Quickly mash Square to take him out.
    If you take damage at all during this, then Knack will lose some of his ice 
    armor and it will make these fights considerably more difficult. At the end of 
    these runs will be a lever to hit. Hit the lever, then Knack will respawn at 
    the mouth of the cave near the ice. Break the ice, then go after the other 
    two switches to get the gates open.
    CHAPTER 3-3
    Inside the Fortress
    Watch out for the booby traps in this one. There are traps that drop bombs 
    (avoid these either by double jumping over them or standing back from the 
    blast radius and waiting for the bombs to go off) as well as pressure-
    sensitive pads on the ground that trigger arrows.
    A new enemy type is introduced here, one with a whip. This guy obviously has 
    more range than most melee goblins. Charge him after he swings his whip to get 
    in the few hits necessary to take him out.
    Keep an eye out for the obvious doors that can be broken down for the 
    collectible goodies inside.
    Near the end of the level, the large goblin boss will be encountered. To fight 
    him, simply dodge his sword attack and mash the attack button before he can 
    raise his shield. Enough hits will cause him to retreat. Pursue him, and then 
    repeat the process as you chase him through the fortress.
    He will then start shooting a volley of arrows at you while his minions attack 
    on the ground. Defeat the minions while avoiding his arrow fire. To avoid 
    the arrows, double jump towards the screen. Anyway, after his minions have 
    been defeated, he will jump down to fight.
    This guy has two attacks. If you are far away from him, he will fire his 
    arrows like before. If you are close, he will swing his sword, just like 
    before. He is handled in much the same way, however. Just a few hits is 
    necessary, or you can blast him with one of your Special Moves to get the 
    battle over with in a flash.
    CHAPTER 3-4
    Overwhelming Force
    Giant Knack! At this size, Knack is incredibly formidable. You are able to 
    smash through most of the barricades and buildings in the area, so just go 
    nuts. Destroy everything in your path along with all the enemies in your way 
    as well.
    Things get tough when the tanks are introduced. There are two different types 
    of tanks, and throughout this stage, you will face them in a variety of 
    different combinations.
    The first tank introduced is not that tough to deal with. It is a smaller 
    tank with a drill on the front that it can charge with. It fires two 
    cannonballs at a time. Avoid the cannonballs and get either behind it or 
    to the side and hit it three times to defeat it. Afterwards, you can use its 
    husk as a weapon by picking it up. The enemy that is highlighted in blue is 
    the one that will be hit by the broken tank when you throw it.
    The second tank is a bit tougher to deal with. This tank is larger, takes more 
    hits, and has more powerful attacks. It will create a purple forcefield around 
    itself that also deals damage to Knack. After using the forcefield, it always 
    stops and fires a single missile that is somewhat guided. Avoid this missle 
    by moving and jumping as it nears.
    Only ever hit these big tanks with two hits at a time. You can land two hits 
    after their forcefield runs out, and two hits after they fire the missile. But 
    get out of there immediately after that as the tank will then fire a missile 
    directly in Knack's face or Knack will be caught in the forcefield and will 
    die that way.
    CHAPTER 3-5
    The Chieftain's Mech
    This entire level is the boss fight against the Chieftain (the dude you were 
    chasing in 3-3) and his mech. The first part of the fight is the hardest. 
    The Chieftain will fire bombs at you, and to the left and right of the alley 
    are structures and obstacles that need smashed.
    When the Chieftain pauses and raises the cannon on the mech arm, make sure 
    you have a lot of room to either the right or left. As soon as he fires it, 
    quickly go to the left or right. Use the dodge if necessary. Then charge the 
    Chieftain before he can fire one off again and hit him three times.
    Gather the Sun Stone juices here, and now it's time for part 2. This time he 
    will fire more bombs, but he is more conservative with the devastating one-shot
    kill missile. So you should be able to get to him without too much trouble.
    The Chieftain will then retreat again and start tossing bombs. The larger 
    bombs can be picked up and throw back at him. Do this to damage his mech 
    enough that it is covered in yellow surges of electricity.
    He will fire volleys of bombs imbued with this stuff, which increases their 
    blast radius. Charge him and take him out with a trio of attacks to be done 
    with this boss fight.
                                   CHAPTER 4
    CHAPTER 4-1
    The Escape
    At the start of the mission, move forward and avoid the missiles. Make your 
    way through the halls and watch out for red levers on the wall that open doors 
    which contain gadget parts and the like.
    New enemies are introduced here (of course). The first encountered are the 
    humans that shoot the missiles. Don't worry about the ones on the balconies 
    in this hall, however, as they are more trouble than they're worth. Smash 
    the Sun Stones in the halls to make sure you have a healthy amount of the 
    stuff moving forward.
    The second set of new enemies are robots. One will cover itself in a forcefield
    of electricity, and the other will rise into the air and smash into the ground 
    to create a shockwave attack. To deal with the first one, simply wait for its 
    forcefield to go down and punch it. For the other robot, jump to avoid the 
    shockwave blast, and then punch it upon landing. When in the air preparing for 
    its attack, it is invincible due to it also having an electric shield.
    CAHPTER 4-2
    Some Disassembly Required
    In one of the shortest chapters of the game, the only goal here is to destroy 
    the robots with spotlights on them. Destroy them in a manner that allows keeps 
    Knack out of the light. Use the projectile Special Move to defeat enemies 
    that are at a distance and in light. If you don't have any Sun Stone juice, 
    you can hug the walls near these people to get a pretty good advantage on them 
    before ultimately being spotted during the beatdown.
