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    Walkthrough by gaabk3

    Version: 2.6 | Updated: 04/18/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Dangan Ronpa Walkthrough
    Game: Dangan Ronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukosei
    Console: Playstation Portable (PSP)
    Author: gaabk3
    E-mail: veemon_digi@hotmail.com
    Version: 2.6
    Note that this guide follows the translation made by Project Zetsubou,
    and not the official one for the PsVita. Look the faq section for 
    more information.
    - 09/30/2013: v1.0 guide published
    - 10/03/2013: v1.5 faq and classtrial contents added
    - 11/27/2013: v2.5 more faq, electroID contents, spoiler warning added,
                       minors errors corrected
    - 04/18/2014: v2.6 more faq and informations changed
    [Walkthrough]                                     [QuickFindCode]
    - Chapter 1:                                      [Ch100]
    Kill Free or Live Hard
    - Investigation                                   [Ch100Inv]
    - Class Trial                                     [Ch100ClT]
    - Chapter 2:                                      [Ch200]
    Weekly Shounen Despair Maganize
    - Investigation                                   [Ch200Inv]
    - Class Trial                                     [Ch200ClT]
    - Chapter 3:                                      [Ch300]
    Neon Genesis Super Vortex Redux: 
    Rise, Armored Hero!
    - Investigation                                   [Ch300Inv]
    - Class Trial                                     [Ch300ClT]
    - Chapter 4:                                      [Ch400]
    All All Apologies
    - Investigation                                   [Ch400Inv]
    - Class Trial                                     [Ch400ClT]
    - Chapter 5:                                      [Ch500]
    If You Want Donuts, Prepare for Despair
    - Investigation                                   [Ch500Inv]
    - Class Trial                                     [Ch500ClT]
    - Chapter 6:                                      [Ch600]
    The Super Duper High School Unluckster, or;
    How I learned to stop despairing and embrace the end
    - Investigation                                   [Ch600Inv]
    - Class Trial                                     [Ch600ClT]
    - 1.1 Map                                         [ElecID1]
    - 1.2 Ammunitions                                 [ElecID2]
    - 1.3 Report Cards                                [ElecID3]
    - 1.4 School Rules                                [ElecID4]
    - 1.5 System                                      [ElecID5]
    [Game Mechanics]
    Class Trial                                       [ClassT]
    - 1.1 Non-stop Debate                             [NonSTPD]
    - 1.2 Epiphany Anagram                            [Epiph]
    - 1.3 Machinegun Talk Battle                      [M.T.B]
    - 1.4 Influence gauge                             [InfG]
    - 1.5 Concetration gauge                          [ConG]
    - 1.6 Others                                      [Misc]
    - 1.7 Climax Logic                                [CLogic]
    First of all, I really ask you guys to be more careful with how you
    scroll your mouses. There are a lot of spoiler in this walkthrough.
    Chapter 1|                             [Ch100]
    Watch the events, and you'll find yourself in Naegi's room.
    Take a look at the drawer, the key on the table, the trash can,
    the iron plates, the bathroom's door, the lint roller, the sheet of paper 
    on the wall, and the notepad near the drawer. Then, we're ready to go. 
    Leave the room.
    Now head for the cafeteria. The game will now explain the Re:ACT system.
    Try talking to Maizono while using it. After the chat, take a look
    at the clock. Talk to Maizono again, and use the Re:ACT system for
    all displayed names. Then, Maizono's report is the last.
    You're back to your room. Take a look on the bathroom's door.
    Go to Maizono's room. Now head to the gym. As the game also
    explains, you can now use the teleport feature at certain
    marks on the map. However, they're not avaible all the times.
    Anyway, use it for now. Look the shelter. Now, look the sword.
    Now talk to Maizono. You now have a free time, but actually
    you can only hang out with Maizono, so go for her room.
    Freetime again, but now you can hang with whoever you want.
    Open the door in your room, then talk to Ishimaru. Then head for the 
    cafeteria. Talk to Ishimaru to proceed and watch the events.
     Now, go to the AV/Room on the academy. Take a look at the box. Then, go for 
    the video player hardware in front of you. Leave the AV/Room and go for the 
    classroom which is just ahead. There you'll find Maizono. Talk to her.
    Open the door, then talk to Maizono. You're now in Maizono's room. Look at
    the drawer, the trash can, her bathroom's door, and her bed.
    After the events, look the bathroom's door, which is kinda broken. We now
    have our first victim. After all the stuffs, we're ready to go. Talk to
    everyone in the gym, then examine Enoshima's body.
    Investigation |                        [Ch100Inv]
    Now you'll start gathering information about the murder.
    You'll recieve Monokuma File 1. You can always take a look 
    at what you've gathered by pressing square, and going to Ammunition.
    Leave the gym, and you'll be taken to Naegi's room.
