How do I beat the Hannibal and Vajra at the same time?

  1. It's really hard

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    Awesome_SoMa - 6 years ago

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  1. depends on what kind of fighter you are. if your great at dodging, it might be a good idea to get both of them at once. in my experience, Hannibal's attacks will do decent damage to vajra, especially if he pulls out both swords and hits vajra with them. while vajra's electricity could stun hannibal for you. however, if your not great at dodgin, i suggest what the others have said and split up. only problem is, not always guaranteed they wont meet up in the fight. either way, freeze weapons are your best bet. i preferred the tail sword, simply cuz it did fire and freeze damaga, so extra damage with vajra. also helps to devour vajra and hannibal when possible. since their aragami shot types are strong against the others.
    my team was: soma (great fighter + power), sakuya (heals, ranged keeps her away from most close attacks), Alisa (heals, aerial attacks, and powers you up when she has a shot)

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  1. For me,i focus on Vajra first,all-out attack and bring all sword-user...when Hannibal butt in,disperse and continue attacking Vajra until hes dead...bring whatever weapon suits you,i use divine weapon for killing Vajra fast

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  2. my tactics are simple:

    use search command to split the team in two to keep hannibal busy..

    hunt vajra first then hannibal

    recommended(for my opinion) equipments

    wild sword:lao yang (hold M + combo master)

    hamlet+(shield: venom immunity<<--useless, debuff attack, hidden attack)

    any guns will do..

    my team manage to kill both within 5-7min both

    my team: ren,alisa.sakuya..

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  3. I beated both of them at the same time:
    defeat the vajra equip a blaze guard2 or 3 you need it(upgrade) because if you target the vajra the hannibal will strike you .....get a freeze weapon short blade or long blade if buster good luck because it is gonna be hard
    my team was sakuya soma tatsumi fast killers.

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  4. Stay together and don't split up at first then find Vajra. If you happen to find Hannibal first then go for it but if you both found them then disperse ur teammates and so those monsters will follow anyone of you. If your disperse is a success go for 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 on the Vajra first! Go all out! USE DIVINE ON THE VAJRA, (well i'm a short sword user and i prefer the Laoyang which has HOLD L to somehow paralyze the enemy) after beating the Vajra help ur other teammate out fighting hannibal and kill it! I recommend some stun grenades and lots of health pills for yur item.

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  5. Use ur own combinations of weapons, you won't need any powerful items to try to craft others who give answers to ur questions make u use Full Level weapons, since you may still taking this mission the first time. First of the mission take left route, this will encounter Hannibal, use frost bullets at first then continuously attack it, this one is good at attacking those who are distant. Only attack to watch out is the tail spin, u will notice it will stop then spin around. Try to make Hannibal run before Vajra comes, if not, concentrate on Hannibal. Only target Hannibal and follow it when Vajra is not around. On the later part, if you have a hard time, you would have killed Hannibal by that time but with low recovery. Vajra is easy picking as you damage it to make it run away and hunt Hannibal. You don't need to rush it. Just calmly observe Hannibal's movements when it's alone. Tower Shields will definitely help you a lot here and long blades. But Buster Blade's high attack power makes these Aragami run earlier. Stay close to a medic especially Sakuya. She will heal you 80% guarantee before you faint.

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  6. I beat them using only Sharp Sawblade and Fireproof Tower, no need for those Laoyang short blades and fancy shields. you can't make others craft it first before he/she battles these two. Those weapons are not recommended, even if your attack only do metal sounds to opponent, you can still beat them. Also, search plan fails is the distractor only one then die or the Aragami outsmarted you and come to the other Aragami and disperse plan fails if you're the target. I should know, it happened to me several times, it's suicide.

    User Info: Suicune17

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