Where can I find (all the tomes)?

  1. I had aquestion where could i find all the tomes like tome of orater and tome of men all kinds

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    sephiroth20010 - 6 years ago

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  1. Alright, either you haven't been paying attention or the answers given aren't specific enough. If they aren't specific enough, allow me to elaborate:

    Tome of Mysteries: Found in Gateway of good and evil, GW of melting snows
    Tome of Memories: Found in GW of the great will
    Tome of Lies: Encounters and treason, Frozen continent
    Tome of the farplane: Encounters and treason, GW of melting snows
    Rest of the tomes (silence, men, adventure, orator): 5th floor of dreams of a flying castle.
    Note* All of these are at random.

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  1. Just go on a rampage through all the gateways in chapter 000 and be sure to open every chest in sight. Particular gateways have chests with rerunnable tomes (I recall first finding some tomes in the eastern part of the south continent as well as in the northern continent).

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  2. To be more specific, the Dragon King's gateway (the gateway where you encountered Gabranth) and the gateway closest to the Mirage Tower warp stone (the gateway in the middle of the desert in the north) contains the tomes you seek.

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  3. I'll warn you now, the Tomes are some of the hardest pieces to obtain in the game. There are many ways to obtain them but there is only one place where it is a sure thing you will find some.

    The first way is to go and beat the Mannikins inside red chests or some of the more powerful level 100+ mannikins including the rare white mannikins. Not suggested because the drop rate is still bad.

    The second way is to have a friend equip them in his accessories and fight him. The tomes will be available as Battlegen prizes. I find it very easy to obtain them if your friend is in level 100 and you are using the Iai build. The Iai build allows you to have 1 accessory slot open to whatever you want. In that slot place the Sunrise basic accessory. It boosts the Battlegen rate by quite a bit.

    The third way is to clear the Dreams of a Flying Castle Gateway near the Mirage Tower warp stone. Be warned, the place is packed with difficult battles and A LOT of the dreaded white Mannikins. The tomes are inside Red Treasure Chests meaning you will have to face level 109+ mannikins in order to obtain them. There are about 4-6 Tomes (don't remember specific amount) inside this Gateway.

    There might be some other places that have 1 or 2 of the tomes, like the Dragon King's gateway and some of the hidden final gateways in 000, but I do not remember a place that if farming friendly. And trust me, you will want the place to be farming friendly because you will need A LOT of the Tomes if you want the best stuff.

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  4. Once you get inside the Dreams of a Flying Castle Gateway, purposely let the Mannikins weaken your first three warriors of the five. When you do face the white Mannikins you can then easily finish them off because they'll have the exact health aswell. Once you defeat the first three, the battle will automatically be over if you've won all three battles in a row that is. The other two are at full health will be used to fight the chests.

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