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    FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future

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    In a time unknown, only a prophecy keeps hope alive in people's hearts: "When darkness veils the world, the King of Light shall come."

    Now, four brave warriors begin their journey, prepared to fight. What awaits the four, however, they do not know.



    A note from the author...

    This guide is a work-in-progress. Some of what you're looking for may be missing at the moment, but this guide will be revisited, reviewed, revised, revamped, and revived several times over the next few weeks and throughout December and January.

    If there is something you would like to contribute (missed item, optional strategy, etc.), feel free to contact me via Email or Facebook (listed above), or GameFAQs private message (BackdatedFuture). I may not be able to reply quickly, but I assure you that I read and consider every contribution.

    Thanks again for reading!

    - ABF

    Before you start the game...

    Along with the In-Game Tips & Guides located near the end of the guide, take a look at a few quick tips before beginning.

    -=- TUTORIAL -=-

    Nothing fancy here; just make sure to play the Tutorial before starting. A little practice never hurt anyone. (Except Gladio, in this case.)

    -=- EXP -=-

    Quick rule of thumb here -- If a boss or hard fight / hunt is coming, make sure to Camp to get statistic bonuses to help out. Otherwise, stay at Lodgings that offer the highest EXP bonus, even though it will cost you gil.


    If you time letting go of the Sprint JUST as your Stamina Meter runs out, it will give Noctis a boost and refill his meter so you can continue racing.

    If you use / to Sprint, then you have to TAP the Sprint JUST as the meter runs out instead.

    Make sure to enable the Stamina Meter in the Options Menu.

    -=- TREASURES -=-

    You'll find quite a bit of random items in the Treasure category throughout your adventure. For the most part, they're useless except to either sell for gil or use in Elemancy to make spells stronger. Sell all you can for extra cash, except for the following -- you'll need one of each for quests to upgrade your weapons.

    Barbed ScytheDynamoHydraulic Cylinder Metal Scrap Sky Gemstone
    Cactuar NeedleEarth Gemstone Magitek Core Monster Claw Spiked Armor
    Coeurl Whiskers Glass GemstoneMagnetronRusted Bit Sturdy Helixhorn

    -=- ATTIRE -=-

    Change your clothes after you start. Just taking off the Jacket on each character will boost your Attack. Each Attire option has a different benefit, so take a look at each one and see which one benefits you the most.

    -=- MAP -=-

    Stop at every Restaurant and talk to every Tipster to have them mark all they know on your map to save you exploration grief.

    Check your map frequently. As you travel to areas on the map, it will go from a dark shade to a more well-lit and readable shade. Once it's lit, the Icons on the map that weren't previously marked either by default or by a Tipster will then show up.

    -=- WAIT MODE -=-

    I know it seems counter-productive in an Action RPG, but you WILL want to select Wait Mode. Why? Hold ONLY the Lock On during a fight and you'll see a gauge start to fill -- the Libra gauge. Upon completion, you will then be able to see the enemy's Name, Level, Weaknesses, and Strengths. (Orange = Weak, Purple = Strong.) To trigger Wait Mode alone, do just that -- Wait! No buttons pressed during a battle will start the Wait Gauge, which will slowly decrease over time.

    -=- ASCENSION / AP -=-

    Throughout the game, you'll have several choices to make via dialogue boxes. By reading through this guide, you'll see that most of them result in being given a different reward per choice -- ALWAYS select AP, as the other choices usually just result in EXP, which can be easily earned through fighting without issue. More AP early on gives you an advantage throughout the whole game.

    With that said, the very first node you'll want to work on unlocking in the Ascension menu is under the Exploration nexus. It is called Happy Camping (upper-left), and for 20 AP, it will let you earn more AP every time you Camp. For another 48 AP after it is Happier Camping, making that bonus that much bigger.

