Gilgamesh, Prishe, Phantom train and stuff?

  1. I finished 8th report scenario, beaten Gabranth and Gilgamesh. Do I have to buy gilgamesh and prishe now? Cause they're nowhere to be seen on character selection screen.
    And can someone write in japanese how PP item which gives me phantom train looks. I cannot read katana, hiragana or kanji whatsoever.

    User Info: laskal

    laskal - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. As for Gilgamesh and Prishe, yes you do need to buy them.

    Go to the PP catalog, and in the Character tab(the first one, its also written in English) you'll see a bunch of stuff right at the top for 30pp. These are the villains, listed in order of Final Fantasy. The 11th and 12th options that cost a bit more are Shanotto and Gabranth. Once you beat report 8 Prishe and Gilgamesh (for even more than the two before them) appear. Underneath that is all the alt costumes, by the way, starting with Lightning then the other new characters, then WoL, Firion, etc etc etc.

    As for Phantom Train I'm not sure cause I haven't unlocked it but I'm pretty sure its going to be in System along with all the other stages. Compare it to the original Dissidia's english menu if you're having trouble.

    User Info: warior916

    warior916 - 6 years ago 0 0

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