1. In chapter 5 where we use Lightning again, there's a moogle shop and he just sell an accessories, Pebble.. What is it? Is it an useful item or just a piece of trash??

    User Info: blackrpg_8686

    blackrpg_8686 - 6 years ago


  1. If I am correct and they are like they were in DFF, you'll have to find some gear to break them open. I haven't gotten too far in 012, but I believe the machine-type armor will have the ability to give those pebbles an accessory break chance. when they break, they give you another useful accessory. I'm really glad I didn't reset my characters now when i did the transfer of my DFF data.

    User Info: KaiTynMacros

    KaiTynMacros - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. Pebbles will break on their own. Usually revealing another pebble. Rinse and repeat until it breaks for the last time to become a Growth Seed, which is one of the components for the Growth Egg.

    However, each successive week or so, that moogle out there (you can also encounter him in Scenario 013's prologue, or Scenario 000 by the Cornelia Castle teleport stone) will stock rarer items like the Elixirs, some rare summons or boosters, and KP Bonus and Banish/Death skills. HOWEVER. You're only gonna be able to get like one or two of each of what he sells, save the summons, per week.

    User Info: RabidChoco

    RabidChoco (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0
  3. They're EXTREMELY useful if you want to level up a Level 1 character to Level 100 in a single battle. Just equip it to a character your using and keep battling until it changed into Growth seed. If you're unlucky, usually it will end up into another pebble. Items such as: growth seed, growth egg, chocobo wings are EXP value boosters accesories. But becareful, those items are only a single use items because they have high breakability, so choose your character wisely.
    Hope my answer helps :)

    User Info: bidoh

    bidoh - 6 years ago 0 0

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