    Alright then, the stuffs you gotta look on Naegi's room:
    - key on the floor
    - sword's scabbard on the floor
    - sword on the floor
    - drawer
    - marks over the wall
    - talk to Kirigiri
    Now head for the bathroom.
    - look at the knife on her chest
    - you can see a "37" on the wall. Check that. Which is 11037.
    Then leave the bathroom. Kirigiri will talk to you. Check the door.
    Leave Naegi's room. Go for the trash room. Watch the event then leave.
    Now head for the rooms. Look Naegi's and Maizono's door. Now enter
    Maizono's room, which has Naegi's nameplate in it. Check the trash
    can. Now head for the AV/Room to watch the record. Leave the room.
    Go for the cafeteria. Now enter the kitchen. Take a look at  the kitchen
    knives on the wall. Leave the kitchen, then talk to Asahina. Go near
    the rooms, and talk to Yamada. Things to investigate:
    - the incinerator
    - the green and yellow lights
    - fragments of broken glass
    - burnt shirt in front of the incinerator
    Now head for the gym. Talk to Hagakure. 
    Head for the red door, and class Trial is about to begin.
    Check the elevator behind everyone.
    Class Trial  |                         [Ch100ClT]
    Phase 01: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "and killed without a fight"
    Ammunition: signs of struggle
    Phase 02: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "dagger"
    Ammunition: kitchen knives
    Phase 03: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "when the cafeteria was empty"
    Ammunition: Asahina's testimony
    The person who took the knife is Sayaka Maizono.
    Phase 04: Epiphany Anagram
    Word: HAIR
    The evidence is "shower doorknob".
    Phase 05: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "was locked"
    Ammunition: misaligned shower door
    The culprit did not knew the scene was "My room".
    The evidence is "the room exchange".
    Phase 06: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "Maizono's room - where Naegi was"
    Ammunition: bedrom nameplates.
    Sayaka Maizono changed the nameplates.
    The evidence is "Maizono's wrist".
    Phase 07: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "preemptive strike"
    Ammunition: practice sword (scabbard)
    Her palms.
    The water was turned off.
    Sayaka Maizono.
    Phase 08: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "we're all outta clues"
    Ammunition: dying message
    Her left pointer finger.
    Make an accusation: LEON KUWATA.
    The evidence is "burnt dress shirt".
    How it was disposed,
    Phase 09: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "can't get near the incinerator"
    Ammunition: broken glass ball
    He threw it.
    Super Duper Highschool Allstar.
    Climax Logic|
    Note: if you're not sure about Climax Logic, take a look on the game 
    mechanics section.
    Act 1:
    - page 1: culprit openning the door
    - page 2: practice sword (scabbard) behind the culprit
    - page 2: culprit defending himself with the sword's scabbard from
    Maizono's knife
    - page 3: practice sword (blade) with Maizono laying on the wall
    Act 2: 
    - page 4: screwdriver next to the door
    - page 5: Maizono writting the dying message in blood
    Act 3:
    - page 7: lint roller being used
    Act 4:
    - page 8: crystall ball
    - page 9: shirt being thrown into the incinerator
    - page 10: burnt shirt
    Phase 10: Machinegun Talk Battle vs Leon Kuwata
    Ammunition: tool set
    Then we're done with Chapter 1.
    Chapter 2|                             [Ch200]
    You can now visit the second floor. So leave the gym, and check the stairs
    with the 2F symbol. First, go to the dressing room, which is just up ahead. 
    Talk to everybody there, then take a look on the blue door. Leave the room. 
    Now, head straight and go to the library. Take a look on the laptop near 
    Kirigiri. Now check the envelope  in front of Yamada. Then cafeteria, and 
    we're done for today.
    Go to the cafeteria. Go search for Togami in the library at the second floor. 
    You now have a free time.
    The next day, go to the cafeteria. And then we go for more free time. 
    When nighttime falls, head to the cafeteria. Talk to Oowada.
    And after a lot of events, more free time. Now head for the gym.
    After splitting up at the cafeteria, head for the dressing room on the 
    second floor. Then, check on the blue door.
    Investigation |                        [Ch200Inv]
    Look the "bloodbath fever" written on the wall. You'll now recieve the 
    Monokuma File 2. Now talk to Sakura and Oowada. Look the dumbbell on the 
    floor. Back to the previous room... Now look the Card Reader from the 
    women's room.
    Now, we're at the entrance hall. Look the letterbox at the very right of 
    the screen. Now talk to Togami. After the Re:ACT with Togami, talk to 
    Asahina. After going to the dorms, talk to Asahina. Now talk to Fukawa at 
    her room. Then, talk to Togami. At the library, check the archives door. 
    Take a look at all shelter. After the conversation, talk to Togami. 
    After Togami leaves, go to the storeroom, which is near the doorms. There,
    talk to Celes. Now go to the cafeteria and talk to Asahina, then leave.
