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    FAQ/Walkthrough by codebreak1337

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    Final Fantasy XV : Main Story

    Chapter One :

    The Pauper Prince :

    Start off the game by controlling an interesting and cryptic introduction. After the opening scene, you will be near the throne of your father the king. You are to be wed to a woman of the opposing country of your kingdom. The game has a very past tense final fantasy theme here. I feel the developers truly did implement many of the story ideas from the earlier final fantasy games. It reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy 4 with the kingdoms and their kings. The twist is that it is still a modern day world. It seems they have taken the best of both sides of Final Fantasy throughout its gaming history.

    You will be accompanied by 3 other friends that seem to be a royal guard. Gladiolus the big guy, Ignis the smart looking man with glasses. and Prompto the smaller cherish type. The king seems deeply concerned before you leave and walks back to you before you go with a look of compassion towards his son. Next thing you know you and your guard are on the road and the Regalia your amazing vehicle has broken down from the very long trip. You will get out of the car and have to push it with your friends. The beautiful scenery and song "Stand By Me" comes on as we gaze upon to the stars. Personally in awe and wonder of the legend that is Final Fantasy and what awaits us in FF XV.

    Eventually, you will reach hammerhead rest stop after the cut-scene. You will meet the gorgeous Cindy,granddaughter of Cid the mechanic. Cindy will help you out if you can do her a favor as well. She will send you on a short fetch quest to start. It is simple enough by heading to the marker. Return to Cindy and you will receive the next Main Quest.

    The Hunter Becomes the Hunted :

    Cindy will tell you to find her friend Dave. Dave is a hunter and lives a tough life to survive. Apparently, he has been missing for some time. This is another marker quest. However, I would like to state some things about the battle system because you should be encountering enemies at this point. Firstly, there are tons of weapons in this game. Many of them have different attributes and different times you should be using them to get highers scores. Higher scores result in more Experience points after resting. The Frame rate of the game seems very choppy at first, especially in battle. This is true but it is only a minor gripe. The game is still immensely fun do not late the FPS rate scare you off.

    I suggest starting off with the basics for this quests. You will learn more as you go along in the game, unlock abilities and become more interested overall. For now, stick with just holding the main attack button which is CIRCLE on PS4. Get used to that for a bit on the enemies. Later we will talk a bit about the warp attack. Once the enemies are cleared and you have found Dave, return to Cindy at Hammerhead.

    Mutant Marauder :

    After returning to Cindy, talk to Dave. He will set you up with the next main quest. This quest calls for defeating a creature in the wilderness. It will teach you about how to blindside your enemies for extra damage. To blindside effectively you should try and free roam during battle. Try mixing up between using the lock-on feature and not using it at all. When you get a nice range behind your enemy and go in for a warp strike from behind for extra damage. Warp strikes are performed by locking on and pressing triangle button on PS4. However, they consume MP or magic points. Have potions available to refill your MP if needed. Note early on you shouldn't need much MP.

    The Errand Prince :

    After helping out dave you may want to take on a few hunts for more EXP and GIL. Gil is the game's currency. You should also check out other sections of this guide. We will have a complete list of collectibles in the game including car collectibles and decals. At this point for the main story, Ignis is the only one who can drive the Regalia. Go in the Regalia and don't forget to fuel up. Take a long drive all the way to Galdin Quay. Once there, watch the cutscene with an interesting man that will toss a coin at the Prince. From there you will realize the man is telling the truth, the ferry is out. Walk down to see for yourself and you will meet Dean. Talk to Dean to open up the next part of the main quest.

    A Gentleman's Agreement :

    After talking to Dean he will give you a challenging fetch quest. This one will show sneak mechanics a bit in combat. Sneaking in combat is effective to restore HP ( Hit Points ) and MP ( Magic Points ) It can also save your allies lives. Head to the marker and get out of the car. Continue towards the mineral logos on the map. Once you approach the map marker near the mineral icon there will be the Giant bird from earlier in the game. The Giant bird beast will be sleeping, we must sneak past it to get the minerals without it waking up. Just trek slowly and stay as far away as possible while still keeping in range. When you get the Minerals the bird will fly off regardless. Head back to Dean for your reward and the next quest.

    Ill Tidings :

    You and your party will get a good nights rest in a fine hotel in Galdin Quay. When you wake up however ,Ignis has a paper in his hand with terrible news. The Kingdom has fallen and your father is dead. This is a very good and emotional part of the story. All characters voice acting and expressions are spot on including Noctis especially. I suggest not skipping this cut-scene or this entire quest. We decide to go back to see the kingdom for ourselves. Get in the car and drive all the way back to the Kingdom Of Insomnia.

    Imperial Soldiers and Magi-tek are everywhere. There is rubble on the ground and soldiers are spawned across the entrance to the Kingdom. We must work our way around to find out what has happened and if it is true. Fight your way through some Soldiers and later some Magi-Tek using all the skills we learned at this point. Now would be a good time to get a closer look at allies techniques. Press L1 to use a technique they are powerful ally attacks. Use them wisely and we will cover each in depth in the TECHNIQUE section of this strategy guide.After you clear out the soldiers you will get a phone call from the Marshall, Cor. Cor tells you this is all true and encourages you to head back and meet him in the next quest.

    Chapter Two :

    Legacy :

    Meet Cor's agent near the Prarie Outpost northwest of Hammerhead station. Talk to the woman there then head for the marker which is a tomb. I was around level 10 at this point. You should be around the recommended game level or you might have a large amount of trouble dealing with some of the enemies along the way of the quest. Once you get to the tomb talk to Cor the Immortal who is the Marshall of Insomnia and a potent ally in our quest. Cor will tell you about the Royal Arms, inside the tomb is the first one. Acquire the Sword of the Wise a mythical weapon only usable by Kings. See our Royal Arms and Weapons section for more detail. After you acquire the weapon leave the area and head for the next marker.