    The required amount of robots that need destroyed is 20, but there are more 
    than 20 here. Just keep smashing them until you've amassed the correct number 
    of destroyed robots.
    CHAPTER 4-3
    Stealth Knack
    Enter:  Stealth Knack! As Stealth Knack, move through the lasers freely and 
    hit the big red levers on the walls to remove the lasers. Now as you explore 
    the labs and home of Viktor, you can switch between Stealth Knack and regular 
    Knack at will.
    To switch to Stealth Knack, press Triangle. Then press it again to change 
    back. Stealth Knack can be killed by one hit no matter how powerful the enemy 
    or the attack, so what you'll want to do is move through the lasers as Stealth 
    Knack and then use regular Knack to fight the enemies.
    Speaking of enemies, this section is mostly about fighting. There's a lot of 
    robots to fight, including new drones that shoot small lasers, robots with 
    large cannons for hands, and ninja-robots with swords that have a devastating 
    spin attacks.
    The same strategies that you've used throughout the game still apply to these 
    enemies. When feeling especially cocky, stay as Stealth Knack and fight them 
    if there's a laser or two in the room to avoid accidentally triggering the 
    traps. Don't be conservative with the Sun Stones, as there's plenty to go 
    around here. Also keep an eye out for air vents that Stealth Knack can move 
    CHAPTER 4-4
    The Pursuit
    This section is much like the last. You'll be spending a lot of time switching 
    between Knack's two forms. However, the difference here is that the enemies are
    even more formidable. Again, don't be afraid to use those Special Moves when 
    necessary to avoid death. Be prepared to fight even larger robots, including 
    the large ones you've encountered already, as well as new ones with drills for 
    hands and shields.
    What helps this section stand out are the platforming challenges and hazards 
    that harken back to the glory days of Crash Bandicoot. I am talking about 
    platforms that retract as you are jumping up a wall and treadmills meant to be 
    run against to avoid the electrical barriers on them.
                                   CHAPTER 5
    CHAPTER 5-1
    The Doctor's Plan
    As you move through the wilderness and caves, you'll notice some new "friends" 
    (don't worry, the old ones will be back sooner rather than later). The first 
    new enemy encountered is a spider. When on their webs, the spiders are pretty 
    harmless. However, when on the ground, they fire purple stingers and are 
    almost constantly backing away, making them tough eggs to crack. Jump over 
    their attack, and then rush toward them and start swinging for the best bet on 
    dealing with them and getting out with minimal damage.
    Secondly, there are these weird squirrel-bat-dragon-things. These guys will 
    fire two beams, then pause and repeat the process. While it may seem like a 
    good idea to use the homing attack, like with the birds from earlier, it is 
    actually a lot easier to lay into them with regular melee attacks. Don't 
    avoid their lasers with jumping, but rather by "dodging" all around them.
    Deeper in the mine, the enemies from old will pop up in the form of the same 
    humans that work for Viktor and Viktor's pesky security bots. The humans are 
    very similar to the goblins, except...you know, humans. There's even a bomb 
    throwing guy this time around, so the same strategies apply here.
    When you encounter the first robot, he will be equipped with a 2x4 and will be 
    aided by humans with guns. Get rid of the humans first before dealing with the 
    robot. The robot will charge you and swing the 2x4 rather rapidly. After 
    beating him, stay on the right side of this area, as another robot with a 2x4 
    will jump down from above as the other enemies come from the opposite side.
    Staying on the right side opens the opportunity to defeat the most formidable 
    threat here (the robot with the wood!) and then turning your attention to the 
    rest of the enemies. Keep doing this until this area is cleared. Then have 
    Knack unload all his relics into the generator to power up the elevator.
    CHAPTER 5-2
    Into the Depths
    More robots, but mainly humans to worry about. These humans are armed with 
    guns that are designed to stop Knack. When this happens, mash on the X button 
    to break free before they can fire lethal rounds.
    For the most part, this is just another series of rooms where you're smashing 
    enemies and the like. Be sure to break the construction equipment that you 
    find along the way for extra relics. And near the end, you'll encounter two 
    manned mechs alongside a bunch of unmanned ones.
    Defeat the mechs with enemies in them and then turn your attention to the 
    empty ones. Destroy them before the other enemies show up. They will come from 
    the two areas on the far left and right of the screen, so just move between 
    these and wipe out the humans with little to no effort on Knack's part.
    CHAPTER 5-3
    The Legendary Land
    A few new concepts introduced here. For one, there are doors that can only 
    be opened by sacrificing Knack's relics. Break the various cubes and pyramids 
    that are around here to collect relics. When enough relics have been allocated 
    to open the doors, simply approach the door and press Triangle.
    The second time that you need to do this, you will be in a room with strange 
    circular devices moving back and forth above. These devices will pull relics 
    off of Knack's bodies. Meanwhile, other relics are moving down the lanes and 
    are also being scooped up by these devices.
    Go all the way to the final row. Pick the left or right side, and then when 
    the device goes to the opposite side, just stand there and build up relics. 
    Back off when the device gets close again, and then keep doing this until 
    Knack has enough relics built up to get the door open.
    These devices will appear later, but at these points they can be avoided 
    completely. A large relic orb thing in the center of the main room will be 
    your next threat. This thing will constantly suck relics away from Knack, but 
    luckily, as long as you're fast enough, you can get just get to the next 
    cache of relics that are popping out of the ground with minimal threat. If 
    you'd like to take it slow, you can by waiting for the platforms around here 
    to raise and offer sufficient cover.