    Go to the dressing room once again. Go to the men's room. Look at the 
    poster  on the wall. Now look the stain on the carpet. Now head to the 
    women's room. Look the other poster on the wall. Talk to Kirigiri. 
    Now examine Fujisaki's body. Then, talk to Sakura. Now go to the library.
    Check the lamp on the desk. Now take a look at the archives. 
    Look the shelters. Now head to the red door. Check the elevator.
    Class Trial  |                         [Ch200ClT]
    Phase 01: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "a metal pipe"
    Ammunition: dumbbell
    Phase 02: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "no evidence"
    Ammunition: Genocider Shou case file
    He crucifies his victims.
    Phase 03: Epiphany Anagram
    Word: DID (dissociative identity disorder)
    Her speech patterns.
    Phase 04: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "identical"
    Ammunition: Fujisaki's corpse
    The cause of the death.
    What she uses.
    Fujisaki is female.
    Make an accusation: BYAKUYA TOGAMI.
    Phase 05: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "the victim, Fujisaki"
    Ammunition: convert "before you found the body"
    Phase 06: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "I've never seen"
    Ammunition: desk lamp
    The crime scene.
    The evidence is: changing room posters.
    The evidence is: Stained Carpet
    Phase 07: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "'Wata's electroID"
    Ammunition: Broken Electro ID
    Phase 08: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "the culprit"
    Ammunition: Celes's testimony
    Phase 09: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "blue tracksuit"
    Ammunition: Celes's testimony
    How he refers to people.
    Chihiro Fujisaki.
    They have a weakness.
    Make an accusation: MONDO OOWADA.
    Phase 10: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "works just fine"
    Ammunition: Broken electro ID
    Climax Logic|
    Act 1:
    - page 1: blue tracksuit inside the sport bag
    - page 2: electroID (the one being used in the card reader)
    Act 2:
    - page 2: Chihiro heading to the blue door
    - page 3: dumbbell (the one the culprit is holding)
    - page 4: model poster (the one that the culprit is not present)
    Act 3:
    - page 6: culprit removing the poster
    - page 6: red door
    - page 7: culprit placing the poster into another wall
    Act 4:
    - page 9: extension cord in Togami's hand
    - page 10: Togami writting "bloodbath fever" in blood
    Act 5:
    - page 11: sauna 
    (brown floor, with something green near the culprit's shadow)
    - page 11: electroID heated in the sauna (red background)
    Phase 11: Machinegun Battle Talk vs Kiyotaka Ishimaru
    Ammunition: Broken ElectroID
    Then we're done with chapter 2.
    Chapter 3|                             [Ch300]
    You can now go to the third floor, so go there. First, 
    head to the recreation room, which you'll find Celes in. 
    Now go to the art room and talk to Yamada. Check the door behind. 
    There's a photograph on the floor, so examine it. Now to the physics room. 
    Check that Giant machine. Now, turn the camera, you'll see a pink camera 
    on a table, take a look on it. Now head for the next door, 
    and we're done with the exploring. Now, talk to the everybody in the room. 
    Then, talk to  Celes. Then talk to Asahina. At the dressing room, check 
    the locker behind Kirigiri. Now examine the laptop.
    Now head to the cafeteria. Then, free time.
     After you do your stuffs, 
    Ishimaru will show up. Take him to the dressing room.
    Go to the cafeteria. Now, on the dressing room, talk to Kirigiri. Then talk
    to  Yamada. Then more free time.
    Cafeteria. Free time. You should really be using this time to get some 
    skills with the other students,huh? 
    Now there's a paper in front of your door, so check  it out.
    Then go to the cafeteria. Talk to Kirigiri.
    After splitting up at the cafeteria. Naegi will handle the first floor. 
    Check around the rooms, and after that, you'll hear Asahina screaming. 
    Then talk to Celes. Then look the hammer laying on the floor. 
    At the library, talk to Yamada. Now, enter any room, then leave. 
    Now Celes will scream. Now head to the infirmary. 
    Look the hammer laying on the floor; Now head to the physics prep room. 
    Then check Fukawa, laying on the floor. Check all rooms on this floor. 
    Then, to the arts room. Then go to the storage room, the next door.
    Investigation |                        [Ch300Inv]
    Things to investigate on this room:
    - wooden hammers
    - Ishimaru's body
    - Yamada's body
    - talk to Togami
    - trolley (next to Oogami)
    - talk to Asahina, then leave the room
    Now go the physics prep room, where Ishimaru body was. 
    Things to investigate:
    - pool blood on the floor
    Now, to the infirmary.
    - talk to Celes
    - check the trash can
    Then back to the physics prep room,check everything there. 
    Check some stuffs on the previous room. Then leave. Togami will talk to you.
    Then go to Hagakure's room. Check the boxes.
    Now at the pool, talk to Kirigiri. Then talk to Hagakure. 
    Then head to the storage arts room, where the corpses are. 
    After entering the room, talk to Kirigiri. Talk to her again. 
