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    Vaan by Nachtauge

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                    Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy
    			Vaan Character Guide
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
            [1.1] FAQ History
            [1.2] About the Author
            [1.3] About the FAQ
    2. Character Information (contains spoilers)
            [2.1] FFXII Profile
            [2.2] [duodecim] Profile
    3. Attacks and Abilities
            [3.1] Bravery Attacks
            [3.2] HP Attacks
            [3.3] Action/Support/Extra Abilities
    4. Character-specific Tactics
            [4.1] General Tactics
            [4.2] EX Mode
            [4.3] Combos
            [4.4] Builds
    5. Extras
            [5.1] Tips and Tricks
            [5.2] Vs. Character Guides
                    [5.2.1] Lightning
                    [5.2.2] Vaan
                    [5.2.3] Laguna
                    [5.2.4] Yuna
                    [5.2.5] Kain
                    [5.2.6] Tifa
                    [5.2.7] Warrior of Light
                    [5.2.8] Firion
                    [5.2.9] Onion Knight
                    [5.2.10] Cecil
                    [5.2.11] Bartz
                    [5.2.12] Terra
                    [5.2.13] Cloud
                    [5.2.14] Squall
                    [5.2.15] Zidane
                    [5.2.16] Tidus
                    [5.2.17] Garland
                    [5.2.18] Emperor
                    [5.2.19] Cloud of Darkness
                    [5.2.20] Golbez
                    [5.2.21] Exdeath
                    [5.2.22] Kefka
                    [5.2.23] Sephiroth
                    [5.2.24] Ultimecia
                    [5.2.25] Kuja
                    [5.2.26] Jecht
                    [5.2.27] Shantotto
                    [5.2.28] Gabranth
                    [5.2.29] Prishe
                    [5.2.30] Gilgamesh
                    [5.2.31] Feral Chaos
    6. Stuff
            [6.1] FAQs
            [6.2] Credits
            [6.3] Contact
            [6.4] Legal
    1. Introduction
    [1.1] FAQ History
    Version 1.0 - Initial release.
    Version 1.1 - Edits throughout the FAQ, general cleanup.
    [1.2] About the Author
    Well, here we are. Well, here you are, reading my first FAQ, I s'pose.
    My usual handle on the internet is Nachtauge. I am not a regular on most any 
    so chances are you do not recognize me. I am an avid gamer since the tender 
    of 8. [duodecim] is more or less the only UMD that has the privelege of 
    gracing my 
    PSP. It is a fantastic game worthy of much praise and play.
    [1.3] About the FAQ
    I decided to attempt to write a FAQ about one of my (if not the) favorite
    characters in the game, Vaan. Seeing as this is my very first FAQ, it almost
    goes without saying that some things will not be perfect or great as far as
    FAQs go, but I hope it will give players who love Vaan some more information
    on what to do. Also, since this IS my first, my little infrastructure 
    system (among other things) may not be right. Any pointers or tips people 
    like to give me would be very much appreciated.
    2. Character Information     ***SPOILERS AHOY***
    [2.1] Vaan (Final Fantasy XII Profile)
    Vaan is the arguable main protagonist character of FFXII. He is young, and 
    visions of becoming a Sky Pirate. In the start of the game, Vaan's older
    brother Reks is murdered by who appears to be Basch fon Rosenburg, the other
    arguable main character. As a result, Vaan takes a vow to gain  vengeance for
    both his brother and the city of Rabanastre, which is where he lives. Vaan 
    forced into a leadership roll for the orphans living in Lowtown, a district 
    Rabanastre. He and Penello both help take care of them.
    When Vayne Solidor becomes the consul of Dalmasca, Vaan decides it's high 
    for some thievery and breaks into the Palace of Rabanastre. There he finds 
    Goddess Magicite and runs into Balthier and Fran, two honest-to-goodness sky
    pirates. Vaan eventually gets caught being stupid, and is brought before 
    whom he tries to attack. Judge Magister Gabranth stops him, and Vayne decides
    to execute him for attempted assual on an official. But of course, Vaan is
    rescued and spirited away by Fran and Balthier before Fran crashes her 
    in a sewer.
    In the Garamasythe Waterway, they run into a Resistance fighter named Amalia.
    She expresses distaste at Vaan's skullduggery in the Palace. Then they get
    attacked by Arachadian soldiers and seperated. Vaan, Fran and Balthier get
    thrown into the Nalbina Dungeons.
    While there, Vaan attempts to be "a nice guy" and help out a fellow bangaa
    prisoner. This causes a disturbance, so Vaan is forced to fight the seeq
    jailers. After the scuffle, Gabranth strolls in. They use the visit as a
    chance to get out of dodge. As they discover, Basch is also imprisoned there.
    When he asks Vaan to set him free, Vaan throws a tantrum and alerts everyone
    to their escapee status. Fran drops Basch's cage and they all escape into the
    Barheim Passage.
    They all eventually make their way back to Rabanastre. Vaan reports in to his
    grandfather or something, Old Dalan. He gives him a sword (Old Dalan's Sword.
    Seriously.) to give to the Resistance member Vossler Azelas. Vaan finds 
    badmouthing his dead brother and everyone else in the attack. Vaan throws
    another hissy fit, but this time Basch is there to back him up, saying that
    Reks was no liar. Vaan feels better towards Basch and they become friends. 
    two go and find Balthier in a bar. They also discover that Penello has been
    kidnapped. Vaan bribes Balthier with the Goddess Magicite to take them to
    Bhujerba. Vaan gets to ride in an airship.
    En route to the Lhusu Mines, they meet an Archadian boy named Lamont. They 
    him with. They venture into the mines to discover Penello has been set free.
    Judge Ghis shows up and Lamont reveals himself as Larsa Solidor, brother to
    Vayne. Penello is there. Later, they all decide to get capturedso they can
    rescue Amalia who is aboard the Dreadnought Leviathan.
