How do I beat Feral chaos?

  1. Im having trouble beating feral chaos in 000 story
    any tips on gear/chars i should use?

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  2. Additional Details:
    I mean the lvl 130 @ edge of madness

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  1. You should check the other questions first, yours has been asked and answered several times. But here's a re-post of my answer to your question. Hope it helps.

    1.Exp-BRV Builds

    Weapon:Excalibur II
    Arm:-(Personal Preferance, I would sugest Gauntlets for the BRV boost)
    Head:Super Ribbon(Yes, Invest, it's worth it. Hopefully you bought Dancers Garb in the last game and transferred save data.)
    Body:-(Personal Preferance, Maximillian or Lvl 100 Chestplates for the BRV boost advisable)

    Growth Egg
    Growth Egg
    Chocobo Feather
    Chocobo Wing
    Chocobo Down
    First To Victory
    Hero's Seal
    (Fill with Blue Gems and Drops, or CP Boosters.)

    EXP-BRV(Must have, obviously)
    No BRV attacks(Unless your trying this with Exdeath, In which case only blocks.)

    These builds work best with characters who have easy to hit with HP attacks, such as Zidane and Cloud of Darkness, that don't wall rush. My preferred lineup is as follows...

    Zidane(Only equip BRV attacks that chain into Meo Twister, and all of his HP attacks. Meo Twister is your preferred HP attack over all others, because it CAN NOT wall rush. Free Energy follows, then Stellar Circle and Tidal Flame. Use Grand Lethal sparingly, in emergencies, and away from walls, as it will wall rush!)

    Cloud of Darkness(Anti Air Particle Beam set to Forward will be your main damage dealer. This is one of her easiest HP moves to hit with, and is very spammable. Long Range, Wrath, and too a limited degree, Aura Ball are good choices as well.)

    Kuja(Flare Star, Seraphic Star. Nuff Said. Very good HP game, avoid stage walls to avoid wall rush. If you equip Ultima, use the Ground version. If you miss, hide behind it quickly, most often Chaos(And several other AI's) will run right into it.)

    If you are confident in your abilities, Use other Characters you are confident with with strong HP games, such as Golbez and Garland. Even if you do wall rush, The game is on your side for once, since Chaos is Lvl 130, you get a good chunk of experience anyway.

    This build is best used on your bonus day, and while the Grind Lover Play Plan is not required, it does help. It's purpose is thus, every time you connect with an HP attack, you gain double or more of the Bravery you expended. For example, if you connected with a 1237 BRV HP attack, you would recieve 2400+BRV back, then connect with another, and another, and so forth, until you're hitting for 9999 with each attack. The reason too avoid Wall Rush is that the game calculates the last Damage dealt when determining EXP recieved for EXP-X abilities. 25% of the damage will give you diminishing returns on your BRV, which sucks as it is almost impossible to gain it back without this build. Hybrid builds existed in the original Dissidia, when Wall Rush damage was 50% of damage dealt, and Boostable Accessories gave you a bigger bonus. This build is hard to accomplish if you haven't mastered abilities, bought Dancers Garb, A super Ribbon, or had Excalibur II drop. Excalibur II drops from the No. 1 Moogle Friend Card, which is an SSS Tactician Kain. He's easy to beat, and with an item drop Build, you should have one within 6-10 battles, if not buy PP items, and keep trying.

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  1. Lvl 1 Critical Iai Strike Build


    This is a fascinating Build I came up with after spying some of the new accessories available in this title. This build revolves around several accessories, but is largely independent of Equipment.

