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"Tom Clancy's Poltergeist Regime Changers Sounds Better"

For the PSP there are loads of tactical shooter games and some first person shooters that either take the cake or carry on the same old baggage. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator unfortunately falls into the not-so-fantastic category despite a typical Tom Clancy crisis scenario that the Ghosts must stop from becoming a major escalation. The concept of this game is pretty good, but if you are like me and picked up Metal Gear Peacewalker or some other tactical shooter game with better stuff then you feel like Predator is a rather mundane type of game.

To be honest, I have not been as big a fan of the Ghost Recon games as I have of the Rainbow Six franchise or Splinter Cell. For one there is nothing that separates the Ghosts in Predator apart from a regular infantry combat unit. Sure they get to swoop in on a special plane and spear head the preliminary actions prior to a major invasion but the game play would have you think you were back in the days of playing the Conflict games complete with a few selectable characters that range from assault riflemen to snipers. Recon is the name of this game but yet you spend very little time performing this task than blazing your to blow up or assassinate objectives. The harder the difficulty the better feel for this game you will have but then you still have to deal with the numb skull AI enemies in the game who at first are supposed to be stupid and not hide in cover but then you realize the loyalist soldiers training the rebels are themselves to blame for this error in combat training because they do the same thing.

The story is totally made up Tom Clancy jive and set in Sri Lanka just because it is a crucial part of the region with Pakistan and India right in between. This game's story does not have anything to do with the events of real life but focuses on an unnamed rebellion taking place in Sri Lanka after some US ships were attacked. Before the US goes shock and awe on Sri Lanka, the Ghosts are tasked with quelling the rebellion and finding out who exactly is responsible and why so that a major could be averted. After that you land in Sri Lanka and start meeting people and gathering intelligence. Stuff the CIA should have done but needed bullet power to accomplish.

So back to the game play, there are plenty of problems considering this game should be about reconnaissance and timing. For this type of military game you have to go deep into the story and deep into the missions to figure stuff out for yourself. Ghost Recon Predator hardly scratches the surface on what the Ghosts are about and the plot doesn't get engrossing. Sometimes the game allows you to choose what mission you want to do next but whether or not it affects the outcome of the game is not for certain. I doubt it really is about that than gaining enough experience for your characters to move on to the next mission.

I did not have too much trouble with the controls. Auto aim is almost essential for PSP games like these. But you can go into an aim mode with the X button as well as use cover and shoot from behind it. Selecting items is not much of a hassle either and you can add a RC-Car for reconnaissance work and to cause a little mayhem. Only three team members will accompany you on a mission so you can keep them with you or move them around or use them as back-up in case you get shot up. As you progress through the game and you can complete bonus objectives to unlock new weapons and gadgets and gain experience. I would not have minded a full on tactical shooter role playing game with Ghost Recon Predator.

The sound and graphics could have been better. Bullet ricochets sound like lasers going off for some reason and detail is not given much attention to characters. Even the cut scenes are short and feature little dialogue. So your Ghost team will remain completely anonymous at least. The music is good and the classic Tom Clancy themes are thrown in. Graphics are about what I expected since playing the Ghost Recon console games did not raise my expectations for PSP's Predator.

Final Recommendation

This is not a full price game but worthy of your time if you can't find anything else decent to play. Ghost Recon Predator is one of those few PSP games that are loaded on retail store shelves and I fell for picking it up for full price. Of course I did not pay as much for this as Peacewalker or other games I still love for the PSP. Tom Clancy games are all over the place and I can easily name a few console games to go for instead, but I think other tactical shooter games for the PSP have this one matched.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/07/11

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator (US, 11/15/10)

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