    Finally, there's a new enemy type here that requires a new strategy. These 
    guys create four shields that surround themselves, and then throw weak 
    projectiles are large, powerful ones. As it uses these attacks, its shields 
    will deplete. When there is an opening (or when all the shields are gone), 
    move in for the attack to defeat them.
    CHAPTER 5-4
    Sleeping Giants
    Now that you're a bit bigger, those aggravating demon bat things that were 
    surely born from the fiery pits of Hell itself, are much, MUCH easier to deal 
    with. Even a single homing attack will kill them nice and dead.
    To travel from one area to the next, use the blue pads on the ground. These 
    were also present in the last level. Another thing to keep in mind is to watch 
    for paths off the beaten one. Little detours can be found here that lead to 
    secret areas with chests that often contain gadget parts.
    Pretty much the same enemies as the previous section are all accounted for 
    here, including the relic snakes that can be destroyed for a lot of relics. 
    The same hazards, such as spinny spike discs and lasers that turn on and off 
    are all accounted for as well.
    What's new are the Guardians. These are large stone creatures with big swords. 
    To deal with them, get in close. This will cause them to create a shield that, 
    while it knocks Knack back, will not do any damage. Jump in the air as soon as 
    they slam their fists down when their shields breaks to avoid the shockwave. 
    Then hit them. Keep repeating the process until they're destroyed. The first 
    Guardian that is encountered can simply be knocked off the ledge if that is 
    easier, however.
    The large orb drone returns as well. Just like before, you can pretty much 
    run along without having to worry too much about its beam since Knack is 
    constantly resupplied with relics at the relic spawners dotted along this 
    What's new about this object is that it will now turn red and shoot a fiery 
    death ray. Jump over its beam and also use its beam to destroy obstacles that 
    are blocking the way.
    Near the end of the level, you have to wait for the beam to stop and then 
    run up the stairs, toward the screen. Dart to the side and behind cover 
    whenever you can, wait for the beam to fire, and then wait for it to turn off 
    before continuing.
    A couple of times doing this will land you in fights with enemies, including 
    two Guardians at once. This may seem like a formidable task, but you can 
    trick them into walking into the beam and killing themselves rather easily.
                                   CHAPTER 6
    CHAPTER 6-1
    Rescue Mission
    Use the snow drifts to reach the higher areas as necessary. The enemies here 
    will be very familiar, except the robots will have an added ability to blow up 
    after being destroyed, so get away from their robotic bodies as soon as you 
    possibly can.
    Another wrinkle here are the treadmills that need turned on. Hit the switches 
    near them to activate the levers, and then use the treadmills accordingly.
    Yet again, another new enemy is introduced for Knack to worry about. This is 
    another human, but these humans are equipped with maces that they can spin 
    and slam on the ground, creating a shockwave effect. These guys also have a 
    tendency to roll out of the way of homing attacks, but homing attacks are still
    the best way to deal with them.
    CHAPTER 6-2
    Steam Road
    Enemies equipped with crossbows are Knack's new threat here...but it's okay, 
    because it's not long until Knack gets wood!
    Er, wood...body parts. Ahem. After Knack absorbs the wood, you can continue 
    to build his wood armor by smashing bundles of the stuff that are located 
    all over these caves. Enemies will wise up to Knack's new weakness and 
    they will start using devastating fire arrows with their crossbows.
    Ninja-like robots with laser staffs are also something to consider in this 
    stage. To kill them, try to rush them with your punches.
    As Knack grows in size, there will be firepits. Go to the fire and stand 
    next to it to grow Knack and build up his armor as well as light Knack on 
    fire. There will be a timer with this, much like the ice melting mechanic 
    from before.
    Knack is more powerful when on fire, though you will have to keep recharging 
    the wood at the firepits. Use Knack's flames to power the furnaces in the 
    level to continue to progress.
    You will eventually reach a point with three branching paths. All three paths 
    lead to a furnace that need to be powered by Knack. The one on the right path 
    is the hardest to reach considering the amount of enemies, so I would tackle 
    that one first. The one on the left is a simple bit of platforming, and the 
    one straight ahead is some brawling.
    Powering all of these furnaces will allow Knack to leave this place...
    CHAPTER 6-3
    Rooftops and Ramparts
    Defeat the first batch of enemies and collect the relics along the way. Watch 
    for structurally weak walls to nab some collectibles. As Knack builds up in 
    size, the enemies will become progressively tougher, including a new robot 
    enemy that shoots a mace out of its hand, guided by a laser. Let it shoot 
    the mace, then attack while it attempts to retract the mace.
    Smash all the wood stacks that are encountered to make Knack gigantic. Climb 
    the wall when you reach the dead-end. Jump up the wall faster by pressing X.
    CHAPTER 6-4
    On a Rampage
    For the majority of this section, you are giant Knack and are able to just 
    mow through the enemies. Inside the castle walls, things get a bit tougher as 
    Knack is a bit smaller. However, it's the same gauntlet of robots and enemies 
    that you should be used to by now.
                                   CHAPTER 7
    CHAPTER 7-1
    The Best Defense
    Starting out as small Knack is always a bummer, but oh well! This level brings 
    back the boomerang goblins, and also features some new goblins. There are ones 
    that shoot purple goo not unlike the oil-spitting robots encountered earlier, 
    and there's also a new hazard in the form of mines.
    When encountering mines, their detection radius is clearly laid out on the 
    ground. Step into the radius then quickly back out of it to avoid the 
    In this section, watch for red doors. These doors can be broken and inside 
    you'll find collectibles. Speaking of collectibles, there is a hidden one 
    that is not so obvious here, but thankfully its location is easy to point out.
