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    Terra by Soki_25

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    Dissidia 012 Doudecim Final fantasy
    -Terra Branford Guide-
    By Soki_25
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    1. Introduction
    2. About Terra
    -2.1 Terra in Dissidia 012
    -2.2 Terra in FFVI
    3. Her arsenal
    -3.1 Brv attacks
    -3.2 HP attacks
    4. Recommended abilities and Assists
    -4.1 Attack set up
    -4.2 Action abilities
    -4.3 Support abilities
    -4.4 Extra abilities
    -4.5 Assists
    5. General tips
    -5.1 Gaining EXP, Gil and KP
    -5.2 How to play as Terra
    -5.3 EX Mode
    -5.4 Equips, accessories and summons
    -5.5 Grinding items
    -5.6 Combos
    6. The fights
    -6.01 Warrior of light
    -6.02 Garland
    -6.03 Firion
    -6.04 Emperor
    -6.05 Onion Knight
    -6.06 Cloud of Darkness
    -6.07 Cecil
    -6.08 Kain
    -6.09 Golbez
    -6.10 Bartz
    -6.11 Exdeath
    -6.12 Terra
    -6.13 Kefka
    -6.14 Cloud
    -6.15 Tifa
    -6.16 Sephiroth
    -6.17 Squall
    -6.18 Laguna
    -6.19 Ultimecia
    -6.20 Zidane
    -6.21 Kuja
    -6.22 Tidus
    -6.23 Yuna
    -6.24 Jecht
    -6.25 Shantotto
    -6.26 Prishe
    -6.27 Vaan
    -6.28 Gabranth
    -6.29 Lightning
    -6.30 Feral Chaos
    -6.31 Chaos
    -6.32 Gilgamesh
    7. Utilizing the arena
    -7.01 Old Chaos Shrine
    -7.02 Pandaemonium
    -7.03 Pandemonium- Top floor
    -7.04 World of Darkness
    -7.05 Crystal Tower
    -7.06 Lunar Subterrane
    -7.07 The Rift
    -7.08 Kefka's Tower
    -7.09 Phantom Train
    -7.10 Planet's Core
    -7.11 Ultimecia's Castle
    -7.12 Crystal World
    -7.13 M.S Prima Vista
    -7.14 Dream's End
    -7.15 Empyreal Paradox
    -7.16 Sky Fortress Bahamut
    -7.17 Orphan's Cradle
    -7.18 Order Santuary
    -7.19 Edge of Madness
    8. Battle Quotes
    9. Attack Quotes
    10. Fun facts
    11. Contacting me
    12. Version history
    13. Credits
    1. Introduction
    Hey all you Dissidia 012 fans! My real is Timothy I live in Singapore 
    (A tiny island south of Malaysia) and was born in April 1995. Thats all 
    about me. This is my first ever FAQ i post so apologies for any
    mistakes i make in advance. I am sure you all know that the Final 
    Fantasy series has been around for at least ten years now and though 
    I havent played them all I have played 1,2,4,5,6,10 and 12 and there 
    is never a dull moment when i played them. My first FF was 6 and i
    played it when I was 9 (yes i know a little too young)
    Sorry for that uneccesary paragraph. Anyways onto business, why did 
    i write an FAQ on Terra? Because her fighting style is different 
    than most of Comos warriors. Instead of hacking away at her foes she 
    gracefully slaughters her enemies without having to even get near them. 
    Though I havent played much of her in dissidia 012 I have used her 
    numerous times in the original dissidia. On top of that i not only 
    dedicate all my free time to using her in dissidia 012 but i also 
    watch many Terra vids on youtube and read up on her fighting style.
    So it is safe to say that i do have a great understanding of her 
    and how to use her according to the situation. 
    Though many of my friends do not like to use her and also
    insult her fighting  style i show them just how brutal she
    can be thus, giving them a thorough thrashing. Also even
    though i main Terra I also use a variety of characters like Jecht
    and Kain so I roughly know their strengths and weaknesses
    even before i fight them using Terra.
    Note that if you want to use and content here for your personal
    uses please email me i like to keep track of the content being
    used and also please at least state me under your credits
    if you are gonna write your own guide with content from this
    I also have a youtube channel up and running called Soki1995T 
    yes i know not the best of names but there you can see my 
    Terra in action and keep up with my new builds that i come up 
    with. I also have a facebook group running that is for discussing 
    and sharing of any kind of games 
    Check it out here: 
    Anyways thats enough of chit-chat onto the FAQ enjoy! :)
    2. About Terra
    2.1 Terra in dissidia 012
    Shockingly in dissidia 012 Terra is on Chaos' side.
    She was summoned by Chaos to fight for him
    also, Kefka took interest in her powers and thus,
    casted a mind control spell on her to completely
    obey him. She then meets Vaan and enters battle
    with him, she obviously losses and slowly regained
    some of her conscious and flees. However her
    will wasn't strong enough and she returned to
    being mind controlled. But as Kuja met her he
    decide to spice things up and dispell the mind control
    magic on her. She then regain her consciousness and
    confronts Kefka that she no longer wants to fight.
    They then get into an arguement while Vaan walks
    by thinking it does not concern him. But after showing
    Kefka that she no longer wants to fight he gets dancing
    mad and attacks her. Then Vaan came dashing into the
    commotion telling Kefka to stop (cliche)Vaan enters a battle
    with Kefka and ended up running away taking Terra with him.
    He then tells Terra why he rescued her and that she should
    hide until the conflict is over. However her cover was soon
    detected by manikins, Terra defeats them and with her last
    ounce of stength she wandered to Cosmos where she puts
    Terra to sleep and allowed her to choose her own path
    when she awakens.
    2.2 Terra in FF6
    Terra is a young girl with the mysterious ability
    to use magic naturally. While it's a mystery how
    she can do this at the begining of the game,
    we eventually learn that Terra is a one-of-a-kind;
    the daughter of a male Esper (the "summons" of FFVI)
     and a female human! This was even more so
    peculiar because of the Espers' wariness for
    humans because of the War of the Magi, a war
    long ago where humans used the Espers and
    drained them of their magical abilities.
    Born in the Land of Espers to father Maduin
    and mother Madeline, she spent only a few
    years living in peace. When she was about
    two, the Gestalian Empire managed to find
    their way into the sealed land of the Espers
    and began capturing the Espers for their
    twisted experiments. Her father was one
    of the Espers to be captured while her
    mother tried to escape with her. Madeline,
    however, was mortally wounded. With her last
    breath, she tried to keep the Emperor Gesthal
    from getting baby Terra, but she failed.
    Over her sixteen years or so of captivity, she
    was under the complete control of the Empire
    due to the Slave Crown placed on her head by
    Kefka. The demented clown then used this control
    to turn Terra into a weapon, being boasted that
    she was able to nuke a whole battalion of the
    Empire's finest soldiers in a matter of minutes
    However, on a mission to retrieve a frozen Esper
    discovered in the Narshe Mines, Terra has an
    odd interaction with the Esper and blacks out. The two
    soldiers accompanying her are zapped away to
    god-knows-where by the mysterious
    Esper and never to be heard of again.
    After waking up, now free of the Slave Crown,
    she has no recollection of her past life. On
    the run from both the Narshe police and
    Kefka's forces who wish to recapture her, she
    is helped by a kind treasure hunter by the
    name of Locke and a king of Figaro (who is
    a ladies man... without the success)
    named Edgar.
    Once the two become aware of Terra's amazing
    ability and potential, they attempt to recruit her
    to the Returners, a small rebel force attempting to
    fight against the Empire. After some hesitation
    of Terra's part, she agrees, and the group, now
    including Edgar's muscular and hot-headed
    brother Sabin, splits up before meeting back
    in Narshe to attempt to gain their support.
    Once the group meets up, they fight off Kefka's
    forces with new recruits Celes (a former Imperial
    general turned traitor), Cyan (swordsman with a weird
    face), and Gau (a kid who was raised by monsters).
    However, Terra interacts with Mr Esper again and
    goes beserk, transforming into her Esper form for
    the first time and flying off to the sketchiest place
    she could possibly go, Zozo.
    After finding her unconscious and being looked
    after by Ramuh (who lends the party his power),
    the party raids in the Magitek Factory at the Imperial
    City with the help of Setzer (a more successful ladies
    man than Edgar only because he resorts to kidnapping)
    and his airship. After returning with Maduin's
    magicite, Terra learns about her past and regains
    control of her powers.
    Using Terra's heritage, they attempt to enter the
    Land of the Espers to ask them to help against
    the Empire, but when Kefka arrives, faces hits the fan
    and the Espers go beserk and stomp all over the
    faces of the Empire.
    Gesthal, pretending to be sympathetic, gets
    Terra and Locke to journey with Celes, Imperial
    General Leo, and sword-for-hire Shadow to apologize
    to the Espers (gee, sorry we killed and tortured and
    sapped your friends of their power, hope we can
    still be friends?). Terra and Leo talk a bit 
    heart-to-heart and Terra expresses how she's never 
    felt love and she worries if her origins will 
    prevent her from finding it. Leo reassures her 
    thoughWhen they find the Espers, Kefka turns em 
    all to magicite and eventually is a total prick 
    and moves the three goddess statues 
    (they are the origin of magic) which causes 
    the entire world to shift. He also absorbs their 
    power and becomes a god as well as kicking the 
    lesser of two evils, Gesthal, off a floating continent. 
    Oh yeah, he also killed Leo.End the World of Balance.
    Over the next year, the party is completely seperated
    while the world is repeatedly punched in the face
    (figuratively) by Kefka in his giant tower of garbage
    (I'm not kidding). Terra finds herself in the ruined
    village of Mobliz where all the adults are dead and
    it's just a whole bunch of orphans and a
    young couple living in an underground hideout.
    Terra grows attached to the little runts and begins
    wishes to protect them, but loses her will to fight.
    Because of this, when Celes (and possibly Sabin) come
    around to try and rerecruit her, she refuses as she isn't
    even strong enough to fend off Humbaba, a fat oaf
    of a troll that likes to stop by and tear the place up.
    However, if the party returns later, Terra realizes
    that her feelings for the orphans she is "mothering"
    is love and because of this, she wishes to fight to
    bring them a new bright world to grow up in. when
    the fat oaf comes around and messes up the party,
    Esper Terra pops in all-powered up and ready to fight
    and with her help, the party hands tubs' fat behind
    to him, except he's to busy being dead to accept the gift.
    Regardless if you recruit Terra into the party or not
    during the World of Ruin, she will show up during
    the final confrontation with Kefka the help out
    the party. After Kefka is defeated, magic starts
    fading from the world and the party fears what
    fate awaits their half-Esper friend. With the last of
    her power, she is determined in guiding the party
    safely out of Kefka's junkyard. With his last words
    to his daughter, Maduin tells Terra that if she is
    attached to this world, she may not fade away,
    and because of her love for the Mobliz children,
    she lives on and the party rejoices as they
    find Terra lieing on the deck of the airship
    with them.
    As the final act of the game, Terra releases her
    ponytail and lets her hair fly freely in the wind.
    In battle, Terra is easily one of the better characters
    of the game. She is able to equip every sword
    (aside from exclusive equips) as well as a couple of
    other weapons (like flails and daggers). She can
    wear heavy armour and use every shield as well
    as female specific items and a few low level mage
    equips. Her stats are fairly well balanced and she
    can learn various spells through levelling up, with
    Meltdown and Ultima being the last two.
    And finally, once she gains control of her powers,
    she can use the Trance command (which duration
    depends on the amount of AP gathered) which
    transforms her into her Esper form and doubles
    all of her stats! When you rerecruit her in the World
    of Ruin, her Trance command gets an upgrade which
    increases it's duration. She is a very deadly character
    and can easily solo bosses, especially in Esper form,
    whether it be via dual-wielding X-attacks or quintiple
    casting Ultima for 1 mp each.
    Her unique weapon in the GBA version is the Apocalypse
    sword, acquired by defeating the Red Dragon. It's
    one of the strongest swords in the game and
    uses MP to deal critical damage.
    3. Her aresenal
    3.1 Brv attacks
    Terra has a nice selection of brave attacks, both
    air and ground, so she can fare well in either type
    of combat which is always nice. Keep in mind,
    though, that two of her attacks (Blizzara and
    Blizzard Combo) have both a ground and aerial
    version and one attack has two versions (Holy and Holy
    Combo), one being VASTLY superior to the other.
    So she has ten different brave moves, though you
    probably won't be using both versions.
    'Attack Name Here'
    [CP]: This is the amount of CP needed to equip the 
    move normally. The number in brackets is the amount of 
    CP needed to equip the move after mastering it...
    [AP]: ...by gaining this amount of AP.
    [Learned At]: This obviously states the level that you 
    learn the skill at.
    [Range]: This is the range the move *can* be used at, not 
    what range is BEST to use it at as. Basically, there is 
    short,  mid, and long ranges only.
    [Notes]: This tells u any extra effect the attack has like 
    if it leads to chase, can cause wall rush, or can be chained 
    after mastering it
    [Review]: Here is where i describe to you how the move works 
    and how to use it in different situations i wil also be stating 
    the difference,if any, from the 012 style and the original
    [Rating]: A score out of 10 for that move. The higher the better.
    [CP]: 30 (15)
    [AP]: 170
    [Learnt at]: Starting move (ground)
    [Range]: Mid
    [Notes]: Chase, chains to Hp attack Firaga
    [Review]: Terra shoots a spark of fire that tracks the opponent 
    at high speeds up till mid range after that it will track the 
    opponent slowly before dissapearing. Upon contact it will explode 
    leaving your opponent open for a chase. This move now has much
    better tracking compared to the original and it has double in speed! 
    Works best at close range why? Simple since it is now insanely fast 
    your opponent does not have enough time to react to it also if they 
    are close to you they can't simply just jump over it now. Basically 
    if your opponent is within range of the explosion the spark will 
    immediately explode regardless of whether they are slightly above
    the ground or if they did no come in contact with the little spark.
    [Rating]: 7/10 It has been upgraded since the original game so overall 
    it is rather useful and much harder to dodge now
    Blizzard Combo
    [CP]: 30 (15)
    [AP]: 100 (Midair) 100 (Ground)
    [Learned At]: Level 6 (Midair) Start (Ground)
    [Range]: Short
    [Notes]: Can reflect weak projectiles,
    can alter direction of last hit, wall rush
    [Review]: Terra ice an ice block in her hands 
    and swings it, followed by another swing and finished 
    off by spining around causing three ice blocks to knoch 
    the opponent away. You can change the direction of the 
    last hit, basically if u jus press circle with no analog 
    direction she will knock her opponent backwards but if you 
    press circle while pushing up on the analog stick she will
    knock her opponent upwards. Nothing different from the original.
    This move starts out fast so it will be hard for your 
    opponent to dodge/block on reflex. Also it is a great way to 
    create distance between Terra and her opponent if they get too 
    close. This move can be used on both the ground and midairbut 
    i recommend equiping the midair version once learnt as it makes 
    the move easier to hit.
    [Rating]: 8/10 this move starts out fast and can easily regain the
    distance between you and your opponent however do not spam or
    it will make it easy for your opponent to block it.
    [CP]: 30 (15)
    [AP]: 100 (Midair) 100 (Ground)
    [Learned At]: Start (Midair) Level 3 (Ground)
    [Range]: Short, Mid,
    [Notes]: Can block attacks during start-up, wall rush,
    [Review]: Three small blocks form in front of Terra
    blocking any magical brave attacks while it fuses to one
    large block before being launched. BIG difference since the 
    original, firstly the range has been reduced by 75% yes that much
    so it cannot be used to punish carelessness from the opponent
    such as missing a Hp attack (unless they are right in front of 
    your face) also its vertical tracking has now been reduced to 45 
    degrees upwards and downwards only so you can't use it if you opponent 
    is right above or below you. However if this move hits it can really 
    create distance between you and our opponent.
    [Rating] 3/10 has been severely downgraded since the original so I do
    not recommend equiping this move at all as the chances of that move
    actually connecting is approximately 20% a great reduction since
    the orginal with a hit rate of approximately 80%
    [CP]: 30 (15)
    [AP]: 90
    [Learned At]: Start (Midair)
    [Range]: Short, Mid, Long
    [Notes]: Leads to chase
    [Review]: Terra summons four rows of lightining that slowly
    closes in on your opponent.Difference fron the original is that it 
    the lightining bolts get summoned faster and it closes in faster now. 
    A pretty basic move that should not be underestimated. True this 
    move may be weak however it can catch the opponent by surprise! The 
    best time to use this move is when punishing your opponent when 
    charging an attack thus you will be able to stop the attack without 
    closing in on them. In addition,  your opponent may have a little 
    difficulty trying to time the dodge  of the direction required to 
    avoid it. If connected it will launch your opponent into the air 
    which can lead to a chase.
    [Rating] 7/10 has been upgraded since the orginal and is now more 
    useful as a punishing tool.
    [CP]: 30 (15)
    [AP]: 60
    [Learned At]: Level 10 (Midair)
    [Range]: Mid, Long
    [Notes]: Can lead to chase,
    [Review]: Terra swings her hands horizontaly whereby 
    five white orbs form in front of her and launches off each 
    closing in at different speed making harder for our opponent 
    to avoid it.If connected your opponent gets launched into the 
    air enabling a chase. It has shorter range and does not track 
    as well compared to the original. Takes some time for the attack 
    to start but is nice to equip once learnt. However you won't be 
    using this move for long as later when you level up there is a 
    better move to replace this one.
    [Rating]: 6/10 some of you may think that it has been downgraded
    since the original but i think thay have made it much safer for 
    you to use this move now namely because when your opponent 
    blocks this attack it will reflect but since this move now had a 
    shorter range it will not last out to back stab you anymore so 
    you can use this move with less risk now!
    Holy combo
    [CP]: 30 (15)
    [AP]: 60
    [Learned At]: Level 18 (Midair)
    [Ranges]: Mid, Long
    [Notes]: Chains into Ultima HP attack.
    [Review]: Terra swings her hands horizontaly whereby five 
    white orbs form in front of her and launches off each closing 
    in at different speed making harder for our opponent to avoid it. 
    In addition if the holy orbs connects within five seconds of it 
    casting Terra will launch four flares if you continue to press circle. 
    During flare animation Terra is able to freely move so as to position 
    herself in order for the next flare to hit. It has shorter range and 
    does not track as well compared to the original however when compared 
    to the orginal the flares that get launched are now faster, staggers 
    upon blocking and can weakly track the opponent if they ever recover 
    from the attack.Also Terra can move more freely when launching her 
    flares now. Now i am sure some of you are having trouble getting all 
    four flares to be launched, basically the faster you mash the circle 
    button the higher the chances of another flare being launched. If you 
    want all four flares to be launched i suggest you mash the circle 
    button at three times per second this may sound hard but
    it really isn't.
    [Rating]: 8/10 though the first part of the attack is a bit of a let 
    down  connecting with the flare is now much easier so this move 
    is overall an upgrade since the original
    [CP]: 30 (15)
    [AP]: 100
    [Learned At]: Level 23 (Ground)
    [Ranges]: Short, Mid, Long
    [Notes]: Can wall rush to the floor, can absorb Exforce.
    [Review]: Terra raises her hands as a black sphere forms
    above your opponent and drops it on them note that when
    Terra drops the giant sphere it draws your feo closer to the
    sphere while it is falling. Difference is that now the move does
    not track vertically meaning if your opponent jumps while the
    sphere is above them the sphere will immediately drop on them.
    While Terra is casting this spell she can move around but slightly
    slower than her running speed. I don't recommend using this move
    unless you are quite a distance away from your opponent but even
    so it is very easy for them to avoid it if they have seen the move
    It simple the casting time for this spell is around five seconds 
    that may not sound much but it takes two second for veteran players 
    to spot an opening thus you are open for practically any attack whil 
    casting this spell.
    [Rating] 3/10 this move has slightly improve since the original but not
    much overall this move is not very useful however this spell is the 
    starting of once of the strongest combos Terra can cast saving it from 
    a further drop in ratings
    [CP]: 30 (15)
    [AP]: 100
    [Learned At]: Level 29 (Ground)
    [Ranges]: Short, Mid, Long
    [Notes]: none
    [Review]: Terra raises one arm and twirls around as countless meteors 
    rain down  on your opponent. 
    This is Terra's ace if you are having trouble against any 
    opponent this move is your solution. 
    This moves does somewhat track as in even if your opponent is 
    constantly moving the meteors will still rain down on them and not 
    just on their intial position. Difference is that the number of meteors 
    that rain down now is a little less compared to the original. 
    I say it agains THIS MOVE IS HER ACE. There are a number of reasons, 
    firstly this move can chain into practically any of Terra's attacks with 
    the exception of Graviga due to its long casting animation. 
    Another thing would be that this is great for pressure and will be a
    key factor in letting you control the match because your opponent will be 
    too distracted trying to avoid the attack thus, not making any progress in 
    closing distance and unable to find an opening. Even if they air dash right 
    through by the time they are within attacking range you are already 
    preparing for another attack!.
    Lastly Terra ends this attack slightly above the ground meaning 
    you can chain meteor with an aerial attack most preferably holy combo.
    [Rating]: 9/10 EQUIP THIS MOVE THE MOMENT YOU LEARN IT! Though it has 
    been slightly downgraded since the original it is still an awesome move 
    that is an absolute must when using Terra
    3.2 Hp Attacks
    Like most characters Terra is rather limited in her HP attacks. 
    Fortunately most of them are fairly strong and can constantly keep your 
    opponent on their toes. Her HP attack range are also very varied meaning 
    she won't have much trouble trying to inflict damage to an opponent's 
    hit points. Not to mention she also has a couple of branching moves 
    making it all the more easier to inflict hit point damage. 
    Well enough with the small talk and onto her HP
    attacks.I will be using the same format from her brave arsenal to analyse 
    her HP attacks well lets get started..........
    [CP]: 30 (15)
    [AP]: 130
    [Learned At]: Starting (Ground)
    [Ranges]: Short, Mid, Long
    [Notes]: Chance for assist combo
    [Review]: Terra bends down and then does a back flip as three 
    pillars of water blast out beneath your foe.
    No difference here and the original. This move will be somewhat of a 
    mindgame for players who have not seen this attack before. Basically 
    the interval between the second and the third blast is shorter compared 
    to the second and first blast making it a little confusing to avoid. 
    Also if your foe gets obstructed by a pillar or wall  while dodging there 
    is a high chance that the second or third blast will connect. In addition 
    if your opponent gets hit by this attack they will be stunned in the air 
    for around two to three seconds giving you an opening to use your assist. 
    (I will go through what assist to equip under assist 4.4). Something that 
    was pointed out to me was that Flood has a rather long start up and can
    be air dashed to avoid. 
    That is true to a certain extent if your opponent air dashes the 
    moment he sees the word Flood he will avoid it but if he air dashses too late
    he will get hit instead so don't think that this move is completely hopeless.
    [Rating]: 8/10 Though nothing has changed about this move. BUT it leaves 
    a big opening for you to summon your assist thus, making this move 
    more useful than before.
    [CP]: 30 (15)
    [AP]: 130
    [Learned At]: Start (Midair) Level 13 (Ground)
    [Range]: Short
    [Notes]: Pulls in target, wall rush at ceiling, can reflect projectiles.
    [Review]: Terra calls forth three tornados that surrounds her before they 
    combine into one large tornado to deal the HP damage. A good move 
    to pressure your foe and keeping their distance she can also move 
    a little while she is surrounded by the three tornados. If you are new in 
    using Terra you would propably love to spam this which is fine when 
    fighting AI because no matter how high you set the difficulty the AI 
    will constantly dodge backwards until the attack ends. However take note 
    that this move has  a long cool down that human players can easily exploit. 
    (trust me when I miss tornado against my friend I know its a HUGE opening 
    for him) But nonetheless this move can help you keep meelee fighters at bay 
    and not get too close to you.
    [Rating] 8/10 A great close range option for Terra just don't spam against 
    human  fighters as it will will leave Terra very vunerable during the cool 
    [CP]: 30 (15)
    [AP]: 130
    [Learned At]: Level 38 (Midair)
    [Range]: Close, Mid, Long
    [Notes]: Can be charged for three levels causing different attacks, 
    wall rush
    [Review]: This possibly Terra's best HP attack. She puts her hands 
    together and charges up a fireball. There are three stages to this attack 
    depending  on how long you charge it. Stage one is executed when you 
    release the square button before she says 'this power'. Terra will launch 
    a small fireball which comes out very fast but will explode before 
    reaching mid range. Take note that she won't launch it instantly at best 
    you can launch it after two and a half seconds of charging, if you don't 
    want to count just press and release the square button it will launch 
    stage one for you ASAP.
