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  1. I need a good spot to get a good amount of KP and/or gil in a good amount of time. I have all my characters from the first Dissidia at LV100 but i feel im still lacking some equipment to use their full potential (*cough Feral Chaos cough*) so any help would be appreciated so I can continue on in the 000 chapter.

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  1. The "Frozen Continent" gateway in Scenario 000 allows you to chain 9 battles together with Multichain. Add KP Gambler and Switch and its an EASY 243 KP. Bonus line for the gateway is Level 60, and it's right next to a moogle shop as well.

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  1. umm right now i know of 2 ways for kp farming

    1. grab a cross chain, multichain and kp gambler then go to laguna's story in 012. Then where you start off at in the gateway use the cross chain for a 5x5=25 kp and then hit the next gateway and use kp gambler+multichain for a 18x6=108 kp which in total is 133kp per run unless you have some kp bonuses

    2. in the 000 storyline after you defeat the manikin of feral chaos there is a gateway with 2 golden manikin statues (meaning they only have 1 hp) so adjust your lv to one (since the bonus line is 100 you will start out with 99kp and once you defeat the 2 it'll be a quick 101kp (and again unless you have some kp bonuses

    for gil not sure yet i just battle lv 100's in free battle set at minimal wearing the beckoning cat and the golden armor set for the gil bonuses

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  2. for Gil u can just fight any battle in scenario 000 each enemy should be giving u around 6000-15000gil or u can just get a gold in aracade mode time attack (crystal course) and get a gold timing (below 15 mins) this with reward with a megaelixir and a gold angel which can be sold at 100000gil

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  3. Gabranth's path in 000, bring as many KP bonus as you can, get all the KP Chance's u can, even if u start the path @100 w/ -20 KP you can still come out massively ahead, max i've gotten so far was 1440 KP in one run but i ran out of KP Bonus (they stack btw so as long as u have KP bonus you can keep doubling up)

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  4. the best spot for KP is the gateway in gaia. useing the moogle cups kp bonus and kp gamblers I came out wit 9000 kp. its a harder dungeon but the payoff is well worth it

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  5. i find RapidChoco's method to be the most convenient... it takes me not even 5 minutes for each round to get the 243 KP with Cloud and some decent gear...

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  6. *RabidChoco... sorry

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  7. The frozen continent strategy mentioned above is very good, I've been using that and found out others are too, which means it really is efficient. But I would like to add to that information, something that would GIVE YOU 1944 KP in one portal:

    Step 1: Set your PSP dates to the 1st and 2nd days right after your bonus day, allowing you to purchase the elixirs and more importantly the "KP BONUS" from the moogle at the start of the story. Repeat the process until you have THREE (3) KP bonus skills.

    Step 2: Buy 1 Multichain and 1 KP gambler from the moogle near the "Frozen Continent" portal in the Elven Castle territory. Now, if you did everything so far then you would have 5 skills: 3 KP bonus, 1 Multichain and 1 KP Gambler.

    Step 3: Enter said portal at level 60 (Or less if you want to) then go to the left most spot in the middle of the map where the multichain would hit all the pieces. As mentioned in a post before this one, there are 9 battles here giving you a whopping 27 x 9 if you finish all the battles and getting the KP AND activating the KP Gambler before the chain

    Step 4: You should now have a total of 243 KP, now to use ALL your "KO Bonus" skills each giving two times the amount of your current KP. Leaving you with a tantalizing 1944 KP in one go!!


    Step 5: To add to the already easy 1944 KP I told you about, you can then use the strategy in step 1 to buy the "Banish/Death" skill for every two days after your bonus day. Which means another easy KP gain for you.. (YES, YOU CAN THANK ME LATER) =P

    Step 6: Buy a multichain and head back to The Frozen Continent at level 62, now use the banish skill and chain them up for an easy 241 KP! (You don't even have to fight them!) Since banish skill kills all lower level pieces instantly.

    PS: I use the banish tactic without KP bonus coz it would leave one less space for another KP bonus skill slot. I would rather use my KP bonus skill on 972 KP than a tiny 482 KP when combined with the banish tactic.

    Hope this helps you guys!! ... Actually, I KNOW this will help you out. Hahaha!

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  8. 1) Buy 5 KP Bonus (the moogle near cornelia stone sells 1 per day for two days after your bonus day)

    2) Teleport to the Gaia stone.

    3) Before you enter the gate there, make sure ALL characters in your party have their levels adjusted to one. You will not receive the KP from the bonus line or receive less KP if one of your characters is a different level.

    4) I equipped my characters with these accessories:
    - Smiting Soul: +1% Iai strike chance, or instant break to your opponent when attack hits (required)
    - Weaponless x1.5 booster (recommended)
    - Gloveless: x1.5 booster (recommended)
    - Hatless: x1.5 booster (recommended)
    - Armorless: x1.5 booster (recommended)
    - Level 1-9: x1.5 booster (recommended)
    - Level Gap accessory, both 80 and 90: x8 and x10 booster respectively (required)
    - Another x1.5 booster accessory of your choice, I recommend HP=100%
    - Sniper Eye: +10% Wall rush HP dmg (optional)
    - Side By Side: Assist Gauge Charge on HP attack, EX force absorption disabled, EX Gauge frozen (optional)
    The accessories I recommended were chosen because they are constant and will not change during battle. All the boosters except for HP=100% are purchased from a moogle. I forgot which one though but it's in the southern continent

    5) I recommend using Cloud because of his Brave-HP attacks which wall rush easily but it's up to you

    The gate near the Gaia stone is The Forsaken Lands. It is a 10 floor dungeon with a lvl 100 bonus line. Most of the enemies are lvl 90 and above, adjust your Level Gap accessory accordingly. There are 2 silver moogle statues (which double your current KP count earned in the dungeon so far) and one gold moogle statue (triples current KP count earned in the dungeon)
    With the correct accessories, you will have 90.6-99.9% chance to instantly break your opponent, thereby fulfilling the KP chance condition.
    With 5 KP Bonuses and the 3 statues, your KP count will be x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x3
    By getting all or most of the KP chances, you will receive 43k-52k KP when you finish
    Beware the Gold statue is on the 10th floor, if you have any KP bonuses saved use them on this floor.
    Good luck, have fun.

    Proper credit for this ingenious method goes to ujhbn of dissidiaforums

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  9. In addition to the suggestion of the fellow above me, you can use this tactic once every 2 to 3 weeks to farm gil relatively easily - Friendship Incense, sold at any respectable Moogle shop, sells for 1750 a pop and cost 5 KP. At best case scenario, the amount of gil recieved (if you spend the whole lot on Friendship incense) will be a cool 18,200,000 gil (not factoring in the 10% you can recieve extra by selling on specific bonus days). If that isn't enough (sums indicate you need roughly ten times this amount to purchase enough Lores to get everybody's equip skills), the Lufenian equipment is easily farmed from the gate closest to the Mirage Tower warp stone (10 pieces in all), as well as 350 - 500 KP to boot and access to the rare and wonderful tomes.

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