    Then it's time for Class Trial. Gather at the court, as usual.
    Class Trial  |                         [Ch300ClT]
    Phase 01: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "blueprints"
    Ammunition: Hagakure's message
    Yasuhiro Hagakure.
    Blue vynil sheet & Sotrage room trolley
    Phase 02: Machinegun Battle Talk vs Celes
    Ammunition: Prep room blood stain
    Phase 03: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "bend over"
    Ammunition: Justice Robo Costume
    You can't take it off yourself.
    Phase 04: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "the numbers on the justice hammers"
    Ammunition: convert "what order"
    Phase 05: Epiphany Anagram:
    Word: WATCH
    Phase 06: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "because we discovered Yamada's body"
    Ammunition: convert "someone else's corpse"
    When we rediscovered the bodies.
    Phase 07: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "nothing changed"
    Ammunition: Yamada's Glasses
    The evidence is Bloody Glasses Cloth.
    Hifumi Yamada.
    Yamada's hidden note.
    Kiyotaka Ishimaru.
    Phase 08: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "nothing to do with Kitty"
    Ammunition: Broken Wristwatch
    Ishimaru's scrap of paper.
    Phase 09: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "one of the two hammers"
    Ammunition: Washed hammer
    Phase 10: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "no chance"
    Ammunition: convert "two crimes"
    Make an accusation: CELES.
    Witnessed the madman.
    Phase 11: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "them"
    Ammunition: convert "unnatural"
    The exact opposite.
    Phase 12: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "hold himself up"
    Ammunition: Justice Robo Costume
    He used our full names.
    Phase 13: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "you can show otherwise"
    Ammunition: Electro IDs
    Climax Logic|
    Act 1:
    - page 01: Yamada, as he is seen by the side
    Act 2:
    - page 02: picture of the clock at 01:00 AM
    - page 02: Hagakure 
    - page 03: culprit holding a camera
    - Act 3:
    - page 04: the other picture of a clock (in which there are no numbers)
    - page 05: Justice Hammer #4
    Act 4:
    - page 06: Justice Hammer #2
    Act 5
    - page 7: Justice Hammer #3
    Act 6:
    - page 9: Yamada with his eyes closed and a blue vinyl sheet
    - page 10: bloody hammer 
    (NOT a justice hammer, plus, not the hammer being held by the culprit. 
    Just the hammer)
    Then we're done with chapter 3.
    Chapter 4|                             [Ch400]
    Now, let's explore the fourth floor. Go to the music room, and talk to
    Kirigiri. After leaving the music room, check the blue door, which is
    locked. Then, the headmaster's office, which is to the right of the music
    room. It is also locked; Now check the other door, the staff room. The only
    thing to do here, is to look the photograph laying on the floor. Now, to
    the chemistry lab. Check the cabinet near them.
    Then, talk to everyone at the cafeteria. Now head for the bath room. Then
    talk to Genocicer Shou. Now check the laptop.
    The next morning, go to the cafeteria and talk to Oogami. Then free time. 
    As you might expect, you can't hang out with Kirigiri and Oogami. 
    When nighttime falls,head to the gym.
    After all the events, head to the cafeteria. Then, free time.
    The next morning, you'll hear a scream. Then, go to the cafeteria. At the
    infirmary, talk to Asahina. Then, talk to Kirigiri. At the dressing room,
    check the laptop. Now go to the boy's bathroom on the second floor, and
    check the hidden room. Then, take a look on the desk.
    The next day, Kirigiri will call you. Now talk to Asahina, in front of
    the rec room.
    Investigation |                        [Ch400Inv]
    Now, we're off to investigate. Stuff on the rec room:
    - talk to Asahina
    - talk to Togami
    - check Oogami's body
    - white wrapper on the floor
    - red shards of glass on the floor
    - four red bottles on the cabinet
    - the open locker at the right of the room
    - blood near the magazine rack
    - protein container near the door
    - the door, plus the chair near to it
    Then leave the rec room and we'll be taken to the doorms. Talk to
    Hagakure and Fukawa at their own rooms. Then, to the chem lab. Things
    to look here:
    - cabinet A, B, C
    - footprints
    - yellowpowder
    - broken bottle
    Then, go to the rec room. We'll investigate some stuffs again:
    - Oogami's body
    - Monokuma bottle
    - magazine rack
    Then, here we go for the Class Trial. Enter the red door then examine
    the elevator.
    Class Trial  |                         [Ch400ClT]
    Phase 01: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "just cause of that"
    Ammunition: Asahina's testimony
    Phase 02: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "didn't go" (Hagakure's)
    Ammunition: Hagakure's trash
    Oogami didn't have any.
    Inside the maganize rack.
    Phase 03: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "when we found Ogre's body"
    Ammunition: convert "inside the rack"
    Phase 04: Machinegun Talk Battle vs Yasuhiro Hagakure
    Ammunition: Kirigiri's testimony
    Hid the magazine.