    Now for stage two, to execute meltdown at stage two just keep charging 
    until you here Terra say 'this power' release the square button 
    and a large firball will appear in front of Terra which will then track 
    the enemy for around three to five seconds. On the whole this stage is 
    pretty strong and can punish players who dodge to the sides instead 
    of a forward dodge. But that is not all, another merit is that 
    it is great for pressure as the opponent is too distracted trying 
    to dodge the meltdown he is prone to other brave attacks such as holy
    combo (jump to 5.4 for details). Also another way to tell that 
    she is ready to launch this stage is when you see her hands start 
    to glow white just keep practicing on your timing and you should 
    be able to launch this stage ASAP.
    Lastly we have the third stage pretty easy to launch it just hold into 
    the square button and it will launch automatically once it is ready. 
    While in the original this stage would just be a fireball traveling 
    forward while bouncing off any objects it has had a major improvement 
    since then. Basically stage three in dissidia 012 is like a combination of 
    all three stages of the original. Firstly this stage will have a very fast 
    launch just like stage one, after that it will lower its speed to that of 
    stage two's and have the same tracking ability (unlike the original) 
    also this move last the longest at around five to seven seconds. 
    In addition this stage is probably the hardest one to dodge out of the 
    three because this move will not stop tracking its opponent if there is 
    a wall blocking its path it will bounce off it and resume its course 
    towards the enemy. This is also great for pressuring the enemy if it 
    connects great! But if they manage to avoid it no worries they won't 
    make any progress towards you. Another thing is that it also leaves your 
    opponent prone for other brave attacks just like stage two. Overall if 
    you have enough distance use this stage as it will really put your 
    opponent in a tight position.
    As great as things attack it is, stage two and three CAN be reflected 
    so don't spam.
    General moves that can reflect her Meltdown are physical HP attacks like 
    Cloud's Braver and Squall's Rough Divide. If you Meltdown does get 
    reflected all is not lost! 
    Immediately cast Tornado to send your Meltdown back on the right track.
    [Rating]: 9/10 this move has probably had the most improvement since 
    the original and is a must have move when using Terra. Only bad part is 
    that it gets harder to hit when on large arenas
    [CP]: 30 (15)
    [AP]: 130
    [Learned By]: Mastering Holy Combo
    [Range]: Short, Mid, Long
    [Notes]: Chained from Holy Combo, can cause wall rush to the floor.
    {Review]: Terra slowly waves her arms in a circular motion as a purple orb 
    swiftly grows while dealing minor brave damage before she claps her hands 
    causing the orb to explode and deal the HP damage. To execute this attack 
    simply press square after at least one flare has hit the opponent. 
    Using this move can be a little tricky, if the interval between the flare
    hitting and ultima the opponent has a chance to recover and be able avoid 
    without even dodging. If you are having troubles connecting with this attack 
    i recommend activating it after the second flare hits as it gets a bit risky 
    using it after the third or fourth flare.
    [Rating]: 8/10 No changes since the original so can't really give it any 
    4. Recommended abilities and Assists
    *Note* these set ups are all to suit my play style thus they are heavily 
    based on my opinion, If you find that some this don't suit you trying 
    equiping different abilities to see which suits you best
    4.1 Attack set up
    Land Brave:
    Towards: Fire -> Firaga
    Neutral: Meteor
    Away: Blizzara 
    Midair Brave:
    Up: Blizzard Combo
    Neutral: Holy Combo -> Ultima
    Away: Thundara
    Land HP:
    Neutral: Flood
    Midair HP
    Neutral: Tornado
    Away: Meltdown
    I usually stick to this set up but I would change thundara for blizzara 
    depending on how my opponent fights. Blizzara can be replaced with
    Graviga as well but apart from that i don't see anything else i 
    would change.
    4.2 Action abilities
    There has been some additional abilities since the original and some 
    of them are rather useful so here I would show what abilities 
    I equiped under these categories. Take note that I did not state 
    the level of which the ability is learnt because I recommend that you only 
    equip most ofthem when you are at level 100. (Jump to 5.1 to for 
    easy leveling) But before I get on with my set up here is the 
    format that i will be using for the rest of the section.
    [ability name here]-[AP]-learnt from mastering which ability if any
    [Ground evasion]-50AP
    [Midair evasion]-50AP
    [Ground block]-50AP
    [Midair block]-50AP
    [Aerial block]-50AP
    [Controlled recovery]-70AP
    [Recovery attack]-70AP
    [Omni air dash+]-200AP-Master Omni air dash-[130AP]
    [Speed boost++]-130AP-Master speed boost[70AP] and speed boost+[130AP]
    [Ground evasion boost]-100AP
    [Midair evasion boost]-100AP
    [Evasion boost]-100AP
    Equiping speed boost++ is not a must but i just equip it so that 
    I can move more freely. Other than that everything else should be equiped. 
    Another optional ability is multi air slide i pretty much just use this 
    to create distance in pinches, not something that is vital for Terra. Fot air
    dashes Terra would do better with omni air dash+ since now it is harder
    to enter EX mode you don't need to worry about Heartless Angel and Black 
    Fang now so using this dash will make repositioning a lot easier.
     4.3 Support abilities
    Not much i equiped here so rather small section this one.
    [Always target indicator]-50AP
    [EX core lock on]-50AP
    [Auto assist lock on]-50AP
    Auto assist lock on is all up to you there are some pros and cons on 
    equipping this ability being that it won't be that easy to assist punish you
    but opponents can use their assists as decoys to attack you while you are
    aiming his assist. I don't recommend equiping Auto EX Defense but 
    if you are really that bad at it then go on ahead.
     4.4 Extra abilities
    Pretty interesting abilities available here so lets get started.
    [Precision jump]-130AP
    [sneak attack]-200AP
    [EX critical boost]-200AP
    [Assist critical boost]-200AP
    [EXP to HP] or [EXP to Assist]-130AP
    [Cavalier's gear]-170AP
    Reason why I put two 'EXP to --' is because its all on preference and 
    opponent. If you are fighting and over leveled enemy i recommend 'to HP' 
    but when fighting regular battles I equip 'to Assist'. Also you will 
    notice that you cannot find 'Cavalier's gear' anywhere to unlock this 
    ability you must first unlock the lores in the shop and then buy it for 
    500000 Gil. Exit the shop and it will say new inventory in shop go back 
    and scroll to the 'etc' section and then select 'cavalier's gear' for 
    a Gil which will unlock it's simple!
    4.5 Assists     
    Assists is one of the new features of Dissidia 012 basically you can call 
    in your assist to help you do extra damage or become a scapegoat for you. 
    When you enter battle you will notice a bar beneath your HP that is spit 
    into two parts. As you execute attacks this bar will slowly rise and 
    when you filled up one bar press L+circle to allow your assist to perform 
    a brave attack or swap out with you when taking damage or staggering note 
    that swaping out with your assist with L+circle will disable the use of 
    your assist for about twenty to thirty seconds  and your opponent will 
    absorb all EX force on screen. However what about when you fill up both 
    bars? Well if you do so you can press L+square to summon your assist to 
    do a HP attack for you, note that landing an assist HP attack when in EX 
    mode does NOT allow you to initiate your EX burst so bear that in mind.
    Another thing you can do with both bars filled is by pressing L+square 
    while taking damage or staggering to swap out with your assist now the 
    difference between this and pressing L+circle is that not only do you 
    switch out with your assist but if your opponent attacks your assist they 
    will stagger giving you an opening, also your assist bar will not 
    be disabled however your opponent will still aborb all EX force on screen. 
    Also if you are able to interupt your opponents assist attack their assist
    will be disabled and you will absorb all EX force on screen same goes 
    vice-versa. Another feature about assists is that as your opponent takes 
    damage their EX gauge will deplete accordingly! Also if your opponent 
    does get into EX mode don't fret simply connect with an assist attack and 
    they will automatically exit EX mode plus the stage bravery will add to 
    your brave as well! However do not allow you opponent to land an attack 
    on your assist whether if its interupting their attack or you switching  
    out with them because if he disables your assist they will gain the stage 
    bravery which does not put you in a good position.
    Well now since you get the jist of assists lets move onto assist attacks. 
    There are some exclusive properties a character has as an assist while 
    that they don't have as being used with. This would be if an assist is 
    able to land an attack on your opponent they may sometimes leave an 
    opening for you this will be indicated with a golden cross appearing on 
    the screen similar to that of initiating a chase. This golden cross with 
    be on screen for about three seconds and if you press cross during that 
    time you will instantly vanish and reappear behind your foe. For Terra 
    this will leave your foe open for either Tornado, Blizarra or Blizzard 
    combo. But take note make sure there is nothing obstructing the path 
    between you and your opponent or you will not reappear behind them. 
    Example if there was a wall between you and your opponent and you press 
    the cross button while the golden cross is on screen you will just 
    reappear in front of the wall instead behind you opponent.
    Alright now onto actually selecting your assists. This part really just 
    comes down to personal preference and play style however when select an 
    assist i recommend selecting one that will either cause a wall rush or 
    allow you to teleport behind your foe. With this you can figure out which 
    assist is best for you. But if you are still stuck in selecting your 
    assists i recommend Jecht or Kuja why? For Jecht it is mainly due to 
    the fact that all his attacks do wall rush damage which will leave your 
    opponent open for an assault, Kuja because almost all his attacks will 
    enable you to teleport behind your opponent giving you an opportunity 
    to further punish them but the only attack that doesn't do so is his 
    flare star (ground HP attack).
    Alright now that you got your assist you now have to figure out 
    how to land them especially for Jecht since his attacks require him 
    to be close to his opponents so here are some
    methods to ensure that your assist attack will connect:
    i) Summon right after a wall rush
    ii) Summon during their cool down after a dodge or attack
    iii) Summon after connecting with flood
    iv) Summon just after the first hit with blizzard combo connects
    v) After firing a flare from Holy combo
    For 'iv)' this requires strict timing. Basically the moment you see 
    the amount of brave damage dealt immediately call your assist and do 
    NOT continue with the attack or your assist may miss or you will miss 
    with your blizzard combo and miss out on the opening your assist leaves 
    behind. I don't recommend making your assist deal the HP damage for you 
    because Terra does not have a problem dealing HP damage plus most HP 
    assist attacks have a bit of a start up giving your opponent time to 
    evade your assists' attack in other words waste of your assist. In 
    addition if you equip one of the two assists I recommended they 
    leave openings for pretty much any of Terra's attacks when they 
    finish their brave attack. As for 'v)' this requires even stricter timing 
    especially if you are using Jecht, as you 
    know when Terra fires her flare her opponent will be stunt for a moment, this
    is you signal to summon your assist. Note that this is more easily done on a 
    stage that is vertically limited why? Simply because the stunt duration remains
    unchanged however your opponent won't get blasted upwards. In other words
    they will be stuned but on the spot making it much easier for your assist to hit
    5. General tips
    5.1 Gaining EXP, Gil and KP
    There are a number of ways to level up Terra to 100 but i will be 
    mentioning only two here (check out thesamecruse FAQ on easy EXP for
    more methods) The first one would be the Exdeath trick first go to PP 
    catalog and purchase all the 'CPU Level Cap +10' to 'CPU Level Cap +100' 
    and 'EXP icon boost Lv1' to 'EXP icon boost lv 10' then set your psp 
    day on your bonus day. Next set your play plan to hardcore and fight 
    sixty battles to get a chocobo feather (EXP +100% and breakability 30%) 
    then buy the magic pot summon NOT the auto version and equip it. Then make 
    sure you chocobo gives you the EXP times five and go to quick battle 
    one-on-one and fight a level 100 Exdeath at maximum difficulty.Enter 
    battle and let Exdeath gather 9999 brave then use your summon but make 
    sure you are not suffering from a break or it won't work magic pot will 
    mimic your opponent's brave after doing so just land a HP attack and tada! 
    You will gain around two million EXP and instantly level up to 100!
    The second method takes more time but is easier to carry out and can be 
    done with other characters first but the neccesary things from the PP 
    catalog stated from the previous paragraph. Them fight a level 100 
    Emperor with his difficulty at high(equips) or very high. Enter battle 
    and allow Emperor to get 9999 brave then wait for him to cast a bue flare 
    then simply cast tornado to reflect it right back at him now you have to 
    be a liitle patient here as it takes time to for Emperor to get careless 
    and get back stabbed by his own flare. When he gets hit by his own 
    flare you will gain an enormous amount of EXP (from 30000 to 500000) per 
    hit this will level you up pretty quckly. Now as stated earlier this 
    method can be used for other characters so i will state the attack that 
    will allow you to reflect his blue flare with the other characters
    Lightning: Crushing blow
    Vaan: Inferno
    Laguna: Ragnarok blade, Ragnarok Buster
    Yuna: Hell fire, Mega flare
    Kain: Jump, Dragon's fang
    Tifa: Meteor strike, Burning arrow, Meteodive, Rolling blaze
    Warrior of light: Shield of light, Ultimate shield
    Firion: Weaponmaster, Lord of arms
    Onion knight: Wind shear
    Cecil: Soul eater, Shadow Bringer, Saint's fall
    Bartz: Hell fire, Ragnarok blade
    Terra: Tornado
    Cloud: Cross slash, Braver
    Squall: Rough Divide, Revolver drive, Blasting Zone
    Zidane: Grand lethal
    Tidus: Spiral cut, Slice and dice
    Garland: Earthquake, Tsunami
    Emperor: Bombard
    Cloud of Darkness: [0-form] Particle beam
    Golbez: Nightglow
    Exdeath: Delta attack
    Kefka: Havoc wing
    Sephiroth: Hell's gate, Heaven's light, Octaslash, Scintilla
    Ultimecia: N/A
    Kuja: N/A
    Jecht: Jecht blade, Triumphant grasp
    Shantotto: N/A
    Gabranth: Execution
    Prishe: Asuran fists, Auroral uppercut, Nullifying dropkick
    Gilgamesh: Death claw, Hurricane, Jump, Sword dance
    Feral chaos: Quo Vadis
    Now for Gil. This is pretty easy either just keep fighting enemies in 
    Scenario 000 (6000-15000gil per battle) or enter time attack in arcade 
    mode and do the crystal course and get a timing below 15 minutes to 
    win a Megaelixir and a gold angel which can be sold for 100000gil.
    For AP. Some preparation needed first buy all the AP bonuses on the PP
    catalog and then select a level 100 character and remove all abilities 
    and items apart from a HP attack. Reason why it needs to be level 100 is 
    because if your foe is below level 100 it is harder to get AP chance+3. 
    Next set this dummy as your ghost card and export it. Now go to 
    communication mode and select communications, import your 
    dummy ghost and pummel away for easy AP chance. Equiping Beckoning
    Cat (Gil +20%, AP +100%, PP +20%) and the Diamond set (AP +100%)
    plus playing on your bonus day can rack up to 21AP a battle. 
    Components for these items are found repectively......
    -Beckoning Cat: Lucky Charm x1+Mog's Amulet x1+Tome of Lies x2+
    3500 Gil
    -Diamonds can be purchased from the moogle shop south east of the map
    in Secnario 000 for 50KP
    Lastly we got KP. Here is my method first play Scenario 000 and go to any
    moogle shop and buy Multichain, KP Gambler and KP Switch. Next enter the
    Gateway of Artificial Life this gate is located somewhere north west on the
    map. When you enter take four paces to the right or stand on the crest that
    will give your initial BRV 0. Now use the KP switch and KP gambler to make
    things easier before you use Multichain. When you use Multichain all
    the battle pieces in the gate will come at you fight them all and you will
    receive 243 KP and if you feel like it, use your KP bonus to double it. As you
    would notice the enemies in this gate are above level 100 so use a custom
    rule to make things easier I use BRV centric to deal massive damage through
    wall rush.
    There is another method that will allow you to get 50,000 KP at one go but
    requires plenty of preparations. Here is a link of lordphr0zen pulling it
    Just in case, please read the video description and again I DID NOT COME UP 
    WITH THIS METHOD! So ask lordphr0zen for the details for this insane
    KP farming method.
    5.2 How to play as Terra
    As you should know Terra is a long range specialist meaning that she 
    is able to constantly assault her enemies without fearing of being 
    staggered by a block. However if you were using Cloud for example you 
    would be gone within seconds having to suffer each blow being blocked 
    and enduring a chain of criticals. What does this mean for Terra? She 
    can take control of the match by bombarding her enemies with attack 
    after attack after attack with minimal risk of being countered. How do 
    you know you have control it means you are launching the attack and your 
    opponent is playing defensively. One thing I noticed about players who 
    upload videos of themselves using Terra they are not vicious 
    enough in their videos they usually spend too much time trying to find 
    an opening while leting their opponents constantly pressure them with 
    all kinds of attacks. Don't let that be you! Take control and have the 
    advantage over your opponent.
    However taking control and mantaining control are two different 
    stories it just takes an attack to be reflected or missing with tornado 
    to give that little opening for veteran players to take advantage of it 
    and turn the match around so bear in mind. But on the up side this is 
    also inevitable so don't mind it too much. (if she was able to constantly 
    take control she would be overpowered!) So here are some pointers to bear 
    in mind when usings her.
    - Always mantain your distance between you and your opponent. Optimum 
    distance is about one air dash but this may vary against different 
    opponents but if against magic based enemies they would be giving you 
    distance anyways
    - Take control of the match by bombarding them with attack after attack 
    after attack this will give your opponent less time to be offensive and 
    be more on the defensive thus not able to attack you.
    - When all else fails USE METEOR this is pretty much Terra's best attack 
    opponents will have a hard time avoiding it and won't be able to close the 
    distance between them and you.
    - Punish opponents during their cool down for an attack this will tick off 
    your opponent and cause them to do rash things and resort to gambles when 
    attacking. Take advantage of this for maximum punishment and further 
    frustrating your opponent. Remember when you are in control you are doing 
    the damage while your opponents can only endure them.
    - DO NOT SPAM remember that Terra's attacks can be reflected when blocked 
    this will cause your attack to becomes your opponent's and it only takes 
    that slight let up for your opponents to turn the match around.
    - If you know you can't win in an EX core race yeah you give up and start
    charging Meltdown. When fighting veteran players it will be hard to fully
    charge Meltdown so use this as a chance also since your opponent is going
    after the EX core they will be doing you a favour by giving you distance.
    Lastly don't bother using a bravery attack to interupt your opponent
    while they are after the EX core as most of Terra's brave attacks can be 
    Air dashed through so stick to Meltdown.
    - Avoid using Tornado or charging Meltdown in the open. This is very 
    punishable and your foe will be at your face in two seconds. The best time
    to use Tornado is when your foe is somewhat cornered and only charge 
    Meltdown when your oponent does not have a direct path towards Terra
    i.e your are charging Meltdown with a wall between you and your foe,
    this will make it hard for them to see where Meltdown is coming from and 
    they will not be able to be right at Terra's face.
    - Make full use of Terra in her EX mode. Do not just jump to her EX burst 
    because while in that mode she is a totally different person both with 
    brave and HP attacks so make full us of it before you get to the EX burst.
    Thats all for now look out for more updates!
    5.3 EX Mode
    Alright now onto her EX mode. When initiated she transform into her Esper 
    form and losses her sword. Instead she gets a wild hair-do sharps claws 
    and fiery eyes. Her Esper colour varies with the look you equip. For normal 
    would be purple, Alt 1 is pink while Alt 2 is turquoise.
    Now onto her bonuses. Firstly like all other characters she gains 
    'critical boost' and 'regen'. Other bonuses she gets is being able to 
    glide while holding the cross button in midair, she gildes slightly slower 
    than free air dash but you get much better control compared to it. Oh! 
    I didn't get to her best feature DUALCAST!!!!! Basically in her EX mode 
    she can cast her spell two times in a row with a small interval between 
    the casting. Note that dualcast is not automatic (except for holy, holy 
    combo and firaga) so you have to press the respective button again for 
    the second cast. Also you can decide whether to delay or instantly use 
    the second casting, make full use of this property to further  pressure 
    your foe and keep them at bay. But by using dualcast the way her attacks 
    comes out are a little different from when she is out of 
    EX mode so here is a quick description of how her attacks work while in 
    EX mode.
    Blizzara: Shoots two blocks one after the other. If you hit with the first
    one, the second one will probably miss because of the knock back, but if 
    your oppoenent dodges the first one the second block will most likely hit.
    Blizzard Combo: Pretty much just extends the combo, so you're guranteed to
    benefit from all the hits. Basically she does her regular blizzard combo 
    but adds an extra three hits before knocking them back
    Thundara: Shoots one round of Thundara then another once the first round
    finishes, if you hit with the first one, it's a lot easier for the second 
    one to hit. Even if the first one is avoided your opponent will still 
    have troubles dodging the second
    Fire: Shoots two flames, one behind the other. It's impossible to hit with
    both because of the explosion, so it's not a major upgrade but just makes 
    it harder to dodge both.
    Holy: Shoots three Holy orbs followed instantly by another three, so it's 
    not double the amount of Holy orbs, but the it launches faster, has 
    better tracking and moves faster.
    Holy Combo: Same as Holy, except with the addition of the follow-up Flares.
    And by follow-up Flares I mean a horribly painful stream of fast moving
    Flares. Seriously, even i had troubles controlling this it is much faster 
    than the original so I am having troubles keeping up with them. I pretty 
    much just mash the circle button but i think she can shoot a maximum of 
    eight flares.
    Graviga: Oh man, you know Terra's Exmode is amazing when it can make a 
    crappy move like this into one of the best except it's only good if you 
    can pull it off properly, so it still has its initial set backs. Anyways, 
    after the first cast, another Graviga ball will appear and float above the
    enemy. However while casting the second graviga there is no casting 
    animation meaning you can use another attack even when the second graviga 
    has not decended yet!
    Meteor: Just when you thought this move couldn't getter better.. Yup, you
    cast Meteor twice in a row, with a slight overlap in the castings meaning 
    at one point, the enemy is gonna have to dodge two seperate Meteor 
    castings. Plus, she's WAY higher in the air so it is easier use Holy 
    Combo right away. Unfortunately this means you can't combine dual Meteor 
    with any ground attacks which is fine since the only thing worth it that's
    not also in the air is Flood which is pretty amazing itself in Exmode. 
    With dual Meteor, you should be suprised if anyone manages to dodge all 
    of the hits and the follow up spell. This spell alone will turn the tides 
    of battle in your favor.
    Flood: This thing becomes much harder to dodge. You can cast the second 
    set of water blasts immediately or with a bit of a delay. This will 
    seriouly throw off your opponents dodging pattern. Experiment with the 
    timing to really throw your opponents off.
    Tornado: Like Blizzard Combo, this just extends the amount of hits. When 
    the tornadoes begin to merge together, another three tornadoes appear 
    and the combo thus starts over effectively doubling the duration and 
    thus the amount of brave damage you'll do before the HP hit.
    Firaga: Terra will set off the first firaga that does minor brave damage 
    before casting the second firaga that does the HP damage not such a big 
    improvement here but it gives a little more brave before dealing the 
    HP damage which is always welcomed.
    Meltdown: Now this can really be a pain for your opponent if used properly.
    Basically after casting the first meltdown you can cast another one 
    WITH NO CHARGING TIME! Now the problem is how to cast the stage of 
    meltdown you want. Not very hard how each stage comes out depends on 
    your analog stick direction. If your analog stick is pointing towards 
    your opponent stage one gets launched, with no analog movement stage 
    three will come out and if it faces away from your opponent stage two 
    comes out. This move is EX mode is divine because your opponent has 
    to deal with two meltdowns instead of one. This is also a great way to 
    keep your opponent at bay.
    Ultima: Like Blizzard Combo and Tornado before it, Ultima expands out, 
    then just before detonating, a new Ultima expands out causing additional 
    brave damage. Not so much of an upgrade but like firaga it just gives 
    some bonus brave before dealing the HP blow.
    Well that's about all of the attacks covered. At first you may have a 
    little trouble adapting to the way her attacks are executed in EX mode 
    so bear with it. Once you have built up some confidence just go all out 
    on your enemies and cause mayhem and trouble for your opponent. Oh yeah 
    and her EX burst is called Riot Blade (her despo move in FFVI) to execute 
    a perfect EX burst simply mash the circle and left directional button 
    at the same time, it's not that hard to pull off so i don't see a need 
    to equip auto EX command.