    The Power of Kings :

    We will be heading for the next Royal Arm. This time there will be some fights and battles along the way. Make sure to do some hunts if you are low on levels at this point. See our hunts section as they can grant you experience points and procurement items as well as other interesting finds. Once you are ready simply head a bit north east of the First Royal Tomb. The Problem is that this area will be filled with Imperials and they are pretty tough to take them all down right now. Try sneaking past most of them and just dealing with the wildlife for now.

    You should see a red brick icon on the map. This is the marker point and our destination. Right near it will be the Bioblaster machinery weapon on a large boulder before the entrance. Pick it up as it is a truly awesome weapon. Afterward, head inside the cave and get ready to explore. This area is tight with narrow corridors. I suggest powering on the generators and taking your time here. It is actually a very enjoyable little dungeon the best thus far for me. You can find the auto-crossbow here as well which is located near the Fire Energy icon on the map. Be sure to try and open all doors you can and cover the entire map. Even after you acquire the royal arm weapon, Axe of the Conqueror you should choose to explore the rest of the cave. You should notice a strange door that may be interesting later if you crouch beneath a crevice near the Royal Arms door. Also, note to pick up the procurement items littered on the ground in this dungeon.

    Eventually, you may run into a level 12 Arachnid beast. She can be kind of tough so you may want to use your potions here. Along the way, you may have to acquire some power-up potions. Also remember your meals, The meal meter is at the bottom of the screen and is shown in various attribute icons. You should always have a meal before going out on a big journey. The tougher the journey may be the better the meal you should eat. Whether it be cooked by Ignis at camp or purchased at a restaurant. Finally once you acquired the next royal arms, leave the area as I proposed you do before manually.

    Declaration Of War :

    This quest can be hard to locate. You should definitely see the marker easy enough, however, The female agent is actually hidden in a tight crevice near the marker. Be on the look out for it near the exclamation point area. Once you find her talk to her and heard towards the next marker point. We are going for scale an attack against the Imperial troops. This is where the action picks up a bunch. It is fun combat based and Cor with his awesome Katanas and Lion's Roar technique will join the party. Once again eat a meal before this and be an appropriate level. There will the first true boss battle at the end of the quest as well as tons of tough Imperial Troopers.

    I like going with the sword of the wise in my load-out here. It's non-MP consuming warp ability is very useful for the troopers that are above you. There will be quite a few that you're going to have to warp to. It would be "wise" to use the sword of the wise to conserve the MP. Afterward, if your health is too low use some potions or the basic warp with another weapon. I do not recommend machinery here as it is harder to aim the basic shot which usually aims down for me at least. You should be using a magic spell, preferably lightning which is what the Imperial troops and the boss should be weak against. The Sword of the Wise and if possible the Axe of the Conqueror or the Masamune if you have it.

    This boss looked great and I was a bit terrified at first when it started launching explosive magma fused homing rockets my way. The Magi-Tek armor also will have a group of imperial troops that spawn with it. It is weak vs lightning attacks being mechanical. It can also be knocked down and when it is that is when you should follow up with the Axe of the Conqueror. Use a lightning spell to start and make sure to hit all the enemies including the Magi-Tek. Then you should unleash your tech-bar on the boss and if it goes down follow up with the Axe Royal Arms weapon on it. I was level 12 around this part of the game and after learning how to avoid its missile tactic it was a very simple battle.

    Burden Of Expectation :

    Prince Noctis will receive a phone call from Iris Gladioulus sister. She and some other refugees have escaped Insomnia alive and are staying in Lastallum. Head to Lastallum by car and note that Imperial troops will be on the look out for you. This is a level 10 quest but the troops are usually around level 16. Wide-area effect spells will take them out quite nicely especially Blizzara. You should save your game before and during the ride in this case. You may also want to pick up on some side quests I was around level 20 When I decided to do the next quest and you should be too because it can get tough. Do as many low-level quests as you can to get around 18-20 level with Prince Noctis. Once you reach Lastallum look around , eat and then check out all of the shops. In a bit, Iris will take us on a short tour. Head to the hotel to meet Iris and a few other refugees save your game get some rest to complete the quest.

    * A Stroll For Two *

    This quest will start automatically, however the choices you make may impact the game later on. This is most likely the romance section of the game. You will take a walk with Iris around Lastallum. I chose to be nice to her and I was gaining more experience for those choices. For now, stick with my path and do the right thing by her. You will learn the area as well as enjoy the character development.

    When you get back you will meet an Old man and his grandson. The grandson will tell you about a tale of a sword inside a waterfall. This is the only tip we have to where the next Royal Arms may lie. Get some sleep and something to eat. Stock up on new weapons at the shop we passed by with Iris on the stroll. If you are low on gil do the Vyv Photography quest. See side-quest section for more information.

    Sword in the Waterfall :

    This is a pretty long ride and you don't want to be stuck here at night where the monsters are more powerful. Get some sleep and definitely, spend a little bit extra Gil on a good meal this time. This next level is quite tough. As I mentioned early be at least level 20. When you arrive near the destination by car you should be at a parking stop. Get out and head down the stairway. Turn right and you may run into what look like the Midgar Snake from Final Fantasy VII. This giant snake should be avoided for now and turn right past it. Right past that snake is the waterfall, avoid the crab enemies as well and run for it. There are a few procurement items nearby you may want to pick up on the rocks. After getting the items head into the waterfall.

    This cave is tough dark and cold. Save your game often here and you will thank me later for it because the Ronin enemies can kill you fast even at level 20. I suggest saving after every time you kill a Ronin enemy there are 2-3 of them. There is also an arachnid enemy after you sidle across the first wall and up the path. If you go through the whole dungeon you will find some rare crafting items. I suggest saving because I lost all of my stuff after dying and you don't want to explore the dungeon and kill all the enemies twice or even three times.

    Once you are done looting the area you may also be lost at a point or two. The first thing to note is the LIGHT BLUE lines on the mini-map. This indicates a sidle point. Click PROCEED at this point and sidle across. If you do this you are heading in the right direction. For your magic spells or elements be sure to craft FIRE spells specifically fire spells with healing. You may also want several doses of them. Always cast these at the enemies here and try and nail them all at once. I would also equip the Flame Tongue sword as most enemies here are weak to fire. Ronin enemies are especially tough so use your spells and try to time your Tech Bar skills on them. Also be sure to use your blocks and parries.