    Touko Fukawa.
    Phase 05: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "I just hit her once"
    Ammunition: Kirigiri's testimony
    Phase 06: Epiphany Anagram
    The evidence is "bottle experiment".
    The secodnd attack.
    Phase 07: Machinegun Talk Battle vs Touko Fukawa
    Ammunition: Handprints
    Phase 08: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "the magazine rack"
    Ammunition: Oogami's body
    The evidence is "magazine rack bloodstain".
    I saw it.
    Phase 09: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "the wound on her head"
    Ammunition: Monokuma File 4
    Phase 10: Epiphany Anagram
    Word: PROTEIN
    The protein container.
    The evidence is "footprints".
    Me and Asahina.
    Phase 11: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "I went from cabinet C to A"
    Ammunition: Footprints
    The rec room window.
    Cabinet A.
    Phase 12: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "before the seal was broken"
    Ammunition: Empty Protein Container
    Sakura Oogami.
    Phase 13: Machinegun Tak Battle vs Aoi Asahina
    Ammunition: Oogami's shoe
    Make an accusation: SAKURA OOGAMI.
    The victim herself.
    Climax Logic|
    Act 1:
    - page 1: Togami reading a paper
    Act 2:
    - page 2: Fukawa entering the locker (not the one she's leaving)
    Act 3:
    - page 4: Knight's figure (from the broken Monokuma bottle)
    - page 4: FUKAWA written in blood
    - page 5: Fukawa leaving the locker
    - page 5: magazine put into the rack, but upside-down. (It's that Princess
    Squishy, something like that, which Yamada used to like.)
    Act 4:
    - page 7: Queen's figure (from the broken Monokuma bottle)
    Act 5:
    - page 8: Oogami holding a bottle labeled Chem Lab C-3
    Act 6:
    - page 10: Culprit's hand picking the Chem Lab C-3 bottle
    - page 10: Culprit putting a protein container on the floor
    Then we're done with the Class trial.
    At night, Kirigiri will come to visit you. Talk to her. Then leave Naegi's
    room. Then we're done with chapter 4.
    Chapter 5|                             [Ch500]
    After the conversation, we're off to explore the fifth floor. There, check
    the doujo. There, talk to Kirigiri, and check the cherry blossom. Now, head
    to the Botanical Garden. There's a panel near Hagakure. Check it out. Now,
    check the chicken coop behind Hagakure. There's one big flower at the very
    top of the screen. Check it out. Finally, take a look at the shed. There,
    examine the pickaxe. Now leave the Botanical Garden. After leaving it,
    head straight up, and you'll find Asahina in the hallway. Behind Asahina,
    there's a classroom, so go there. Then look the human-sharped figure on
    the floor. Then, the pool of blood to the left, also on the floor. I can't
    even believe that the blood is actually red! Anyways, leave the room. Now,
    to the very left of the hallway, there's the Biology lab, although it is
    Back to the cafeteria, talk to everyone there. After the conversation,
    Kirigiri will come to visit you again. Open the door for her. At the
    dressing room, talk to her.
    After all the events, we're way off to the cafeteria. Then, free time.
    The next morning, first thing to do is examine the desk drawer. Then,
    go to the cafeteria. Then, talk to Asahina. Now, go to the gym. Talk
    to Hagakure. At the fourth floor, go check the Headmaster's Office.
    After the events, check the corpse. Now examine the corpse once again.
    Now take a look at the key on the floor. Now head to the data processing
    room on the fourth floor.
    At the data processing room, take a look at the TV next to Togami. Now
    look the computers. Then, the monitor screens. Then, look the Monokuma 
    Investigation |                        [Ch500Inv]
    We'll be back to the botanical garden, first thing here is to examine
    the corpse once again.
    - hands
    - upper half of the body
    Near the corpse, we have:
    - knife
    - red fragments
    Now, the chicken coop, and then, the shed. Check the white vinyl sheet
    on the shed. Now, talk to Togami, Hagakure, and Asahina. Now check the
    sprinkler system panel, near Asahina. Then, talk to Togami. Now, head for
    the gym. There's still a disassembled Monkuma there, check it out. Now,go to
    the botanical garden, and talk to Togami. At the dorms, talk to Togami so
    he can unlock the door. Then, enter Kirigi's room. Then, talk to Togami.
    Now take a look at her bed. Then, examine the wooden plate on the table.
    At the dojo, examine the lockers. Now, at the archivers, talk to Togami.
    Now head to the court room, and class trial! After Kirigiri's return, talk
    to her.
    Class Trial  |                         [Ch500ClT]
    Note: there are some hardcore spoilers below. If you're just scrolling your
    mouse around, I'd recommend you to get out of here!
    Her gloves.