    5.4 Equips, accessories and summons
    For equipment this all really comes down to your preference but if there 
    is something I would recommend it would be to equip the 'cavalier's gear' 
    to enable heavy armour use because heavy armours give the most HP boost 
    compared to all other body protective gear. But if you have some troubles 
    getting a good setup due to the special bonuses each equipment has then 
    here is mine.
    Weapon: Maduin's horn (BRV+39, ATK+67, physical defense +20% 
    and slight counterattack effect)
    Arm: Seydlitz (HP+327, DEF+72 and regen +20%)
    Head: Royal crown (HP -328, BRV+369 and brave recovery +100%)
    Body: Maximillian (HP+3300, BRV+39 and physical defense +10%)
    With this setup you will get 10298HP, 1114 base BRV, 178 ATK and 182 DEF. 
    I did not state luck and CP because both remain unchanged with this setup. 
    If you are going for equipment sets Adamant Chains, Soul of Yamato 
    aren't too bad but just prepare your CP to equip the abilities to allow 
    you to equip those types of gear.
    To get the following gear........
    Maduin's Horn: 
    Morning Star, Veiled Magic x1, Girl's Hopes x5, 182800 Gil
    Morning Star: 
    Chain Flail, Electrum x1, Girl's Dream x5, 158000 Gil
    Chain Flail: 
    Healing Staff, Scarletite x1, Girl's Desire x5, 61000 Gil
    (Credits to DracoMortus for the weapon components)
    Protective Armlet x1, Mystile x1, Huge Materia x1, 182800 Gil 
    Dragon Armlet x1, Occurian Gem x1, Wraith's Hopes x5, 158000 Gil
    Dragon Armlet:
    Rune Armlet x1, Dragon's Tear x1, Witch's Dreams x5, 135000 Gil
    Rune Armlet:
    Hyper Wrist x1, Polished Ore x1
    , 61000 Gil
    Protective Armlet:
    Imperial Guard x1, Carbuncle's Gem x1, Girl's Dream x5, 135000 Gil
    Imperial Guard:
    Precious Watch x1, Floating Continent Gem x1, Wraith's Desire x5, 94400 Gil
    Royal Crown:
    Hypnocrown x1, Circlet x1, Huge Materia x1, 101320 Gil
    Extension x1, Occurian Gem x1, Girl's Hope x5, 88920 Gil
    Hairpin x1, Oarba Beads x1, 11440 Gil
    Cat-ear Hood x1, Carbuncle's Gem x1, Lady's Hope x5, 76700 Gil
    (Refer below for how to craft Cat-ear hood)
    Platinum Armor x1, Grand Armor x1, Sinspawn x1, 159420 Gil
    Grand Armor:
    Shielded x1, Catoblepas Eye x1, Warrior's Hopes x5, 140820 Gil 
    Shielded Armor:
    Shell Armor x1, Basilisk Pebble x1, 27760 Gil
    Shell Armor:
    Bronze armor x1, Figaro Gravel x1, 19680 Gil
    Platinum Armor:
    Flame armor x1, Gorgon Eye x1, Hero's Desire x5, 121960 Gil
    Flame Armor:
    Purchase at moogle shop for 60 KP (Scenario 012 and 013)
    Now for accessories. I myself do not have have a great set up so please 
    feel free to Email me any good builds you come up with. It is now harder 
    to get a build that would overall boost something without reducing 
    something. So if you were to have a EX setup you will practically never 
    be able to summon your assist in battle. But if you have an assist setup 
    you won't be able to into EX mode or will not be able to be in EX mode 
    long enough to deal significant damage to your opponent. It is a hard 
    decision to make so please bear with my rather not so good setup for now.
    Earring (magic damage+7%)
    Sniper eye (wall rush HP damage+10%)
    Zephyr cloak (barve boost on dodge+2%)
    Bravery orb (brv recovery+30%)
    Safety bit (last chance+6%)
    Final decision (can endure one comba that would inflict break with 0 BRV)
    Winged boots (warp defense+50%, banish trap denfense+100%)
    Great gospel (regen+10%, BRV recovery+50%)
    First to victory (initial EX force, assist charge and bravery+20%)
    Soul of thamasa (magic damage+3%, Wall rush brave damage+40%, 
    chase brave damage +7%)
    EDIT: It has been some time since my last update and I have finalize a build
    for Terra here it is.
    Heaven's Cloud
    Lufenian Shield
    Lufenian Helm
    Lufenian Armor
    Set effect- Judgement of Lufenia (Assist gauge depletion +15%)
    Battle Hammer (assist gauge depletion +5%)
    Dismay Shock (EX gauge depletion +1%)
    HP<50% (your HP)
    Summone Unused (your summon)
    Pre-EX Mode
    Pre-EX Revenge
    HP<50% (opponent's HP)
    White Gem (EX force absorbtion +10%, Assist gauge charge -10%)
    Rebellious Soul (increase brave by 20% of HP when near death)
    With this build you get a slight edge in EX absorbtion while depleting
    both assist and EX gauge when you land a HP attack. As for the 
    Rebellious Soul it will give Terra a great boost in bravery when her HP
    is near death (HP bar turns red). Take note that Terra can't rack up
    brave quickly with her aresenal so this item should make it easier for 
    a comeback.   
    The idea of this build is to convert your EXP to EX force that being said this 
    build also requires some abilities and equips you must have in order for it 
    to work.
    Abilities required:
    Exp to EX force
    Assist Gauge dash Up
    Counter Attack
    Ex Critical Boost
    Peltast's gear
    To obtain Peltast's gear ability just buy the Knight lore for 500,000 Gil 
    'refer to 5.1 for easy Gil'
    Equips required:
    Excalibur II (EXP +100%)
    Super Ribbon (BRV +301, HP -268, accessory breakability -30%)
    To obtain the following gear.........
    Excalibur II:
    Drop from ghost card 'No.1 Moogle'. To increase the drop rate go to the PP
    catalog and buy as many 'item drop rate up', equip Theif's glove and cap
    for a total on 40% boost for drop rate and play on your special day as 
    sometimes it will increase drop rate as an extra bonus apart from PP, Gil, AP
    and EXP mutiplier.
    Super Ribbon:
    Ribbon x1, Pink Tail x5, Vision's Hopes x5, 91400 Gil
    Cat-ear Hood x1, Pink Tail x20, Summoner's Desire x10, 56900 Gil
    Cat-ear Hood:
    Lamia's Tiara x1, Elemental Jewel x1, Witch's Desire x5, 54960 Gil
    Lamia's Tiara:
    Tiara x1, Polished ore x1, 36820 Gil
    Now for the build itself:
    Cyan Gem (initial EX force +20%, Assist gauge duration -20%
    Growth Egg (EXP +20%)
    Hero's Seal (initial bravery 50%)
    Platinum Hourglass (EX mode duration +15%, EX force aborb -20%)
    Ruby Hourglass (EX mode duration +10%, EX mode damage -10%)
    First to Victory (initial EX force, assist charge and bravery+20%)
    Together as One (initial assist charge +40%, assist gauge duration +50%
    EX force absorbtion -40%)
    Fake Mustache (LUK +10, EX core appearance boost)
    Chocobo WIng (EXP +50%, 30% accessory breakability)
    Chocobo Feather (EXP +100%, 30% accessory breakability)
    This setup does not instantly fill your EX gauge but makes it A WHOLE LOT
    EASIER. At the start of the match if you land the first HP attack with 
    minimal brave damage the EXP to EX force ability will activate and 
    will fill your EX gauge by half, add the Cyan gem ability and your 
    EX gauge is as good as filled. I DID NOT COME UP WITH THIS BUILD! 
    Credits go to FantasyCourier check out his youtube channel for 
    more EXP to ... builds, link is on the next line
    Please support him so that he will create more awesome builds for you people
    Lastly we have summons. This portion is also heavily based and playstyle 
    and preference but here is my reserves:
    Land worm- Reduces opponents brave according to how far you are from them
    Syldra- Nullifies opponent's summon effect
    Scarmiglione- Oppoenent's brave drops to 0 when thay activate their summon
    Lich- Opponents brave drops to 0 after 20 seconds
    Zalera, the death seraph- Inflict break if opponent has 9999 brave
    Other summons i recommend are omega weapon, hecatonchair, asura, 
    mandragora, alexander and bahamut (NOT the auto version)
    5.5 Grinding items
    Now if you haven't notice there is a pattern in obtaining components for equips
    basically you got a weaker equips as a base, a battlegen accessory and a random
    accessory component. Now if you have play this game long enough the shop 
    will be selling the random accessory component required for the equip.
    However, this requires a component of an Elixir of some form and a pinch of 
    Gil (10?). Now for this section i will show you how to get the required Elixir
    for each accessory.
    -Dusty Elixir- Get a bronze timing (>20 mins) for time attack for Iron Course
    -Elixir- Get a silver timing (about 16-18 mins) for time attack for Iron Course
    -Hi-Elixir- Get a gold timing (<15 mins) for time attack for Iron Course
    -Megaelixir- Get a gold timing (<15mins) for time attack Crystal Course
    If you don't have Time attack for arcade mode it can be bought from the PP
    catalog for 1800 PP. To unlock it complete Scenario 012 and 013.
    Alternatively if you unlock Scenario 000 and go to the moogle south east most
    of the map. There he sells accessories that requires Dusty Elixir 
    or Elixirs to be made. The only accessory component that cannot be 
    found in the shop is the Pink Tail, this can only be obtain in chests 
    from story mode. (Scenario 012 and Scenario 013) 
    Think my method it too tough? Here is a link to find the trade accessories in
    Scenario 000:
    5.6 Combos
    This is gonna be a pretty long section but i will spit it in three parts 
    non-assist, assist combos and EX revenge combos
    Meteor-->Blizzard combo
    Meteor-->Holy combo-->Ultima
    Meteor -->Thundara
    Meteor-->Tornado (close range only)
    Meteor-->Meltdown stage one (close range only)
    Meltdown stage two or three-->Holy combo-->Ultima
    Basically how this combo works is that the meltdown acts as a diversion 
    while you cast holy combo this combo is also good to regain distance 
    between you and  your feo. Another thing is that if your meltdown hits 
    while your holy orbs are  tracking, Terra will imediately fier her flares 
    even if the holy orbs did not connect which will allow you to use Ultima.
    Blizzard combo (one hit)--->Meltdown stage one
    (credits to Denis for this combo)
    Is you haven't noticed this is more of a mind game than a combo if 
    you are up against a newer player chances of this connecting is high 
    as they will mash on the evade button when they hit by the 
    blizzard combo and when they are out of the hit they will dodge, then 
    you take advantage of the dodge cool down to land Meltdown.
    Blizzard combo (one hit)--->Tornado
    (credits to Denis for this combo)
    More for pressure and cornering opponents. Do this combo in an open 
    area and you will miss with Tornado leaving Terra open for punishment!
    Essentially this combo only works at a corner as your foe will not have
    anywhere to avoid Tornado. Of course they will try to dodge but in vain
    if performed properly
    Tornado--->Holy combo--->Ultima
    (credit to Denis for this combo)
    Hard to explain but easy to pull off. However for this combo to work
    Tornado must NOT deal wall rush damage as your opponent will recover
    from it quicker. After Tornado blasts them no need to dodge cancel
    just mash the circle button for Holy combo to be executed. Then well
    somehow the opponent will have a hard time avoiding the Holy orbs
    after being blasted up I am not sure why so feel free to enlighten me with
    an email. Much easier to perform in EX mode as the holy orbs gets
    launched faster and the chances of the orbs getting reflected gets further
    reduced. (even though the chances of it being reflect out of EX mode
    is rather low already)
    Blizzard combo (one hit)--->Tornado--->Holy combo--->Ultima
    (credits to Denis for this combo)
    Just a combination of the previous two combos though not as brutal as
    the Graviga combos it is much easier to pull off and does a decent
    amount of damage so i reccomend using this combo rather than the
    Graviga ones, add assist into the picture and your opponent will be
    Dual meltdown stage two or three-->Dual holy combo-->Dual Ultima
    This combo is just the EX mode version of the previous but for dual casting 
    meltdown trying experimenting with which stage to cast first and the follow up 
    stage. I recommend stage three and then stage two as it gives your opponent
    a ton of pressure. If they dodge stage three by dodging towards Terra they
    will be greeted with a meltdown stage two if they dodge that they still
    got the dual holy combo to worry about. If they dodge all that not to worry
    punish their dodge cool down with an assist attack!
    Dual graviga-->Dual meteor-->Dual holy combo-->Dual ultima
    Her strongest non assist combo in EX mode. Basically you make use of the no 
    casting animation of the second graviga to cast dual meteor which will most 
    likely leave your opponent open for holy combo, mash on the circle button 
    for the flare phase and finish it off will ultima. A great combo but is also 
    hard to pull off as you are rendered vunerable while casting the first graviga 
    also it is now easier for your opponent to didge out of the second graviga 
    compared to the original. So I don't recommend using this combo unless your
    opponent is charging an attack or is immobilized by coward's judgement.
    Now onto her assists combos. As there are way too many assists to choose from 
    I will only be doing combos of the assists I recommended which is Jecht and 
    Kuja. But before that i will have to explain so abbreviations for you guys.
    -WR- Wall rush whereby you either slam your opponent against a wall or 
    ceiling but NOT the ground.
    -GR- Ground rush whereby you slam your opponent to the ground NOT the 
    ceiling or wall.
    -FD- Forward dodge where you do a midair dodge towards your opponent.
    -*- This symbol at the end of the combo means it can also be performed 
    in EX mode.
    -MECOM- This means any of her meteor combos stated in non-assist.
    Alright so i will first start of with Jecht. Why him because both his 
    brave attacks do wall rush whereby his midair brave attack will slam your 
    foe to the ground and his ground brave attack sends them flying upwards. 
    Without further ado lets begin!
    Meteor-->Holy combo-->Ultima-->GR-->Jecht rush-->FDx2-->Tornado* 
    (close or mid range only)
    Pretty hard to pull off but when Jecht begins his attack foward dodge two 
    times so that you are above your opponent cast tornado and adjust your 
    position while its casted so that Jecht would send your foe flying 
    straight into your tornado. Multi air slide or Free air dash will make 
    this combo easier to pull off.
    Meteor-->Holy combo-->Ultima-->GR-->Jecht rush-->FDx2-->Tornado
    --->Holy combo--->Ultima*
    After Tornado do not dodge cancel just mash on the circle for Holy combo
    to be launched, easier to pull off the Holy combo part in EX mode.
    Blizzard combo-->WR-->Jecht stream-->GR-->MECOM*
    Not as hard as the previous. Bascially when you see Jecht winding up to 
    slam your foe down cast meteor your ooponent will get stun enabling you 
    to follow up with another brave attack.
    Blizzard combo (one hit only)-->Jecht stream-->GR-->MECOM*
    Similar to the previous. Basically you make use of your opponent being 
    stunned by your first blizzard combo strike to call him up. I recommend 
    doing this in very open arena's as there are not many walls for you to 
    slam you opponent with.
    Blizzard combo-->WR-->Jecht stream-->GR-->Fire-->Firaga*
    Just an easier combo for those who need to build up their confidence
    Blizzard combo (one hit only)-->Jecht stream-->GR-->Fire-->Firaga*
    Used for confidence building.
    Blizzard combo (one hit)--->Meltdown stage one--->WR--->Jecht stream
    Refer to non assist combos for the details on the first part as for the
    last part you can use Fire--->Firaga or Holy combo---->Ultima after
    the downward rush instead of the meteor combos to keep it from 
    getting too complicated to perform.
    Blizzard combo (one hit)--->Tornado--->WR--->Jecht stream
    Again first part refer to non assist combos and you can replace 
    meteor combo at the end with something simpler instead.
    Tornado--->Holy combo--->Jecht stream--->GR--->MECOM*
    Same comments as the previous combo
    Blizzard combo (one hit)--->Tornado--->Holy combo--->Jecht stream
    Again same comments as the previous combo
    Blizzard combo-->WR-->Jecht stream-->Meltdown stage one*
    Don't recommend using this combo unless your opponent is at a corner 
    beacause Jecht stream will push your opponent away from you thus, going 
    out of meltdown stage one's range
    Blizzard combo (one hit only)-->Jecht stream-->Meltdown stage one*
    Same as the previous combo
    Meteor-->Tornado-->WR-->Jecht stream-->GR-->MECOM* (must start at 
    close range) 
    Another hard one to pull off but possible same thing cast meteor
    when you see Jecht winding up to slam your foe 'To the ground!'
    Meteor-->Tornado-->WR-->Jecht stream-->Holy combo-->Ultima* 
    (must start at close range) Just for confidence building
    Meteor-->Tornado-->WR-->Jecht stream-->GR-->Fire-->Firaga*
    Again just to build confidence or to finsh off your foe
    Blizzard combo-->WR-->Jecht stream-->GR-->Flood*
    Rather simple one again for confidence building or 
    finishing your foe off
    Blizzard combo(one hit)-->WR-->Jecht stream-->GR-->Flood*
    Same as the previous
    Meteor-->Flood-->Jecht stream-->GR-->MECOM*
    Meteor-->Flood-->Jecht stream-->GR-->Flood*
    To pull this off is not too hard just summon Jecht the moment your foe 
    is blasted upwards, due to the long stunt duriation of flood they will 
    be open for Jecht to pummel them
    Meteor-->Flood-->Jecht stream-->Holy combo*  
    Used for confidence building
    Flood-->Jecht stream-->GR-->MECOM*
    Flood-->Jecht stream-->GR-->Flood*
    Flood-->Jecht stream-->Meltdown stage one*
    Meteor-->Flood-->Jecht stream-->Meteor-->Holy combo-->Ultima*
    Same as previous
    Meteor-->Flood-->Jecht stream-->GR-->Fire-->Firaga*
    Meteor--->Holy combo (flare phase only)---> Jecht stream--->MECOM*
    Like i mentioned earlier, summoning your assist during the flare phase
    requires strict timing basically summon jecht just before the last flare hits
    to ensure that jecht stream will connect. 
    Meteor--->Holy combo (flare phase only)---> Jecht stream---> Flood*
    Meteor-->Flood-->Jecht stream-->Dual graviga-->Dual meteor
    -->Dual holy combo-->Dual ultima 
    (EX mode only)
    This combo pretty much just makes it easier to land the first graviga. 
    Basically  you  make use of Jecht stream's long attack animation to cast 
    your graviga without  the risk  of a counterattack. Just as i stated 
    before  i don't recommend pulling this  off because  it requires alot 
    of space.  Also the second graviga is easier to  dodge out of since the  
    original  another reason not to pull this combo off unless you are very 
    confident of yourself.
    Blizzard combo-->WR-->Jecht stream-->Dual graviga-->Dual meteor-->Dual 
    holy combo-->Dual ultima (EX mode only)
    Same as the previous combo
    Blizzard combo (one hit only)-->WR-->Jecht stream-->Dual graviga-->
    Dual meteor-->Dual holy combo-->Dual ultima (EX mode only)
    Same as previous
    Meteor--->Fire--->Firaga--->WR--->Jecht stream--->Dual Graviga--->Dual meteor
    --->Dual holy combo--->Jecht stream--->Meteor--->Dual Holy combo
    --->Dual Ultima
    Whew that was long! Anyways the biggest and flashiest combo i can come up
    with for Jecht assist. Again not recommended as there are a lot of preparations
    involved. First you gotta charge your asisst bar to full. Then you HAVE TO USE
    FIRE--->FIRAGA simply because it takes less time for Terra to be grounded
    compared to Blizzard combo---->WR. After you wall rush your foe with Firaga
    wait two seconds before you summon Jecht cause you need as much time
    as you can get to cast Graviga sucessfully. Initialize EX mode while casting
    Graviga to prevent Terra from accidentally using a HP attack. Follow with 
    Terra's dual meteor then dual holy combo and just before the last flare hits
    summon Jecht again for more pummeling then use Meteor ONCE ONLY. 
    If you dual cast Meteor it will severely reduce the chances of Holy combo
    connecting. After that single Meteor finish it off with 
    Dual Holy combo--->Dual Ultima and to top it off you can use your EX Burst.
    Think this combo is impossible to pull off? Not so here is a link of a replay
    of me pulling this big combo off!
    PLEASE READ THE VIDOE DESCRIPTION! I will not entertain any Emails saying
    'wow what a noob you just keep spamming' 
    Thats all i can think off for now. Please email me if you get anymore 
    good combos with Jecht. Bear in mind that if you think Jecht won't leave 
    your opponent open for a follow up combo just use Holy combo--> Ultima 
    while he is still attacking your opponent or Meltdown stage one. 
    Also please note that some of the combos can follow up with tornado 
    after jecht stream but i didn't put it in because Terra should be keeping 
    her distance and not going up close to her opponent. 
    Now onto Kuja. The reason why i have him as my other assist is because out 
    of his four attacks available as assist attacks three of them will enable 
    you to teleport behind your opponent leaving them open for either tornado, 
    blizzara or blizzard combo. Again here is a legend on how to read the 
    combos with some tweaks from the previous!
    -WR- Wall rush whereby you either slam your opponent against 
    a wall or ceiling but NOT the ground.
    -GR- Ground rush whereby you slam your opponent to the ground 
    NOT the ceiling or wall.
    -*- This symbol at the end of the combo means it can also be performed 
    in EX mode.
    -TEL- This means teleport behind opponent when the golden cross appears
    -BBCTM- This means your opponent is open for either blizzara, blizzard 
    combo, tornado or meltdown stage one ONLY. Another thing to note is
    that if you use Tornado and it does not cause wall rush damage it can be
    followed up with Holy combo--->Ultima this is a very useful trick to deal
    critical brave damage and deal another blow to their HP, easier to pull
    off in EX mode. Credit to Denis for this awesome trick
    -HOL- Simply means Holy combo--->Ultima as almost every combo can
    have this as a follow up 
    Blizzard combo-->WR-->Strike energy-->TEL-->BBCTM--->HOL*
    Really straight forward good for building confidence
    Blizzard combo (one hit)-->Strike energy-->TEL-->BBCTM--->HOL*
    Same as the previous
    Meteor-->Flood-->Strike energy-->TEL-->BBCTM--->HOL*
    Another simple one. You can cut straight to flood if your opponent 
    is open for it.
    Meteor-->Holy combo-->Ultima-->GR-->Snatch blow-->TEL-->BBCTM-->HOL*
    Not much to say for this one another confidence builder combo
    Graviga-->Force symphony(if hits)-->TEL-->BBCTM-->HOL*
    Now this is an interesting combo. Pretty much you cast graviga and when 
    your opponent is either doing a free air dash or in the air call Kuja in 
    to do a HP attack. If you don't know what Force symphony does it is 
    basically Kuja flys above your foe and bombards them with colourful 
    orbs up to six times. This will pretty much act as a diversion while 
    you are casting graviga. Take note that this combo will not allow both 
    graviga and force symphony to hit only one or the other will connect. 
    Lastly if force symphony hits instead of graviga the golden cross will 
    appear! Press cross and teleport behind your opponent.
    Meteor-->Fire-->Firaga-->WR-->Stirke energy-->BBCTM-->HOL* 
    Can skip meteor to make it a little easier and to build confidence
    Meteor-->Holy combo-->Ultima->GR-->Snatch blow-->TEL-->HOL*
    Much easier to perform in EX mode because the holy orbs come out faster. 
    But if you are not in EX mode this combo requires a bit of luck. 
    Pretty much you must press the cross button the moment the golden cross 
    comes on screen DO NOT WAIT!! PRESS CROSS IMMEDIATELY! Then casting the 
    holy combo needs a bit of luck, if all your orbs are tracking slowly 
    this will miss but if you have at least one orb that tracks at a decent 
    speed it will connect and allow you to launch the flares and followed by 
    your ultima. Works better in cramped arenas.