    Aboard the massive airship, they rescue Amalia who is revealed to be Ashelia
    B'nargin Dalmasca (who the hell makes these names), rightful heir to 
    throne. They get captured and then get sprung. Vaan and Co. find Penello 
    this time with Larsa.
    They all travel to the tomb of Raithwall (minus Larsa) and get captured after
    retrieving Ashe's family jewel, the Dawn Shard. Vossler ended up being a bad
    dude. They all escape prison yet again.
    They travel to a town called Jahara. Vaan has hallucinations of a ghost named
    Lord Rasler. Ashe sees him too. I want what they're smoking.
    With Larsa in tow again, they all travel to Mount Bur-Omisace. They go to
    retrieve the nethicite-destroying sword, the Sword of Kings.
    Then they head to the Draklor Laboratory to seek out Doctor Cid and his
    Midlight Shard. Then they go to Giruvegan after Cid says it's what the cool
    kids are doing. Ashe gets a new anti-nethicite sword, the Treaty Blade. Then
    they go look for the Sun-Cryst, the motherstone of the Dusk, Dawk and 
    Gabranth is there when they get to the Sun-Cryst. He taunts them to destroy 
    Gabranth reveals himself to be the true killer of Reks and King Raminas.
    Gabranth then goes after Vaan but is stopped by Reddas, who is revealed to be
    Judge Zecht, the dude who annihilated Nabudis two years ago with the Midlight
    Shard. The group kills Doctor Cid, but not before he puts the three Shards 
    together with the Sun-Cryst. This causes bad things to happen. Reddas
    sacrifices himself and destroys the Sun-Cryst, resulting in a large explosion
    which was totally awesome. Oh and the world gets covered in mist which is 
    Sky Fortress Bahamut is now powered up and operational. The Resistance fights
    desperately against the Arachadian battlestation while they hover over
    Rabanastre. They board the Bahamut and kill Vayne and Vayne Novus. Then Vayne
    and Venat (the real bad guy) merge and form The Undying. Then Balthier and 
    seemingly sacrifice themselves to stop the decaying Bahamut from messing 
    A year later, Vaan still has the Strahl (Balthier's airship) and is working
    with Penello. One day, the airship is mysteriously gone and in its place a 
    from Balthier saying he is looking for treasure. Vaan goes for it. Also Basch
    takes up Gabranth's armor because they were like brothers or something and he
    protects Larsa. Whatever.
    [2.2] Vaan (Dissidia [duodecim] Profile)
    "A cheerful youth who skillfully uses a variety of weapons in battle. 
    in his skills, he fearlessly enters any fierce battle."
    Much like his original appearance, Vaan is portrayed as a happy-go-lucky
    individual with a free spirit. He gives little thought to the conflict in 
    he was summoned, focusing instead on just being in the moment. In his 
    Stern Eyes, he encounters Terra Branford, a warrior of Chaos, and decides to
    help her rather than fight her. This is very confusing for Terra, who
    thoroughly believed that what she had been summoned into was simply her lot 
    this world, and that fighting against her fate was pointless. Vaan rememdies
    some of Terra's concerns, and even aids in getting Terra onto Cosmos' side in
    the 13th Conflict. After rescuing Terra from Chaos' forces, he travels with
    Lightning and Friends to close the rift from which the manikins were 
    In the end, they all succeed, but Vaan fades away with five other warriors of
    Cosmos, never to return to the Divine Conflict.
    3. Attacks and Abilities
    [3.1] Bravery Attacks
    Alright, now with all of that stuff out of the way, we can get to what you're
    actually here for. The good stuff, if you will. The FIGHTING. After all,
    Dissidia is hardly about the story, is it? The game was born out of a heaping
    pile of fanservice, and that's what we oughta focus on, eh? Without further
    Vaan's Bravery attacks have rather interesting qualities. To put it one way,
    each attack he has is not just one attack, but essentially two or even three,
    because of Vaan's inherent Adroit Attacker trait: he Switches his weapons
    rapidly in combat. For instance, Spear attack (Ground or Air): While 
    weapons, Vaan will perform an altered attack with special properties. In the
    case of Spear, while Switching weapons, Vaan will twirl the spear, drawing in
    the opponent, then lunge forward, sending them flying for a potential Wall 
    Now, if you do not Switch, but use Spear consecutively, each attack after the
    initial Switch will be the "normal" version. In Spear's case, he will perform 
    small combo into the air, finishing with a hard thrust downward which sends 
    opponent flying for a Wall Rush. In a few cases, Spear being one of them,
    Vaan's EX Mode grants an additional bonus. Spear's EX Mode bonus is while
    Switching, Vaan will twirl the spear twice instead of once, causing 
    damage before finishing with the thrust. Get it? Huge paragraphs are fun!
    Before we begin, a bit of info for you all.
    Range: The distance at which you can reach out and hit someone with an 
    Physical/Magical (P/M): The type of damage the attack deals.
    CP: Capacity Points. These denote how much space you have to equip abilities
    and how much they cost to equip.
    AP: Ability Points. These are obtained after battle to master an ability,
    reducing its CP consumption.
    Master (M): Mastering an ability reduces its CP consumption, and if it is a
    Branching ability, unlocks the next ability in the skill tree.
    Level (LVL): The Level this attack is gained at.
    Switching Weapons (SW): Vaan's exclusive trait. This happens when you perform
    a BRV Attack while Vaan is unarmed or has a different weapon equipped.
    EX Mode: Denotes whether the attack gains a special trait in EX Mode.
    On to the attacks then.
    Ground Abilities
    Vaan naturally has a wide variety of attacks. His Ground arsenal is nearly
    identical to his Air, with the exceptions being very small alterations 
    the two types. Do note that none of Vaan's attacks Branch into anything ever.