    Phase 01: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "I'm sure she had them on"
    Ammunition: Fake Nails
    Phase 02: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "no way to identify"
    Ammunition: Tatto
    Mukuro Ikusaba's Student Profile
    Phase 03: Epiphany Anagram
    Word: WOLF
    Naegi and Kirigiri.
    9:00 A.M.
    Phase 04: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "10:00 P.M"
    Ammunition: Sprinkler System
    Phase 05: Machinegun Talk Battle vs Touko Fukawa
    Ammunition: After the explosion
    White vinyl sheet.
    Phase 06: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "it stayed clean"
    Ammunition: Before the explosion
    Missing chicken.
    Phase 07: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "the knife wound was the cause of death"
    Ammunition: The culprit's red herring
    Monokuma File 05.
    Fragments near the body.
    Phase 08: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "uncertain what caused the victim's death"
    Ammunition: convert "was hit"
    Duralumin arrows.
    Phase 09: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "too thin"
    Ammunition: Bloody packing tape
    Wooden plate.
    Phase 10: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "evidence you didn't do it"
    Ammunition: convert "put the key in my bedroom"
    Well then, now things get serious. Major spoiler below.
    Choices: call her out, don't call her out, run away.
    If you choose run away, nothing will happen, lmao.
    If you choose call her out, Naegi will tell about the master key, and
    you will have the bad ending, having Kirigiri to get executed. 
    However, some cool stuff happens while at the bad ending, 
    so for a first playthrough, I recommend that you get this option, 
    because even if you choose this, you will be back to the choices again as a 
    flashback. And if you choose don't call her out,you'll just keep moving on.
    Then we're done with this class trial.
    Now, let's look around. First, check the door. After the trash falls,
    take a look at it. Then, talk to Kirigiri by doing the RE:Acts. 
    Then we're done with Chapter 5.
    To proceed, check that door you once checked, then talk to Kirigiri. 
    Then, check the door again.
    Chapter 6|                             [Ch600]
    After the events, talk to Kirigiri at the trash room. Now head to the gym. 
    After the events, talk to Kirigiri. After the conversation, go to the 
    Cafeteria. There, talk to Kirigiri and RE:Act. Then, talk to Kirigiri again.
    Investigation |                        [Ch600Inv]
    Well, you can check on your ammunitions, the places to investigate are: 
    the headmaster's office, the biology lab, the Monokuma door in the data 
    processing room, the second floor of the dormitory, the botanical garden, 
    and the dojo. I'll be doing things my way, but  feel free to investigate 
    things at your own sequence.
    First, the headmaster's office on the 4rd floor. Then, talk to Togami. 
    Now the biology lab on the 5th floor. First, examine the devices with blue 
    and red dots. Now, the white vinyl sheet on the left. 
    Then, check the manual on the table.
    Now, the data processing room on the 4th floor. Oh yeah, I'm just checking 
    things as they were sorted. Kinda of a pain going through floors all the 
    time,huh? When you're there, check the Monokuma door. Check the main panel. 
    Now, leave the room. Examine Monokuma. Now go to that room again and talk 
    to Asahina.
    Now, leave the data processing room. After the events, go to the second floor 
    of the dorms. It's the stair near the storage room. head straight then turn 
    right,and you will find a room there. There, you'll find Kirigiri. 
    Check that brown wall with a  mark on it. It's a secret passage. 
    Then, check the computer on the desk. Now, check it once again. 
    Now, go to that room. Check the gift box, You'll be surprised just as Naegi.
    Then, talk to Kirigiri. Now look to desk at the right. 
    Now check the picture behind Kirigiri. 
    Now, leave the room, and return the way near the bathrooms. 
    Enter  that door. It's a locker room. 
    Check the locker that is not busted at the left. 
    After using Naegi's electroID, check the locker again to use the emergency 
    eletctroID. Check the crystal ball, the deck of tarot cards, and the 
    notebook. Then, leave his locker. Check one of the other lockers at the 
    center. There's a single notebook there, so  checkit out. 
    Now leave this room.
    Now go to the botanical garden on the 5th floor. When you get there, 
    check the shed. Check the white vinyl sheet.
    Now, the dojo. After talking to Fukawa, you can just leave. 
    Now head to the gym for the hint Monokuma mentioned. 
    Check the envelope that Monokuma mentioned. Now, go to the cafeteria. 
    There, talk to Asahina. Now go to the library on the second floor. Talk
    to Togami on the beyond door. Now go to the bio lab. Talk to Fukawa. 
    Check that corpse on the refrigerator. Check the refrigerator at the left. 
    Now examine the vinyl sheets. After the conversation, talk to Kirigiri.
    Now go to the A/V Room on the 1st floor. Now check the panels to watch 
    the DVD. Now, court room here we go!
    Class Trial  |                         [Ch600ClT]
    Phase 01: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "three people"
    Ammunition: Group Photo
    The photo's recipient.