    Smiting Soul
    Bond Breaker(This is more for everyday use, in other 000 dungeons with Lvl 120+ enemies. Replace with a Bravery orb or another X1.5 Booster)
    Near Death
    Near Loss
    HP<25%(You, not your opponent)
    Large Gap in HP(Replace with HP<25% Opponent when not fighting Chaos)
    Level 1-9
    Level Gap>90(Or 80 if situation merits, again in other 000 dungeons.)
    Easy Come, Easy Go(Limited use against Chaos, as it only gives you 15 seconds of a X99.9 Multiplier, if you can, replace with another sustainable X1.5)
    Back to the Wall(Required)

    After battle starts, for the first 15 seconds, you'll have a X99.9 Multiplier. Any HP attack with a BRV component is your best friend. After 15 seconds, your multiplier falls to X35.5, still a very respectable chance for break. This works wonders against overpowered, cheap, unfun Lvl. 120+ enemies, and somewhat well against Chaos. A party of these will decimate him, if you have the skills. Obviously you'll need too back your level to 1, and avoid damage at all costs. This is a very fun build, but expect to restart alot until you get used to it. Without Easy Come Easy go, your multiplier is X50.5, which means you'll Iai strike half of the time. With the optional X1.5, it goes up to X63.4, over a half the chance of an instant break.

    Firion:Firion works EXTREMELY well with this build. All of his ground BRV attacks are not only easy too hit with, but they chain into HP attacks as well. His standard HP attacks also have a brave component, excepting Straightarrow. Weaponmaster is without a doubt the MOST effective HP attack to spam against Feral Chaos. Its long hitbox, tracking, the cramped confines of Edge of Madness, and Feral's huge hitbox all spell death for our roaring friend. Lord of Arms and Shield Bash are effective as well. Equip his magic for surprise Iai strikes, and EXP-BRV to capitalize on the damage and mitigate after HP breaks.

    Zidane:Same reasons as above build, Free Energy becomes less useful though.

    Cloud Of Darkness:Anti Air still shines, Wrath and her Tentacles become viable again.

    Shantotto:If your good with her, all of her HP attacks have a BRV factor, so Bind and Bio away!

    Kain:Gungnir, Rising Drive, And Sky Rave all have brave components, and are fairly easy to hit with. Jump, when aimed right, also has a brave portion, and is a good counter.

    Again, anyone who you feel comfortable with using, as long as they have a strong HP game, prefferably with a brave portion, will work well with this build. The few characters who don't respond well with any of these builds are as follows.

    Cloud:He's slow, relies on blocking(which is useless against Chaos, believe me), and all of his HP attacks wall rush. You can try the level 1 build with him, but there are better characters.

    Squall:Squall is one of my favorite characters, but he is severely limited by his poor HP game. If your good at hitting with his HP's, try the Level 1 build.

    Prishe:Same as Squall.

    Gabranth: I love him too, but without sacrificing needed accessory slots for Arcane Resins, most just cant go toe to toe with Chaos using him.

    I hope this helps, and if you need any other help, email me at

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  2. Aurons Lai build is great, but in my oppionion this one that I used (I beat feral chaos in less than 2 minutes with this one) works best

    Bravery soul (Bravery recovery 30%)
    Sniper eye ( Wall hp dmg 10%)
    Saftey bit (6% last chance)
    Smiting soul (Lai strike 1%, Defence -20%)

    Weaponless (Booster times 1.5)
    Gloveless (Booster times 1.5)
    Hatless (Booster times 1.5)
    Armorless (booster times 1.5)
    Level 1-9 (Booster times 1.5)
    Level gap >_ 90 (booster times 10)

    Basicly this set gives you a 75.5% chance of instantly breaking Anyone as long as your level 1, and they are lvl 91 or more (Feral chaos is lvl 130 so your good)
    Not only that but with safety bit, you will survive almost no matter what as long as once you get hit, you find a way to bring your hp back up (In my suggestion have the ability Exp to Hp on, works wonders)
    You dont even need any equipment other t han these accesories, which is the point of the weaponless, armorless, hatless, and gloveless. And with Bravery soul on everytime you hp attack, your Bravery will go back to its base value in about 2 seconds. Finally with Sniper eye, when ever you make Chaos hit the wall with an Hp attack, not only will do your hp damage, but you will instantly do a large amount of wall damage, combined with Smiting soul, here is the ammount of damage you can do

    Bravery = 9999, Hp attack into wall, damage done 9999+ 9999 wall damage so basicly your hitting Chaos with more than 18k of damage every hit.

    The best Character I say to use, Yuna. Her mega Flare is godly, not only because it covers almost the entire stage horisontal wise, but all most every AI has a tendencie to run right into it. And once you hit Chaos with Mega flare once, just keep on spamming, itll take a while for him to get out of it by which time, he'll most likely be dead.