    Once you near the end of the dungeon you will get into another tough battle with Mind Flayers. I got to say here the battle system is the best in the Final Fantasy series. These Mind flayer enemies mess up your control scheme so you basically are the next level version of confused rather than just stars swirling around your head like the old time games. In this case, you should try and focus on the Mind Flayers first. Once again saving spells and using them as often as possible. I really can't suggest a good weapon here. I used the Flame Tongue and axe of the Conqueror while Prompto had the Bioblaster. This is nice because these enemies can be poisoned. Also don't be afraid to use your Elixir's and and Hi-Elixir's here. We are getting more Gil as we go along and the car supports the buy feature so stock up before the dungeon. Once the Mind Flayers are dead go and grab the next Royal Arms.

    You will gain the Armiger meter here ( more details later ). Also, you will acquire the swords of the Wanderer. These are 2 swords that combine together to wield a double-edged staff. It is a pretty neat weapon. Finally, there will be another one of those strange doors at the end of the level. However, It is of no use to us right now. If you explored the entire dungeon choose to leave after acquiring the arms then head back to town.

    Chapter Three :

    The Way of Gods and Kings :

    This Simple quest that just has you talking to your friends and allies about what happened and where to go next. You will get another headache during this time and they show the godly titan figure. The party suggests we take a look at the disc to see if we can find anything. Upon heading outset we meet that strange man who gave us the coin in Galdin Quay earlier by "coincidence". He offers to drive you to the disc and the party has no choice but to watch each other's back and follow the man. Choose to drive yourself if you would like and get into the Regalia for the next quest.

    A Dubious Drive :

    Another easy quest, you are just going to simply drive behind Ardyn "man of no consequences" and follow him to the next parking spot towards the disc. A few tips are to slow down and watch when he is about to turn I didn't lose him but I did crash so be careful following him and use your break when necessary. Once you reach the town he will camp out with you and your friends in the Caravan and even be in some photos and the level up screen. Upon waking up you will note you have acquired the whistle. ( see items section ). Finally we will set out one more ride to the disc.

    Onward to the Disc :

    Continue following Ardyn as we did before without crashing. It is cut and dry just follow him until you reach the blockade which Ardyn will open and leave it to Noctis and his party from that point. Keep driving all the way to the Marker until you must get out of the Regalia, be careful along the roads. Once you get out walk all the way down to the large rib cage of bone and you will notice a tomb is there of the Royal Arms. You will acquire the Blade of the Mystic a powerful two-handed Royal Arms sword. Shortly after a headache will come and the Titan tremors will begin the next chapter. Enjoy the cutscenes and get ready for Chapter #4.

    Chapter Four :

    The Archaean :

    After some awesome cut-scenes. you will be in a very hot area with fire all around you. Prince Noctis loses Ignis and Prompto and it will just be the Prince and Gladiolus. There is some very nice dialogue in this segment of the game between Gladiolus and Prince Noctis. It is interesting and well done and you will gain a temporary boost to your strength if you answer Gladiolus with the right answer. When he ask if you're a King or not respond with yes and you will earn a 50% bonus to your attack. Also there is a large amount of fire element here you won't need it much for this upcoming battle but you may later so stock up those magic flasks. Eventually, you will reach Audience with the Titan.

    The Trial Of Titan :

    A Really amazing segment of the game with an even better music selection and theme for the battle. You will start off running from the Titan. Learn how to conserve your stamina and you can even roll to dodge the Titan punches. Eventually, you will end up having to battle with the Titan. With the Riled perk from Gladiolus conversation, we are going to deal more damage. It is pretty easy to block the Titan prompt crush then follow up with a counter attack. His other punches are not so easy. If you can't dodge them too well take a potion when low on health. When his arm is vulnerable follow up with the Axe of the Conqueror or the Sword of the Mystic as they are the two most powerful weapons.

    The team will meet up and come up the blizzard strategy. At this point, you can deal a large amount of damage to Titan in a certain amount of time. If so you will gain more experience and XP. I suggest having the Regroup technique on Ignis if you're low on health.The Piercer is also a good option for Prompto as it only uses one tech meter bar.Finally, Gladiolus may be best with a shield equipped here and for this entire chapter although I have not tested out the effectiveness. Once the blizzard comes the Imperial troops will start blasting at the Titan as well. Things get easier from this point, the Titan will fall down more often and eventually his arm will break off. The area will be tumbling down and you are saved oddly enough by Ardyn and the Imperial airship. You have again no choice but to follow Ardyn or you will die so the group decides to do so. Afterward, you will be stranded near the Chocobo area with no Regalia.

    Chapter Five :

    The Hexatheon's Blessing :

    After being stranded near Chocobo Wiz Station you will soon encounter a mysterious spirit. The area is in a dark cloud and storms are raging all over the area. The woman will give Prince Noctis information on where to go next. Map markers will pop up on the screen but before any of that, you should unlock Chocobo friends by defeating Dead Eye. To do this talk to the man that runs the Chocobo farm and gives out the hunts. He will inform you of Deadeye. To start the quest you must go to the hunt screen and select the Dead Eye hunt which is a Level 15 battle. You're doing this because it is a very long walk in-between each of the Hexatheon blessing markers. The Chocobo's are not only fun but will save you plenty of time. They can be leveled up and will gain both combat and field abilities.

    Boss : Dead Eye ( Hunt )

    Dead Eye might be tough if you are low level. I was around level 24 for this and it was quite easy. You're going to have to first get to the lair marker. Afterward, you must sneak to find his den. Be careful not to get caught here or you might have to restart from your last save. Take it slow, stay behind the rocks and keep a nice distance away from him. It is easy enough to get to his den. Once you are inside the den there will be tons of voretooth bristles to pick up. You should be sure to collect them along the way, they are great for elemancy crafting. Once you reach the end of the den there will be several explosive barrels. It is hard to use these barrels as I am not sure if you can auto-lock on them. You will gain more AP if you can blow up the barrels on Dead Eye and also damage the beast much more easily. However, it is easier said than done at least for me. Once again be around level 25 and you should take him down no problem. if you're having trouble then go for the barrel tactic.