    Early on in the level, there is an area with a ton of crates. Smash all of 
    the crates on the cavewall and you'll find an opening. Head down the stairs 
    and the chest will be sitting right there, ripe for the pickings.
    A goblin equipped with a mech that has saw hands will chase Knack in the 
    level as Knack gets bigger in size. Avoid its attacks by running away from 
    it. Smash through or jump over the various obstacles along the way, which 
    include crates and rocks. When smashing through stuff, be sure to dash to it 
    and then hit the punch button to make sure the goblin/mech is unable to catch 
    up with you.
    CHAPTER 7-2
    The Goblin Invasion
    This section sees Knack grow considerably in size, but the enemies also get 
    bigger. There are numerous robots to deal with here, so even though the 
    smaller goblins are easier to handle, there will be new threats.
    One new robot is the sawblade one from earlier, except this time they fire 
    the blades, which act just like the boomerang that the boomerang goblins use.
    Don't be conservative with the Sun Stone Special Moves here. They come in handy
    when the going gets rough and there's plenty of Sun Stones. Be sure to smash 
    the street lights along the way for extra juice.
    CHAPTER 7-3
    Taking the Bait
    Introduced here are the tanks from before, except they're upgraded! These 
    upgraded tanks are noted due to the "wings" on their backs. The smaller ones 
    are easily defeated, as while they still shoot rockets, they no longer have 
    the drill attack.
    Instead, when you're close, they will shoot the purple goo out of their 
    cannon. If you get behind them, you can easily just smash them to bits and 
    moving around their body so the purple goo can't even get to Knack.
    The larger tanks pose more of a threat and by a significant margin. These 
    tanks have one-hit kill missiles that almost home in completely on Knack, and 
    they still have that forcefield from earlier. The best way to deal with them 
    is actually the spin attack.
    I usually don't bring up this Special Move because the other ones are more 
    helpful in most situations. However, the spin attack is incredibly useful when 
    fighting the tanks, especially more than one, and especially the larger ones. 
    Use the Spin Attack by having at least one full Sun Stone and then tapping O 
    followed by square.
    This will cause Knack to start spinning his relics around like a tornado, as 
    you should already know. While in this state, Knack is invincible. So what 
    this allows you to do is to stay against the tanks, even when their forcefield 
    is on. When the spin move ends, it should only take one more punch to destroy 
    the large tank. Then you can use the rest of it as a weapon against the other 
    enemies that will probably be pouring in at any given moment in the game.
    Smash through buildings to find extra relics, and destroy ALL the orange trash 
    cans that are lining the streets. Inside these trash cans are extra bits of 
    juice. It's just a little bit, but a little goes a long way. With Knack at this
    size, all that is required to break almost anything in the environment is 
    Knack touching or charging into it.
    Near the end of the stage, there will be a wall to climb, which you should be 
    able to tell at this point by the red ledges sticking out of it. Climb it 
    like usual, except be careful and watch for smoke and/or fire coming out of 
    the windows. This will damage Knack or knock him off the building completely.
    CHAPTER 7-4
    Knack Strikes Back
    The beginning part of this level is probably the most difficult. Make sure to 
    collect as much Sun Stone juice as possible on the way to the first enemy 
    encounter, which is a large tank and a large, armored goblin. Try not to 
    use the spin attack here, unless you have two Sun Stone reserves.
    When they're defeated, you'll encounter the new enemy type for this level, 
    which are goblins in aircraft. These aircraft will fire a volley of purple 
    lasers and a devastating missile as well. Use the projectile Special Move 
    as soon as you see them.
    If you don't have any Sun Stone juice, then you can use the cars lying around 
    here as weapons. Simply pick up a car with square and throw it in the direction
    of the ship. Make sure the ship is stopped, though, or else you'll waste a 
    car. If all of the cars wind up destroyed, you'll have to wait for the ships 
    to get in close enough for you to punch them.
    As you progress through the level, these ships will be encountered a couple 
    more times, but sometimes you'll be able to punch them out of the air before 
    they even have a chance to start attacking.
    There will be more wall climbing, with the added twist to the smoke and fire 
    that you'll have to wait for it to go away in order to continue to the next 
    part of the wall. Also be careful of the damaged bridges that Knack has to 
    walk across; move quickly on them to avoid falling to your doom.
    CHAPTER 7-5
    Gundahar's Robot
    Gunadahar's Robot may be somewhat intimidating, but the fight is actually 
    pretty easy. He will zoom around the area, so just zoom at him and try to 
    land a punch. Avoid any projectiles he throws, and use the dodge button a LOT.
    When he puts his arms in front of his face, get in close. Then use the dodge 
    button to the left or right almost immediately. This will allow you to avoid 
    Gundahar's Robot's punches and get in a punch before he retreats. Just keep 
    doing this until the robot is defeated. If you are having trouble, gather 
    the Sun Stones around the area and just unload a bunch of Special Moves on 
    him, mainly the projectile attack, as it has the best chance of actually 
                                   CHAPTER 8
    CHAPTER 8-1
    Back to Basics
    In the first area near the Doctor and the plane, there are three different 
    paths to choose here. The path to the left will continue the level, whereas 
    the path in the middle and to the right will get you some more Sun Stones 
    that are very helpful in this level.
    The enemies in this level are the low level goblins that you've encountered 
    many times in the past, as well as new twists on the bugs that were encountered
    early on in the game. The green bugs do a backflip and smash into the ground. 
    The blue bugs are far more deadly, as they will spin around in a cricle and 
    shoot fire out of its, uh, rear, which can be a tough move to avoid, so you 
    should take them out immediately.