    So in a sweet short version, every 3/4 attacks will instantly break chaos (Bravery or hp attack, it doesnt matter which) When you hit him with Mega flare, he'll be sent into the wall which does even more damage, shoul he hit you with a hp attack you'll live, and as soon as you hit him with a hp attack you'll regain all the hp (if you have Exp to Hp on). If you wanna check how good this build is, let me post the link to where I found out about it, its a youtube video.

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  3. the first battle with feral chaos i did, i used up all my characters, the feral chaos that has 50K something HP (i mean not the chaos where u use a lvl 1 lightning) i just did my best to spam HP attakcs at him, my characters were prishe, yuna, firion, tidus and squall, all of my characters would have to make around 10k of HP damage or as much as you can, don't be afraid to get 1 character die ^^

    the second feral chaos (the final) i only used 2 characers, golbez and squall, i needed to master my golbez's abilities due to i didn't used him oftenly in 013, but i took Golbez, Squall, Yuna, Tidus, The Emperor as my party, like my previous tips, just do your best as hitting him with HP attacks, feral chaos would have around 120k of HP (WTF? seriously?! *YES!!!*) i managed to make 23k damage using golbez, and with squall, well i sorta did noob tricks LoL

    best to do with squall:


    good luck

    NOTE: better use the accessory HP=>10000 and after 30secs or other time related accessories, and for the equipments? do your best to get high attributed equipments, my squall only had save the queen that time XD

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  4. My answer is a bit simpler, get the best armor and weapons you can, and have tifa fight it, spamming "rolling blaze", if he evades you can just feign the attack and still hit him

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  5. Actually on top of my other answer, using Yuna is really useful too. i did 100000 only with Yuna before she died spamming mega flare on him. you can pin him against walls if you hit him once and get a lot of damage in.

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  6. I found an easier way to beat him and it's really effective. Make sure that you make ALL your party members at least level 90, this will give you some edge for when the main part of the plan wears off. Second you need have high bravery (at least 900). This is so that you can start spamming HP attacks. Then use Rossetta Stones to give extra slots to the characters you are best with. Then equip all your party members with the Soul of the Unrivaled Valor, or that's what I think it's called :), It makes your initial bravery 1400. Okay now finally equip the summon MAGIC POT AUTO. This summon copies the bravery of your opponent. So once Chaos's bravery is up to 9999, the summon will activate and you will have 9999 bravery. Then just hit him with a HP attack.

    NOTE: If he does not have 9999 bravery and you have the BREAK status, LET HIM HIT YOU WITH A BRAVERY ATTACK! This plan will be it's fullest if you bring his bravery to 9999. Just make sure that he doesn't hit you with a HP attack.

    NOTE 2: MAGIC POT AUTO has only 3 uses, so it can be used only for 3 characters, SO CHOOSE WISELY! Just find another replacement I suggest Magus Sisters.

    If you do all these steps then you should have no problem beating him. :)

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  7. Get the best equipment you can, use yuna, spam megaflare, the range plus the small fighting space makes it very effective, whenever he dodges it you dodge away to be safe, suggest using magic pot if possible, so if he does break you you can use that against him,

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  8. I beat Feral Chaos using only WoL and Cloud. Recommended Level is 99 of course, have Break HP Limit or Phoenix Pinion and best equipment YOU CAN GET. I always start with WoL, because with Shield Strike and Rising Buckler connected with Bitter End, and your dodging skills, you'll deplete Feral Chaos' HP to 25%-0%, possibly. IF WoL gets beat just use Cloud's Sonic Break connected with Finish Touches and Slashing Blow connected with Omni Slash v5.

    Note: This is my way and may not work for you, no offense if I'm being offensive.
    And this way can work on both Fake/Manikin Feral Chaos and real Feral Chaos.