    Once you eventually get more AP after draining 68 on the Camp AP bonuses, you'll want to look in the Techniques nexus. Ignis's Enhancement is the next one you're after -- to get to it, you must first unlock Ignis's Regroup to the bottom for 8 AP, then unlock Enhancement to the lower-left of it for another 10 AP. Why Enhancement? Having Ignis use it gives Noctis's weapon the elemental attribute that the current enemy is weak to, making Noctis quite a bit more powerful on his own against the current enemy.

    Take a look at the Ascension section and try to get an idea of a roadmap to spending your AP efficiently. I'll give tips throughout the walkthrough on which directions to go to make it less difficult of a task.

    -=- OTHER TIPS -=-

    • Never sell weapons with a yellow + beside them. Not only can they absorb elements from enemies, but they are upgradeable. That, and they only sell for 1 gil.
    • Always return to the Restaurants each time you revisit an Outpost. Depending on the area you've explored, they may mark more points on your map for you.


    There are three different control schemes you can choose from. Personally, I find Type B to be the most comfortable and user-friendly.

    Combat Controls

    Type AType BType C
    Attack / Sprint (hold)
    Phase (hold) / Roll-dodge
    Tactical / Chocobo
    Lock On

    Universal Controls


    Regalia Controls

    Hop out
    Previous/Next Track
    Previous/Next Album (hold)
    Toggle Random/Repeat

    Chocobo Controls



    There are 15 chapters -- 14 for the main story, with the 15th being post-game.

    There are 41 Main Quests throughout the 14 main chapters.

    CHAPTER 01 - Departure

    Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum sets forth from his homeland with his three-man retinue in tow. His destination: Altissia, capital of Accordo, where he will formalize the union of states through his marriage to Lady Lunafreya of the imperial province of Tenebrae.

    Video Walkthroughhttps://youtube.com/watch?v=HR8Wacon4GQ
    New version to come once the walkthrough is complete. It will be shorter / cleaner / edited / better quality. The order of tasks / quests done in the video may be different than what's listed in the FAQ.

    The Prologue


    You'll earn the Insomnia's Waking Nightmare Trophy/Achievement upon starting the game / completing the Prologue.

    Not much to do but hold / to push the car to Hammerhead.

    Outpost - Hammerhead

    Lodgings Caravan (30 gil, x1.2 EXP Bonus)
    Shop LEIDE: Hammerhead - Mini-mart
    Noodle Wagon
    Arms Vendor LEIDE: Hammerhead - Culless Munitions
    Restaurant LEIDE: Hammerhead - Takka's Pit Stop
    Fishing Hole
    Rent-a-Bird (Unavailable until Chapter 03)
    Gas Station

    Talk to Cindy, and she'll give you a World Map. Check out the Shop and Restaurant here if you like; choosing to Talk to the man in the Restaurant (the Tipster) will mark all of the nearby Havens, Parking Spots, Outposts, and Procurement Points on your map; you can also choose to Eat and Hunt if you're up for it. You can also stay in the camper southwest of the Diner for 30 gil if need be. (x1.2 EXP!)

    The following treasures can be had here in Hammerhead and its immediate vicinity:

    • Oracle Ascension Coin - On top of the fan/cooling unit on the northwest side of the Shop.
    • Metal Scrap - Behind the Shop on the ground, between some barrels and tires.
    • Oracle Ascension Coin - On the roof of a small building to the west of the Metal Scrap above; hug the corner where the ledge meets the building beside the large tanks, and repeatedly jump at/on the corner until you grab footing, then immediately jump again to be on the roof.
    • Antidote - Large silo north of the shop.
    • Broken Harmonica - Northwest of the large silo to the north, just below a ledge.
    • Potion - In the corner of the area west of the Restaurant.
    • Metal Scrap - In the bushes to the west of the main entrance by the road.
    • Metal Scrap - On the ground by the fuel tanks in the southeastern corner of the area by the road.
    • Rusted Bit - Directly south of the Arms Vendor, across the road and behind a very large rock.
    • Debased Coin - On the ground between two cars on the eastern/northeastern side of the garage.
    • Rusted Bit - Southeast of the car by the Debased Coin, up a small rocky hill.

    After exploring enough, you'll trigger the first quest.