    Rock scorpions are added to the mix of nasty bugs that Knack has to deal with. 
    These enemies spin around with their tail, but they stop much quicker than the 
    blue bugs, so they are less of a threat. They do take an extra hit to defeat. 
    Later another rock scorpion type shows up that fires poison bards. These ones 
    take three hits, but are still easy to defeat for the most part.
    Near the end of the stage, there is a point where numerous bugs pop out at 
    once. You have to fight four at a time, but if you are fast enough, you can 
    get rid of them immediately. Use the "dodge" button to zip from enemy to the 
    next and punch them immediately to take them out before they are even able to 
    do anything. There will be a second wave of this, followed by some rock 
    scorpions that pop out of a hole.
    Another thing to watch out for in this level are the red gems that are dotted 
    all over the place. These are explosive and just require you to touch them 
    for them to explode. On top of that, a new goblin type is introduced in the 
    form of goblins with pickaxes. These are easier versions of the hammer goblins 
    encountered earlier, but avoid jumping behind them because they, like the 
    hammer goblins, have a tendency to quickly swing their weapon down whenever 
    Knack is behind them.
    CHAPTER 8-2
    The Secret Base
    There are three different areas to choose from at the start of this mission. 
    You can go to the left, straight ahead, or to the right. Each area will lead 
    to a few battles, and then a generator powering the anti-aircraft guns at the 
    end. Destroy the generators and you'll be warped back at the beginning.
    The mud that is in this level is non-lethal, but it will definitely slow you 
    down if you step in it. If you are having trouble reaching one of the 
    generators, then pick a different patch and build up relics with Knack so he 
    can get bigger and handle the larger goblins better in these areas.
    CHAPTER 8-3
    Heavy Machinery
    Yeah, a platformer-heavy level! Watch out for the electric rods, defeat the 
    enemies, and use the platforms to reach the next areas. The platforms will 
    retract into the wall every few seconds, but simple timing is all that is 
    needed to get by them.
    There are also platforms that shake very badly. These platforms will not fall 
    or anything, and they usually have Sun Stones on them to collect. They also 
    provide a good point to stop and watch the next set of platforms so that you 
    can get your timing down.
    There is a secret room at the top of the second set of these platforms. 
    It is obvious that you are supposed to go to the left, but if you go right, 
    there is a wall that is structurally weak (which is also obvious). Simply 
    smash it and then go to the bottom of the stairs in there to collect the 
    goodies from the chest.
    Fans are also added to the chaos here. When stepping on a fan, the camera 
    switches to a top-down perspective. Glide Knack around the electrical poles 
    that are there. If you are going to fast, pull back on the left stick to 
    slow Knack down some.
    CHAPTER 8-4
    The Goblin Caves
    More platforming, but mixed with the brawling-heavy early levels in this 
    chapter. Pipes that shoot off steam hot enough to damage Knack is one of the 
    new obstacles here. Either jump over the steam or wait for it to dissipate 
    before continuing through the level.
    A more powerful version of the Guardian enemy will show up numerous times in 
    this stage. These Guardians can take more damage than the other ones, and 
    they also transform one of their arms into pure crystal that can potentially 
    kill Knack in one hit.
    Spamming the dodge ability is the key to success against these steroided-up 
    Guardians. Punch. Dodge. Punch. And so on and so forth until they finally 
    bite the dust.
                                   CHAPTER 9
    CHAPTER 9-1
    Scaling the Wall
    Fairly simple level. Just the usual run of the mill batch of goblins and bugs 
    to contend with. Be sure to collect as many relics and Sun Stone juice as 
    possible along the way.
    By the way, when you reach the mine (there is only one in the level), turn 
    around immediately and check the wall. As you can see, the wall is not the 
    exact color of the rest of the walls in this chapter. Keep an eye out for 
    these discolored walls in this stage and the subsequent ones as there's a 
    bunch of them here and once you can see what the fake wall looks like, you 
    should be able to spot them with absolutely no problem.
    Smash the wall and then get the chest at the bottom of the stairs for the 
    collectible and continue on your way.
    CHAPTER 9-2
    The Weapons Factory
    Use the levers to manipulate the platforms, and then use the platforms to 
    continue through the stage. The goblins will be larger in the factory, but 
    Knack will also be bigger so it should even out.
    Watch out for the various platforming hazards in this stage. There are 
    conveyor belts that will move in the direction opposite of where you're running
    and these have devices that will try to crush Knack. Time it so you can jump 
    along the conveyor belt and best avoid being crushed.
    Pretty early on in this mission, Knack will combine himself with metal, and 
    therefore become "Metal Knack". Metal Knack is an armored version of Knack, 
    making your attacks more powerful and raising your defense.
    Blue lights will suck away the metal from Knack, as these indicate magnets. 
    Move through the first blue light and Knack will have all his metal pieces 
    stripped away. Defeat the subsequent goblins, hit the switch, then retrieve 
    your metal pieces before continuing.
    Piles of metal pieces are found in numerous areas in this stage. Stepping in 
    them will allow Knack to return to his metal form. Metal Knack has another 
    purpose besides just being stronger and being more resistent to the attacks of 
    enemies. There are generators that need powered by the metal pieces. Powering 
    these generators will pop out a crate of metal parts that will then move across
    a conveyor belt and through a shutter. If you aren't close to the shutter when 
    this happens, then Knack will automatically warp there, so be sure to check 
    the area THOROUGHLY before doing so.
    The magnets will come in different varieties later in the stage. There will be 
    magnetized floor panels that can rip the metal pieces from Knack as well, so 
    avoid those as best as you can. Outside the factory, it will be the usual 
    enemies. You won't be outside for long, however.