    Now we can ride Chocobo's be sure to rent them for a few days at a time. The counter is on the upper right part of the screen. They are pretty cheap so a few days is a good idea just in case you get stuck somewhere. You don't want to be without both car or Chocobo in this huge world. From that point, you're going to hit 2 markers and then eventually the Dungeon which is the Trial of Ramuh get ready and save your game. Any problems just contact me on youtube by checking the video playlist at the bottom.

    Trial Of Ramuh :

    Once you hit the first two runestones you will be able to access the dungeon for the final one. Get on your Chocobo and head for the map marker dungeon. Save your game before you go inside. I was around 25 character level with Prince Noctis for this area. Stock up on potions and procurement items and don't forget to eat a powerful meal. I found this dungeon to be easier than the previous ice dungeon with fewer paths to take as well. I didn't find many items of interest while exploring other than some crafting materials. If I missed something let me know or I will update this section on my next run through the game.

    The Naga enemy could potentially be a tough opponent and she has some interesting dialogue about her baby. However, I took her down easy enough with basic attacks and spells. There is another strange door in this area,save that for later in the game. Touch the runestone a little bit after the Naga mini-boss and you will acquire the Ramuh key item which can Summon Ramuh in times of great peril. You may exit the dungeon at this point. You should save your game eat a meal and rest up the next area is somewhat tough.

    Engaging the Empire :

    This is the end of the chapter and quite a few interesting things happen here. I encourage you not to skip the cut-scenes. We are going to have to infiltrate the base very solid snake like. It is not as hard as you may think and it is actually quite fun. You can warp strike soldiers from behind for a one shot kill. It is a simple lock-on then R1 button push. You will also be informed when to do so for the most part. If you're having trouble you may want to use an item called a reflex enhancer, you should have one or two in your inventory now. I didn't scan the entire area well for the moment so there may be something I missed. Appreciate anyone giving me the information so I can add it here earlier.

    When you finally reach the giant Mag-Tek mech warrior a problem or two may arise. First to take out the imperial forces and the mechanoid you should get on the Turret. It is located behind the Mech as well as a Gatling gun turret in front of the mechanoid. Do this and blow up the explosive barrels on the imperial forces if you can for more AP. I suggest staying behind the turrets for the entire battle. You may want to use the rocket one which is better for destroying the Magi-Tek Armor. The Major issue that I found was taking out the sniper. There may be more than one. You might have to warp kill the sniper like I did as well. Best advice is to scan the entire area if the marker doesn't go off and you can't access the Regalia. Most likely a sniper being alive is the problem. Once you killed ALL the enemies head to the Regalia and you will meet Lady Luna's big brother who doesn't like the Prince very much it seems. Ardyn also makes another strange appearance but you are left to fight a huge battle shortly after.

    After the explosive barrels and heading back to the Regalia another huge wave of Magi-Tek armor mechs and imperial forces will show up. This time it seems there is virtually no way to win the fight. However, the favor of Ramuh is upon thee ! When you hear the music change and fire speckles float across the sky press the L2 button to Summon the Divine Power of Ramuh. He will obliterate all enemies with his might Judgement Bolt saving you and the party. This pretty much ends the chapter. Be sure not to get lost on the way out by going through the yellow gates we came in from. Loot the area if you would like as well and then head back to Lastallum. I suggest you do some side quest before starting the next chapter. When the game prompts you about the temporary point of no return, decline and begin some hunts, sidequests and other things to level up.

    Chapter Six :

    All Set to Sail :

    Talk to Iris outside Lastallum market only if your ready to hit a small point of no return. I was around level 35 for this line of quests. If you want it to be a breeze I suggest doing some hunts and getting up to level 35. Once you are ready talk to Iris and begin driving the car to the destination. Along the way, you will come to a decision to stop at Malmalam Thicket. If you're close to my level at 30-35 then I would head there. If not you can continue on with the quest and save Malmalam Thicket for later.

    If you choose to head to the Malmalam Thicket dungeon, it is a long walk so have a Chocobo rental. This is good because Iris never rode a Chocobo before and should help with her friendship or romance saga. The path is rather linear and there aren't really any enemies too tough at a 30-35 character level. Eventually, you should run into the Thunderbolt two-handed sword on the ground and the camp site. Stock up on all elemental energy, most importantly lightning energy. Make some magic flasks that do Lightning damage, using Ether is a good option. This way you can have 3x Lightning dual cast with a potency of 99 or next tier for the boss Bandersnatch. Once that is completed get the Royal arms and return back to the road.

    Imperial Infiltration :

    Once again the party will be stopped along the roadside. This time we must Infiltrate an Imperial base because of a vow of the crew and Prince Noctis for the death of Jared. Iris will stay safely in the town for now, get some sleep and something to eat, than leave in the morning. Rent a Chocobo if you can after nearing the destination by car. It is a long walk and you may get stuck near the pipes and end up at dead ends before actually being able to survey the base. Use your map and common sense to make sure your not going into a dead end. Look for a spy tower and that should be where the marker is located. Once there you can survey the area, the group will devise a plan and spilt up leaving you with Ignis.

    Note that we must not kill the target, so basically don't kill anything or you will have to restart. The game resets back to the start point, you don't have to reload a save if you lose. The trick is going through it once or twice and you realize you have to be one step ahead or behind the target. This makes the target move, if you stand still the target may not move from his location. Towards the end don't forget about your warps. Finally when Ignis gives the signal to Prince Noctis, take down the target with a fast warp strike. Shortly after battle will initiate and you will have to handle it. I was around level 35 here once again so it wasn't hard at all for me. If your a lower level you may have problems and hopefully enough gear to make some powerful magic spells.