    Greatsword (Ground)
    Range: Short ~ Long (SW Only)
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: Start
    EX Mode: SW Charges faster
    Greatsword is a staple in Vaan's arsenal. It's strong, fast and reliable. It
    performs Wall Rush. It uses the Tournesol in EX Mode. What's not to love? 
    the charge up time during SW for one thing. When you use this attack, Vaan
    will yell and charge up a bit before rushing forward very quickly and
    attacking twice. Aside from the initial wait, this attack is great. The 
    version of this attack is a very, very quick short-range strike that deals
    decent damage. Both attacks Wall Rush straight forward.
    Spear (Ground)
    Range: Short
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: Start
    EX Mode: Two twirling attacks
    Remember that example somewhere back up beyond that wall of text? No?
    Alright. Spear is another nice attack in Vaan's arsenal, though not as
    reliable as Greatsword is. What Spear really has going for it is not its SW
    attack, but its normal attack. The SW attack has the nifty function of 
    which draws your opponent near, but it is too easily avoided despite its 
    quick start-up time. The redeeming factor for Spear SW is the lunging stab 
    after the twirl, which is very nice since it causes staggering should someone 
    try to  block it, not to mention the Wall Rush. Also, the twirling move is 
    difficult to block. The normal attack is a very very nice combo. The normal 
    version makes Vaan leap up into a small combo which ends with a very sharp 
    towards the ground, causing Wall Rush. It has a tiny delay at the beginning, 
    but it often connects and can be used to set up Assist combos.
    Crossbow (Ground)
    Range: Mid/Long (SW only)
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: 3
    EX Mode: SW Range boost
    Crossbow, Crossbow...I have a love and hate relationship with this attack. It
    is wonderful when it works, and it can backfire in so many ways. The normal
    attack shouldn't even really be talked about. Sure, it's a powerful mid-range
    four round burst, but it has a stupid start-up time and it really is not 
    No, where this attack shines is right in SW. When you perform the SW attack,
    Vaan will roll forward in the air and unleash a veritable torrent of bullets
    (arrows? bolts? can't tell). This is FANTASTIC when it connects, because it
    holds your opponent in the attack, giving you freedom to initiate an Assist. 
    also piles on damage quickly, and from a safe distance. The Chase bonus at 
    end is just the cherry on top. Where does this fall short, you ask? It's so
    easy to see coming and block, it's not even funny, not to mention avoiding it
    altogether. When the SW version is blocked, the bolts will rebound back 
    Vaan and knock you out of the attack, leaving you with the Crossbow in your
    hands and your thumb up your ass. Check back with the Air version.
    Katana (Ground)
    Range: Medium
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: 11
    EX Mode: More strikes
    This is a solid move when it hits. That's really the best I can say about it.
    The normal version is nice and quick, causing fair damage and Chase. The SW
    version is really quite nice (when it connects). Vaan will SW, wait for a
    second, then perform a dashing slice through his opponent, leaving them to 
    assailed by your blindingly fast strikes. At the end of those strikes, Vaan
    will say "Chop ya!" while performing a finishing slice, initiating Chase.
    The trick with this attack is timing it just right so that you get the 
    amount of strikes. You'll know it's choppin' time when the final strike is 
    because the last damage amount will be larger than the rest. When you see the
    bigger number, finish the combo. Note that the initial dash forward on the SW
    attack causes stagger when blocked.
    Axe & Shield (Ground)
    Range: Short/Mid (EX Only)
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: 16
    EX Mode: Extra cleave
    This ought to just be called Axe. The shield isn't even used. Nitpicking 
    this is a fun attack. The normal version is a handy little three hit combo 
    hits decently fast and causes Wall Rush straight down, which can be utilized
    with Banish Traps or just more Brave damage. The SW attack is even more fun.
    Vaan will perform a single mighty blow, crushing defenses and causing Wall 
    straight down. It also has the added fringe benefit of hopping Vaan far 
    off the ground to avoid some horizontal attacks (Warrior of Light's Sword
    Thrust comes to mind). EX Mode grants one extra cleave to the SW attack for
    those who just love seeing enemies squished beneath axes.
    Sword & Shield (Ground)
    Range: Short/Mid
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: 22
    EX Mode: Block more attacks
    The shield in this attack's name is actually applicable this time around. S&S
    is a so-so attack in my opinion. The normal version has Vaan perform a quick
    three hit combo which results in Chase. The SW attack begins with a Block,
    using the shield Vaan pulls out of thin air, then one reprisal, regardless if
    an attack was blocked or not. The reprisal leads into a Chase. Yes, Riposte
    would be useful with this attack, but with only one attack after performing
    a Block, it really doesn't add up.
    Rifle (Ground)
    Range: Low ~ Mid
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: 27
    EX Mode: Two shots
    Rifle is another ho-hum attack. It's defensive in nature, like Sword & 
    but instead of blocking during SW, Vaan simply dodges. From my experience I
    have found the Dodge to be extremely unreliable in avoiding nearly any 
    The normal version just has Vaan fire one blast. A note with this attack, the
    closer you are to your enemy, the more damage this will do. It tapers off
    eventually though.
    Staff (Ground)
    Range: Short
    P/M: Magical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: 31
    EX Mode: Two spins
    Staff is an oddball in Vaan's arsenal, I believe. It is a decent enough 
    generating extra EX Force 'n all, but it just really isn't that useful with
    Magic damage. The normal attack is a small combo, ending with Vaan saying
    "Sayonara!" and initiating a Chase. The SW has Vaan twirl the staff around
    himself with magic, extracting more EX Force with a succesful attack, 
    by a potential for Chase. The thing is, neither attack seems to hurt much, 
    even with the benefit of generating more EX Force, this attack doesn't 
    up too well.