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  9. The Iai build I used is very similar to Arcarus' one :

    Sniper eye ( Wall hp dmg 10%)
    Saftey bit (6% last chance)
    Smiting soul (Lai strike 1%, Defence -20%)

    Weaponless (Booster times 1.5)
    Gloveless (Booster times 1.5)
    Hatless (Booster times 1.5)
    Armorless (booster times 1.5)
    Level 1-9 (Booster times 1.5)
    Level gap >_ 90 (booster times 10)
    Near Loss (Booster times 1.5)

    Also you'll need the EXP to HP skill activated

    This build I got from the board from a sticky (with a small change). It works wonders with Cloud ! You'll have a x99.9 multiplier most of the time, the only time you are below this is when FC is in broken state (the multiplier is 75 or so at this moment). It means you are certain to activate Iai Strike and break him.

    What I do is hit with a BRV attack that chains with Finishing Touch or Omnislash (can't remember the name of BRV attacks, sorry), you break him and get 9999 BRV then chain with the finisher HP attack that throws FC right into the wall for an additional 9999 HP damage. This way FC takes a whooping 19998 HP each time !

    If FC manages to hit you with BRV, he will break you. No big deal, just hit him with an HP attack, you'll get your BRV reset to 0, you can then break him again. If you are hit with an HP attack, Safety Bit will save your ass with 1 HP left. Again, no worries ! Break FC if he is not already, getting you your 9999 BRV, then HP attack. EXP to HP will ensure you get your HP back which means next tme Chaos hits you with an HP attack, Safety Bit will trigger again and save you !

    The rest is a matter of avoiding being HP hit when you already have only 1 HP left. That's the only way you might get killed.

    Hope this helps and a huge thank you to the guy who posted that sticky on the board !

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  10. don't listen to people who say you need to be skilled to use lai strike.

    my lai strike build goes as so:


    EXP to HP ( reason being when you hit chaos you will gain all hp back and safety bit will save you again if you get hit.)


    none. for boosters.


    pearl necklace
    smiting soul
    safety bit
    near loss
    lvl 1-9
    lvl gap 90

    you MUST adjust your lvl to 12345678 or 9. it doesn't matter.

    the point of my build is ex revenge. with pearl necklace you will instantly get EXmode so that you can ex revenge chaos. if you are being hit at any time EXrevenge, hit him with fast brv attacks to break him ( smiting soul) and hp him. with ex force in the air and pearl necklace and 99.9 booster you should get an instant EXgauge fill again. do this over and over till he dies.

    ps- i did this with the use of only 1 character. SEPHIROTH. i didn't even have any other party members so if i died i was screwed. but i didn't die thanks to EXrevenge and safety bit and EXP TO HP.

    this will help. TRY IT.

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  11. With Kuja lvl 100, spam with Ultima and Symphony Force.

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  12. You should use Yuna. Her mega flare move is really effective. Just keep using it until he is deafeted, but he might dogde or move about. If you end up losing then have Cecil and Onion Knight in your party. Cecil's paladin force is good and as for Onion Knight, use comit or wind shear. Use the move that suits you the best. Hope that helped XD

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  13. Squall lvl1 Iai strike Build.

    Here's the list(Just as same as others)

    Smiting Soul(Iai Damashii)
    How to get(BattleGen by Farplane Mog)Trade Components(Tome of Orator,Discord's Dream,Discord's Hopes)
    Safety Bit
    How to get(Battle Gen by Famed Mog)Trade Components(Lifa Leaf,Lifa Dew,Tome of Men)
    Near Loss
    Lvl 1-9
    Lvl gap >80
    Pre-Guard(equip this cause most of attack are Staggered)

    Used Chars:

    Squall Stats:
    Basically Normal(Use your own useful stats)
    BRV Attacks:
    Not needed
    HP Attacks:
    1st:Fated Circle
    2nd:Blasting Zone
    3rd:Revolver Drive
    1st:Aerial Circle
    2nd:Rough Divide

    Basically,Just spam Blasting Zone While in Distance.
    Use Revolver Drive if needed.


    Spam Lightning Strike or ThunderFall

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  14. FORGOT!
    Extra Ability,EXP to HP.