    Your going to do battle with Aranaea here, she is a top ranked soldier of the Imperial army and looks very cool with her Dragon Attire. Aranaea also has the Astor Spear which does the Highwind technique as a little hint. Use your magic flask and especially Blizzard or ice spells on Aranaea and the Imperial troops, it works great. Stopcast and circular saw combination could prove to be useful as well. Remember to get the counter attack off of Aranae which is actually pretty simple, this leaves her wide open to tons of damage and attacks. Once she is down you will be informred that hunters have taken our new captive and he has managed to escape from them. This leaves us to fight him another day but is a considered victory for Prince Noctis and Insomnia.To close the quest and the chapter head back to Iris at the marker and finish a longer than expected ride to Cape Caem. Once at Cape Caem you will meet Cindy and be informed of your next objective.

    Chapter Seven :

    Party Of Three :

    We have to find some Mythril to get the ship sailing and then bring it to Cid. This makes us have no choice yet again to take the assistance from Ardyn. Not only that we will now be accompanied by the boss we just faced Aranaea. This is a great segment and dungeon, Aranaea is awesome ! She has a great set of gear and attire as well as the awesome spear. Aranaea also has the Highwind Technique. Once you are ready to enter the dungeon, note the two merchant soldiers. One sells some weapons and the other will sell some procurement items. You can only head into the dungeon at nightfall. If you wish to do this talk to the guard to pass the time to night.

    Once again I was still around level 35 for this dungeon and it was very simple in the combat sense. You can get a bit lost in here if you don't realize that the floors crumble and lift at times. Be sure to use the tiles on the floor as markers to where you have been. You will encounter Skeleton and undead type enemies here. I am not sure just yet what the skeletons are vulnerable too, however, I should be doing a bestiary on this game right here in this guide so stay tuned. I got to admit the Skeletons look amazing ! The lich enemies are tough and look even better and you gotta love Flan enemies. Finally, the shadow bombs and fire bombs are ace as well.

    Two mentionable encounters here would be the Iron Giant and the dual Lich fight. The lich battle can be tough so I really suggest saving some magic for them. I didn't want to get killed and have to restart the dungeon like I did with the Ronin earlier on in sword in the waterfall quest. I made a nice Quadcast blizzara potion with high potency. To do this I mixed around 70-99 fire elemental in a magic flask then added in my Mega Phoneix. I suggest doing this one to enemies weak vs blizzard.The two Lich went down very nicely, however, Iron Giants are weaker against fire i think.Regardless, you really want to save the elemancy for the two liches. Shortly after the Lich fight is the big boss of the dungeon and you may need elemancy here as well so have whatever you find in the dungeon stored. Do not let elemancy resources go to waste ever.

    Quetzacoatl :

    I wish I had more to say about this boss. First I was really hyped, as I thought he was Valefor and the next potential summon. I even thought there would be a nice reward for beating him. Beyond that, I thought he would put up a good fight. I didn't get any of that other than the fact that the monster design is excellent. I was level 35 at this boss battle and he got obliterated when Ramuh came way too soon. This worries me as to if I will ever have a good boss fight in this game due to the summons. I guess you could just not press the summon button. In that case, it would annoy me because of constantly seeing the on-screen prompt. Hopefully, there is a way around this or something better in the future of the game. I will keep updated. For now , the tacticis to summon Ramuh and have some high potency magic.

    A Precious Source of Power :

    When you finish the battle Aranaea will leave the party, this still leaves us a party of three without Gladiolus. Head out of the area and back to Lastallum for the next objective. This is an easy and short quest and you will only be fighting a few goblins. Strap on your EXINERIS suit and head into the reactor. On the way there you will see another "hunter" wearing the exineris suit. He sounds just like Gladiolus and will assist you in the area. I was around level 37 here and once again really easy stuff you should get out of here no problem, just clear the enemies.When you are done you will get the Mythril component and we can now close this chapter. Before you do, I personally started doing hunts and side quests again to increase my level. Furthermore, you may want to look at the Malmalam side quest. It will give you another Royal Arms if you missed it earlier in this walkthrough.

    Chapter Eight :

    This chapter starts in Cape Caem and is very short. Two major things to note here, the first is talking to Iris.She can mend your Moogle plushie and show you where the garden quest is. Next talk to Talcott which finally makes use of those Cactuar statues you might have been carrying. Inside the house where Talcott is and up the stairs on both sides will be two custom decals for the Regalia be sure not to forget them. When you're done you can just head for the marker and say your farewells. The game states it will be a long time before you return. This is true in sense of the story. Shortly after we will find a way to come back to Lucis and finish the quest, farming and just about everything else through the dog Umbra. For now meet Cid at the marker and take the elevator downstairs. You will meet Cor the Immortal again and take a look at the photo of your father,Cor,Cid and the unknown character for the moment. Cor apologizes for not being able to protect your father and it is quite an emotional moment in the story. Afterward, get on the boat and get ready for a long chat as this closes chapter 8 and chapter 9 is even more, story based.

    Chapter Nine :

    Altissia, City on the Sea :

    Welcome to Altissia, city on the sea and home to the Leviathan. This is a huge part of the story so you may want to hold from hitting the skip cutscene button. After all the dialogue you may get lost in this area it is very much like a maze and things look similar to each other. You can ride the Gondolas to various points in the city. First, head to Mahgoo and talk to the 4th man in the picture from your father's journey. He will inform you of the situation going on in the city. Later the leader of the city will come talk to you and Prince Noctis must win her trust. However, you should get a hold of the map here because it's confusing. Try taking a walk around the town and enjoying it patiently. There is even a man at one of the restaurants that will buy Oracle Ascension coins from you in exchange for other goods. ( More info in sidequest section ). Noctis artwork by Stella974 on deviant art !

    After going to Mahgoo I suggest getting a good night's rest and heading for the Hotel. When you do you will meet the strange mysterious spirit Geitianna again and she is with Umbra. Geitianna will give you the ability to travel to the past through Umbra. This is the stories way of letting us backtrack through the game to collect things we missed. You can access it by sleeping at any hotel/caravan other than the camp sites.You don't have to go back right now unless your low level. Once you hit at least level 35-40 I suggest you continue to the woman's office for the negotiation.