    Air Abilities
    Greatsword (Air)
    Range: Short ~ Long (SW Only)
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: Start
    EX Mode: SW Charges faster
    Not a lot has changed between this Air attack and its Ground partner. This
    version has a bit more versatility, as being in the air gives Vaan slightly
    more vertical tracking, but overall it is just as useful as before. 
    I prefer this version over the other. Find what works for you.
    Spear (Ground)
    Range: Short
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: Start
    EX Mode: Two twirling attacks
    Again, the same attack, just in a different wrapping. I HAVE found that this
    move does greatly benefit from being based in the air for whatever reason,
    particularly the normal attack version. Fantastic for setting up Assist 
    Crossbow (Air)
    Range: Mid/Long (SW Only)
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: 4
    EX Mode: SW Range boost
    Remember how much I did not like the Ground version? It is alleviated here. 
    freedom you gain from being able to set this attack up from any altitude 
    it a killer. The normal attack still sucks, but you shouldn't be
    using it anyway except as maybe a quick poke to start a Chase. The SW mows 
    unsuspecting and stationary opponents now though. Use it.
    Katana (Air)
    Range: Medium
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: 13
    EX Mode: More strikes
    Katana also gains somewhat of a benefit from being in the air, though not
    nearly as much as Crossbow did. The SW attack seems to track a bit less
    strongly here, which is a bummer, because when it hits it hits hard. Try to 
    it off of a Block. I will warn you: using this off of an Assist Chase takes a
    little practice with your timing. Get used to it if you like this move. The
    initial dash forward during SW attack still causes stagger when blocked. You
    can even finish the attack if the enemy tries to block it!
    Axe & Shield (Air)
    Range: Short/Mid (EX Only)
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: 17
    EX Mode: Extra cleave
    Almost useless, in my opinion. The Ground version had the extreme benefit of
    usually having you in close proximity before even initiating the attack, but
    since the air gives you freedom of movement and position, it makes this 
    more difficult to set up. You're better off sticking with the Ground version 
    you feel like using this move.
    Sword & Shield (Air)
    Range: Short/Mid
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: 24
    EX Mode: Block more attacks
    The same exact attack as the Ground in almost every way, except that Vaan 
    point his shield in whatever direction the enemy is during SW. I'd still 
    against using it unless you love the quick Chase combos that the normal 
    of this move carries.
    Rifle (Air)
    Range: Low ~ Mid
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: 29
    EX Mode: Two shots
    Rifle gains a bit of an edge in the air, whatwith the better positioning
    lending itself. It still ends up being one of Vaan's weaker and more useless
    attacks, unfortunately. Using it off of a Dodge is pointless, as this attack
    Dodges on its own, and using it off of a Block is also useless, as the 
    will wear off by the time you fire the bullets. Maybe against mages...
    Staff (Air)
    Range: Short
    P/M: Magical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 90
    LVL: 31
    EX Mode: Two spins
    Staff has improved a bit with the switch to the skies. It now has very 
    vertical tracking which works nicely with the manual horizontal movement. The
    attacks still feel underwhelmingly weak, but the EX Force generation combined
    with Chase does have the potential for EX Mode builds. Choose what works for
    [3.2] HP Attacks
    Now that we have covered Vaan's extensive arsenal of goodies, it's time to
    focus on the killing aspect of things. What makes saving up all those Brave
    points worth it? HP Attacks, of course! Unfortunately for Vaan, he has 
    hitting with almost all of his HP Attacks when used alone. Let's get into the
    Cataclysm (Ground)
    Range: Medium
    P/M: N/A
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 140
    LVL: Start
    Vaan's basic HP attack. He creates a magic array on the ground, then stomps 
    punches the ground, yelling "Let's roll!" while unearthing several large
    earthen pillars. He tracks the opponent for a second, then fires it off. Not 
    bad attack, but easy to miss with. Limited vertical attack range and decent
    horizontal range. Works best off of a Block.
    Torrent (Ground)
    Range: Short ~ Long
    P/M: Magical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 140
    LVL: 8
    A decent long range harassment attack. Vaan creates a magic array directly
    above him, then hits it, sending large water globs raining down on the 
    Appropriately, he yells "Rain down!". Hits for two weak Brave attacks before
    hitting HP. Always causes Wall Rush straight down when succesful, resulting 
    more damage. Best used in conjuction with Windburst and a distraction Assist,
    I've found. The magic array he creates deals Brave damage if the opponent 
    into contact with it, creating the perfect opening to finish this attack up.
    Inferno (Air)
    Range: Medium
    P/M: Magical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 140
    LVL: Start
    Vaan's basic air HP Attack. He creates a magic array directly in front of
    himself, then dashes through it, cloaking himself in flame. Has a notable 
    up time with a very obvious "Haaaahhh!" from Vaan before he lets loose with 
    attack, yelling "Burn up!". Vaan tracks the opponent during start up, then
    tracks weakly during the attack. Causes a few Brave attacks before finishing.
    Causes Wall Rush straight ahead. Best used off of a Block or an Assist Chase
    or in conjunction with Windburst.
    Windburst (Air)
    Range: Short ~ Medium
    P/M: Physical
    CP: 30 (M): 20
    AP: 140
    LVL: 36
    I call this attack "The Great Facilitator", because while it stunningly sucks
    alone, pairing this with other attacks in Vaan's arsenal makes it amazing.