    Blizzard combo-->WR-->Strike energy-->TEL-->HOL*
    Same as the previous combo
    Blizzard combo (one hit)-->Strike energy-->TEL-->HOL*
    Same as the previous
    Meteor---> Holy combo---> Strike energy--->BBCTM-->HOL*
    Again summoning Kuja after a flare can be tricky but just call him up
    just before your last flare hits to for his strike energy to connect
    Meteor---> Holy combo ---> Strike energy---> HOL*
    Meteor--->Holy combo--->Ultima--->GR--->Snatch Blow--->Holy combo/Holy
    Not so simple here firstly you have to be swift because this combo 
    takes advantage of Snatch Blow's long animation to inflict extra damage with
    Holy combo/Holy. If you use Holy combo DO NOT CHAIN TO FLARE PHASE
    or you will miss your chance to teleport. Note that this can't be done in
    EX mode mainly because if you use Holy combo in EX mode the Holy orbs
    will throw your foe out of snatch blow, If you are feeling confident then
    try to anticipate where Kuja is going to thrust your opponent, position 
    Terra there and execute your HP attack without teleporting
    Meteor--->HOL--->GR--->Snatch Blow--->Holy combo/Holy--->TEL--->HOL
    Blizzard combo (one Hit)--->Strike energy--->Holy--->TEL--->BBCTM-->HOL
    If you have seen Kayarine's youtube channel you would know how this 
    combo works cast holy when Kuja is attacking for extra damage and
    there should be enough time for Terra to teleport and deal a teleport
    Blizzard combo (one Hit)--->Strike energy--->Holy--->TEL--->HOL
    Meteor--->Fire--->Firaga--->WR--->Strike Energy--->Holy--->TEL--->HOL
    Meteor--->Fire--->Firaga--->WR--->Strike Energy--->Holy--->TEL--->BBCTM-->HOL
    Take note if you are going to use Tornado after teleporting wait until the 
    golden cross has been in screen for at least two seconds! The reason is if 
    you teleport instantly  your opponent is still beong knocked back thus 
    they will just fly right past your tornado. This is all the combos i can 
    think of  for Kuja right now not much compared to Jecht's huh? But bear 
    in mind that Kuja's combos are much easier to execute compared to Jecht's 
    so if  you are new to the assist system start off with Kuja and once you 
    get the hangs of things then switch to Jecht.
    Blizzard combo (one hit)--->Meltdown stage one--->WR--->Strike Energy
    Nice combo but impractical can skip Holy 
    Blizzard combo (one hit)--->Meltdown stage one--->WR--->Strike Energy
    Remember only use HOL when your teleport attack is Tornado other
    than that would be asking for an instant break and counter
    Blizzard combo (one hit)--->Tornado--->WR--->Strike energy--->Holy-->TEL
    Impractical so i don't recommend it
    Blizzard combo (one hit)--->Tornado--->WR--->Strike energy--->Holy-->
    Tornado--->Holy combo--->Strike energy-->TEL-->BBCTM-->HOL*
    Blizzard combo (one hit)--->Tornado--->Holy combo--->Strike energy--->Holy
    Blizzard combo (one hit)--->Tornado--->Holy combo--->Strike energy--->TEL
    Now unto EX revenge combos. Whats EX revenge? Basically if you initiate your
    EX mode while you are stunted Terra will immediately recover and slow down
    time leaving your opponent open for a pummeling. But don't simply 
    initiate it! If you initiate it while your opponent has at least one assist bar
    he can switch out with his assist and end Terra's EX revenge on the spot. 
    They can also break out of EX revenge by initiating their EX mode, by doing
    so they will not only go into EX mode they will also end Terra's EX revenge.
    A good time to use EX revenge is preferably after your opponent landed a
    HP attack on you why? Because their brave will go down to 0 and you can
    break them immediately. Sorry all you veteran players out there for that
    chunk but I gotta explain for the newer players so without further ado 
    lets begin.
    -Holy x6
    Brutal but impractical i only recommend using this combo if your 
    Terra hasn't learnt Holy combo yet.
    -Holy x5--->Holy combo-->Ultima
    A nice combo but again you really won't equip Holy once Terra has learnt
    Holy combo
    -Thundara x3---> Holy combo--> Ultima
    Easier to pull off in vertically limited arenas as your foe won't get thrusted
    too high and out of Holy combo's range
    -Blizzard combo---> Holy combo--> Ultima
    Note that Blizzard combo can chain to almost any other attack in EX revenge
    -Blizzard combo--->Tornado
    -Blizzard combo--->Meltdown stage one
    -Meteor--->Thundara--->Holy combo--->Ultima
    If you haven't notice Terra has no cool down during EX revenge so this will be
    rather easy to pull off, just make sure you are at the proper distance
    -Meteor---> Blizzard combo---> Holy combo--->Ultima
    Just a nice close range option
    -Meteor x2---> Holy combo---> Ultima
    -Fire---> Meteor---> Holy combo---> Ultima
    -Meteor----> Holy---> Holy combo---> Ultima
    Again you don't wanna equip Holy once Holy combo is learnt
    -Meteor---> Thundara x2--->Holy combo---> Ultima
    A little risky this combo as Terra will be lanching the flare phase of Holy
    combo out of EX revenge, much easier to pull off in vertically limited 
    -Fire---> Meteor---> Thundara--->Holy combo--->Ultima
    Self explainatory but easier to pull off if you initiate EX revenge near the 
    ground as you spend less time trying to get grounded
    -Blizzard combo---> Blizzara--> Holy combo---> Ultima
    Hard to pull off so don't recommend this combo
    -Blizzara x2---> Holy combo---> Ultima
    Again since Blizzara has been nerfed to the max you really don't wanna 
    equip it
    -Fire--->Meteor--->Blizzara--->Holy combo---> Ultima
    -Blizzara---> Thundara---> Holy combo--->Ultima
    -Blizzard combo x2---> Holy combo---> Ultima
    Rather strict timing and a touch of luck needed just pray that the holy combo
    -Graviga--->Thundara--->Holy combo--->Ultima
    Just initiate EX revenge close to the ground so you won't run out of time
    performing the combo
    -Graviga--->Blizzard combo--->Holy combo--->Ultima
    -Graviga--->Blizzara--->Holy combo--->Ultima
    Bear on mind that by default you only got five seconds to pull it off so be
    quick on deciding what you wanna do as a follow up. If you can't pull it off
    try equiping Spider's bane (EX revenge duration +15%) and Spider silk (EX-
    revenge duration +5%). But please don't waste your EX gauge Terra would be
    much better off in EX mode rather than being used as EX revenge. Just use
    EX revenge when you are desperate other than that make the most of Terra's
    EX mode
    If you need a demonstration of these combos then here is an EX revenge
    combo video link uploaded by yours truly:
    My channel is Soki1995T and i mostly upload battle replays with my 
    school mates (mainly Spitfire as his Sephiroth is great to fight against). 
    I may make more combo vidoes in future but my studies come first so no 
    6. The fights
    Finally! Now for this part i will be doing and in-depth explaination of 
    how to deal with the opponent you are facing. Since i have played every 
    character at least once i know what to expect from each character and 
    which attacks to look out for. So bascially how i will explain things 
    will be firstly telling you any difference made to the character's 
    aresenal since the original. Followed up by roughly how the character 
    fights based on their arsenal then informing you of any attacks that 
    has decent range or can close distance quickly. Followed by dealing with 
    them in EX mode Lastly i will state whether the overall match up is to 
    your advantage or not. But please bear in mind that whatever I state for 
    the overall match up it all comes down to your play style, if you stay 
    cautious and remain focus on match ups that give you the disadvantage 
    you may find it rather easy. But let up and get careless and you will 
    find yourself losing against even the easiest of opponents.
    All right let's go!
    6.01 Warrior of light
    Changes are that his shining wave has better vertical tracking, shield 
    of light can be tilted and sword thrust has better vertical tracking. 
    New moves are Dayflash (midair) and Ultimate shield (ground).
    Nothing too tough here most of his attacks are meelee types and require 
    him to be close range but there are some things to look out for. First 
    his brave attacks, for his sword thrust WoL will thrust his shield 
    forward and then dash forward to collect  it back, blocking his shield 
    would result in you staggering leaving an opening for him  also it has 
    better vertical tracking compared to the original so when he thrust his 
    shield forward it will go upwards a bit if you are in the air. It is easy 
    to see this move coming but it really closes the distance between him and 
    Terra so you may have to  reposition yourself before you resume attacking 
    him. Next we have his  magical attacks  they are Red Fang (fire), 
    Blue Fang (blizzard), and White Fang (lightning). All of these magical 
    attacks have a long start up so you should be able to see it coming. 
    For his Red fang he simply casts a small firball at you, direct and 
    easy to read so dodge or block accordingly. Next is his Blue fang now 
    this is a little more complicated, several shards of ice will slowly 
    close in on you from above kinda easy to read so dodging shouldn't be 
    a problem if you plan on blocking it please press the 'R' button at 
    least two times because the attack animation may sometimes out 
    last your block thus stuning you and if within range can be used to 
    combo. Lastly we have his White fang, a line of thunder will slowly 
    track you for about four to six seconds to avoid just dodge to the sides 
    or a foward dodge not hard but just take note that it has the 
    same property as Blue fang if you get stunt within his meelee attack 
    range he can chain it. Well thats all for his brave attacks also just 
    take note that all of the brave attacks i have mantion here are only 
    usable on the ground for him so you won't see many of 
    these attacks in arenas with very little foot holds.
    Now for his HP attacks there are only two to look out for Shining wave 
    (ground) and Radiant swords (midair). First off is Shining wave WoL 
    thrusts his sword upwards causing a row of  light pillars to close in on 
    you. Now this move has better vertical tracking since the  original whereby 
    the pillars of light will go upwards or down depending on your position 
    this now makes it a little more threatening as you can't just quickmove 
    upwards to avoid it now but luckily there isn't much kick in trying to 
    avoid this. It may take a bit of practice but dodge to the side or foward 
    dodge just before the pillars of light hit you dodging too early will 
    result in you getting hit by the latter pillars so bear that in mind. 
    Now we have Radiant swords WoL will call fourth five large swords that 
    will track you at  high speeds. The bad thing about this move is that 
    it has INFINITE range so don't think you are safe even though you and 
    him are at opposite ends of the arena IT WILL REACH YOU! However this 
    move is punishable if done too close because this move has a long start 
    up of around four to six seconds also the swords get launched rather 
    slowly before gaining speed to track you. Pretty easy to dodge, sides 
    or forward will work but if he is within range punish him if he is in 
    thundara's range also if he uses this while you are charging 
    meltdown don't fret! Charge you meltdown to at least stage two you 
    will be safe as meltdown can reflect the swords.
    His EX mode is not much of a threat all it does is give him extra hits 
    when his meelee attacks connects.
    Overall this match is to your advantage just don't go too close to him 
    as he has a lot of HP brv-chain moves. Also avoid staying directly above 
    or below him as you may fall victim to either his Rising buckler or Shield 
    strike which both can be chain to Bitter end. Stick to the general battle 
    plan and there shouldn't be too much problems.
    6.02 Garland
    Has two new attacks Thundaga (brave) and Flare (HP).
    More or less the same as WoL depends on meelee attacks to deal damage but 
    there are four brave attacks and two HP attacks to watch out for. First 
    his brave attacks, his new brave move Thundaga is simple but not to be 
    underestimated. Basically he will summon three bolts of lighting on your 
    position not very hard to avoid just dodge in any direction to aviod it 
    but if you do get hit by one the next bolt will have a chance of hitting 
    you as well so bear that in mind if you are planning on blocking it. 
    Next we have his Lance charge Garland will take a second to wind up before 
    chrarging towards you before slamming you to the ground. Blocking his 
    charge will result in you staggering leaving you open for him to slam you.
    This move really cuts distance but is rather predicatable so dodging it 
    won't be so tough. Now we move onto Chain cast, Garland will move above 
    you and throw his weapon downwards then upwards before leading to a chase.
    This attack may have the longest range but it has a long start up so 
    dodging won't be a problem and if you are feeling confident trying 
    blocking! He will throw his weapon after saying 'Take That!' not so hard 
    to read. Lastly we have his Round edge. Garland will spin towards you and 
    will finish the combo depending on the on his position. Another move 
    that really cut distance plus blocking this move will also result in 
    staggering so don't block. However this move is also rather predictable 
    so just dodge forward do not dodge to the sides because this attack has 
    very long animation and will out last your dodge if your dodge ends on 
    the ground.
    Now onto his HP moves. First we have his blaze Garland splits his weapon 
    into two and spins them round before tossing out ten fire arrows that 
    follows you. Sounds formidable? Not really though this move does have 
    decent range it has rather poor tracking so don't fret! Simply forward 
    dodge and to avoid them all and counter Garland during his cool down. 
    Next would be his new HP attack Flare man looks like these new moves are
    starting to be a pain. Anyways Garland will take a large step towards 
    Terra and slash her, rendering her immobile before slashing her again 
    with an explsion knock her way back. Sounds simple? It is but it should 
    not be underestimated the distance that he travels with the first slash is 
    not too great but it is long enough to catch you by surprise so don't think 
    you are out of range and don't even bother to dodge. Apart from that all 
    of his attack are pretty straight forward and predictable.
    Now his EX mode can be a bit of a hassle since he won't be stunned while 
    taking damage so just keep your distance and he won't be able to make full 
    use of this bonus. 
    Another great match up for Terra as you will get the advantage just deal 
    with him similar in how you deal with WoL thats all!  
    6.03 Firion
    His ground brave attacks can finish differently depending on the analog 
    direction input, can chain his midair spells up to three times, Rope 
    knife has vertical tracking and is slightly longer in range but can now be 
    blocked, his midair sword slash slams you to the ground and so does 
    thunder. New HP attack Lord of Arms
    Oh bummer not as easy as the previous two. Altogether there are three 
    brave attacks and all four HP attacks to be weary of. Firstly onto his 
    brave for his ground brave watch out for his Reel axe Firion throws an 
    axe in a straight line and comes back has qutie a long start up so this 
    should be easy to read however dodge the wrong way and you will be 
    When you see his axe closing in dodge to the sides only if you dodge 
    forward or back the axe will hit you when returning to him oh and another 
    thing this move CRUSHES DEFENSE so don't bother blocking it as your block 
    will be crushed resulting in you having to eat a chain of criticals for 
    the rest of the attack. Next we got his Rope knife, this move can be a 
    pain if you are not prepared for it. It has a fast start up and can now 
    aim upwards to a certain degree. Firion throws his knifes up to mid range 
    dealing multiple hits as it get thrown out before drawing you in. Don't 
    dodge to the sides as sometimes his attack animation will out last your 
    dodge so what do you do? Head for the air practically all his best move 
    are ground only so your best bet is go to the air. Both Rope knife and 
    Reel axe can chain into Double trouble so take caution. Now for his 
    midair brave only thing to look out for is his Magic Arts. Basically 
    he can cast three spells of the same or different element depending 
    on the analog direction input it has decent range and can be a little
    unpredicable if you don't know what you are in for. There are three 
    different spells he can cast fire whereby a small fire arrow slowly 
    tracks you blizzard, a small block of ice that get fire forward a 
    little faster than fire but doesn't track and thunder whereby three
    little bolts of lighting appear in your position and slams you to the 
    ground.Not so hard to read if you keep your distance just be careful of 
    fire as it can act as a pressure tool or punish you during cool downs 
    i recommend air dashing through his fire to reflect back at him at punish 
    him during his cool down.
    Now for his HP attacks. First we have Straight arrow (both ground and 
    midair) Firion charges and arrow of light and releases it he can delay 
    timing of his arrow to throw you off, if you keep your distance for this 
    one you can see the arrow coming and dodge accordingly but if you are 
    daring just keep running around him there is a slight chance the arrow 
    will just fly right past you without even you having to dodge.  Next we 
    have his new HP attack Lord of arms Firion will aline all his weapons in 
    a straight line slam it down twice. Easy? Not so! Firstly this move will 
    deal it two strikes regardless of whether the first one hits or not also 
    the second strike, which does the HP damage, has a slightly longer range 
    compared to the initial strike so just because the first strike is out 
    of range does not mean you are safe. Also do not foward dodge the 
    cool down for it will leave you open for his second strike remember. 
    Now we have his Shield bash, Firion creates a wall in front of him will 
    the same defensive strength as a block and anything that comes in contact 
    with it will be reflected and activate his HP attack. This attack is 
    pretty much the main reason of strategy change DON'T SPAM HOLY COMBO 
    this will lead to a sucessful block of his Shield bash and he will 
    follow up with his HP attack this move can GO THROUGH WALLS so don't 
    think hiding behind something will keep you safe. However this move can 
    only be done on the ground so you won't see this move very often on 
    arenas with very little foot holds. Lastly we have his Weaponmaster 
    Firion summons all his weapons to attack a slight distance in front of 
    him. This move does not have as great of range compared to the other 
    attacks mentioned but it can catch you off guard if you aren't focused 
    to avoid simply do a forward dodge he will be 
    completely open for a counterattack.
    Now his EX mode can also be a handful basically whenever he lands a 
    HP attack in EX mode he will regain the same amount of HP he inficts on 
    Terra so this can prolong the battle even more, just be a bit more 
    patient and remain focus.
    Overall this battle is pretty even but Terra does have a slight advantage 
    over him. Just remember don't spam attacks as it leaves you open for a 
    Shield bash and try to lure him into the air if possible because he has an 
    absolutely horrible air game.   
    6.04 Emperor
    His midair Flare now does slams you downwards, Starfall can now block weak 
    magical attacks fully charged Dynamite crushes defense Light crest can now 
    rotate when not activated yet. New brave attack Light crest (ground) and 
    Dynamite (ground). New HP attack Dreary cell.
    Haha! This is a nice match up. Emperor relies on his opponent getting 
    careless when trying to fight him close range to inflict damage. Basically 
    he relies on people falling for his traps. But for that to happen one 
    must be a meelee fighter and since Terra is a range specialist she has no 
    reason to go up close. So you can sit back and harrass him as he 
    desperately tries to set up traps that you will fall for (which will be 
    hard for him to pull off) But if there are some threats that should be 
    beared in mind. For brave there are only two attacks. First off is his 
    Light crest (both ground and midair) Emperor will draw a crest that will
    fire little light projectiles at you. Easy to see coming but can be a 
    little of a pain in cramped arenas because it can bounce off walls and 
    edges. Easy to see coming so block or dodge when neccesary but i 
    recommend blocking when in a cramped arena because they will bounce 
    off the walls and catch you by surprise but if you block then he gets a 
    dose of his own medicine. This will give you a chance to regain 
    distance or a follow up attack.
    For HP there are also two to take note first is his blue Flare this will 
    track you for about eleven to fifthteen seconds but there but as i 
    mentioned in section 5.1 this can be reflected so just cast Tornado and 
    he will he eating his own Flare. Lastly would be his Starfall now this 
    move is much harder to interupt compared to the original mainly due to 
    the fact that it blocks weak magical attacks. I don't exactly which 
    move it will block and which move can interupt his Starfall but i only 
    know that all of Terra's HP attacks and Blizzard combo can interupt it 
    so far. Feel free to contact me if there are any other moves she can 
    interupt with.
    His EX mode is the same as Firion regaining the same amount of HP he 
    inflicts on you but this won't be too much of a compared to Firion as 
    he has more trouble connecting with a HP attack compared to Firion
    If you haven't got it by now Terra has a huge advantage over the Emperor 
    so just keep harrassing him with those spells and you can beat him 
    without even taking HP damage!
     6.05 Onion Knight
    Has two new brave attacks Magic booster and Strength booster And both can 
    be used on both ground and midair.
    There are some good news and bad news. For good OK does not really have 
    many ranged attacks. For bad he is a speedy little bugger and can close 
    distance with you quickly. The only attacks that you should be weary of 
    are Firaga (lol) and Comet plud they are both HP attacks. Firaga can only 
    be done on the ground whereby OK just fires a Fireball that explodes upon 
    contact with you or the ground. Not very hard to avoid just dodge to the 
    side before the firball detonates. Now we got Comet OK spins around while 
    launching little stones at you for about three to five seconds before 
    tossing a slightly larger stone that does the HP damage. This move has a 
    long start up so you should be able to see it  coming and take note that 
    the last comet has slightly longer range than the others so even though 
    if you are slightly out of range dodge the last one. Thats all for his 
    ranged attack and if you are wondering what his new brave attack does 
    they simply boost the critical hit rate of the respective type of attack. 
    Also take note that all of brave attack can be chain into a HP attack 
    so avoid getting caught in them.
    Not much for his EX mode his Thunder spell will just have more orbs and 
    his physical attacks will just do more damage. But one thing to take note 
    if his Firaga, in EX mode he will launch three Firagas instead of one so 
    side dodges won't help. My advice, when you see this attack coming jump 
    and quickly do a forward midair dodge, this will leave OK open for a 
    Overall this is a close match up but slightly tilts in Terra's favour 
    just be a little more patient in attacking and prioritize your repositioning.
    6.06 Cloud of Darkness
    Her [Wide angle] is faster now, she can move freely while launching 
    [Fullisade], [Wrath] comes out slower, Aura ball has better tracking 
    she can move while preparing to launch [long range], two new brave 
    attacks Tentacle of spite (ground) and Tentacle of scorn (midair).
    Firstly her brave, basically how all her brave attack works is that you 
    will first she her tentacles swing around her and depending on how long 
    they swing around her will give a different finisher. The longer the 
    tentacles swing around her the further the range of the finisher. 
    So for this i will only be stating the finisher with the furthest range. 
    For Tentacle of pain she will just summon three bolts of black lighting 
    on your position not so hard to avoid block twice or a forward dodge 
    would do the trick. Second we have Tentacle of spite this one can be a 
    handful she will launch a huge purple orb that will track you at a steady
    speed. If this attack connects you will get hit multiple times leaving CoD 
    an opening for her Hp attacks most preferably [wide angle] and [0-form]. 
    For midair Tentacle of suffering she will just launch two little purple
    orbs, pretty straight forward just block twice or dodge accordingly.
    Lastly there is Tentacle of scorn, CoD will launch six little orbs that 
    will bounce around on the ground for about three to five seconds. No kick 
    to this attack just jump into the air as these six buggers only bother 
    you when you are grounded.
    Now onto her HP attacks. there are five in total. For ground we first have 
    [wide-angle] CoD launches a beam in a shape of a wall and is very wide so 
    don't dodge to the sides dodge forward to avoid this. It may sound crazy 
    (after all you are dodging towards it) but apparently dodging so will not 
    inflict damage on you. Next we have [long-range] pretty much the same as 
    WoL Shining wave, CoD launches dark pillars that closes in on you dodge 
    the same way you dodge Shining wave and you should be alright. Now for 
    midair first we have [0-form] CoD launches a large laser that covers a 
    decent range. This move has a long start up so if you are confident 
    enough you can try and interupt it, if not stick to dodging. Also take 
    note that if you are right at CoD's face (which you shouldn't be) dodging 
    will not get you out of [0-form]'s attack range so keep your distance. 
    Now we have [Fullisade] CoD will launch about five to six orbs from her 
    sides that will then close in on you now this will be hard to dodge if 
    you are within range since you have about six orbs closing in on you from 
    all angles so your best bet would be to interupt it after all, this attack
    has a long start up at about two to four seconds. Now we have  the biggest
    threat yes its another counter style HP attack but this time it can 
    be use on both midair and ground so you are not safe no matter the arena. 
    Yes it is [Wrath] basically like Firion's Shield bash a purple barrier 
    appears in front of her and any attack that comes in contact with it 
    will lead to CoD launching a beam beneath you! It is a little slower to 
    launch the beam so you can kinda read it a little better compared to the 
    original but don't underestimate this move especially against AI because 
    apparently they have a sixth sense that enables  them to sense when a 
    meteor is gonna hit so again DON'T SPAM TERRA'S SPELLS!
    Now to her EX mode, great more of a pain. In EX mode Cod can use any 
    HP attack during her cool down phase of any attack with no delay time 
    so when she get to EX mode don't always think you can punish
    her during her cool down as she may follow up with a HP attack.
    Another close match up but goes a little to CoD's favour deal with her 
    similarly to Firion. remain focus and again.....DON'T SPAM!