    The Summit :

    Head to the office and get ready to Negotiate with the female leader of the Annexed nation of Altissia. Choose every respectful option which is mainly the top choice. For the last choice, I selected the choice on the left. This can affect the story so choose wisely. If you complete it you will gain EXP and have an ally in the Altissia government Shortly after there will be a bunch of story stuff that I would not spoil for you,then the next part of the quest will begin.

    Into the Fray :

    After devising the strategy with your party, you will finally meet Luna face to face and listen to her speech. Soon after havoc will come with the Imperial army. You will be alone as Prince Noctis and work your way through some easy imperial troops that are around level 16-20. This is easy enough and short, albeit very entertaining with some great music. The Leviathan cutscene is excellent as well and the conversation between her and Luna had me glued to the television. Eventually you, Prince Noctis will have to prove yourself to the Titan, Leviathan. Empowered by Luna the Oracle get ready for the Trial of Leviathan.

    Trial Of Leviathan :

    This is very very easy to complete, however, it seems to be rather difficult to get a perfect rank on your report card. I also took a long time with this battle so if there is a way to speed it up with a higher score I will inform everyone soon enough. You will be empowered by the light of the Oracle here and you can now fly in the air. You can also use the Armiger as often as you would like for this battle. Honestly, i just kept mashing the circle button because I didn't have another good tactic to take down Leviathan. I suggest doing it although it sounds stupid. Switch it up with a warp strike every now and then so you can close in on the beast. It is a long fight and quite epic, I just wish there was more thought to the battle than mashing circle. I will try again on my 2nd play through to see if I can take it down getting all A's on our report card. After Leviathan loses you will gain her as a summon. This may end the first half of the game, however, you can travel back to Lucis and now Altissia through Umbra the dog when you rest as an option. Save your game and get ready for chapter 10.

    Chapter Ten :

    You may have noticed the game has shifted a gear at this point. This is considered to be the second half of the game. At many points, you will not even be able to return to the past through umbra. I was level 45+ for the next 3 chapters. I recommended nothing lower than that until we all learn more about the game.

    Get off the train and you can grab a meal at the train cart restaurant if you wish. After that simply take the elevator down and you will be at the Old Quarry which is the next dungeon. The game states that Ignis is walking slower and insist you walk slow as well. I found this was unnecessary, although you will get a few comments from Gladiolus and Prompto for running too far ahead.

    I noticed there are only really a few packs of enemies in this dungeon. I will give a full analysis on my second play through or better yet create a bestiary. For now, I would try to either have a nice amount of lightning and fire spells in my magic flask. There is a campsite nearby where you can sleep, save your game and cook for yourself. You can also fill up on some elemental energy here as well. Save the lightning spells for the dog type enemies in the green pools of slime. Try and group them together with a weapon like the Gravity well. Even Prompto's recoil is good at grouping enemies together so use that. If you don't have it you can acquire it with some AP in the ascension tree.

    The main objective of this dungeon is to power on the generators so we can make a path to the Royal Tomb. The problem is that it's easy to get lost. What i realized after hunting the map and getting lost is that the two backup generators lead right from the staircase near the main one. In other words, the first marker point generator that does not power on, to the right of that will be another staircase that leads to both generators. Another thing I noted was that the gated area, not the rails can be jumped over saving some potential backtracking.

    Once the obstacle is out of the way you can head down the Quarry. This is where you will see a strange egg sac. Once it is activated we will fight a giant Malboro boss. These are typical Final Fantasy monsters which is introduced as a boss of this Dungeon. At our level it is pretty easy however, you must make in vulnerable twice. This means lowering the monsters health bar all the way two times. After the 2nd time, Ignis will devise a plan, this plan consists of Ignis throwing a fire spell down the Malboro's throat. It is now a usable technique. Lower the monsters health again and it should die this time with the help of Ignis.

    Open the Royal Tomb and pick up the Katana of the Warrior. A nice blade that is pretty fun to use. Watch the short cut scene which doesn't give you an option regardless of the game leading you to believe it would. Finally, you can return to the dungeon entrance and back on the train to start the next chapter.

    Chapter Eleven :

    Once again be over the recommended level when you start this quest 45+ I suggest highly. It is very action packed and for the most part, you will be timed. Being a high level it seemed I was still cutting it close, but i made it through without dying once. You're going to be point warping a bunch and there will be a force of Imperial troops. Bullet-proof vest or bullet-proof suit is an option and a good one. The main objective is to first defeat the wave of Imperial troops trying to destroy the train and all the passengers. Afterward, a tank will come and have the same objective. Destroy that tank by warping to it as fast as you can. Finally, you have to take out 4 Imperial airships. To do this warp to each one and clear out the Imperial soldiers inside one by one. Quickly after warp out, because you will have around 8 seconds before the ship explodes on you. It is a very action packed quest and fun, the story starts getting very deep here as well so enjoy.

    After all the Cut-scenes you will meet up with Aranaea again. This time she has become a Mercenary and has truly left what madness the Imperial Army has become. Aranaea is here to help the Prince and his friends. She instructs you to speak with Biggs and Wedge who are classic Final Fantasy characters. They will help ride the train for you and the crew to get to the Imperial City. Be sure to talk to the woman at the end of the map who will fill you in on more story. After that, you can visit the shops. One shop is inside the freight end of the parked airship. The other is to the right of that same ship on the floor level. Be sure to stock up on potions, hi-potions etc. Have at least 4 Mega Phoneix in your inventory. Also, try and head back to the past now and get 99/99 all elemental energy. In fact, it is an even better idea to get as many magic flasks with full potency as you can. If not you probably have a ton of healing items and procurement stuff at this point the game was pretty easy. You will be using them soon enough. Once your ready head for the marker get on the train and get ready for the ride.

    Chapter Twelve :

    Some really quality story stuff happens in this quest and another revelation. Don't skip the cut scenes it's well worth it. We will be riding the train towards the Imperial city when yet again danger strikes. The train comes to a quick halt and we must head out into the freezing cold. At this point, you will be swarmed by monsters. They are simple to take out at our level so I would save my spells for the nightmare that is chapter 13.

