There’s a leak in the main reactor and thousands of deadly atomic Cores are on the loose. Don’t let the cores pass through the gate!Powerful Blasters are at your disposal. Use them strategically to destroy the radioactive Cores.Combine the right weapons and crush these hectic hazards before they cause the explosion of the whole engine.--------------------------------------------Core Blaster is a fast-paced game with fine mix between classic strategy game and puzzle.Your objective is to simply destroy all the enemies (Cores) before they reach the gate. Here’s the one condition - Cores come in different colors and only the corresponding colored Blasters can destroy them. Sounds easy? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. At higher levels, you will be busy combining different colored Blasters using basic color theory to defeat different colors of Cores.Core Blaster offers great depth and varieties to keep you challenged through all 80 levels. Will you dare take this challenge and manage to achieve the A rank in every levels?---------------------------------------------? Enjoy free 20 levels, each with unique strategies, puzzles, and solutions? Support iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad? Retina Display supported? Upgrade to the Full Version via In-App Purchases

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