    6.07 Cecil
    Any ground brave done in paladin form can follow up with any miair 
    attack with no delay, new HP attack Shadow bringer (ground) and 
    Luminous shard (midair)
    Handling Cecil is a little different from handling other as you have 
    to keep up with him changing back and fourth between his dark knight 
    and paladin form. Lets begin with his dark knight form. Firstly we 
    have his Dark cannon Cecil launches four dark orbs forward and then 
    calling them back. This move can be a pain not only does it have decent 
    range but it draws you towards him enabling him to chain it to Valiant 
    blow, Shadow lance, Soul eater or Shadow bringer. However this move has 
    a bit of a start up so you should be able to see it coming and dodge 
    to the sides and sides only, forward dodges with leave you open to this 
    attack when the orbs return to Cecil. Next is Shadow lance Cecil throws 
    his weapon which will cause more damage the closer you are. No kick to 
    this just jump up and it should be out of range as this move has poor 
    vertical tracking. Now for the midair Nightfall can be a hassle if you 
    are not prepared for it. Basically do not let Cecil get above you in 
    Dark knight form this move makes him do a quick decend to the ground 
    it comes out rather fast so take caution. Gravity ball and Paladin 
    arts are more or less the same whereby Cecil  launches a large orb at 
    you with the exception of Paladin arts ends with Searchlight both  
    have a pretty long start up so you should see it coming. On top of 
    that the orb tracks you rather slowly so it is easy to time your block 
    and reflect it right back at him. Now for his Paladin form for ground 
    there is only one to look out for Lighting rise this attack closes 
    distance a fair bit. But it also has a long start up and slowly closes 
    in so you  should be able to see this coming and block it for a free hit.
    Now for the midair there  are two to be weary of namely Radiant wings and 
    Searchlight. First Radiant wings, Cecil closes spind around and does up to 
    three hit followed by several more hits before he slams you down. This 
    attack comes out pretty fast and can close distance rather quick so watch 
    out. However if you keep your distance he won't be able to hit with it. 
    Next would be his Searchlight. Cecil would throw a wierd crest next to 
    you which later fires five lasers at you. No kick to this as well 
    just dodge or block. Another thing is that now the AI loves to 
    spam this move when in paladin form.
    Now for his HP attacks only two here one ground and one midair. 
    First the ground called Dark flame, Cecil plunges his blade to the 
    ground and six purple flames will close in on you. I haven't exactly 
    figure a way to dodge this but roughly dodge just before  the flame
    that will hit you appears. Now for his paladin form this move is Luminous 
    shard, Cecil basically swings his blade causing a shockwave. 
    Rather straight forward to avoid, a forward dodge would suffice. 
    Take note that this attack has vertical tracking so if you are below 
    the shockwave it will go downwards.
    His EX mode allows him to freely switch between Drak knight and paladin 
    with 'R+square' so 
    be more cautions as he will switch accordingly to his advantage.
    Overall anothe close one but fortune favors Terra. However this isn't 
    a huge advantage 
    so tides can turn anytime just learn to alter your playstyle according 
    to his form and you should be alright
    6.08 Kain
    New character......enough said.
    Now for the Dragoon of Baron! Not much his is also more or less a 
    meelee character but has a pretty good midair game. For brave just 
    watch out for his Cyclone which  can be done both ground and midair. 
    Basically Kain casts a green orb which track you at a decent speed if 
    you get hit you will be knock above him leaving you open for his Celestial
    shooter. To avoid just block seriously....this move is rather 
    easy to read.
    For HP not many threats as well just watch out for Gugnir (midair) and 
    Jump (ground). For Jump, Kain kneels down and charges up to leap,
    depending on how long he charges will efeect his jump height. There 
    are three stages, stage one  is where his jumps without saying anything 
    dodge the moment you see him take off. For stage two he will say 'Here 
    goes' wait for a couple of seconds before dodging. Lastly his final stage,
    to see this coming he will yell 'FLIGHT!' wait for about three to four 
    seconds before dodging. Note that Kain can dodge cancel out of stage two 
    and three when at the peak of his jump only so he may  confuse you a 
    little but don't worry he will be high above thus, unable to punish 
    you if you dodge.
    For his EX mode he can be a little troublesome he gains a new HP attack 
    called Lancet. By pressing R+square a giant sword will come out from 
    below you and if it connects Kain will regain equal amount of HP he 
    inflicted on you. This move does have decent range but has a rather 
    long start up so it won't be too much of a threat.
    Overall an advantagous for Terra just keep to the regular battle plan 
    and he will down soon enough.
     6.09 Golbez
    Glare hand now connects to Cosmic ray Gravity force will cause stagger 
    upon guarding it.  New brave attack Attack system (midair), new HP 
    attack Sector ray (ground and midair)
    Get ready for a long and hard battle because Golbez is gonna give a 
    lot of trouble.  His attacks hit at both close and mid range when 
    excuted on top of that all of his brave can chain to Cosmic ray execpt 
    for his Gravity force and Attack system. For brave there  is Attack 
    system, this can be executed  on the ground and midair now Golbez 
    swips his arms and calls fourth three orbs that stops next to you 
    before the orbs fire lasers at random directions. No kick just dodge 
    to the sides to avoid it. Now for his ground brave firstly we have Glare 
    hand Golbez swings his arms across him and also calls fourth a wave of 
    light that ranges from close to mid. Not too much of a threat here as 
    you will most of the time be out of range of the magic phase of this 
    attack. Now onto Rising wave, this is your biggest threat Golbez does 
    an uppercut and casts a pillar of dark flame below you. This attack 
    can pretty much interupt any of your ground attacks and midair if 
    you are close to the ground. This move can really punish you so 
    i recommend you stay in the and use Meltdown combos to deal damage on him.
    Now for his HP only three stated here. First we got his Genesis rock 
    (midair) Golbez calls fourth four rocks from below spins them around 
    himself before firing them outwards. Don't be below him when he does 
    this attack, when the rocks goes up to him they may sometimes stun you 
    and draw you towards him another thing to watch out for is when he ends 
    the attack by firing the rocks just dodge forward to avoid it however if 
    you are too close to Golbez when he uses this it will catch you during the 
    dodge cool down, if you ever get yourself into such a situation a Tornado
    will do the trick, simply cast it and his rocks will get destroyed and he will
    be lured into Tornado. Now for Nightglow (ground), Golbez simply blasts 
    dark lightning  bolts beneath you. Easy to see coming and does not have 
    very good range so dodge accordingly. Lastly his new move, 
    Sector ray, Golbez call fourth three huge spheres that fire lasers at you 
    and blasts you back to deal the HP damage. A little tricky if you aren't 
    prepared, to avoid this only dodge before the lasers are fired and not the 
    moment you see the spheres come out. This move has a long cool down 
    so punish him accordingly after avoiding it.
    For EX mode he only gets a new attack Black fang where by he charges for 
    about six to seven seconds before instanly breaking you. Make use of the 
    long charging time to punish him but don't get too close because 
    he can cancel the attack when in danger.
    Overall this match up favors Globez but it also depends on the arena 
    since he has a horrible midair game arenas with little footholds 
    will be your friend. Just stay in the air and there won't be much 
    he can do. 
    6.10 Bartz
    Brave attacks modded are Hazard raid (ground) and Slide shooter (midair). 
    New brave attacks are Blade crash (ground) and Rush impact (midair). 
    Totally new HP aresenal for ground there's Hellfire and Dark flame and 
    midair we got Luminous shard and Ragnarok blade.
    Wooooo now we have the mime! Handling Bartz is a little different than 
    facing others as he mimes every warrior that will be or previously with 
    cosmos. For brave  there are three to take note of. Firstly the ground 
    which is Hazard raid he starts with Clouds Climhazzard charge and ends 
    it with Tifa's Beat rush. This move closes distance fast but has a long 
    start up so you should be able to read it and guard for a free hit.
    For midair there is his holy yes the exact same holy Terra uses! Only 
    difference is that he can chain into OK's Flare NOT TERRAS HOLY COMBO'S. 
    In other words it is a HP attack so don't get confused. Easy to avoid 
    simply air dash or block to reflect it right back at him. Lastly is Slide 
    shooter Bartz slides through the air like Tidus' Full slide and finishes 
    it with Kain's Celestial shooter. This move also closes distance but again
    it as well has a long start up so dodge or block to get a free hit.
    For HP attacks only two to be weary of. For ground there is Dark flame 
    and midair is Luminous shard. Refer to 6.07 to for strategy to avoid 
    these attacks.
    No threat in EX mode Bartz just gets a new HP attack called Goblin punch 
    where he pummels his opponent. This move is extremely fast but requires 
    him to be very close to Terra so you most problably won't see this
    move come out.
    Another rather even match up but tips in Terra's favor just focus on 
    bombarding him and the match won't last too long.
    6.11 Exdeath
    His Turn block now rotates, attacks can be followed up with no delay after 
    Reverse polarity. New HP attack Mealstorm.
    Oh bummer remember how CoD and Firion where such pains because of thier 
    counter HP attack? Well now we have this armoured fellow that can counter 
    anything. Basically how Exdeath fights heavily depends on him blocking 
    your attacks. He has Turn block that allows him to form a red wall in 
    front of him that blocks most brave attacks and Omni block that allows 
    him to form a barrier around him thats lasts as long as a block but 
    difference from a regular block is that this block guards EVERYTHING 
    this includes all your HP attacks. After sucaessfully blocking all his 
    attacks will launch out much faster and can suprise if unprepared. 
    However Exdeath is extremely slow so make use of this to position yourself
    at optimal distance for maximum damge with minimal risks of 
    counter attacks.
    For his HP attacks only one to take note of his new one Mealstorm. Works
    similarly to Emperor's Startfall Exdeath will take about six to seven 
    seconds to charge this before blasting whirlwind underneath you. Easy to 
    interrupt but if you allow him to use this attack it will, just like 
    Starfall, connect no matter the distance so stop it before it fully 
    His EX mode can be troublesome. Basically attacks that follow up a block 
    will increase in number of hits. But if you keep your distance there isn't
    much to fear especially since Terra won't stagger when Exdeath blocks your
    attack giving you a chance to avoid it unlike meelee characters.
    Overall this match is Terra's but it all really comes down on how well 
    the player uses him. If you are up against an AI you will wipe the floor 
    against him, but when against a human take extra precautions and 
    carefully execute your attacks as most of Terra's brave moves can be 
    High Blocked meaning you will be in trouble against a good Exdeath
    6.12 Terra
    Refer to 3.1 and 3.2 for changes made.
    Mirror battles are not the easiest of battles and yet they aren't 
    very hard if you know what you are up against. Not much to say here 
    except just do th exact opposite of what you would do with a meelee 
    character stay close. Also if you are having trouble avoid meltdown 
    stage three, though you should interupt it before it fully charges,
    just cast a Tornado and the fireball will be reflected simple as that.
    Well not much to say but this is an even match up after all Terra is up 
    against herself. Just do what you normally wouldn't do and it'll be over
    soon enough.
    6.13 Kefka
    Can now move while casting Forsaken null. Scatter spray blizzaga can no 
    longer be air dashed through while still as a huge chunk.
    Now for Terra's arch enemy. Not much here though he is another ranged 
    specialist  his attack have long start ups so you should be able to see 
    it coming or interupt it. All of his attacks including HP can be used on 
    both ground and midair so I don't need to state which attacks can be 
    performed on ground or midair do i? First brave attacks. A few to bear 
    in mind. His Waggle-wobbly firaga, Kefka loads up and tosses  a huge 
    flame arrow that tracks Terra very randomly. This attack can be dangerous 
    if  you are unprepared for it pretty much the flame arrow will not simply 
    track you it will instead go zig-zag and in all direction to confuse 
    you while closing in, my advice simply keep your distance until the 
    attack fades off if you are having trouble doing so this would be a 
    good time to equip multi air slide. Note that this attack has a long 
    start up so if you are feeling it try interupting! Next is his Scatter 
    spray blizzaga, Kefka shoots a large block of ice in front of his before 
    it breaks apart scattering ice shards  in front of him. Not much here 
    since Terra is meant to keep her distance the large block  in the 
    beginning is no threat and the ice shards that scatter can be air 
    dashed through do  so to punish kefka during his cool down. Now for
    Meteor don't worry it is not as scary as handling Terra's, Kefka 
    will fire down five meteors around you and when they hit the ground they 
    will head straight for Terra. No kick just forward dodge the moment 
    the meteors head for you or just after they make contact with the 
    ground note that if the meteor does not make contact with the ground 
    it will not hit you. For Extra crispy firaga Kefka simply shoots three 
    small fire arrows that will track you in a zig-zag motion. Simply air 
    dash towards him to punish his cool down but this move will not pose much 
    of a threat as it is one of his limited range attack so if you remain 
    at that optimum distance of an air dash away this attack won't reach 
    Terra. Now for Zap-trap thundaga, Kefka calls down liitle lightning 
    bolts randomly around Terra this move works similarly to Terra's 
    Meteor but is much weaker you can either dodge up to three times 
    to avoid it or air dash towards him and interupt the casting. 
    Lastly is Lickety-spit thundaga, Kefkacalls fourth lightning bolts 
    that increase in power the further it travels. Though this 
    is his fastest attack it is very direct and can easily be seen if 
    you keep your distance.
    Next we got HP attacks. First off we got Trine, Kefka calls three 
    triangles that appear around Terra's position that will slowly track her 
    take note that this move has INFINITE range so it will never be out of 
    range. No kick in avoiding just forward dodge the moment you see the 
    triangles closing in. However this move has a long start up so punish 
    him if within range. Now for Forsaken null probably your biggest threat, 
    Kefka summons a cloud that slowly closes in on Terra while dropping orbs 
    down note that this HP attack is multi hit so it will hit again and again
    and again. Plus now Kefka can move while casting this so it will be much 
    harder for meelee characters to interupt this move! Terra however  will 
    have no probs interupting this, once Kefka is within your attack range 
    punish him with any attack but most preferably Thundara! Lastly we got 
    Hyperdrive (ground only) similar to Meltdown Kefka charges up and releases
    a series of explosions that closes in on Terra the speed and range of the 
    attack depends on how long he has charged it. Not much here simply forward
    dodge the moment you see the explosions closing in or punish him if 
    within range!
    Now for his EX mode. Rather similar to Terra's but his attacks just become 
    more unpredicable. However avoiding these attacks will not require any 
    change in dodging. Just watch out for his Ultima as it has a longer range 
    while in EX mode.
    Overall Terra has the advantage for this match up. Keeping distance won't 
    be too difficult as Kefka will naturally give it to you.
    Just ba a little cautious when he is in EX mode thats all!
     6.14 Cloud
    Aerial fang is faster, Sonic break now sucks you in, Firaga will 
    cause stagger upon blocking, Meteorain has better tracking and Cross 
    slash closes in more. New brave attack Double cut (midair) and new HP 
    attack Meteorain (midair).
    Now onto the all famous FFVII Cloud. Though powerful he isn't really 
    all that hard. Practically all his brave attacks have a long start up 
    so you should be able to block it and continously make him take in 
    critical after critical after critical. The only brave to take note 
    of are Fire and Fira. Cloud casts a small fire ball, With Fire the fire 
    ball will slowly track you no kick just block it but take note that if you
    get careless with this attack it will stun you and leave you open for any 
    of his meelee attacks if within range. For Fira the fire ball gets shot 
    forward only and does more damage the closer you are to him. Nothing 
    special here too just block or dodge accordingly. Blade beam is another 
    ranged attack Cloud slams his Buster sword to the ground causing an 
    energy wave to blasted forward. This move an only be done on the ground 
    so just block or dodge accordingly.
    For HP attacks there is only his Meteorain. Cloud sends some meteors 
    just above him before launching them at Terra. Since it has better 
    tracking a simple side dodge is not enough to avoid it as the meteors
    will track ad hit you during the cool down of your dodge. The best way 
    to avoid it is to do a midair forward dodge the moment the meteors close 
    in on you as the meteors do not vertically track. Note that this attack 
    also has a long start up at around two to three seconds so if within range
    punish him!
    No real threat in EX mode. Basically blocking any of his attacks will 
    crush your block so just remember to dodge while he is in it.
    If you are still blur Terra obviously has the advantage just keep to the 
    general play plan and he will be down in no time.
    6.15 Tifa
    New character......enough said
    If you are a FFVII fan boy you probably wanna skip this part as i 
    WILL be showing the method for Terra to kick her sexy ass! XD But before 
    i get into her attacks Tifa has the ability called feint whereby she can
    teleport a short distance towards her foe before launching an attack. 
    Now this will throw meelee attackers dodge off rythme but for Terra it 
    won't but much of a threat as the distance she travels in feint
    does not close distance very much
    Pretty much the same as Cloud her only noteworthy brave attacks are 
    her Blizzard spells as they do have a decent range. First off Blizzard 
    Tifa simply tosses a small ice block at you that tracks rather slowly. 
    No kick just foward dodge or block to reflect it. Next is blizzara Tifa 
    casts a small ice block that will increase in size causing mutiple hits 
    the moment it has reached the maximum distance travelled or upon contact 
    with Terra. Nothing  here as well just dodge accordinly or block it while 
    it is atill as a small ice block, Don't block it when it has grown as it 
    will cause Tera to stagger. Lastly would be Blizzaga Tifa casts a small 
    ice block above Terra and decends on her, upon contact with Terra or the 
    ground it will increase in size causing mutiple hits. A little harder 
    to avoid from the last two firstly don't block as it will cause stagger 
    simply dodge to the sides the moment you see the ice block decends.
    As for HP three to take note of. First will be Burning arrow Tifa 
    spins around on the spot before lunging straight at you with a kick. 
    Not hard dodge just jump to get out this attack range. Next there is 
    Meteor strike Tifa charges towards Terra and toss her up before 
    slamming her down for the HP damage. Another no brainer just jump to get 
    out of its range. Lastly is her Meteor crusher Tifa will charge up and do 
    a double kick followed by some punches and finished off with the HP damage. 
    The longer Tifa charges the further she can travel before starting the 
    attack. This can be a little tricky and with her ability to feint it doesn't 
    make it any easier. However this attack can be easily read if you keep 
    your distance the moment you see Tifa closing in dodge away from her and 
    away only. Reason because if you dodge towards her she may use her feint 
    and catch you during the dodge cool down.
    Nothing in EX mode all she gets is that she will have a strength boost 
    according to how much her EX gauge contains. No real threat here so don't 
    let up on the spells.
    Still don't get it? Terra will dominate Tifa in this match up. Though 
    Terra may never be able to beat Tifa in terms of physical features Terra 
    is out of Tifa's league when it comes to combat!
    6.16 Sephiroth
    New brave attack Transience (ground), Shadow Flare now stunts longer and
    throws you up a little upon contact.
    A little tricky fighting against him mainly because his meelee attacks 
    have a little more range compared to regular meelee fighters. However 
    they are rather precise so avoiding them won't bee too hard.
    First for brave there is his Shadow flare Sephy casts four black orbs 
    around Terra and closes in on her. The orbs do track Terra while 
    motionless but will stop when closing in on her. Not too hard to 
    avoid just dodge accordingly. However do not underestimate this move, 
    if against humans this attack will be their closest friend when trying 
    to interupt your attacks most preferably Meltdown. Also if this attack 
    hits he will be able to chain into ANY ATTACK! So take caution
    Next would be his Fervent blow and Godspeed. These two attacks are more 
    or less the same, Sephy throws out several evergy waves vertically and 
    if it connects Godspeed will make Sephy slam Terra to the ground while 
    Fervent blow knocks you back. Pretty easy to avoid just dodge to the 
    sides or block but if you intend to block you have to press 'R' more 
    than once as his shockwaves will outlast your block.
    For HP Octaslash can be a bit of a handful as Sephy moves a good amount 
    forward but just forward midair dodge and he is ready to be punished. 
    Next is, 
    Black materia another variation of Terra's Meltdown Sephy charges a dark 
    sphere. The first two stages will make him drop a meteor just a little 
    forward of him this will only annoy meelee attackers trying to interupt 
    it but not for Terra when he charges this simply use a Meteor to stop it 
    from further charging. If in any case you allow him to fully charge a 
    giant meteor will decend on Terra. Not too hard to dodge simply running 
    can allow you to avoid it or if you wanna play it safe just air slide out 
    of its range. Lastly is Heaven's Light Sephiroth will position himself
    just below Terra before doing an upwards thrust sounds simple? Yes a
    dodge should get you out of harms way but this move can be a killer
    due to how Seph positions before he excutes the move. As said earlier
    Seph will try and position himself below Terra whick will be trouble
    as this property of Heaven's Light allows Seph to avoid most of 
    Terra's Moves without even dodging and it can punish cool downs 
    real quick so don't think you are safe if your foe does not use Shadow 
    Flare! Heaven's Light can be just of a hassle as Shadow Flare when used
    For EX mode nothing much here he just gains a new move call Heartless 
    angel this move takes four to five seconds to charge and when ready 
    Terra's brave will drop to one yes ONE so interupt it before that happens.
    (which won't be too hard)
    Overall a very disadvantagous match up for Terra as Shadow Flare can
    interrupt pretty much EVERYTHING and not to metion how Heaven's
    Light is executed. This combination can be deadly and you will have
    a very hard time trying to win. Just pray you are fighting someone
    who does not use Shadow Flare as that will make the match more even.
    6.17 Squall
    Fated circle and Aerial circle now sucks you in, new brave attack Fire
    barret (midair)
    No kick here Squall's aresenal is rather close ranged so this will be a 
    rather straight forward fight.For brave the there is firstly Ice barret 
    Squall simplty shoots a small  ice block that slowly tracks Terra. 
    Nothing here just block it to reflect it right back  at him but don't 
    get careless with this move as Squall can chain it to Rough divide 
    if you  get hit. Next is Thunder barret Squall casts around six lightning 
    bolts in a straight  line if connects it will draw you into Squall 
    allowing him to chain to another brave attack. Another no brainer just 
    dodge to the left when you see it coming. Lastly is his new move 
    Fire barret Squall shoots out three small fire arrows that tracks Terra 
    slowly. Rather straight forward just dodge accordingly but like ice 
    barret don't get careless or it will be chained to Rough divide. However,
    Though his range attacks are weak get within range of his meelee attacks
    and he will murder Terra so be sure you always keep your distance.
    For HP attacks Rough divide would appear to be the only threat. Squall 
    acends a little before charging straight in Terra's direction. This 
    attack has a bit of a start up but it charges at Terra extremely fast 
    and closes in instantly. This will give you a little trouble trying to 
    keep your distance but dodging won't be too hard just dodge to the side 
    after two seconds have past since the attack name was shown.
    For his EX mode he gets an attack boost and has a slightly longer range. 
    Also his Solid barrel cannot be blocked but that moves requires him to 
    be extremely close to you so no threat there. Also the extra range he 
    gets isn't much so much but it is not to be taken lightly.
    Overall Terra has a slight advantage here but don't get cocky!
    Squall can murder mages if you ever get within his optimum range let 
    up and you will be eating attack after attack after attack non stop. 
    Prioratized making distance rather than bombarding him, stay 
    focused and you should hold out.
    6.18 Laguna
    New character...............enough said
    Now this is gonna be a fun match up because Laguna is yet another ranged 
    specialist but the only set back is that his aresenal of attack are rather 
    hard to land. First for his ground brave. Machine gun is where Laguna
    loads his gun and rapidly fires bullets a slight distance in front of him, 
    not too hard to read just head for the air or forward dodge. This attack 
    also has a long start up whereby he will only open fire the when he finish 
    saying 'There you go!'. Next we have Ricochet shot, Laguna charges up a 
    rifle that can be aim with note that when he fires DIRECTLY at you 
    blocking will cause Terra to stagger but there is more if his shot hits a 
    wall it will bounce off it and head straight for Terra! Rather tricky 
    to avoid but if the shot gets bonunced off it can be blocked. 
    My advice keep your distance if you are within its range it is rather 
    hard to avoid due to the fact that he can aim with it. However don't be 
    too scared before he does this attack he will say 'Look out!' thats your 
    signal to distance yourself. Third in line is his Missile barrage, 
    Laguna takes out some sort of firearm that fires up to six little missiles. 
    Though this move looks scary it really isn't that hard to counter firstly 
    it has a long start up especially if Laguna intends to fire all six missiles 
    so use this chance to punish him with Thundara and if he ever gets all six
    missiles out no worries just block or air dash right through it no kick! 
    Now onto his Homing bazooka, Laguna gets out an RPG and can fire it in 
    any direction and after going foward a little the rocket will get a speed 
    boost and head straight for Terra. Another easy one due to its long start 
    up, punish with Thundara or dodge note that blocking will cause Terra 
    to stagger. Lastly there Shotgun, Laguna gets out a shotgun and fires 
    it up to three times with each shot scattering numerous bullets. Sounds 
    scary? Not really though this is a fast attack it is only used close
    ranged and even though he can extend the range by charging it you can 
    pretty much tell indicating for you to back away or punish with Thundara. 