    Phase 02: Epiphany Anagram
    Word: AMNESIA
    Phase 03: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "absolutely everything"
    Ammunition: Emergency Interview DVD
    Phase 04: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "somewhere else"
    Ammunition: Monokuma Control Room
    The scattered wounds.
    Phase 05: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "on the battlefield"
    Ammunition: Mukuro Ikusaba's Student Profile
    The puppetmaster.
    Phase 06: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "Right hand"
    Ammunition: convert "Mukuro Ikusaba"
    The bio lab.
    The evidence is "white vinyl sheet".
    Phase 07: Machinegun Talk Battle vs Monokuma
    Ammunition: Storage Unit Lights
    Same person killed twice.
    Phase 08: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "Junko Enoshima"
    Ammunition: convert "getting killed twice"
    Phase 09: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "not Mukuro Ikusaba"
    Ammunition: Mukuro Ikusaba's Student Profile
    Make an accusation: JUNKO ENOSHIMA.
    Phase 10: Epiphany Anagram
    Word: SWITCH
    From the beginning.
    The evidence is "Emergency Interview DVD".
    Phase 11: Machinegun Talk Battle vs Monokuma
    Ammunition: Group Photo
    Junko Enoshima's face.
    Climax Logic|
    Act 1:
    - page 1: Junko Enoshima (fake) with Mukuro Ikusaba as a background
    Act 3:
    - page 3: Culprit removing a corpse from the refrigerator
    Act 4:
    - page 4: Knife in the culprit's hand
    - page 4: Culprit looking to the left, and Kirigiri from the back
    - page 5: Culprit running from Kirigiri to the right side
    - page 5: the culprit holding the mask
    Act 5:
    - page 6: everyone looking to the masked corpse (before explosion)
    - page 7: everyone looking to the corpse (after explosion)
    We're done with the climax logic, but not with the classtrial.
    Prep for the first day.
    Monokuma's incentives.
    Interpersonal relations.
    Our pasts.
    Phase 12: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "can remeber anything"
    Ammunition: Genocider's Secret
    It was destroyed. (LOLOL)
    Our time at Kibougamine.
    Phase 13: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "I never even went to classes"
    Ammunition: Hagakure's notebook
    When we passed out.
    The headmaster.
    Phase 14: Epiphany Anagram
    Phase 15: Non-stop Debate
    Wrong phrase: "..." (all of them)
    Ammunition: convert "hope"
    Note: you must shot your ammunition multiple times until the phase 
    is complete.
    Phase 16: Machinegun Talk Battle vs Junko Enoshima
    Ammunution: Super Duper Highschool Hope
    The end!
    - 1.1 Map                              [ElecID1]
    Here, you can see the school map. You can also use a feature, that you
    can choose a square of the map and travel all the way there in a flash.
    This saves a lot of time. You'll often see other characters portraits
    at some places during the game. Sometimes it means it's a freetime
    event, others are needed to continue the story.
    - 1.2 Ammunitions                      [ElecID2]
    This part will not be avaible at all times. It can only be selected
    during investigations, and will show everything Naegi knows about a
    specific case.
    - 1.3 Report Cards                     [ElecID3]
    Here are all information about other students, as well the skills
    you have unlocked.
    - 1.4 School Rules                     [ElecID4]
    The rules set by Monokuma. He will change them if necessary.
    - 1.5 System                           [ElecID5]
    Save game, load game, sound configuration, etc.
                                      Game Mechanics
    Class Trial                            [ClassT]
    - 1.1 Non-stop Debate                  [NonSTPB]
    It's the most common phase in class trials. The orange words are called
    "weak points", and at some specifics orange words it's hidden a
    contradiction or a lie told by someone. At the left-bottom screen, you
    have your so called "ammunitions". You'll be give around 3~5 ammunitions
    per round, which is things you learned so far about a specific case. Then
    you use the triangle button to shot the ammunition. If you spot the wrong 
    phrase, the phase is complete. You can press the R buttom to slow down 
    the time and use your "concentration gauge", making it easier to shot 
    the weak point. If you shot the wrong weak point, you'll lose "influence 
    After sometime, you'll have another feature, called "convert". During
    some phases, the correct ammunition won't be loaded into your cylinder.
    And your job during such cases is to "convert" a weak point into your
    ammunition. You just hold triangle while aimming to the weak point, and 
    it'll be converted. Note, however, that you have only one chance to convert
    per round. If you miss the aim or the weak point, you'll have to do
    it once again.
    And finally, the other feature is called "silencer". During some Non-stop
    Debate, there will be some purple words appearing in the screen, preventing
    you from seeing some words or even weak points. Those purple words are
    the other students thinkings. You shot them using the X button, and the
    screen will be clear. You'll gain 2 extra seconds for each thought you
    shot. But, if you shot a weak point with your silencer, will you lose
    20 seconds, so be careful with your aim.