    Vaan creates a magic array directly below him, then stomps and spins, hitting
    the array with his fist while yelling "Sunder!" while spawning a tornado. 
    attack has wonky targeting. It has fantastic vertical targeting, but the
    horizontal has a method to its madness. It will not spawn right on top of the
    opponent, but rather at a stand-off distance so you can utilize its greatest
    ability: Absorb. The tornado created sucks in the opponent, distracting them 
    you can hit with another attack such as Crossbow or Inferno. I can tell you
    from much experience that Inferno works particularly well when trying to 
    a HP hit. If you fire off Windburst, then get relatively close to it and your
    opponent and fire Inferno, the opponent will more often than not dodge 
    Windburst. Even if they dodge away, they are getting slightly drawn back 
    you rush forward with your red-hot flames. Boom. HP damage. That is just one 
    many possibilities. I must warn you though, it does have drawbacks. This 
    will almost never hit all by itself. The enemy would have to purposefully 
    into it. Also, the tornado CAN be reflected, making it a danger to you 
    It's difficult to notice when this happens, but watch and listen for the
    telltale signs and be wary of Absorb's effects. The magic array created hits
    for Brave damage, but unlike Torrent's setup, Windburst will most likely not
    hit even if this happens due to the horizontal targeting. Performing 
    while a tornado is in play will not result in the renewal of the first or a
    creation of a new tornado. Experiment with this attack!
    [3.3] Actions/Support/Extra Abilities
    I won't cover every single ability here, since they are standard across the
    board for nearly every single character in this game. Instead, I will cover 
    ones I use and what I think you might find useful.
    Ground Evasion, Midair Evasion, Ground Block, Midair Block, and Aerial 
    all go without saying. If you don't have these equipped, you're not playing
    Controlled Recovery is extremely useful, and at only 5 CP mastered, it's
    foolish not to have this.
    I am an advocate of Free Air Dash, but if you like Omni Air Dash or Multi-Air
    Slide, be my guest.
    Omni Gound Dash is something I find useful. The + version is unnecessary, but
    nice for avoiding attacks.
    Free Air Dash Boost sucks up CP, but it really enhances your mobility and 
    grabbing EX Cores easy.
    Speed/Jump/Jump Times Boost are all at your discretion. If you like 'em, use
    Evasion Boost is nice. Use it.
    For Support abilities, all you truly need is EX Core Lock On and Assist Lock 
    Everything else is a waste. If you like Auto-EX Burst and Defense, go for it,
    but it uses a lot of space.
    For Extra abilities, I personally always equip Sneak Attack and 
    I love criticals. Snooze and Lose is always nice, but man it just annihilates
    CP. Magic/Physical Shield is useful but not entirely needed. Assist Critical
    Boost is very useful for Assist builds, obviously. "EXP" to abilities are up
    to you, but if you need to choose one, I usually pick HP or Brave.
    4. Character-specific Tactics
    [4.1] General Tactics
    Phew! You sick of reading yet? I won't blame you. That was a lot to cover. 
    now that you have a better idea of what Vaan is capable of, knowing how to
    apply it and make it work for you is the next logical step. I covered a small
    bit of Vaan's tactics in the Windburst breakdown, and that's kind of my model
    for explaining these things. If you'd rather learn your own, feel free. This
    game is all about customization. If not, continue to read, o reader, and 
    my knowledge.
    Utilizing Vaan's huge array of Brave Attacks can certainly be a daunting 
    When to use Crossbow? When to use a short charged Greatsword? Should I use 
    second cleave with EX Mode SW Axe & Shield? Well, that last one is 
    as it is a forced combo...but you get the idea. Vaan has a lot to offer, and
    you need to use it.
    Vaan should almost always be on the move. Positioning yourself is key to
    setting up attacks with almost any character, but with Vaan's Brave Attack
    traits, you need to keep it at the forefront of your mind. Getting a good 
    with SW Crossbow will often mean the difference between Breaking your 
    or getting severely punished.
    Quite a few of Vaan's attacks work best when used directly off of a Block. 
    attack, Sword & Shield, even Blocks for you. A short range SW Greatsword used
    off of a Block can cause some decent damage and disrupt your enemy's flow,
    especially when you're near a wall. SW Katana (Air) is very very nice off of 
    Block because the start up time on it usually lends itself to an inevitable
    Dodging is more important for Vaan when it is applied to HP attacking moreso
    than Brave. Inferno works well off of a Dodge, as does Cataclysm 
    His Brave attacks mostly have good qualities that can be enhanced by active
    Dodging, but they don't require it to work all the time.
    [4.2] EX Mode
    Obtained All Licenses!
    Vaan's EX Mode is in reference to the License Board from FFXII, which was the
    method of learning new abilities, equipping different weapons and armor and
    getting generally more kickass. Vaan gains a few neato perks from switching
    into EX Mode.
    Free Switch - Lets Vaan revert back to unarmed at any time by pressing R and
    This is useful to a degree. Obviously, it lets you perform SW attacks from 
    weapon with ease, but it really only sounds good on paper. In practice, it
    usually leads to more misfired HP attacks rather than doing what it was
    intended for. Don't let that stop you from trying it out. You may find it to 
    the best thing ever.
    Zodiak - Makes Vaan's attacks stronger and gives certain attacks extra 
    I covered all of the SW attack EX Mode bonuses in the Bravery Attacks 
    so look there for those. The other side of this perk is Vaan just gets even
    stronger, and boy is it noticeable. He hits HARD in EX Mode thanks to this.
    Always active in EX Mode.
    Regen/Critical Hit Boost
    Everybody gets these. Doesn't mean they're not useful. Regen simply 
    a small amount of HP at set intervals. Critical Hit Boost raises the rate of
    critical hits. Nice.
    EX Burst - Quickening
    The big finale! Vaan unleashes a series of Quickenings, each causing Brave
    damage before finishing the opponent off with Luminescense. Identical to
    Gabranth's EX Burst, you have to shuffle the attacks with the R Button and
    press X when the next attack becomes available. Vaan will always use Red 
    White Whorl and Pyroclasm, in that order. This EX Burst does respectable 
    and always looks flashy. Luminescense will always activate even if you miss 
    or two of the Quickenings.
    [4.3] Combos
    Due to the nature of Vaan's attacks, he really can't combo very well, but
    damned if we can't try to make him! Assist attacks really make comboing
    extremely viable, as a lot of Vaan's moves cause Wall Rush.
