What does Lustful Lali-Ho do?

  1. I went into the 1991 developers room in the original game, and I found an item called a Lustful Lali-Ho in one of the cabinets. I looked in the description, but all it says is that it is one of cecil's favorites. Can someone use one to find out what it does? I kinda don't wanna waste it. The location is in the break room.

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    Gambling_Man - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In short, the Lustful Lali-Ho is used to trade for a Discovery Book which permanently increases MP by 50.

    Once you reach the Lunar Depths (the last part of The Crystals tale) for the first time, you may teleport from the Lunar Whale to an area titled "???". In this area, you can trade your tails and adamantite pieces for various rewards. In the first room (with the person trading for tails), you can walk through a wall on the upper-left side of the room and reach the developer's room.

    In the developer's room, you can trade a Lustful Lali-Ho to a pot near the upper-middle part of the room. A battle begins once traded against a pretty weak enemy and when defeated, the enemy drops either a Discovery Book or a Lustful Lali-Ho (100% chance that exactly one of the two drop). The Discovery Book can be used on any character for a permanent 50MP increase.

    I think you can obtain a total of 4 Lustful Lali-Ho items throughout all the tales combined.

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Other Answers

  1. Near the end of the game you can trade them for another item that permanently raises MP by 50 - a very valuable item, you can see.

    Most of the Challenge Dungeon's have a Lustful Lali-Ho as one of the final rewards, and you can get a couple others elsewhere as well.

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