    Back inside, there will be more moving platforms to deal with. You'll come to a
    large set of magnetized panels. Don't try to move across them (but if you are 
    playing in co-op, it might not be a bad idea to have the co-op player defeat 
    those enemies real quick!). Instead, there are areas to the left and to the 
    right of it with enemies and switches. Hit the switches, kill the enemies, 
    and then you can move across the panels without having to worry about getting 
    Knack's metal pieces sucked away.
    Finally, you'll be outside yet again. The path forward has a Sun Stone to 
    collect, but take a left instead and you can find a secret room by punching 
    the wall at the end.
    CHAPTER 9-3
    An Unwelcome Surprise
    Sun Stones are extremely plentiful in this stage, so don't be shy about using 
    your Special Moves whenever the need arises, and certainly whenever you almost 
    have three crystals completely filled. Large mechs and tanks are going to be 
    added to the fray (as well as planes...but thankfully they are grounded and 
    ripe for the punching!)
    A new type of tank is introduced here. This tank has a large laser cannon on 
    its top and also uses the forcefield like the tanks before it. The laser is 
    easier to dodge than the missiles of the other tanks, so in reality, these 
    laser tanks are actually somewhat easier to fight. They just can take more 
    damage than usual.
                                   CHAPTER 10
    CHAPTER 10-1
    Desert Ruins
    Bugs, plenty of traps, and a new goblin type. These new goblins are small, so 
    they are easy to kill, but their attack can prove quite troublesome. They 
    drop a litter of small bombs that are designed to force you into the attacks 
    of other enemies. This can cause a lot of headaches if you aren't careful.
    For the most part, this stage is what you should come to anticipate in the 
    game. In the middle of the level, there are three platforms that will move in 
    the proper position for you when you reach the last one. Don't be too hasty 
    with your jumping or Knack will fall off to his death.
    A little bit later, these platforms can prove to be pretty annoying. You'll 
    reach a point with a goblin that is armed with a large boomerang. Get to the 
    second platform and then either shoot him with a projectile attack or wait 
    for the boomerang to go over your head and hit him with a homing attack. 
    Just because the enemy is defeated doesn't mean the boomerang will go away 
    though, so be ready to jump over it again before continuing up the 
    You'll move through a narrow cave, and then you will have to battle with a 
    new type of goblin armed with powerful gauntlets/shields. Just wait for them 
    to try to attack, then go in for the attack yourself, otherwise they will 
    just continuously block all of your attacks.
    CHAPTER 10-2
    Message from the Past
    Plenty of powerful enemies are in this stage. The gauntlet/shield goblins 
    from before are here again, yet in larger number. There's a new enemy with a 
    scythe that has a longer reach than the club-wielding goblins, yet the 
    scythe acts in a very similar manner...except sometimes they will throw it as 
    Armored goblins will take more hits than the usual. There will be goblins 
    manning mini-catapults that fire annoying bombs. Take them out first.
    And if all of that wasn't enough, the icing on the cake? More Guardians! 
    Thankfully, these Guardians aren't really any different than the last Guardians
    You'll reach an open arena-like area with a multitude of enemies raining in 
    from all over the place. At this point in the level, Knack should be of 
    significant size, however, which should make this considerably easier.
                                   CHAPTER 11
    CHAPTER 11-1
    Fire and Ice
    As soon as the level starts, you're going to want to move. Knack is being 
    shot at from below, so get out of here immediately. The enemies encountered 
    here are really nothing new, except now some of the bugs will be guarded by a 
    forcefield until you kill the other bugs around them.
    The reason this level is called "Fire and Ice" is because of two things. One, 
    there is lava everywhere. And two, when you get through the caves, you'll have 
    Ice Knack again.
    With Ice Knack, he will be semi-constantly melting because of all the lava 
    that is all over the place. There is no reason that you really need Ice Knack, 
    so don't stress out if he melts completely and you're left with regular Knack. 
    However, Ice Knack does make battling the enemies considerably easier.
    CHAPTER 11-2
    The Labyrinth
    Inside the Labyrinth, the first large room you reach will have enemies throwing
    barrels. These barrels are dangerous as they leak oil and immediately catch on 
    fire. So defeat the enemies throwing them first, and when dodging them, be sure
    to jump to the SIDE to avoid landing on the burning oil.
    There is an ancient door here that is activated by not-so ancient switches. 
    The first switch is close to the door, where as you have to go to the left and 
    climb the rubble to reach the second. The third switch is located directly 
    opposite of the first; just step down and walk towards the screen to find it.
    If you don't hit the switches fast enough, the door will reset and you'll have 
    to hit them all over again. Before going through the open door, smash the wall 
    to the left of it to find a secret.
    Through the door, hit the three switches in the next room to raise the panels 
    on the floor and create stairs. Use the stairs to get through the next area. 
    Avoid the purple forcefield objects as they cannot be destroyed.
    You'll then reach a Guardian, with a twist! This Guardian is armed with a 
    powerful Sun Stone sword. He functions basically the same as the other ones, 
    so you don't really have to worry about changing up your strategy. Just beat 
    him and then the green objects creating the forcefields blocking your progress 
    will switch off.
    In the next room, a series of machines that explode with come out. Run around 
    in a circle and keep jumping to avoid being caught in their explosions. When 
    they've all been destroyed, you're free to continue. Hit the first switch you 
    see in the next room to start opening the ancient door at the end of it. The 
    forcefields will keep you from running straight to the second switch (which is 
    on the left wall), but you can reach it fairly easily. Then hit the final 
    switch closes to the door to get it open. Remember that if you fail to do this 
    fast enough, then you will have to start all over.