    Ground Combos
    Since almost all of Vaan's Ground attacks lift him off the ground, it's 
    difficult to chain anything together into something reliably used. Experiment
    on your own to find what works best for you.
    Torrent > Cataclysm
    Air Combos
    Spear > Wall Rush > Staff
    Katana > Dodge Cancel after strikes > Greatsword
    Rifle > Crossbow > Chase > Wall Rush > Greatsword/Spear/Staff
    Windburst > Greatsword/Spear (normal)/Axe & Shield
    Windburst > Inferno
    Whatever Combos
    Windburst > Torrent
    If anybody would like to add their own combos, find more that I am unaware 
    useful or think I missed any, please bring it to my attention. I will post it
    here and give you credit.
    [4.4] Builds
    Making a proper build for Vaan really isn't that difficult. Equipping 
    that increases Magic damage is a complete waste of time, as Vaan has all of 4
    Magic attacks including Ground and Air Staff. So don't focus on Magic damage.
    Instead, focus on beefing up his Physical and Wall Rush damage, because 
    where his strength lies. EX Mode Vaan isn't a farfetched idea, but to be 
    honest, his EX Mode doesn't grant him an extreme edge in combat. He really
    truly shines when he has a solid Assist build. Since Vaan has natural access 
    every weapon except Instruments, he can be versatile right out of the box. No
    500,000 Gil scrolls required! Just add water.
    Standard Build
    Weapon: Excalibur/Ragnarok
    Shield: Hero's Shield/Seydlitz
    Headwear: Grand Helm or better
    Armor: Brigadine or better
    Hyper Ring
    Muscle Belt
    Sniper Eye
    Sturm und Drang
    and whatever Booster Accessories you want.
    HP: 9972
    BRV: 957
    ATK: 176/177
    DEF: 186/185
    LUK: 60
    This is a solid build for Vaan. It gives him admirable defense while 
    his natural talents for damage. I would personally recommend Ragnarok over
    Excalibur, but if you just love that initial Brave boost, by all means, have 
    Ragnarok's Physical Damage +10% persists all battle long, though. The Hero's
    Shield grants him potentially life saving defense against HP Wall Rush damage
    while the Seydlitz grants a nice 20% bonus to Regen, which is really better 
    for EX Builds. The Grand Helm is just the standard choice for level 100 
    if you have nothing better to put there. It affords him a little more Chase
    Brave Defense. The Brigadine is another "put something there" piece of
    equipment. The 50% Wall Rush Brave Defense is nothing to scoff at though.
    As far as the accessories go, it is obviously geared towards squeezing every
    last drop out of Vaan's physical attacks. Even if you do not use Booster
    Accessories, with Ragnarok equipped you are already going to deal 125% 
    damage. Right on!
    EX Build
    Weapon: Ragnarok
    Shield: Seydlitz
    Headwear: Grand Helm or better
    Armor: Brigadine or better
    Hyper Ring
    Muscle Belt
    Pearl Necklace
    Dragonfly Orb
    Angel's Bell
    Tenacious Attacker
    Platinum Hourglass
    Center of the World
    HP = 100%
    EX Mode
    Pre-Assist Attack
    HP: 10299
    BRV: 957
    ATK: 177
    DEF: 184
    This is a standard EX Build for nearly anyone. Again, emphasis is placed on
    Vaan's physical damage, but it will be increased with the EX Mode perk 
    The Seydlitz increases Regen right along with the Angel's Bell, so having HP
    Booster Accessories is viable. Defense is still admirable. Great Gospel can 
    interchanged with the Angel's Bell for the fantastic bonus on the Brave
    Assist Build
    Weapon: Seal of Lufenia weapon/Raganarok
    Shield: Hero's Shield
    Headwear: Seal of Lufenia headwear
    Armor: Seal of Lufenia armor
    Hyper Ring
    Muscle Belt
    Battle Gem (optional)
    A Comrade's Vow
    EX Breaker
    Badge of Trust
    Fiery Spirit (optional)
    Together As One
    Battle Ring
    Side By Side
    HP: 10299
    BRV: 956
    ATK: 175 - 178 (?)
    DEF: 180 - 183 (?)
    A standard Assist Build for almost anyone. It gives you a hearty dose of
    initial Assist Gauge. It also gives you excellent defense against Assist 
    because of the EX Breaker. Yes, it's a random factor, but when it works it
    works in your favor in a huge way. Damage is naturally high. Defense can take
    the -10% hit because it too is high. You'll be whipping out huge Assist 
    faster than you can keep track of. I think this is Vaan's best mode of
    operation. I am uncertain on all the Lufenian pieces that grant Seal of
    Lufenia, hence the question marks.
    My Build
    Weapon: Zodiac Blade
    Shield: Blurry Moon
    Headwear: Lufenian Artifact
    Armor: Lufenian Artifact 
    Hyper Ring
    Muscle Belt
    A Comrade's Vow
    BRV = Base Value
    Pre-EX Mode
    Pre-EX Revenge
    Sturm und Drang
    Rebellious Soul
    Sturm und Drang
    Together as One
    This is my personal Vaan. It closely follows my recommendations for a
    standard build Vaan, with a few tweaks. I use Vaan's exclusive weapon 
    mostly for the free Riposte effect, since it isn't difficult to stagger
    an enemy as Vaan. Blurry Moon is a fun choice, granting some extra 
    damage and BRV recovery on block. I use two artifacts I've gained for 
    armor, but good standard choices would be Maximillian or Brave Suit for 
    armor, and Grand Helm or Duelling Mask for headwear. A Comrade's Vow is 
    a great low EX-impact Assist accessory, charing your Assist bar with HP
    damage you deal. The rest of the accessories are focused on pumping as 
    much physical damage as possible and maximizing wall rush effects.