    After a few smaller enemies a huge Death claw mini-boss will appear. This is a great shot of the game by the way. If you look outside you can see Shiva who appears lifeless. She is huge and her face is obvious. Her hair hangs down and her arms are raised a bit, which is strange because it seems like the ice goddess has frozen to death ? She at least seems to be laying on her stomach also strange to me. Regardless defeat the Death Claw, he is pretty easy to get blind strikes on. Once the death claw is done head back inside the train and you will get the next summon. It is a great scene and I don't want to spoil it. Shortly after you will complete the chapter and be back in the Regalia. You will also acquire the staff of the oracle royal arms at this point.

    Chapter Thirteen :

    Things are much tougher when you are near the Recommended level in this game. I guess that's why it's recommended and I was finding this game easy. Well, at least it was easy up until now. You're going to acquire the Ring of the Lucii here. We already had it but this will be the first time we can actually use its awesome abilities. Also, this chapter is very long. Finally, there are 2 bosses to deal with as well as tons of enemies.

    First, we are stripped of all our powers and our friends. It's just Prince Noctis, this is why he equips the ring finally. This is great because the ring is absolutely awesome. It currently has 3 powers you can use. I am hoping for more *fingers crossed* The first is the circle or basic attack which is a life drain DEATH spell. SquareEnix did a wonderful job on this one. It feels so smooth on the control, the sound effects are Ace and the animation is over the top ! You actually see the death forming on the enemy. For example, they begin to wither away more and more the longer your drain them with the spell. If they die they eventually explode and you gain health every time you drain with the ring from the enemy.

    Next is the Alterna spell, this one is extremely powerful but will eat ALL your MP ( magic power ). Save this one for the Iron giant near floor three. Also, save it for the horde of enemies at the end of the level. This is why the Magi-Tek booster potions from the items list start coming in handy. I tested it and you will not lose any MP. However if you don't have enough base MP you can't cast it until your MP is full again. It is uber powerful and an awesome spell.

    The next arcana tops it off and this makes the combat mechanics of the game all synergize together well. If you press the square button or hold it with the ring of Lucii on it will drain tons of MP. This is called the Holy arcana spell, for every time you phase dodge while holding that button you deal HOLY damage to the enemy. It's awesome and fun to use. I feel this is just a great compliment to the royal arms weapons. SquareEnix really tried being original. It was a risk I think it worked in my opinion. So as A recap you're going to be having fun using this ring in this chapter until you realize there are 6 floors, two bosses and 3 hordes of enemies to fight.

    To start you have to get the key cards then you must level them up at a station to clear the doors to scale the tower. It is all marker-based, the problem is that its long very long. So here's some tips. Save at every bed you find. Power goes out, dad shuts the tv off, your job calls you whatever you got that save point. You should explore the entire area, but it is not necessary. I explored most of it and I kept finding procurement items. I found a few medals which seem to be good for crafting strong spells. This option is up to you. I also found the Chobham armor which gives 30% bullet resistance. I will have the exact locations written in the accessory section / item section soon.

    Remember the keys for your new item the ring. Circle - drain spell. R1 + Triangle and hold = Alterna ( death spell ). Hold or press square for the Holy spell on dodges. Note this will be the only way you can take out enemies until you reach the Sword of the Father which is the next royal arms. Once you acquire that weapon you can fight off enemies a bit better again. After reaching the top levels of this tower, you will regroup with some of your friends. Shortly after the regroup you will fight the Foras demon we were avoiding earlier. He is a little tough at our level (47). You're going to be using some of those potions. Finally before all the story stuff to end the chapter we have the boss. I recorded the fight for everyone, enjoy. It is not the best tactic but it worked for me at level (47). Please bare with me I love this game and the series. I do not get games early I got it on release date at my local Gamestop. I am going as fast as I can and I appreciate you all reading. Enjoy and get ready for Chapter 14.

    Chapter Fourteen :

    For the gameplay, all you have to do is run past the enemies. I don't think you can return to this point ever in the game.Check it out a bit while you can. The enemies are tough and I honestly am pretty sure the game expects you to just run through. Keep heading for the marker until you see a truck, that truck will pick you up. Remember this is 10 years later in the game and inside the truck is Talcott. Talcott will brief you on everything that has happened in the past ten years. It is a really good scene, he will then bring us back to Hammer Head. You will meet up with the crew, buy some weapons if you would like and then you can ask Talcott several questions about the story. All in all it is a short and sweet chapter based upon story to set us up for the Final Chapter.

    Chapter Fifteen :

    It all comes down to this. I will be going over my thoughts on the ending, final battle and more at the very end of this guide to make sure nothing gets spoiled for anyone. Know that you can return to this point in the game and battle the enemies again at any time. You may want to run through to the marker in this case just to finish the story. Feel free to do so as it has no consequences. There may be one or two items laying around in the area right before the final boss, such as the tempered shield. I will have the items and gear listed with better locations in the gear section. Finally, there are 2 bosses to fight and they are awesome, the first one is a major surprise ! You should stock up on cold spells before the battle to make it much easier as a small tip. That is basically all I am going to say. It is straight forward and somewhat short in length. The two boss battles are excellent and long enough. The story end is amazingly well worth your finish. My level at games end ( - 56 - ) .

    Side Quests :


    Scraps Of Mystery :

    This is probably the overall hardest quest in the game. Without having a game guide, there is no way to find all 14 maps unless you got extremely lucky or explored every nook of the entire game world.

    1. Longwythe rest area, right near the left white patio chair.
    2. Prairie Outpost, near the parking sign behind the gate on some wooden boxes.
    3. Northwest of the weaver wilds in Leide. There is some Leiden pepper to the north east and a treasure chest south west. It is right at the shack to the left.
    4. Pass the Imperial guards first then grab the map piece in Ostium Gorge right near the Crestholm Dungeon entrance ( red barricade ).
    5. Northeast of the camp near the three valleys. It is laying on some rubble underneath the water pipe.
    6. Easy to find at the Roadside Scrapyard Parking space, next to the white car.
    7. Wiz Chocobo Races area, near the Cylinder yellow top buildings.
    8. Inside the huge shed at Cauthess rest area.
    9. Near a giant boulder at Taelpar Rest area.
    10.On the world map notice the Kellbass Grasslands text. From the "K" head south and you will find a structure. At the structure the map piece is laying inside a celled window.
    11. Northwest of the Alpine Stable parking spot. You should see a gray doorless structure. Inside is the next map piece.
    12. Behind the house with the red flowers at Melacaid Hunter HQ which is near the Vesperpool.
    13. At the Cape Caem beacon/lighthouse. Ride the elevator up to the map piece.
    14. Head south of Fort Vaullery. Look at the map and notice a Treasure icon. Southwest of that treasure icon is a burnt down shack. The map piece is at that location.