    - 1.2 Epiphany Anagram                 [Epiph]
    In Epiphany Anagram, you need to find the keyword and hit the letters
    with ?. You'll notice some colors to each letter, being yellow, orange
    and red. They will just influence your total score, so don't worry
    too much about it. By pressing X in a yellow word, you can make it become
    orange or red by pressing X multiple times If it's red to it's limit,
    by pressing X one more time will make it shot, being not necessary to
    press triangle. Oh yeah, you also gotta fill every letter acordding to the 
    order. So, if the word is "pudding", it would be like P-?-?-D-?-?-G
    and the words would be floating around. You can also use the 
    concentration gauge to slow the time, like Non-stop Debate.
    - 1.3 Machinegun Talk Battle           [M.T.B]
    This phase looks like a dance game or something. You will be in a debate
    agains't your opponent. So, your opponent will be saying stuffs to blame
    you for something, or to make them innocents. And their phrases will be
    appearing in the screen, and you need to press X to lock in their
    assertions. You must destroy those assertions before they damage your
    influence gauge. By locking up those assertions, you fire them using
    the triangle button. You can select multiples assertions pressing X as
    it is necessary, and fire them with triangle. While you do this, you need
    to keep your combos, because by doing so, it will increase your tempo
    (speed) and it'll make easier to lock in assertions and fire them faster.
    If you miss too many combos, your tempo will decrease.
    In this phase, the concentration gauge works a little different. Your
    opponent also has a concentration gauge, and will need to use yours
    to counter theirs. Your opponent's ability will make your line border
    dissapear, so you'll have to keep the pace between triangle and X, and if
    the tempo goes up, it'll be easier to miss. So your ability will allow you
    to lock in assertions and fire them as you please, making the opponent's
    ability kinda useless. However, be careful on how you use it.
    At a certain time, you'll have a number of bullets. This is where things
    get hard. When you select an assertion, you need to have an avaible bullet
    to fire it. You can see the number of bullets you have just below the
    border line. You can fill your bullets by pressing square. So if you have
    4 assertions locked, and 3 bullets avaible, one of them won't be fired up.
    When you win the MTB, you'll need to select an ammunition and fire it,
    similiar to the Non-stop Debate. However, if you take too long, the MTB
    will resume, and you'll need to do it again. 
    - 1.4 Influence gauge                  [InfG]
    It's your HP points. If it reaches 0, Naegi will be fingered the villain
    and that would be the game-over, except that you have the option to try
    again from that very same phase, and have all your influence gauge back
    to its full. Lulz.
    - 1.5 Concetration gauge               [ConG]
    It's your MP points. You can use it during Non-stop Debate, Epiphany
    Anagram, and Machinegun Talk Battle. Each phase it's own affection
    and you can read them at the above topics.
    - 1.6 Others                           [Misc]
    During sometimes at the classtrials, you'll need to hit the options
    that'll be given to you. Similiar to that, you'll need to present
    evidences from your ElectroID.
    - 1.7 Climax Logic                     [CLogic]
    Probaly the coolest phase of the classtrials. You need to make a scene
    of the crime of everything that you and Naegi knows. And you'll be doing
    that in a manga style. So, of course it'll be from right to left. You'll
    have some pages, and there'll be some blank slots. And your job is to
    identify fragments of picture that are below that fits that slot.
    If you press X on each "?" of the picture, you will see a hint.
    Each dificulty level gives you less time to solve the manga, being the
    merciful 30 minutes, and all pictures matches the slots; gentle will
    give you 20 minutes and there'll be some random pictures. And on malicious
    you'll have 10 minutes and there'll be more random pictures.
    Q: What's up with this translation?
    A: It was translated by Project Zetsubou. The most notable change is
    the original "Super Highschool Level" by "Super Duper Highschool".
    Q: Is this game avaible for PsVita?
    A: Yes, with an oficial translation, unlike this one.
    Q: Will Project Zetsubou be translating Super Dangan Ronpa 2?
    A: They were working on it, but the project was canceled because
    it will be avaible for PsVita soon, with an oficial translation.
    Q: Is there really an anime for this game?
    A: Yes it's official name is Dangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou
    no Koukousei - The Animation
    Q: What about a manga?
    A: Yup. There is a prequel novel too.
    Q: And an anime for Super Dangan 2?
    A: It was suggested at the end of DR anime that there will be a
    second season, but it hasn't been announced yet.
    Q: Don't you think this game having a FAQ kinda defeats the purpose
    of the game?
    A: I do agree, but at some points, I just found myself stuck in some
    class trials, even though I knew what I had to respond. I just couldn't
    interpret the game. So it might help for those cases. Plus, many people
    consider this game to be a visual novel, so for people who want to enjoy
    the story and are not in the mood to think too much, this might help
    them a lot.
    Copyright 2013 gaabk3
    All trademarks and copyrights contained here are owned by their own 
    trademarks and copyrights. This guide is only avaible on gamefaqs.com, 
    please, do not reproduce it anywhere else without my permission.

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