    5. Extras
    [5.1] Tips and Tricks
    Alright, after all that info, it's time to apply it. I basically covered
    everything you need to know already. I guess to recap, always keep moving. 
    to remain in the air as much as possible, because that is really where Vaan 
    most useful. When using an Assist build, I would strongly recommend 
    He's standard fare, I know, but he's just so reliable with his Brave Assists.
    [5.2] Vs. Character Guides
    [5.2.1] Lightning
    The former Guardian Corps soldier is versatile, but all of her attacks just
    feel so fragile. Her one Bravery to HP attack is something you want to avoid,
    as is Army of One. Her magic is all blockable or easily avoided. Choose your
    own tactics.
    [5.2.2] Vaan
    Hey! It's you! But..it's not you! You should be going into this mirror match
    knowing all of the ins and outs of what makes Vaan tick. You know what to 
    out for and how to counter it. He doesn't present much of a problem for you
    honestly. Reflect his Windbursts to use them for your own!
    [5.2.3] Laguna
    Laguna can be extremely annoying if you let him keep distance on you, because
    he is primarily a long-range fighter. Machine Gun hits hard, but it is easily
    blocked. His rifle attack is a little tricky but very manageable. His HP
    attacks are all easily avoided. Keep tight on him and you'll win.
    [5.2.4] Yuna
    The savior of Spira is a bit of a challenge, but nothing you can't deal with.
    Ixion is probably the most dangerous summon she has, followed by Valefor.
    Shiva's Heavenly Strike has a decievingly effective vertical range, so watch
    out for it. Remember to dodge to the side to avoid Energy Ray.
    [5.2.5] Kain
    Kain is kind of weird. His Bravery attacks have the potential for enormous
    combos, but the computer never does that. His HP attacks all cause a stupid
    amount of Brave damage provided enough distance is available, so try not to
    always be way up in the air. Block as much as you can.
    [5.2.6] Tifa
    This bouncy warrior can be quite a handful. Her feints have the potential
    for really fantastic mindgames. Keep on your toes the entire time, because
    missing a feint can mean serious damage for you. Her HP attacks usually cause 
    fair bit of Brave damage. Watch out for her feints.
    [5.2.7] Warrior of Light
    Facing WoL can be quite a challenge. His air moves are very difficult to 
    and counter. Rising Buckler and Shield Strike chain into Bitter End, which is
    just one of his trump cards, the other being Rune Saber. Attempt to block, 
    mostly dodge the rest while getting in what attacks you can. WoL can be
    severely punished when he whiffs attacks.
    [5.2.8] Firion
    Firion is an absolute beast on the ground. Rope Knife is the main attack you
    have to look out for. It hits hard and chains into Double Trouble, which hits
    even harder and will always Wall Rush you unless you are sent into a Banish
    Trap, which also sucks. Look out for his Magic Arts: Flame attack, as a savvy
    Firion can use his own blocked Fires to initiate a Shield Bash, which is hard
    to avoid. Try to block what you can, and avoid everything else, then punish
    with impunity.
    [5.2.9] Onion Knight
    This quick little bastard is chain-attacking nightmare. He loves to spam his
    Bravery to HP attacks. Swordshower, Guiding Swipe, Quake, and Flare all hit
    really really hard. You need to avoid these at all costs. Lucky for you, most
    of his attacks are really easy to avoid. Definitely counerattack at every
    [5.2.10] Cecil
    Cecil is not too much of a pain to deal with, really. His Dark Knight mode 
    hard, but is very easy to punish. Paladin mode is significantly more 
    but still not even that bad. Whenever Cecil whiffs Paladin Force, Luminous
    Shard or Saint's Fall, punish it with Katana or Inferno. Just try not to get
    locked into his Searchlight and avoid his combos.
    [5.2.11] Bartz
    Bartz doesn't present a huge challenge either. His attacks hurt, but once you
    figure out what each one does, they become rather easy to dodge. Rush Impact 
    probably his most dangerous attack. Holy can chain into an HP attack, so
    blocking that is the best thing to do.
    [5.2.12] Terra
    Terra is a fierce mage if there ever was one. Her attacks all hit hard. Fire
    chains to Firaga and often hurts badly. Her Holy Combo is a complete bitch to
    deal with once it connects. It almost forces you to Assist Change out of the
    attack when it hits, and that may not even work. The good thing for you is 
    of her attacks are redirectable, so do that if you can.
    [5.2.13] Cloud
    Cloud hits hard. His Bravery to HP attacks are rather devastating. He can set
    up nice Assist attacks. His EX Mode annihilates defenses. What's the catch?
    Well, he's slow and he broadcasts a lot of his attacks. His magic is poor.
    Dodge and attack.
    [5.2.14] Squall
    Squall is a Bravery eating monster. Solid Barrel is just magnificent. Beat 
    is one of the best Bravery attacks in the game. His magic is very very solid.
    Where Squall completely falls short is his inability to hit with HP attacks
    easily. Punish him with no remorse when he whiffs HP attacks.
    [5.2.15] Zidane
    Zidane is very quick and has one of the best HP attacks in the game, Free
    Energy. He also has Brave to HP attacks, and one of his Bravery attacks,
    Booster 8, basically chains into Free Energy or Grand Lethal. His Bravery
    attacks are all easily blocked though. His magic isn't anything to be afraid
    of. Try
    to stay ahead of him in the air because that's where he shines.
    [5.2.16] Tidus
    Tidus does not pose a huge threat to Vaan. Even though his attacks have 
    timing to them, learning them isn't hard and you can dodge and block easily
    afterwords. His long range attacks aren't scary. Try to avoid his Bravery to 
    [5.2.17] Garland
    The Wall Rush grandmaster poses a bit of a challenge. His attacks have high
    priorities and often stagger when you block. His HP attacks work well off of 
    block, and I find that Tsunami is tricky to avoid. Try to avoid and
    counterattack. Don't get caught up in Wall Rush hell.