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  15. I beat Feral Chaos Lv. 130 using Terra, spamming fully-charged Meltdowns in the air since Feral Chaos, often, doesn't jump up in the air alone, also using Holy Combo + Ultima after every Meltdowns shot. If a Meltdown hits Feral Chaos, Holy Combo will go straight to Flare after Holy launches, then cast Ultima. Otherwise, use Fire + Firaga with HP to Bravery and Iai Strike(both Meltdown and Holy Combo + Ultima; Fire + Firaga) if you prefer to fight in the ground.

    You can also spam Cloud's Meteorain, both ground and midair, and use Iai Strike and EXP to Bravery. To stop some of Feral Chaos' attacks, you can block some, otherwise, use Double Cut + Chase(only chase the guy if you know your BRV will be higher.

    *Oh yeah, you should reach Lv. 100; to get EXP to Bravery, you reach Lv. 100, with 60 CP left open. It's better to master this ability in the original Dissidia; it only costs 20 CP to learn in the original Dissidia at Lv. 100.*

    User Info: InkSpell432

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  16. Use Terra, at Lvl. 100. Try your best to stay in the air and spam Ultimas, and if FC gets too close, drive him away with a Blizzara. FC's stats are surprisingly low and I bet that once you've finally reached Chaos, you now have gotten some Lufenian stuff, which are a welcome sub for exclusive equipment, if you're too lazy to get them. Equip Terra with all the Lufenian stuff you have, and most important, have her use EXP to HP, because if you get hit by one of FC's deadly HP attacks, your own HP attacks will replenish what you've lost. Though not really necessary, I also recommend equipping a Chocobo Feather for higher HP recovery since your EXP turns in HP, meaning double EXP would mean double HP. Just spam Ultimas while floating out of FC's reach, and you'll be able to beat him eventually.

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  17. For me I have defeated him by using warrior of light with the level of 28. some of chaos attack can't crush the defense of the shield of light and by that i have beaten the game easily

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  18. I used this method to Beat Feral Chaos within a Minute:

    ~Character: Anyone, but I recommend characters with branching HP attack; It must have an EXP to BRV equipped
    ~Character Level: 1
    ~Equipment: None
    ~Accessories: (You must have 10 slots for this)
    1. Sniper Eye (Wall Rush HP damage +10%)
    2. Safety Bit (Second Chance +6%)
    3. Smiting Soul (Iai Strike +1%; Defense -20%)
    4. Near Loss [x1.5]
    5. Weaponless* [x1.5]
    6. Golveless* [x1.5]
    7. Hatless* [x1.5]
    8. Armorless* [x1.5]
    9. Level 1-9 [x1.5]
    10. Level Gap >= 90* [x10]
    ~~~If activated, the effectiveness of basic accessories will be multipiled by 113.9

    NOTE: The Bosster accessories with an asterisk (*) on their names can be bought in the Main Scenario 000: Confessions of the Creator in the moggle shop near the Sanctuary.

    We bid you Good Luck in Kicking Feral Chaos's A**! =))

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  19. I beat Feral Chaos by using cloud and WoL only..I manage to reduce feral chaos hp by 100k with cloud by using his omnislash version 5 ..after that i dodge chaos attack and dash toward him then use the same tecnic work..unfortunately,i lose to him when his hp is about 8000+ ...then i continue with my 2nd character which is WoL is strong ^_^

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  20. I used this method to Beat Feral Chaos within a Minute:

    ~Character: Anyone, but I recommend characters with branching HP attack; It must have an EXP to HP equipped
    ~Character Level: 1
    ~Equipment: None
    ~Accessories: (You must have 10 slots for this)
    1. Attacking HP [x1.5]
    2. Safety Bit (Second Chance +6%)
    3. Smiting Soul (Iai Strike +1%; Defense -20%)
    4. Near Loss [x1.5]
    5. Weaponless [x1.5]
    6. Golveless [x1.5]
    7. Hatless [x1.5]
    8. Armorless [x1.5]
    9. Level 1-9 [x1.5]
    10. Level Gap >= 90* [x10]

    This formation realy blast your mind and I only use Yuna.

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  21. it depends on who you use. Personally I used emperor and onion knight, and used an Iai strike build with wakening darkness booster and alexander

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