    Sticky bomb and Grenade bomb are rather similar where Laguna chucks a bomb 
    that detonates only difference is that Sticky bomb sticks onto you. 
    Yet another cake walk very easy to see coming so dodge accordingly.
    Now for HP attacks. For ground there is firstly Satellite laser, Laguna 
    waves his arms in the air followed by a large laser that blasts down 
    on Terra. Not so hard here as this attack has a rather long start up 
    so dodge after about two to four seconds or punish him with yes again 
    Thundara. Next is his Ragnarok buster, Laguna gets out Ragnarok and 
    fires it a short distance ahead of him though he can delay the timing 
    to throw you off timing. Yes another breeze here since this
    HP attack is the most limited in range to avoid head for the air as 
    this attack has poor vertical tracking or if you are out of range
    yup Thundara him again. For midair first up is Ragnarok blade, Laguna 
    turns Ragnarok into a giant light saber and slices it downwards. 
    Though this is his fastest HP attack it requires alot of precision 
    for it to hit so dodge to the sides just before he swings
    it down to avoid this and counter accordingly. Lastly there is Split 
    laser. A rather hard to explain attack but Laguna will fire a little
    spark that goes forward before its splits up to about six giant spheres 
    that tracks you. Now a little tricky to dodge but only dodge
    the moment you here him say 'Woo hoooo!' or if you have been keeping your 
    distance you will realize that it is a rather slow attack
    and leaves Laguna a siting duck for yes again Thundara.
    EX mode can be a hassle as Laguna won't have any cool down when in EX mode. 
    But that is to pretty much make up for the fact
    that he is only good at putting pressure but not actually able to easily 
    land damage.
    A rather easy match up for Terra as Laguna will also naturally give 
    Terra space leaving him very vunerable for Thundara. 
    If you still haven't realize Thundara is your best friend for this fight.
    6.19 Ultimecia
    Knight's blade has longer range and better tracking, Knight's 
    arrow (holding) will now set four large arrows that will fire at Terra 
    at high speeds after some time, Knight's arrow (mashing) now tracks, 
    Shockwave pulsar sucks you in before dealing the damage.
    New brave attack Knight's lance (ground and air) and new HP attack 
    Hell's judgement (ground and air).
    Another ranged specialist except Ultimecia will be your greatest challege 
    of them all. Bear in mind that all her brave attacks have two ways of 
    being executed which is determined by whether the button gets mashed 
    or if they hold onto it. Firstly your biggest threat is Knights blade 
    is now improved range and tracking for the button mashing style Ultimecia 
    lights up her hand and numerous crimson blades fire at Terra, i don't think 
    i have ever dodge out of it as it always catches me during my dodge cool 
    down so your best bet would be to constantly block until the attack is 
    over just remember that you have to press'R' multiple times as her attack 
    animation out lasts a regular guard. For the holding style Ultimecia will 
    curl up and fire two lanes of blades at you will do more hits, this style 
    however has a longer start up so it shouldn't be too hard to read to avoid
    just dodge forward to gain altitude as this style is vertically limited. 
    Knight's axe is up next for the mashing style Ultimecia will throw three 
    small axes that arc at close range and join up to track Terra. A no 
    brainer just air dash, block or dodge accordingly. For the holding style 
    Ultimecia will throw a huge axe that slowly closes in on Terra, this 
    style will crush defense so don't block to avoid do a foward dodge just 
    before it hit Terra. Lastly theres Knight's arrow for mashing style 
    Ultimecia will fire countless arrows into the air before they rain down 
    on you. No kick just air dash to Ultimecia and Blizzard combo her face. 
    For the holding style Ultimecia will set up four larger arrows that will 
    be stationary for about five to seven seconds before they lauch at Terra 
    in an instant. This may be hard to avoid but i have two ways one is to 
    hide behind a pillar or wall until they get fired or interupt any of 
    Ultimecia's attacks this will glitch to make the arrows dissapear!
    For HP attack practically all of them can pose a threat to Terra! First 
    there's Great attractor Ultimecia charges a large sphere and then launches
    it very very very quickly. To avoid it just forward dodge to gain altitude
    as this attack is vertically limited. Next there is Shockwave Pulsar, 
    Ultimecia charges up something like a time bomb that then gets thrown and 
    depending on how long she charges it will determine how strong it draws 
    you in and how big the explosion gets. Nothing too hard just dodge keep 
    your distance and just air dash towards Ultimecia after she throws her 
    bomb. Third is Apocalypse Ultimecia casts a magic circle around her that 
    will then track Terra this attack will make a blast upwards. Just forward 
    dodge to avoid it and don't get careless when above because Ultimecia can 
    detonate the spell circle early if you are above it. Lastly would be her 
    lastest move Hell's judgement, Ultimecia casts a magic circle around 
    Terra and then constantly do little blasts that sap brave before deal 
    a larger one for the HP damage. No kick just dodge
    accordingly when you see the magic circle forming around Terra.
    For her EX mode this can get a little out of hand if you are unprepare she 
    gets a new move called Time crush whereby
    she charges up for about five to seven seconds before halting Terra's 
    movement. Note that once she begins this move
    she cannot cancel it unlike Sephy and Golbez so you can go right up close, 
    if you want, to interupt this move.
    Overall this is another even match up but tilts a little to Ultimecia's favor 
    due to her overpowered Knight's blade just remain focus and don't let up 
    on those spells.
    6.20 Zidane    
    No longer has Swift attack (ground). New brave attack Booster B (ground)
    IT'S SHU MU KONG! Maybe not......another easy one because Zidane is 
    yet another meelee attacker but he does have some ranged attacks to look 
    out for. For brave there is Scoop art that can be used on both ground and
    air, Zidane just kicks at you three magic arrows the close in on Terra 
    slowly. No kick just air dash or dodge accordingly. Next is Solution 9, 
    Zidane quickly throws weak projectiles at Terra. Another no brainer 
    just air dash, forward dodge or block about three times to avoid taking 
    damage from this. Lastly there is Storm impulse, Zidane spins while
    closing in to deal damage. Though this attack closes distance rather well 
    it is very easy to see when it is done at a distance
    just forward dodge or block for a free hit.
    For HP there is just one Tidal flame whereby Zidane plants a fireball on 
    the ground that tracks Terra at high speed. Though this attack has a 
    rather large range it can be avoided by simply jump into the air that's 
    it! For midair there is Shift break Zidane calls fourth four lightning 
    bolts similar to Thundara and ends with a water blast like Flood. 
    Nothing much just forward dodge when you see the lightning bolts
    For EX mode nothing here Zidane can just jump ten times in the air 
    thats all!
    Still need a verdict? Terra has a huge advantage so just keep pummeling 
    him at a distance and he will be practically hopeless
    6.21 Kuja
    Seraphic star now tracks, Ring holy lasts long. New HP attack Force 
    symphony (midair)
    Though Kuja is Terra's closest assist he is her biggest enemy when 
    against each other. This is mainly due to him being able to counter 
    everyone of Terra's attack regardless of the distance. First
    there is Burst energy Kuja will launch some holy orbs slightly in front 
    of him and he finishes the combo depends on his distance from Terra. 
    Fast but lacks in range so won't be too effective against Terra but don't 
    get careless as this can surprise you.Now there's Remote flare Kuja plants 
    some Flare orbs around Terra and then set them off. Not too hard just 
    dodge accordingly when you see the flares forming around Terra. Next 
    we got Ring holy Kuja launches three white rings that slowly tracks Terra.
    Nothing too hard here just air dash block or dodge accordingly but again 
    don't get careless as if this attack connects Kuja can chain it with 
    another brave attack if in range. Lastly is Snatch blow Kuja hurls 
    his holy orbs forward and back similarly to Firion's Reel axe just that 
    Kuja can move freely while executing this attack. A little tricky but 
    dodge to the sides or block the moment you hear Kuja say 'You're
    not' to get a free hit.
    Now for HP. First there is Seraphic star Kuja throws a blue spark 
    forwards and slowly grows before exploding. For dissidia players this 
    move is now nothing like before mainly because it now draws you in more 
    and will track you. This is one of the few reasons why you should keep 
    your distance with Kuja, if you cast meteor while within this moves range 
    consider yourself being hit as his attack will reach you before a meteor 
    interupts it. But if he casts this out of the blue just dodge accordingly 
    they only reason why this move poses a threst is because it is great way 
    to punish Terra. Next there is Force symphony Kuja gets above Terra and 
    bombards her with up to six orbs constantly droping on her. This move can 
    really leave you in a pinch especially in crap arenas. To avoid it forward 
    dodge to gain altitude and punish him with a Thundara. Lastly is Ultima 
    Kuja will make purple orbs rain down on Terra and then exploding dealing 
    the HP damage. This is your biggest threat especially against humans. 
    Wanna use Meltdown? Don't charge beyond stage one as Terra is open 
    for his Ultima if you charge any longer another reason why this move is 
    annoying as hell is because while Kuja casts this spell he can move around
    faster than his regular running speed! In other words it will be very 
    tough to punish after Terra avoids it. How to avoid? Just dodge 
    Nothing much for his EX mode he just automatically casts a protective 
    spell around him when he jumps and lands.
    Like i said in the beginning Terra is gonna have a hard time dealing with 
    Kuja so just be cautious of your distance and don't stay on a spot for 
    more than three seconds or Kuja will punish Terra with an Ultima.
    6.22 Tidus
    Cut and run has better vertical tracking Sphere shot causes stagger 
    upon blocking. New brave attack Cut and run (midair)
    Nothing much here. Tidus relies on his opponents attack to inflict damage 
    as most of his attacks dodges at the start. Note that all of his dodge 
    brave attacks can connect to Quick hit. However most of them are close 
    range and the only one that closes distance is Cut and run, Tidus leaps 
    backwards and then charges at Terra. Really easy to read block to get 
    a free hit. Next is Wither shot, Tidus throws a blitz ball that tracks
    Terra not much just block to send it right back at him.
    Now for HP attacks just two. First is Slice and dice. Tidus lunges 
    forward and slashes Terra six times at all angles. Another cake 
    walk mainly because this attack has a long start up so just forward 
    dodge to avoid it. Next is Jecht shot Tidus kicks a blitz ball at 
    Terra and if it connects it will follow up with another two blitz 
    ball kicks. Another no brainer just dodge the moment you see the ball 
    closing in or punish him as this too has a long start up.
    Now for EX mode. If he gets in it Terra is practically a sitting duck 
    because when Tidus is in EX mode he can block every brave attack of 
    Terra's except Blizzard combo just by running on top of that he gains a speed 
    This makes it hard to regain distance so don't bother with Terra's brave 
    attacks as they are useless up against Tidus in EX mode.
    Overall an advantagous match up for Terra but just be cautious when 
    he enters EX mode. My advice keep your distance until he returns to 
    6.23 Yuna
    New character.............enough said.
    Yuna's attack do not have much range but are extremely fast so is it 
    crucial that you keep your distance against her. First there is Energy 
    blast Yuna summons Valefor to fire five light projectiles. Similar to 
    Terra's Holy just that it is weaker and doesn't track so a forward dodge 
    or a block should be enough to avoid it. Next there is Impulse, Yuna 
    summons Bahamut to fire energy spheres at Terra. She can charge it to fire
    more spheres. Nothing much here though this attack does track well it is 
    rather slow so just forward dodge or block the incoming energy spheres. 
    Lastly there's Sonic wings Yuna summons Valefor in front of her to spin 
    around before blowing Terra away. Though this is a close range attack 
    it can really surprise you if you are within range i have only manage 
    to dodge this attack by instinct as this attack is really fast 
    so thats why it is very important you KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.
    Now for HP attacks. On the ground there's just Energy ray Yuna summons 
    Valefor to fire a laser forward followed by and explosion note that 
    Terra will not take damage if the laser goes through but the explosion 
    will deal the HP damage. Not very hard to dodge as this attack is very 
    precise so just dodge to the sides to avoid. For midair there only Mega 
    flare, Yuna summons Bahamut and does a continous blast for about five 
    seconds this move also has weak tracking. A little tricky to avoid but 
    forward dodge to gain altitude and punish her since this move has a long 
    attack animation.
    When she enters EX mode she can dual summon her attacks (similar to 
    Terra's dual cast.) Nothing much she just get more hits and her Sonic 
    wings has better vertical range  thats all.
    A rather even match up this one but tilts a little to Terra's favor 
    just focus on keeping your distance and Yuna will be practically hopeless.
    6.24 Jecht
    New HP attack Jecht beam (ground and mid air). HP attacks charges quicker.
    No kick since Jecht only has two brave attacks and they both require him 
    to be at their opponent's face in order to land damage. So if you remain 
    at the optimum distance of an air dash length Terra should seldomly get 
    hit by them. Note that he can also charge his brave attacks but it 
    makes it easier you to read it since he will grunt when charging.
    For HP attack nothing much only one to take note of is Jecht blade. 
    Jecht swings his swords ruthlessly for about six times. Rather easy to 
    see coming but if he charges it he will close distance while slashing. 
    Just forward dodge when you think his next slash will connect and Jecht 
    will be slashing air! This move also has a long cool down so punish him 
    after avoiding it.
    His EX mode can be a hassle as he can continue his brave combos even if 
    it didn't hit. So don't assume that if his intial hit doesn't connect he 
    will be punishable as he will continue the combo and catch you by 
    surprise. My advice just focus more on repositioning Terra while he is 
    in EX mode.
    Can't tell by the content of this section? Terra has an advantage here as 
    long as you keep your distance as Jecht will own Terra at close range 
    6.25 Shantotto
    Stunt comes out faster, Retribution causes stagger upon block, Stunt can 
    chain to HP attacks Spirit magic: Earth and Air.
    Shantotto is essentially a mage but in order for her Spirit magic to 
    connect she needs to get up close to cast Stun to ensure that her Spirit 
    magic connects. For brave there is Stunt, Shantotto stunts Terra for 
    a second. Nothing much? Like i said Shantotto can chain it into her spirit
    magic if this connects but good news is that this attack requires her to 
    be at her opponents face so you can bet that this attack will never reach
    Terra. Next is Retribution, Shantotto hurls her staff forward  and before 
    it returns to her. Another rather close ranged attack but if you are ever
    within its range just forward dodge to avoid it. Just take note that 
    this attack is similar to Firion's Reel axe so it can hit Terra from 
    behind when it is returning if you did not dodge the right way. Then 
    there is Bio, Shantotto casts a poison cloud that slowly closes in on 
    Terra if it hit it will continue to sap brave from Terra for about ten 
    to thirteen seconds. Simple just block to reflect or air dash through it 
    just take note that if you ever get hit by this attack don't use a HP 
    attack while the Bio is on Terra because if your attack connects you will 
    immediately break! Lastly there is Bind, Shantotto casts a black sphere on
    Terra that halts her movement for about ten seconds. This move has decent
    range and can chain to her Spirit magic as well but this attack has a long
    start up so the moment you see the sphere on Terra dodge before it halts
    her movement.
    Now for her HP attacks they all have decent range and can be chained to 
    another HP attack. However what i realize when fighting her is that her 
    HP attack are rather easy to dodge an punishable for Shantotto. If you can 
    dodge out of her opening HP attack she is like a sitting duck 
    (about 3-5secs) waiting for you to give some meteors. Basically she has 
    a really high recovery lag from her HP attacks i would usually take 
    advantage of that an punish her BIG TIME!!!!
    Now for her EX mode not much here just that her brv won't go down to 
    zero even after a HP attack usually i would constantly pressure her 
    with Meteor, Meltdown and Holy combo so she has no breathing space.
    Overall this is a pretty even match but slightly favors Terra due to 
    Shantotto's extremely high recovery time from her HP attacks.
    (seriously you should at least land a brave attack on her)
    6.26 Prishe
    New character..............enough said
    Prishe is pretty much like Tifa whereby she uses her fists to fight. 
    But they only difference is that all of Prishe physical brave can chain 
    into another brave and if you actually look at her aresenal she has a 
    variety of brave connectors to choose from so each time you fight Prishe 
    her brave attacks will finish differently. She does have a couple of 
    ranged attacks but no kick. First there is holy, Prishe fires a golden 
    orb that slowly track Terra. Similar to Cloud's Fire just block to 
    send right back at her. Next there is Banish, Prishe just fires a 
    Golden arrow forward. It is a good move to punish Terra but is rather 
    predicable on it own just dodge accordingly to avoid it.
    Next is her HP attacks not much here. For ground just Nullifying 
    dropkick, Prishe jumps backwards and then hurls herself at Terra. 
    Similar to Tidus Cut and run just that it has no vertical tracking 
    so to avoid forward dodge or jump. This move is rather easy to see 
    because Prishe will jump backwards and you will see the attack name when 
    executed so that's a big give away. For midair there's Banishga, 
    Prishe moves forwards a little and blasts a shock wave of light around her. 
    A little tricky if not preapred but to avoid just forward dodge when she 
    finish saying 'Franchise'.
    For EX mode nothing much she can just do her brave connector two times 
    in a row...that is if she is able to land the intial strike first.
    Don't get it? An advantagous match up for Terra just keep your distance 
    and Prishe will be forced to eat spell after spell after spell.
    6.27 Vaan
    New character............enough said
    Vaan may have saved Terra but he can be a hassle to fight mainly because 
    his brave attacks are different when he switches them. However most of 
    them are close range so there is not much to look out for. Note that I 
    said 'not much' so lets get on with the brave attacks. First there is 
    Crossbow, Vaan fire some bolts at Terra upon switching to this weapon 
    he will fire much more bolts. Not too hard to avoid the regular one just 
    dodge accordingly but the threat comes from when he switches to it as he  
    will fire a lot more so to avoid just keep blocking until the attack 
    finishes, dodging it can a little tricky as his bolts may hit you during 
    the dodge cool down. However this attack has poor vertical tracking 
    so forwards dodge would be the best choice as it also helps you gain 
    altitude. Next is Rifle, Vaan fires off bullets that scatter when 
    switching to this weapon he dodges before firing. Nothing much though 
    it does have very long range like Crossbow but has a slower start up 
    so just dodge accordingly or block, upon switching he will jump backwards 
    before firing not hard to read here as well because you should be able 
    to see him aiming at Terra so again dodge accordingly or block. Next is 
    Katana, Vaan lunges forward and slashes through Terra causing mutiple 
    hits before sending you flying with another stroke of his Katana upon 
    swtiching to this weapon he does more hits. This move does close in 
    for both regular and switching but has a long start up in fact 
    switching has an even longer start up compared to the regular so just 
    dodge accordingly. If you wanna block only block the regular one as the 
    switching style will cause Terra to stagger. Lastly there's Greatsword, 
    Vaan lunges forward and slashes two times with it, upon switching to this 
    weapon he can charge it to determine how much distance he travels before 
    hacking at Terra. Both regular and switching can close distance quickly 
    so watch out for this. For regular just dodge accordingly as this attack 
    comes out fast. Switching is where you gotta watch out, the longer he 
    charges up the more distance he wil travel however you can tell when he 
    is about to switch as he say 'oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh' while charging so 
    dodge only when you see him closing in, blocking will cause stagger.
    Onto HP attacks only two here. For ground theres Torrent, Vaan blasts
    some water into  the air before they rain down on Terra. Nothing here 
    just dodge two seconds after you see the attack name on the top of the 
    screen. For midair there's Windburst, Vaan  will cast a tornado near 
    Terra that will draw her in. The tornado will last for about five 
    second and it also has strong suction power so to avoid dodge just 
    before you get hit, multi air slide away from it or reflect back at him with a 
    Tornado. When reflect Vaan will get suck in not Terra but just take note 
    that if you do reflect his Windvurst he can set it back on track by charging
    right into it with an Inferno.
    In EX mode Vaan can freely disarm himself with 'R+square'. What does 
    this mean? Crossbow, switching style, spamming for human players just 
    be more cautious when he is in EX mode as he can just keep using the 
    switching style of his brave attack over and over without switching 
    to another weapon.
    A close one but favor Vaan a little due to his ability to surprise 
    you with his switching style and regular style brave attacks.
    6.28 Gabranth
    EX charge fills his EX gauge faster, Guilt has been renamed to Execution. 
    New brave attack Gaia breach (ground)
    An interesting character to fight against since he has a completely 
    different aresenal in EX mode. When he is outside EX mode he is a 
    pushover seriously he can't inflict HP damage and has very limited brave 
    attacks but there is one to take note of. Lunge whereby, Gabranth dashes 
    forwards with his weapon infront of him. No kick here just dodge 
    accordingly, jump or block as this move has a rather long start up. In 
    EX mode he can really thrash you if you aren't prepared for it. Brave 
    there is three to look out for for ground there is his new move Gaia 
    breach, Gabranth slams the ground causing an energy wave to be blasted 
    forward. Similar to Cloud's Blade beam to avoid just jump or dodge 
    accordingly. Next is Relentless lunge, just like lunge but Gabranth does 
    it three times consecutively. This can really close distance but easy to 
    read, to avoid forward dodge jump or block as it is still as slow
    as his Lunge outside EX mode.
    Now for HP attacks, EX charge is self explanatory. In EX mode watch out 
    for his Innocence, both ground and midair. His ground innocence where 
    he sends four shockwaves out that goes straight out now if you are in 
    close range (which you shouldn't)  you can considered yourself hit as 
    each shockwaves are very wide an a single dodge won't be enough to avoid 
    it, but if you keep your distance (which you should) this attack 
    can be seen an can be dodge quite easily. I also recommend forward dodging 
    to gain  altitude as this attack has poor vertical tracking. now on to his 
    midair version now this move is practically impossible to dodge out of 
    difference from the aerial and ground is that Gabranth can move freely 
    while the attack starts up and it has a much better homing compared to 
    the ground version my only advice is keep your distance when 
    you see this coming or since it has a rather long start up you can try 
    and interrupt it but I don't recommend it, just keep your distance and 
    dodge to the sides. Or you can simply reflect all his shockwaves back
    with Tornado, if your are close enough he will also get drawn into Tornado
    during his cool down this method works for both ground and midair version.
    In EX mode he is completely different than outside it. He gets a big upgrade 
    in brave attacks and can inflict HP damage.
    Overall like with all characters he is a pushover outside EX mode but when 
    in EX mode can be a murderer. My advice END THE MATCH ASAP! As he can really
    be a hassle in EX mode.
    6.29 Lightning
    New character.........enough said.
    Great first we had Cecil changing into two different forms now we have 
    Lightning able to change into three different classes freely and has no 
    asthetic change so if you don't watch the class name at the top of the 
    screen you can get confuse on how she will counter Terra. Generally 
    her three classes are called Commando, Ravager and Medic. Commando is
    your meelee attacks, Ravager is your spell caster and Medic is recovering 
    For Commando just watch out for Ruin and Ruinga, Lightning will fire off 
    some black orbs. (three for Ruin and one for Runiga) Ruin will lead to a 
    chase while Ruinga will blast you into the air. No kick just block, dodge 
    accordingly or air dash through it. Now for her Ravager class, this will 
    class will allow Lightning to fight on par with Terra. For ground first 
    is Thundaga, Lightning with cast lightning bolts to strike randomly 
    around her no real threat as long as you keep your distance. Next is Fire 
    will cast up to three specs of fire that will close in on Terra. No kick 
    here just airdas, dodge accordingly or block it. Lastly there's Aerora 
    Lightning will cast a wind orb that tracks Terra. Similar to Kain's 
    Cyclone only that Lightning's Aerora does mutiple hits if it connects 
    and knocks you slightly back. A little hard to see as it is just a 
    colourless wind but to avoid just block, air dash or dodge accordingly. 
    For midair first up is Watera Lightning fires a water ball that 
    slowly tracks. Similar to Emperor's ground Flare but you can block
    the water ball to reflect back at Lightning but take note that Terra 
    will also stagger upon blocking, another way is to cast Tornado to send 
    it right back at her. Lastly is Blizzara, A little difficult to explain 
    but when Lightning casts this there will be a spec of light that will 
    draw Terra in before turning into a block of ice. No kick just dodge 
    accordingly or air dash through it.
    Now for her HP attacks only two to look out for. Ground there is Razor 
    gale whereby she throws a disc of rose petals that closes in on Terra. 
    Nothing much here just forward dodge just before the disc hit Terra. 