    [5.2.18] Emperor
    Honestly, he's not a threat to you at all. You can use SW Greatsword to get
    through most of his traps, and Cataclysm reflects Aerial Flare like a champ.
    Starfall is of little concern to you because you can hit him out of it with 
    Crossbow or whatever else you choose. Have your way with this delusional 
    [5.2.19] Cloud of Darkness
    She provides you with a lot to think about with her enormous HP attacking
    arsenal. Her tentacle attacks are difficult to read sometimes, but when she 
    initiating one, count the swipes of the tentacle. If it's one swipe, it's a
    short range attack. If it's two, it's a mid-range multi-hit attack. If it's
    three, it's a long range projectile attack. Read the signs and act 
    [5.2.20] Golbez
    Golbez always presents a fearsome challenge. He LOVES to abuse Cosmic Ray and
    it can easily force you to keep your Assist gauge locked or drained to get 
    of it. Black Fang is kind of threatening, but not overmuch. Really, just keep
    on the move and keep on your toes because his attacks have a nasty habit of
    catching you unawares.
    [5.2.21] Exdeath
    The blocking grandmaster isn't threatening. If a human is using him, get 
    for a long and tense fight. If it's a computer, laugh at him and crush him. 
    & Shield isn't as effective as you think it might be. Look for openings and 
    to initiate long Assist combos to keep him from blocking.
    [5.2.22] Kefka
    The Mad Mage is slightly confusing to fight against, but he creates openings 
    himself if you position yourself at the optimal distance. Forsaken Null is
    irritating, especially when he is in EX Mode, but persist. Havoc Wing 
    nearly everything it touches, so be careful.
    [5.2.23] Sephiroth
    Sephiroth is a punishment character, so don't give him any opportunities to
    punish you. He will try to zone you a lot with Shadow Flare, but it's a low
    priority attack and it can be avoided easily. It can be reflected away with 
    Spear. When he begins casting Black Materia, either find something safe to 
    under if you are far away or try to catch him with SW Crossbow. Avoid getting
    caught in his physical attacks.
    [5.2.24] Ultimecia
    She is fantastic at assailing you from afar, so don't let her. Get in close 
    stay there.
    Harass the hell out of her. If she gets too far away from you, launch a
    Windburst and close the gap. Just keep the pressure up and she'll fall to 
    hands quickly.
    [5.2.25] Kuja
    Kuja can either be a nightmare or a breeze depending on your amount of 
    If you let him control the flow of battle, you will be annihilated. If you 
    Kuja responding to you, you will conquer him. Ultima is annoying and cannot 
    stopped with SW Crossbow, so just avoid it. Serpahic Star isn't a threat. 
    keep pressure applied.
    [5.2.26] Jecht
    This guy can pummel anyone into oblivion if he is allowed to. Do not let that
    happen. Blocking isn't very effective against this guy because his charged
    Bravery attacks will stagger you everytime. Watch out for his Bravery to HP
    attacks. None of them are set in stone, but they can be pulled out at anytime
    during a combo. Don't hesitate to Assist Change out of major damage. Mind his
    Jecht Block, as it blocks nearly anything. Higher priority attacks will 
    him, but you'll be left reeling too.
    [5.2.27] Shantotto
    The mini-mage can be quite fearsome. One of her nastier tricks is using Bio 
    you, which will cause instant Break if you land an HP attack while it's 
    the life out of you. Be aware of her stunning spell and try not to let her 
    any Bravery damage on you, because the more Bravery she has the more
    devastating her HP spells are.
    [5.2.28] Gabranth
    Vaan's arch-nemesis is the EX Mode grandmaster. Under no circumstances should
    he be allowed to shift into EX Mode, because he becomes stupidly powerful. EX
    Gauge Depletion granted from Lufenian gear helps, but a solid Assist build 
    work too. Just be extremely careful about EX Breaking him, because his EX 
    Jamming will cause you to be unable to get stage bravery afterwords. Be 
    on Chase attacks, because nothing is more humiliating than getting beat by a
    non-EX Gabranth.
    [5.2.29] Gilgamesh
    The bumbling swordsman is fairly dangerous. Respect what he is able to do.
    Rocket Punch is a really effective HP attack just because of its blindingly
    fast speed. Jump is tricky, but almost identical to Kain's, so act 
    Try to avoid getting hit by Tsumabegaeshi, because it does cause decent Brave
    Damage. Block what you can and hit him hard.
    [5.2.30] Feral Chaos
    This guy...yeah, he sucks. All of his attacks stagger you out of blocks. Some
    of them can hit you off of a Wall Rush right into another Wall Rush. His HP
    attacks cover large areas and cause Brave damage. He is large. He is fast.
    Dodge as much as you can and catch him in Assist combos. Use Windburst and
    Inferno, especially in small stages, because his large size will lend itself 
    your advantage. Do not be intimidated!
    6. Stuff
    [6.1] FAQs
    Seeing as I don't have any yet, this is empty. Give me some questions and I
    will give you some FAQs (and maybe answers).
    [6.2] Credits
    Square Enix: For making this amazing game.
    Gamefaqs: For providing endless information on the games we play.
    Neoseeker: For wanting to host this humble FAQ.
    Anyone else who deserves credit, I guess. More will be added as more people
    add to this.
    [6.3] Contact
    If you should desire to contact me, the best way to do so is e-mail. Make 
    you put "Vaan FAQ" in the subject field so I don't just breeze over it and
    delete it. Do not send me spam. 
    E-mail: nachtauge1@gmail.com
    AIM: NachtaugeAIM
    [6.4] Legal
    Dissidia: [duodecim] Final Fantasy, characters and logos are all owned by
    Square Enix. I claim no right to these.
    This guide is copyright 2011 of Nachtauge, and may not be reproduced under 
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on a
    website without express permission from the author. Seriously, you couldn't
    make money off of this anyway.

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