    MQ01 - The Pauper Prince

    Recommended Level


    Prince Noctis and his royal retinue set out to set sail for the neighboring land of Accordo, where the prince is to wed his betrothed. Having channeled all their funds into repairs for the Regalia, however, the four friends must now find a way to earn some gil, the currency of choice outside Insomnia.

    EnemiesEnemy NameLevelHPWeak AgainstStrong AgainstItem Drop(s)
    Reapertail1800Swords, Greatswords, LightningIce, LightScorpion Barb
    1. Consult Cindy.
    2. Eliminate the pests (3).

    Talk with Cindy here for a few choices.

    Ask for a discount+ 10 AP
    Ask for a loan+ 10 AP
    Ask my friends+ 10 AP

    Pick any you like, since the result is the same regardless. You'll receive a Bronze Bangle and 1000 gil from Cindy. Before hunting down those three varmints, I recommend doing the following:

    Change your party's Attire to the Prince's Fatigues (No Jacket) for Noct, and the Crownsguard Fatigues (No Jacket) for the rest of your party; this will increase your attack while sacrificing the HP bonus given to you by the jacket, which is almost always the better option.

    Pay a visit to the Arms Vendor near the road and purchase what's listed below. (If you have ANY of the DLC equipment, then account for that rather than buying new, unless you want to collect it.)

    • 1 Broadsword, (150 gil) for Noct.
    • 2 War Sword (150 gil x2) for both Noct and Gladio.
    • 1 Avengers (150 gil) for Ignis. (We'll find another set for Noct shortly.)
    • 2 Cocytus (150 gil) for Noct both and Prompto.
    • Equip that Bronze Bangle you received from Cindy to Noct.
    • If you want a secondary weapon for Ignis, feel free to give him Noct's Javelin.
    • OPTIONAL: Sell the old equipment for a measly 75 gil total (25 each, since the Engine Blade can't be sold).

    That should leave you with 100 (or 175) gil to purchase some Potions.


    You'll earn the following Trophies/Achievements fairly easily just by completing these simple tasks:

    • Quadruple Threat - Equip Noctis with a weapon in each of his four slots.
    • New Power - Unlock a node on the Ascension grid.
    • Just Hangin' Around - Perform a point-warp and hang out for the first time.
    • Brother-in-arms - Use a Technique by commanding one of your allies for the first time.
    • Blind Spot - Perform a blindside link for the first time.
    • Noct You Like A Hurricane - Land a link-strike after parrying an attack for the first time.

    When you're ready, follow the Main Quest marker (!) on your mini map for each of the three groups of monsters (Reapertails, by the way) that you need to defeat, paying attention to the instructions and tutorials as you go. (After defeating the first pack of Reapertails, look to the southwest near a ridge you can see on the map to find a Warrior's Anklet).


    Make it a point that after speaking to Tipsters in new Outposts to venture out and collect from the Spots and Deposits marked on your map. This will help with both padding your inventory and leveling up a bit quicker.

    MQ02 - Hunter Becomes the Hunted

    Recommended Level


    A hunter named Dave, charged with exterminating the pests around Hammerhead, has gone missing. Cindy asks Noctis to track him down.

    EnemiesEnemy NameLevelHPWeak AgainstStrong AgainstItem Drop(s)
    Reapertail1800Swords, Greatswords, LightningIce, LightScorpion Barb
    Sabertusk2800Daggers, Firearms, IceFire, LightSabertusk Claw
    1. Head to the abandoned shack.
    2. Secure the shack.
    3. Head for the nearby shack.
    4. Eliminate the pack of sabertusks.


    Before moving on, make sure both Noctis and Prompto have the Cocytus equipped; the Sabertusks you'll be taking on are weak against Ice.

    Just a short distance from where you defeated the last set of enemies; follow the marker west on your map and examine the destination once inside. Take out the Sabertusks that ambush you, then make your way toward the next shack, where you'll come upon another pack of Sabertusks.

    Ignis will suggest a strategy to take them out, so do so to help clear them out a bit more easily. Doing so will have Dave appear.