    I will be updating the rest of this section when I collect all the pieces. They are all easier to find because of the exclamation point markers. After you find them all, remember "X" marks the spot.

    Cid Quests :

    Cid's Quest will help you upgrade your mechanical weaponry. This includes machinery as well as base weapons with machine parts like the engine blade. He can make them more powerful if you find the items he requests. I suggest holding onto doing this quest as you just play through the game rather than hunting for them as there will be no markers.

    . A Better Engine Blade .
    . A Better Drain Lance .
    . A Better Auto Crossbow .
    . A Better Bioblaster .
    . A Better Circular Saw .
    . A Better Gravity Well .
    . A Better Noiseblaster .
    . A Better Drillbreaker .
    . A Better Absorb Shield .


    Engine Blade Upgrades :

    The Engine blade is the starting sword of the game. You can get the first upgrade by giving Cid a rusted bit. Rusted bit's can be found in the first dungeon by Keycatrich Trench north of Hammerhead. They become more common later in the game and even for sale at vendors. Rusted bit's also can be combined with elemancy to create a fail type spell.

    The next Engine Blade upgrade comes from getting a Glass Gemstone. These are rather common later in the game. If you want to get one earlier, head to Cape Caem and circle around the back of the Lighthouse you should find one there. If not let me know I will update this section.

    The Final Upgrade for the Engine Blade contains getting a Sturdy Helixhorn. This one is thought enticing so listen up. First head to Old Lastallum to get the hunt called Last of the Spiracorns Level 29. Once you acquire the hunt leave your car parked in Lastallum. Get on a Chocobo and head towards the camp site which is close to the hunt marker. Eat a bowl of mother and child rice, that I mentioned above, it may help. When you are ready go to the hunt location.

    At the hunt location, there will be Duplicorns and smaller versions. The Duplicorns drop the Sturdy Helixhorn. There is a trick to making them drop it. You must attack the horn itself, this is considered the head appendage of the Duplicorn. To do this make sure to go to options, then combat. In combat select wait mode and exit ( you can change back at any time ). In wait mode, the game pauses and will analyze when you stop moving or lock-on. Target the appendage with your weapon and warp strike into it several times. If you see something that says break on the game screen, chances are you can acquire the sturdy helixhorn. To know for sure it will pop up on the battle screen. You can also see if the horn is broken off yet, by looking at the Duplicorn's head. It is really cool how in-depth the "circle" combat system can be. :)

    Drain Lance Upgrades :

    The first Drain Lance upgrade is a common metal scrap these are very abundant if you pick up loot that shines blue all over the map. These blue shiny marks also respawn with different items at times. This keeps exploration more fun and you never know what you might find. Give it to Cid to upgrade the Drain Lance to II.The second upgrade for the Drain lance can be found off of a Coeurl enemy. This area is where we completed the Mind the Trap quest. Coeurls are level 32 here so you may want to be around 30-35 to take them out with ease. After you give it to Cid, wait a few days by sleeping or doing quests. Return to Cid and acquire what is stated the highest level Drain Lance at III.

    Auto-Crossbow Upgrade :

    This upgrade passed me by a few times and I let it go. Sad because the auto-crossbow is a really good and attractive piece of machinery. There are several ways to acquire the needle. The easiest and fastest way is probably to go to Vesperpool and head to the treasure chest to the south. For me two chest spawned when I went searching. The chest we are looking for always holds a cactuar needle. Be sure to open multiple chest in the area by looking at the maps treasure chest icon just in case you missed it.

    Bioblaster Upgrade :

    You will need a Dynamo to upgrade the Bioblaster. These can be farmed off of several MA machine piloted troops. The MA-Veles is the weakest of these and has a 50% chance to drop one of them. You will encounter these enemies during the main story. Shortly after they will drop from airship attacks from the Imperial forces at random. The MA-Veles Bis is a stronger model, yet holds a 60% Dynamo drop chance. Finally the Hoplomachus has a 90% drop chance which is found at Fort Garrison, possibly only during the mission.

    Circular Saw Upgrade :

    You can upgrade the circular saw with a sky-gemstone. Right now I have only found one of these and that is off the Feline Feast quest in Cape Caem. It is a simple quest but you may have had to feed the cat originally back in Galdin Quay. If that is the case see the "Kitty Quests". in the side quests section of this guide. Once you give the luxury cat food to the cat you will receive this as a reward, the sky-gemstone. Give it to Cid to upgrade the circular saw.

    Gravity Well Upgrade :

    To upgrade the Gravity well, you will need a Hydraulic Cylinder. One of these is found at Zegnautus Keep during Chapter 13. If you would like another or missed that one you must kill an MA-X Patria. These mech warriors have a 97% chance to drop the Hydraulic Cylinder. They will spawn from Imperial air-ships after chapter 5 is completed.

    Drill Breaker Upgrade :

    To upgrade the drill breaker you will need a magitek core. This can be found if you explore the floors of chapter 13's fortress. I apologize for not having the exact location but there are a few more ways to get your hands on this. You can defeat the MA-X DUX by completing the Formouth Garrison mission. Alternatively you can find one if you find the entrance to the Pitioss dungeon ruins. It should be sitting right outside the area. You may have to activate the quest first by over hearing a conversation through a window in Lestallum.

    Another Magitek Core can be found in one of the floors of Costlemark Tower Menace Dungeon. It is in one of the three doors that lead to a treasure. I don't remember the floor precisely but I'm 100% sure because I was hoping for a Magnetron but I found a Magitek Core. Thanks to joyaudouin for the information!