    For midair there is Thunderfall Lightning spins her weapon around her 
    while lightning bolts rain down on Terra. Similar to Kuja's Ultima 
    just a little less range and Lightning is stationary while performing 
    this move. Just like Kuja's Ultima it is great for punishing Terra while 
    charging Meltdown so don't charge beyond stage one. Also if while her 
    weapon spins around her this protects her from attacks so you can't 
    punish her after avoiding it. To avoid just dodge accordingly when 
    Lightning finish saying 'Enjoy'.
    EX mode is also another hassle. While in it you can't inflict wall rush 
    damage on her making it harder to execute assist combos. Also she will 
    immediately break Terra if Terra's brave is near break so don't let 
    Lightning hit Terra while in EX mode.
    Overall Lightning has the advantage due to her ability to switch her 
    class freely to surprise Terra. Also changing her class will allow her 
    to be prepared against Terra at any distance. Just keep and eye on the 
    top of the screen to see what class she changed to in order to prepare 
    yourself and don't let up on those spells!
    6.30 Feral Chaos
    New character...........enough said.
    Despite his appearance Feral chaos isn't too tough and it also has three 
    setbacks that requires an ability to disable them. The three setbacks 
    are that he cannot enter EX mode, cannot use assist and his brave will
    slowly decrease per second. It can disable all these setbacks but it 
    requires alot of CP to equip the ability.
    Anyways onto its brave aresenal. For ground watch out for Vicious and Spew. 
    For Vicious Feral chaos will lunge forward, closer Terra is to it the more 
    damage it inflicts it is also rather fast. If you are at a distance you 
    should be able to see it coming just forward dodge to avoid it. Now for 
    Spew, Feral chaos slams the ground causing magma to blast from beneath 
    Terra. Rather easy one the moment you see the magma forming beneath 
    Terra dodge accordingly. For midair just one, Splinter. Feral chaos 
    swipes its tail causing four shockwaves to be launched forward. A little 
    tricky to avoid because it requires Terra to dodge two times to fully 
    avoid it and if your first dodge is too early the third or fourth 
    shockwave will hit Terra. To avoid dodge to the sides but for
    the initial dodge only meneuver just before the first wave hits.
    Now for HP attacks just two moves to bear in mind. For ground there's 
    Via dolorose, Feral chaos launches two fire columns note he can delay 
    the launch of the second fire column. Nothing much if you have been 
    keeping your distance as you have ample time to react to his second column. 
    To avoid just dodge to the sides or if you are lucky you 
    can just avoid it by circling it. For midair we got Flagro maximus, Feral 
    chaos charges and does a blast forward it can charge to increase the blast
    range. I don't think i was ever able to dodge this by reflex so my advice 
    is just keep your distance and dodge the moment he launches the blast.
    For EX mode he just gets a strength boost so no change in strategy here.
    Overall Terra has the advantage here especially against a human because 
    his setup will 
    be really limited due to the massive amount of CP require to equips its 
    abilities. (seriously 75 CP to equip a HP attack unmastered and 50 when 
    mastered!) Just keep bombarding him with spells and the match won't last 
    long. Just pray you are up against someone with a sense of pride or he will just
    spam Via dolorse pushing you to a corner in a very cheap way!
    6.31 Chaos
    More vicious in his attacks. His Decend kick crushes defense,
    can now escape from his three fire columns even if you get hit by one.
    Now if you didn't play the original fighting Chaos is a little different. 
    First he difficulty is preset, he can only be fought on Edge of Madness 
    and the omega version if it. Another thing is that you have to beat him 
    three times in order for it to be considered a win and can use his summons 
    more than once in the same battle cheap heh? Lastly he is not a playable
    character unless you do a hack so i do not know the proper name for he 
    attack but i will provide a descrption of it. Note that i will only 
    be describing his aresenal for the last battle as they all get buffed 
    on the final match. Also this would be the only time that you should 
    equip Blizzara i will tell you why later.
    First his brave. First up are his Claw combo. He has one in the air and 
    one on the ground, though they are both more or less the same. He kinda 
    just slashes you a bunch. It comes out very quick, so it can be hard to 
    avoid if he is really close. However, he sometimes starts the match with 
    the ground version and in that case, just block when it is about to hit 
    for an opening to inflict some damage. I suggest using Blizzara Combo or 
    Blizzara. There are tons of chances to use Meteor->Holy Combo by the way. 
    Also, if Chaos starts the first battle with this, he will most likely 
    start off the same way for the other two battles. In his final form, he 
    shoots giant walls of flames with each attack, but they go off to his 
    sides so you're safe if you don't dodge to the sides. This move is
    blockable in every form. If you keep your space, this move is very 
    predicable. Then there is his flame column. He does a flip a shoots 
    a column of fire at you as he shouts "eradication." It's fairly easy 
    to see coming, but it will stagger you if you block it. A simple side 
    dodge should do the trick. Like the ground claw combo, if Chaos starts 
    the first match with this, he likes to start the other two matches with 
    this as well. In his final form, he will always shoot three in a row, 
    so just keep side dodging in succession (though if you do it too fast 
    you might get hit by the last one). Also, since he shoots three, you 
    don't want to try and block as you will get hit by the rest. Another 
    no brainer punish him during his cool down or after dodging the third one. 
    He also has that attack where he pops out of the ground under you three 
    times. Another move that is very easy to see coming. Just dodge each time 
    the little portal thing appears below you. After the third jump, he 
    leaves himself open, so punish him accordingly. Also, keep in mind that 
    this move always attacks from the ground and has a limited vertical range 
    so if you are high enough in the air, you don't even need to dodge. 
    Don't block as it will cause stagger and leave you open for the other 
    two strikes. Then there is his "decending kick" move. It's pretty fast, 
    but he will say "perish!" and all it takes is a back dodge to avoid when 
    you hear that. If you're in the air, it'll probably miss unless you are 
    below him. DON'T BLOCK THIS MOVE though in the original blocking this 
    will only cause stagger it now crushes your block so don't block unless 
    you want Chaos to inflict critical damage on Terra! Another thing is that 
    he uses this move more often compared to the original so watch out for it.
    This attack never changes regardless of the battle. Now we have the flame 
    shockwave. This move is really annoying as it is fairly quick and hard 
    to block and causes quite a bit of damage. Not to mention Chaos teleports 
    next to Terra before using this and also likes to interrupt your moves 
    with it, so again, stay on defence. Dodging this move doesn't work unless 
    you dodge out of the range as the attack has a long duration and range. 
    Dropping down or jumping up can get you out of range and give you a huge 
    opportunity to attack him during this long attack. If you block, keep in 
    mind you'll need to block multiple times because of this moves duration. 
    Usually two to three well timed blocks should do it. Another way to avoid 
    is that if you dodge but found out you are still within range USE BLIZZARA 
    since this is a magical attack Terra's Blizzara will block it during its 
    start up and punish him right after! This attack is one of Chaos' more 
    annoying moves and can really hurt if he spams it. This is your biggest 
    threat as it's got impressive range too, which is really deadly on such a 
    small stage. This move never changes between forms. For the final brave 
    attack, we have his fireball attack. It basically looks as if Chaos just 
    barfed out a bunch of fireballs. Anyways, this is blockable in his first 
    two forms, but the third form will stagger you and you might get hit by 
    one of the other fireballs also note that now he will take advantage of 
    you being hit by the fireball to land the flame shockwave on Terra. 
    I find Chaos hardly ever uses this attack, and rather 
    straight forward. It has a long start up indicating fo you to block. In 
    his last form, just side dodge. The fireballs spread, 
    but generally won't hit you if you side dodge.
    Now onto his HP attacks generally they all have decent range and can be 
    a pain if you aren't prepared. Divine Punishment is the one HP attack 
    you will probably see the most. Flashes of light surround you before a 
    small sword appears on Terra's position followed by Chaos throwing a 
    spear down at her. Sound tricky? It is if you are using someone else 
    but this move is nothing compared to Terra's Tornado, the moment you 
    see the flashes of light cast Tornado to render yourself invincible to 
    the attack and deal some damage to Chaos. Next is Soul of Oblivion. This 
    attack is undodgeable. However, it's got a very long start-up
    (four to six seconds) time where Chaos is completely vulnerable to any 
    attack. He doesn't move around either, so he's an easy
    target. All you need to do is hit him and you'll stop the attack, note 
    that if he is really high above you or vice versa the blast will
    be out of range so don't bother closing in to interupt. Condemn is a huge 
    pain, however. It's very fast attack and can really draw
    Terra in. It doesn't cause any brave damage and vertically limited, but 
    Chaos is completely invincible during it. You do have a bit
    of time to react, so just back dodge away from him. However, if you're in 
    the middle of an attack, you might still hit him and
    deal brave damage, but it won't stun him and he will continue the attack. 
    Because of this, you really need to be careful when he starts
    getting large amounts of brave. Scarlet Rain is also a little bit tough. 
    He is, again, invincible during this attack, so you just have to
    learn to avoid it. You'll need to quickly get into the air as he covers 
    the floor in flames. After a moment, he'll start tossing fireballs at
    you which you'll want to block DON'T DODGE as the fireballs will will hit 
    during the dodge cooldown. If you get hit by even one, you'll
    be stunned and get hit by the rest for brave damage and you'll be 
    completely helpless for the HP damage. Basically, just keep on
    blocking the small fireballs and dodge the final large fireball. Now we 
    have Demondance.again another pain for any character.
    Chaos will teleport next to Terra and deal HP damage to her FIVE TIMES! 
    Yes five times so avoid getting caught in it. To avoid is simple just
    forward dodge the moment you see a red aura near Terra as that is the 
    signal that Chaos is gonna reappear. If you get hit by the first or
    second don't fret as you can recover from it and avoid the rest. 
    Also this attack has a long cooldown so after dodging the fifth one
    punish him accordingly, Holy combo-->Ultima will work here! Now for Utter 
    chaos and Brink of delusion. Chaos will become a giant
    and attempt to slash Terra four times before chunking five huge swords 
    below the arena causing five blasts. For starters he is yes
    invincible when performing this. To avoid the sword strikes jump over 
    the low lateral sword swipes, and dodge to the side for the
    overhead slash and the stab at the middle of the stage. The flames, 
    however, are a lot harder to avoid. I just spam dodge as I haven't
    really found a full proof method to avoid it. And this move will drain 
    your Ex gauge because of the amount of time this takes up unless
    you have accessories that increase Exmode duration. Moving on, however, 
    we get the final part of this combo. Chaos pulls out another
    three swords, and throws them at the bottom of the platform of the stage. 
    During this time, you just sit there and watch. Finally,
    the screen will turn to an overhead view of the stage where you will 
    automatically be on the ground. Then, four giant glowing
    circles appear randomly on the stage (and can overlap). then blasts to 
    deal the HP damage. To avoid just move to the area that isn't
    covered by the blast, also if you think you won't make it in time doge towards 
    the unaffected area
    For summon he has several effects which i will list down.
    -Break after a set time
    -Bravery freeze
    -Continously halves your barvery for a short time
    -Triples bravery after a set time
    -Brings your barvery down to 0 after a set time
    -Halves bravery but increases at +99 per second
    -Doubles bravery but drecareses at -99 per second
    -Halves your bravery upon landing a HP attack
    Overall Chaos will have the advantage but just remain focus and you should 
    be able to win also note that Chaos is a big sucker for
    Meteor-->Holy combo-->Ultima combo here.
    6.32 Gilgamesh
    New character......enough said
    Now pitting against Gilgamesh can be tricky as each time he attacks he 
    pulls out one of his eight weapons he posesses. So i am gonna state the 
    weapons, their range and any special effects it can do. But first the 
    format :p
    'Weapon name' (range)
    Excalibur (mid)
    A golden sword that does double damage ouput
    Excalipoor (mid)
    Blue version of Excalibur but damage reduces to 1
    Naginata (long)
    A long red spear that has the longest range
    Masamune (long)
    A curved silver blade that produces a lot of EX force upon connecting 
    an attack
    Genji Blade (mid)
    A brown broad sword that depletes opponents EX gauge upon contact
    Zantetsuken (mid)
    A dark blue blade that may randomly inflict break
    Battle Axe (short)
    A small axe that does random damage
    Chicken Knife (short)
    A knife that deals more damage with less HP
    If you don't understand the range here are some examples. Short 
    is equivalent to Tifa's melee attacks while Mid is the same as Squall's 
    meelee attacks and Long is the same as Sephiroth's attack range. 
    Got it?
    Now onto his brave attacks. For ground there is merely Wind slash, 
    nothing much Gilgamesh just fires a small whirlwind that slowly closes
    on Terra. No Kick just dodge accordingly, block or air dash to avoid 
    taking damage. For mid air there is electrocute, similar to Garland's 
    Thundaga but Gilgamesh only casts one lightning shockwave at Terra's 
    position. Though this move is rather weak on its own try not to get hit 
    by this attack launches Terra in the air and stuns her for a long time 
    allowing Gilgamesh to chain it to his melee attacks if you are within 
    range. Lastly there is Whirlwind slash for both midair and ground. 
    Gilgamesh slowly closes in while his weapon spins in front of him, can 
    quickly closes distance but has a long start up so you can see it coming 
    from a mile away and avoid accordingly, this move is also easy to block 
    so do so for a free hit.
    Now for his HP attacks. For ground we got Rocket punch where Gilgamesh 
    fires a pair of boxing gloves from his hands at Terra (power rangers?) 
    but this move has a long start up so it should be easy to avoid, just 
    dodge the moment he says 'punch'. For mid air there is Missile, Gilgamesh 
    places a missile in front of him and fires it. Really easy to dodge as 
    this closes in really slowly so no excuses if this lands on you!
    For EX mode he can be a little brutal. Gilgamesh gets eight arms each 
    holding a random weapon. In other words his melee attacks are gonna 
    deal more hits if it connects so stay clear. Also he will fire two 
    Missiles at you so be weary of your dodge direction, a midair forward 
    dodge should do the trick.
    Overall a rather tight one but leans a little in Terra's favor just 
    deal with him the same way as Sephiroth, or to say prioritize making
    distance over bombarding him and ther won't be much he can do.
    7. Utilizing the arena
    'incomplete look out for updates'
    As you all know the arena is just as a major factor for Terra as do the 
    foes she faces. There are a few things to look out for when fighting in a 
    particular arena.They are the amount of space eg. open and cramped, 
    amount of foot holds and how high the arena is. Again this section is 
    really based on your playstyle so what i mention here may not be so for 
    you. Each factor has its pros and cons. Open arenas make it easier to 
    regain distance between you and your foe while cramped arenas make 
    your fully charged Meltdown brutal. Generally arenas that Terra fights 
    well in are cramped areas (for insane Meltdown tracking) with a fair
    amount of foot holds (to cast meteor) that are vertically limited. Why 
    vertically limited? Because this will allow Terra to summon her assist 
    after firing a flare as they won't fly upwards and be stunted on the spot 
    making them open for your assist to connect. Also for AI foe they 
    apparently have a sixth sense where they are able to reflect a meteor 
    right back at Terra weird heh? Thats why it would also be good if you 
    are in a complexed arena like Pandaemonium so you can take cover and 
    cast Meteor with minimal risk of it being reflected.
    7.01 Old Chaos Shrine
    Generally a neutral arena that will not give Terra or her foes an edge 
    over the other. To simpify there are two floors for this arena. Try to 
    lure your foe to the lower floor simply because it is easier to execute 
    meteor combos down there. Fighting on the second floor is also fine 
    but usually you won't be fighting there very often mainly because the 
    middle of the upper floor can be destroyed when either person is 
    downward rush against it. Also the sides of the lower floor are
    at higher ground compared to the middle aisle so you can pull off 
    your Meteor combos without having to worry of it being reflected 
    by an AI.
    Omega version of this arena can be rather risky. Basically a fraction 
    of both Terra and her foe's brave will be tranferred to the bravery pool 
    every five seconds in other words whoever breaks who first will get the 
    advantage so bombard your foe to break them to get a HUGE bravery 
    boost or possibly 9999.
    Overall this arena will not give either side the advantage so just stick 
    to the regular play plan and you should be alright.
    7.02 Pandaemonium
    To me this is Terra's home ground against any opponent. As you know 
    the AI can sense when a meteor will hit them and try to reflect it back 
    at you by blocking but since this arena has many walls you can take 
    cover behind one and pressure your foe without fearing of a meteor 
    being smack back at your face (it will hit the wall while trying to hit you). 
    combos such as Meteor--->Flood/Thundara work wonders. Another plus 
    would be that since you are behind a wall the opponent will need to get 
    round it but if you are on the offensive they will have a very tough time 
    trying to close the distance between you an him. However you still have 
    to watch out for counter based attacks like Firion, COD and Exdeath. 
    The last thing to look out for would be Emperor's Light crest as it 
    will bounce off the walls like mad. There are also banish traps but 
    it is very unlikely you or the opponent will get trapped in 
    it so nothing much that you can make out of the banish traps. Also 
    with such a close ceiling it will guarantee wall rush damage for her 
    tornado and you can summon your assist after firing off a flare from 
    Holy combo. Overall anybody unlucky enough to fight you in this 
    arena will be suffering big time it is even possible to gain a flawless 
    victory if you are good enough.
    For the omega version the arena's floor will ocassionally fire up 
    some spikes sapping the victims bravery and adding it to the 
    stage bravery. This does make it a little harder for you to find a 
    good position for taking cover but you can just get into the ground 
    that will not spawn the spikes. This arena will give Terra the
    advantage as well but not as much as the normal version.
    Another thing is that this arena is rather cramp what does it mean? 
    Meltdown stage three gets buffed to the MAX! Your opponent will 
    have a hard time trying to shake the Meltdown off their backs, if 
    they were able to reflect you know the drill cast Tornado to prevent 
    backfire from occuring.
    If by now you still don't get it Terra has a huge HUGE advantage in 
    this arena. Most characters will struggle to keep up with Terra 
    especially meelee characters however you still need to be careful 
    when fighting Exdeath, COD or Firion due to their counter based attacks. 
    Seriously my friends already feel like giving up the moment they know 
    they are fighting my Terra here!
    7.03 Pandemonium- Top floor
    Nothing much here as well opened spaced with ample foot holds 
    however this arena is vertically limited meaning you would be able 
    to summon your assist after you fired off a flare. A very basic stage 
    with nothing you can take cover in. The crystals can be broken 
    very easily and there isn't as many as World of Darkness to be 
    used as an ambush. Really straight forward nothing much to say
    of this stage so just stick to the battle plan.
    7.04 World of Darkness
    For regular this place is rather neutral, ample footholds, open space. 
    However this arena has a lot of pillars and what i realized is that if 
    you take cover behind them it can act as an ambush ground. Try 
    casting off a Meteor and followed by Holy combo if you are behind 
    the pillars the holy orbs will destroy your cover but at the same 
    time surprising your opponent. If your are up against AI this isn't
    too hard to pull off but any good human would anticipate this so 
    don't count on it. 
    Now for the omega version. This version can be a little tricky, 
    basically you start off normally but after some time the arena 
    will transform into something completely different before 
    changing back. Now there are two ways this stage can trance, 
    and it depends on your distance from each other. If the trance 
    occur while you are at close range you will be transported to a 
    cramped arena with some pillars at the centre. If it trance while 
    you are far apart you will be transported to an open arena with 
    platforms everywhere along with banish traps at the bottom.
    First off is the cramped close arena if you haven't noticed your 
    Meltdown will once again be buffed but don't rely too much on 
    it as this arena is not as complexed as Pandeamonium so it won't 
    be too hard for your foe to catch you while charging it up. However 
    that being said you should still be able to use the pillars as cover for 
    your Meteor casting so don't be afraid to use it. Now unto the open 
    one, this is a little hard to expain but basically the platforms have 
    something special. As you know if you are directly below a platform 
    and you are about to air dash towards the EX core above you will get 
    stuck however attacks seem to be able to pass through the platform. 
    With this in mind you can do something nice, simply summon Jecht 
    to do mid air brave and if it look like he is about to slam your foe unto 
    the upper platforms simply cast Holy combo the moment he slams on 
    one of them. If you are up against a human they may think that you are 
    dumb. But just watch as your holy orbs goes through the platform and 
    hit them. Another thing i noticed is that when the stage is
    undergoing the trance while you are attacking, you will reappear 
    in the respective arena with your attack cancelled in other words if 
    you are in the middle of casting Ultima and the stage changes your 
    Ultima will be cancelled. This also applies for assist attacks so if your 
    assist is in the middle of his attack he will disappear when you are 
    transported to the respective arena. So it is crucial you time your attacks 
    correctly so that it won't get interupted. This will also apply to your foe 
    so if he is about to finish you just pray that the stage will undergo 
    its trance.  
    Overall Terra does not get so much of an advantage here but for 
    the omega version the cramped arena does give her a slight edge 
    over the others but it isn't so huge so don't go thinking you will 
    be safe. Just stick to the general strategy for each character earlier.  
    7.05 Crystal Tower
    This place can be fun to play in and yet rather confusing as well. 
    Basically you got a plain with a sky scraper smaked in the middle. 
    I did find a way to utilised this arena. If you quick move up the 
    tower you will notice it has some platforms built on it. This mean 
    you can camp at the edge of a platform and use your Meteor with 
    minimal chances of being countered. Plus if your foe is below you
    he will have trouble climbing up the tower while trying to evade 
    your shower of Meteors. Also Terra's Meteors will not disappear 
    until it hits an edge so you can camo at the highest platform of 
    the tower and create a Meateor shower but take note that all your 
    other brave attacks will be out of reach. How is this all confusing? 
    I'll get to that now. As mentioned earlier the tower has several
    platforms built on it these platforms are also spawn point for 
    EX core get where i am going? Yes if the EX core spawns on a 
    platform you can't just air dash towards it all the time you would 
    have to quickmove around till you get to the correct angle where 
    the EX core is. Nothing? Not exactly, as you quickmove the
    camera rotates to an angle where you can only see whats ahead 
    of you meaning your back is wide open for veteran players! So 
    watch out as they will know your camera does not have them 
    in the picture.
    Overall this map does give Terra a slight advantage. Not a huge 
    one so as usual don't slack up on those spells!
    7.06 Lunar Subterrane
    Another open and simple map. Nothing much i can say here, 
    however there is a way to cast Meteor safely. As you can see 
    this map has some rocks, curbs and uneven ground. You can 
    take cover behind the rocks or the curbs thus, you will be able 
    to cast Meteor without worrying about being countered. Note that
    the rock will not be destroyed until either party has slam the 
    other against it so most direct attacks are rendered useless if 
    you take cover. 
    For the omega version no changes in particular. Basically the stage 
    bravery will increase as more rocks get destroyed so no visible 
    change from the regular.
    Just stick to the game plan and Terra should have the edge over 
    her opponent if you are able to take cover.
    7.07 The Rift
    Another spacious arena however very little footholds. If you 
    can, try to stick to the ground but you will be in mid air combat 
    most of the time. Since this map is huge it means your Meltdown 
    will be slightly nerfed since your Meltdown can't bounce like mad.
    Your best bet would be your Meteor combos and Meltdown-->Holy 
    combo as well. This stage is made to give Terra trouble you are gonna 
    have a rather long battle here so just bear with it.
    For omega version things get a little crazy. Basically the structures 
    will be randomly teleported to weird and unpratical places so it 
    gonna be really hard to find a good place to take cover as the strutures 
    are constantly teleporting so it may blow your cover or unintentionally 
    create one. Also as the structures teleport a small amount of brave is 
    added to the bravery pool. This place will prolong the battle even more 
    so really gotta focus here.
    Overall this place does give Terra a slight advantage. Is not so 
    huge so if you stay focused you can claim victory rather quickly. 
    But this map will give you a huge advantage against ground 
    based characters like Golbez and Firion so if you are matched up 
    against them you have nothing to worry about.
    7.08 Kefka's Tower
    It's FF6 final dungeon! Now i am gonna separate this arena into three parts, the
    upper level, lower level and the pit. As you know Meteor will only dissapear 
    once it has hit take advantage of this by luring your opponent to the lower 
    floor and then quicky getting Terra to the upper edge you can keep
    hurting as you can just stand still and consistently pressure them with 
    Meteor. I know i need not say this but 
    it is very easy to corner your opponent on the upper level with tornado if 
    your first cast missed try casting it just one more time (not spamming) it 
    will almost guarantee the second tornado will connect. on the lower level 
    you will realized there is a pit in the middle now if your opponent gets in 
    that pit you will have an advantage. firstly there is limited room to 
    dodge so this would be a good time to execute some combos (namely I do 
    the meltdown stage two---> holy combo--->ultima combo) and since you are 
    constantly pressuring them the opponent won't have much time to escape 
    from that pit so if they go in they will have a tough time coming out 
    unscathed or come out after taking a fair amount of damage from you.