    Punch the right wall in this area near the entrance to find yet another secret.
    Go through the ancient door after it is opened. What follows is basically a 
    gauntlet against Guardians, so don't be afraid to use Sun Stone Super Moves if 
    CHAPTER 11-3
    The Ancient Key
    It is in this stage that Knack will really start becoming larger, which turns 
    out to be incredibly helpful against the robotic enemies and other enemies 
    that populate this area. Otherwise, not much to say about this level besides 
    there is another forcefield maze to deal with.
    CHAPTER 11-4
    Chasing the Key
    Fight through the enemies in pursuit of the mech. When you reach it, avoid 
    the sword swipes and then get in a few punches of your own. She will retreat, 
    but not before Knack is infected with a poison relic!
    Poison relics constantly drain Knack's health. You have to keep smashing boxes 
    and the like for relics to make sure Knack doesn't simply die from the poison. 
    This stage has a lot of climbing, so watch for the blue ledges sticking out of 
    walls to see where you need to climb.
    CHAPTER 11-5
    Katrina's Mech
    Boss fight time! Katrina's mech is a formidable opponent, especially when you 
    take into account that Knack is inflicted with a poison relic for this entire 
    When she is in the air, she will fire blue blasts that create dangerous spots 
    on the ground where Knack can take damage if he touches them. She will then 
    lower herself closer to the ground and try to ram Knack with her sword. Dodge 
    out of the way, but try to stay close enough to her that you can land a few 
    hits. Just three or four will be enough to initiate the second stage of the 
    For the second stage, Katrina will retreat to a different floating island in 
    the lava, and the obelisks blocking the path there will crumble, creating a 
    bridge. Wait for her to fire her weapon, and then when she stops to reload, 
    move across the obelisks. Engage her in battle on this island in exactly the 
    same manner as you did before.
    Again, obelisks will crumble and create another bridge. Because of the angle of
    it this time, you don't have to worry about stopping and waiting for her to 
    get all of her shots in. Just move across the bridge and smash all the Sun 
    Stones and boxes full of relics along the way.
    On your way to the third fight with Katrina's mech, notice that there is a 
    straight path to her, with little areas off to the left and to the right. 
    Wait for her to fire her first blast, and then go to the first side area to 
    avoid the second blast from Katrina. Stop in each little side area as you 
    move forward to be absolutely certain that she does NOT hit you with that 
    blast. The effects are absolutely devastating to Knack.
    The third battle is when you should start spamming Special Moves just to be 
    safe. You don't want to die here, or else you have to start the ENTIRE fight 
    all over from the beginning.
                                   CHAPTER 12
    CHAPTER 12-1
    Inside the Airship
    After fighting your way through the first batch of enemies, you'll get to be 
    Stealth Knack again. Just a reminder, you can switch to Stealth Knack by 
    pressing Triangle. Use him to bypass lasers, but keep in mind that Stealth 
    Knack is extremely vulnerable when compared to the regular, full-of-relics 
    You should primarily stay as regular Knack for this level simply due to the 
    high amount of dangerous enemies. Even if there are some lasers around, if 
    they can be jumped over or dodged, then take that route. Only use Stealth Knack
    when it is absolutely necessary to get through a room or to hit a button that 
    is blocked by lasers to open a door.
    A scene will play near the end of the stage and afterwards, Stealth Knack will 
    no longer be accessible. At that point, simply go through the next door to 
    trigger the next level.
    CHAPTER 12-2
    No More Sneaking Around
    Be careful of the fans that are set up on the walls that can knock Knack off 
    the sides of the shpi and to his death. This level is mainly comprised of 
    battles with large robots, as well as small robots that shoot blue lasers 
    across the ground and can be quite the annoyance. A homing attack followed by 
    a punch will take them out with the least chance of taking damage, but if you 
    can land a single punch on them, that will be enough. Don't do this unless 
    you are sure you can get to them before they can fire off one of their attacks,
    There's also various platforms that will fall when Knack touches them. You 
    can tell you are on one of these platforms because the ground will start to 
    visibly give away. Be quick to move across these. Try to save some Sun Stone 
    power so you can take out robots isolated on small platforms out here using 
    the projectile attack. Trying to destroy the old fashioned way is suicide.
    Returning in this level are the fans on the ground that Knack uses to float 
    around. They operate just as you should remember. There will be new robots that
    show up here that fire those blue blasts that Katrina's mech did in a fast, 
    machinegun-like manner, so be ready to jump over these new attacks and get in 
    close for a series of punches before they can repeat this.
    CHAPTER 12-3
    Within Reach
    What this mission consists of entirely is smashing robots. You should be an 
    expert on the subject by now.
                                   CHAPTER 13
    CHAPTER 13-1
    No Man's Land
    Knack gets to stay big at the beginning of a chapter for a change! Guardians 
    and humans and robots will be at odds, so you can actually wait for one of the 
    groups to off the other in some combat situations.
    Plenty of Guardians will be around to fight, as well as even more powerful 
    Guardians than before. These Guardians have similar attacks to the other ones, 
    though, they just take more damage. Wait for them to swing their weapon down 
    and create the purple shockwave. Jump over the shockwave and then lay into 
    them. Avoid their forcefield, jump over their attack, rinse, and repeat.
    A new hazard is also introduced in the form of these objects that fly around 
    and fire yellow beams that can completely destroy Knack with a single touch. 
    The first one of these that is encountered must be escaped by running away from
    it, whereas the other ones don't move, though you'll have to wait for them to 
    stop shining the beam.