    MQ03 - The Mutant Marauder

    Recommended Level


    Dave informs the group of a mutant dualhorn running amok. Up for a challenge, Noctis agrees to take it down.

    EnemiesEnemy NameLevelHPWeak AgainstStrong AgainstItem Drop(s)
    Bandersnatch3875800Polearms, Machinery, LightningFire, LightMonster Claw
    Bloodhorn29100Polearms, Shields, Fire (VERY WEAK)IceHardened Hoof
    Daggerquill81100Daggers, Firearms, FireLightning, LightDaggerquill Breast, Sharp Tail Feathers
    Dualhorn1211100Polearms, Shields, FireIce, LightHardened Hoof, Hairy Horn
    Mesmenir56900Greatswords, Daggers, FireIce, LightHard Whiskers, Mesmenir Horn
    Reapertail1800Swords, Greatswords, LightningIce, LightScorpion Barb
    Sabertusk2800Daggers, Firearms, IceFire, LightSabertusk Claw
    1. Locate the target.
    2. Make camp at a haven.
    3. Locate the target.
    4. Take down the bloodhorn.
    5. Retrieve the Regalia.

    Once the Sabertusks are toast, Dave will appear and propose a new task for you.

    Do it for free+ 30 EXP
    Do it for a price+ 2 AP
    Ask my friends+ 150 EXP (Ignis only)

    Always go for the AP result, which is Do it for a price in this case. It's pretty easy to get extra EXP whenever, but AP will always be more beneficial regardless. He'll also give you a Magic Flask so you can now craft / equip a second spell. Pick up the item lying on the tiled floor near Dave.

    Now to locate the target. You won't be able to move too far before Ignis suggests resting. If you haven't already, take the time to collect from the various Spots and Deposits marked on your map for both goodies and EXP -- as long as it's not too close to nightfall.


    The only way to "redeem" any of the EXP you've built up so far and Level Up is to rest for the night, whether it be via Haven or Lodgings.

    Also, there's a really good accessory nearby, but it's a bit hard to get. There's a large barn to the north of where you met Dave, to the west of the Three Valleys' Parking Spot -- you should see a silo, a windmill, and a bunch of junk surrounding the north and west sides of it.

    The Emerald Bracelet (which has +60 attack!) we want is on the very top of the roof of this huge barn, and normally looks impossible to get to. But here's what you have to do:

    1. Jump on the metal junk behind the barn on the western side.
    2. Face the barn to the east/southeast, then Jump Up + Warp straight ahead to land on the lower roof of the barn.
    3. Walk to the southern edge of the lower roof, then turn toward the silo.
    4. Now the tricky part -- Run + Jump + Warp to land on the top of the silo.
    5. Face the northwest toward the tip top of the roof, then Jump Up + Warp to land at your destination.

    It's tough, and may take several tries, but it's worth it.

    Tours / Side Quests / Hunts

    Take the time to complete the following, and be sure to eat (Restaurant or Haven) before taking on the Hunts:

    TR01 - Stirred, Not ShakenIgnis20 AP
    TR02 - The Hallowed Hill of HammerheadPrompto20 AP

    NameTipster Location



    HT001 - Howling Wind of HungerHammerhead2NormalCH. 01
    HT002 - Varmints of the WastelandsHammerhead5NormalCH. 01
    HT003 - Gorgers in the DustHammerhead7NormalCH. 01

    Be careful of the area to the north/northeast of Hammerhead; the Bandersnatch likes to hang out there.

    Go ahead and make your way to Merrioth Haven to your southeast. Depending on how close to night you are, you can visit the Elemental Deposits nearby to draw some Fire, Ice, and Lightning magic to begin crafting spells! The upcoming baddie is weak to Fire; your 99 Potency Fire SHOULD be plenty, but if you like, you take the time to craft a strong Fira spell if you've gotten enough elements.

    In any case, once you reach the Haven, choose to Camp and have Ignis make some Croque Madame to give yourself a nice 30 point attack boost for the upcoming battle.