    Lastly if you have fought on this arena you will see that it is cramped don't
    get it? Yes Meltdown gets Buffed at stage two and three. 
    For omega the stage gets a little wierd in a funny way. Basically the 
    walls below the upper level will spew out steam and each time the 
    steam gets stewed the stage bravery gets a little boost. Also if you 
    slam your foe onto the wall that spews steam your foe will be 
    bounced off unto another wall and if that wall also spews steam 
    they will be bounced off again and again until he gets 
    slammed unto a wall that doesn't spew steam. To look at it is really funny
    to see your foe bounce around like a ping pong ball but in terms of 
    performance this will make it harder to summon your assist as if you summon 
    your assist when you slam your foe on the spewing steam wall they will 
    bounce off it and fly right past your assist. This makes it slightly harder to
    allow your assist to connect. My advice try to stay on the upper floor as the
    walls on the upper floor do not spew steam.  
    Overall this stage gives Terra the advantage but it is not as complicated 
    compared to pandamonium so the enemy will have an easier time closing 
    the distance but still won't be easy doing so.
    7.09 Phantom Train
    Now this is an interesting stage. If you haven't unlocked this 
    arena it is pretty much just a train carriage you are fighting in. 
    This arena has its pros and cons.
    Pros being its is the most cramped so Meltdown and Tornado will really 
    harass your foe, plenty of walls and edges to slam your foe on giving your 
    assist an opening, most vertically limited arena so this makes it really easy 
    to summon your assist after hitting with the flare phase of Holy combo. 
    Another advantage would be since its really cramped cornering your foe
    won't be much of a hassle so no need to fret about Blizzard combo (one hit)
    ---> Tornado missing and being punished. 
    Cons are yeah you guessed it really easy for your foe to close distance and 
    it will be a pain trying to reposition Terra to an advantagous distance also 
    no cover so don't be surprised if an AI reflects a Meteor back at Terra's face. 
    Can't really say much here, this is a stage that is really easy to 
    land wall rush damage. But this pace can also make attacks that 
    are continious for a long period of time hard to avoid. Attacks like 
    OK's Comet, Firion's Weaponmaster and Yuna's Megaflare 
    will be just some moves that will give Terra hell. Also if your 
    opponent manages to reflect Meltdown IMMEDIATELY REFLECT 
    IT BACK with Tornado. Though you do not see your Meltdown IT 
    IS CLOSING IN so cast Tornado to send back on course.
    Overall this place heavily depends on how you and your foe fight. For me this 
    gives me a slight edge over my opponent weird huh? But thats just how I 
    roll! :p
    7.10 Planet's Core
    Perfect just perfect. Lack of footholds, limited edges and vertically open! What
    more do you want to put Terra at the disadvantage? Real headache fighting
    you foe on this arena especially when up against AI since they just love to
    quickmove on rails and nothing more, add that fact that they are artful dodgers
    and you got one long and friutless battle. Very little footholds here so really
    hard to find a position that you can make the most of Meteor so your main 
    wepon here is your Meltdown combos since you will be in midair combat
    about 80% of the time.
    The omega version is no better . After a set period of time the stage will 
    undergo a trance, 
    unlike World of darkness it doesn't change back so you will be fighting
    in the trance version the rest of the battle. If against an AI yet again 
    a really fruitless battle as they will grind for the whole of the battle 
    which is a real irritant. The only advice i have for this stage overall is 
    try and stay above your foe, if your are up against a human their 
    camera will most likely not have you on screen so take advantage of 
    that for Meltdown combos as they won't be able to see your Meltdown 
    until the last second. What does this mean? They will simply spam 
    attacks that will miss so punish them during their cooldown. Bear 
    in mind that the stage brave will steadily rise after the trance so after 
    about a minute or so try to break your foe for a brave boost of 
    about 4000-6000.
    Can't tell? This stage will put Terra at the disadvantage and just prolong the
    battle in a silly way. But once again if you are up against ground based
    characters like Firion and Golbez you will certainly have the edege over them.
    7.11 Ultimecia's Castle
    Another bummer here. Again really little footholds, vertically open. However,
    this stage does have some advantages like being rather cramped overall for
    a Meltdown buff, and a fair amount of edges for Terra to slam her foes on.
    Though not as bad as Planet's core this will still give you a hard time. AI in
    particular will tend to grind on the spiral metallic rods. This will not 
    progress the battle in any way it will just burn daylight and cause people like
    me frustration. Again you will be in midair combat most of the time so stick
    to Meltdown combos and remain focused. 
    For omega version this is were things get hectic. The stage will go through a
    time trance, The gears will move a lot faster, and destroy walls etc. will be
    restored. Stay away from the gears during the trance. Why? If you get too close
    to it yes, it will sap your brave like the spikes in Pandeamonium omega ver.
    Only thing i can think of that will help is the fact that this stage overall has
    a banish trap as the ceiling. This means if you are low in health try to stay 
    near it as HP attacks like Tidus' Quick hit will hit you upwards before 
    dealing the HP damage meaning if you get into the banish trap it will teleport 
    you somewhere safe and leave him open for a counter. Another thing is that
    the stage bravery will randomize during the time trance.
    Yes another arena that will put Terra at the disadvantage. But again ground 
    based characters won't be of much hassle here just lure them to mid air 
    combat, which won't be hard, and they won't be much of a threat.
    7.12 Crystal World
    A rather open arena with very little footholds. Not as bad as the previous two
    but still not good. You best bet is to stick to the middle platform as this is
    the best place to cast a Meteor. Also if your opponent is below Terra this
    will minimalize the risk of being countered. Stay near the edege of the 
    platform and you may be lucky with Holy combo. Try to avoid going to 
    the sides of the arena. True it you may land a wall rush but casting 
    Meteor here won't do much. 
    For omega version nothing much here no change to the stage but as the 
    crystal platforms respawn it will boost the stage brave by a small fraction so
    just stick to the game plan.
    Overall this stage does give Terra slight disadvantage due to to open area will
    few footholds. But this does give Terra a slight edge over ground based 
    characters, just lure them to mid air combat and they got nothing on 
    7.13 M.S Prima Vista
    A stage, really S.E? Whatever. Anyways this is a rather advantagous arena for 
    Terra, ample footholds, vertically limited and rather cramped but not to the
    point where it will be a hassle trying to regain distance. Most of the time you
    will be fighting on the stage itself but if you think your having a hard time
    shruging your foe off try going on the stage props or backstage where the
    weird castle prop is. It can act as a cover while casting Meteor and really
    harass your opponent. If you haven't bought this arena or never seen a stage
    then just to let you know this stage has plenty edges giving Terra many 
    opportunities to call her assist. The fact the its vertically limited also 
    makes it easier to summon Terra's assist during the flare phase of 
    Holy combo. Meltdown also gets buffed in this arena so don't be 
    afraid to use it. If you plan on fighting on the stage the whole time 
    prioratize repositioning Terra over assaulting her foe.
    Overall this arena does give Terra the edge over her foe but don't stay on the
    stage for too long if you are having a hard time regaining distance. Try to
    stay on the backstage props and take cover, keep bombarding them with spells
    and your foe won't have much on you.
    7.14 Dream's End
    Another arena that that makes it easy to regain space with Terra. Not 
    many footholds very open and very few edges to slam your foe against 
    though. Like Crystal world
    you will be brought out to mid air combat most of the time, as usual your
    best bet for mid air combat would be Meltdown combos. But if you wanna stay
    grounded the best place would be the platform with a giant version of 
    Jecht's sword stab in it. There you can take cover on the opposite side 
    of the sword to cast Meteor. Very few edges so rely on 
    Blizzard combo (one hit) for 
    your assist to connect, flare phase of Holy combo will also work but bear 
    in mind that this arena isn't vertically limited so it will make it hard 
    to connect with an assist.
    For omega version no change for the arena but the stage bravery will increase
    for each attack that connects. Eg. you inflict 200 brave damage on your foe
    the stage bravery increases by 200, your opponent lands 100 brave damage 
    on Terra the stage bravery will increase by 100. So just stick to the battle 
    plan on the previous paragraph.
    Overall this place will put Terra at a slight advantage. But yet again lure 
    ground based characters to mid air combat in this arena to gain the edge 
    over them.  
    7.15 Empyreal Paradox
    Rather basic like padeamonium top floor but difference being there are less
    breakable objects and much more vertically open. No cover and nothing to
    take advantage of unless you are up against Laguna, simply being the
    giant orange crytal in the centre will block Satellite laser from working as
    it will act as a cover.
    For omega not much change but your bravery will sap according to how
    close you are to the giant crystal, plus the sapped bravery will add to the 
    stage bravery. So you really just wanna stay close to the edge and avoid the 
    Overall a rather neutral stage and won't give either party the edge so 
    just stick to the game plan.
    7.16 Sky Fortress Bahamut
    Easy to use but hard to explain. Let me first divide this stage into half. First
    half called the hallway this is the pathway with banish traps on both sides 
    and the platform being the huge circular ground and the curb. Nothing
    much quite favourable in fact for Terra. Ample footholds, has a cover
    and is rather vertically limited. For this place you really wanna stick to the 
    platform as it is easy to cast meteor there, if you are against an AI you can 
    use the curb as a cover to cast meteor safely. Avoid the hallway as it has
    less footholds compared to the platform and you will also notice the hallway
    is lower than the platform so it will make it rather tough to time your flare
    assist summon.
    For omega version it will practically give every character hell. Let me explain
    the sky colour is brown and there a very strong gust that all characters can
    get caught in. Basically if you get too high in the air by simply jumping
    or being whcked into the air, the moment you recover from it the winds will
    blow Terra away and how fast she gets blow away is proportional to how
    high up she is. If you get caught in the wind it will not only sap a fraction of
    her brave but it will blow Terra straight into a banish trap thats right. 
    In other words AVOID MID AIR COMBAT! 
    Though you won't get blow away while performing an attack so you 
    can charge Meltdown without being blown away. Also as long as you 
    or your foe is grounded the stage bravery will steadily rise.
    Overall the regular version will give Terra a very slight advantage over 
    her foe. As for omega........just pray you are not up against a ground 
    based character like Golbez or Firion, other than that the other party 
    will be just as frustrated as you trying to avoid the catastrophic winds. 
    If i have to spell it out the omega version will give Terra the disadvantage 
    a rather huge one. 
    7.17 Orphan's Cradle
    Yet another arena the heavily depends our both your playstyle and your foe's.
    This is one of the most open arenas around disabling Meltdown from being
    a threat, pretty much of you miss chances of the Meltdown swriling around and
    actually backstabbing your opponent is close to nothing. Another bad thing
    is that there are no walls to slam your foe against only the ground. The arena
    is surrounded by banish traps and all the walls are breakable on this map. So
    your best best to allow your assist to connect is after a hit of Blizzard combo,
    after holy combo or slamming them to the ground. That being said there are 
    some advantages to this map. As you know there is a podium in the middle
    of the stage so play tag with your opponent and just stay on the opposite side
    of the podium and cause a meteor shower. Also if you stay near the centre there
    are plenty of footholds for Terra so casting Meteor won't be so hard.
    As for the omega version things start to get fun! At the sides there will be 
    random platforms that will spawn and random positions and arrangements.
    It hard to explain but try to make use of the platforms as a cover. You will
    very often get an arrangement where one platform is in front of another and is
    just higher than the one behind as well. Here is a side view of what 
    i am talking about:
    l                            l
    ------------------------------       ____________________
    platform 1                     l                              l 
                                           platform 2
    Easier now? Basically you just wanna stay on platform 2 and let platform 1 act 
    as a cover when cast Meteor or other spells. But don't rely too much on it! 
    Remember the platforms will start rearranging themselves after some time.
    Overall this arena will give Terra a bit of an advantage as it is rather open
    making quick work of regaining disance against meelee characters
    7.18 Order Santuary
    Not much to say here as this is a rather open and simple stage as you would
    know this stage would probably be the easiest for you to position Terra and 
    yet it also makes it easy for opponents to close distance but since there 
    isn't much obstacles this would also be the easiest stage to perform the 
    flashy and brutal combos that starts off with Graviga. The only advantage 
    I can get from this stage is that when your enemy enters EX mode you 
    can kill time for them to get out of EX mode by grinding along the rails. 
    For omega nothing changes to the arena but if you break your foe your bravery
    will simply double.
    A very neutral arena so just stick to the general strategy for each character.
    7.19 Edge of Madness
    If you played the original and beat inward chaos with Terra you will know 
    that this place is just a pain. Cramped but not complex meaning your foe can
    be in Terra's face with the snap of a finger. Really hard to position Terra here
    but this place is vertically open so get as high as you can and just keep up 
    with the pressure. Grounding Terra is fine but not recommended as even if
    both of you are at opposite ends of the arena cast Meteor on a human and 
    they will air dash right to Terra's face. Only thing on this map that favours
    Terra is how cramp it is, Meltdown will get buffed so rely more on Meltdown
    combos rather than Meteor combos.
    No change for the omega version but the stage bravery goes nuts! One moment
    it could be 299 and the next 5999 so time your break perfectly to get a major
    brave boost rather than one that is negligeble.
    Overall an arena that gives Terra a disadvantage regardless of the version. So
    keep your mind on the game and don't let up as this is a great place for other
    characters to punish Terra.
    8. Battle Quotes
    Nothing much just gonna type out Terra quotes to characters before battle
    and vice versa.
    Character vs Terra
    Warrior of Light: 'I wish I could look straight ahead like you'
    Firion: 'This is scary but I won't lose'
    Onion Knight: 'I'm gonna...Give it my all!'
    Cecil: 'So even with darkness one can be kind'
    Kain: 'Please don't be soo hard on yourself'
    Bartz: 'Will I be free? If I continue on my path?'
    Terra: 'Is that how my eyes look to?'
    Cloud: 'If we could find the answers through battle....'
    Tifa: 'I should stand up for something to!'
    Squall: 'Aren't you frightened, of progressing alone?'
    Laguna: 'You seem to have fun even when you are lost'
    Zidane: 'Why are you hesitating?'
    Tidus: 'Can I, fight with the same vigor?'
    Yuna: 'It feels as though, we've met before'
    Vaan: 'Don't worry about me, I can fight!'
    Lightning: 'I have to be grounded too'
    Garland: 'I can't enjoy fighting I just can't!'
    Emperor: 'Do you plan to rule through fear?'
    Cloud of Darkness: 'I won't let you erase our hope'
    Golbez: 'There will always be new dream to follow'
    Exdeath: 'My powers are not for harming others'
    Kefka: 'I am not a puppet!'
    Sephiroth: 'Please find something to protect'
    Ultimecia: 'Our prayers will remain even if you stop time'
    Kuja: 'Are you hiding your.....True feelings?'
    Jecht: 'You're like a big teddy bear'
    Shanttoto: 'Please don't destroy the world'
    Prishe: 'I need the strength to protect every one'
    Gabranth: 'You have to have hope!'
    Gilgamesh: 'I hope you find what you're looking for'
    Chaos: 'If your power tears us apart I won't forgive you!'
    Feral chaos: 'I will end this cycle of sadness and grief!'
    Terra vs Character
    Lightning: 'Never let yourself hesitate'
    Vaan: 'Cheer up! You're facing me'
    Laguna: 'Come on cheer up don't look so gloomy'
    Yuna: 'Please, trust in yourself'
    Kain: 'Mistakes must be atoned for'
    Tifa: 'Don't rush to find answers okay?'
    Warrior of Light: 'You must not shun the light'
    Garland: 'Cast away your doubts in battle'
    Firion: 'Sorry I won't hold back'
    Emperor: 'Better you sleep then live in despair'
    Onion Knight: 'Can't lose this one'
    Cloud of Darkness: 'Even magic is meaningless against us'
    Cecil: 'Have courage for your sake'
    Golbez: 'Turn from destroyer to angel of hope'
    Bartz: 'It's no fun just standing around right?'
    Exdeath: 'Let us destroy the world together'
    Terra: 'Is that how my eyes look to?'
    Kefka: 'I have no use for a rag doll'
    Cloud: 'You're over your fears now right?
    Sephiroth: 'Just destroy everything'
    Squall: 'Even with all that power you still afraid?'
    Ultimecia: 'It's okay to grow'
    Zidane: 'I'm not feeling this, but I won't hold back'
    Kuja: 'Where does the caged bird wish to soar?'
    Tidus: 'Let's put off worrying for now'
    Jecht: 'You better not cry you'll make me uncomfortable'
    Shantotto: 'Without control can you call it power?'
    Gabranth: 'You but grasp at other's dream'
    Prishe: 'Try not to lose your cool okay?'
    Gilgamesh: 'What's the matter with you, wanna talk?'
    Chaos: 'You do not need power for I am power'
    Feral chaos: 'roars'
    Yeah I know some of you who are reading this porpably have your imagination
    running wild by now! XD
    9. Attack Quotes
    Another FYI section just showing her quotes for each attack and her EX mode
    quotes. Note that if the attack is not present it mean she doesn't say anything
    and just exclaims or make some weird noise. (you sickos)
    Outside EX mode
    -Meteor: 'Heavens lament'
    -Graviga: 'Darkness of gravity'
    -Blizzara: 'Get away'
    -Thundara: 'Jump'
    -Holy/Holy combo: 'Here'
    -Firaga: 'Magic'
    -Ultima: 'Oh perfect light I want to end this'
    -Flood: 'Sorrowful waters'
    -Meltdown charging: 'This power'
    -Meltdown stage one: 'Maybe this'
    -Tornado: 'Malevolent wind'
    EX mode
    -Initializing: 'If I have to fight'
    -Meteor: 'Heavens lament'
    -Firaga: 'Magic'
    -Ultima: 'Oh perfect.....' (dualcasting will cut the quote)
    -Flood: 'Please'
    -Tornado: 'Malevolent wind.......Protect me now'
    -Meltdown charging: 'This power'
    -Meltdown stage one: 'Maybe this'
    -Meltdown dualcast stage three: 'Let it end'
    -EX burst: 'No more running....I can protect everything'
    -Perfect EX burst: 'I won't be defeated'
    10. Fun facts
    Just a little extra section where i say some interesting and random 
    stuff enjoy!
    -Terra has an upskirt for her ALT 1 costume
    -Tifa has an upskirt for her normal and ALT 2 costume
    -Jecht's ALT 1 became his original FF10 outfit
    -Yuna has an upskirt for her ALT 2 costume
    -On the lower level of Chaos shrine there is a portrait for each of
    the four archfiends of FF1 at each corner
    -When you win a battle in EX mode with Gilgamesh, he will keep his
    weapons during his victory pose if you didn't finish with an EX burst.
    Finish with an EX burst and he will not be holding onto his weapons 
    during his victory pose.
    -When Kain does a perfect EX burst he will hold his lance on his right
    hand. However he will be holding his lance with his left hand during his
    victory pose.
    -Cantata Mortis lyrics
    Lux! Umbra!
    Vita! Mors!
    Concordia! Chaos!
    Chaos, Deus Mortis.
    Spiritus illius producit Mortem.
    Chaos, Deus Exitii.
    Tenebrae illius devorant omnia.
    In palma Creatoris,
    proelium aeternum prodit.
    Creare rem Ultimam!
    Deletrix Omnium!
    O, Chaos!
    Progenies Belli!
    Corpus incensum tuum fluctuat in mari inanitatis.
    Scitote finem Vestrum fieri
    in prece sola mortuorum.
    Lux! Umbra!
    Vita! Mors!
    Concordia! Chaos!
    (repeat x7)
    Mors! O, Mors!
    Delete! Delete!
    O, Chaos, Deus Exitii!
    Devastate! Devastate!
    Chaos, Deus Mortis!
    O, Chaos!
    -God in Fire lyrics
    by the Kidneythieves
    Gone in a second
    Ultimate destruction
    Gods are warring
    Sorrow neverending
    Endless chaos
    For an eternity
    Welcome to the abyss
    Backwater town where nothing happens
    Don't let disguises fool you
    Evil is coming from everywhere
    Destroying all that we believe is good
    My mother's ghost still haunts me now
    Fortune abandoned by God
    Nothing can bring her back to me
    Now I will seek to rage heaven's doors
    There is no mercy, compassion in the world
    Embrace the chaos
    For in the end that is All
    Now the universe is broken, lost its force
    Turn your back on all you have loved
    For it is
    Gone in a second
    Ultimate destruction
    Gods are warring
    Sorrow neverending
    Endless chaos
    For an eternity
    Welcome to the abyss
    Creation desperate
    Waiting for a
    Miracle to transcend all war
    Watch how the bloodlust of the divine
    Throw out its hatred for all time
    There is no mercy, compassion in the world
    Embrace the chaos
    For in the end that is All
    Now the universe is broken, lost its force
    Turn your back on all you have loved
    For it is
    Gone in a second
    Ultimate destruction
    Gods are warring
    Sorrow neverending
    Endless chaos
    For an eternity
    Welcome to the end, to the abyss
    End as beginning
    And so it will be
    Alpha Omega
    The end that you see
    Gone in a second
    Ultimate destruction
    Gods are warring
    Sorrow neverending
    Endless chaos
    For an eternity
    Welcome to the end, to the abyss
    (credits to Final Fantasy Wiki and DracoMortus for the lyrics)
    11.Contacting me
    If you have found any typos, have any other tips or know of any 
    accessory builds please email me at tim.ong25@gmail.com i won't 
    be able to reply immediately, school life in Singapore is very 
    stressful but i will try to get back to you ASAP.
    Also i have a friend who is willing to answer any questions regarding 
    how to use Sephiroth. Note that i said 'how to use' so please do not 
    email him any questions about accessory builds or equips as he is 
    still trying out various combinations. In addition he is also able to 
    answer questions of Sephiroth
    in the original so any questions from the previous game will also be 
    accepted. His email is spitfire96@gmail.com note that he is my classmate 
    that is also placed with the same amount of stress as me so please 
    do not expect an immediate reply.
    Another thing is if you find any assist combos please do not email them 
    to me unless you have at least ten combos for the assist so don't go 
    emailing me 'hey i got a new combo it goes: 
    Blizzard combo-->WR-->Hop step-->TEL-->Tornado'. 
    Also if you want to criticize my guide at least do it properly with
    constructive suggestions and not like 'your guide sucks and is totally 
    crap!' and that’s about it! I will be adding a Q&A section in my next 
    update so please forgive the absence in this version   
    12. Version history
    -ver 1.0, 16 may 2011
    Did everything up to the fights
    -ver 1.1, 27 may 2011
    Added some parts to utilizing the arena and EX accessory build
    -ver 1.2, 4 june 2011
    Added some parts to utilizing the arena, added EX revenge combos,
    some more assist combos and components to craft equipement stated in
    this guide 
    -ver 1.3, 17 june 2011 
    Finished utilizing the arena and added what is suppose to be the most brutal
    and flashy combo i can think of with Terra. Also added two new sections
    'Battle quotes' and  'Attack quotes'
    -ver 1.4, 23 june 2011 added a sub section called easy KP and edited some 
    of utilising the arena
    -ver1.5, 7 july 2011 added more non-assist and assist combos thanks to
    -ver1.6, 16 july 2011 edited some parts for strategy against Vaan, Gabranth 
    and Golbez
    -ver1.7, 31 july 2011 added more EX revenge combos and a link on how to
    pull them off, also added something to gaining EXP and added more tips
    under 'How to play as Terra'
    -ver1.8, 27 august 2011 modified my abilities and make a new sub section
    for easy AP
    -1.9, 22 december 2011 added a new build and edited parts for strategy
    against Sephiroth and Exdeath, edited parts for The Rift and 
    Orphan's Cradle and introduction
    13. Credits
    Thanks to Square Enix for making such a great game for the PSP
    Dissidia 012 Facebook fan page for some background info check out 
    their page:
    Grievon for helping me with the format of the guide
    Shadow_Flare13 for some reference
    FantasyCourier for the EX build
    lordphr0zen for the KP farming
    Denis for some awesome tips and tricks for combos
    Final Fantasy Wiki and DracoMortus for Cantata Mortis & God in Fire lyrics
    Thanks for your time take care
    Soki_25 signing out!

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