    CHAPTER 13-2
    Bigger and Better
    Throughout the course of this stage, Knack will be growing to immense size. 
    Collect all the relics, watch out for the obvious hazards, and then prepare to 
    deal with some new threats as always.
    One of these new threats are the relic snakes from before, but considerably 
    more dangerous, powerful, and larger in number. To avoid the relic snakes, 
    jump out of the way of them, land, punch one, and then quickly jump out of the 
    way of the other oncoming relic snake.
    Those objects from the previous stage that kill Knack with one hit with their 
    beam return. However, this time you have to destroy them in order to progress 
    through some areas.
    By the end of this stage, Knack will be absolutely gigantic. The enemies 
    from before that caused trouble are now extremely small and you probably won't 
    even notice them when moving through the level. You can destroy most of them 
    simply by stepping on them.
    CHAPTER 13-3
    The Cliff Path
    More smashing and what-not as giant Knack. A more powerful version of the 
    relic snake is introduced here, and this thing is an absolute beast. The 
    first one you encounter is the easiest to deal with as it is somewhat stuck 
    behind a structure.
    Wait for these things to do their spin attack (they will rotate twice), and 
    then when they open their jaws and reveal the red orb in their center, start 
    swinging Knack's fists to defeat them. You'll have to be careful when fighting 
    multiple of these later, and Sun Stone Super Moves are basically useless 
    against them.
    About halfway through the stage, Knack will give up his fancy new relics to 
    create a path up the cliff wall. Use these parts to climb to the top, and be 
    sure to move fast enough to avoid being hit by the giant relic snake that is 
    destroying the parts along the way. At the top of the cliff, Knack will 
    recover the relics and return to his huge size.
    CHAPTER 13-4
    The Final Guardian
    The final boss fight is quite the doozy. The first stage comes in two rounds. 
    For the first round, the Guardian will act primarily like a normal Guardian, 
    smashing his sword on the ground to create a shockwave, using a forcefield to 
    push Knack back, and the like.
    Of course, this being the final boss in the game, this Final Guardian is also 
    considerably more powerful and has plenty more moves. When you get close the 
    first time, he will use a shield comprised of green relics. He will then 
    cause lasers to create flames on the ground. Avoid these the best you can while
    you punch the hell out of the relic shield. Destroying the relic shield will 
    allow you to get in a few punches, but watch out for his sword.
    The Final Guardian will then retreat. Follow him to the next area to initiate 
    the second round of the first stage. This battle is structurally very similar. 
    The differences are that he uses a forcefield to try to knock Knack off the 
    platform, and mainly fires purple bombs that are acutally easier to avoid than 
    the lasers and flames from before. He will also raise the platforms on the 
    floor in an attempt to knock you back as well, but just return to him, destroy 
    the shield, and then damage him.
    Make your way to the final stage of the boss fight, which is certainly a tough 
    battle, so buckle up. To begin with, the Guardian will draw Knack to him and 
    then knock away almost all of the relics. Make your way back to the pile of 
    relics at this point, and be ready.
    The Guardian will start firing a laser beam of green relics. Move straight 
    toward the pile and jump to the left and right to avoid being hit by the 
    beam. When you reach the relics, still be ready to jump out of the way of 
    the green relics if needed.
    After that, he will behave like before, except when he slams the sword down, 
    an annoying drone will fire green beams at you. So jump to the side of the 
    Guardian after he slams the sword, then lay into him with attacks to defeat 
    him for the first round.
    The second round, he will once again rip the relics away from Knack. Head to 
    the relics again, but this time there are smaller Guardians teleported into 
    the area as well. Ignore them for the most part, but jump over the shockwave 
    that occurs when they slam on the ground as well, while also be sure to dodge 
    the green beams from the Guardian.
    Upon collecting all the relics again, this time run around the Guardian in a 
    circle. The Guardian will first summon the lasers that create fire. As you 
    run in a circle (any direction is fine), you can also zoom forward using the 
    dodge ability, which is definitely recommended.
    After the lasers, the Guardian will start firing purple bombs again. Avoid 
    them just like you did the lasers. Then you are given the opportunity to 
    lay into the Guardian yet again. Landing enough attacks will defeat the 
    Guardian for good.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    3. Collection
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    In Knack, there are collectibles found through hidden doors in the levels, 
    oftentimes discovered by smashing discolored or strangely shaped sections of 
    Through these doors are staircases that lead to chests. Punch the chests to 
    receive your reward.
    You CANNOT get collectibles through Chapter Select. You have to replay through 
    the entire game, but the collectibles are in the same spot with new gadget 
    There are two different types of collectibles in the game, gadgets and 
    Crystal Relics. Gadgets amplify Knack's abilities throughout the game, whereas 
    the Crystals buff his powers and completely changes his form.
    Here is a list of all the collectibles in the game, complete with a handy 
    [ ] Parts Detector
    [ ] Secret Detector
    [ ] Transmuter
    [ ] Sunstone Battery
    [ ] Harvester
    [ ] Time Dilator (cannot be equipped at the same time as Combo Meter)
    [ ] Double Battery
    [ ] Combo Meter (cannot be equipped at the same time as Time Dilator
    ====CRYSTAL RELICS====
    [ ] Sunstone Relic
    [ ] Ruby Relic
    [ ] Amethyst Relic
    [ ] Emerald Relic
    [ ] Aqua Relic
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    4. Conclusion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I hope this guide helped you beat Knack on PlayStation 4!
    Please feel free to check out all my other content on Cheat Masters and 

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