    The next morning, start heading south/southeast, and you should see a marker for a treasure on your map, about halfway between the next haven. Track it down to find a Mega Phoenix. Now, work your way toward the target. However, when you're near The Three Valleys Parking Spot, make your way northwest along the mountains here. You should come across a Blade of Brennaere for Noct/Gladio, but be careful; you may have to face some several level 8 Daggerquills to get to it. This new blade has a Fire element to it, which will help immensely against the next enemy if you decide to save your Fire/Fira stash.

    When you're ready, follow the Main Quest marker to discover the beastly Bloodhorn. Either take your chances on normal combat, or just unleash your stock of Fire/Fira (while completing the Techniques as requested), and it won't stand a chance. Taking him out nets you the Red Tusk.

    Once the beast has fallen (and you're still within the mountain range), explore to the northwest. You should find a set of Avengers on the northwestern side. To the northeast of these mountains, you should also see a treasure marked on the map; leave from inside this valley, go hunt it down for another Bronze Bangle. Move southeast from here to Cotisse Haven, as well as new Elemental Deposits. Search just to the north/northeast of this haven to find another Oracle Ascension Coin at the base of a water tower.

    Now, unless you feel like adventuring elsewhere, go ahead and return to Hammerhead. Talk to Cindy to finish the Quest and earn some EXP, then make a choice for the next one.

    Accept+ 50 EXP
    Refuse+ 2 AP
    Ask my friends+ 200 EXP (Prompto only)

    Again, Refuse to gain the AP, as you'll proceed anyway.

    MQ04 - The Errand Prince

    Recommended Level


    The four friends arrive at Galdin Quay only to find the dock is blocked. They search for an alternate means of sailing to Altissia.

    1. Drive to the rest area.
    2. Speak to the motel manager.
    3. Head to Galdin Quay.
    4. Hop on the ferry.
    5. Investigate the dock.

    When Ignis asks, go ahead and choose to Take her for a spin to be able to drive it on your own for the first time. BUT, before doing so, scour Cid's Garage for a Phoenix Down and a Hi-Potion, . Afterward, go ahead and rest up at the Lodgings here to give yourself a nice EXP boost. You can also talk with Cindy here at the Hammerhead Service Station (TM) to customize the Regalia.


    Be sure to stock up on Potions, Antidotes, and Repair Kits for Side Quests; each area will have several of each that require these items to complete the quest.


    Here's another batch of easy Trophies/Achievements for you now that you have some freedom:

    • Learner's Permit - Drive the Regalia for the first time.
    • Magical Worker - Craft a spell for the first time.
    • Black Mage - Cast that spell you crafted.
    • Spinning a Yarn I - Complete your first sidequest.
    • My First Hunt - Complete your first hunt.

    Now that you have the Regalia, let's pick up a few other treasures and maybe take care of some quests! (See the Tours / Side Quests / Hunts box below to try and limit your backtracking between quests and finding items.)

    • Giant Hairy Horn - East of Hammerhead on the north side of the road when you come to a building to the south. (Sell this for 1400 gil!)
    • Quality Building Stone - To the far northwest on the main green road. From Hammerhead, skip the first two yellow intersections, then park at the third one and search to your east.
    • Blade of Brennaere - It may have respawned -- you'll drive past there on the way to the next treasure, so if you see it available on the map, go grab it.
    • Garnet Bracelet - From the Quality Building Stone, take the southwestern yellow road, then take a left on the one that turns east. At the next fork, continue south, and it'll eventually meet back at the main green road. It should be to the northeast at this intersection to the southwest of Hammerhead.

    Tours / Side Quests / Hunts

    Take the time to complete the following:




    SQ001 - Search and Rescue03Hunter300500 gil
    SQ002 - Highway Helper02Man300500 gil
    SQ003 - Tired of Running05Hunter300500 gil
    SQ004 - Unlucky Driver03Man300500 gil

    When you're ready to move on with the story, follow the Main Quest marker to Longwythe.